AGNPH Stories

Pokemon Legends by XD385


A Love Reinforced by Death

"Wha...? What happened? I didn't even have time to think." Ash groaned as he rubbed his eyes. He looked around. It was far too dark to see anything. "The heck? Where is this?!" At that moment, a feminine voice replied, "You stand upon the spectral plain, where the souls of the dead await their removal from the realm of the living." Ash looked about in confusion, but he staggered back in shock at the sight of a cloaked figure walking towards him. In its hand was a large scythe. The sight of the scythe made a sudden chill run down his spine. "Oh're the..."

The hooded figure stopped and looked directly at Ash. But its face was not at all what Ash had expected. "Huh? I thought you're supposed to have a skull for a head." The hooded figure replied, "I do, but I'm not dead. My skull is just underneath my flesh." Ash then asked, "But aren't you supposed to be the Grim Reaper?" The figure nodded, "Yes, although some just refer to me as the Reaper." Ash then scratched his head, "I never knew the Reaper looked so much like an....Absol?"

The Reaper that stood before Ash seemed to be a female anthropomorphic Absol that was shrouded in a black hooded cloak. But her eyes were very cold and uncaring. She spoke, "I suppose I used to be an Absol. I have no idea why I accepted this job to begin with. Or rather I can't remember why." Ash then asked, "How long have you been working as the Reaper?" She shrugged her shoulders, "4,000 years at the very least. Someone has to do it." Ash's jaw dropped, "That long?!" She replied, "Meh, you get used to it. Now, can we get this over with? I have a job to do, you know."

Ash froze in raw terror as he looked at the scythe. "You're...not really gonna...?" The Reaper replied, "Don't take it personally. And you won't feel any pain. If you feel anything at all, it will be just a sudden chill. Nothing more." This did not calm Ash at all and he turned to run. But he did not get far when he realized that he could not budge an inch! "Hey?! What gives?!" The Reaper then walked in front of him and replied, "I have a nice long break for five hours after this, so don't make this job take any longer than it has to." She then faced him with the scythe in both hands. "Just relax. Someone like you will get the royal treatment for sure." After saying that, the Reaper took a wide swing with the scythe.

Neo ran through the rainstorm of tears as he made his way east. He knew that the only reason why the rain would taste like tears was if the Chosen One was dead. His face was clouded with rage as he zoomed down the path. After just a few minutes of nonstop running, Neo came to an area that showed signs of battle, including smears of blood here and there. But he felt his heart stop at the sight of Ash lying motionless on his back. There also seemed to be something lying on top of him. Certain that the unidentified creature was the murderer, Neo screamed, "You.....WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" He then leapt skyward, his hand growing long Metal Claws. As Neo fell back towards the murderer face first, he roared, "I'LL TEAR OUT YOUR HEART!!!" But just as he closed in for the kill, his Ralts DNA resonated within him. Entirely out of instinct, he stopped short and landed right next to the two, making a splash in the mud.

Neo silently looked down at the dark creature that was now draped over Ash's corpse. The emotions that Neo was sensing did not match those of a cold-blooded monster that was basking in the satisfaction of a fresh kill. Instead, he was detecting sorrow and shame. Suddenly, a voice spoke out, "What are you waiting for? Just end it already." Neo took a step back. Although the form was different, he could never forget that voice. ".....Frost?"

The creature that was lying on top of Ash turned and looked up at the bioweapon. Although soaked by the rain, her eyes were shedding tears like there was no tomorrow. Neo recognized the eyes immediately. "Frost.....what happened to you?" The newly evolved Sneasel sobbed, "It doesn't matter. Just kill me." Neo looked down at Ash and shuddered at the sight of a gaping hole in his chest where his heart used to be, which had been obscured by Frost until a second ago. He asked, "Frost. Who did this to him?" She replied, "If I say I did, will you kill me?" Neo sighed, "Knock it off. I know you love him too dearly to harm him, let alone kill him." Just then, she tearfully begged, "I don't care! Just kill me already!"

Neo took a step back at Frost's outburst. (What was that about?! It's not like her to shout out like that.) He then spoke, "Just calm down. I won't hurt you." Frost yelled again, "You just don't get it! Kill me! If you won't, then I will!" She ran over to the spot where Ash's tri-tipped sword had been dropped by Missingno and took it in a reverse grip with both hands. "I refuse to live without him!" But when Frost prepared to impale herself, Neo grabbed the blade and wrestled it out of her hands. "That's enough! He wouldn't want you to die just because he's gone!" For some reason or another, the sword vanished as soon as Neo wrested it from Frost's hands.

"What are you waiting for?! Kill me! I deserve it anyway! I...ugh..." Frost was cut off as Neo slapped her across the face with a Pound attack. "Get a hold of yourself, woman!" Frost fell to her knees, sobbing heavily. She then looked over at Neo and wept, "You just don't get it. To lose the one person who gave you a noble reason to live so quickly that you didn't even have the chance to say goodbye. He meant everything to me! How could you possibly hope to understand?!" At first, Neo just stood there silently. But he soon clenched his fists. Frost gasped as she saw tears begin to fall from his face. He shuddered, "To lose the one person who saved you from becoming a hate-blinded monster obsessed with destroying humanity. Yeah. I know how that feels."

Frost was silent as she listened to Neo. "I couldn't do anything to save him when the Nightmare blasted a hole through his torso. That was...the first time I ever cried." Frost clutched at her chest from pain in her heart. "Neo.....I'm sorry. I didn't know..." Neo then asked, "Frost, who did this?" She sobbed, "It was XD-386. Missingno."

Neo growled, "That guy?! But we destroyed him! How could..." Frost continued, "I don't know how. He must've survived the battle somehow." Neo then knelt down and gripped Frost by the shoulders. "Where is he? I swear I'll make that monster suffer!" Frost frowned, "You're too late. He's already dead." She then pointed towards what seemed to be a blackened patch of grass. The shape looked like that of a human body. Neo then came to the shocking realization that the patch of burnt grass was Missingno's grave. "Frost.....did you really?" She nodded, "I used up every last bit of Shadow energy in my body to destroy him down to every single atom. He's gone for good." This explained some things for Neo. By dumping all of her Shadow energy into the attack that annihilated Missingno, Frost purified herself. This allowed her to evolve. However, Neo frowned in deep thought. (No... It would've taken more than that to purify her. Frost... Could it be that her undying love for Ash and her desire to atone for her past sins played a vital role in her purification? Love conquers all..... It's not just a proverb.) But soon Neo began to smile. "You know, this isn't the first time Ash has been dead. I have what is needed to bring him back."

Frost felt a glimmer of hope return to her heart when she heard Neo's bold proclamation. "You can bring him back?!" He turned to face her, "Yes. Thanks to the DNA of Jirachi and Celebi, I can grant any wish in just 1,000 minutes. Reviving the dead is no trouble either. Latios can vouch for that." Frost then dropped to her knees, "Bring him back, and I'll do anything you want. Just name it." Neo smiled and patted her on the head, "I'm not doing this just for you. I'm doing this for everyone. The Earth is slowly dying right now because Ash is dead. If I don't bring him back, this entire planet will be reduced to a toxic wasteland in just a few years." Frost replied, "This whole world can go up in smoke for all I care. I just want my darling back."

Neo turned around and began to walk back towards the campsite. But Frost shouted, "Where are you going?!" Neo stopped and looked back to her, "I need to wait for everyone to wake up. I need to alert them to this. Although I never told you, Ash's life-force is really half of the life-force of Latias. And since he is dead, she is now dying. She will die 24 hours after him. And if she were to die, I fear that even I would not be able to bring them back. I must tell everyone to tend to her every need until Ash is back on his feet." But as soon as he turned his back, Frost dashed forward and grabbed him by his pants, "No! Please, you must not tell them! Especially the children!"

Neo looked down at Frost and asked, "Why must I not tell them? And why not the kids?" Frost spoke, "They're too young. I've seen how they are. Amber and Onyx treasure their parents. I've also seen just how attached to him Erika is. It's almost like she has a crush on him. But Heaven forbid, don't tell Snow. She needs him more than any of Ash's other children. If she heard that he was gone.....I don't even want to imagine what she would do! And please make certain that they don't come over here!" Neo was silent as he looked down at her. He sighed, "OK. I'll be extremely careful to not give them the idea that something has happened to Ash. But I need to get back there and tell them that Latias needs constant supervision for a while. Now let go." Frost hesitated for a moment before releasing her grip. Neo then spoke, "Make sure you get Ash's body out of the road. We don't want any passersby to see a cadaver in the road." He then made his way back to camp. Frost wiped her tears away, understanding that Ash would soon be back in her arms soon. As she dragged his corpse into the woods nearby, she whispered, "Just be patient, dear. I won't leave you until you're safe and sound again."

Once Neo made it back to camp, he slipped back inside the dome of vines that covered his companions. The first thing he did was check on Latias. She was still shivering in her sleep and her breathing was erratic. Neo stayed by her side for another four hours until Brock woke up. He immediately noticed that he could not see any rain despite hearing it falling around him. In the darkness, he noticed Neo kneeling near Latias. Curious, he approached them, being careful to not trip over anyone in the process.

"Hey, Neo. Why are you right here with Latias?" Neo turned and replied, "She's fallen ill with something nasty. I'm just keeping an eye on her." Brock then asked, "Why is it so dark out? Shouldn't it be dawn right now?" Neo grunted and placed his hand on the ground. At that moment, the dome of vines began to retract into the ground. Once they were gone, the rain started to pour in. "Had to keep everyone nice and dry, right?" Brock grinned, "Good point."

With the rain pelting the sleeping companions, it did not take long for them to awaken. But suddenly, Slate screamed, "GAAAHHH!!!!! WATER!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!" The normally strong silent Tyranitar scrambled over to a tree nearby and embraced its trunk while taking shelter under its leaves. Neo looked at Mana and asked, "Just what the heck is his problem?" The Salamence shrugged her shoulders, "He's a Rock type." Neo snorted, "Point taken."

Snow looked around frantically when she did not see her mother and father anywhere. Erika seemed to be just as worried as she ran here and there while looking around. Finally, they ran over to Neo and cried, "Daddy's gone!" Neo chuckled and patted them both on the head, "There's nothing to worry about. Your father just had to run some errands by himself back home. He'll be back by tonight. I promise." Erika seemed to calm down a bit, but Snow now seemed delirious with worry. She cried out, "But...I want Daddy now!" The tiny Sneasel wept as Neo scratched his head. (Dang. Frost wasn't exaggerating about how attached Snow is to her father. Hate to do this, but...) At that instant, Snow fell on her back in a deep sleep that even the rain could not wake her from. "Sleep Powder. One handy trick, if I do say so myself."

After setting up a stone tent with the use of Rock Tomb, allowing Brock to cook breakfast without the rain putting out the fire, Neo looked around the campsite. (Who would be best to tell...? Dawn would flip her lid for sure, and Bayleef is too devoted to him. And like Frost said, telling his kids is a really bad idea. That leaves...) Neo then spoke out, "Latios. Mewtwo. Can I have a word with you guys in private?" The two of them seemed suspicious, but nodded and followed him off into the woods. But not without Slate and Mana noticing.

Once the three of them were alone, Mewtwo asked, "Why do you wish to speak to just us?" Neo sighed, "Do you notice something odd about the rain? Like its flavor?" With some psychokinesis, Latios gathered a number of raindrops into a sphere and drank it. "That's odd. It almost tastes salty." Neo then asked, "When was the last time that the rain tasted salty?" Mewtwo thought back as far as he could. He then answered, "The last time I remember was just after he collapsed at the hands of the Nightmare to the south of Ever Grande City." Neo then explained. "Even though this rain contains no salt, it tastes salty because the Earth herself is weeping." Latios raised an eyebrow, "Weeping? For what?" Neo then frowned, "She is weeping because this world's greatest hero has been slain. Ash was murdered last night while you were sleeping."

Latios gasped in shock, "Ash..... He's gone?!" Mewtwo growled, "Who did it?! Tell us!!!" Neo shook his head, "I don't know the details, but Missingno survived the battle at Ever Grande City and hunted Ash down while he was not with us. But don't worry. He's dead. Frost saw to that. And don't worry. I have the means to bring Ash back to us." Latios sniffed while holding back tears, "And just how do you plan to do that?" Neo noticed the tears building in his brother's eyes and asked, "It's rare for you to cry." The Eon Pokemon shouted as the tears fell, "I just lost my soul brother! How do you think I feel?!" Neo surprised him with a smile, "Did you not hear me? I can bring him back!" Latios then asked, "Just how do you explain that?" Neo gave him a silly grin, "How did I bring you back from beyond the grave?"

Latios felt his heart rise slightly when he remembered how Neo had resurrected him in Altomare. "Of course. If you could revive me, then surely you can do the same for him." But Neo surprised him further with a frown, "Not so fast. You didn't let me finish." Mewtwo grunted, "What's left to say? And now that I think about it, why did you want to tell us this privately?" Neo explained, "Do you know why Ash has not aged since the duel against the Nightmare?" The two Psychic type Pokemon looked at each other for a second, and then looked back at Neo before shaking their heads. The bioweapon explained, "Because he died on that day, his life-force was gone. But Latias somehow fused her own life-force with him. Because of her eternal youth, Ash stopped aging and was made immortal. But because they share the same life-force, they share each other's fate. Because Ash is dead, Latias is dying even as we speak."

Latios gasped, "Sister..... She's dying?!" Neo replied, "Easy there. I estimate that she has about 20 hours left at most. I need exactly 16 hours and 40 minutes to revive Ash. That's 1,000 minutes." Mewtwo then asked, "But why are you telling us?" Neo then explained, "Something could go wrong at anytime. If she dies before I can revive Ash, I fear that bringing them both back will be beyond my power. They will be gone. Forever." Latios felt a cold chill trickle through his feathers. "F-f-forever?" Neo then added, "Relax. It's just a hypothesis. We have no way of knowing if that's true or not. But I'd rather not run the risk. I need you both to look after Latias until Ash has been brought back to life. Cater to her every need." Mewtwo nodded, "I see. We'll do what we can to keep her comfortable." But as they turned to leave, Neo grabbed them both by the shoulders. "Hold on. There's just one more thing."

Mewtwo was now worried. He could not think of anything else that Neo could add. "You must keep this secret from everyone else. Especially the children." Latios asked, "But why the children?" Neo sighed, "Amber and Onyx already know the pain of losing their father. I don't want them to have to go through that kind of suffering again. But more than anything, don't give the impression that something has happened to Ash to Frost and Bayleef's girls. But above all, do not make Snow suspect anything. She is extremely dependant on Ash and if she learned that he's gone, there's no telling what will happen. And don't let them wander off. Mana and Slate might be able to handle the news, but don't risk it. Keep it a secret from everyone. Got it?" Latios nodded, "You have our word." Mewtwo then asked, "Is there anything else?" Neo shook his head, "No. Now go watch over Latias. I'll see you guys tonight." The two Pokemon turned and headed back towards camp. Neo waited a moment as he listened to the rain fall through the leaves in the trees. "Just hold on, Master. I'll bring you home before long."

As Neo began to walk forward, a figure stepped out from the trees, only to be joined by another. Neo sighed in guilt as he recognized the two of them. " heard, didn't you?" The two figures that stood before him were Mana and Slate. The both of them looked as if they were about to cry. Mana spoke first, "It's not that. Somehow, Slate and I felt that something had happened to Dad as soon as we woke up. Something bad." Slate then asked, "Dad.....where is he?" Neo bowed his head and closed his eyes. Then, in no more than a whisper, he said, "He's dead."

Mana began to shudder as tears fell from her face. "He.....he can't be..." She then brought her hands to her face as she sobbed. Slate too had tears falling, but he was gripping his chest from the pain of loss. Neo then spoke, "There's no need to get this upset. He'll be back tonight. I swear it." Mana wept, "Truly? You weren't lying about bringing him back to life?" Neo nodded, "I meant every word of it. I brought Latios back in the same way." Slate breathed a sigh of relief as he wiped his tears away, "Thanks. And we'll help keep an eye on Aunt Latias while you're at it. I don't care if I get soaked just this once." Mana then added, "I trust that you'll bring our father back, Uncle Neo. Don't let us down." The two siblings then made their way back to camp with Neo in tow.

Once they got back, the three of them noticed Mewtwo applying a wet towel to his sister-in-law's forehead that had been soaked in boiling water. Neo grinned, "Way to go. You're pretty knowledgeable about how to treat various symptoms." Mewtwo grinned as he evenly laid out the towel on Latias, who was still fast asleep from Neo's Sleep Powder. "My IQ exceeds that of an Alakazam. It's only natural that I'd be knowledgeable about many things." Neo smiled and made his way to Brock's backpack. As he shuffled through it, Brock asked, "Need something?" Neo replied, "Just looking for some tape and some paper." Brock then walked over to him and reached into a side pocket. "Here ya go. Need anything else?" Neo grinned and snatched them, "Nope. And make sure no one leaves this area until Ash and Frost get back. They'll be here by nightfall." Brock grumbled, "That's a long time to wait, but OK." With that, Neo headed east. "Just hold on, Ash."

Ash nervously opened an eye and noticed that nothing had happened. He then saw the Reaper before him, who seemed to be closely examining the blade of her scythe. She muttered, "Strange. Did the warranty expire? Yeah right. This thing is even more ancient than I am." Ash asked, "So what happened?" The Reaper pondered this for a moment. She then asked, "Do you share your life-force with another?" This surprised Ash. He replied, "Uh...yeah. My wife, Latias. We share the same life-force."

The Reaper nodded and brought out a very thick book, which seemed to appear out of nowhere. "Now that you mention it, you died several hours ago. In cases where one of two people dies where they share one life-force, I cannot reap their souls until both have died. Latias must not have died yet. It says here that she is due in about 18 hours or so." Ash frowned, remembering that Latias would die just 24 hours after him.

"Well, since your wife isn't due for a while, I'll start my break early and come back later." The Reaper then closed the book, which vanished in a puff of spectral mist. But when she turned to leave, she stopped. Ash asked, "What's wrong? You forget something?" She replied, "It's strange." Ash asked in curiosity, "What's strange?" The Reaper spoke, "The last time I had this kind of case was a little over 3,000 years ago. A couple who shared one life-force. And like you and Latias, they were a male human and a female Pokemon." But then the Reaper looked back at Ash and added, "But the creepy part is that the human boy looked exactly like you. Except that his hair was white."

Ash was thoroughly stunned. He had not been the first human to find true love with a Pokemon? "Who the heck was this guy?!" The Reaper summoned that book again and flipped back several thousand pages in just a few seconds. She frowned, "Can't say. The ink has completely faded away. But if there's one thing that I couldn't forget..." She then closed the book and made it vanish again before saying, "He was the very first human to receive the title of Chosen One."

This shocked Ash out of his wits. "That guy...was my ancestor?" The Reaper shrugged her shoulders, "Maybe. Maybe not. The Chosen One is not necessarily related to any previous ones. But I seriously doubt he had any relation to you." She then added, "But it's a real shame. The poor girl became a ghost and now wanders the Earth because I couldn't send her on without her lover. The Chosen One of that era near showed up. I can't imagine what could've happened." Ash then asked, "You mean he's still alive somewhere?" The Reaper shook her head, "No. He couldn't have possibly survived for anymore than 24 hours after her death. His soul must've been sealed away somehow. At least, that's my guess." Ash pondered this and asked, "But what about the girl? Do you know her name?" The Reaper nodded, "Yeah. Her name has not faded away from the Book of Life. Her name is Yuna. She is what is called a Mew. She is also a type of Pokemon that is "Shiny", but I have no idea where that classification came from."

The mention of a Mew got Ash thinking. "A Mew? And she was in love with the very first Chosen One ever?" The Reaper then took out what seemed to be a classic pocket watch. After checking the time, she put it away and said, "Well, it doesn't matter now. I better make the most of my break. Just do what you want until I come back." The Reaper then vanished in a strange dimensional distortion. Ash shivered, afraid of what it would be like to get slashed by that scythe.

Neo soon came to the area where Missingno had perished. He then focused slightly and sensed Frost's deep sorrow, but also felt a glimmer of hope. "Good girl. Don't give up yet." He then headed to the north through the woods. It did not take him long to find Frost huddling in some bushes with Ash's body. "Don't look so glum. I have everything I need to bring him back now." Frost looked up and asked, "So what now?" Neo held out the paper and said, "All we gotta do now is write.....ah crap! I forgot a pen!" Neo groaned as he realized that he had no way of writing out the wish!

Frost sighed in disappointment that Neo could forget something as obvious as a pen, but she then had an idea. She asked, "Neo, hand that paper here." He grumbled, "Fine. I don't see why, but OK." Once Frost had the paper, she stuck her right hand into the gaping hole in Ash's chest. Neo saw this and yelled, "What's wrong with you?! That's just not right!!!" But the former assassin replied, "I'm just using this to write it." To Neo's shock, Frost took her bloodstained hand out of the wound and used a finger to write out her desire on the paper. "Bring my beloved back to me." She then handed the paper back to Neo.

As he took Frost's wish in hand, he whispered, "A wish written in blood....." He then looked down at Frost and gave her a solemn stare, "I vow that he will be back in your arms tonight. Now make sure you don't come near me until I awaken." He then took several steps away from her and sat down. Using Rock Tomb, Neo made a pair of bedrock slabs jut up from the ground and formed and arc over him. "Can't afford to risk the rain washing the writing away." He then took the tape he borrowed and wrapped it around his head, strapping the paper to his face. "As I said before, stay a good distance away from me." Neo then tossed the roll of tape out towards Frost and completely sealed himself inside the arc by erecting another pair of bedrock slabs at the two openings. With nothing left to do, Neo entered a deep sleep as his body began to speed time up around him. All that was left to do was wait.

Hours passed and Latios began to fear that Latias would not last long enough for Neo to complete the wish. It was already past ten at night and everyone but he, Mewtwo, Slate, and Mana were asleep. He whispered to his sister, "Not yet. Please don't leave us yet, sister." Mana came over to him and asked, "Uncle Latios, how much longer does Aunt Latias have?" The dragon checked his sister's vital signs and sighed, "A matter of hours. Maybe not even that." The Salamence looked to the sky and whispered, "Hurry, Uncle Neo. Don't let them leave us."

To the east, Frost rested her head against Ash's chest. "It feels as if it's bring an eternity. Is this really how it feels to wait for 1,000 minutes to pass?" Just then she heard what sounded like rocks cracking. She looked back at Neo's stone tomb and noticed that the Rock Tomb was starting to crack and turn into sand. Because they were so close to Neo, the stone slabs were being broken down by the accelerated flow of time. Frost held her breath as the Rock Tomb completely collapsed in several minutes. As soon as Neo was completely visible, his eyes opened. The paper that was stuck to his face disappeared in a shimmering glow of light.

Back at the campsite, Mewtwo looked up. Slate noticed and asked, "What's up?" Mewtwo replied, "Well the rain most certainly isn't! It's starting to slow!" Mana looked up and could hear the sound of rain beginning to quiet down. Soon, they did not feel a single drop fall on them. A gasp was heard and the four of them looked at Latias. She looked around frantically, as if she was wondering where she was.

"Sister! You made it!" Latios cried as he embraced her with tears of joy falling from his face. Latias asked, "What happened? I remember feeling so cold...and then.....ugh. I just can't remember." Slate spoke, "Don't worry about it. You were sick with something. But you're OK now." Mewtwo looked to the sky and whispered, " did it." But he soon noticed Mana take to the sky and fly east. Knowing that she somehow knew where she was going, he followed her.

Frost looked down at her lover and saw the hole in his chest being covered in a holy light. She waited with bated breath as the light began to recede. To her shock, the wound was gone. Even his shirt had been repaired. Neo then asked, "Well? Did he make it?" Frost silently stroked Ash's face and whispered, "I love you, Ash. Please wake up....." As if in response to that plea, his eyelids began to twitch. Soon his eyes opened lazily, as if he had awakened from a long nap.

Ash rubbed his eyes in drowsiness. He then saw a face that slightly resembled a Sneasel's looking right down at him, tears falling from her eyes. "Huh? What kinda look like a Sneasel....." Before he could say anymore, the Pokemon dropped onto his chest and clutched at him while weeping, "My god, you're alive! I thought I had lost you forever!" Ash recognized the voice immediately. "Frost? What happened to you?!" She then placed a hand over his mouth and sobbed, "Don't say anything. It doesn't matter now. Just let me savor this moment." She then brought her lips to his and embraced him tightly. Ash kissed her back while stroking her pretty red crown of feathers on her head.

Mana and Mewtwo sensed Ash's presence below them and descended into a forest to the east of the campsite. As soon as Mana saw her father, she screamed, "Dad! You're OK!!!" But when she landed, she gagged, "What the?! Man, who died?!" She then looked to her left and saw Neo. "Forgot to mention something! The only downside to granting a wish is that I don't bathe for 1,000 years." Mana's face turned a little green, "Holy crap.....that's just wrong on so many levels..." Mewtwo groaned, "You can say that again."

Neo then looked down at Frost, who was silently sobbing while Ash embraced her tenderly. "Hey, Frost. Don't you think we should head back to camp soon? Everyone's expecting..." But Neo was cut off when Frost looked over her shoulder and yelled, "Shut up! I need this! Now butt out!" Neo, Mewtwo, and Mana were shocked by this sudden outburst. Mewtwo muttered, "Well that was out of character for her." Neo then whispered, "No. That was completely in her character." Mana asked, "Huh? But she would've never shouted out like that before." Neo explained, "Even though she could show emotions, most of Frost's personality was held at bay by the Shadow energy within her. But now that she has been purified, there's nothing holding her back." Mewtwo smiled, "So this is how she really is." Neo then chuckled, "Well, I'm gonna find a hotel in Jubilife City so I can take a shower. You guys get back to camp and let the others know that these two lovebirds are on their way back." With a nod, the three of them took to the air and headed west.

Ash asked, "Did you evolve or something?" Frost sighed, "I guess so. Check your Pokedex." Ash then reached into his pocket and activated it while pointing it at her. "Weavile. The Sharp Claw Pokemon. Believed to be one of the cruelest Pokemon is the world, Weavile are cold and calculating killers in the wild that show very little remorse. They are among the fastest Pokemon in existence and their claws are said to be even sharper than those of Sneasel." Ash looked back at Frost out of the corner of his eye. She noticed this and choked back a laugh, "You don't have to be so scared of me, dear. You changed me for the better. And I'm grateful for that." She rested her head against his chest and purred gently.

Ash caressed her head for a few minutes as Frost sighed in pure bliss. Ash whispered, "Ya know, I think you're even more beautiful as a Weavile. These feathers on your head are really pretty. I also like the look of your new tail." Frost giggled, "I'm glad you like the new me. I'm stuck like this from now on, so we better get used to it." But after a few more minutes passed, Frost suddenly remembered the Nightmare that Missingno had forced upon her, when she heard Ash claim that he had always hated her.

"Ash...." Frost whispered. Ash looked down at her and asked, "What's wrong?" The Weavile looked up at him in tears, "Do you truly love me? Are you just trying to get me to trust you so you can kill me more easily later?" Ash's face suddenly changed to one of great sorrow and hurt. "How can you even think that?! I could never hate you! I already told you that over a month ago!"

Frost cried, "But what if you were lying?! What if everything you've been telling me has been a cruel joke?! Are you just waiting for the right time to break my heart?! Urk!" Frost was caught off guard when Ash held her in a very tight embrace. She then felt tears drip onto her face when she looked up. Ash was crying as he spoke, "Stop it. You're scaring me, Frost. I've always loved you. I love you just as much as I love Latias and Bayleef. I could never hate you. I don't know what you saw or felt, but my love for you will never die. And that's a promise."

Frost felt tears building in her eyes as she realized that she had just deeply hurt the boy she loved. She reached up to his face and whispered, "Forgive me. I only panicked. When I think about what I would do if you suddenly betrayed me... I would rather die than to live with a broken heart. That's the only pain I can't endure." Ash responded by closing his hand around hers. For a moment, they just gazed into each other's eyes. Ash broke the staring contest by pressing his lips against Frost's. Their tongues touched and they held each other in an intimate embrace. Once they broke the kiss, Frost whispered, "Love you forever, Ash." The Chosen One replied, "Love you forever, Frost."

The two lovers began to head back to camp by following the main road back to the west. Although Frost was now about eight inches taller as a Weavile, Ash had no trouble carrying her in his arms. As the moonlight shone on her, Frost gave Ash a tender gaze of adoration. And in Ash's eyes, Frost was the most beautiful Weavile in the world. It did not matter to them what would come now. They had lost each other once and they would never allow anything to separate them again.

Somewhere in the far-off city of Veilstone, a silent and emotionless man with cold blue hair spoke from behind a desk. "So XD-386 was destroyed by XD-130? And XD-130 was somehow purified in the process?" Standing before him was a young man with bluish hair that curved upwards at the sides of his head, slightly resembling horns. He was wearing the same style of clothing that the thug who targeted Frost's daughter wore. "Yes. It sounds impossible, seeing as how the XD series of Shadow Pokemon are immune to purification, but it's all true." The boss muttered, "Then that means Shadow Pokemon have become extinct. A minor setback at least."

The man in front of the desk asked, "Commander Cyrus, what should we do about that boy? He is clearly dangerous if the rumors about him are true." Cyrus replied, "Do not concern yourself with him. Your target is Guy Wozaki. Mars and Jupiter will deal with that boy. And if they cannot handle him, we will call in Hunter J. We will not allow a child who is hindered by emotions to interfere with us. Now resume your current objective, Saturn." The young man nodded, "Yes sir." He then left the room in a hurry.

Cyrus walked over to a bookshelf and looked through the research notes he had amassed with the aid of the scientists that he had employed. "The Red Chain..... With it, both of them will be mine."
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