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Pokemon Legends by XD385


Author's Chapter Notes:

After a long time, I feel it's time to put this to bed.

Story Cancelled

After far too long away from this site, I have decided to come back and lay down the last word on this particular story. For quite some time, I have forsaken this site in preference of another fandom that has popped up in recent years. A fandom of a new series that has actually spurned me to improve my writing to a professional level. However, due to my interest in this new series, my interest in Pokemon as a whole has diminished.

And now, I have officially decided to end the Chosen One series.

To be honest, compared to what I write now, this and Guardian of the Chosen One are arguably my worst works. Not to mention the vast majority of the battles in the prequel to this were heavily plagiarizing many of the fights of the now forgotten flash series Sonic's Quest for Power. Not to mention due to the failure of the site's servers a few years back combined with the generally lackluster salvage operation to restore the site to its former glory, traffic and interest on this site has nosedived to the point where I am sure many writers no longer feel invested to post their work here. And due to the overall low quality of of this story and the fact that I've likely made Ash Ketchum out to be a Gary Stu, I am discontinuing this story as of today.

The only story series I can see myself coming back to in the future is the Phoenix Chronicles. However, that day could be years, possibly even a decade off. My current major project, The Lost Element and its eventual sequel and occasional spin-off, are my main concerns right now along with a novel that is heavily based on Forbidden Love.

So now I shall say farewell to this site. I thank AGNPH for being here to help me sharpen my writing skills so that I may one day use them for professional purposes. I may return someday, but who can say? To all my fans that have stuck with me this far, thank you. I will continue to write, though my works cannot be posted here due to being entirely out of this fandom.

This is XD-385, also known as Humanity on, signing out.

Chapter End Notes:

To all my fans, thank you.

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