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Middle of Nowhere by zephyr_paws


Chapter 13: Hauntings of a Dark Past

Chapter 13: Hauntings of a Dark Past

While spending the night at Polka and Farruca's house in Leafbloom Town, one Pokemon has a lot on his mind and finds himself unable to sleep. Thinking of Tango and how to be a better mate to her, the Typhlosion wakes her up, and the two share a special moment together -- a much more consensual one. The group then heads to the Great Canyon in pursuit of the Mystic, hoping that the Mystic will be able to wake Tommy from his endless slumber.

DISCLAIMER: All characters and properties are copyright their respective owners. All writing, original characters, plot, and concept is copyright 2010-2011 Zephyr Paws. The author is in no way associated or affiliated with any third-party. This original fiction was created with no intention of any copyright infringement against any third-party, and is purely for fan enjoyment.

WARNING: This document contains explicit descriptions of sex between two Pokemon. If this sort of behavior between Pokemon gettin' it on disturbs you, or if you are under 18 years of age (or whatever the age is in your locale), you really oughta get the hell out of her, pronto. Otherwise, enjoy the show.

"I miss home..."

"At least you know where your home is... I wish I could remember mine."

"We'll find out eventually... don't worry, Tommy."

"Thanks, Samba."

It seemed like they were traveling for days, running, fleeing from the town that turned on them.

The legend of Ninetales was a very profound legend amongst the citizens of Pokemon Town. The citizens finally found the source of all of their problems... the human turned into a Pokemon described in the legend, cursed as punishment for his own selfishness...

That human was Tommy.

"I'm sorry I ever doubted you... even if you are really a human, I think you're a good human... you're not cursed," said Samba, the Cyndaquil that had stumbled across Tommy several weeks ago. "I believe in you."

As the two Pokemon continued walking, Tommy looked down into the snow and saw his footprints track in the snow. "Thanks..." He stopped, looking at his own hands -- the hands not of a human, but of a Totodile instead. "But what if I am...? What if all of this is because of me after all? I don't remember! I don't know for sure!"

Samba hugged Tommy's side and ignited her back flames to warm him up a little. It was, after all, quite cold in the snowy region far to the north of Pokemon Town. "You have to believe in yourself. We'll find Ninetales and will know for sure." She cocked her head and smiled at Tommy. "We've made it this far together, right?"

She was right. The two had been through a lot together. They've rescued countless Pokemon, fought off the legendary Pokemon Zapdos, and even traveled to the Great Canyon to speak with the mystical Xatu himself.

He didn't know for sure whether that dastardly Gengar was telling the truth or not when he turned all of the friendly Pokemon of Pokemon Town against him. He could have been the human cursed by the legend of Ninetales. He didn't feel like a bad human... or a bad Totodile, for that matter... but maybe it was just because he couldn't remember anything other than his name when he woke up and found himself in the body of a Totodile.

"You're right, Samba." Tommy faced his partner, the Pokemon who had believed in him from the start and stuck by his side the whole time. "Let's go see Ninetales and find out for sure if I'm the human from the legend!"

The two Pokemon, fugitives and outcasts from the only place they had as home, continued trudging along together through the snowy lands far north, all in pursuit of the truth. It would be quite a distance to go until they reached Mt. Freeze, but they were confident that, together, they would do it and things would become right again.

At least... that was what they thought.

What Tommy didn't realize, though, was that as elaborate as his adventure was, it was nothing more than a mere illusion. A dream.

While he and Samba were traveling to Mt. Freeze, two Kecleon were bringing the unconscious body of the human Tommy back to their shop in the middle of the night for safekeeping while his real friends embarked on their own journey.


Polka and Farruca led the gang to their house in Leafbloom and let everyone stay there for the night. It was a bit cramped, but thankfully they made enough makeshift beds for everyone to sleep.

Jazz and Blues gladly occupied just one of the makeshift beds while Waltz offered to share one with Tango. The Buizel accepted, finding Waltz to be far more accommodating than she'd seen him as before... plus he was very warm.

As not to give anyone the wrong idea, Polka and Farruca slept in separate beds that night, knowing that their relationship was one that they'd rather keep secret. They were both a bit worried about any of their guests finding the objects that they've cleverly hidden inside of various nooks and hiding spots of their house. That would not be good and would be particularly embarrassing.

Thankfully, that never happened, and everyone enjoyed a nice, relaxing night of sleep. Everyone except for Waltz, that is...

The Typhlosion found himself still awake, long after everyone else had fallen asleep. Tango was snuggling up against his back as the fiery Pokemon lay on his side, contemplating everything that he'd been through and his feelings for the first Pokemon he had mated with.

"Tango..." whispered Waltz silently to himself, intentionally keeping it as quiet as possible. "Maybe I do need to be a stronger male to make you happy... to make Tommy happy..."

He was thinking a lot about what Blues had just told him earlier in the night, about being a more confident, active male. Various thoughts danced through the Typhlosion's mind about that, understanding even better that that was the reason that Tango seemed to care more about Tommy than she did about him.

"I don't know what to do..." whispered the Typhlosion once again, bearing a melancholy look on his face while drowning in his own thoughts of inadequacy. He clearly was not the Pokemon that Tango wanted to be with, but if he chose to work towards being that Pokemon, it would mean turning his back on his own Trainer... the Trainer that he'd spent so many years with.

Deep down, he really wanted to be with Tango. The more he thought of the cute little Buizel, the more he realized he didn't just feel obligated to be with her, but actually wanted to be her mate. It had to be more than just honoring what he saw as a sacred act. That alone wouldn't be enough of a motivation to actually let her be his mate and his mate alone.

Was it really worth putting his interests ahead of Tommy's? Could he really do that?

Tommy was confused, in Waltz's mind. He had to be. That was it... Being in a relationship with a Pokemon would only hurt him in the end. He needed to be with a human girl, a real girl, one that would be able to talk back to him, one that he could marry, one that would be more than just a pet to him... sort of like what Tango was in a strange way.

There was no doubt in Waltz's mind that Tommy was a good person. He didn't want to hurt Tommy. But being able to realize that there was no way those two could stay happy once they made it back home... it was really important to Waltz's thinking, as it meant that, perhaps he would be doing the right thing by pursuing Tango.

No wonder the fiery Pokemon couldn't get any sleep that night. He was so swamped with the millions of thoughts consuming his mind! So many feelings and emotions, all of them seeming to make more sense than they did just the other night.

"I have to be strong..." said Waltz, forgetting to whisper. Thankfully he was still quiet, so no one woke up, but he failed to realize that he had actually spoken aloud. "I can do this..."

The Typhlosion shifted his body, repositioning himself so he was laying on his back. That caused Tango to fall forward onto his chest, drooling as she snored on top of him. He then started gently rubbing the female Buizel's back, stroking it with his warm paw and loving the feeling of touching his 'mate' while she slept like that.

It wasn't waking her up, which was actually what Waltz was intending to do. He had to be a bit more forceful. Giving her a bit more of a shake, Waltz rubbed her back and softly called out her name. "Tango... Tango..."

"Uhnn..." mumbled the sleepy Buizel, shaking her head with her eyes still closed.

"Come on... it's Waltz..."

"Waltz...?" She slowly opened her eyes and looked up to see Waltz staring right into her eyes. "W-what's wrong?"

Many different possibilities of what to say or do next flowed through the Typhlosion's mind. He actually hadn't thought of what he was going to do after he'd woken up Tango, which was unusual in the first place for him, given his general lack of spontaneity.

He decided to take a more bold more and answer with actions rather than words. Slowly, Waltz leaned in towards Tango's face, holding back his nervousness and delivering a sweet kiss to the little Buizel's cheek.

"W- Waltz..." said Tango softly, blushing and looking at him with a look of affection. Was she dreaming? It didn't seem like Waltz was the kind to do something like that...

"I need to talk to you outside," said Waltz, still keeping relatively quiet. Thankfully everyone else's snoring was pretty loud. The Typhlosion sat up and helped the much-more-awake Buizel stand up. He then got up along with her and led her out of the little house, out into the night.


Waltz brought Tango behind the house, back in a little foresty patch. They could still see the house, even in the darkness, but they no longer heard the snoring, which was a relief. It was a pretty good sign that Waltz could talk to her freely out there.

"What's the matter?" asked Tango, looking up at the bashful Typhlosion with a look of curiosity. It must have been something to wake her up so late at night, but, on top of that, with a kiss afterwards.

"I've... I've been thinking a lot about what we argued about earlier..."

Tango looked away, feeling still a little guilty for hurting Waltz's feelings at all. He was upset and had plenty of reasons to be, after all... "I'm sorry..."

"No, actually, I'm the one that's sorry." He rubbed the back of his head a little shyly, but remembered that he didn't want to come across as too shy anymore. After all, he wanted to follow Blues' advice. He wanted to become a strong, confident male for Tango. "I guess I just got a little sensitive back then. I didn't mean to blow up on you."

"I was the one that blew up on you, though... you're so sweet and caring... and I've been ignoring that..."

There was a moment of silence after that. Waltz couldn't muster the confidence to say what he wanted to as easily as he had hoped to. "I-..." he said with a stumble, shaking his head in order to regain his composure. "Tango, I want to mate before we go."

Waltz's forwardness took Tango entirely off-guard. She couldn't believe that he'd just suggested that, of all things! Waking her up in the middle of the night to mate with her, willingly. Last time around, it was essentially her doing that to him, but now it seemed that the tables had turned!

She had stepped back a pace and looked at him with her mouth draping open just a bit, not quite sure how to respond herself, really. She was just in so much shock to hear him ask- no, request that. It wasn't a question -- it was a statement!

Of course, she wasn't the only one that couldn't believe he just said that. Waltz, too, was starting to get increasingly nervous at Tango's silence. Maybe he had said the wrong thing. Oh no, what if he had? What if Tango didn't want to mate with him? What if she still had her mind focused entirely on Tommy?

"Um... really?" asked Tango back to Waltz. "You woke me up because you wanted to mate with me?" She almost didn't believe it, but it really felt increasingly sweet in her mind that he would do such a thing, particularly given her penchant for mating in general.

"It... it's the only time we'll be able to before we see the Mystic." Instinctively, Waltz rubbed the back of his head, though he quickly retracted it and gave Tango a more serious, confident look back. "And besides... mating with you felt so good..."

That was certainly true. After the initial shock of essentially being dominated passed, he really thought back on whatever he could remember of the very erotic experience quite fondly. Despite it went against what he felt about mating... Tango was his mate, after all. By her choice and his own. And Blues was right: there was no way that he would be able to keep her as a mate or to keep her happy unless he were a bit more dominant himself.

"It... wow, it did," said Tango, realizing that as the last time she had actually mated. She hadn't mated with Tommy before they left and, given the frequency those two relatively young, curiosity-filled lovers went at it, she was really missing the sensation of being filled by a male.

'Be brave, Waltz... she wants to... I- I can do this...! I will, she's my mate, and it will feel good...' thought the shy Typhlosion to himself, trying so hard to suppress his shyness. Just like earlier, rather than express what he wanted to say with words, he wanted to do so with actions. Waltz took two steps towards Tango until he was right in front of her, then reached down and placed his paw onto her cheek, rubbing it gently.

She looked up into the fiery Typhlosion's eyes with a look of want and desire... she wanted it, there was no doubt about it. She was fantasizing right then and there about the much taller Pokemon's comparatively large cock filling her insides. She wanted it badly.

Waltz reached his other paw down and lifted the Buizel up in the air, guiding her face to his and embracing her in a much more passionate kiss than before, locking their lips together in a really amazing way. His heart was rushing, realizing that he was, in fact, doing that! He was taking charge, being in control, and acting against his internal hesitations... but... it was also working.

After their kiss ended, the two Pokemon gazed into each other's eyes. Tango saw something different in Waltz's eyes... something that wasn't there when they were fighting earlier. She wasn't quite sure what had happened to Waltz... but she found him all the more desirable, wanting him inside of her so badly. "Waltz... I... I want you so bad, mmm..." said the Buizel, cooing eagerly afterwards.

The Typhlosion nuzzled her face quickly before lifting her up even higher into the air, then guiding her down onto his arms so he was then holding her at her chest with her back resting on his extended arms. He then took a gulp as he saw the Tango's slit, remembering it fondly from just the other night... that was it, that was his target.

He brought her forward and ran his tongue over her slit, not yet penetrating her or anything, but simply letting his intentions be known. The Buizel quivered in response, growing increasingly excited for where Waltz was going.

Waltz then licked her girlhood even more, parting her folds every now and then, as well as paying a lot of attention to that sensitive nub of flesh up near the top of her slit. He couldn't yet taste her deliciousness, but could certainly smell her scent begin picking up in potency, starting to drive his senses all the more wild.

Tango cooed in delight as the Typhlosion worked his tongue all across her most sensitive region. Every flick across her clit sent a shiver down her spine and caused her to feel all the more excited. It was amazing!

She felt Waltz bring her groin right up to his face and him begin inserting his tongue inside of her vagina, not wasting any time in penetrating that muscle in his mouth into her needy opening. As he lapped his tongue around in her insides, his snout tickled her clit and caused even more pleasurable sensations course through her body.

Light moaning filled the air as the little Buizel had her pussy invaded by the seemingly-confident Typhlosion's tongue. She began producing the delicious and tantalizing fluids that Waltz had been so eagerly seeking, filling his mouth with an overpowering, pungent flavor, tasting quite sweet, but also amazingly powerful.

Before long, Waltz had inadvertently found himself with a fully ready erection, all set for the Buizel's moist vagina. They were certainly both ready, that was certain, or at least physically. Waltz still found himself worrying on the inside, though his worries seemed to fade away as he took in more of Tango's juices.

Waltz suddenly stopped worming his tongue around Tango's insides and pulled her back, then pulling her forward into a tight, comforting hug. He held her tightly as he sat down on the ground, holding her the whole time, and then looked into her eyes once more. They were beautiful... she was an adorable little Buizel, but she also did care about him... she wanted to be his mate. Yes, she wanted to be Tommy's mate, but perhaps... perhaps he would still be able to win her over.

'You ready,' was what Waltz wanted to ask out of habit, but he held himself back from asking what would have warranted an obvious answer and began lowering the Buizel down onto his cock.

He poked at the Buizel's groin with his erection, feeling her moist fur touch his sensitive malehood. He missed her entrance by a bit, sure, though he still felt all the more excited to be inside of her and could hardly wait for that moment.

He squeezed the horny female tightly to his warm, fluffy body, gripping her firmly as he tried once more to guide her onto his waiting shaft.

With another push down, he felt himself poke at her folds, parting them already and causing himself to stop. Waltz looked into Tango's eyes once more, still feeling unsure deep down -- which Tango started sensing a little as well.

Tango gave the Typhlosion a tender lick across his chest and held the larger fire Pokemon tightly to indicate that she was entirely ready to take him inside of her.

That was all it took for Waltz to muster up his courage. He pressed her down onto his cock and entered her vagina without much difficulty at all, rousing a light yelp of pleasure from the much smaller Buizel as he did so.

"Oh Waltz..." she moaned, holding him tightly and keeping their bellies pressed together while the stronger male pushed more of himself inside of her. She loved the feeling of being filled again by a male like that -- it was a craving she absolutely had to fulfill!

It was hard to believe that it was Waltz waking her up in the middle of the night to mate with her, but it certainly earned no complaints, especially given how eager the fire type was! He was thrusting into her with a lot more confidence and collectedness than he was just the other night, seeming to be entirely there and entirely aware of what it was he was doing.

The look on his face was incredible. His cheeks grew increasingly red, his eyes lighting up and forcing themselves to squint due to the rush of pleasurable feelings invading his groin as it was encompassed inside of Tango's warm, moist opening. Oh, how absolutely delightful it was to the relatively inexperienced Typhlosion!

"Tango... uhnnn... I..." he paused for a moment, even halting sliding the Buizel down further onto his erection. He wanted to say it. He wanted to believe it, so, so badly... Those words were difficult for him to say with fear of them being empty or unrequited, but the moment called for them without a doubt. He knew that he had to... "I love you."

She looked up at Waltz with starry eyes, feeling all the more eager to continue their lovemaking session and return the affection he had shown her. "Waltz...! I love you too...!" she called back, burying herself into his chest, snuggling it mercilessly. Tango then started thumping her own body downwards, taking in another inch or so of the Typhlosion's cock and reminding him that he'd better finish what he'd started.

Of course, after hearing those words, a lot of the hesitation or difficulty that he might have had seemed to vanish. Instead sat an energized Typhlosion, one that felt so much more confident in himself and believed so much more firmly that maybe things would work out after all.

He was obviously doing a good job, or at least good enough, if Tango both wanted more and also was willingly able to return his affection. Maybe that confidence that he was trying to muster was paying off after all... maybe it wasn't that he wasn't capable of being confident, but he just wasn't confident enough to show that much confidence.

Giving a confident smirk, Waltz started lifting the little Buizel off of his malehood, only to push her back down onto it. With every push down, he took less and less care, finding that Tango seemed to be getting to it even more with each thrust down.

She wasn't necessarily a fragile female like perhaps he had always feared females to be, something that needed to be handled delicately and with care... instead she was the type to be more than eager to take it rough, gaining a lot of pleasure in that. It wasn't that Waltz considered females weak, of course, but just simply something to be respected and handled carefully...

He wasn't sure if he liked it or not, that feeling of dominance and control, but at the very least Tango didn't seem too bothered by his practicing it -- in fact, she seemed to be enjoying how forcefully he was slamming her down onto his shaft, crying out and moaning loudly.

Perhaps that was another thing that Blues was right about... perhaps he did need to be more in control of things. Tango actually seemed to like that. It seemed to really attract her. It wasn't exactly within his nature, but if he wanted to compete with Tommy -- even potentially to help him out in the long run -- he knew that he would have to adapt at least somewhat.

His thoughts didn't matter, though. The only thing that ultimately mattered at that point in time was stuffing Tango and filling her to the brim with his warm, sticky seed. He wanted to cum inside of her so badly, already starting to feel that intense feeling boil in his loins, drawing ever closer for an orgasmic release into her.

Waltz started leaning forward on top of Tango, holding onto her tightly with his arms, still, but laying her down so her shoulders and head were on the ground while her hips and feet were still elevated in the air, being thrust into by his own hips and malehood. He was using his knees as support for their pose rather than crushing her under his weight.

Their size difference made what would normally be considered the missionary position a little difficult, but Waltz found that she held on to him tightly and that both were able to buck and thrust in a much more effective way. She would pull back just as he would, only to have them both meet, jabbing that thick Pokemon cock as deep inside of the little Buizel as it would go.

Not too long after that, Tango started feeling that overwhelming sensation of orgasm strike her body, surging through it in a mix of pleasure and ecstasy. Her inner walls squeezed Waltz's cock, pulling it inside as he tried to withdraw, preventing him from doing so along with his own recognition of what was going on.

"Uhhnn... oh... Waltz...! Waltz...!!" cried Tango as she felt that feeling of golden delight run all throughout her body, growing in intensity until it finally struck her loins, causing her innards to pulse and squeeze the Typhlosion's member. Being a rather gifted water type Pokemon, as well as a rather gifted female, for that matter, she felt a bit of her own female juices gush out of her opening only to soak her and Waltz's groins and spill onto the ground.

Waltz found himself unable to hold back his own finish after that, taking several more rapid thrusts into the panting Buizel beneath him with much more vigor than before. That sensation, that amazing feeling of his most sensitive part being squeezed and milked, it was just too much for him to do anything other than...

"A-ah...! I'm c-cumm-" One final thrust was all it took before the Typhlosion hit his peak and squirted numerous shots of his burning semen deep, deep into Tango's depths. It left him completely euphoric afterwards, panting and trying to catch his breath -- though certainly not trying very hard.

Tango loved the feeling of Waltz cumming inside of her! She could feel his sticky seed slither down into her, sending tiny little shivers of delight down her spine and causing her to giggle with glee. She wasn't sure why, exactly, she enjoyed that feeling, but it just felt entirely right to her for some reason.

Waltz then rolled onto his back, holding Tango the entire time and shifting it so she was now on top of him. Through that shift, Waltz had accidentally withdrawn his shrinking member from her opening, but it was fine, given the deed was done.

The Buizel climbed up a bit, causing some of the fluid to trail along Waltz's belly and chest, until she reached the fiery Typhlosion's blushing face. She hugged him tight and gave him a kiss right on the cheek, which he immediately returned.

"That was... that was amazing, Waltz...!" she said, looking down at her mate enthusiastically. She still couldn't believe it, but it was so sweet and so amazing of Waltz.

Waltz blushed, but smiled back at her. His euphoric high was starting to fade and he was realizing that he, in fact, did it. He mated with her. He woke her up in the middle of the night and convinced her to mate with him and tell him that she loves him. "It... wow, it was." He giggled. "You're so hot down there..."

Tango blushed as well, but then licked Waltz's face playfully. "And you're the fire type!" She stuck her tongue out and then just cuddled up into the Typhlosion's chest, nuzzling it many times before finally wearing herself out of energy and falling asleep.

For that matter, Waltz had also run out of steam. That orgasm took a lot out of him, not to mention he had a very exhausting day anyway. It was just what he needed to get some nice, relaxing sleep, though he took the liberty of carrying the zonked out Buizel in his arms back into the house, brushing off her fur, and then sleeping right beside her inside of the bed that was set up for them.

It was certainly quite a night for the two of them...


"Break time's over. Get up!"

Tango and Waltz were suddenly doused by a spray of water, waking them from their slumber next to each other. Waltz in particular found it to be particularly unpleasant due to his natural fear of water, so he quickly sprung up and ran around in a panic.

"Ahhh! W-watterrr!" cried the Typhlosion as he ran around the room, trying to avoid getting soaked any further. Water was still one of his deepest fears, and after nearly drowning once before, it was something that he still felt uneasy about not just due to his weakness to it.

The commotion that Waltz was making was enough to wake both Jazz and Blues up, sparing them what would have been a fairly considerate wake up call, seeing as both of them were fond of a watery wake up.

"Man, he have a bad dream or something?" asked Jazz as he sat up, shaking his head with his paw and cracking a smirk at the Typhlosion.

"No, I guess he just doesn't know how to handle a simple water gun," said Polka, crossing her arms and looking back at her older brother. "Are you sure that he's going to be able to make the journey? We might have to fight some Pokemon."

Tango stood up and watched as Waltz stopped in a corner of the room, panting and snapping out of his panic. She giggled. "He'll be okay, don't worry. He just doesn't like water."

"I pa-a-acked sna-a-acks," baaed Farruca as she walked over from the other corner of the room she was over at, holding what appeared to be a rather large picnic basket. "Since there's a lot of us, I thought one of us could hold the ba-a-asket."

Polka walked over to Farruca and looked at the basket curiously. "Hmm... it won't slow us down too much, will it?"

"Na-a-ah~" Farruca smiled and held the basket in front of her with both of her paws. "There's six of us, so one of us will surely be able to ca-a-arry it."

" 'ey, I'll carry it fer 'ya," said Blues, walking over to Polka and Farruca, volunteering to take the basket from her with a smile on her face. "Ain't like I'm a fighter, eh? I mean imma tough 'un, but I'd rather see Jazzy fight anyway, 'uh 'un?"

Jazz quickly ran over to his mate, shot a smile at her, and then gave a thumbs up towards Polka and Farruca. "I'll protect Blues and the food, don't worry, sis."

"Alright." Polka looked back at Tango and Waltz, who were off in the middle of the room. "We're leaving in five minutes, so get ready, do your stretches, and take care of business, because we're not stopping for anything once we're going."

Tango and Waltz both blinked while looking over at the rather domineering Buizel. She really seemed to be serious about that, not to mention quite a tough Pokemon in general. "Okay, sis," said Tango with a smile, leading Waltz outside of the house, eager to go already.

"Farruca, Blues, do you think you could give Jazz and I a minute?" asked Polka.

Both Farruca and Blues saluted Polka and nodded. "Sure!" said Farruca, holding Blues' paw and then guiding her out the entrance of the house. The two Pokemon went outside and joined Tango and Waltz, leaving Polka and Jazz alone.

"What's the matter?" asked Jazz, taking a step closer to his sister and looking at her with a look of curiosity. "Everything okay?"

"Did you... did you ever tell sis about... mom and dad?" she asked nervously.

Jazz paused for a few seconds, looking at her with a look of concern. He knew just how awful she must have felt, but also was confident that he'd kept that secret the whole time... "I haven't." He shook his head.

"Good. You're a really great brother, Jazz." She walked over to her taller and older sibling, then gave him a gentle hug, feeling incredible relief just being with Jazz again. "I really missed you..."

The Floatzel still felt bad about having to keep what had happened to their parents a secret from their younger sister for such a long time. It had been so many months since it happened... "You need to tell her, Polka," said Jazz, rubbing his sister's back with his own paws. "She's basically an adult now. I've kept my promise long enough, but she needs to know."

"That I killed them?"

There was a moment of awkward silence between the two sea weasel siblings. Jazz stopped his hugging and instead looked down at his sister, who was glancing apathetically down at the ground.

"You didn't kill them... All this time and you still feel responsible, huh?"

"Stop it, Jazz!" said Polka, stomping her foot on the ground. "It was because of me. It was because of me that they... they were killed. So I might as well have done it myself..."

"Polka... It's not your fault, okay?" Jazz placed a paw on her shoulder, reaching beneath her yellow flotation sac. "You have to let that blame go."

"Don't you miss them at all? Doesn't she?" asked Polka in an empty sounding way. She was still glancing off to the side.

"Of course we do," said Jazz, rubbing her shoulder just a bit. "But we miss you, too, and nothing any of us can do can change things, so why not just make the best of them, hmmm?"

She didn't really have any way to argue that. Deep down in her heart, she'd always feel responsible for taking away Jazz and Tango's parents. She deserved to lose her own, but still felt terribly guilty for taking them away from two Pokemon that didn't have anything to do with it... particularly her big brother, Jazz.

He must have been so tough for so many months, keeping his cool and raising Tango as if she were his own, in a way. After all, he was still just a Buizel back then when she left to the sheltered land, so must have been a lot for him to deal with.

"After... after we see the Mystic, I'll tell her." Polka looked up at Jazz, still feel rather nervous about having to tell her sister -- who she didn't already care that much for -- that the reason Tango was without parents for most of her growing up was all because of her. "Would that make you feel better?"

"It would. She's old enough. She needs to know." He pulled his sister in for a quick hug, then looked down into her eyes. "We'll deal with that after her current dilemma. But sis, try to be understanding of her, okay?"

"What do you mean?" asked Polka, but Jazz had already broken his hug with her and walked away by the time she was able to ask that. She felt a bit confused.

"Come on, let's go!" He smiled at her and waved for her to follow him along outside, then headed out himself.

Polka, now a bit confused over what Jazz had asked of her, shook her head and followed him outside of the house where all of the Pokemon were waiting, ready to embark on their adventure to see the Mystic.


The troop of Pokemon headed onward, Polka and Farruca boldly leading the pack throughout the sheltered land's landscape. They passed through several hills and forests, crossed a few rivers -- much to the reluctance of Waltz -- and eventually saw the Great Canyon ahead of them.

As they drew closer to the Great Canyon, the smooth grass that had cushioned their steps slowly turned into burning sands. The calm and refreshing breeze changed to a dry, still air. The trees and flora they had seen along their way had been replaced with dead stumps and hollow wood instead.

It was a land that few Pokemon had the opportunity to visit, much less would they ever want to visit there, not necessarily due to some sort of unbearable heat or treacherous weather -- no, despite the dryness, the Great Canyon was quite temperate. It was just eerily empty. Barren.

Those uneducated ruffians that may have sought out the Great Canyon as a refuge to hide for their sins would only find out that that land was not welcoming to them, as there was only one master of that land, only one Pokemon who commanded the whole canyon as if it were a god, as that one Pokemon was one of the few powerful psychic Pokemon that constructed the very barrier on the island that kept humans out...

Both the fact that the Mystic was psychic and was responsible for the barrier were the reasons that Tango wanted to visit the Mystic. She had to save Tommy. She had to wake him up. And, on top of that, she had to be able to talk to him... talk to him at least once.

However, the sea weasel's feelings were swaying in another direction. As she walked along the countryside on her way to the Great Canyon, by her side the whole time was the loyal Typhlosion, Waltz, carrying her whenever got tired.

It felt like such a long time since they arrived on the island, even though it was just about a day and a half ago. That was the last time that she had the opportunity to do anything with Tommy, anything at all. Ever since, he had just been a sleeping puppet, sleeping peacefully on the sandy beach before getting taken in by the two Kecleon brothers.

Because of that, and because of the Typhlosion's proximity to her... and the time that they shared together hours before leaving... she was beginning to question the real reason she was even in the Great Canyon in the first place.

"It shouldn't be too much longer. I'd say about two hours." Polka crossed her arms as she led the group into the barren canyon. "If I recall correctly, there's a slope going up to the top down around here somewhere. The Mystic will be up on the top."

"Sure is a pretty lonely place," said Jazz, walking along with his arms behind his head. It was quite a different scene than what he was used to. "You sure we're going to get back safe and sound?"

"Of course," said Polka. "Just be ready to fight if anything attacks us out here. We've been pretty lucky so far, but Farruca and I might not be able to do it alone."

"Yea-a-ah, only, wha-a-at, about seven or eight atta-a-ackers so fa-ar?" baaed Farruca, walking along while wagging her tail. The fluffy pink sheep fought alongside Polka to handle a few Pokemon that felt like they wanted a fight, leaving Tango and her crew completely safe the whole time.

"Ten, Farruca." Polka certainly seemed preoccupied with something. On the surface, she was as focused as could be, but on the inside, the troubled Buizel was fighting off a great deal of inner turmoil. She was going to have to tell Tango that she was responsible for her parents' death. She was going to tell her the real reason she ran away such a long time ago...

It brought back a lot of really terrible memories for her. She had such a hard life during her first few months in the sheltered land. The only Pokemon in the group that had any idea of that was Farruca, who knew it all too well... she was the only one that could share her anguish.

There was definitely another reason that Polka was rather nervous when wandering the barren Great Canyon. She was afraid that another haunting from her dark past was lurking there, waiting to ambush her just as she'd been ambushed before.

When the group of six got to the smooth slope leading up to another layer of the massive canyon, Polka looked around nervously. Something didn't feel right. She hated intuition and typically believed in only what was absolute and in front of her, but something wasn't settling well with her. She paused and looked around, up at the ledges of some of the lower layers of the canyon that they would be walking up to.

There was nothing. All she could hear was the breathing of the Pokemon behind her. There wasn't even the gentlest of breeze blowing through the mighty canyon.

"Everything okay?" asked Waltz, who noticed Polka's hesitance. He had been carrying Tango in his arms for the entirety of the walk through the canyon so far, though she was wide awake and fully attentive, looking at Polka as well.

"...yeah." She brushed the side of her face with one of her paws, closed her eyes, and then walked up the base of the slope. "Come on."

The rest quickly followed her. A few minutes later, they had scaled the slope and were now on one of the rather large ledges that made up the massive Great Canyon. They continued down the path they were headed, except now were elevated a few hundred feet from where they were on the ground.

A rocky wall was to the Pokemon's left while a steep ledge was to their right. The path between those two points was more than large enough, able to handle all six Pokemon, even if they were to walk in a line horizontally, but there was no sort of guarding along the edge, so everyone had to take care not to do something stupid.

Before long, Polka had found another slope leading up. She stopped right before scaling it, though, as that feeling churning in her stomach had increased to an even more uncomfortable point. It was as if her fears were taking over her, convincing her to believe that... that he was there.

She listened for any sounds that were out of the ordinary. Once more, all she could hear was the sound of the other Pokemon's breath. Once more, she was wrong about that instinct of hers. It was just an irrational fear.

Just as she took a step forward, she heard something else. It sounded like a swooshing sound from behind her! She quickly turned around to see nothing more than the band of five Pokemon behind her. It must have been the wind.

"...what wind...?" she asked herself, looking at her paws and then looking around at the canyon, confirming that it couldn't have been the wind -- after all, there was none.

"Are you okay, sis?" asked Tango from Waltz's arms.

Polka quickly turned behind her as she heard another sound, this one sounding more like the sound of feet running up on the cliffs above her. It sounded too real to be anything but. Her heartbeat increased its pace substantially as fear overtook her. She didn't want to get all of her friends scared over nothing, particularly if it were just an irrational fear playing with her mind, but at the same time, she was genuinely concerned.

She ran down to where the five others were and looked all around the cliff they were on in an attempt to secure the parameter. She looked in every direction possible only to find nothing.

"Farruca, do you hear anything?" asked Polka in a very concerned tone.

The Flaaffy listened for a few seconds, only to find herself unable to hear anything beyond what the Buizel could hear. "Nope."

"I hear somethin' up an' aroun' the cliff up there, an' also sorta down over a li'l bit. Aren' we expectin' company?" Blues, with her acute hearing, had heard everything that Polka had, though didn't have that same sense of danger that Polka did.

"What?" asked Polka, walking over to the Azumarill and looking at her intently. "You mean you hear something, too? This is really important."

"Yea', soun's like 'er's three of 'em -- two o'er there, one up there." Blues pointed first down behind the group, towards where they had came from, then pointed up towards where they were about to go.

The worried Buizel frantically looked around for any sign of the hidden Pokemon, finding nothing but an empty canyon. Fear was overtaking the normally fearless Buizel as her worries of the only thing that could ever truly terrify her overwhelmed her.

She wanted to go home. She wanted to leave that god awful place and never return. The Great Canyon was fairly dangerous, sure -- she knew that there were a lot of thuggish Pokemon out there and that she could fight any of them if she had to. There was just one that she absolutely could not stomach, one that had haunted her dreams ever since she and Farruca had been rescued themselves...

Suddenly, from behind the group of Pokemon appeared a Weavile, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. The Weavile knelt down, crossed its claws, and then looked up at the group of Pokemon with a fiendish twinkle in its eye.

Just as their attention had been focused on the Weavile that had suddenly appeared, the sound of a boulder smashing could be heard from behind them. All of the Pokemon except for Polka turned to see the source of the sound, while Polka remained locked in fear staring at the Weavile, recognizing him immediately.

Holding another boulder in hand, a sturdy, rough-looking Machamp stood before the five Pokemon, smirking deviously. He threw the boulder against the side of the canyon, shattering it and causing another loud cracking sound to be heard. The Machamp then raised all four of his arms up in the air before extending them forward in an aggressive pose.

"Where is he...?" asked Polka to the Weavile in a very frightened tone.

With a loud roar booming from above her, echoing all throughout the canyon, her question was answered. Running down from the slope that she was moments away from climbing was the Pokemon that she had feared with every bit of sanity she had, except, worse yet, the Pokemon she had feared had grown even more fearsome.

What once was the most twisted, sadistic Luxio to her was no more. Instead, behind the terrified Buizel and in front of the rest of the gang stood one very, very sinister looking Luxray. It bore a cold stare with its gleaming eyes. No sense of pleasure or excitement could be seen in the Luxray's face; only a focused glare.

Polka slowly turned around towards the Luxray, almost too frightened to see him again for herself. Her heart sank when she saw Cordax, the Pokemon that haunted both her and Farruca's past in the worst of worst ways, standing just mere feet from her and the rest of her friends.

"I told you that it wasn't the end."

End of Chapter 13
Chapter End Notes:I actually wrote this last year, but just didn't have the motivation to post it to AGNPH due to some of my other stories kinda getting overlooked. Weird how Middle of Nowhere is so popular, since I don't consider it one of my better stories at all, but whatever. Guess I'll start posting some of my stuff here again.

And also, that stuff at the very beginning of the story will be explained more thoroughly later. Don't want to totally forget about Tommy after all..
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