AGNPH Stories


An excited Trainer takes a trip to Poketopia, but a vicious storm claims the ship. Thanks to a cheery Buizel, the Trainer makes it to land, but only on a small island in the middle of nowhere. With only each other's company, their friendship will begin, grow, and be tested numerous times as he waits for help to arrive.

  1. Chapter 1: Shipwreck (2514 words)

  2. Chapter 2: A Day of Cheer and Pain (5146 words)

  3. Chapter 3: Encouragement (3789 words)

  4. Chapter 4: Reunited, We are One (11521 words)

  5. Chapter 5: Bewildered Hearts (6609 words)

  6. Chapter 6: And All That Jazz (5303 words)

  7. Chapter 7: A Refreshing Dip (6858 words)

  8. Chapter 8: Bittersweet Affair (13542 words)

  9. Chapter 9: Three's Allowed (11213 words)

  10. Chapter 10: The Sheltered Land (11469 words)

  11. Chapter 11: Renewed Hope (10941 words)

  12. Chapter 12: Broken Pieces (9263 words)

  13. Chapter 13: Hauntings of a Dark Past (7756 words)

  14. Chapter 14: Dance of Despair (11331 words)

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    Reviewer: Frez
    Date:Mar 16 2016

    I absolutely loved this story, I am quite sad that the author is inactive and probably wont be posting. The entire thing was emotional with anger, jealousy, regret and more.

    With the added benefit of sex in there which added a certain spice to it.

    If the author were to cone back, I would possibly pay for this story to cone back.