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Chapter 4: Reunited, We are One

Chapter 4: Reunited, We are One

This is probably the chapter everyone was waiting for... Tommy and Tango are finally reunited and share a tender evening together.

Warning: This chapter contains explicit descriptions of consensual sexual acts between a human and a Pokemon. If you are under 18 (or 21 where appropriate), you mustn't read this lemon, because it is apparently very bad for you and will inflict massive psychological damage that will scar you for the rest of your life. The moment you turn 18 (or 21), you can come back here and read it, because you then are invincible from such scarring. Silly youngins and their laws.

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"Lucila, dear, we must tell him today, before he sets off to become a Pokemon Trainer. It may be our last chance to tell him for quite some time," spoke the voice of a man, somewhat muffled. His voice was easily recognized by Tommy as his father's voice -- the voice of Mr. William Mattick.

"No, darling, we can't... it would simply break his heart," replied the voice of Tommy's concerned mother, Mrs. Lucila Mattick.

Tommy, who was walking down a fancy, wooden flight of stairs inside of a large mansion, overheard these voices talking amongst each other. "What's going on?" he quietly asked himself, creeping closer to the half-opened door to listen in more on what was being said. Eavesdropping was something that Tommy had grown to be rather familiar with, be it to listen in on what was for dinner or what kind of punishment he was to receive for breaking expensive antiques.

"He's ten years old; we both agreed that we'd tell him someday, and wouldn't you much rather tell him the whole story here, in person, rather than across the videophones in assorted cities?" Mr. Mattick asked his wife.

"William, if he finds out that we aren't his biological parents, he could hold resentment towards us for keeping it a secret throughout his whole journey! It could cause him to do something reckless. We can tell him after he's taken on the Pokemon League challenge. He will be much more settled and mature by then and will surely be able to handle it."

"Every day that passes is just another secret we're keeping from him... he is our son, dear -- our son, regardless of blood. He is the sole heir to the Mattick name. We are getting old, dear, and what if something were to happen to us? What if we were unable to tell Thomas about his birth parents?"

"We don't even know about his birth parents!" snapped Mrs. Mattick, clearly growing more agitated about trying to be convinced to tell him.

Tommy was powerless to contain his emotions. Fear, anger, sadness, confusion... he'd had enough of it. He burst through the door and stared blankly at his 'parents.' "M-mom? Dad? What... what about my... birth parents...?"

Mr. and Mrs. Mattick were speechless. How much had he heard? "Thomas," spoke William, "There's something that we need to talk to you about..."


Memories of that fateful day flowed through Tommy's mind. Everything from the point he walked in to their tear-filled goodbye. Learning that he was adopted was far from an easy pill for the boy to swallow at that age, although his journeying cleared his head and he had accepted his adopted status after a year or so of traveling, when he returned home for a visit.

After then, everything was well between he and his parents, as well as his troop of Pokemon that he had caught. But there was still a question in his mind that even now remains unanswered...

"What happened... to my real parents...?"

Two days had now passed since his fight with Tango, which he still hasn't forgiven himself for. His body was weary, tired, and fatigued. Aside from the occasional bitter-tasting berry he would force himself to eat, he had gone without food for this whole time. He could only hope that the water from the forest pool was clean enough to drink, as that was all he had quenched his thirst with.

Most of this time was spent just gazing out at the sea. All he had to occupy him were his memories, along with the sight of the odd Lapras or Wailmer he'd see swim by far, far off in the distance.

But ironically, now Tommy was the one being eavesdropped on. A certain curious, orange sea weasel Pokemon had been watching him intently from afar. Tango made sure never to surface, still remaining cautious after what happened. She had to analyze him... watch him... he looked pitiful, and she felt horrible about it, but she also needed to make sure that he wasn't still hostile.

A painfully loud grumble could be heard from Tommy's stomach. He kept picking the wrong berries -- a novice's mistake. No wonder he's starving! The unripe berries taste awful. Now, Tango decided, was the time to intervene. She swam over to the opposite side of the island and wandered into the forest.

The berry-picking pro grabbed a pawful of ripe berries and placed them in a pile right next to the pool. Only an idiot could miss these and she could only hope that Tommy was no idiot.

Her work was interrupted when she heard footsteps. Tommy had gotten up and was walking over to the forest. Uh oh! She quickly looked to her left, then her right, and jumped into the foliage to take cover. She had no time to escape back out into the ocean as she would have liked.

Making his way into the forest, Tommy immediately took notice of a strange pile of berries placed neatly by the pool. He didn't place those there, did he? No, he would have remembered doing that... but he wasn't about to argue. Without any further questioning, he grabbed one of the berries, and took a cautious bite out of it. Much to his delight, it was one of those rare good-tasting berries that he'd nearly forgotten existed! He continued to scarf the rest of it down. Getting bold, he tried another. It, too, was a good-tasting berry. Luck was finally starting to turn on his side.

Tango smiled, seeing Tommy be able to fill his belly with berries. He made quick work out of the entire pile and lay down on his back after his meal.

"That was really good... they were all good... but how?" It hit him, "Tango! She must have...?" He quickly got up and shifted his head around in search of her. Tango remained unseen, although rather nervous about being found.

He started walking out to the beach to see if she was out there. "I don't know why she'd do something like that after I was a total ass to her," he mumbled on his way out.

This was Tango's cue to escape back into the ocean. On her way out the opposite exit Tommy took, she looked out at him to see him looking around on the shore -- most likely for her. She smiled once more, gave a light blush, and trotted off out of the forest and into the ocean to wait for a more opportune moment.


Having nothing better to do, Tommy combed the island for traces of the Buizel's presence. The sun was starting to set, casting a vivid array of colors among the sea, sand, and sky. On the tail end of the island, Tommy took note of a suspicious trail of wet sand leading into the forest. The shape, the footprints... it was definitely Tango who left those footprints, and berries for that matter. Well, unless there was another Buizel about that happened to pick a bunch of good berries, leave them in a pile, and then just forget about them. But somehow that just didn't seem to be the likely guess.

"Tango... I don't know what it was. I don't know what came over me... I'm not violent. I'm really not. I just got so angry... and over something so stupid! If I could take it all back in an instant, I would. I would a thousand times... it's going to haunt me for the rest of my life on this rotten island. Just like a dream I had here..." Tommy took a break from his speech and sighed, realizing that his words and emotions were just being spit at the air and nothing more. "I guess it doesn't matter now..."

What Tommy didn't realize, though, was that his words were heard, and by exactly whom he wished to hear them. Tango had been watching Tommy from the sea, hiding and remaining stealth amongst the shining waters of sunset. His apologies were heartfelt and so beautiful to her. She felt him mean every word he said and felt sad for him... he was the one stuck on the island, not her. Unlike her, he couldn't just run or escape from his problems by swimming away. Everything he had was now taken away from him: his friends, his family... and one stupid mistake on his part turned the one friend he had to get him through it -- her -- away from him. And worse yet, if left unattended, he might just live only a few short weeks on this island before crumbling away to nothing, having nothing to help him through it.

Mustering up her courage, she swam onto the beach, still being cautious not to attract his attention just yet. She glanced down the beach at Tommy, who seemed to be completely oblivious to everything around him. Tango took a step closer, followed by another two steps, carefully approaching the human.

"Bui?" she chirped nervously. Tommy paid no attention, still lost in his own thoughts. "B-buii?" This time, he noticed her voice. He slowly turned to face the noise, and there before his eyes he saw the most joyous sight he'd seen in days: Tango!

The two -- each about four yards apart -- faced each other for the first time in days. Tommy was nervous and shrouded with guilt. Did she hear what he said? Part of him could only hope.

"Tango..." said Tommy in a low, soft tone. He had really missed her. With no hesitation, Tommy started to run over to greet his friend. No sooner did he take his first step, Tango instinctively jumped back cautiously, triggering an immediate halt from Tommy. "Oh, Tango... I'm sorry... I'm not going to hurt you," he apologized, getting on his hands and knees begging for her forgiveness as well as showing his true intentions. "What I did was awful. There aren't any excuses... all I can do is hope that you'll forgive me, and promise that I will never, ever hurt you again, Tango."

She was touched by his remorse and sincerity. She couldn't hold back the tears if she wanted to. As much as she admired him, she also felt that he was a true friend, even though they had both only just met. His wayward aggression was behind him now, being cast away like a shadow -- like the shadow that was behind Tommy right now, against the beautiful orange sunset. Tango took a glance at Tommy's shadow. In her mind, she wanted to spray a Water Gun at it to firm up her poetic analogy... but it could easily be misinterpreted by Tommy as a sign of attack. Let's just keep it simple and put it behind us, she thought, walking up to him.

"Bui... bui, ibu-bui."

Tommy hadn't moved, still trying to give Tango complete confidence over his docility. She walked two steps closer, then leaned in to embrace Tommy in a hug against his shoulder. As she held her embrace, Tommy sobbed loudly, followed by crying out at the sand and Buizel's foot beneath him. He wanted this moment to last forever. They both did...

"T-tan-go... I'm so, so sorry... I'm soaaaa-hhh, hhhaa..." Tommy's apology was cut off with more of his sobbing.

"Bui! Buiii, bui buii!" Of course, she knew her forgiveness couldn't be expressed through words, so she merely held him closer. Her water-repellent fur was running off the salty wet tears pouring down from his face. She nuzzled her head against his and stroked a paw across his hair, lightly petting him and providing comfort.

After several more minutes of this, Tommy sat himself up on the beach and saw his Buizel friend right beside him, swishing her tails with a smile. It was starting to get dark now, but it felt more like his day was just beginning now that he was with Tango again.

He pet Tango on her head and then grabbed her from the waist, letting her lean comfortably against his arm, and then cradled her on her back on his lap. She smiled as Tommy looked down at her, returning the smile. Tommy then started to rub her belly, remembering how his Typhlosion and Ursaring both used to enjoy that when they were younger and unevolved.

Tango was really getting into Tommy's belly rubbing, stretching her legs out and eliciting several 'Buiiis' of delight. She kept her head rested against Tommy's other arm. This kind of affection was a new, warm feeling to her. As Tommy continued rubbing her soft, peach-colored belly, Tango would let out soft coos and light twitches in response.

Five more minutes of his tender treatment continued uncontested, although after that time Tango began to get antsy. She rustled around and wriggled about so she was chest-to-chest with Tommy. She then latched onto his shoulders and lifted herself up so she was now face-to-face with him. The two looked into each other's eyes, both admiring the other's beauty shimmering in the now-present moonlight.

Tango nervously leaned in closer to Tommy's face and started to close her eyes as her face drew nearer to his. She was sure that she wanted to do this. No hesitance, no questioning... she would only hope that he would feel the same and that this wouldn't ruin their friendship. Her lips slowly pressed against Tommy's.

Her actions shocked him. Aside from the kisses of his parents, Tommy had never been kissed -- not by a human, not by a Pokemon. It wasn't really that he was shy or unattractive; it was more a matter of not sticking around in any area for too long to make friends. The only friends he really needed were his Pokemon; everyone else was just a competitor or someone that could assist him with something. At first, he couldn't help but feel it seemed a little disgusting -- kissing a Pokemon -- but, even though the moral views of society were telling him to stop, he couldn't pull himself to repel her. The lips of Tango were soft and moist. They pressed gently against his own. He held her tighter and proceeded to make the tender kiss a reciprocal one.

She pulled her lips away from his briefly to gaze affectionately into the eyes of her human partner. She was becoming more and more smitten by him with every second that he held her in his strong arms. His smooth, naked body felt particularly sensational against her short, yet dense orange fur. It was a very comforting feeling to be held like this.

Contented, Tango gave a light lick across Tommy's nose, followed by another, slower lick across his lips, stopping about halfway through her administration to embrace their lips together once more in a sweet kiss.

Tommy slowly started leaning back towards the ground, letting Tango take dominance on top of his chest. She, of course, kept up her gentle kissing without halt, although as the two hit the sand beneath them, she began getting more eager with her tonguework and tried to slip it inside of Tommy's mouth. Her tongue was quick to greet his in an interesting experience of exchanging their foreign-tasting saliva with one another. Normally, Tommy would be disgusted and repulsed by the thought of allowing spit in his mouth, especially from something like a wild Pokemon! But, somehow, the taste -- bland as it may seem to be -- tasted incredibly intriguing and inviting to him, not to mention the soft feel of Tango's floppy -- almost dog-like -- tongue playing with his own.

He held her face pressed close to his, engaging her in a duel of the tongues, exploring each other's maws with their flexible pink muscles. All the while, they embraced in an even deeper and closer hug.

Finally, after roughly five more minutes of this charade, Tommy broke away from the kiss panting.

"Wha... wha... what did I just do? Eh... e-ww... uh... umm... uhhh... ohhh... ewww...?" remarked Tommy, unsure of what it was he had exactly just done with a Pokemon. He kissed a Pokemon! And quite romantically, at that. It was very reminiscent of the sort of kisses he had seen from his mother's soap operas that she would have on, although he didn't realize it at all while it was going on, otherwise he probably wouldn't have gone through with it.

"Bui...?" cooed Tango. She was hoping that he had enjoyed their moment as much as she had. It surely meant a lot to her. "Bui, bui buiii!" she spoke, trying to suggest to him that what they did was right, not wrong or gross.

"Oh, Tango... I, no, it wasn't lik-... I don't mean that I didn't enjoy it... I think? It's just, it was different, that's all." As he was speaking, he began to yearn for the feeling of their conjoined lips again, as if it had been days since he'd done it even though it was just a minute or two ago. He had to have it.

Without any further talk, Tommy rolled with Tango so they were both on their sides, and Tommy drew his lips up close to Tango's in pursuit of another kiss. She was glad to oblige and make quick work of poking her tongue around into his mouth again. She loved the completely foreign taste of his mouth.

It felt like they could keep this up for hours. In all actuality, they probably could. There wasn't really much else for them to do there, and they really missed each other's company. Really missed. Not to mention they really enjoyed it, especially now, in a way they never enjoyed it before.

The feeling of their passionate kissing luster was starting to affect Tommy in a rather dictating place. His penis started to stiffen up. Not that Tommy could notice it right now, even though it sure wanted him to.

Tango had started soaking the fur of her lower region a bit ago. It had now become quite moist and in need of attention. It was a good feeling, one that she had been accustomed to through frequent practice of masturbation. She had become a master of self-pleasure in her mind. Because of this, she knew exactly what was really going on here and just how eager she was to tend to her needs. She was practically shuddering from the thought of it and the feel of just how horny she was now.

But this time, she might not be alone in doing so. She had come close to mating on a few occasions. In the vast ocean, it can be hard to find mates, particularly if you're an ocean-bound Buizel. Most Buizel live inland, along rivers and streams. But Buizel are capable of living out at the ocean, since their buoy-like flotation sacs can keep them afloat in the ocean while they sleep without fear of drowning, and they can dive to catch fish like Magikarp, Finneon, and Remoraid. Of course, Tango and her family also had the shelter of the nearby islands -- their own little private resort.

As such, the only Buizel and Floatzel that she knew were her family. Even her brother mated with an Azumarill -- again, a bit of a rarity, since the Marill line rarely traverse the deep oceans. On one venture she made, she saw two Golducks mating along the shore of one of the islands. She watched for awhile, then approached them to ask if she could join in. The Golducks were quick to vacate the area from the creepy Buizel, though. Another time, she had snuck aboard a fishing trawler and had managed to stroke a Machop's member to cum, although was swiftly chased off of the ship by the Pokemon's Trainer, much to the disappointment of both Tango and the Machop. One final run-in happened when she swam over to another island to meet a male Totodile there. He taught her to suck him off, which she apparently excelled in, and he rewarded her with pleasurable licks to her snatch in return. Just as she was about to be penetrated by the frisky Totodile, his mate -- a female Totodile -- stepped in and stopped them, puncturing the male Totodile's scales a multitude of times with her vengeful teeth.

She was open to telling her brother about all of her unfortunate tales, earning herself willful advice in return, such as not rushing into things and that they call it 'mating' because it is done between two mates, not just two Pokemon. Fortunately for her, Jazz and his mate were tolerable and understanding of Tango, and allowed her to watch their mating sessions whenever they happened to be in the area as her. They didn't mind. But she never could be content just being the spectator.

"Buuuu... buuuuuuu... iii," moaned Tango, as if in another world, breaking her lock on Tommy's lips. She was thinking to herself, 'What is going to screw this up now?' As much as she wanted it, every single time that she had ever acted on her urges, it always screwed her out of... getting screwed.

"Tango..." said Tommy, although for no reason other than to show his affection and say her name. He used his elbow against the sand to sit himself upright with his legs bent and to the side a bit. Tommy then picked Tango up so she was facing him, smiled at her, and rested her down on his lap to pet her head a bit.

"Bui!!" exclaimed Tango. Tommy had pressed her against an obstacle standing in the way of his lap -- one that had gone unnoticed by him until now. Pressing against the left-side of her rump was his fully erect, six inch penis. Six inches above his lap, held in his hands, Tango looked downward both out of embarrassment and curiosity -- primarily the latter. She remained silent and awestruck. 'Holy crap,' she thought.

"Holy crap... Ta- uh, uhh," stuttered Tommy as his face turned bright red, although it was hard to see the tint in the moonlight alone. "It really isn't what you think, Tango! It isn'- no, it, I, uhhh, heh, how'd that pop up there? Phew, gee, it must have been the berries, I, uh, yeah, berries." Tommy set Tango down while covering himself up, letting out nearly every excuse he could think of, regardless of how nonsensical it sounded.

Tango still remained silent, just gazing at his hands which were covering up his mighty member. When she had seen it before, it was just a penis. But that, that... that was not just an ordinary penis: that was a sex-ready penis, full and erect. 'Great Mew,' she thought, 'He's huge! How am I... is it... can I even...?'

She wanted to see it badly. She nearly orgasmed right there just thinking about it in anticipation. Without notice, Tango jumped at where Tommy's hands were protecting and tried desperately to pry his hands apart from there. No shame, no hesitation, just an insatiable and unstoppable desire to get another good look at it.

"Tango! What are you doing?!" shouted Tommy in an angry voice. Tango cowered and retreated instinctively out of subconscious fear that he was going to hit her like the last time he yelled in that voice. "Oh, no, Tango, I... I'm sorry... I'm not going to hurt you, it's just..." He had said enough excuses. To show her he meant no hostility, he swallowed up his pride and removed his hands guarding his boyhood, holding his arms out as if to invite her to another hug.

She cautiously approached him, but couldn't help but keep her eyes fixated on his magnificent phallus. She didn't just get close. she got really close -- close enough to give it a hearty shake if she wanted to. Tommy was getting nervous as to exactly what her intentions were and why she was so curious. It seemed like the Buizel was curious about his penis ever since he first stripped his clothes. Was there really a reason for that? He had disregarded it before, but now he was starting to replay it all in his mind. That gaze she gave his lower region as he returned to the pool after removing his clothes. The act of removing his clothes for good. And that kiss... oh, those many kisses. But now this? It couldn't be that she really was attracted to him, could it? He was starting to believe it more and more now that perhaps that's what it really was. Uh oh.

Tango knelt down so she could get an even closer look at it. It was still larger and mightier than she had ever seen it before. She'd sworn it had doubled in size even from when she got a glimpse of it just a minute ago. It was effectively one-fourth of her body! She nervously looked up at Tommy and let out a gentle "Bu-i?" as if to ask if she could touch it. She had a look of not just curiosity, but downright need in her eyes.

'Well, that pretty much confirms it,' thought Tommy, who was quick to understand the gist of what she was asking. But what was the harm in it, at least for right now. Curiosity is one of his biggest rivals, so why not give Tango a chance to test it. "Su-sure..." answered Tommy, submitting to whatever Tango had planned for him.

Tango nodded and let out an excited cheer. She proceeded to take her left paw and curiously prodded at his boyhood. It twitched in response. She poked it once more to witness yet another twitch from it. How exciting! Now Tango took her right paw and moved it across to the other side of his dick. Then, to Tommy's extreme surprise, she started rubbing her paws up and down across his length at a slow, teasing rate.

"H-h-holy shi-i-i-er-aaaahhh-craaa-pp!!" he cried. Tommy slammed his two hands behind him to hold him steady; otherwise he would fall on his back in an instant. He couldn't believe how amazing the feel of her furry paws felt stroking his penis. The pads on her paws provided such an amazing offset to the tingly feeling of her soft, fine fur. Along the shaft, her pawpads rubbed and applied just the right amount of pressure. When her paws reached the head of his member, the fur of her paws tickled his sensitive cock like nothing else could.

She began to pick up a bit more of a pace in her stroking, sliding her paws faster up and down the teen's shaft. A small amount of pre was leaking from the tip of his member's head out of pleasure. Oh, there was no doubt about it that this felt ten times better than any of his solo sessions. The unpredictability of her paws -- not to mention the blend of differing feelings, from the pawpads to the fur -- made it far more enjoyable to him.

But what he -- or rather, she -- was doing was wrong. Under most jurisdiction in the civilized regions, Trainers and Pokemon are forbidden from sex with each other, under penalty varying between suspension of one's Trainer's License to spending up to eight years in jail, possibly more if it was abuse or rape. Tommy had become aware of this after hearing about it on a special on T.V. one time about how a Trainer was sentenced to five years in prison after having an ongoing sexual relationship with his Blaziken. His parents wouldn't have approved of him watching it, but he was away all of the time, so he was free to watch such material. Most Trainers seeking to become involved in relationships with their Pokemon have to travel all the way to the secluded region of Orre, although there are very few wild Pokemon out there, so Trainers are pretty much restricted to only bringing what they have on them. It's sort of a refuge for those that are involved with relationships with Pokemon, commonly known as Pokephiles.

He couldn't help but feel that he should stop Tango's actions. If anyone were to ever find out about even this much, he could lose his Trainer's License and likely never be able to compete in the Pokemon League challenges ever again. Being a minor, he likely wouldn't serve time in jail or anything too severe, but it would still be a cruel sentence regardless. Of course, there is always Orre... but it's full of crooks and thieves, too. A real bad sort. Is it worth it? It's not too late to stop now.

'Well... maybe just another minute,' Tommy thought to himself, not wanting Tango's treatment to end even if it were morally questionable. But no sooner had he thought that did Tango then get a new, devious idea. Well, not entirely new to her, but something that she could no longer resist. The coating of pre atop his boyhood was far too tempting for her to ignore.

While Tommy's angel and devil were trying to persuade him on top of his shoulders, Tango positioned her head lower and slowly began to open her mouth. She closed her lust-filled eyes and eagerly began to take the tip of the member's head into her moist maw.

Tommy immediately snapped out of any thoughts and inner conflicts he was having as the indescribable feel of the Buizel's soft, smooth, and very wet tongue rubbed up, down, and all around the sensitive cap of his penis. He let out a loud moan, unable to speak anything legible through the rush of pleasure. It was a wet, warm, soft, moist, a bit ticklish, and extremely pleasurable sensation. Her light, hot breath only added to the enjoyment.

She continued bobbing her head up and down on Tommy's hard cock, suckling at it as if it were a lollipop and rubbing her tongue all across the tip. The taste of his pre was salty, musky, and had a twinge of several flavors completely foreign to her. Perhaps he tasted a bit sweet, too. It was really hard to describe exactly, although she could definitely taste a hint of Olmen Berry in there. She could only take in about one -- maybe two -- inches into her mouth with each descent as that was all that would fit into her mouth.

"T-taa-ohhh, ohhh... Tan-go-ohhhhhh, waiii-aaahhh, wa-waaa, ohhhhh!!" moaned Tommy in an attempt to spit out the words to get her to stop, although he just couldn't finish his garbled mess of words, being too occupied by her amazing mouthwork.

His words only made her pick up the pace. She sped up her bobbing and attempted to fit more and more into her mouth. She was now able to fit in three inches, but it was drawing dangerously close to her throat. It would have been great to take it all in her mouth, but she would settle for just half for the time. Both the taste and knowing that it was pleasuring Tommy made it well worth the fear of choking on his cock.

Primal, lust-driven instinct was now starting to take Tommy over as the pleasure given to him bordered on overwhelming. He wanted to go in deeper, just a bit deeper into the mouth of the Buizel. Hell, he wanted it all inside -- every last inch. To a virgin like he, it was an experience like no other, receiving his very first oral treatment. Any experience or encounter with sex he had come across before -- essentially, masturbation -- felt like nothing compared to actually having a real, living, breathing thing give you the pleasure rather than just his hand... or, one time, a pillow. And there was the incident at that one Pokemon Center with the vacuum cleaner that he was wishing he and Nurse Joy would forget. But in the here and now, all he could think -- all he could feel -- was just the pleasure given to him by Tango. Just her incredible oral work.

He sat a bit more upright and then reached one of his hands down to her head with only one of his eyes open and gently pet her on her head. She temporarily stopped her treatment and looked up at him longingly. Of course, followed by that brief stare was a smile before she continued her work at his member. Tommy brought his other hand over to her head as well and then started using his two hands to help guide Tango's mouth onto his cock.

At first, Tango was confused, although she understood that he was trying to extract even more thrill out of the moment. He would buck his hips forward in rhythm with her bobbing and sucking now. Between these two things, Tango was starting to lose the control she had on his boyhood, and it was now being thrust more at the pace of Tommy's whim into her mouth, and considerably deeper, too. His cock was now thrusting up to the back of her mouth, and having nowhere else to be led, was pushed down her throat.

All that could be heard from her were distraught humming sounds as she was unable to speak aloud through Tommy's thrusting into her maw. She would gag and cough as his meat plowed into the depths of her mouth and soak it with more of his precum. Tango wanted this torture to stop, or at least, so she thought. There was something she found to be highly erotic about stuffing five to six inches of cock down her throat. The slimy pre would run right down her esophagus, providing an interesting sensation altogether. Not only that, but being a Pokemon, she was much more receptive to sexual scent and taste than a human would be, so his pre was literally driving her wild. She was nearly suffocating and her jaw was aching; however as frightening as it may have seemed to her, it also felt so right at the same time -- particularly in her own groin area, which was now seeping wet with her own self-lubrication. For all she knew, she might have came a dozen times and not been aware of it, her being far too wrapped up in Tommy's cock to notice.

Tommy started to feel a familiar, although far more potent burning sensation in his loins than ever before. It felt sharp and hot, but in a good way, a very, very good way. He could definitely feel his orgasm approaching. His train of thought wasn't too aware, though, to realize that his burst of semen is going to be shot right down the throat of his friend Tango unless he pulled out pretty quick. Oh well. With one final, deep thrust and with no warning other than a loud moan of ecstasy, Tommy's orgasm hit, and hit hard, firing round after round of hot, gooey ejaculate straight down the throat of Tango.

The surprised Buizel felt like she was drowning in his barrage of cum. It was nearly impossible for her to breathe while his member shot its load into her throat and all over her mouth. But it felt great. It felt incredible having his sticky seed pouring down her throat. It felt incredible having it all over her mouth. On her tongue, on her teeth... all over the place.

The boy's erection started to dissipate as the last of his semen was extracted from his member. He fell backward, landing on his back and incidentally causing Tango to fall forward onto his half-limp cock. It was quickly shrinking in size, now that its business was complete. She withdrew her head from it, and licked her chops to savor the taste of the human's sticky cum. It was almost chewy against her teeth as she tried to take whatever was left in her mouth down to where the rest of it went. It certainly was an interesting experience for her at the very least. Scary at times, yes, but ultimately nothing short of amazing. And compared to the only other time she had tried this with that one cheating Totodile, this was without a doubt the victor of the two.

"Bu... I... buu... uiiii...!" said Tango enthusiastically. She crawled up onto Tommy's chest and snuggled up into it, panting softly. She wasn't the only one panting, though. Tommy's panting was vigorous. He was still recovering from and mesmerized by the feeling of the best orgasm he had ever felt by a long shot.

"Tango... hah... aahhh... that was... that was the most incredible thing... ever... ha... ahhh..." remarked Tommy as he held the Buizel close to him, snuggling up against her.

"Bu-bui!" responded Tango. However, their recent experience had left Tango's needs unfulfilled and only all the more desiring. She had to get in on this pleasure soon or she would go crazy! 'Maybe Tommy would... make me feel good, too,' she thought to herself. She glanced down towards his penis the best she could with little luck due to her positioning on him. Having no luck, Tango wriggled around so she was now facing his cock. Was now really the time? Was she finally ready to mate? No, something had to stop it from happening, of course, just like every single time in the past. What would it be this time?

As Tango was sizing up her potential penetrator, her rear was presenting itself in a rather inviting manner to Tommy. Although she was unaware of it, the view the boy was seeing was quite a pleasant eyeful. Her soaking wet pussy was only about a foot away from his face and field of view, by far making it the closest look at a female's genital area he had ever gotten short of sporadic porn watching. 

If he were perfectly honest with himself, he'd admit that the first time he was introduced to Tango and she clarified that she was in fact a she by inserting her tail into her vagina, it turned him on by quite a bit and also added tremendously to his curiosity. Right there, right before him, was a girl and her vagina -- her parts, her stuff. Right there. Well, other than the fact it was a Pokemon, he then thought, trying to diminish the perverse thoughts flowing through his mind at the time.

But he was once again tested when he had Tango pinned down during a time that he'd rather been forgotten. The temptation of abusing her was a possibility to him then, in his violent rage. Actually, had she not have acted and gotten away, his rage may have led him to take advantage of her in such a way, he feared. Thankfully, that never happened, and he wouldn't have to live with being a horrific monster. Just living with being a monster would have to do.

Now, though, the situation was within reason. Or was it? He had just had sex with a Pokemon! Oral sex, consensual oral sex... with a Pokemon! He had indeed broken the law of most civilized Pokemon regions. If anyone ever found out about this... it would be the end of his career as a Trainer.

'Wait a second,' he thought to himself, having a bit of a profound realization, 'I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for Tango! She's not just a Pokemon... she's my hero! My savior! If she didn't carry me to shore, I would have drowned, and then what good would my Trainer's License do, huh? I owe her... and I guess this time, it should stop being about me.'

Taking Tango by a bit of a shock, Tommy lifted himself up onto his butt again, causing her to slide down by his groin in a somewhat comical way.


"Tango, there's something I need to talk to you about..."

The Buizel turned herself around and sat up straight, resting on her partner's lap and looking up at him intently. "Bui?"

"Tango... where I'm from, Johto -- and for that matter, most of the other places with humans -- it's illegal to, well, uh... to have sexual relations with a Pokemon. Like, uh, well, what you just did... to me..."

"Bu... ii?" Tango grew a bit more concerned by his words.

"No, wait, that's what I'm trying to say," he said as he placed a hand on her cheek, "What we did just now was great! You did it to me, for me, and it wasn't like I made you do it or anything. It was what you wanted, right?"

"Bui," she answered, nodding in agreement.

"You know... for that, I could lose my Trainer's License, maybe even spend some time in jail if I'm unlucky. All of my Pokemon -- my friends -- that I caught and raised... they'd all be taken from me. At least, the ones I had left... you see, none of that matters. Everything was already taken from me. In fact, Tango, if it wasn't for you, that one night... saving my life... the Trainer's License, my Pokemon... none of it would have mattered, because I would have been dead!

"Tango, you're the reason I'm here. You didn't even know me and you saved me like a loyal Pokemon and great friend would do. You also cared for me and kept me company while I was here. Even through all of my selfishness and my anger... even through what would have been -- no, what was -- an unforgivable thing to do... you still stayed with me and came back.

"And now... wow, where do I begin... I still can't believe how good that felt, what you just did! I mean, I didn't think I'd be able to do that for awhile, and certainly, well, certainly not with a Pokemon... certainly not with you. It may be 'wrong' by what the majority of society sees, but screw society, because to me it felt so right, and I know that you wouldn't have done it had you not really wanted to.

"Those looks... those looks you gave me at the pool, when I came back without my clothes on... and the curious gazes you gave me when you thought I was sleeping on the beach nude... even the reason you took my clothes, possibly... Tango, was that... was that because... heh... was that... because...
"You love me?"

Throughout Tommy's whole speech, Tango's eyes had welled up with tears of affection and admiration. His words now were more beautiful than any other words she had ever heard spoken, in either human or Pokemon tongue. Her cheeks took on a brilliant shade of pale red from her blushing at the words from his heart. No more questioning had to cross her mind now -- Tommy was when things would go right. It now was for more than just the physical pleasure, but for the emotional connection that she shared with Tommy that was unlike any previous encounter she had.

"Bu-bui-bui!!!" exclaimed Tango as she threw her arms around Tommy, latching onto him tightly and tearfully. He held her closely as well, feeling something that he had always been longing to feel. After getting over the original dismissal of purely what society had sculpted to be sin, the concept of loving a Pokemon so deeply, he could finally realize that his feelings for Tango really were of the purest sort.

"Tango... ... ... I love you, too," he whispered into her ear. The words echoed all throughout her mind, exploding like fireworks, cheering like a wild crowd, rushing like a waterfall. A million-and-one analogies could be used to describe her joy and excitement. It truly was a golden moment.

Tango then felt a familiar prodding against her rear. Oh yeah, forgot about that... well, it looks like the problem she had before about him being out of vigor seemed to be resolved, because right below her lay that magnificent six-inch phallus enough to make any Buizel or Floatzel green with envy.

"Buuu..." she cooed.

"Heh, I, uh... guess it's ready again," remarked Tommy, blushing. "Tango... is this... something that you want to do? Do you want me to... uh, er, um... would you like to... uh, us... would you like us to... have sex?" He couldn't believe he just said that. That sounded pretty awful. Not like being Mr. Casanova was a fresh thought on his mind for human girls, no less Pokemon ones, but it was bad.

She wasn't quite sure what the term 'sex' meant, although she could assume it was synonymous with 'mate' and 'mating' based on the context. At least, that's what she was hoping for, because for far too long had she been eager to experience the pleasure of mating. And now, she'd finally be able to realize that dream, and not just out of desperation as she previously thought was the only option, but with someone special. Someone that not only she loved, but someone that loved her in return.

"Bui! Bu-bui!" squealed Tango as she nodded her head up and down eagerly. This was definitely what she wanted and her sex-drive couldn't be quelled for much longer.

"Well..." Tommy gulped, "I've never done this before... heh... I've only seen a few videos on it, but I think I've got the idea. Are you ready, Tango?"

"Bui!" Like Tommy, this would also be Tango's first time. In the past, she used to curse at life for screwing her out of getting screwed, but now she's so glad that her first time would be with Tommy.

"Well then... just let me know if it hurts or anything, will 'ya?" Tommy reassured, giving a smile to the sweet Buizel beneath him.

"Bui, bui!" Tango was definitely excited for this. Perhaps a bit too eager.

Rather than try the more traditional route, he felt he should go for what feels right to him. He took his hands and held on to Tango's hips, putting the palms of his hands on her back while using his thumbs to hold her steady and help guide her down onto him.

He could feel the tickling orange fur brush against the head of his penis as it slid closer and closer to her mounds. Tango, on the other hand, could feel his meat press against her, drawing near her vulva to its ultimate destination. She was wishing he would hurry it up already due to her overwhelming anticipation, but she also appreciated the fact that he was taking it slow and wasn't quite as sex-driven as she was... I mean, even she realized that she was a bit wild now.

Tommy's cock then finally touched up against the lips of Tango's lower vulva. From a furry feel to more of a soft, moist one, it sent a shiver down Tommy's spine. He was right there. Taking in a breath, the human started to thrust forward and apply a bit more pressure. The mounds of the Buizel's outer labia parted easily and gave way to the entrance into her moistened vagina that was incredibly anxious to have the human inside of it.

Another gulp from Tommy accompanied by a coo from Tango signified their nervousness to proceed further. But the nervousness was far outweighed by the incredible amount of curiosity the two had to go on further as well as the love they shared for each other.

Breaking the boundaries of what both human and Pokemon know to be unacceptable between each other, Tommy pushed his member forward into Tango's tight, slick vagina. It was very tight inside of her, undoubtedly due to their vast difference in size, but it also felt incredibly moist with a pleasurable texture to it as well.

He had fit about one inch of himself inside of her when Tango began to elicit a tender moan. "Buuuu... iii..." It felt amazing, although it was also quickly starting to become painful as Tommy continued trying to push himself deeper inside. To make his insertion a bit easier, he took one of his arms and placed it behind her to support her even better, still leaving his other hand to guide her onto him.

As he pushed his second inch inside, the pain became much more sharp and burning, as if she was being scratched or bitten by something from inside of her depths. Tommy's penis didn't have teeth, did it?

"B-buii!! Bu-!!" screamed Tango as the pain started to become even more intense. For all she knew, putting the thought of Tommy's penis-teeth aside, he could have been poking through to her insides, like her stomach or heart or something.

Of course, anatomy wasn't exactly Tango's field of profession, so the thought of it being a stretch of protective skin known as a hymen wouldn't have crossed her mind, but then again, it wasn't exactly something she had a lot of experience in. All she heard about this kind of pain was from her brother's mate, who said that it does hurt a bit the first time you mate, but then it gets so much better afterward.

Tommy quickly halted his movement inwards. "Are you alright, Tango? Did I hurt you?"

'She'd better be right about this,' thought Tango as she nodded in approval.

"Well okay, then," said Tommy as he decided to take a fresh thrust into her. He slowly pulled himself back to the outer part of her entrance, enjoying the feel of pulling out in a similar sense to pushing in, although he preferred that feeling more, so he wasted little time in pushing his meat back inside of her, with a bit less friction than the first time in.

Of course, about an inch-and-a-half in, as with last time, he met with an added force of resistance inside of her coupled with another cry from Tango. It felt somewhat stretchy and willing to budge, however, so he didn't think that this was the end of the road for his little soldier.

"It feels like I can go in a bit more if I press a little harder... is that okay, Tango?"

She was both hesitant and reluctant to allow him to go on, but taking the Azumarill's words to mind, she realized that this had to be the pain that she'd have to go through. It felt like he was going to rip something inside of her, though, if he kept pushing... but it couldn't be that bad, could it?

"Bu-i..." Tango gave a bit of a nervous nod while gritting her teeth. Although Tommy, too, was a bit nervous now, he was willing to go ahead with this, as Tango seemed to be fine with it.

Tommy applied more force against the barrier seemingly blocking his entrance, and suddenly, something that neither of them exactly expected happened. To Tommy, it felt like something gave way inside of her, and he slipped in another inch reactively. To Tango, though, it felt like someone stuck a Scyther's blade up her vagina and slashed it around wildly.

"Bu! Uiiiii!!! Buu-aaaiiiiii!!!" screamed Tango in agony. It hurt way more than she could have possibly expected.

"Tango!" exclaimed Tommy as he quickly withdrew his member from her to see blood secreting from her opening and all over his penis. "Oh god, Tango, what happened!? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to- I didn't know it would hurt you like this!"

The pain stung like a son of a bitch. But what might have felt more painful to the Buizel was ruining the moment and not having the glorious feeling of her partner inside of her in the most beautiful of ways.

"Bu," responded Tango with her teeth clenched, "Bu, bu-bui... bui..." She struggled around trying to reach up to Tommy for a comforting hug. He was ready to oblige and lifted her up and into his arms, allowing her the embrace that she really sought from him.

"It's okay, Tango... it's alright... I'm sorry. You know that I never wanted to hurt you."

Of course she knew that. It couldn't be questioned at this point. But it still hurt, regardless of what it was or who it was that caused the pain. The majority of the bleeding had stopped. The pain hadn't, though.

It was a bit of a disappointment to both Tango and Tommy that their experience had to end in pain. Tango's fears were indeed accurate; something did come along to ruin her shot at mating. Seriously, how could she ever have thought it would turn out like this, though? It was supposed to be pleasurable! Jazz's mate must have been wrong about it... although denial is no way to solve a problem.

'Wait,' thought Tango to herself, 'Of course denial won't solve the problem... the only thing that will is getting back on the water and trying again. If I run from this, I'm going to regret it, just like every other time. Every other time! No! I can put up with the pain... the feeling of Tommy inside of me... oh Great Mew, the feeling, it just felt so incredible up to that point! She must have been right about it hurting the first time. That has to be all it was. It has to be.'

"Bu... uii?" cooed Tango to Tommy. The look in her eye was filled no longer with pain but replaced with confidence and courage. 'After all, the Azumarill never stopped mating after her first time, that's for sure. And there has to be a reason for that.'


The Buizel looked up at him with another confident look. She was ready to continue now. Pushing back against Tommy's arms, she seemed to indicate that she wanted to be rested back down in her previous position -- the one they were in when they started mating.

Tommy allowed this and gradually relaxed his arms, letting her lean back so her hips were down against his while her back was being cradled by one of his arms. The other arm, of course, was free to help guide her onto him once more.

"Is this what you want, Tango? Do you want to try again? I don't want to hurt you... not again... not ever again... please, Tango, don't do this because you think it's about me. Like I said, this is about you and what you want, not what I want. Do it because this is what you want."

With a nod, Tango gave the boy a cheery smile of assurance in her decision. This was exactly what she wanted.

Not hesitating to say anything more on the matter, Tommy used his spare hand to tighten his hold on her and to slowly guide his still-erect cock against her furry mounds. The blood had actually served to be a fair lubricant, and on top of that, entering her seemed to be a bit less of a struggle as he soon found out by pressing against her and driving himself inside.

He pushed in one -- no, two -- inches into her, bringing them right back to where they had been before breaking Tango's hymen. But the resistance that once prevented him from going in any further seemed to have vanished. He could only continue plunging his boyhood into her wet innards.

The inner walls of Tango's vagina would pulsate and squeeze at Tommy's cock. The rubbing against them provided Tango a satisfying pleasure that quickly took her mind off of the pain that she was feeling.

Tommy had managed to push in another two inches before the pressure of the unstretched virgin depths made further movement in a bit tricky. But that was fine for now. He'd be back for a few more visits down there, that was certain.

Now the boy started to slide Tango away from his hips, slowly releasing his meat from her. It, too, provided a singe of pleasure to both parties.

He pulled himself fully out of the Buizel a bit quicker than expected due to a pleasurable twitch on her part, accidentally knocking his penis against her sensitive clitoris located just above her opening. That elicited a second pleasurable twitch as one of her most sensitive areas was rubbed. She let out a soft, low coo to hopefully cue Tommy in that it was a good spot to touch.

"Oh, you like that?" he said with a bit of a sly tone. Taking a break from penetration, Tommy was now sliding his member up and out of her vagina and through her mounds, sliding its way back and forth against her clit.

Tango's body took a few involuntary convulsions from how amazing it felt having Tommy do this to her 'pleasure button,' as she liked to call it. She let out a light coo for each pass he made across that little nub, coupled with the occasional twitch. It was very enjoyable. The feeling of rubbing his penis across the Pokemon's wet, orange fur felt great, especially when he hit that little bump that rubbed against the underside of his penis.

They both felt like they wanted to keep this up for hours, even though they both knew that this was far from the main course. But using that analogy, if they pigged out on the appetizers, their dinner would be ruined! Tango realized this and decided to take the initiative to get him back inside of her, so as he pulled himself back, Tango shifted her hips back a bit to drive the boy into her with his next thrust. Like clockwork, her plan worked, although he drove himself in the full four inches seemingly without noticing.

"Ohhh... Tango..." moaned Tommy as he realized that he'd been duped and wound up back inside of her once more. He wouldn't complain. He pulled her back so he could slide out of her again, remembering just how much more slick her vagina was in comparison to sliding his boyhood across her fur. True, her fur was pretty slick due to its water-repellent nature, but it just felt better going into her. It felt better, wetter, and warmer.

Tommy thrust himself back in after almost fully pulling out of her, although not wanting to exit entirely by accident as he did last time. No, now he was getting the picture and figuring out his limits. Of course, he felt even these limits could be tested.

With another thrust, the boy entered the Buizel again, for what must have been the fifth or sixth time altogether. They weren't counting. This time, though, Tommy applied more and more pressure into his thrust, almost entirely hilting his cock into her. Only about one inch lay unsheathed by her body. Pretty surprising, given the size of a Buizel. But Pokemon Eggs have to come out from somewhere, and fortunate for Tommy, they are pretty big... so it has to be possible somehow.

Right as Tommy fit that much of himself into her, Tango let out a blissful cry of pleasure. He had definitely hit something inside of her that nearly sent her over the edge. Had it not have been for her control, it would have been just the thing to bring her to orgasm. But she didn't want it to end just yet. No, this was just the start. After feeling that kind of pleasure, this most definitely was just the start.

The two continued this act, thrusting and moaning, squealing and clenching, for a dozen or two more full thrusts. It felt incredible -- absolutely incredible! They never wanted this moment to end. The comfort of being connected and pleasuring each other in such a sacred, beautiful way brought both of them total bliss. The two both felt that there was nothing else to the world other than this moment in time.


"Ohh... Tango... mmnnn... I love you."


"Uhn, can we... can we try another position? Heh, my arms are getting ti-red..."

Well, it was true. But that set well in Tango's mind. She'd seen quite a few different mating positions. The traditional Eevee-style would probably be a bit awkward due to their pretty big difference in size. 'Hmm, I know what... this'll give Tommy a chance to recover,' thought Tango to herself with a chuckle.

The female Buizel lifted herself up from Tommy's hold, slipping Tommy's boyhood out of her to both of their disappointments. But they knew it was only temporary. Tango used her two forepaws to push against Tommy's chest, chirping at him and developing her own sly look. Getting the picture, Tommy laid himself on his back, resting against the sand. He was getting curious as to what the Buizel was up to.

She then started walking down from his belly down to his thighs, turning around when she got behind his member. She took a step forward and tried to adjust her pussy so it would ultimately take in Tommy's cock. Her opening was placed right over his mighty phallus -- right where she wanted it. She took yet another step forward and then leaned forward a bit, using her two front paws to hold herself up on Tommy's stomach while she engulfed Tommy's member with her cunt.

'How does she come up with this stuff,' Tommy wondered, but certainly not out of disappointment. Whoa, this felt great, now being dominated by Tango. She had the majority of control over their experience now, and with her arms holding her up, she could easily slide her pussy up and down on his cock. He really didn't have much else he could do with his hands at this point, though, so he used one of them to pet her head while she worked her magic and slid the other one down closer to her Buizel booty to provide a bit of extra support, much to Tango's approval.

This new position was pretty enjoyable to Tango. She loved having control over Tommy like this and being on top of him. On top of that, she could also make sure that he was entering her at a much steadier pace. Sweet Tommy, sure he must have just been reluctant not to hurt her, but she would have liked it if he sped it up just a bit when he was in control. She could take it.

Their slick movements were lithe and well-lubricated thanks to both of their juices. They were both drawing nearer to orgasm, particularly Tango, who hadn't yet had an orgasm through their whole encounter. Tommy got his first from Tango's masterful -- well, amateur, really -- mouthwork earlier. But Tango, no, she was still fully charged and wildly horny.

"Bu! Bu! Bui!" chirped the Buizel as she appeared to sort of half-bounce on Tommy's groin. Her head had changed its focus, now tilted upwards toward the sky out of sheer delight. The moony, starry-eyed look on her blushing red face was a true indicator to the pleasure she was receiving from the repeated thrusting into her depths. She was able to steer Tommy's cock right up to that part of her vaginal path that provided her that immense pleasure. She'd bring him there every single time, driving her wild with pleasure.

Her pace had picked up even more. She was rapidly sliding up and down on his length, managing to draw in his entire length with each and every slide. Her panting picked up speed and strength. The moaning and screeches had reached their limit. Tango's orgasm was just a few thrusts away for sure. She could feel it and knew that she would be powerless to hold it off for any longer. Besides, it was time for it, well-earned time.

In a final effort, Tango let loose everything she had, slamming herself up and down onto his cock more vigorously than ever. She could swear that it felt like his penis was being jammed right into her stomach it was so far in. At last, it started, and with one final slam back down onto his cock, she let out a high-pitched screech out of absolute ecstasy.


Tango's vaginal walls clenched tightly against Tommy's cock. They were pulsating wildly, squeezing him and inviting him to join her in this moment through means of indescribable pleasure. It was just enough for Tommy's member to follow suit in this all-out release of pleasure.

As a gush of vaginal fluid rushed out from Tango's vagina as the climax to her orgasm, Tommy reached the arm he was petting Tango with over to assist the other one and used them both to pull Tango as close and tight to him as possible, completely encompassing his entire length.

And as if on cue, Tommy's testicles started to tense up as he could feel the intense burning initiate the launch sequence.

"Ahhhh!! Taaaannnggggoo!!! I love you!!!" shouted Tommy as his orgasm hit and his semen fired round after round deep into the Pokemon's pussy. The sticky ejaculate was mixing in with her own love fluids as it made its way up into her cervix, where it would pass into her womb in the delusional hope of fertilizing her egg and blessing the world with a new life.

Tommy continued to ride his orgasm out to the very end while Tango had fallen forward onto his chest and stomach. He used his hands to slide her down onto him so she was still fully engulfing him. The feeling of warmth, pleasure, and -- most importantly, love -- filled the couple's minds, bodies, and souls. The final remains of Tommy's semen were coaxed out of him as the once-erect phallus now had started to make a swift retreat out of Tango by shrinking rapidly in size.

Neither of the two could move -- they could only pant heavily. They were both completely starstruck by the feeling they just shared with one another.

Tango then clung onto Tommy's chest with tears pouring from her eyes -- not out of pain, but out of love for the human. "Bu-bui-bui," she spoke, immediately followed by clutching Tommy even tighter.

"I love you, too," answered Tommy.

Tommy pulled the Buizel up from his stomach and up so her head was right to his while her body lay rested on his chest. He gave Tango a gentle kiss on top of her head, and then shut his eyes to fall asleep on what was very well the best night of his life.

The clear night sky gave way to the most spectacular display of shooting stars that either of them would have ever seen. Well, ever seen, that is, if it weren't for the own stars they were seeing as the two drifted off into a well-earned slumber, rested contently in each other's arms and each other's company.


Tommy thought only a few days ago that his whole life was over. Everything he had held dear was taken away from him. But now, the life of a Pokemon Trainer just seemed empty compared to having a friend like Tango. The challenges presented to him on this isolated island proved to be a lot of the boy, testing his temper, wits, and compassion. He has become a stronger, more mature person, through his troubled past which he will undoubtedly have to face one day.

And for Tango, after her constant curiosity had given her a lot of trouble, her persistence would never relent. Rescuing Tommy to satisfy her curiosity of humans seemed selfish at first, and even worse, her attraction toward him. But it also proved to her that more important than anything else is love. More important than fear, anxiety, curiosity, and lust. Even though she knows Tommy is unable to understand what she says, the bond they share now is more powerful than any words that can be spoken.

The whole adventure that Tommy and Tango went through to get to this point is just the start to what will grow into a wonderful friendship and the purest of love. True love, beyond species, beyond words. For what once seemed like the end now seems like just the beginning.


End of Chapter 4

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