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Pokemon Legends by XD385


Onward to Sinnoh!

"I've been waiting for this day for a while. I can't wait to see what kinds of Pokemon live in Sinnoh." The Chosen One, Ash Ketchum, muttered to himself as he slipped into his new outfit that his mother had given him as a birthday present. "Yeah, I'm loving this! Mom sure knows what I like to wear! Oh right, better not forget that." Ash reached over into a drawer and pulled out a familiar looking watch. "I gotta remember to thank Mewtwo for this." Ash slipped on his custom Poketch and set it to the clock function. It was just past 9 am.

"Let's see.....anything else?" Ash looked around his room for anything that he might need. Just then, he spotted his cape, which had been given to him as a birthday present by his eldest children, Onyx and Amber. "Oh yeah, I can't forget that." After tying the cape around his neck, Ash took a peek out the window and saw someone coming. "Right on time." He snickered as he opened the window.

"I'm pretty sure Ash said we were leaving at 10 am today. I don't think I'm too late." Brock looked around as he stepped into the Ketchum's front yard. Suddenly, he heard a voice yell, "Halt, ye trespasser!" Brock looked up and saw a caped figure leap from the roof! It landed a short distance behind Brock, but kept its back turned. "Huh? I'm not trespassing. I was invited. Ash Ketchum wanted me to come." The figure chuckled, "So he did. Well, I was told to give thou a message should you arrive." The figure turned and smiled, "You're a bit early, Brock."

The Pokemon Breeder was a bit surprised, but simply smiled, "Like the new look, Ash. But where'd you get that cape?" Ash swished it in front of him and grinned, "You like it? Amber and Onyx gave it to me as a birthday present!" Brock laughed, "Well, I guess all heroes need one! So, is everyone ready yet?" Ash shrugged his shoulders, "I dunno. I was getting ready myself when you showed up. Let's check."

As the two boys passed through the front door, Ash whispered, "I can't wait to introduce you to Erika." He soon wished he had not said that as Brock ran past him and towards the living room. "Erika, my darling! I never thought you'd be here too!" When Brock rounded the corner, everyone in the room looked at him with baffled expressions. "Uh, Brock? I wasn't talking about the Celadon city Gym Leader." Ash grumbled as Brock blushed with embarrassment. "Wait a minute...if it wasn't Erika from Celadon that you were talking about, then who?" Ash pointed down as an answer. When Brock looked at his feet, he saw a Chikorita looking up at him with a curious gaze.

"Daddy, who's this?" The Chikorita asked. Ash grinned, "This is Brock. I've told you about him before." That's when it occurred to Brock. "Ash! If that Chikorita called you Daddy, that and Bayleef..." Bayleef spoke up, "We did. Erika is my daughter and Ash is her father."

Of course, Bayleef still could not speak English, so Brock did not understand. "Uh...hold on. I'm sure I...yeah. Here we go." Brock pulled out the translator earpiece Guy had made for him and positioned it over his ear. "Now, what'd you say, Bayleef?" The Grass type shrugged and replied, "Word for word, I said we did. Erika is my daughter and Ash is her father."

Brock was blown away by the fact that Ash had cheated on his wife and yelled in Ash's face, "What is wrong with you?! How could you betray poor Latias?!" The whole group burst into wild laughter, including Latias. "Huh? Why are you all laughing?! This is serious!" Latias managed to stop laughing and said, "It's not like that at all! I just couldn't stand to see Bayleef so depressed. Besides, she's been in love with Ash longer than I have, so it only seemed fair to let her fulfill her dream. After all, what's wrong with having another member in the family?" Brock tried to make sense of this unorthodox logic, but he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Now I'm REALLY jealous. Seriously! How can you have two ladies all over you when I still don't have a girlfriend?!" Everyone burst into laughter again, but Ash replied, "Three." Brock heard Ash, but asked, "What was that?" Ash replied, "Three. I have three, uh, wives. At least, I can't think of a better word." Brock almost fell over at Ash's confession and yelled, "NO WAY! Who is it?!" Suddenly, Brock felt something standing on his shoulders. "Number 3 would be me."

Brock looked up and saw Frost looking down at him. "Still just as tan as ever, huh?" However, as surprised as he was to see XD-130 standing on his shoulders, Brock did not believe Frost for a second. "Yeah right. I know you chose to stay with him, but how can a Shadow Pokemon fall in love?" Frost suddenly gave him a sly smirk. "Guess I'll just have to prove it to ya." She leapt from Brock's shoulders and landed in Ash's arms. To the surprise of everyone, Frost vigorously reached up and pressed her lips against Ash's.

Brock finally yelled, "OK, OK! I get it! So you have three lovers now, right?" Once Frost broke the kiss, Ash nodded. However, a very meek voice whispered, "Daddy...?" Brock looked around as he heard the voice. "Was that a ghost?" Frost giggled, "Nope. Just wait and see." She then pointed over behind an unoccupied chair. "She's over there, dear." Ash walked over behind the chair and kneeled down. "So there you are." Brock was quite curious of just who Ash was talking to, but he felt his heart melt at the sight of who Ash was holding in his arms as he stood up.

"Brock, this is my youngest daughter, Snow." In Ash's arms was the smallest Sneasel Brock had ever seen. He was especially surprised by the white color of her feathers. "Oh man...she's just so..." Brock was almost moved to tears by Snow's appearance. But when he reached out to her, she buried her face into Ash's shirt and tugged firmly. "Wait Brock. She's really timid around people she doesn't know well." Brock pulled his arm back. "I really can't believe you, of all women, would want to have a kid." Brock looked down at Frost. The former assassin blushed, "What can I say? I am who I am."

As everyone filled Brock in on what had occurred during his absence, Neo was checking the ferry tickets he had bought. "Let's see... In all, there's Ash, me, Latias, Latios, Onyx, Amber, Erika, Snow, Frost, Bayleef, Mewtwo, and Brock. That's twelve tickets. Looks like I got enough." Once he checked their supplies, Neo asked, "OK, so are we ready?!" Amber shouted, "Yeah! I can't wait to see Sinnoh!" Neo then led everyone outside. "Hey Mom, do ya think we're forgetting anything?" Neo yelled back at the front door. Delia giggled, "I can't believe you called me Mom! Besides, if you're forgetting anything, I'll call you!" Neo nodded, "OK. Now, does anyone have anything else to do before we head out?" He looked around at everyone, but soon noticed Ash and Pikachu looking at each other. "Ash?"

The two friends nodded and Ash turned to face everyone. "I've gotta make a quick stop up at Professor Oak's lab. Wait here." Neo nodded and set his hand on Ash's shoulder. "Allow me." He then used Teleport to warp them both up to the front door. "So, whatcha have to do up here?" Ash sighed, "I'm leaving Pikachu here to rest."

Neo raised an eyebrow at Ash's answer. "Wait a minute...are you saying you're leaving Pikachu behind?" Ash shook his head. "Don't get the wrong idea. It just wouldn't be fair. Pikachu's been with me since the start and I've never left him out. But he's also way too tough now for a fresh start. I'll bet he's in the 70s at least!" Pikachu nodded, "I know whatcha mean. My level is way too high from all the battles I've been through. It's OK, if you want to really start fresh. I'll just wait here until you need me." Ash gave his friend a pat on the head. "Thanks for understanding. If I ever really need you for a tough battle, I'll send Neo here to pick you up."

Once Neo Teleported Ash and himself back down to the family, Erika noticed someone was missing and asked, "Daddy, where's Pikachu?" Ash bent down to the Chikorita and grinned, "He's just staying behind to rest. Neo can go pick him up if we need him." His daughter smiled, "Oh, right! Uncle Neo's the fastest!" Her uncle blushed, "I guess that's true. OK, before we go, is anyone forgetting anything?" Ash suddenly added, "Thanks for reminding me. I'll be right back." He then ran back inside the house. "Inside? Hmmm..." Mewtwo pondered what Ash had forgotten inside his own house.

"I can't believe I forgot this." Ash reached up and took his most prized wedding gift off the wall. "A bit dusty, but still looking good." Holding it up to the light, Ash slowly drew the Eon Blade from its scabbard. "I'll always treasure this, Koga." Ash marveled at the blue, reddish pink, bright emerald green, and yellow dance along the blade as sunlight refracted off of it. Placing the blade back in its scabbard, Ash tied the sword to his back with the hilt just behind his right shoulder. "Now I'm ready." Ash ran back outside and ordered Neo to Teleport them to Vermillion Harbor.

Onboard the ferry for the Sinnoh region, Ash and the entire Ketchum family, along with Brock, were just passing the time up on deck. Amber and Onyx were playing a game that seemed to be a cross between Hide and Seek and Tag. They would hide behind various parts of the ship while chasing and ambushing each other. Bayleef was out sunbathing with her daughter, Erika, since their species enjoy that activity. Much to their surprise, Frost was also sunbathing while resting on a deckchair.

"I'll bet no one would expect to see an Ice type sunbathing. What the...?" Frost felt a shadow cover her and cracked an eye open. She saw Brock looking down at her with a bit of a nosebleed. "Do ya mind? You're in my sun." Brock could see that Frost did not get the point and asked, "Uh, Frost? When did you get those...errr...?" Brock then motioned his hands in front of his chest and raised them a bit.

Frost raised an eyebrow at Brock's movement. "What are you...oh! You mean these?!" Frost pointed at her breasts, which were still fairly large since she was producing milk for her daughter. However, the nipples were still covered with her smooth black fur. When Brock nodded, Frost shrugged, "They just started to swell shortly after I became pregnant. I don't really mind them. In fact, I think they enhance my form." Frost could tell by the drool oozing down Brock's chin that he agreed. "Now that I think about it, Snow should be pretty hungry by now. Thanks for reminding me!" Frost jumped off the chair and headed off in search of her daughter, but not before Brock tried to grab her. Unfortunately for him, he fell face first into the floor. Frost looked back and whispered under her breath, "You pervert....."

At the bow of the ferry, Ash was gazing out at the horizon with dear little Snow resting in his arms. "Are you hungry, Snow?" Ash looked down at her. The little Sneasel smiled and replied, "Not yet, Daddy." Ash reached down with a spare hand and stroked her little head. "Daddy..." Snow cooed as her father pleased her. Soon she reached out and held onto his hand with her tiny claws. Ash, overcome with joy, raised Snow to his face and gave her a sweet little kiss. "You kiss nice, Daddy." Suddenly, Ash felt a tiny chill on the back of his neck. When he looked up, he was surprised to see that it was snowing! (Snow?! Hold on. Mom said that Erika can control plants. Could it be that Snow also has unique powers from me too?)

"Man, what's with this weird weather?" A guy who seemed to be in his early 20s was standing next to Ash grumbled. "I dunno. Never been to Sinnoh." The dude turned and said, "I wasn't really talking to anyone...huh?" He looked down and saw the infant Sneasel looking up at him with a curious gaze. "Hey kid, it that yours'?" He pointed at Ash's daughter. "Yeah. So what?" He suddenly grinned, "No way! And I thought I was the only one who had a Pokemon as a girlfriend! Hey, Junior! C'mere!" The guy called out across the deck. Soon a small Poochyena came scampering over.

"This is my kid. His name's Fang." The guy picked up the puppy in his arms and nuzzled the Poochyena a bit. "Wow. So you had kids with a Mightyena?" Ash asked as he marveled at the child. "Yep! Don't know how it happened, but I just started feeling things for her that I never did before. Next thing I know, she's pregnant with my kid. And it's been the best thing to ever happen to me." Ash blushed at the idea of seeing a pregnant Mightyena, even though he was sure he had never seen a female one before.

"Wait a sec...if this little girl's your kid, does that mean her mother's a Sneasel too?" Ash nodded. "Whoa... I hear they're some of the most dangerous Pokemon around. How did you win her over without her slashing your face off?" A voice replied, "What can I say? He's just too sexy to resist." Frost was standing right behind Ash's legs as she listened to their conversation.

The guy started to back away at the sight of XD-130, but she spoke, "Hey, I know we Sneasel have a bad rep, but I'm only vicious when I need to be." She then gave him a playful wink to show that she meant no harm. "Oh. Uh, OK. So, this little cutie is your girl?" Frost nodded, "Yep. And I see you've met her father. Speaking of which, Ash? Could you hand her here? I think she's hungry." Ash grinned and handed Snow down to her mother. "Hi, Mommy." Frost cuddled her tiny newborn, "I was almost afraid that you'd forgotten me."

Below deck, Neo was catching some Zs in his cabin. Although he really did not have any need to sleep, there was little for him to do until they reached the mainland. "Snrk...come back here you little scamp..... Those are my pants... I'm gonna tell Ash to give you a spanking if you don't give them back.....@*#%@$?!" Neo made a jumble of weird noises as he fell off the chair. "Huh?! Who's there?!" A giggle replied to his demand. "Oh, hey Latias." Neo's sister became visible as she dispelled her light-refracting down.

"Sorry if I woke you. I just couldn't help pranking you to pass the time." Neo stretched as his sister laughed. "I don't blame ya. There's not much to do on a ferry." Neo then took a seat back in his chair. "But now that you're here, may I ask you some things?" Latias nodded and set herself on the bed. "I'm not saying that it's wrong. But why did you allow Ash to have kids with two other women?"

Latias was surprised that Neo would ask her about that, especially since he supported it, but sighed, "It's just.....Bayleef and Frost love Ash just as much as I do. I feel like it would be a sin to refuse to allow them to take their love to the next level. Especially Bayleef. She fell in love with Ash months before he met me, so she really should've been the first one to have him. I mean really! Have you ever seen just how devoted to him she is?!" Neo quickly nodded, "Yeah, I've seen it! She's crazy about him. But what about Frost?"

Latias went on, "Frost.....she's just... You know how she used to be a heartless killer, right? For her to have such a change of heart... I can't imagine what would happen if she were to lose him. I'm sure that he's the only thing keeping her alive. She needs him more than me or Bayleef." Neo sighed, "Yeah. She doesn't show it, but she's really suffering inside. She probably would've killed herself if Ash wasn't there for her. He's the only one who never feared her when we first met."

Neo sighed as he stood up. "I see. I don't blame you. They've been great mothers and lovers. And they don't mind you being the only girl who's married to Ash?" Latias laughed, "Not at all! In fact, we're like sisters now!" This surprised Neo quite a bit. "They see you as a sister?" Latias nodded, "Yes. We always get along and share lots of secrets with each other." Neo got a sneaky gleam in his eye. "Such as...?" However, Latias noticed and yelled, "Nice try, but I'm still the big sister here!" She then tackled her little brother to the floor and began to rub her claws against his scalp. "Hey, cut it out! I'm sorry! No more noogies, please!"

The next morning, the ferry arrived just outside of a certain town. As everyone left the ferry, Ash asked, "So Onyx, where is this?" The Latios child floated upwards a bit and looked around. "Um...yeah! This is Sandgem town! It's at the southwest of Sinnoh!" When he floated back down, Onyx received a grateful hug from his father. "You and Guy really got around, huh?" Onyx laughed, "We sure did! Huh?" Onyx looked around at a sound he knew very well. The sound of battle.

"Hm, seems that Trainers battle absolutely anywhere they can when in the mood." Latios looked over to a spot on the docks. Two Trainers were in the middle of a battle. One had a Butterfree while the other had a Tangela. Naturally, the Butterfree had the advantage. "Come on Tangela! Use Vine Whip!" The mess of vines lashed out at the Butterfree, but the agile insect was too quick. "OK, use Psybeam!" The Butterfree countered with a beam of colors, but the Tangela managed to evade it.

"Daddy...I'm scared..." Snow shuddered as she watched the battle from her father's shoulder. "Don't worry about it. We're out of range. Their attacks can't reach us." How wrong he was. Suddenly, the Tangela sent a plume of Sleep Powder at the Butterfree! "Yikes! Blow it away with Whirlwind!" The Butterfree responded with a shockingly fierce wind blast, sending the wave of powder right towards the group!

"Shoot! Better use...urgh..." Neo was about to use Safeguard, but the Sleep Powder was too heavily concentrated and knocked him out the instant he inhaled some. Mewtwo, Latios, and even Latias were knocked out as well. However, the Whirlwind was too strong and blew little Snow right off Ash's shoulder! "DAADDDDDYYYYYYY!!!!!!!" The tiny Sneasel screamed as she was carried away. Everyone freaked out as she disappeared over the nearby trees, especially Frost.

"MY BABY!!! I'm coming!" Frost was about to make a run for it, but stopped when she felt a hand grip her shoulder. "She's my daughter too. We'll go together." Frost looked up to see Ash looking down at her with a determined face. With a nod, the Shadow Sneasel replied, "OK dear." Ash then looked back at everyone else. "You guys stay here and look after them. Bayleef, use Aromatherapy to try and wake them up." However, Erika looked up at her father with a tearful expression. "But what about me, Daddy?" Ash kneeled down and gave his daughter a loving pat on the head. "You help your mom out by using Aromatherapy too. OK?" Erika smiled, "OK. Find little sister Snow for us!" With that, Ash and Frost bolted to the west of town. As her father and aunt disappeared from sight, Amber prayed, "Please be OK, Snow."

Just outside Twinleaf town, a young girl with a red scarf around her neck, pink boots and a black dress with a pink bottom was searching about the main route to Sandgem town with her Piplup at her side. She was searching for wild Pokemon to add to her team. "There's no way I can be a great Coordinator like Mom unless I catch more Pokemon. I need a balanced team. Any luck, Piplup?" The little blue penguin shook his head. A second later though, he looked around at a very faint sound.

"What's wrong? Do you hear something?" The Piplup nodded and shouted out, "Pip!" He then dashed into the woods with the girl right behind him. "This has to be a good sign!" The girl had high hopes as her Piplup lead her to a small clearing. By now, she could hear someone crying.

"Who's there? I don't see anyone." The girl was puzzled as she could hear crying quite clearly, but saw no one. "Wait...maybe..." She looked up and was shocked to see what seemed to be a very small Sneasel lying on a tree branch while crying hard. But she also noticed that the feathers on her left ear and lower back were pure white instead of pink. "A Sneasel with white feathers?! What a rare find!" The girl began to reach for a Poke Ball, but stopped as the tiny Sneasel whimpered, " me...I'm scared..."

The girl was just as surprised as her Piplup that this Sneasel just spoke in English. "That's weird...wait...did it just say Mommy and Daddy?" The girl saw just how scared this Sneasel seemed to be and remembered that Sneasel are very vicious and are not scared of heights as they are known to climb trees in search of food. "Is it...a baby?" The girl saw just how small the Sneasel was and shook her head. "I almost made a big mistake. I should help it find its parents."

The girl called out, "Hello, little one! Can I help you?" The child heard and looked down. "" The girl spoke again, "It's OK. I'll catch you! Just jump. It's not that big a drop." She held out her arms. "I promise." Doing so more on instinct than anything else, the Sneasel rolled off the branch and fell right into the girl's waiting arms. "See? I told you I'd catch you."

The infant Sneasel looked around and up at the face of this human girl. "You want to see your parents, right? I'll help you find them." The Sneasel seemed to perk up a bit as she replied, "Thank you...miss..." The girl giggled, "My name is Dawn. And this is Piplup. What's your name?" The Sneasel replied, "My name is Snow." Dawn sighed, "Awww, that's such a pretty name. Well, let's go find your family!" However, a voice yelled out, "Hold it right there!"

Dawn looked around, but a young man with sea green hair stepped forth from the trees. His clothing seemed a bit futuristic as Dawn did not even remotely recognize the design. "It's for the best that you relinquish that Sneasel to me." Dawn, however, was not the least bit trusting of this stranger. "Is that so? May I ask why?" The young man explained, "That Sneasel has a strange mutation, as I'm sure you've seen. Therefore, it must have a special power of sorts. To that end we, Team Galactic, are searching far and wide for rare or unusual Pokemon to help realize our dream. A perfect world."

Even after hearing the truth of his organization's motives, Dawn still did not trust him. "Sorry, but I'm gonna have to follow my gut on this one. If you want Snow, you'll have to take her from me!" The young man shook his head and sighed, "I was really hoping I could avoid trouble, but it seems you leave me no choice." He then popped open a Poke Ball, revealing his fighter of choice. "Scyther, do away with this pest!"

As Dawn stared down the vicious Bug type, Piplup jumped in between them and gave a stern glare. "Thank you, Piplup. Let's take them down!" However, the thug chuckled, "Not if we do it first. Use Quick Attack!" The Scyther zoomed forward at great speed and slammed Piplup hard with a shoulder barge! However, this was exactly what Dawn had been waiting for. "Let 'em have it, Piplup!" On cue, the penguin Pokemon blasted the Scyther pointblank with an Ice Beam! The Bug type shrieked as its wings became frosted over and its limbs frozen in a few spots. Piplup then sent it flying backwards with a flurry of jabs of his beak with Fury Attack!

"Looks like you just don't have what it takes! Get outta here before you make us any madder!" Dawn shouted at the grunt as his Scyther staggered to its feet. "I'll admit you're a fairly decent Trainer. However, can you handle two at once?" Dawn then shouted back, "It doesn't matter how many you send out. I won't let you take Snow!" The grunt then laughed, "You misunderstood me. I never said anything about using two Pokemon." Dawn was puzzled by this. "If not two Pokemon, then what...?"

The thug rolled up his right sleeve slightly, revealing what seemed to be a black metal bracelet with a rectangular plate on top. "I've been itching to field-test this baby!" With a touch of the plate, the thug and his Scyther became two glowing silhouettes! As they shone in a bright light, they began to merge! "Is he doing what I think he is?!" Dawn began to back away, but Piplup jumped in front of her defiantly.

When the light receded, Dawn, Piplup, and Snow were shocked by what they saw. Instead of two, there was only one figure before them! The Scyther had seemingly become a suit of armor! The clawed feet of the Scyther had become a pair of boots and the legs had become armor as well. A green chest plate covered the upper torso while insect wings adorned the back. On the forearms were the Scyther's blade arms, which had become katar-like weapons. Lastly, the face of the Scyther had become a helmet, the thug's face where the lower half should have been.

"What the...what have you done?!" Dawn screamed as she was clearly intimidated by this strange opponent. "I'm so glad you asked! Scyther and I have become one through the use of the Pokemon Battlizer! Let me show you the results!" Suddenly, the wings began fluttering quickly and the Team Galactic grunt swooped at Piplup! "Piplup, get outta the way!" Dawn screamed, but the superior agility of the fused criminal overcame him. With cruel precision, the grunt slashed across Piplup's chest, sending a spray of blood along the ground.

"NO, PIPLUP!" Dawn ran up to her little friend, who weakly looked up at her. "'ve got to hang in there...please..." Tears in her eyes, Dawn recalled Piplup to his Poke Ball. Fortunately, the wound was shallow and was not lethal. However, Snow had felt a terrible feeling when she saw the blood of Piplup splash along the ground. Her mind became hazy as her eyes shook with horror.

"Last chance. Hand over the Sneasel, or I start chopping!" The grunt demanded as he ran the blades together. With death staring her in the face, Dawn wondered, (What should I do? I don't want to let a baby be taken by a criminal, but if I don't, I'll.....) However, a voice shouted, "BACK OFF!" With a loud impact, something sailed right into the thug's face, sending him rolling a good distance away!

"What the...who's there?!" The grunt groaned as he climbed to his feet. However, Snow whispered, "M...Mommy?" When the grunt looked back at Dawn, he saw a female Sneasel standing in front of them. She looked back at Dawn and Snow and said, "Yes, it's me, Snow. You just sit tight while Mommy takes care of business." Stunned by this Sneasel's use of English, Dawn asked, "You can speak too?! And you're Snow's mom?!" The she Sneasel smiled, "Yep. Thanks for keeping my daughter safe, but now it's time for me to return the favor."

The Galactic grunt grumbled, "It doesn't matter how many Pokemon you send at me! I'll still cut you to ribbons!" With a glare of ice, XD-130 raised her claws and began to sheath them in Shadow energy. "I can't rely on my husband all the time. I'm gonna make sure you never try to harm my daughter ever again" As the Shadow energy began to billow in malevolence, she growled, "But first, I'm gonna make you experience TRUE TERROR. Are you ready to die?!"
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