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A Friend And Enemy by hamos


Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon and all publicly recognized characters are the property of their owners. I am in now way associated with Nintendo or GameFreak, ect. No copyright infringement is intended.

The future

Raymound: Well here we's my den for all intents and purposes, I suppose.
Mary: It's very nice Raymound.
Raymound: Ya, I guess it is! Anyway you better get some sleep, it's late and you've been through a heck of a day, or...umm...good night is what I'm trying to say. Whatever...just get some sleep.
Mary: What about you? Are you not going to sleep?
Raymound: Nah, I need to keep watch anyway. Now there is a bed set up in back room. Hope it's to your liking.
Mary: Ok (yawn) Well, I guess I will head off. Good night!
Raymound: Yes, of course, sleep well.

Mary didn't know how she was ever going to get to sleep even though she was extremely tired. Certainly not after what just happened. She slowly walked down the cave hall until she reached a room with the bed he was talking about. She flopped herself onto the giant pillow and thought about Michael. All the memories they had shared together before he had left. She remembered again, that wonderful day they had shared that amazing moment together.

She drifted off to sleep thinking about Michael.............................................................

She dreamed one very special dream that just wouldn't go away, but she didn't want to have any other dream anyway. She was walking along with her parents beside the woods when suddenly something knocked her over. It hurt, but not as badly as it could have. She wanted to find out what hit her. She got up and looked around. She discovered what had hit her, knocking her over. It was a red fox like Pokémon. She had seen one before, it was called a Vulpix. He stumbled to get up just like she hade. He looked at her and she looked at him.

Michael: Umm...sorry about that....are you ok?
Mary: Yes I'm fine, what were you doing?
Michael: I was playing tag, just before I fell, my friend tagged me so I'm now it...........................So umm would you like to play?
Mary: Can I mother?
Mother: I guess, as long as you be careful.
Mary: I will.
Michael: My names Michael, what's yours?
Mary: Mary!
Michael: Nice to meet you, and as I said before I'm it! TAG! Now you're it, catch me if you can!
Mary: Come back here you scaredy pup you!

They ran off into the woods, to find the next few years together to be the best in their lives.

She woke up from the sweet dream to find a bitter morning. She would never again see his smiling face on this earth. Slowly getting up is all she could muster in a time like this. A tear formed in her eye with him on her mind, his memory the only real thing on her mind. She made her way out of the cave to find the Luxray waiting for her.

Raymound: It's time. I've already dug a grave. But before you say your goodbyes I think you should know why he is gone. Are you ready to hear the truth about what he has done to others around here?
Mary: I don't really know and I don't really care, but I will.
Raymound: Ok, well it all started a couple of years ago, when I first noticed him wandering about. He seemed to pose no threat. I was wrong! The first report came in not much after my first sighting of him. A Bayleef was raped, she wasn't very old and now she is scarred for life. Other reports starting coming in about multiple rapes and attacks, all with the same broad description. Although every one of them said that he would not hurt them if they did what he said, he still raped them. There's also one other reason why I killed him on sight...............................................................................................................................................
Mary: What is it?
Raymound: My daughter never did anything to hurt anyone else, I just wish...
Mary: He didn't!?
Raymound: Yes he did, she was so innocent. She just lost her mother not a half a year earlier. She doesn't deserve those brutal treatments! I just wish I could have been there to stop him, but I wasn't!
Mary: It's not your fault.
Raymound: I know but, I should have been there for her. Anyway... I didn't know he meant so much to someone else, considering what he was.
Mary: He used to be someone different back when I knew him, what he was now. And I think I might have been able to change him back if I had, had the chance you know.
Raymound: Well I am truly sorry, but the past cannot be changed. We better go now.
Mary: Yes, I want to say my good byes!

Later at the grave...

Michael was placed inside of the dug in grave. And before he was buried, Mary had a few words to say to him before they finally departed for the last time.

Mary: I don't know what happened to you after you left, but I'm sure you didn't want to hurt anybody. I know because of the way your personality changed when you found out it was I who was underneath you. And it was at that point that you realized what you had been doing all these years. And I could see you had hated what you had become and with given the chance would have made up for all the wrongs you had done. I wish I couldn't have spent more time with you. We don't always get our way do we? You loved me, love is something you hadn't felt in a long time. It destroyed you on the inside. Life is something you kind of forgot along with the feelings of others and yourself. Sometimes I wonder what you and I would look like today if you never left. I love you! I will never forget, nor let go! Bye Michael........

She ran away crying her heart out wanting, needing for all of this to just be a simple dream, a nightmare. As the Luxray filled in the hole with the body inside it, he shed a single tear.

Raymound: I'm sorry...

Now after a while, things calmed down. But the memory never went away. Mary finally found her own place. She was happy most of the time, normally when she didn't think about her loss. She saw the Luxray every now and again. They got close and shared some passionate moments together, but she never got too serious with him or anyone else ever again. She just couldn't bring herself to be that close with anyone besides Michael. She visited his grave all the time to pay her respects. Only to realize that he would never again be hers until the day she departed and was reunited with him again in a different life. She dreamt of that wonderful day for the rest of her life.

The one single day that she would become truly, fully happy, once again...........

The End
Chapter End Notes:This was not my favorite story to write but I wanted to try something new for a change. At least it's done and we can all move on
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