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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 10 - Bedroom Fun Continues

Ash once again needed to rest for a few minutes to recuperate so that he had the strength to continue and not cum. Delia decided it was now her turn to impress the group and show her stuff.

"Well Ash, I'm quite impressed how long you've managed to last. I didn't think you've be able to withstand all three of us for this long, but I think that's about to change." Delia told him as she moved to the foot of the bed and began to move her hands down the side of her body showing the group her figure.

Ash, Misty and May all focused their attention on Delia. Delia got on the bed and moved towards Ash.

"Ash I'm going to make you cum so hard, you are going to faint." Delia said as she moved towards him.

Ash's cock leapt at her words and his mom leaned in and kissed him full on the lips. She forced her wet tongue into his mouth, and began to unfasten her skirt. Ash could now see part of her cleavage from her breasts.

"Do you want to see more of me?" Delia inquired.

"Uh huh," Ash mumbled and nodded.

Delia moved her shoulders, bunching them forward and back. She leaned forward, and offered Ash a glimpse of her cleavage. He could plainly see her breasts held in by her bra, as she ran her hands along her body.

"Do you want to see more of these?" she asked cupping her breasts through her clothes.

Ash eyes were as wide as saucers as he nodded. Delia smiled and slowly continued to unbutton her top blouse. His mom was wearing her usual pink blouse with blue skirt. Ash really didn't find the outfit that sexy until he saw his mom starting to strip out of it. May and Misty both looked on as Delia moved closer to Ash. Her blouse was now unbuttoned enough so he could see his mothers cleavage perfectly. She moved her chest closer to his face so he could get a good look at her breasts. They were still partially covered by her blouse and he could now see the outline of her bra holding them in place.

Delia slowly continued to unbutton her blouse until the last button was undone. The front of the blouse spread apart and Ash could now see her bra completely. Ash had never seen this bra before. It was black lace and what looked like silk. It looked very expensive and very sexy. Delia grabbed her blouse at the shoulders and slowly let it drop onto the bed.

Delia's bra held her big breasts together quite tight and made them look bigger than normal. They were definitely bigger than May's as Ash now had a way to compare them. He tried not to let anyone see him looking back and forth between the two to compare. Misty was amazed how sexy Delia looked in her black lingerie bra.

"Wow Ms. Ketchum, that bra looks amazing on you. Let me take a picture of you in it." Misty exclaimed as she got the camera ready. She focused on her face and breasts and took a picture.

"I couldn't agree more, I'm jealous I don't have lingerie like that. It really makes you look sexy!" May said as she watched Misty take the picture.

"Why thank you, you two. I picked the lingerie up the other day. I thought Ash would like to see me in it. So Ash what do you think?" Delia asked him as she made her chest protrude from her body a bit more so that Ash would look at her breasts.

Ash gulped and looked at his mothers sexy bra covering her breasts. He'd never seen anything more sexy in his life. She looked amazing in the bra but she was still wearing her skirt so he couldn't see if her panties matched. Ash didn't know what to say to her as all three girls were waiting to hear his response. Ash was getting a bit nervous now.

"You look really sexy in that bra mom. Really beautiful." Ash said finally as he slowly started to stare down at his mom's skirt.

"I'm glad you like it Ash. I picked it especially for you." Delia said as she noticed that Ash's gaze was now focused down towards her skirt instead of her breasts.

"Well it seems you'de like to see more of the lingerie I bought. I guess that could be arranged." Delia said as she moved away from Ash, turned around so her ass was facing him and got down on all fours.

Delia shifted her weight to her left arm and slowly moved her right hand behind her to the hemline of her skirt. She grabbed the hemline and slowly began to raise it up her leg and thigh. Ash could now see the the top of his mom's stockings. They had a similar lacy pattern and he could see a clip that continued up the rest of her leg.

Delia stopped raising her skirt for a moment and turned to look at Ash. She smiled at him and then proceeded to raise her skirt up some more. Ash was finally able to see her crotch my looking up her her skirt. Her panties were form fitting over her skin and barely covering her pussy lips. Her panties were black silk with lacy borders that matched her bra and the straps from her stocking connected to them.

Finally Delia raised her skirt completely over her ass and rested the skirt on her waist. Ash now had a full view of her from behind. Delia grabbed her panties above her butt and pulled them a bit. The pull forced her panties to expose her outer pussy lips a bit and Ash could see a bit of it. Ash's penis twitched at the sight of his mom's pussy lips being exposed. Delia let go of her panties and they went back to their normal position.

"We'll leave that till a bit later." Delia said as she moved around again and faced Ash.

During this time both May and Misty were getting anxious and a bit impatient. Both of them wanted attention as well. Delia knowing that Misty and May wanted attention, grabbed Ash's hand and pulled him off the bed with her.

"Lets give the girls some room on the bed so we can start to have some fun now." Delia said as Ash followed her off the bed.

May and Misty both moved to the edge of the bed and both lay down so that their legs were dangling off the bed to give easy access to their pussies. Delia motioned Ash to get down on his knees and he did so.

May and Misty both spread their legs wide so that Ash could see their panty covered pussies. Misty's panties had a wet spot on them as the earlier events had obviously made her quite turned on. Misty's panties were also a lot smaller than May's, being a thong panty, and he could see part of her pussy lips, similar to his mothers panties.

Ash previously was doing things with May, so he figured it was Misty's turn now so he decided he should do Misty first. In the meantime, Delia got the camera that Misty had been using earlier and got it ready to take some pictures.

Ash moved his head over towards Misty's pussy. By this time May realized that Ash was going to play with Misty first and she gave a small moan of disappointment as he moved into position. Ash looked up at Misty who looked extremely excited and then put his face into her crotch.

Ash moved between her slightly open legs and lightly brushed his tongue up the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. The contact made her part her legs a little more. Ash seductively licked the length of each of her thighs, gently tickling and teasing her with his tongue.

Ash started to lick Misty's pussy through her panties. Her panties were already wet but his licking them made them a bit wetter. After a few minutes of licking and playing with her panties, Ash grabbed her panties and began to pull them off. Misty moved her legs together so it would be easier for him to take them off. A few seconds later Misty's panties were on the floor and her bald, wet pussy was now fully exposed. She was completely naked and Ash loved how good she looked.

Ash spread her legs to get a better look at her pussy and moved his head down and licked and kissed his way to her pussy. He then licked her pussy lips, letting intrude tongue intrude only slightly into her sex.

"I am going to like this." Misty said as she watched Ash lick her pussy in front of May and his mom.

Misty was totally relaxed now, her legs spread wide with her knees touching the sheets, her arms out to her sides. She moved her pelvis forward so Ash could get to it better. Ash began licking Misty's pussy and with just his tongue he licked her lips, maintaining the same light pressure for a few minutes.

Ash then moved just a little closer and started to slide his tongue between her lips, going a little deeper and then maintaining that depth for at least a minute before he pushed it into her pussy hole. Ash started moving his tongue in and out of her pussy hole and then licking the lips abit before plunging it back in.

"That is so nice. You make me feel so good. I love it." Misty approved as she grabbed Ash's head and pulled him forward.

Misty moved her hips from time to time, attempting to increase the contact between them.

Ash pulled his tongue out of her hole and started licking her clitoris. When Ash started licking her clit, Misty started to buck and squirm a lot. May was starting to get a bit impatient and wanted to have a turn so she decided it was time to help. May moved so she could suck Misty's tits. Ash wondered what May was doing but after a few seconds he could tell that she was going to suck Misty's tits.

Ash couldn't wait to see May lick Misty's tits. May moved her head down to Misty's hard tits that were sticking out quite predominately from her breasts. May cupped the other breast with her hand while she began sucking Misty's tit in her mouth.

"Oh, God. Lick me. Suck my clit and my tits, this feels so good. Suck me hard!" Misty exclaimed as she shut her eyes in pleasure.

Ash didn't know exactly how much time had passed since he started licking Misty off, maybe twenty minutes, but he could tell that Misty was in heaven. Between him licking her pussy and now May sucking her breasts, Misty was moaning constantly, and often mumbled things in acknowledgments of pleasure.

Ash was starting to get tired of licking so he decided he would go faster to make Misty cum.

"I'm going to cum soon. Ash, please, let me cum." Misty said as Ash and May began relentlessly sucking and licking Misty. She immediately stiffened and thrust her hips into the air, forcing May to stop sucking her breasts.

"YES! YES! YES! OH GOD!" Misty moaned as she began to climax.

She went ridged for about ten seconds, relaxed slightly, and then stiffened again. She repeated this cycle three times, moaning and closing her eyes during each orgasm burst. Finally she collapsed back on the bed, breathing hard. Ash stopped licking and moved to lie beside her. He was also visibly tired from licking her for over 20 minutes.

After a few minutes of resting, Misty turned and kissed Ash, and then licked some of her juices off his mouth.

"God, Ash that was so good. You licked my pussy perfectly. In combination with May sucking my breasts, it was fantastic." Misty told them.

"Glad you liked it." Ash said.

"Liked it? I loved it. Did you notice the aftershocks? I never have aftershocks. I thought when girls talked about aftershocks they were describing earth movements. That was the best orgasm I've ever had and we weren't even having sex." Misty smiled as she hugged Ash.

May was starting to get really horny now herself and she looked over at Ash with with lust in her eyes.

"Now that Misty's had her turn, I'm next." May told them.

"Give me a minute, I'm still recovering from doing Misty." Ash said as he slowly tried to regain his breath fully.

"OK, but a couple. I'm been waiting for my turn, and I'm starting to get really horny." May said as she moved back to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide so everyone could see her panties.

May couldn't wait any longer for Ash so she put her right hand under her panties and began to start stroking her pussy. Ash could see how horny May was and loved watching her stroke herself off. He pretended he was still resting as he watched May stroke her pussy under her panties. Her hand stretched the top of her panties.

May continued to stroke her pussy under her panties for a minute or so until Ash decided that he should repay May for her earlier blowjob.

Ash got back on the floor and crawled in between her legs which were dangling off the side of the bed. Ash kissed the inside of her knees.

"I think I'm going to like this." May said as she pulled her hand out of her panties.

"I hope so." Ash said as he began to start kissing and licking her pussy through her panties just like he did with Misty.

May arched back and closed her eyes as Ash began working on her. Unlike Misty's thong panties, May's panties covered all her pussy. Ash wasn't able to see any of the skin from them but he could see the lips of her pussy shaping her panties.

Ash decided it was time to play with her actual pussy now, so he grabbed the sides of her panties and began moving it up her legs. May could feel that Ash was trying to take her panties off so she helped him by moving her legs together. Ash managed to get them about half way up her legs and then May grabbed them and pulled them all the way off and threw them on the floor near her bra.

May's bald pussy was now exposed as well and it was quite different than Misty's pussy. May's pussy lips were a lot wider and puffier than Misty's. They seemed to buldge out a lot from the rest of her pelvis. Her outer pussy lips completely covered her inner ones where as with Misty's, he could see right to her vagina opening.

May spread her legs wide again so that Ash could get to her pussy. He moved in close to her pussy and spread her pussy lips wide with his hands. Ash could now see May's clit and hole that were previously covered by her puffy pussy lips. May's pussy was a bit darker color that Misty's. Misty has a light pink pussy where as May's was almost a light red.

Ash moved to her clit and sucked it into his mouth. When he did, May stiffened and moaned. She moaned and shivered, letting Ash know she liked what he was doing, so he did it again. Ash licked slower, but harder this time, forcing his tongue flat and stiff. Ash pressed his tongue down onto May's clit, lingering there a moment before moving his tongue to her pussy hole. Before his tongue reached her hole, he paused, wanting to tease her bit.

Ash's tongue finally reached her hole and he began to stick his tongue into her. Her moans became increasingly louder which made Ash crazy with desire. Her pussy began dripping with her love juices and Ash began to eagerly lick up every last drop. May's body was shaking with anticipation of her orgasm. Ash mercilessly licked at her pussy and shoved his tongue in and out of her pussy. May couldn't believe how good he was and she was loving every minute of it.

May arched her body off the bed and thrust her cunt further into Ash's face as she pulled his hair and pressed his face tighter against her hot dripping cunt. She squeezed her thighs tight around his head and Ash held her under her ass to support her and continued to lick her pussy at a relentless rate now. The more he licked the harder she pushed and the deeper his tongue was going into her pussy. May was now grinding and humping Ash's face like she was crazy.

"Oh God, Yes, don't stop, lick that pussy! I'm starting to get close!" May exclaimed almost to the point of screaming.

Ash reached up and grabbed both of May's breasts and started rubbing them as he continued licking her pussy lips in circles now. With all her might, may couldn't hold the orgasm any longer. She had been waiting ages for the day Ash would be the one to give her an orgasm.

Misty decided that she would also help May climax and she began to suck one of May's tits. Ash was still cupping both of May's breasts and her tits were extruding from her breasts quite a bit and that made it easy for Misty to begin sucking it.

May was surprised that Misty was so open to sexual relations with another girl but the evenings events had been far from normal. Misty sucked and licked May's tit as Ash continued on her pussy.

Delia, who had been watching all of this transpire was beginning to get really turned on now. She too would need some attention soon. Delia decided that she should get into the action now. She got up on the bed and began to lick May's other tit.

May couldn't believe the sensations she was currently having. Three people were now licking and sucking her off. She knew she wasn't going to last any longer now. She began to shake and suddenly the overwhelming climax began. She closer her eyes as the waves of pleasure began to shake her entire body. Ash, Misty and Delia could all tell May was climaxing and they all continued their work but at a slower pace.

After a couple minutes, May's orgasm subsided and the group stopped their work on May. All four of them lay on the bed beside each other resting and catching their breath. Ash had already had an amazing experience with both of his friends, but he figured him mom would want a turn next. Ash was right, after a couple moments, he mother rolled over on her side and faced Ash.

"So Ash, how did you like licking your friends pussies?" Delia said as she smiled and gazed into his eyes. Ash looked back at his mom.

"I loved it, and I think they did too." Ash replied to her.

"Well, I think it's about time we fuck them and show them how we Ketchum's have sex?" Delia said.

The comment caught Ash off guard. What did she mean 'we'? Did his mom have something else in mind and why hadn't she asked for him to pleasure her? The next few minutes would prove to be an interesting time for all of them.
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