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    This is my first written requested story. The plot and story line was developed by DeCaf, so all credit goes to him.

    A boy that has more in common with the pokemon world then with the human one. He particularly has a fondness for the eevee family and the ranch where he now works at is full of them. However, what he doesnʼt know is that there is someone special there who will change his life for the better like he has never experienced before.

  • Rated:XXX


    This is the true tale of the life of Hamos. He is the guardian of the Elemental Forrest. He protects everyone from the evil that lies in this world and maybe even another. Along his journey he learns about the hidden powers inside, the knowledge he possesses and the talents that not many have. Time and time again he faces tragic and depressing times that seem to outweigh all the wonderful moments he has. Nevertheless, he also has to face the darkness within himself that grows stronger each day. He has one of the only pure souls within this world and each day he is faced with hard choices and the guilt he will carry from the lives he has to take. Still, even facing all that he does, his heart remains it's gentle self and anyone would call themselves lucky to be his friend.

    (I will be adding tags as the story progresses)

  • Rated:XXX


    A Female Arcanine is just starting out on her own and things don't get any better when she starts to think about the past. That's when she meets someone that she wish she hadn't! This is not my best piece of work by far! The story contains mild rape, so don't read if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

    RE-EDITTED: (11/11/10) I fixed up the story so it doesn't seem like it changes moods as quickly as it used to.

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