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Chapter 2: A Day of Cheer and Pain

Chapter 2: A Day of Cheer and Pain

This chapter is pretty long. It covers the whole first full day of Tommy's new life on the island. The end of the chapter grew to be way more intense than I was originally planning, but I like emotional stories, so I'll work with it.

I'll warn you: there is female masturbation (sort of), male nudity and genitalia, offensive language, and violence in this chapter.

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Buizel slowly opened its eyes and let out a big yawn as it started standing upright. Morning was Buizel's favorite time of day. Everything was just starting to wake up and come alive. It left an overall pleasant feeling in the Pokemon's mind. It left a feeling of excitement, too, not knowing what would happen in the day. But this time the excitement had come early, because now the Buizel had a human to interact with -- something it has always been curious to see up close.

The Buizel nuzzled against the human's face and gave a soft lick across it, but to no avail. After a few more attempts, it decided that it would try coax the human out of its slumber with the smell of a delicious berry. Buizel liked this island in particular due to the sweet, luscious berries that grew in its small forest. Just the thought of eating one drove the sea weasel wild, so it wasted no time in heading off to the forest with a cheery optimism about it.

Not more than a few minutes later, the Pokemon emerged from the forest with a few berries cradled in its arms and a smile on its face. It walked over to the human and set the berries down, grabbing one of them from the newly-formed pile.

"Buiiii... Ibu, ibui..." it whispered softly, holding the berry right up against the human's face. "Bui? Buiii..." it continued. No luck. This human sure could sleep!

"Bui," it sighed as it grew impatient and decided that this berry was meant for its own stomach. It took a bite out of the fruit, and smiled in delight while it chewed the berry.

The berry made it gleeful and excited. It nuzzled against the human once more -- partially because it wanted to awaken the boy, and partially because it just felt good rubbing its face against this unfamiliar creature's body.

The human finally rustled and started to get up. He still found himself on the island that he remembered from last night. It was a bit disappointing that it wasn't all just a dream... a bit discouraging to him, too.

He got up, and looked around to see the Buizel he saw from yesterday still smiling at him, as well as a pile of berries right beside it.

"Hey there little guy..." he pet the Buizel on its forehead, eliciting a pleased response. "You saved me back there, didn't you?"

"Bui!" the Buizel nodded in agreement. Pokemon are pretty adept at understanding human speech, just not relaying it back due to the onomatopoeic limitations of their voice.

"Yeah... we must be a bit from the crash, right? Because there's nothing else on this beach. No wreckage or anything. That's how I figured you saved me, because you were there last night, and there's not anything on shore now. If I just drifted, there'd be some other stuff with me," he said to it. "Besides, I think I remember waking up for a second and seeing you." Tommy decided that for now, he'd keep his cool and try not to think of the crash. Denial is a great form of escapism.

The Buizel smiled. "Buiii!"

"Well, I guess I should say thanks."


"So, looks like we'll be spending some time together. I'm Tommy. What's your name?"

"Bui! Bui-zel!"

Tommy sighed, "Oh yeah... kind of a dumb question. Well, how about I call you... hmmm... how about Tom? Does that sound good, boy?"

The Buizel chuckled. "Bui bui, buii!" It used one of its paws to point down between its feet to bring attention to the error in Tommy's sentence. Tommy looked at the Buizel curiously, but didn't get it.

"What is it, Tom?"

After another chuckle, the Buizel decided it had to be a bit more direct in correcting Tommy's mistake. It lay down on its back and used its two-pronged tail to brush against the sensitive region between its legs and south of its belly.

Tommy was still utterly confused by the Buizel's actions. He thought it was just being playful. The Buizel, on the other hand, was having second thoughts on the intelligence of humans. It decided that enough was enough and it proceeded to slide one of its tail-tips into a small opening between its legs.

Tommy finally got it. His face was blushing a deep shade of red out of embarrassment for it taking so long to realize. And also because right in front of him was a female Pokemon 'playing' with herself. "Oh my god... haaa... you're a girl, that's what you were trying to tell me. Isn't it?"

"Bu-buiiii!" replied the Buizel. She withdrew the tail from her innards after giving a quick and pleasurable flick inside.

"I'm sorry... Now I really feel stupid. I guess I just didn't really think about it, that's all. The Pokemon that I trained were all boys."

She giggled playfully in response to his apparent embarrassment. Toying with his ignorance amused her.

"I guess I'd better come up with a better name for you than Tom, huh? Hmmm... how about, umm... how about Tango?"

"Bui! Bui!" answered the Buizel, nodding her head in approval.

"Well, Tango, now that we've got that settled... heh... do you know if there's anything I can eat on this island?"

Tango reached down and grabbed one of the berries she ventured out to get and offered it to him. "Ibu!"



"Well, alright..." He took the berry into his hand, took a few seconds to eye it down, and then gave a quick nibble to taste it. It was surprisingly sweet, like a sweetened cherry, but with a hint of melon thrown in. "Hey, this tastes great!"

Tango smiled proudly at his exclamation. She was quite fond of the berries here, so she was relieved knowing that her new friend thought the same. She then took a berry for herself, and the two shared a delicious breakfast of berries together.


When they were done with breakfast, Tommy decided that he'd better start trying to make a signal fire or something to draw attention to the fact that he was there, like in the book he read.

He started by wandering around the perimeter of the island to see if he could find any dead branches, and also to get a feel for the island's features. Tango eagerly followed him. The island really wasn't much larger than it looked. There was just a bunch of sandy beaches around the perimeter, with the forested area smack dab in the middle of the island. It took about half an hour to walk around the entire island.

A few dead branches were brought back to where he washed up -- not that the position really mattered much now, since the whole island would be his home for a bit. Well, his and Tango's.

He'd never actually lit a fire from scratch before. He took a random rock he found on the beach and tried hitting it against the sticks, but had no luck. He then found one more rock and slammed the two together in hopes of igniting a spark. Again, no luck. Tango was observing his actions with the utmost of curiosity. What is he trying to do with those rocks, she thought to herself. It looked pretty silly, but she still found it to be interesting.

"Dammit, this isn't working!" shouted Tommy as he threw the rocks into the ocean, "Dammit!"


"God fucking dammit, I'm going to be stuck on this damn island for the rest of my fucking life!!" Tommy was clearly very frustrated, banging his hands on the ground while on his knees. He'd often been scolded for using harsh language when he didn't get what he wanted, but it never stopped him from using it. What did he care now, though, of all times. For all he was concerned, he very well may have been correct -- he might just be stuck here for the rest of his life.

Tango cautiously stepped toward him, sensing his frustration. "Bui?" she asked, tugging his rugged clothes.

"I'm sorry Tango, I wasn't yelling at you. I'm just really pissed off right now."

"Ibu..." She suddenly licked him on the nose, which caught him off-guard, although in a humorous way.

"Awww, Tango. Thanks."

"Ibu! Bui!" exclaimed Tango as she hugged his arm.

Tommy used his free hand to pet Tango's furry little head, which she quite enjoyed. He found it to be rather interesting, too. Wild Pokemon don't tend to be so friendly right off the bat. All of the Pokemon that he had caught in the past put up quite the struggle when he tried to catch them. They grew to be fond of him, but only after a lot of time and rigorous training.

"Well... if I can't get a fire started, I can at least spell out S.O.S." He released his hand from Tango's head.

She looked up at him, curious as to what he meant by S.O.S. "Bui ibu bui?" asked Tango, trying to imitate the acronym.

"Yeah... it's like a codeword for help or something."

"Bui." She seemed glad to know, even though she didn't fully understand it.

Tommy went to work on taking some of the sticks, branches, and stones he'd collected from the shore and moving them in such a way that it would spell out "S.O.S." on the beach. Tango tried to help, too, but since she didn't know what she was doing, Tommy asked her to just help him bring her sticks rather than try and line them up. She happily obliged.


It was about noon by now. The sun was shining down from directly above. It was also starting to get a bit warmer. The effort put into the S.O.S. gave Tommy quite a sweat. His clothes, which were already tattered and rather uncomfortable, were now soaked with sweat. And the beating sun wasn't helping his condition. He needed some shade.

"Hey Tango, what's in the forest over there?" asked Tommy, not really expecting a verbal response. He figured, though, that if there were anything dangerous in there, she'd let him know.

"Bui?" she pointed to the forest, "Bui, bui ibu-buiii, ibu... Buiii bui!" Her motions seemed to tell him that there wasn't anything to fear in there, which was all he was hoping to learn from her.

"Alright then, let's go in there for a bit, what do you say?"

"Buiiii!" She wagged her tails eagerly.


They walked into the cover of the forest, which wasn't really a full-fledged forest, but it seemed like a good thing to call it.

Inside, the shade of the trees instantly brought a wave of relief to the sun-stricken boy. It was still humid, but it at least felt a lot more bearable. Right ahead of them was a small spring of water, about the size of a small room in a house. It looked pleasantly cool and refreshing. It also appeared to be lake water instead of salt water, which was rather interesting. Maybe it collected from rain that hit on the island? Or dew forming on the foliage? Whatever the case, it was calling to Tommy.

"Oh, water..." He walked up to the water's edge and looked in at it. It looked deep enough to swim in, that's for sure. "Boy does this look great..."

Before jumping in, Tommy gave it some thought. He was pretty certain that the only clothes he would be having until help came -- if that ever happened -- would be the ripped, dirty clothes he had on right now. If he just jumped into the water, then his clothes would be wet until they dried off, which may take awhile. But, if he were to take them off, swim in the nude, and leave his clothes out on the beach for the sun to dry, then they'd be all dry from the sweat by the time he got out of the pool.

"Hey Tango, you don't mind if I take a dip and put my clothes out to dry, do you?"

Without hesitation, Tango answered with a cheery "Bui buiiii," with particular emphasis on the second "bui."

"I'll take it that you don't mind."

She nodded in agreement. Tommy began to disrobe, starting with his shirt, pulling it off and exposing his bare chest. He was fairly fit, although certainly no athlete. A few adolescent chest hairs poked out from his chest. Next went his jeans, which now looked like the rattiest piece of clothing you could find in the shady part of Saffron City. Pulling them off left only his boxers, which had more holes than a slice of swiss cheese. It probably couldn't even be used as a loincloth at this point. He set them down in a pile by the rest, regardless, and lifted the pile out into the sunny beach where it could dry.

He felt a little awkward walking around in the nude. But there were clearly no other inhabitants on the island. There was no one on the island that he'd need to hide his bare self from. Well, except Tango, but she was just a Pokemon. She was naked already, after all.

As he returned to the pool, Tango couldn't help but stare at him with the utmost of interest. The naked figure of the human male walking towards her was strongly appealing to her. She didn't know why, either. Well, she did have an idea as to why, but didn't exactly want to admit it to herself. His physique and size couldn't be compared to a Buizel, or even a Floatzel. He was much larger. And glancing downward a bit, she took a quick look at what seemed to be his boyhood. She blushed at the sight of it. She'd seen males before; it was no foreign site to her. But something about it was really intriguing. She couldn't stop staring.

Tommy noticed the sea weasel Pokemon staring at him in a very unusual way. "Tango? Are you...?" He thought about it for amount. "Oh god..." He covered himself up with his hands, snapping Tango out of her trance. She looked at him with guilt. Tommy looked back with a hint of confusion in his mind. She wasn't staring at what I think she was, was she, he thought to himself.

The remaining few steps to the pool were taken in an awkward silence. Neither knew exactly what to think. Tommy cautiously slid into the water. It did feel very refreshing and relaxing, to say the least. But he did feel kind of bad for Tango, who was looking rather dejected at the water's edge, doing everything she could to not look at him.

I'm sure, what ever it was, it was all innocent, he thought to himself while looking at the depressed Buizel. It meant nothing. He decided to have some fun and help cheer her up, because it just didn't seem right seeing the usually-cheery Buizel depressed and feeling guilty. He submerged underwater, swimming over to where Tango was, and then quickly emerging and pulling her into the water. "Gotcha!" he exclaimed as Tango splashed about in the water, taken completely off-guard by his antics.

"B-bui?! Bui bui!!" she yelled, firing a Water Gun attack at his face.

"Hey now, I'm gonna get you for that!" shouted Tommy as he splashed some water back at her face. Fortunately Tango wasn't the type to stay upset for very long, especially because she knew that Tommy was just playing. It made her feel even more happy, because she admired Tommy, but had yet to actually play with him. And she was a playful sort...

The two swam around in the pool, splashing and squirting water at each other. At one point in their bout, Tango swam circles around Tommy, rendering her uncatchable by the likes of the boy. He swung his arms around in an attempt to catch her, but was having difficulty in doing so. She was just too fast. He then got clever and waited for a second or two for her to complete a spin around him, and then grabbed her with both of his arms, clutching her to his chest in a pseudo-hug.

In the spirit of the game she was playing, she felt like now would be the perfect time to spray him with a Water Gun to the face and claim victory, but... it was happening again. She gazed into his eyes. His strange, blue eyes. They looked far different from any other Pokemon's eyes she had seen. His face fascinated her as well as she darted her eyes around, taking in the various features of the human head. Features like his nose, which looked considerably different from her own, and the few strands of fur poking out of his face. Not to mention the odd patch of light-brown fur he donned at the top of his head. She enjoyed looking at them for some reason she didn't fully understand.

Tommy could see this. He could see her carefully examining him. She gave a similar look as earlier, which somewhat helped clear her case in his mind. She must have just been staring at me all along, and not just my crotch, the boy thought to himself. It seemed kind of cute now that he thought about it. Memories of his first Pokemon, his Cyndaquil, shot through his mind. He remembered his Cyndaquil following him around like a young Psyduck would follow its mother. They formed a strong bond and became very good friends. Together, with the help of the other Pokemon he caught along the way, they earned 5 of the Johto Gym Badges. They had adventures together. He watched them grow and evolve. He used to enjoy sleeping beside them out in the stars.

Somehow looking at Tango reminded him of all that. But it also reminded him that they were gone... He'd never see them again. There was no way that they could have survived that awful wreck, especially in a storm like that. He'd be lucky if he ever got off this island... which may never be.

He started to sob, and then proceeded to break out crying, clutching Tango close and knocking her out of her trance. She knew that he was sad about something -- something that was probably running through his mind while she was checking out his face. But she enjoyed being held tightly by him. He was squeezing her like a pillow now -- not hard enough to hurt her, but harder than a mere hug.

She remained comforting him in his sadness, patting his back and sympathetically licking the side of his face.


A little while later, after his teary wave of emotion ended, Tommy got out of the pond with Tango following close behind. She shook her body to help dry herself. Fortunate for her, her fur was more water-repellent than typical Pokemon fur to help improve her aquatic prowess. Drying off was a cinch for her. Tommy, on the other hand, was still pretty wet.

They noticed that the sun was only an hour or so away from setting into the ocean. Tommy decided that now would be a good opportunity to use the remaining sunlight to his advantage and help him dry. He lay stark naked down on the sandy beach, closing his eyes and basking in the warm light.

There it was again. Tommy's naked body in perfect view. Except this time Tango didn't have to worry about any odd looks in return -- Tommy was only focusing on relaxing with his eyes shut. This gave her a perfect opportunity to examine more of his features. Humans were still a new and fascinating subject to her.

She walked up to his side and proceeded to eye him up from the top to the bottom. His head, which she had already gotten an excellent glimpse of, now looked relaxed against the sandy shore. He wore a smile on his face, which was a good change of pace. What was he thinking, she wondered.

Shifting her eyes slowly downward, across the chest of the human male, she stared in admiration at the flesh and muscle he possessed. It felt so warm and comfortable resting on it before.

And lastly, her gaze shot even lower... down to his groin. She couldn't help but elicit a small giggle looking at it again. Even in its unerect state, his male organ intrigued her. It fascinated her. She wanted to touch and examine it. The whole area. But, not knowing how he might react to her curiosity, she knew she couldn't just act on her impulses. At least, not yet.

She did, however, take another step closer so she could get a better view. His penis looked pretty much what any teenage boy's penis would look like, although to Tango, it looked very different due to its capped head, which made it quite different from any of the shapes of Pokehood that male Pokemon typically possessed. It was sheathless, so even unerect, it was still discernible.

Somehow, she managed to turn her focus away from his boyhood and take notice of the clothes he had laid out on the beach. A devious thought hit her... If she were to take away those clothes, she would be able to look at his naked self indefinitely. All she would have to do is hide his clothes and he would be naked all the time. How could she go wrong?

She put her paws up to her face and let out a playful giggle into them. Then, without the attention of Tommy, she crept over to his sun-dried clothes. There they were, right there in front of her. She didn't really want to make Tommy angry, but she was fascinated by his body and couldn't even figure out why he would have to wear clothes in the first place. Pokemon don't wear clothes, and they're happy.

Enough time had been wasted. She bit into his shirt with her mouth, grabbed his shorts and underpants with her free paws, and then waddled out into the ocean. Tommy opened his eyes and looked to his right to see the sea weasel running off with his clothes. She'd better not...

"Tango!" he shouted in a firm voice, "Bring those back!"

Uh oh. He noticed. Not good. She looked back at him to see him getting up from the sand. She could either stop now and give him his clothes back, or do something against his wishes for her own gratification with the risk of him being upset with her. She opted for the latter, hoping that she wouldn't regret it later, and sprinted into the ocean. Using her propeller-like dual-pronged tail, she swam out a few meters into the depths of the water, clothes in tow.

"Those are my clothes!! What the fuck! Get back here you fucking otter!!" yelled Tommy with his fists flying in the air. It was of no use, though, as Tango had already submerged underwater, along with his clothes. "Dammit!!" He lay down on the sand, frustrated and upset. Why did she have to do that? Why didn't she listen to his order? It just made him so mad... and so naked.


A few minutes later, Tommy saw Tango resurface at the beach. She had no clothes with her though. They were gone, great, just great, just fucking great, thought Tommy. He couldn't hold back his rage and frustration -- an unfortunate flaw of his when he became very upset.

"That was the only decency I had! I'm going to fucking kill you, you stupid bitch!!!"

With that, he darted towards her with an unfamiliar look in the eyes that Tango once saw as sweet. She couldn't study them, though, but knew that he wasn't the Tommy that she had known. She instinctively wanted to run, but found herself to be frozen out of fear, like a Stantler caught in the headlights.

He got to her and knocked her to the ground on her back, pinning her down with his own weight and grabbing at her flotation sac with his two hands. The pain was overwhelming -- not just the physical pain, but the emotional pain as well. He was crushing her with the weight he was applying. He shifted his hands closer to her neck, and he grabbed tightly around them.

Tango couldn't believe it... this wasn't Tommy. This was a monster. And this monster seemed to be intent on killing her. She wanted to fight back, but she couldn't... no. No, she could, and she knew that she had to. She scrunched up her rear legs and then tried to use their combined force to kick him off of her. He was too heavy and had too firm of a grip on her.

"Buiiii!!" she screeched, the pain intensifying. She'd trusted this human, and this mistake of hers was going to kill her. She broke down and fired a powerful Water Gun at the human's face using every bit of energy she thought she had.

It hit his face directly, and stunned him for a second or two as he could only elicit garbled responses. "Fuck!!" he yelled as he released one of his hands and swung it at her face. It hit her directly and knocked her face to the side.

"B... bui..."

She struggled some more, moving around frantically. She wanted this nightmare to end. She wanted to be free from this evil stranger to her.

Taking one final shot, she fired another Water Gun at him after tilting her head towards his. Another direct hit. But this time, the human used his free hand to cover her mouth and disable her stream of water.

Tango didn't want to have to resort to doing this, but she had no choice. She used this opportunity to inflict a powerful bite into Tommy's hand. It penetrated the flesh, causing Tommy to swiftly withdraw his hand and release his grip on her with his other hand while he used it to hold onto his bleeding hand. Screams of pain filled the air as he cried up to the sky.

Using her rear legs once more, she finally managed to kick him off of her and knock him down onto the ground. She wasted no time in retreating to the ocean and swimming away as far as she could.

Only the sounds of painful sobbing and crashing waves could be heard as Tommy lay alone on the beach, bleeding and in pain. He snapped out of his rage. He couldn't believe what he just did. He didn't know what came over him. Tommy knew that he had an anger problem and did reckless things when he got upset, but he had never resorted to excessive violence like he had tonight.

"I... I was going to... ... I was going to kill her...!" he exclaimed amidst his sobbing. He hurt the only one thing that could have helped him. He hurt the only one thing that would care about him while he was on this island. And it was all over stupid clothes, too.

The scared and helpless look on her poor face haunted his thoughts. Her eyes... the way they looked up at him in his fury... the look of fear he could see in her... it was horrible. He was horrible. He couldn't stop thinking of her eyes looking up at him. No matter what he did or what he tried to think about. Every bit of pain he felt now -- both physically from the bite and kick and emotionally from the whole experience -- was deserved. Even after already losing everything...

All he could do was cry until eventually he ran out of enough energy to produce tears and to stay awake, and proceeded to drift off into sleep. Alone and in total isolation. Now, he really has lost everything.


Tommy wasn't the only one crying this evening, though. On another small island about a mile or two away, Tango was crying like she had never cried before.

She felt scared, let down, sad, angry, alone, and depressed. The trust that she put into the human was shattered into a million pieces. It now made sense to her why Pokemon sometimes feared Trainers. They were horrible, vicious creatures, far worse than any Pokemon could be. Sure, wild Pokemon can be violent, but usually only when they are hunting other Pokemon, out of necessity. Usually. But Tommy... he hurt her out of anger and rage. He wanted revenge.

And worse yet, she admired him. She adored him. He was so fascinating to her. She really enjoyed his company, and thought that the same was true in reverse. She even felt a bit attracted to him, even though she had only just met him, and she was finally able to realize that for herself. But it came too late.

Her body was in pain, but the pain was paltry compared to the pain her heart was going through. The regret she felt was overwhelming. If only she hadn't have saved him and let him die... No, no, she thought, that wouldn't have been right. She did the right thing and she knew it. Her only regret was taking his clothes, which he obviously must have cared for more than her. If only she hadn't done that. Why did she have to do that?

Flashes of looking up at the powerful human above her raced through her mind. The whole scene seemed to replay in an endless loop that she couldn't stop. The sight and feeling of his hands choking her. The pain felt both physically and emotionally as he slapped her hard across the face. It wouldn't stop. It wouldn't end. It just plagued her mind, forcing her to break down. She fell forwards onto the sand, right onto her belly, and tucked her arms under her bruised head. And for what felt like days but was nothing more than the few hours it took for her to drift off to sleep, she could do nothing more but cry and sob.

End of Chapter 2
Is this really the end of Tommy and Tango's friendship? I really wasn't originally planning on it getting this violent, but as I was writing it, it was just so emotionally powerful that I couldn't stop myself. (Sort of spoilers are hidden ahead if you select the following text: Tommy has rage issues from the past. He's not perfect. But don't worry, they will put this behind them.)

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