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Pokemon Legends by XD385


A Day of Change

As the sun rose over Jubilife City, Neo yawned as he got out of bed. He was still wearing his bathrobe from the night before after getting out of the shower. He took a deep breath, pleased that he no longer smelled as if he had not bathed in years. He then walked over to the window and looked down at the city streets below. He stretched as he remembered that he needed to get back to his family to the east. They would not leave their campsite without him, so he did not want to keep them waiting for too long.

There was a knock at the hotel room door as Neo checked the time. He asked, "Who's there?" A young woman replied, "I'm just returning your clothes, sir." Neo opened the door and found a young lady with his green uniform neatly folded together with his boots at her feet. "Did you have any trouble getting the stench out?" The maid replied, "There's not much a spin through a washing machine won't cure." Neo gave a brief chuckle as he took his clothes back and shut the door. After he had dressed himself, Neo checked the time once more before heading out the door and to the lobby.

Once he had paid for the stay, Neo made his way outside and began to head east to the city gates. Along the way, he saw several children hurrying to school before they could be late. But as he passed one, the child stopped and turned around. "Are you Peter?" Neo stopped and turned around. The child was a male Shinx in a school uniform. He stood on two legs, pointing to his heritage as a human/Pokémon hybrid. Neo cocked his head to one side, "Were you talking to me?" The Shinx smiled, "Yeah! You're Peter, aren't you?!" Neo gave the boy a blank stare before replying, "No... I am not. My name is Neo." But the Shinx seemed convinced that Neo was indeed this 'Peter'. He begged, "Come on, Peter! Can you sign my Pokétch?!" He extended his hand, showing a blue Pokétch on his wrist. Hoping to distract the kid, Neo spoke, "Not to be rude, but isn't school about to start?" At this, the Shinx glanced down at his watch. "Oops! I'm gonna be late! Sorry, Peter! Maybe some other time!" He then turned and made a dash for the school across the street. Neo grunted, "Peter? I've never known anyone by the name Peter."

After walking for a short while, Neo passed by a bookstore. As he glanced through the window, he stopped as he saw a book on display. The title caused him to raise his eyebrow. "Peter Pan...?" He then stepped inside to investigate. When he found where the book was being stored, he opened one and flipped through a few pages before coming across a picture of the protagonist of the story. And he became a little blue in the face. Judging by the colorful art style and the way the prologue was written, this was a book for young children. The protagonist, this 'Peter Pan', was clad in green clothes and had reddish hair. Neo began to hyperventilate as sweat began to drip down his face. (Oh crap...crap crap.....NO!!! NOOOOO!!!!! HELL NO!!! I LOOK LIKE A CHARACTER OUT OF A CHILDREN'S BOOK!!!) Without bothering to check if anyone was watching, Neo dropped the book and used Teleport to get himself out of the store as quick as a flash.

In a dark alley, Neo huddled in a corner between a simple trash bin and a large dumpster. "Never before...have I felt so...humiliated...." He rocked back and forth, "I can't allow myself to be seen in these clothes again.... What would the others say if they found out?" Just then, Neo gagged as something was dropped on him. The sound of footsteps was heard as someone walked away. Neo then grunted as he hoisted a large plastic bag off of him. "Well, that was rude..." But as he stood up, he felt something soft inside the bag. "What's this?" Neo then set the bag down and peeked inside it. To his surprise, it was filled with various kinds of cloth, including quite a bit of green fabrics. As he gazed at the discarded tapestries, Neo's face became aglow with inspiration. "Heh, the stuff people throw away these days." He then stood up with the bag in hand and used Teleport. An instant later, he was back in the very same hotel room he was in only a short while ago. "Now to get to work!"

Over the next hour, Neo was hard at work using Cotton Spore to produce threads for sewing as he worked tirelessly on some new clothes. He even used some of his innate abilities deprived from his various Pokémon DNA to create additional materials for greater creativity. Before long, Neo slipped out of his old prototype Team Gaia uniform and stepped into the bathroom. Only when he had put the entire set on did Neo turn and face a mirror. He then let out a whistle and gave a thumbs-up, "Sweet!!!"

Neo's new outfit looked like something out of a Renaissance festival. He wore black pants and a black undershirt. He wore a green overcoat that extended down to his knees with a gap in the front. A black flap of cloth hung from his belt over the gap. He was also clad in black boots that were enclosed in golden greaves that extended past the tips of his boots into five toe-like claws. He also wore similar gauntlets made of the same material. And on the front of the greaves and gauntlets were four round gems of different colors with white lines engraved on the metal connecting them. There were also four feathers extending from the top of each greave and gauntlet that matched the colors of the gems on the corresponding piece of clothing. And around his head was a type of black headband or circlet, complete with a round white gem in the center and a white feather sticking up from behind it. He also wore a green cape that encircled his shoulders, but did not go very low. And on the back was a diagram with 17 round gems like those on his gauntlets and greaves. In the very center of this diagram was a polished stone that contained a multitude of colors. Neo winked, "Man, I've really outdone myself!"

As he continued to admire his new outfit, Neo began to contemplate its effectiveness on the road. He frowned, "As flashy as this is, I doubt this is a good attire for long treks. Maybe I should come up with something else too." Neo then went back outside and sat down at the table he had been using and set to work with the remaining materials. This time, he focused more on something of simplicity over style. In less than 30 minutes, he had completed another outfit. After slipping out of his flashy attire and into his new creation, Neo stepped back into the bathroom and stood before the mirror. He then brought a hand to his chin and nodded, "Hm! This is more like it!"

Neo was now wearing a white T-shirt and no gloves at all. He was also wearing a green sleeveless jacket, but kept it open by not buttoning it. He was also wearing blue jeans. His shoes were mostly blue with some white patches on top and with a yellowish underside. He nodded, "This is more like it. And it's comfy too." He then looked at his other outfit, "Now I just need a backpack to carry that around in." But as he gathered up his new outfit, Neo's eyes gazed down upon his discarded uniform. He scowled, remembering the foul organizations that created him. He then turned his back on his old uniform, "The XD-385 of the past is no more. Today, I'm leaving the past behind." But as he reached for the door, he shrugged, "Besides, if I ever get nostalgic for that uniform again, I can get another one at that deserted lab in Hoenn." He then left his hotel room and made his way back down to the lobby.

To the east of Jubilife City, the sun began to shine over the campsite as Brock cooked up some oatmeal for breakfast. Ash began to sniff the air as the aroma roused him from his sleep. "Mmmm... There's honey in that oatmeal..." But as he opened his eyes, Ash blushed a little, as he was face-to-face with Frost, who had decided to sleep with him that night. He smiled and placed a kiss on her forehead. This caused Frost to stir and she soon opened her eyes. Ash whispered, "Good morning." The newly evolved Weavile gave him a warm smile and tenderly asked, "You OK? You're not feeling sore, are you?" Ash felt her hand caressing him over the left side of his chest. He replied, "I'm fine. You can stop worrying." Frost smiled at this and leaned forward to give Ash a tender kiss. But while he felt his lips being caressed by hers, Ash blushed as he felt her swollen breasts pressing against his chest. Ash broke the kiss abruptly, "Um..... Sorry, but it felt kinda awkward when these things were touching me." He then poked one of her breasts. Frost gulped, "Uh...sorry?" Just then, she gasped, "That's right! I need to feed Snow! The poor dear... She must be starving by now." Frost then crawled out of the sleeping bag as the rest of their companions began to awaken. She grumbled as she felt her breasts, "They're so tight... Guess that's what I get for going a full day without milking."

As Ash climbed out of his sleeping bag, he heard a tiny voice scream, "Daddy!!!" He turned as he saw Snow running towards him. He smiled, "What's up? Is my little girl happy to see me?" He reached down and snatched up the tiny Sneasel in his arms. Snow cried, "I missed you, Daddy...... I didn't see you all day yesterday..." Ash sighed and whispered, "I'm really sorry about that. I'll never leave you alone again. I promise..." The tiny Sneasel whimpered, "Really?" Ash responded by giving her a sweet little kiss. Snow tightly embraced her father's face, "I love you, Daddy..." But a moment later, a voice asked from below, "Ash, give her here. I need to feed her." Ash nodded, "OK, Frost." Ash then lowered his daughter to the ground. But when Snow turned around, she froze at the sight of an unfamiliar creature standing before her.

Frost asked, "Come here, Snow. It's time for breakfast." But the infant Sneasel only stared with wide eyes at the 'stranger'. Frost asked, "What's wrong? Don't you recognize your own mother? Come over..." But as she reached for her, Snow ducked behind Ash's legs with a look of panic. Ash chuckled and spoke, "Don't be afraid. That's your mom. She might look different, but that's because she evolved last night." Snow looked up at her father, "Evolved?" He nodded, "Yeah. You might evolve too someday." Snow then looked back over at Frost, who gave her a hopeful nod. Snow then slowly inched over to Frost and looked up at her. "...Mommy?" Frost smiled, "Yes, dear. It's me." The young mother then reached down and picked up her offspring. "You're...bigger now." Frost smiled, "Yeah, that's what usually happens when someone evolves. Now tell me. Is my little girl hungry?" Snow smiled as her belly gurgled, "Yes, Mommy! I'm starving!" Frost giggled and held her daughter to her breast. She let out a surprised gasp as she felt Snow suckle greedily from her.

"DADDY!!!" Ash jumped as he heard a shriek come from behind him. When he turned around, he gulped as he felt a pair of vines wrap around his shoulders. A second later, Erika reeled herself in up to his face. Ash laughed, "Hey there, Erika. How're you...mmph?!" Ash was cut off as the Chikorita sealed lips with him for a kiss. A moment later, Erika broke the kiss and nuzzled her father's surprised face, the leaf on her head waving back and forth. "I missed you, Daddy! Where were you yesterday? Uncle Neo said you had something to do back home." Ash gulped, "Uh...right. I just had a few chores for your grandma." Erika giggled, "OK! But don't stay gone for so long next time. I didn't see you all day!" She then gave Ash another quick kiss before lowering herself to the ground. Just then, her mother walked over to them and smiled, "Did you have a hard time getting back?" Ash smiled at Bayleef, "Naw. I got back with no problems." Bayleef then frowned, "I really wish you told us beforehand that you had to leave. I was worried. And poor Latias fell terribly ill while you were gone." Ash then glanced around and saw Latias just starting to wake up with a blanket over her. He then looked back at Bayleef, "Thanks for reminding me." He then walked over to her and gave a sweet little kiss on the cheek, prompting a blush from the Grass type. Ash then turned and ran over to his wife, knowing full well what nearly happened to her the night before.

As Latias yawned, Ash knelt down next to her and asked, "You feeling OK?" Latias looked over to him and nodded, "I feel fine. I slept very well last night." Ash smiled, "Good." But after a moment, he grabbed her right hand and held it tightly. Latias asked, "Ash, what's wrong?" He gave her a look of shame, "Latias, you were in really bad shape last night, right?" She gave him a shocked glance, "How did you know?" He looked away, "I... I was...k..." Latias could see what it was that Ash was trying to say and whispered to him, "Don't blame yourself. I don't view this union as a curse." Ash then looked back at her, only to have his wife tenderly nuzzle him. "We are one. And we always will be." Ash smiled and cupped her face as he sealed lips with the lovely Dragon type. As they kissed, Ash and Latias joined their right hands together, their wedding bracelets shining in the sunlight.

A moment later, Amber and Onyx floated over to their parents. Amber giggled as she watched them kiss, "It's so cute seeing how perfect you and Mommy are for each other, Daddy." Ash noticed then that his two kids were watching them making out. He blushed as he broke the kiss, "Um...nothing to see here." But Latias smirked, "Oh, they can watch if they want to. And I'm not done with you yet." She then tackled Ash to the ground and began to passionate kiss him. Onyx laughed, "Save some for us, Mom!" Latias then backed away for a moment, only to watch as her two children caught Ash in a two-way embrace. Together, the twins smiled, "Group hug!" Ash laughed as he squeezed his two children the best he could.

A short while later, everyone sat down to breakfast. Brock served out oatmeal to everyone with a side of honey. Mana and Slate sat next to their father. Slate whispered, "You all right, Dad? I heard you.....perished a while ago." Ash nodded, "Yeah, but I'm fine now." Mana then reached over and placed a little kiss on his cheek, "You really had us worried, Dad. Next time, try to go out fighting." Ash chuckled, "Got it. I'll try to stay more alert." Just then, Latios noticed, "Hm? Frost, why do you seem.....bigger? And why are there red feathers all over your head?" She replied, "What? Never seen a Weavile before? I evolved two nights ago." Dawn then asked, "Evolved? I didn't even know Sneasel could evolve!" Bayleef added, "That, and I thought Shadow Pokémon couldn't evolve. How'd you manage it?" The Weavile smirked, "Sheer willpower. That's it. I wasn't gonna rely on that crutch any longer." Brock smiled, "That's awesome! You really are something else! And you look even more lovely as a Weavile!" But Frost glared at Brock out of the corner of her eye, "Boy, you better not even THINK about getting ideas! My body belongs to only one hunk!" Brock blushed, "Yeah... I know."

After finishing up breakfast, everyone packed up his or her supplies. Dawn asked, "So, are we all set?" Ash replied, "Not yet. We're not going anywhere until Neo gets back." He then looked down at his Pokétch to check the time, but then noticed that he had it set to the Pokémon Radar. But just before he could change to the digital clock function, he noticed a dark dot at the edge of the screen. And it was steadily moving right. And in its path were a number of dark and light dots. "There's a Pokémon coming this way?" Ash then faced west and waited. After a moment, he saw someone approaching. "Aha! There he is now!" Ash then ran towards the figure. "Welcome back, Neo!"

Neo smiled, "Thanks for waiting? I hope I didn't keep you guys stuck here for too long." Ash smiled, "No problem! We just finished packing up anyway.....huh? Whoa, where'd you get your new duds?!" Neo laughed, "You like this outfit? I made it myself! From ordinary discarded materials." Ash smiled, "I gotta say it looks good on you! And it has more color too! You looked good in green, but this is even better." But Ash then noticed a black leather backpack on Neo's back. "Where'd you get that? And is there anything inside?" Neo replied, "I picked this up from a local store on my way back. As for what's inside's a surprise." Ash laughed, "A surprise? Don't keep us waiting too long." Mewtwo then called out, "Are you done yet?! We're ready anytime!" Neo looked back at Ash, "I've kept you guys waiting long enough. Let's go."

As the group made their way east, Mana happened to be walking right next to Ash when he looked towards her. But he saw as she walked that her large DDD breasts bounced slightly with each step. He also noticed a small lump at the tip of the mounds of her shirt. Neo whispered, "Something wrong?" Ash grumbled, "Did you remember to buy Mana a bra when you got her those clothes?" Neo brought a hand to his face, "I had a hunch I was forgetting something..." Mana then noticed her father and uncle discussing something and asked, "Something up?" The two looked over at her and smiled sheepishly, "Uh, nope! Everything's peachy!" Mana raised an eyebrow, "Uh...OK? I think..." Ash then asked Neo, "Now that I think about it, WHY did you make yourself a new outfit?" Neo then blushed a deep red, "You really want to know...?" Ash nodded, "Come on, it can't be that bad." Neo sighed and whispered something into his ear. Ash gave him a shocked glance, "Are you serious?" The bioweapon silently nodded. Ash then laughed under his breath, "I'll have to check out the next bookstore and see for myself."

After walking a few miles, Ash and his entourage came to the entrance of what seemed to be a cave of sorts. Latias asked, "Why does this road end at the entrance to a cave?" Dawn then replied, "It's not really a cave. This is a tunnel. It leads right to Oreburgh City. They call this natural tunnel the Oreburgh Gate." Ash smiled, "And Oreburgh City is where we'll find the first Gym! I'm not wasting anymore time! Let's go!" He then dashed inside, eager to earn his first Sinnoh League badge. Frost laughed, "He sure is fired up for this, isn't he?" Brock added, "You don't know the half of it. Ash always loves a challenge." After a good laugh, the entire group ran inside, hoping to catch up.

Near the summit of Mt. Coronet, a howling a frigid wind blew across the snowcapped rim of the mountain. A moment later, strange electrical arcs began to crackle around a spot on the ground, causing the snow near it to rapidly melt. Soon, a temporal rift opened, and a creature clad in armor emerged from it just before the rift closed. The creature bore a striking similarity to Mewtwo, but seemed to be mostly mechanical. The dark visor over its eyes shimmered for a second as sunlight reflected off the snow hit it.

The mechanical being soon read data being projected on the inside of its visor. "Bio sensors confirm that the target is located to the southwest. Slight local interference suggests target is below the ground, perhaps in a cave or tunnel." The creature spoke in a voice that was virtually identical to that of Mewtwo, but with a metallic tone, "A city is near one side of the tunnel. Must resistance could be found while the target is there. Best to wait for him to pass through." The creature then gazed down the side of the mountain, "So this is Earth before the Empire was founded." The creature then glared straight ahead, its optic sensors projecting a red glow, "The Empire is lost. My comrades damaged. Chosen One, you destroyed our future. This time, I will not fail to destroy you and all you stand for." It then began to levitate, its powerful organic brain pulsing with psychokinetic force. "Soon, the CyberLegendaries will rise again!"
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