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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 9 - Bedroom Blitz

May grabbed Ash's hand and pulled him towards the bed. Ash didn't resist and followed her towards the bed. May motioned him to sit on the side of the bed and Ash did so.

May got up and walked over to Misty. The two of them began whispering and he couldn't hear what they were discussing. A minute or so later, the two of them started coming towards the bed where Ash was sitting.

Delia began to unhook the camera from the computer so she could take some more pictures of the upcoming events that were about to take place.

May and Misty moved right towards Ash. Ash smiled at them before May lowered her lips to his left ear and Misty followed shortly to his right ear.

"Can we touch your cock?" May whispered.

"We?" Ash moaned.

"Yes we." Misty whispered while sucking his earlobe like it was his hard cock.

"Oh yes, you can touch my cock," he chuckled. He felt a hand from both of the girls at his waste line before they lifted and dove underneath his pants and boxers.

Ash's penis shot right out of his boxers and he saw Misty glance at it and giggle. This drew May's attention, and she snaked her free hand down and pulled off his pants and boxers. Misty and May began to play with Ash's penis, running their hands all over his crotch.

"Look what I found." May giggled as she guided it towards Misty who cupped the swollen tip. They both squeezed and heard him moan.

"I don't think he will be any good unless we jerk him off first," May giggled as she started stroking him.

May and Misty moved their heads closer to Ash's penis and stuck out their tongues to give his prick little licks that made him shudder. They kissed and licked both sides of his cock from head to base at the same time for a few minutes.

"That feels amazing." Ash said as they both continued their licking motions on his penis.

They both continued licking his penis for a few more minutes. Delia had finally got the camera ready and moved in close and to take a few pictures.

"Hey, you girls, you're making me jealous!" Delia said as she began to take a few pictures of Misty and May licking Ash's penis at the same time.

Misty and May were unphased by the camera and just continued working on Ash's penis. Then May winked and Misty, and Misty moved away from Ash's penis to give May a bit more room. May opened her mouth and slowly and delightfully worked her way down his shaft till her nose was pressed against his stomach.

Ash groaned with pleasure and May began to slid up and down on his penis, deep throating him on every downward pass.

"Oh God, May, that feels so good. You can't believe how good that feels. Don't stop." Ash said in a lustful voice.

"Don't you dare cum in her mouth, I want a turn next." Misty said as she was watching closely.

May kept up her stimulation for about three minutes or so, then pulled back and let his cock slip from her mouth. As she was licking her lips and taking a few deep breaths, Misty leaned forward and took May's place.

Misty's tongue flicked the head of Ash's cock, and down along each side. Ash watched as she took his shaft fully in her warm mouth without any effort. Her soft hands tenderly cupped his balls as she held him motionless.

She closed her eyes and sucked lightly, working her tongue around the head of his penis. After a few moments she lifted her head and took more of it into her mouth, held the position, and then relaxed, releasing him. Misty reached further down and stroked his cock, which had now become really hard again.

"You seem ready. How about another deep throat blow-job?" Misty said.

Grinning, Misty said, "Practice makes perfect. Let's see if I remember my lessons."

Ash felt Misty mouth engulf his cock. The excitement was overwhelming and his balls seemed to jump up inside his body. Ash instinctively hunched his midsection causing his cock to thrust deeper into her mouth. She moaned but continued to suck his shaft with vigor.

Ash could feel a set of lips sliding up and down hia dick and a tongue swirling around it. Over and over it was a wonderful and he was really enjoying it. Ash let out a groan of pleasure and the blowjob stopped for an instant and then started again.

"How's Misty doing? Did I teach her well?" Delia asked Ash as she sat down on the bed beside the three younger kids.

"Either you are a great teacher or she is an excellent student. I'm not going to last much longer." Ash groaned in response.

Delia and May smiled at each other and then they both continued to watch Misty suck off Ash. Ash's penis slid across Misty's lips and she sucked him slowly until his penis hit the back of her mouth and she stopped there. Misty had one hand wrapped firmly around the base of his cock while her tongue worked on his penis inside her mouth. Misty felt her pussy juices starting to run down her thighs and she knew that she was enjoying this as much as Ash was.

Misty slowly moved her head up again, almost letting Ash's penis come completely out of her month before she sucked him in again. Misty was starting to suck harder and harder. He tasted so good. Misty moved her head up and down, faster and faster. She sucked him harder and harder.

Ash's penis started hitting her throat, and she swallowed to deep throat. Misty could hear his moans and she released him and sucked him in again. Ash put his hands on her head and forced her all the way down on him again. His entire shaft was down her throat. Misty couldn't breathe. Ash let her go again and Misty took a deep breath.

"Do you have enough penis left for me too?" Delia said as she got up off the bed and went down on her knees beside Misty.

"There's plenty of cock down there for all of you." he said.

Before long, two tongues were lashing at his penis again, licking every inch of him. This time it was Misty and Ash's mother doing it while May watched them. They would alternate, one would suck his cock the other would lick his balls, then they would switch. At one point Misty took his penis back in her mouth again, deeper and deeper as Delia watched. Eventually the whole thing disappeared and Ash could feel Misty's throat tight on the head of his dick.

"I can't take it all. You're just too big." Misty sounded disappointed.

May was now quite amazed that Ash and his mother were having sexual relations. It's one thing to see it in a picture which could be modified, but it's completely different when you see it happening in real life. Here was his own mother sucking and licking his dick. The sight of it turned May on completely. She was reminded of her own experience with her brother a few days earlier.

Misty was getting a bit tired so she stopped and let Delia completely take over now. Misty got up off the floor and got the camera. She set the camera up to take pictures and moved close to the bed where Delia was still working on Ash's penis.

Delia wrapped her lips around Ash's penis as he sat there and watched. May began fantasizing about what it must be like to suck your own sons penis until he cummed in her mouth. May quickly got out of her daze when she saw the flash from the camera. Misty had taken a picture of Delia sucking Ash's penis.

Ash's mother starting sucking very fast. Delia slid his penis all the way into her mouth with one, steady even move, her tongue dancing all along the sensitive underside. When she had it all inside she closed her lips around it.

"Oh... Mom..." Ash moaned as he watched a little smile flicker across her face.

After a few minutes of going slow with her eyes closed, Delia opened her eyes and looked up at Ash. They held their eye contact for a few seconds, and Delia made sure she took Ash's penis almost all the way out of her mouth, right to the very tip of the head, and then to took it back in excruciatingly slowly, while staring in his eyes all the while.

Ash's mom was now the third girl in a row to suck his penis and he had managed to hold of from cumming, but his mom was an expert and he could feel the impending explosion starting to form.

"Oh, Mom, I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to last!" Ash gasped, as his entire body began to shake. Delia immediately stopped sucking Ash and pulled his penis out of his mouth.

"Not yet Ash, hold it in. We're barely getting started. You need to learn how to hold off cumming for as long as you can. This will be your next lesson." Delia said as Ash tried with all his might to stop from cumming.

"Just relax and try to stay calm. Will give you a few minutes to calm down before we continue again." Delia told him as Ash lay down on the bed to take a quick rest.

Delia got up off the floor and turned to Misty and May who had been watching Delia for the past few minutes.

"So girls, how did you like sucking off Ash?" Delia asked them both.

"I'm surprised he's lasted this long. I thought he'd cum way before now, but I'm sure we'll be able to change that soon." May said as she smiled at the two of them.

"How about we give him something more exciting to look at?" Misty said. The girls all smiled and nodded. Ash who was listening to what the girls were saying was now excited again. The three of them moved to the foot of the bed.

Misty turned her back to him, and slowly began to take her nightgown off. She turned to face him as the gown slipped down to the floor. Misty was now just in her blue bra and blue thong panties. She then unhooked her bra, tossed it on the floor, but kept her hands teasingly over her breasts.

"Come on Misty, show me those pretty little nipples please," Ash begged.

Misty spun around, and modeled her thong panties. She then dropped her hands, and exposed her breasts to everyone in the room. Ash marveled at her soft round tits, with their pink nipples and white skin. Their curve was perfect, and he remember the first time he gently cupped them in his hands.

"You have perfect boobs, you know." Ash told Misty who was done stripping for the time being.

"Now it's my turn. I'm sure you'll like my boobs too." May said as she began to strip as well.

During that time Ash noticed her nipples were standing out against her shirt. She was obviously excited and Ash was waiting to see her tits.

May didn't bother turning around like Misty did. She wanted Ash to see her breasts uncovered as she took of her nightgown. She lifted her nightgown up over her head, and they all marveled at her perfect, large tits barely covered by her bra.

The bra she was wearing showed her cleavage off well, letting the sides spill over and pressing them together. Her nipples were clearly visible against the white fabric, sticking out blatantly. For a moment Ash couldn't do anything, he was amazed at what he saw.

May unclasped her bra and let it drop to the floor. May's breasts were bigger than Misty's, a full 36C, with ultra sensitive nipples. She always felt excited anytime she or someone else touched them, and especially when someone kissed her nipples. May cupped her breast together and moved them around for the group to see. They hung a little because they were so big, but they were still firm. The aerolas were quite big and were a very light-colored pink.

"Wow May, you have beautiful large breasts. They're almost as big as my moms!" Ash exclaimed.

"You want to fuck my tits, don't you?" May said with a smile.

Misty was a bit jealous of May's large breasts. They were the same age, but May had breasts that were as big as a grown woman's breasts.

"I sure do!" Ash said as May climbed on the bed and lay down.

Ash massaged her gigantic breasts with his palms, and gently squeezed her breasts, letting his hands feel every contour, every soft inch. May sighed, and lifted her arms above her head to let him have better access to her breasts.

Ash straddled May's tummy and laid his dick between her full boobs. She held them together and he began pumping. Misty and Delia watched intently. Ash pistoned into her tit flesh, the head of his penis popped through and hit May in the chin.

"Take him in your mouth!" Misty said. She was incredibly turned on even though she wasn't the one getting the attention from Ash.

May opened her mouth, taking his head with each thrust. Ash loved the sensation that May's big soft boob rubbing his penis gave him.

"Do you like them Ash?" May finally asked.

"I sure do. They feel great."

Ash watched her hands press her boobs in at the sides, and as she engulfed his cock, she began to move her boobs up and down in a firm, milking motion.

May's boobs felt like warm, spongy pillows, and she expertly worked them around Ash's cock. May moaned as his penis appeared and disappeared into her massive cleavage.

"Mmm, your cock feels so good between my boobs!" May panted.

"I want you to come all over my big, soft boobs!" May exclaimed as she started working harder on Ash's penis.

"Now remember today's lesson Ash, you need to last as long as possible without cumming." his mom interjected as May continued to work on him.

Ash could once again feel his penis aching from the impending explosion of cum. He finally decided that he need to stop again otherwise he would cum all over May as she had been asking him to do. Just the thought of doing that almost drove him over the edge. Ash backed off May much to her disappointment.

Misty smiled as May wasn't able to get Ash to cum on her breasts. She knew she would soon be able to get a chance again to make Ash cum.
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