AGNPH Stories

Pokemon Legends by XD385


Onyx Returns

"Hoooo...I can't remember the last time I slept so well!" Frost stretched as she awoke from her sleep. "Feel great...huh?" As she looked around, she noticed that Ash wasn't in bed with her. In fact, it seemed as if she had slept alone that night. "No...don't tell me it was all a dream?!" Frost held her hand against her belly. "That never happened..." Tears fell from her eyes as she made her way downstairs. But as soon as she walked out her door, Frost ran right into someone.

"Sorry." A familiar voice asked, "Frost, I don't think I've ever seen you so sad. What's wrong?" She looked up to see the boy of her dreams. "Ash...I..." The Chosen One kneeled down and embraced her. "It's OK. You can tell me." Frost cried, "Last was just a dream, wasn't it? We never..."

Ash made Frost look up at him. "You mean what happened last night was a dream?" She nodded. "Well, think again!" To her shock, Ash pressed his lips against Frost's! (He's kissing me?! But...that means...) Frost remembered when Ash told her that he had always loved her in the forest. Frost closed her eyes and kissed Ash back, their tongues performing a dance of love.

Once they broke the kiss, Ash asked, "If that time in the forest was just a dream, why do you think I just kissed you?" Frost blushed deeply, "If it really happened, then Neo wasn't lying." Ash looked puzzled. "Lying? About what?" Frost grabbed Ash's hand and rested it against her belly. "Can you guess?"

Ash didn't say anything for a second, but he soon caught on to just what Frost was trying to tell him. "'re not really..." She smiled, "You bet I am. I wasn't joking when I said I wanted to make new life. You can't tell just yet, but your sperm has impregnated me." Ash was deeply worried that she, a veteran assassin, wouldn't make a good mother. "But Frost...are you sure you can handle that kind of responsibility?" She embraced her lover. "I vow to be a great mother and a loving mate to you." Ash hugged the Shadow Sneasel tightly.

After a solemn moment, a grumble was heard from both of their stomachs. "Uh...I guess you haven't eaten breakfast yet, huh?" Ash blushed, "Nope! I was coming up here to get you so you wouldn't miss it! Shall we?" Frost grinned, "You bet!"

"Well, good morning, lovebirds! Aw man, that's cute..." Neo chuckled to see Ash coming down the stairs with Frost resting in his arms. Latias giggled, "I wish I was that small. They look like a married couple!" Frost laughed, "Well we may as well be!" Bayleef snickered, "We know. Neo told us all about your little plan last night. So, am I not the only one around here who's going to have a baby?" Frost giggled, "Yep! Ash is quite a baby making machine!" Ash blushed heavily at that compliment. "Oh, come on! Don't call me that!" Frost looked up at him, "But it's true! You've gotten three girls pregnant!" Ash hissed, "Not in front of Amber!" Ash's daughter looked curious of what they were referring to, but was still too innocent to guess what they were talking about.

A little later, Ash and Neo went for a little flight. Ash had ascended to his silver haired form so he could fly on his own. However, he soon brought up a question. "Just how do ya do it, Neo?" The bioweapon looked over at Ash, "Do what?" Ash frowned, "THAT! Just how do you fly without wings?!" Neo smirked, "That's easy. I use levitation. It's the same way Mewtwo flies." Ash smacked his face at the obvious answer. "And what about you? How are you flying?" Ash looked surprised, but grinned sheepishly, "No clue."

A little while later, the two brothers landed on a riverbank for a brief break. It was at this time that Ash had to ask. "Hey Neo, do you notice anything about me that's weird?" Neo looked over at Ash and looked him over. "Weird? Well..." Neo scanned Ash carefully, but said, "Well, your hair seems a little bright. Have you been spending too much time in the sun?" Ash groaned, "Oh come on, Neo! I'm 14 years old, but I still look like I'm 12! Why is that?!" Neo laughed, "Oh, that?! Why didn't you say so?"

Neo walked over to Ash as his eyes seemed to glow green. "This is weird. If I'm seeing this right, your body hasn't aged a day since you fought the Nightmare for the first time." Ash sweated a little, "Do you think it's because of the Light energy in me?" Neo shook his head, "I doubt it. Light energy has restorative properties and can destroy any harmful elements in you, but it can't prolong the lifespan." Ash was worried now. "But then what's doing it?"

Neo began to focus harder in an effort to try and figure out what had prevented Ash from aging. Suddenly, he noticed something in Ash he had never expected. "Ash, your original life-force is completely missing!" Ash freaked out, "So I'm undead?! I'm a zombie?!" Neo barked, "Not like that! There is a life-force in you, but it's not yours. This life-force... It's only half of a whole. Half is missing. And yet, it feels familiar." Just then, Neo fell backwards. "Oh my that's what happened..."

Ash asked, "What's up? Did you get it yet?" Neo shuddered, "I know what happened on that day." Neo remembered when the Nightmare pummeled Ash and then blasted a beam of Shadow energy right through him. "That attack the Nightmare nailed you with... It killed you." Ash staggered back, "I...died?" Neo nodded, "Yes, but a little later, someone, by sheer willpower and maybe some divine intervention, fused their life-force with you." Ash asked, "Do you know who did it?" This time, Neo grinned, "Who do you think? Your wife, of course!"

Ash was blown away at Neo's discovery. "You and Latias are connected?" Neo nodded, "Exactly. Due to her eternal life-force, you have not aged since you two became one. As long as she's alive, you will always retain your young form." Ash smiled, "I guess me and Latias are literally soul mates now!" Neo frowned, "However..." Ash looked back at Neo again. "However, because you and her share the same life-force, should one of you perish, I wouldn't be surprised if the other would die as well. You must be careful from now on."

Ash looked at his hand. He could almost see the arm of Latias. "If I die, then she dies. We can't live without each other." Neo smiled, "Don't worry too much, though. Should one of you die, I'll just revive you like I did Latios." Ash gave Neo an unusually grateful smile. "I don't ever want to take you for granted after losing you before. Neo, you mean more..." Neo covered Ash's mouth. "You don't have to say anything. You mean a great deal to me as well." The bioweapon then embraced his brother. "Uh, Neo? I don't think we've ever hugged before." Neo chuckled, "Ya know what? You're right." The two brothers held each other close for a moment, until Ash suddenly realized something.

"Neo, you said I'm immortal, right?" Neo noticed the change in the tone. "Yes, you are. Why?" Ash suddenly looked sad, "But...what about everyone else?" Neo understood exactly what Ash was getting to and said, "Your outlook is correct. Immortality is often seen as the ultimate blessing. However, it's really a terrible curse. You stay young and full of life while those you hold dear steadily grow old and inevitably die. Eventually, you're all alone. You may then try to avoid forging bonds with others to avoid the pain of losing them later." Ash had a grave look on his face. He would never age while some of his dearest companions, and lovers, would eventually die.

"Hey, yours' is a special case." Ash looked confused, but Neo gave him a warm smile. "It is true that some of your friends and family will eventually die, but not all of us will. I happen to be immortal. As is Mewtwo and Latios and your children. Even Lugia, or rather Dad, is immortal, so you will never be alone." Ash saw the truth in Neo's words, but noticed him grin even more. "What's more, granting immortality to someone is not beyond my power. So should, say, Frost want to become immortal, all she has to do is make a wish." Ash cried, "Neo, I don't know what we'd do without you!" Neo laughed, "Oh Master, thine wish is my command. But anyway, shall we go home?"

Three weeks had passed and Ash began to anticipate Onyx's return. However, Frost and Bayleef's pregnancies were progressing quickly. Delia was very excited that she would soon have two new grandchildren and had already gone out and bought a pair of cribs.

"Bayleef has become quite robust." Latios stated. "I know. But I think she's as beautiful as ever!" Ash grinned. "Uh, I think your mother is calling me." Latios disappeared inside the house. "But I didn't hear anyone. Huh?" Ash noticed that Bayleef had climbed up on the swinging bench he was sitting on. "Hey Bayleef. Um...why do you look so happy?" Bayleef had an ecstatic smile on her face. "Oh, nothing, except for being pregnant with the child of the most wonderful boy in the world. Why do you ask?" Ash blushed, "Man, you're really hardcore about that, aren't you?" Bayleef shoved her head up against Ash's face, "Of course! It's been my dream to raise a family with you!" Ash cupped her face. "I know. By the way, look at this." Ash raised his left hand, revealing the emerald topped silver bracelet Bayleef had given him on his 13th birthday.

"I'm so happy that you're still wearing that. It could've been our wedding ring if you and Latias never got married." Ash smirked, "Wanna bet?" Bayleef was surprised at this. "What do you mean?" Ash whispered, "I made sure no one saw it, but I was wearing this during my wedding." Bayleef gasped, "You mean...that by wearing the and I..." Ash embraced her, "Yeah. By wearing both bracelets, I'm sure that you and Latias were both married to me." Bayleef felt tears stream down her face. (I thought I had lost him forever. But instead, he was thinking about me all the way up to his wedding day. Ash...thank you...)

Ash noticed a gleam in Bayleef's eyes. Knowing what she wanted, he closed his eyes and sealed lips with her. The two lovers swirled their tongues together in a dance of love and passion. When they broke the kiss, they stared lovingly into each other's eyes. After a moment, Ash got up and walked over to Bayleef's side. "Wow, you've gotten huge." Ash ran his hand over Bayleef's swollen belly. Suddenly, he felt a jolt. Bayleef gasped, "Ooh! I think it kicked!" Ash rested his ear against her belly. "I think...I hear something." Bayleef asked, "What is it?" Ash whispered, "I think...the baby is talking?"

A moment passed as Ash tried to listen in to the movements in Bayleef's womb. "Yeah, I can definitely tell that the baby's trying to talk to me." Bayleef asked, "What's it saying?" Ash chuckled, "It just sounds like baby babble, to be honest. I guess all babies need time to learn how to talk." Bayleef laughed, "I guess they do! I wonder what its first word will be." Ash smartly replied, "Probably Chikorita." Bayleef gave him a sneer, "Wise guy."

That night, Ash chose to sleep with Frost in her room. "Frost, you in?" A sultry voice replied, "Come on in, handsome." Ash stepped in to find Frost lying on her back. "Whoa. You sure are cute now." Frost looked at her large belly. "Ya know, I used to get mad when Jazz called me cute." Ash laughed, "He was right. You're really cute, especially with that big belly."

Frost sat up with her hand on her belly. "I can't believe how big I've gotten. It's gotten kinda hard to walk." She rubbed her hand over her swollen bosom, but stopped when she felt something on the way up. "What the..." Frost looked down and saw a pair of large (for her size) breasts on her chest. "The heck?! Where'd those come from?!" Ash laughed, "You don't know the first thing about motherhood, do ya?!"

Frost glared at her lover, "Just what is THAT supposed to mean?" Ash sat down next to her and playfully poked her right breast, "When a girl is gonna have a baby, her chest starts producing milk. I guess your breasts are usually hidden under your fur, but now they've grown since there is milk inside." Frost took both breasts in hand and weighed them. "They're heavy. There really is milk in them." Ash then pressed his ear against her belly. "It sounds like it's asleep. I'm not hearing much."

As Ash started to remove his pants to slip into his pajamas, Frost got a sneaky look on her face. "Just one more week until Onyx comes home. I'll bet he's...hey?!" Frost yanked down Ash's underwear when he wasn't looking! "Don't be so scared." Frost gently started to fondle the equipment of her lover.

"Frost, I don't think this is a good idea while you're pregnant! It might hurt the baby." The Sneasel winked at him, "It's not like that at all." She then took the whole penis in her mouth, causing a wave of pleasure to wash over him. "Whoa...that's nice..." Frost started working on a rhythm as she pushed and pulled. She could feel the muscles stiffening as Ash's arousal grew.

"Erf...I can't hold out much longer!" Frost smiled as she anticipated the imminent surge of Ash's seed. "Nnnnggggghhhhh!!!" Ash groaned as he had an explosive orgasm, his seed flooding into Frost's waiting mouth. The grateful Sneasel began gulping down every last drop as more came in. The sweet flavor was delicious. Once the orgasm subsided, Ash collapsed onto the bed. "Why does that always tire me out so much?"

Frost climbed in bed with her mate. "So, did you like the taste?" Frost blushed, "Of course I did. What's more, I heard that the protein is good for the baby." Ash grinned, "Really? I'll bet it's grateful..." Ash's exhaustion took hold of him and he fell fast asleep. "Sleep tight, my dear." Frost planted a sweet kiss on his lips and fell asleep as well.

Over the next five days, Ash allowed Frost to give him some oral treatment in order to help their child get some extra protein. However, two days before the day Onyx was supposed to return, Ash awoke at around midnight to Bayleef nudging him.

"'s really late now. Can this wait until morning?" The Grass type groaned, "No...the baby won't's coming!" Ash snapped wide awake, "Seriously?!" Even in the dark, Ash could see that Bayleef was sweating and in a lot of pain. "OK. I'll help you. I don't want to wake everyone up for this."

Ash turned on the lights and saw that Bayleef was already well along with her labor. "Does it hurt?" Bayleef gasped, "Yes. I never thought it would hurt this much! AH!" Bayleef screamed as another contraction hit her. "OK. Just lay down." Bayleef fell on her side as Ash held her head. "I'll stay with you through this." As Bayleef gazed into the eyes of the boy she loved, she could hardly feel the pain.

"Ash...could you check on the baby?" Ash nodded and crawled around to her rear. He saw that a leaf was hanging out of Bayleef's womanhood. "The head's almost out." Soon, the baby's head emerged, the eyes still closed. "Just one more, Bayleef. Push!" With a mighty groan, Bayleef pushed her child from her flower.

Bayleef panted as she gasped, "Is it...over?" Ash crawled over to her and whispered, "See for yourself." Bayleef gasped as she saw a newborn Chikorita in Ash's arms, umbilical cord still attached. "I think it's a girl." Bayleef was speechless as she saw her daughter with her own eyes. "I...I'm really a mother..." Tears began to fall from her face as Ash set their child down next to her.

As the little Chikorita climbed to her feet, she gazed back and forth at her parents. "My're so beautiful." Bayleef gently nuzzled the face of her daughter, prompting a coo of delight. "What should we name her, dear?" Ash started brainstorming. He thought about Chikorita being a Grass type Pokemon and remembered Erika of Celadon city. She used only Grass types. "Erika." Bayleef whispered, "Little Erika...what a lovely name."

The little Chikorita walked over to Ash and tried to climb up his leg. "I think she wants some love from Daddy." Ash grinned and picked up his daughter. However, as soon as her face was close enough, Erika placed a kiss on her father's cheek. She then planted her front legs against him and began to nuzzle him. "Heh, this brings back memories, huh Bayleef?" Bayleef giggled as she remembered just how sweet she was to him when she was still a Chikorita.

"Come on. It's late." Ash helped Bayleef into bed and set Erika down in between them. "Chiko Chikori." Bayleef giggled, "That was still just baby babble, right?" Ash nodded, "Yeah. I guess she still can't speak." "That's fine. She'll learn someday." Bayleef yawned as Ash rested his hand on her neck. "Love you, Bayleef." She replied, "Love you, Ash." The two lovers fell asleep as Erika snuggled up to them both.

In the morning, Latias came in to check on Ash since he had not awakened yet. "Good morning, dear! Oh?" Latias stopped as she saw a Chikorita climb on top of Ash and gave her a big smile. "Chiko!" Latias was motionless for a moment, but then, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Her shrill cry woke Ash and Bayleef instantly. The two of them looked around franticly, only to see Latias lovingly cuddling their daughter.

"Oh my goodness, she is just so adorable! What's her name?!" Ash laughed out loud as he said, "It's Erika." Bayleef then whispered, "It's OK, Erika. That's your aunt Latias." The Chikorita started nuzzling Latias. "I'm so happy for you both. I'll go spread the word!" Latias flew out of the room and downstairs.

Later that day, Erika was wandering around the front yard as she explored her home. However, she soon saw her grandmother working in the garden. Being naturally curious, she walked over to inspect things.

"Hmmm... I was so sure I had my seeds with me. Where'd they go?" Delia looked all around, not noticing Erika coming up behind her. The little Chikorita noticed a small thin bag in Delia's back pocket and grabbed it with a Vine Whip.

"Chiko!" Delia turned around and saw her granddaughter with the bag of seeds in her vine. "Oh, thank you, Erika! Aren't you sweet! You're such a doll." Delia gave Erika a gentle head rub and took the bag. "You're a big help."

As Erika watched Delia gardening, she wanted to help out someway. And she knew just how. Just after Delia finished watering the seeds she had just planted, they immediately sprouted and grew into flowers! "Oh my! What...huh?!" Just then, several other recently planted seeds began to sprout and bloom as well!

"I never knew I had such a green thumb!" Delia exclaimed as she observed the results of her efforts. At least, she thought it was her doing. Suddenly, something lifted her wide brimmed hat off her head! When she turned around, Delia saw a large root with her hat hanging on the end. Erika had a giddy smile. "Now, this is strange." As Delia reached for her hat, the root swayed to keep it out of her reach. All the while, Erika was laughing hard.

"Erika, are you doing this?!" Erika stopped when she saw that Delia understood that she was manipulating the root. She frowned as she allowed Delia to take back her hat. "That's quite a trick. Would you like to help me out with my gardening?" Erika squealed in delight.

That night, Erika was fast asleep in her crib as her mother slept at the side. Ash had chosen to sleep with Frost and both were fast asleep. However, just before dawn, Frost awoke to a strange sensation within her.

"Ash, wake up." Frost whispered as she shook her lover. "Snrk...huh? Is it time for breakfast already?" Frost shook her head, "Sorry, but it's too early for that. I think there's something wrong with me. Feel." Frost held Ash's hand at her side. A moment later, a sudden shudder was felt. "I've never felt this before. What is it?" Ash pondered this, but realized it right away. "Frost, I think you're having a baby."

The former assassin shrieked, "Really?! It's happening right now?!" Ash scratched his head, "Well, I think so. But you don't look like you're in pain. It was really hard on Bayleef." Frost giggled, "Did you forget? I have a high level of pain tolerance. Maybe I just can't feel the pain." Ash nodded, "I guess that's it. All we can do now is just wait and see."

For several minutes, Ash and Frost just faced each other while Frost had her legs spread. "See anything yet?" Ash shook his head, "Nope. Not yet." A few minutes later, Ash yelled, "I see it!" Frost looked down and noticed that the lips of her vagina were starting to spread. "It's really happening! I'm having a baby!" Frost panted in excitement as she saw a tiny head emerge. "She's so least, I hope it's a girl." Slowly, the baby was pushed out. As soon as it was out completely, the baby Sneasel began to cry in a high pitched tone.

Ash reached over and turned on a lamp. "Sssshhh. Daddy's here. There's nothing to cry about. You're OK." Ash whispered as he held the tiny newborn in his hands. Compared to Frost, the child was tiny, barely six inches from head to toe. As soon as it heard his voice, the baby opened its eyes and looked right up at him.

"Well, is it a boy or girl?" Ash looked over his child, but stopped when it reached up to him. "What's up? You want something?" However, when Ash held the newborn to his face, it reached out and kissed him on the lips. "Yup. It's a girl.......Ash? Look! Her feathers!" Ash looked her over, but replied, "Uh, Sneasels have feathers?" Frost gave him an impatient look while pointing to the feather on her own left ear.

"Oh, those!" Ash looked at the feathers on their daughter's rump and left ear and noticed a bizarre mutation. Instead of the usual pink, her feathers were as white as snow. "White? Wait! That gives me an idea!" Frost asked, "What's up?" Ask smiled, "I just figured out her name. How does 'Snow' sound?" Their daughter let out a giggle when she heard the name. "What's that? You like Snow? You wanna be called Snow? Well, Snow it is!" Frost laughed at how their daughter chose the name herself.

"Ugh ugh." Ash looked down at Snow. "Aw, you hungry?" Ash handed her to Frost. "I think I know just what you need." Frost raised Snow to her breast. Right away, their daughter began to suckle. "Oooo, she's really hungry! That's right. Drink up, Snow. There's plenty of milk to drink."

"Hwuuuuhhhuuhhhh...time to get started on breakfast." Delia made her way downstairs to the kitchen, but stopped when she smelled something boiling. "Who could be up at this hour?" Delia silently snuck into the kitchen and peeked around the corner. "I'll bet you want some real food, right? Don't worry about a thing. Daddy's cooking up something just for you."

"OH MY GOD! Is that who I think it is?!" Ash was startled so badly that he tossed the pancake he was frying directly upwards into the ceiling! "Huh?! Mom?!" Ash looked over at his ecstatic mother. "She's so adorable! Oh?" Delia stopped when she saw Snow, who was on Ash's shoulder, hide behind his head. She peeked out from behind him with a look of fear.

"Hey, it's OK, Snow. That's your grandma. Say hi!" Snow shyly waved at Delia and immediately hid behind Ash's head again. "She's quite the daddy's girl. I'll bet she likes you better than anyone else." Ash blushed, "Maybe. She doesn't like being apart from me for too long." Delia smiled, "I can see that. "Oh, where's her mother?" Ash replied, "Frost's still in bed. I wanted her to rest after she gave birth. She claimed she was just fine, but I don't want her to risk it."

"Daddy...?" Ash turned towards the stairs to see Amber floating sleepily at the bottom. "Morning Amber. Want some pancakes?" She yawned, "Sounds yummy...huh?" Amber then noticed the tiny Sneasel on his back. "Ah! She's so cute! Who is she?!" Amber flew right up to Ash, spooking Snow in the process. "It's OK, Snow. This is your big sister."

Amber gasped at what her father just said. "Big sister? She's my sister?" Ash grinned, "Yep! Erika is too! You have two baby sisters now!" Amber gave a big smile. "Two little sisters! Hi, little sister. I'm Amber. What's your name?" Snow slowly crawled back over to Ash's shoulder and reached out to Amber. "I'll be a great sister to you. OK?" Snow giggled as Amber held her in her arms. "Onyx is gonna love you! Wait...yeah! Onyx is coming home today, right?" Ash suddenly remembered, "Yeah! He is! I gotta get going! But first..." Ash took Snow in his arms, "I think you could use a nap."

Ash carried Snow upstairs to his bedroom, where her crib was. The whole way, Ash held her to his face as he hummed a lullaby. He just couldn't believe how sweet she was when Sneasel are notorious for being one of the most savage species of Pokemon in existence. Frost was no exception when it came to battle. Just before he set her down, Ash placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, where the gold oval was.

As Snow lay in her crib, Ash stroked her pretty little head. Out of nowhere, tears began to fall from his eyes. "I love you, Snow. I'll always be there for you." The tiny Sneasel reached out and grabbed Ash's hand and held it close. She then looked up at him with her beautiful rose colored eyes. "Snea...sel..." She whispered as she fell asleep. As he snuck out of the room, Ash whispered, "Sleep tight, my little angel."

A little later, after crafting a tree as a memorial to his grandfather and the three XD Shadow Pokemon, Tyso, Kane, and Ryyo, who perished at the hands of XD-386, Ash started to make his way up to Professor Oak's lab. Almost everyone in the family came with him, with the exception of Delia, Erika, and Frost and Snow as they were fast asleep. "Onyx must be so cool now! Do you think he missed us?" Latias comforted her daughter, "Of course he missed us. He's probably been worried ever since he left."

"I'll get the door!" Tracey yelled as the doorbell rang. "Hello, may I!" Tracey staggered back at the sight of all the visitors standing at the door. "What's the big deal? Are we really that scary?" Mewtwo asked. "I just didn't expect so many visitors at once!" Ash then asked, "Is Onyx home yet?" A voice in the back replied, "Guy's on the phone. Hurry up!" It was Gary.

"Do I really have to be in the same room with that jerk?" Ash sighed, "OK, you can wait here." Ash then led everyone into the main lab, where the call was being received.

"Hey Ash! You're still looking good!" Guy Wozaki spoke. "Same to you, Guy! Is Onyx OK?" Guy nodded, "He's been doing great. He's a tough kid. Oh, by the way, is Frost still with you?" Guy then noticed Latias and Bayleef look at him with sneaky gazes. "Oh, she's been doing great. She's settled in here and doesn't want to leave." Just then, a familiar face popped up on screen.

"Hi Onyx! We missed you!" Amber screamed. "I missed you too, Amber! Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Did you miss me too?" Latias laughed, "Of course we missed you! Now please come home!" "OK! Guy, let's get together sometime." Onyx thanked his friend as he was sucked up into a Poke ball to be transferred to the lab. "He's all ready." Oak replied, "OK. Beginning transfer." As the transfer device activated, Ash said, "Thanks for looking after Onyx, Guy. Tell Silver I said HI." Guy waved, "Got it. See ya!" With that, the screen went blank as the Poke ball Onyx was in materialized in the transfer machine.

"Welcome home." Ash popped open the Poke ball to release his son, only to have the young Latios pounce him. "I missed you, Dad!" Onyx threw his arms around his father as Ash did the same. "You've gotten stronger since I last saw you. Did ya have fun?" Onyx grinned, "Yeah! It was lots of fun!" Just then, Amber and Latias joined in the hugging. "Together again. Welcome home, Onyx."

"Come on! There's someone you've gotta meet!" "OK! I'm coming!" Onyx flew after his sister as everyone headed back home. That is, except for Neo. "I'll be along in just a minute." Making sure no one was watching, Neo snuck around to the back to find Gary picking some berries.

"Hey, jerk. Got a minute?" Gary looked up at the bioweapon and frowned, "Actually I do. I need to ask you something." Neo smirked as he had a hunch he knew exactly what it was. "I've been walking around the region during training and every time I come across a road sign, something yells out, and I quote, GARY OAK SUCKS! ASH KETCHUM IS THE ULTIMATE! I always find a sign that shows me being trampled by Ash." Neo, by now, had a very amused expression on his face. "Those signs. Those were you, right?" Neo grinned, "Well, what did ya expect? Do you think you didn't deserve it?"

Gary hung his head, "You're never gonna let me live that down, huh?" Neo laughed, "You know it!" Gary groaned, "But...but I already paid for my mistakes! You already slugged me for it!" That reminded Neo of what happened during the battle against Missingno. "Ya know, since we needed your help there, I healed the wound right away. But let me ask you something. Are we in a life or death struggle right now?" Gary suddenly got a cold sweat. Neo let out a sinister chuckle. "Yeah, you know what's coming!" In an instant, Neo slugged Gary across the face with a Mega Punch, sending him soaring a good distance away before he rolled to a stop. The blow had fractured some bones in his face as well as giving him a minor concussion, but there were no permanent injuries. "OK. NOW we're even." Neo turned and headed back home with a spring in his step. "Man, that felt good!"

"She's over here! Come on!" Amber yelled as she led Onyx into the garden. As they rounded the corner, Onyx saw his grandmother gardening. "Hi Grandma!" Delia looked up to see her grandson floating towards her. "Onyx! It's so good to have you back!" Delia threw her arms around her grandson and squeezed him tightly. "I missed you too, Grandma." Just then, Onyx noticed a tiny Chikorita looking up at him with a curious gaze.

"Hi! What's your name?" The Chikorita smiled and replied, "Chiko!" Onyx laughed, "Can't talk? That's OK. I'm Onyx." Amber butted in, "That's Erika! She's our baby sister!" This blew Onyx away. He was still too innocent to understand where babies come from. "We have a baby sister?" Amber giggled, "Yep! See, Erika? That's your big brother." Erika cried in delight as she reached out with a vine. "I think she wants you to hug her." Onyx smiled, "OK!" Onyx snatched up his new sister in his arms and cuddled her lovingly. "You're so cute! It's great to have such a cute sister!"

"OK! You still have one more sister to meet! Follow me!" Amber said as she flew inside the house. "OK! Bye, Erika." Onyx said as he set the Chikorita down. "As he flew upstairs with Amber, she whispered, "I think she's sleeping, so be quiet." Onyx nodded as they stopped outside Ash's bedroom. "Ready?"

The twins slowly nudged the door open and floated inside. Onyx immediately noticed the crib next to the bed. "That's her?" They floated over to it and looked down. A tiny Sneasel with white feathers was sleeping soundly under a blanket. "She's even cuter than Erika!" Onyx whispered. "Don't wake her up. She needs her sleep." Just then, a voice said, "Well, look whose home. Onyx, right?"

Onyx turned to see the intruder and froze at the sight of XD-130. "Wha...what're you still doing here?!" Onyx yelled while preparing himself for a fight. "Whoa whoa whoa. Keep your voice down! You're gonna wake the baby!" Onyx snarled, "Don't lie! You tried to kill me and Daddy! Why are you here?!" Suddenly, the baby Sneasel woke up and started to cry loudly.

"Now look what you've done! Outta my way!" Frost barged right past Onyx and jumped into the crib. "Sssshhhh, it's all right. He was just being rude, but he's sorry now." Frost then gave Onyx a very angry glare, "You are sorry. Right?" Onyx gulped, "Uh...uh-huh. I'm sorry." Frost then whispered to the baby, "There, see? He's sorry. He knows he was being mean, but he's sorry." The baby started to quiet down and looked at her mother. "See? There's nothing to worry about."

Onyx couldn't believe what he was seeing as Frost gently cuddled a baby. "What...what happened to her?" Amber giggled, "Aunt Frost is nice now. She was mean before, but not anymore!" Onyx looked back at Frost and saw her give the baby a sweet little kiss. "Miss Frost?" The former assassin looked over at him. "I'm sorry. I thought..." Frost ran her fingers through the feathers on his head. "It's OK, sweetie. I don't blame you for being afraid of me. I know we had a bad first meeting, but I've changed. And it's all thanks to your father."

"Oh right! Onyx, this is your sister, Snow." Amber introduced her baby sister to her big brother. "She's really cute. But why doesn't she look like Daddy, Mommy, or Uncle Latios?" Frost laughed, "Maybe that's because I'm her mother." Onyx looked completely freaked out at this. "Huh?! But if she's your daughter, then I'm your son! But that means Mommy isn't my mommy? Then who's my daddy?" Amber laughed herself silly, "Onyx! I was kinda confused too. But Snow and Erika really are our sisters!" Onyx calmed down just slightly, "But how? Who's there daddy?" Frost smiled, "Ash is. Your father is their father as well."

Onyx was baffled further at Frost's revelation. How could his father be the father of Frost's and Bayleef's daughters while they were not his mothers? "OK, I can see that you need some explaining. In actuality, Erika and Snow are your half-sister's. They have your father's blood, but not your mother's. Get it?" This seemed to clear things up for Onyx a bit, but he still looked confused. "Uh, OK. So Erika and Snow are our sisters anyway. That's good enough for me!" Frost laughed and rubbed her nephew's head. "Good. Don't hurt yourself."

"Hey, is that pasta boiling?" Amber asked as an aroma filled the air. "Grandma's making dinner! Let's go!" Onyx and Amber flew down the hall towards the kitchen. However, Frost chose to stay behind until Snow fell asleep again. "Frost, you in?" Frost turned and saw Neo peek around the door. "I'm surprised you didn't sneak up on me. What's up?" Neo chuckled, "So, little Frost is finally a mommy. Wonder what Jazz would say if he saw you now." Frost giggled, "I'm sure he wouldn't be surprised to learn that I've found love with Ash, but I don't think he would ever imagined that I'd become a mother."

Neo walked over and gazed at the sleeping Sneasel infant. "So darn cute. Why are babies always cute?" Frost sighed, "Maybe she got it from her father." Just then, Neo placed his hand over his niece. "Um, what're you doing?" Neo grinned, "Scanning for any latent diseases. If left untreated early on, they can cause severe damage later in life that could be difficult or even impossible to repair." Frost smiled, "You're quite a lifesaver."

After a minute or two of genetic scanning, Neo smiled, "She's clean. I'm surprised by just how healthy she is....what the?" Frost asked, "What? Did you find something?" Neo's face turned grim, as if he had seen his worst nightmare. "This can't be..." Frost became worried, "What's wrong? Is my baby hurt?!" Neo shook his head, "No. She's perfectly healthy. But..." Frost remained silent in fear of Neo's discovery. Finally, he looked at her and said, "I've detected Shadow energy within her."

Frost staggered back. Her child was a Shadow Pokemon? "This doesn't make sense... She can't be a Shadow Pokemon! She hasn't gone through the process for it!" Neo corrected her. "I said there is Shadow energy within her. I never said that she's a Shadow Pokemon." Frost was surprised and asked, "What's the difference?" Neo explained, "Shadow Pokemon are Pokemon whose hearts have been artificially sealed and corrupted with Shadow energy. However, Snow's heart is not corrupted at all. In fact, the Shadow energy is just flowing through her body. It doesn't seem to be causing any negative side effects at all. I guess there really isn't that much."

Frost asked, "But it doesn't make sense. How did it get there?" Neo then looked at her with a glum expression. "There is only one way. She inherited a fraction of yours while still in the womb." Frost gasped in utter shock. Her daughter had been corrupted with her own Shadow energy while she was still in her womb. "What have I done? If I knew this would happen, I would never..." Neo stopped her, "Don't say that. There was no possible way that we could've predicted this would happen. Never before has a Shadow Pokemon found true love. It's a miracle that you are still able to expression emotions at all."

Frost gazed at her claws, remembering how Ash had helped her find her feelings again. "But...what about Snow? Is there a way to purify her?" Neo nodded, "Since the Shadow energy within her is simply flowing through her, it will probably just leave her in time. The use of Shadow type attacks may speed up this process." Frost breathed a sigh of relief. "However..." Frost looked at Neo and saw that he seemed very distraught. "I'm sorry to say that it may be impossible to purify you. All of the XD series of Shadow Pokemon XD-002 and up were created through a refined process that was perfected after the creation of XD-001. Since then, no Shadow Pokemon has ever been purified. They were simply.....corrupted to the point of no return."

Frost looked at her claws, remembering the hellish process of becoming XD-130. The way she craved the sight of blood afterwards. She was in constant turmoil and took out her pain on her targets. She was little more than a monster. "Hey, listen." Frost looked up at Neo and saw him smile. "I said that it may be impossible for you to be purified, but it may not be as well. If there's a way, I know you'll find it." Frost spoke, her voice breaking, "Thank you... I will find a way... I swear it."

That evening, Ash was just relaxing in bed while watching Frost breastfeed Snow. She was so gentle to their daughter; he had a hard time reminding himself that she was still a Shadow Pokemon.

"She sure seems to like you, Frost. I'm surprised by how gentle you are with her." Frost giggled, "I'm pretty sure that you rubbed off on me somehow." She was smiling the whole time. However, as she held her daughter, Frost could almost see the bloodstains that used to mat the white fur of her hands.

"Ash." The Chosen One looked over at Frost. "What's up?" She cried, "Take her, please!" Frost very nearly threw Snow at him and cried in shame. As he caught Snow, who seemed to enjoy the spill, he asked, "What's wrong?!" Frost weeped, "I don't deserve to hold her! These hands have been stained with the blood of others far too often to be suited for holding someone so pure." Ash looked down at Snow and back at Frost. He knew that she used to enjoy taking the lives of her victims.

"Well, if that's how you feel, then I don't deserve to hold her either." Frost looked at her lover, "You've gotta be kidding. How could someone so sweet and loving not deserve to hold her?" Ash frowned, "I stained my hands with the blood of others too." Frost cried, "I know about your battles against the Nightmare and the like. You had a good reason to kill them." Ash scowled, "Yeah, except for that time..."

Frost asked, "That time? What time?" Ash whispered, "The time...I took my first life." Frost listened intently. "It was just after I won the Mind badge at Mossdeep city. That night, I was attacked by an assassin that tried to kill me before. But this time, she was too much. I tried to warn her to leave. But she didn't listen. That's when...I used the power of darkness for the first time. I remember the anger. The hate. The only thing I wanted was to kill her. To destroy her. To reduce her to nothing but bones and blood. And I did. When I was through with her, all that remained were bits of bone and a rainstorm of blood." Frost shuddered, "You were...that brutal?" Ash nodded, "Yeah, but I atoned for it. I never went as crazy as I did then. And you can too. You can atone for all you've done."

Frost looked at her hands, "How can I possibly atone for my sins?" Ash pointed at Snow, "Well, you can start by being a good mother to your daughter." Frost looked down at their daughter, who was fast asleep, and then back at Ash. Suddenly, tears began to flow from her eyes in torrents. "Ash...I love you so much!" The Sneasel leapt at her lover and embraced him tightly while weeping loudly. "I don't even want to think about what I would be like if I never met you! I want to stay with you forever! I promise! I'll be the best mother to our daughter that I can be! I'll wipe the stains of my sins from my hands someday!"

Ash raised Frost's face and joined lips with her. With tears still falling, Frost closed her eyes and pressed into the kiss. (I will never leave you. You mean more to me than anything. I would die for you, my love.) Once they broke the kiss, Ash asked, "Should we put Snow back in her crib?" Frost looked down at their sleeping daughter and said, "No. I want to keep her at my side."

As he turned the light out, Ash laid Snow in between him and Frost. "Good night, Frost." She replied, "Good night, Ash." And then, they said together, "Good night, Snow." In the company of the reformed XD-130, the Chosen One entered one of the most peaceful sleeps he ever experienced. Soon, as all three lay sleeping, Snow subconsciously crawled up to Ash and held him firmly. ""
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