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Gate of the Glider

"It's creepy in here, Mommy..." Snow shuddered while being carried in Frost's arms. The Weavile whispered, "Don't worry, dear. Only someone with a death wish would try to get my little girl." Frost cradled her child tenderly, easing her troubled mind. Ash and his friends and family were now passing through the natural cave-like tunnel know as the Oreburgh Gate. With no other means to reach Oreburgh City, it was the most direct route in reaching the first Sinnoh League Gym.

"Dawn, what can you tell us about this place?" Ash asked, keeping a close watch on his youngest children. The coordinator replied, "Aside from what I've already told you? Well....." Dawn thought for a moment before speaking, "Um... This place is home to various kinds of Pokémon who prefer caves, but also has some lower regions too. Oh, and Gligar sometimes get lost in here." Mewtwo muttered, "The first part was rather obvious..." Latios retorted, "Give her some slack. She's a rookie."

After a short while since entering the Oreburgh Gate, Latias glanced around, as she seemed to notice something in the darkness. Onyx noticed his mother's gaze scanning the distance in all directions and asked, "Something up, Mom?" Latias replied, "I thought I heard something.... Maybe not." But right as she said that, something flew in from the darkness and crashed into Bayleef's head. "Ow! Who did that?!" Everyone turned to face the Grass type. But Erika asked, "Mommy... What's that on your head?" Clinging to the side of Bayleef's head was a Gligar. Worse, it was munching on the fragrant leaf atop her head. "Gah! Get it off!!!" Bayleef started swinging her head around in an attempt to force it to let go. Amber giggled, "It's no wonder! That leaf always smells so good!" But Latias frowned, "You're not helping, Amber."

After a moment more, the Gligar finally opened its mouth and was flung away. But the glider instead crashed into Ash's head before breaking out into a glide. The Trainer yelped, "Hey! Darn it! That hurt!" But after a second, he noticed something was missing. "Wait a sec... MY HAT!!! That little...!" He then turned and ran after the Gligar. Snow called out, "Daddy! Wait for us!" But Neo stepped forward, "I'll keep an eye on him. The rest of you get to the exit and we'll catch up later." Without waiting for any objections, the bioweapon ran after his master.

"Dang, it's dark in here..." Ash grumbled to himself as he felt his way through the darkness. "Just a sec." A voice spoke behind him before a flurry of flames ignited and floated in midair, illuminating the area. "Thanks, Neo. Is that Will-O-Wisp?" Ash asked as he turned to face his friend. The bioweapon nodded as the wisps of fire floated around him, "Yep. Wouldn't want you getting lost in here. And I don't think being able to see in the dark is one of the Chosen One's powers." The Trainer chuckled, "I didn't think so either." He then glanced down at his Pokétch and adjusted it until it was set to the Pokémon Radar function, the green backlight glowing gently. "Looks like that pesky Gligar isn't that far now. Let's go."

Ash followed the readings on his Pokétch's radar, watching the movements of the dark dot that was furthest from him and Neo. It was moving in an erratic manner. "What's with this guy? Is it blind?" Ash muttered as he watched the readings on his Pokétch. Neo replied, "In the darkness, probably. Gligar don't inhabit caves most of the time. They're not like bats." Before long, Ash and Neo came to a large open area of the cave. Gliding about wildly was the Gligar, Ash's hat completely covering its head and obstructing its eyes. Unable to see or remove the hat, the Gligar was effectively blind as it kept crashing into stalagmites. Neo muttered, "No wonder she's so clumsy..."

Being able to understand Pokémon dialects, Ash could make out what the Gligar was shrieking. To his ears, it spoke with the voice of a young girl. "WHERE IS EVERYTHING?! THAT YUMMY LEAF MADE ME GO BLIND!!! OW!!!" She yelped as she flew into another stalagmite. Ash muttered, "She acts like a silly little girl..." Neo then spoke, "It would probably be best to catch her. She could use someone to help her mature. You got that Dusk Ball from your birthday?" Ash reached into his pocket, "Why? Can't I..... Oh! It works great in the dark, right?!" Neo nodded, "Sure does. I'll restrain her so you don't miss." Neo outstretched a hand, causing the Gligar to freeze in midair. She shrieked, "Eek! A ghost got me!!!"

Seeing that the Gligar could not evade, Ash activated his Dusk Ball. "Just hold still for a second, Gligar!" The Trainer then tossed the ball, striking the Gligar directly. As soon as the Gligar was sucked inside the ball in a flash of light, Neo extinguished the flames floating around him to allow the Dusk Ball to function at peak performance. The pitch-black darkness of the cave was the perfect environment for the Dusk Ball to be used in, as the ball locked seconds after falling to the ground. Upon hearing telltale sound of a Poké Ball deactivating, Neo engulfed his hands in flames for a Fire Punch. "That enough light?" Ash smiled, "That's fine, Neo. Thanks." He then stepped forward and retrieved the Dusk Ball and his hat. "Guess this means I caught a Gligar. That makes three so far. Now let's get back to the others before they start to worry." Leading the way, Neo guided his brother towards the eastern exit of the Oreburgh Gate.

It took some time, but Neo managed to find the exit at the eastern end of the tunnel. Upon emerging from the Oreburgh Gate, the two brothers found the rest of their friends and family waiting. Mana smiled, "Got your hat back, Dad?" Slate then noticed the Dusk Ball in his father's hand. The Tyranitar asked, "That Gligar. Did you catch it?" The Trainer smirked, "Why don't you see for yourself?" He then tossed the ball above him, causing it to burst open in a flash of light. But seconds later, the clumsy Gligar fell right onto her new Trainer. "Ow! How can you be a Gligar if you can't glide at all?!" Everyone present chuckled at Ash's position.

"Eek! It's so bright out now!" The Gligar covered her eyes with her pincers, as her eyes had not yet adapted to the sudden shift from pitch-black darkness to midday sunlight. Mewtwo muttered, "How childish..... More than likely just a kid." Once the Gligar's eyes had adjusted, she glanced around in surprise at her new Trainer's companions. Dawn giggled, "I never knew a Gligar could be so cute!" Brock then approached her, "Glad to meet you, little g..." But as he reached out to her, the Gligar jumped back, "Where am I?! What do you want?!" Ash, who had recovered from his new friend falling on him, gently patted her on the head, "Don't worry about them. They're all nice people." The Gligar looked back at her Trainer, "They're OK? Then...does that mean you're my friend?" Ash nodded, "Sure am. Glad to meet you, Gligar. I hope we have plenty of good times later on down the road." The Gligar surprised everyone by hugging Ash while crying in joy, "I have a new friend!!! Thank you!!!" Latios snickered, "She must've been very lonely before she met him."

Now that they were outside the cave, everyone was now within fairly close proximity to Oreburgh City. Rather than stop for lunch, everyone agreed to check into the closest hotel. Being a city that supplied coal to various places in and outside of Sinnoh, Oreburgh City oozed energy. It seemed to seep into everyone, particularly Erika and Amber. The Chikorita and Latias seemed to become abnormally hyper, even more so than usual, providing quite a headache for their parents.

While Erika and Amber babbled on nonstop while giddy with laughter, Mewtwo was quick to notice something out of the corner of his eye. Standing at just the entrance to an alley at the center of a city block was a man clad in a fedora and trench coat. Sunglasses covered his eyes. As soon as the mysterious figure noticed Mewtwo's gaze, he quickly ducked into the alley. But just as he did, Mewtwo noticed that his hair color was a vaguely familiar shade of indigo. He then tapped Ash on the shoulder, "Ash... It seems we are being followed." He pointed to the alley. Ash nodded, "I'll go check it out. You go reserve our stay in a hotel. I'll be along shortly." With the rest of his companions preoccupied with Amber and Erika, Ash ran towards the entrance to the alley.

Ash wandered into the alley, the tall buildings at the sides limiting the amount of light inside it. Cautiously, Ash inched forward while keeping a hand on the hilt of the Eon Blade on his back. But just as he passed a large dumpster, Ash froze as he heard a sound right behind him. "It's about time I found you. We used to have no trouble keeping tabs on you twerps." Recognizing the voice right away, Ash spun around to face the owner of the voice. "You again?!" Leaning against the dumpster was the same man as before. The mysterious agent proceeded to remove his sunglasses, revealing his green eyes. "Long time no see, twerp. Or should I say Chosen One?"

Seeing the face, green eyes, and indigo hair of the man before him, Ash drew his sword. "Don't you guys ever know when to call it quits?! And I don't even have Pikachu with me right now!" Seeing that Ash had become hostile, the man threw up his hands, "Don't give me that look! You should know more than anyone that Team Rocket is gone for good! What would I get by attacking you?!" It was then that Ash noticed something. "Wait a sec... Where's Jessie and Meowth?" The man replied, "On a different assignment. It's just me right now." Seeing that he was not in danger, Ash returned the Eon Blade to its scabbard. "OK, guess you're not here to bug me. But why are you here, James?" The former Team Rocket operative smirked, "To find you, of course. Something has come up."

Curious of why James had been searching for him, Ash frowned, "OK then..... Before you get started, tell me. What are you and the other two doing these days?" James explained, "Since we parted ways two years ago, we found jobs as undercover investigators. We look into various rumors that come up that may point to threats to the world." Ash chuckled, "And you guys had plenty of practice in Team Rocket when it came to disguises." James chuckled, "That's how we landed this job. We wanted to turn over a new leaf, so instead of performing crimes, we decided to help eliminate crime." But then James gave Ash a most serious stare, "And that's why I needed to see you. There's something you need to be aware of."

Having never heard James speak in such a serious tone, Ash stood at attention. James explained, "We've been investigating an organization for the past year or so that has been identified as 'Team Galactic'. They are said to be based in Veilstone City here in Sinnoh, but their goals are a total mystery. However, there have been disturbing rumors about them. Some claim that Team Galactic is trying to help the world, while others have reported them committing acts of theft and even abducting Pokémon. But some recent discoveries us worried."

James seemed to be somewhat unnerved by what he had discovered. Ash asked, "And what does this have to do with me?" James replied, "We have discovered evidence pointing to the creation of a 'new world' as the true goal of Team Galactic. But it's the methods they intend to use that worry us. Some intel mentions a 'red chain' while others refer to the 'power of time and space'. More investigation is required to make sense of these discoveries, but we suspect that they may come to view you as a threat to their goals. Just be careful out there." Ash smiled, "Thanks for the warning. I'll keep my guard up when we pass through Veilstone City." James then put his sunglasses back on, "If we dig up anymore info, we'll be sure to contact you. So long for now." The former Team Rocket agent walked past Ash towards the other end of the alley and disappeared into the bustling metropolis. Ash grinned, "It's a nice feeling to see those guys set straight after so long."

That night, Ash was preparing to take a shower when he heard a knock at his hotel room door. Upon opening it, he found Frost standing in the hall. "Evening, handsome. Mind if I come in?" Ash chuckled, "Sure. You caught me right when I was about to wash up." After stepping inside, Frost smirked, "Washing up, huh? May I join you?" The Trainer blushed, "Um... Sure, I guess." He slowly removed his jacket after tossing aside his hat. "How're the kids doing?" Ash asked as he started on his shoes. Frost replied, "They're all in bed. Erika and Amber were out like a light. Guess their hyperness today wore them out." But as she watched Ash undress, Frost began to blush deeply. (God, he's sexy...)

Before long, Ash stood before Frost while completely nude. But when he turned to face her, he froze as she gazed at him with a most passionate expression. "Er... Frost?" The Weavile purred, "I can't take it anymore..." She then pounced at him and threw her arms around him in a tight embrace. Ash gulped, "Um... What's up?" The Weavile blushed, "I want you to make love with me, hun. Rut me hard." Shocked by Frost's brazen approach, Ash could only gaze down at her. But she soon jumped back and reclined on the bed, displaying herself for her lover. "Do you like what you see?" Ash could only stare at the beautiful Weavile. "You were lovely as a Sneasel. But as a Weavile... Man, I just can't describe it!" Frost did not need her lover to explain, as she could see him becoming erect while gazing at her beautiful body.

Finally, Ash approached Frost and lied down next to her. "You're more beautiful than ever before." He then kissed the Weavile, prompting a purr as she embraced him tightly. The two lovers kissed passionately, their tongues dancing in unison. But Frost soon pleaded, "Ash, please. I can't take it anymore! I want you so badly... I need you inside me!" Ash blushed, "OK then." Frost gasped as she suddenly felt her lover slide into her, causing her body to wretch in pleasure. "Oh yeah... Just like last time..."

Ash began to thrust slowly, yet firmly as a means to build up for his climax. He panted, "This is even better now that you're a Weavile!" His hands began to caress Frost's new body, her supple black fur tickling his fingers. "It feels a little different now. Silky smooth..." Frost giggled, "Get used to it, hun. I'll never be a Sneasel again." Ash smiled, "I know that. And I like your new form more anyway. You're beautiful now. Or rather, more beautiful." The Weavile reached up and placed her hands on her lover's shoulders, "Then show it to me, baby. So me how much you love the new me."

Frost blushed deeply as she moaned, her lover thrusting into her hard. Her milk-filled breasts jiggled which each thrust, the movement pleasing to Frost. Before long, she gasped as Ash began to suckle from one of them. "Hey! Save some for Snow!" But Ash soon stopped, "Wow. I never knew Weavile milk tasted this sweet." Hearing this, Frost giggled, "Oh, you....." However, as Ash thrust into her, Frost began to feel herself tensing up, as well as her lover's member beginning to throb. She threw her arms around him while muttering, "Go ahead, hun. Give mama a new bundle of joy..." Ash did not hear Frost very well as he groaned, depositing his seed into her womb. At that moment, Frost also had an orgasm as her insides convulsed, causing her to nearly faint from pleasure.

Exhausted, Ash fell on his side next to his beautiful lover. "Was that...good?" Frost panted, "Even better than the last time..." She then looked at her lover, taking in his body. "You still look like just a boy, but I honestly can't imagine having you as anything else. I love you..." Ash smiled as he held her hand, "I love you too, Frost." The two lovers kissed deeply, their hands gripping each other tightly. Frost then asked, "Shall we wash up?" Ash nodded, "Sounds great to me."

To the east on the mountainside of Mt. Coronet, CyberMewtwo scanned the metropolis of Oreburgh City. "Estimated time of departure is 36 hours. Entering standby mode." The cyborg Mewtwo then stood perfectly still as his systems shut down, his biosensors constantly monitoring Ash's position. "Soon... Very soon..."
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