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A Friend And Enemy by hamos


Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon and all publicly recognized characters are the property of their owners. I am in now way associated with Nintendo or GameFreak, ect. No copyright infringement is intended.

The Past

It was just another cloudless day in the Sinnoh forest where the sun was shining bright and the pokemon were frolicking all around in the sweet smelling grass. Mary, an adolescent female Arcanine was blissfully walking along enjoying the warmth of the fresh air. Mary was finally in control of her own life now and was searching for a new place she could call home. She had just left her parents to live her own life just this past week. However, she was out of luck when it came to finding a suitable den. One that would fit her; a warm place would be nice, with multiple rooms, that's what she wanted. But within the week she had been looking, she found no such place that fitted her needs. The sun was just hovering over the mountains getting ready to set, blanketing the earth in a sea of darkness. All the little mon's had started for home to eat dinner and then sleep soundlessly. Again, tonight she would have to slumber out in the open. This was dangerous for any female or young one that had no one to protect them. There were those out there who would harm the innocent just for the pleasure and their own personal gain. She did not like the thought that she could fall victim to one of them. She would rather be cuddled up next to her mate, when she had found one. She believed that long ago she had found him, knew him, and even played with him. Although he had to leave and never see her again, she still thought of him. Even to this very day she hoped she would see him again, and enjoy his company beside her once again. Little did she know, she was being watched by a pair of gleaming red eyes ready to attack when the best possible chance presented itself.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Mary felt like she was being watched. She didn't like the feeling, it made her skin crawl.

Mary: Hello, is anybody out there?..............


Mary: What...ahhhhhhhhhh!
???: Hello there my little fruit cake. What's a trinket like yourself doing out this late?
Mary: Get off of me!
???: And why should I? I like this position. It makes it easier for me to have a little fun with you!

She knew what he was implying and was going to have none of it. She found an opening and low kicked him in the balls. He writhed in agony, giving her a chance to run out from under him. She kept running as fast as she could to get away from that monster. Trees were flying past her, showing that the way to safety was only as far as she could go. Though in this situation no matter how fast she ran, no matter how loud she could scream, nothing could save her from the darkness in the creature that followed her close behind waiting for the right moment to pounce on his pray. The female just kept running and running, hoping, praying that he was far behind. A low branch almost took her out while she momentarily looked behind her. She was able to avoid it with ease only to get hit by another. The branch smacked her right in the face, eye high. She couldn't see where she was going and it didn't take long for her to trip over a root and fall flat on her face. A face that had never been scarred in her entire life. Her nose was now bleeding and there was a cut leading from her left nostril all the way up her snout and ended at the top of her left eye. The fall caused the broken nose, but the probable cause for the cut on her face was from the branch she hit before she fell. She didn't care right now because the painful fall shooked her out of her senses, out of probable thought and she completely forgot about her attacker. Until he suddenly jumped out of the tree that tripped her. He landed a yard away from her with a grin on his face.

???: Did you have a little accident? That's too bad, you had such a pretty face. Oh well, no matter. Now make it easy on yourself and hold still.
Mary: Never, stay away from me you sick-O!

She still didn't know what her attacker looked like and she was glad. She did not want to have his nasty face forever engrained in her head. She ran in the opposite direction listening to the words he had today and realizing how much she hated them.

{You'll never get away!}

She was scared, what if it was true? Should she just give in? NO! She couldn't do such a horrible thing as let something so terrible happen to her.

Mary: Help! Help!

She could barely see where she was going, but as before, she did not care. She wished that she was still with her parents and protected by her vulpix friend that she had once known and loved. She couldn't help but cry now from the physical and emotional pain as she ran. Suddenly the side of a rock mountain appeared in front of her. The top of the cliff was at least sixty feet high and stretched as far as the eye could see. To both the left and right were rows of trees blocking her from escaping. This is where she had to make a stand or be forced to doing an unmentionable thing with him. She turned around to see him walked slowly toward her. Now he was in full view, a Ninetales with scars all over. He had scars on his face, neck, back and paws. He looked very rugged as if he only ate when there is scraps to snack on. From the sight, eating doesn't come very often. Now she was even more scared then before because after he has his way with her then he might also kill her.

???: Don't worry I won't eat you, I just want you to quench my thirst.

It was only now that she noticed this familiar voice that she had heard before. But he was still advancing and she needed to do something now or give in. He was now way to close, so she had to do something quick. She shot a flamethrower right at him and it hit with no effect.

???: Pitiful!

Then a shadow ball was thrown and knocked him completely off his feet. She couldn't believe it worked. He was down but not out, so she quickly fired another one in his direction.

???: I'm through massing around...

The shadow ball disappeared off in the distance and he was nowhere to be found. She didn't know what was going on. It's seemed as if he just disappeared, just like her attack. Did she kill him? She was quickly answered as he appeared right in front of her and hit her with iron claw. It didn't cut her at all but the blow felt as if someone had thrown a boulder at her head. The pain was excruciating, tormenting. She quickly forgot about it as a long wet tongue swept up along her mussel. Cleaning the blood as it went along. She opened her jaws and bit down hard on the lower part of his neck. He yelled in agony as she tore at his necks flesh. Blood trickled into her mouth from the wound. He wrenched away and used skullbash right into her side. She slid across the ground with almost no energy left in her, preventing an angelic correction.

???: You stupid bitch! I was going to be nice, but I've decided that it's not worth it.

He walked over to her and gave her a blunt nudge.

???: Now get up or there will be more trouble.

She had to comply, he was just too strong. She didn't want to make things worse. She tried to get up but couldn't. She didn't have the strength after the attack.

???: Get up now!

She tried again, this time she made it to her feet and couldn't believe it. That's when she noticed that he had helped her. Why would he help her she thought? Her thoughts were quickly drowned out by a musky smell that she knew all too familiar. She only had smelled it once before. She smelt it the first and only other time that she mated with another. The smell was from her love's shaft. The same vulpix that she wished she was with at this very moment. Before he left, he confined to her a secret wish, wanting to be her first. He wanted to spend this sacred moment and sacred act with her for the first time. She accepted his plea and also wanted to have him for the first time. She wanted him to be her first. This memory just awoke more tears inside of her. She didn't want this. She hated it all, just everything about it. He got on top of her again and slowly licked her cheek.

???: Look, sense your being such a good girl now, I'll make it quick!

The slyness in his voice crept along her skin like a parasite. She could feel him probing her outer lips with the narrow tip of his moist meat. She couldn't bare it, she wished she was dead. She felt him position himself more comfortably on top her and also so he could take her with less difficulty. He bit down on her ear as he pushed a little of his appendage inside of her until it met her inner wall. Her ear didn't really hurt at all because the rest of her body was in far more pain. He readjusted his position again so he could push upward. He gave a soft push until he slid all the way up to meet the top of her vagina opening. He moved slightly forward and brought his body up so he could enter her completely. His member was now vertical as he had pulled her outer walls upward. He bucked with such force and only got partially in. He moved forward and curled his back. He gripped tighter above her thighs and around her waist. She gave one more attempt to stop him by asking him to stop, to please stop! But he didn't listen; he was lost in his own lust. He completely endoused himself within her. The feeling was amazing and he was going crazy with it, bucking with rhythm and force. Sadly to her dismay, she actually started to enjoy it, her body was shaking with such pleasure that she couldn't hold back her moans. Crying no less because she cursed herself for enjoying the should be horrid feeling. He was rapidly pounding her. Nectar started to drip out of her slit when the courtship had intensified. The stranger made his own grunts and groans, his pleasure even greater than her own. The mating went faster the harder until she thought about it, and the harder she thought about it the more she thought she had felt this same feeling once before.

Mary: OOOOOOOOOh.......Stop.....ooooooooooooohhhmmmmmm!

She couldn't help herself. She became lost in it all, but still wanted more! The rapist felt her walls tighten around his shaft. He went full power and before long the female under him was howling to the moon as her orgasm hit her long and hard. It felt as though she had a clamp or vice around his cock, the tightness of her insides milking him of his life baring seed. He pounded his forming knot into her. Her juices were overflowing onto their lower regions and leaking onto the ground as well. Just as he neared his climax he finally tied her with his knot before it was too late. With the feeling of his entire length within her he couldn't hold it back. They both howled into the night sky when he gushed and squirted his jizz into her sizzling womb. He nibbled on her neck below her ear and gave soft caring licks. It was this action that sparked a very special memory between her and that vulpix she once cared for so deeply. She finally figured out why everything he did seemed so, familiar, as they hit the ground. With his maleness still enlarged within her, she rolled onto her back underneath him.

Mary: Michael?
Michael: How do you know my name?
Mary: It's me...Mary!
Michael: Mary???
Mary: Don't you remember me?
Michael: Why should I have to remember you? You're not important and this conversation isn't important either!
Mary: Don't you remember the day we met? You ran into me while you were playing around that fallen oak tree.

Just then Michael had a flashback to when he was still just a pup; he had accidentally run into a female growlithe. She became his best friend and so much more than that. He finally realized who she was and what he had been doing to her.

Michael: Oh my god, NO!...............I'm sorry! I never thought you'd see me like this. I didn't mean to!.......

Michael pulled himself out of her and backed away. {Crying!}

Michael had been doing these kinds of things for a long time and never really thought twice about what he had really done to all those he had hurt. He was harming others to fulfill his needs, his desirers. It was wrong to do these things to others. How did he get ever to be this way? He wanted to now start over; he remembered having been sweet and kind before he had moved away from her, before he became evil and unforgiving. Now he was this mean and sick creature. Something happened to him that he couldn't remember, something that made him change, but what? Why? He hated himself now. It was like he had been in a trance all these years, controlled by someone else. But there was no one else. He made those decisions. He was the one who hurt others, and crying was the only thing he could do now.

Mary: Why are you doing these things?
Michael: I....

Before he could finish, there was a loud sound and a bright light. He was hit by a Hyper Beam. The blast threw him and he smashed into the rock wall.

Mary: Nooooooo!

She found strength to get up and run over to him. Even after what he had done to her, she still loved him. She needed to know that he was alright. He was bleeding steadily from his sustained injury. There was a chunk of flesh missing from his belly. Some of his organs were lying scattered on the ground. The power from that attack was incredible, if you could get past the killing you part of it. Mary was crying at the sight in front of her. He tried to speak before he died, but only managed to say these sentences.

Michael: I'm sorry for what I did, I deserve this.
Mary: No, you don't!
Michael: Yes I do, from the things I've done to others' I should have been put down long ago.
Mary: No, you can't go, I love you!
Michael: I love you too!...................................................
Mary: Please come back!

He left her and this world forever. She cried her eye's out over his death. No matter what he did he did not deserve this. Everything had happened so fast and her mind couldn't catch up. All she could do now was cry. A Luxray walked out from behind the shadows of the trees.

Mary: Why did you have to kill him?
Luxray: He needed to die from the crimes he has committed. He did so many things to others' that...
Mary: I don't care, he didn't need to die.
Luxray: I'm sorry, but didn't he hurt you. You were screaming help!
Mary: Yes I was and yes he did! But I could've helped him.
Luxray: I'm very sorry, it had to be done. Look, do you need a place to stay, you look pretty roughed up.
Mary: Thanks.....I...I guess so.
Luxray: I am Raymound. Are you ok?
Mary: Yes, I'm fine...............I'm Mary.
Raymound: I can heal you when we get back to my place.
Mary: Ok...Can we......take him back with us and bury him?
Raymound: Sure....Now let's get back before it gets to dark and cold out here ok?
Mary: Ok................

She pondered her thoughts before following. I hope that were ever you are Michael, you're happy and thinking of me. Whatever happened to the sweet, caring vulpix I remember? She walked back with her new acquaintance back to his warm empty den. What happened to you Michael?...
Chapter End Notes:This is the first time I've used a Ninetales as the bad mon. So I hope I did ok and didn't hurt anyones feeling out there whom loves Ninetales. If by any chance anyone out there wants to hear more about Mary and the Luxray then tell me in a review. And please review because I like to hear what you have to say
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