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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 11 - Three's Not a Crowd!

Ash was caught off guard by his mother's comment. How could she have sex with someone other than him? Ash was a bit confused. Delia could see that Ash was a bit puzzled by her comment.

Instead of letting Ash say something, Delia decided that actions often helped Ash understand better than explaining it to him. Delia got up off the bed and headed towards her dresser. Everyone was a bit curious as to what Delia had in mind. Delia opened her drawer and moved a few things aside so she could get to the bottom of the drawer. Delia moved her hand to the bottom of the drawer, pulled it out and closed the drawer.

No one could see what she took out of the drawer and they were all curious. Delia was facing away from them and they could see that whatever she took out, she had now placed it on the top of the dresser.

Delia's back was to the bed and Ash, Misty and May were all lying there naked watching Delia. Delia put her hands behind her back to unbutton the waistline of her skirt. She slowly unbuttoned it and her skirt became a bit looser. She then grabbed the zipper at the back and slowly began to unzip her skirt.

Ash watched in anticipation as his mother continued to unzip her skirt. After a couple second, her skirt was loose and she let it fall to the floor. Ash could now see his mom's tight smooth ass and her panty covered pussy from behind. She still had her black garter belts, panties, bra and stocking on. Ash couldn't believe how sexy his mom looked, even from behind. Delia finally stepped out of her skirt that was dangling around her ankles. She was still facing away from them when she moved her hands back up to the dresser and picked up the object she had got out of her drawer earlier.

Delia seemed to be placing something around her waist when suddenly they could all see a strap appear as Delia brought the strap around her and began to fasten it around her. She snapped it tight and then brought another strap around, this time through her ass crack and then tightened it.

After a couple seconds of adjusting, Delia finally turned around to show everyone what she was doing. To the surprise of the three of them, Delia had strapped a rubber penis to her waist line and had positioned it overtop of her panties.

The three of them starred and the rubber penis strapped to Delia as she moved towards the bed. Ash thought his mom looked silly with a penis strapped to her but the two girls starred at how big it was. It looked about ten inches long, about three or four inches longer than Ash's penis when it was erect. The penis was skin colored and was about the same skin tone as Delia's skin. She had obviously picked one that was a close color match.

The penis was long enough that it wobbled side to side as Delia walked towards the bed. Delia finally reached the foot of the bed and she motioned for Ash to get up off the bed. Ash was hesitant at first until both Misty and May pushed him off the bed towards his mom. Ash got off the bed and stood beside his mom.

"So girls, are you ready to have some more fun?" Delia said.

"We sure are!" Misty and May both exclaimed at the same time as they moved closer to the edge of the bed again.

Ash was a bit nervous again as he watched the two girls anxiously move towards him and his mom. May was closest to Ash and Misty was closest to Delia. Ash and Delia moved closer to the girls who were waiting on the edge of the bed. Both girls spread their legs out wide.

Delia grabbed her strapon penis and moved it towards Misty's pussy lips. Ash watched as the head of the penis touched her pussy lips. Delia began rubbing the head up and down Misty's wet slit. May was getting a bit anxious herself.

"Ash, stop watching them and pay some attention to me." May said.

Ash grabbed his penis and moved closer to May. He looked down at May's pussy which looked wet and a bit red from the earlier attention. He put the head of his penis on May's pussy lips. They were hot and smooth, and he began to mimic his mother's movements on May's pussy. He rubbed his penis up and down May's hot, wet slit as well, almost in sync with his mother's movements on Misty. May had waited a long time to feel Ash's penis against her pussy and soon she would feel it inside her pussy. The anticipation was growing inside her and it was driving her crazy.

Misty could feel the head of the rubber penis pressing against her pussy hole. She pressed forward into Delia and the strapon penis entered her hole and penetrated her pussy a few inches. She gasped and cried out as the long, thick dildo slid into her.

Of all that Ash had done and seen in the past few weeks, his mom having sex with Misty was likely the hottest, most exciting things he had ever witnessed. The sight of their bodies reacting to each other and to their growing lust was wildly arousing. The fact that his mom had a fake penis attached to her and was now having sex with his friend in front of him, seemed odd when he thought about it, but he couldn't deny it was very sexy.

By now Ash's penis was hard as a rock and very erect. The rubbing against May's pussy and watching his mom start to have sex with Misty was overwhelming. He needed to get some relief soon. He turned his head and looked down at May. She smiled and he returned the smile.

Ash seized May's hips, knelt a bit and positioned the head of his cock at her gaping pussy hole. With on thrust, he drove his full length into her, his balls slapping against her juicy pussy lips.

"Oh God!" groaned Ash as he lunged forward, shoving his hard cock into May's waiting pussy.

The feeling was amazing. His cock buried in her mouth had felt incredible, but this was an entirely new experience. Her hot pussy felt like it was tightly clutching at his cock, almost sucking him as her mouth had done. His big cock felt like a perfect fit in her tight passageway, and as he slowly began to move her cunt clutched him tightly forming an incredible friction.

"You like that?" asked May looking up at Ash.

He grunted in agreement, holding tightly to her hips and rocking gently back and forwards, enjoying the sensations. Each time he drew back his penis, he glanced down, watching with fascination as he saw his cock thrust back into the moist lips of her cunt.

"This feel's so good!" gasped Ash, sliding a hand up May's side and reaching to cup and squeeze one of her big tits.

"A little harder and faster now Ash." instructed Delia. Ash's penis was as hard as a steel pole, aching at the sight of seeing his beautiful friends and mom having sex like this.

Delia was still slowly moving the big strapon further into Misty's very tight pussy. The strapon penis was so tight that Delia was having a hard time pushing it in. Misty's pussy was slowly spreading and expanding a bit and every time it did, Delia pushed the penis inside Misty a bit more.

Misty grabbed the sheets with her hands and clutched them tight and closed her eyes as Delia continued her forward thrust. Delia had about seven inches in Misty's pussy and she couldn't go any further. She had reached her cervix and couldn't force anymore into her. There was still about three inches left, but Delia knew the whole thing would never fit.

Delia started to slowly move the penis in and out, rocking as she did so. Misty couldn't believe that she managed to get so much of that large thick penis in her. Her pussy was so hot and wet and her pussy muscles clamped around the penis tightly as Delia began to move it in and out.

The rubber penis felt different that Ash's penis. It was larger and thicker than his but felt cold and it didn't have any give. It didn't matter much though, as it still felt really good.

Now that Misty's pussy muscles had stretched enough to accommodate the large penis, Delia began picking up the thrusting pace. The penis would get about seven inches in and then Delia would pull it out and bang it back in again. Delia didn't think Misty could take too much of this before she would cum, so she slowed down a bit but continued a steady pace.

Ash was changing his focus from watching his mom and Misty to him and May every few seconds. Ash was now thrusting into May's hot pussy faster and faster. He was able to thrust his entire penis in and out and as he did so, May's breasts would flop and bounce all around. Delia still had her bra on which was keeping her breasts from bouncing too much, and Misty didn't have as big of breasts as Delia and May, so they didn't really move around too much.

Ash focused his attention on May once again, he bent down towards her and began kissing her on the lips as he continued thrusting into her. May seemed to love this and she wrapper her arms around Ash, hugging him while they kissed and continued to have sex. The embrace lasted a couple minutes and soon after they stopped kissing and Ash got up off her and began to thrust in and out faster.

Misty was beginning to feel completely overwhelmed with pleasure as Delia began pumping her pussy harder. Delia grabbed Misty's ankles and spread her legs as wide as they would go and continued pumping vigorously. Delia knew Misty was about to climax and she had a little surprise for her. This strapon contained fake cum in the balls of the penis, so it would emulate a real ejaculation. She would press the button on the ball when she was ready. She had put a lot of fake cum inside it earlier in the day and it was quite overloaded.

"Oh, oh my. I feel so good. That penis is so tight in my pussy. I'm going to cum!" Misty finally exclaimed.

Ash and May stopped having sex and they both watched as Misty began to climax. Delia was now relentlessly banging Misty's pussy hard, thrusting the strapon penis in and out as fast as she could. Suddenly Misty gave out a long and loud moan as she arched her back. Everyone knew Misty was now having an orgasm and Delia quickly leg go of one of Misty's legs and reached down to the balls of the strapon and pressed the cum button.

Misty was extremely surprised when she felt cum start spurting out of the penis and hitting the back of her pussy and cervix. It felt like buckets were coming out of it and the feeling just amplified her orgasm. The cum kept on spurting out and there was practically no room for it. It began to ooze out the sides of her pussy lips round the penis and dripping on the bed. May couldn't believe that there was so much cum.

After a minute or so, Delia pulled the strapon penis out of Misty's pussy. It was covered with quite a bit of the cum. Delia grabbed the penis with her hand and started rubbing the cum covered penis head on Misty's pussy. She guided it up and down her pussy for a few seconds and then pressed the button on the dildo again and suddenly more cum began to spurt out. This time it wasn't contained to inside her pussy. It began spurting all over the outside of her pussy lips and after a second or so Delia moved the penis up in the air. It continued spurting and began landing on Misty's breasts and chest.

Misty was now covered with cum from Delia's strapon. Delia's strapon had finally stopped spurting cum and Delia let go of it. Misty was quite tired from having sex and the earlier activities, and the orgasm that she just had made her even more tired. Misty just laid there the whole time Delia's strapon was cumming all over her. Misty loved the feeling of the cum splattering all over her and now that it stopped, she just laid there resting.

May was really excited and horny again after having watched what had just happened. Delia was now moving away from Misty and towards May.

"Would you like to have a try now too May?" Delia asked as May starred at the large strapon penis that was glistening with cum and Misty's pussy juices.

"Would I? I cannot wait!" May said excited.

"Why don't you turn around and get on all fours and I will show you guys how to do doggy style." Delia asked her.

May did as she was told and moved around and got on her hands and knees. Delia moved in behind her while Ash watched what they were doing. Ash grabbed his penis and began to slowly stroke it as he watched.

Gradually Delia slipped the penis into May's pussy. May was surprised how full she felt. The pleasure began to build up considerably as May started to thrust back, trying to get into a rhythm. Just like Misty's pussy, Delia wasn't able to get the entire strapon penis inside but she continued thrusting as much inside her pussy as she could.

"Oh Delia... faster please." May said in a loud moan.

Delia's body went into overdrive, and started to aggressively pound her pussy. The pleasure just kept increasing without a single stop. Back and forth, back and forth, May was thrusting her body against Delia's strapon.

Ash continued to watch as his Mom continued thrusting into May's pussy. Ash also continued to rub his penis up and down while they had sex to make sure he stayed erect. Delia could see that Ash was starting to get anxious again. After a couple more strokes into May's pussy, Delia finally stopped and pulled the strapon penis out of May's pussy. Delia motioned to Ash to come over where she was.

"So Ash, do you think you can do what I just did?" Delia asked him.

"I think so." Ash nodded as he moved into a similar position that his Mom was in behind May.

With one hand on her hip, the other on his throbbing penis, Ash quickly found the entrance in her pussy lips, and gently guided the tip of his cock inside her. Ash put both hands on her hips, and pushed his penis all the way inside her until his balls started hitting the top of May's pussy lips.

"Oohh! Ash, That feels so good!" May cried as Ash began thrusting his penis into her hot, wet and sticky pussy.

As Ash was thrusting into May doggy style, he noticed his mom getting onto the bed and moving towards May's head. She positioned herself in front of her and spread her legs wide. Delia's strapon sprung up straight, still drenched with the cum and pussy juice from Misty and May's pussies. May starred at the penis that was now in front of her as she felt Ash's penis penetrating her pussy from behind.

"I love how tight your pussy is from behind. It feels different than the other position we did earlier. Do you like it?" Ash said as he continued on her pussy.

"Oh god yes. I am yours whenever you want. I am all yours. I want to do this forever." May said as she kept up the moaning and panting.

Ash leaned forward and reached around May, taking her swaying tits in his hands. He held tightly onto her tits, pulling and twisting her nipples, as he continued banging her from behind.

"You really like that don't you?" Ash asked curiously.

"Oh yes!" May cried out.

Without saying anything, Delia grabbed May's head and forced it toward the strapon penis. May didn't resist at all as Delia pushed her mouth towards it. Ash let go of May's breasts as they were now flush against the bed as she sucked Delia's strap on. Ash rested his hands on her hips and continued thrusting her relentlessly.

Delia's strapon still had some of the cum and pussy juices on it, but that didn't bother May too much. May managed to get a couple inches in her mouth, but it was so big, she'd never get it all in. May could now taste some of the fake cum that had spurted out earlier. She was amazed that it tasted sweet.

"I hope you like that May. The cum is pretty sweet so that people can get used to licking and sucking cum before they taste a real mans cum. Real cum can often be salty, so it's good that you get the process down first." Delia said as she watched May continue to suck the strapon.

May continued sucking and licking for a few more minutes as Ash continued banging her from behind. Ash could once again feel an orgasm building and he knew he wouldn't last longer at this rate.

"Ugh.. I think I'm going to cum in a second." Ash said as he closed his eyes.

May didn't reply as she still had the strapon penis in her mouth but Delia quickly replied.

"Remember what I told you Ash, you're trying to last as long as you can. I haven't even had a turn having sex with you yet, so stop now and don't cum, otherwise that's all the sex you'll be having for the night." Delia said in a stern voice while starring at him.

Ash quickly pulled his penis out of May's pussy and she gave a moan of disappointment. She pulled the strapon out of her mouth.

"Hey Ash, I didn't even climax yet. Put it back in!" May exclaimed.

"If I do I'm going to cum, and you heard my mom, she hasn't had a turn yet." Ash told her as she moved her had to look at him.

"How about I finish you off May?" Delia asked her with a smile.

"I guess that could work, but I really wanted Ash to cum inside me.." May pouted with a frown on her face.

"I promise the next time when were not having a sex lesson, I'll make sure I cum inside you May." Ash bargained with her.

"Well... I guess that would be acceptable. I was just glad to finally be able to have sex with you. You don't realize how long I've been waiting for this day." May told him with a smile.

May got up and moved towards Ash. She grabbed her hands around his back and they kissed. May's breasts squished up against Ash's chest while his penis rubbed against her legs while they kissed. Ash could feel May's hard tits rubbing against his chest as she moved her body around while the kissed. Finally after a minute or so they stopped.

"Okay Ms. Ketchum, I think I'm ready for that offer." May said as she moved way from Ash and over to Delia who was still sitting on the bed in the same place.

"Come sit on top of me and I'll make sure you'll have the best orgasm of your life to make up for Ash not coming inside you." Delia told her.

May moved into position facing Delia and lined her pussy up with the strapon. Delia grabbed the strapon and positioned it with the entrance to her pussy. May braced herself for the penetration as she felt the wet strapon begin to enter her pussy. May slowly began to sit on the strapon penis as it continued to penetrate her further. After a few seconds, about seven inches was inside her and that's about as far as it would go in her.

Delia cupped her hands over her May's breasts and caressed them, massaging and pinching. After a few seconds of caressing her breasts, Delia took the back of May's head with one hand and drew her face to her. They kissed wetly, warmly, each groaning and slurping. Delia moved her hand back to caress May's breasts, rubbing the nipples in her hands.

May started bouncing up and down, slow and steady as the strapon went in and out of her pussy. Ash lay down on the bed and moved in behind May's ass to get a better look. Ash could see that the strapon was barely fitting in May's pussy.

"You're so tight right now May. Your pussy is clamping around so much that its barely moving." Delia said as she struggled to get the massive strapon moving.

"Just push harder, and I'll try harder too. It feels so good!" May gasped.

"Ok, here it comes!" Delia said and she rammed the enormous strapon into May's pussy.

"Oh my god!!" May screamed she grabbed onto Delia's shoulders to balance herself as she began to bounce up and down on the strapon again.

This time the strapon was going in further than ever. Delia was still struggling to fit the ridiculously large strapon all the way inside her.

"Two inches to go May and the entire penis will be inside you!" Delia said, as she made one final thrust, burying the last bit of the strapon inside May's pussy, so all ten inches were inside May's tight pussy.

May didn't hear Delia's last comment as she was thrashing and writhing in pleasure. Slowly, she began moving back and forth in one inch thrusts, letting May adjust to the motion of having the entire strapon inside her.

"Are you ready to have the best orgasm of your life?" Delia asked being quite certain of the answer already.

"Mmmmmm... yes! I'm ready!" May gasped.

"Here it comes then!" Delia said as she started making longer thrusts, pulling almost halfway out before plunging all ten inches back in.

"Oh god, yes! Fuck me harder!" May screamed.

This seemed to spur Delia on and she increased the pace of her thrusts, pounding the huge penis in and out of May's wet pussy as May returned the thrusts by bouncing up and down on Delia lap. May's breasts bounced every direction as she continued her attack on the strapon penis.

May could start to feel an orgasm building quickly and she knew she wasn't going to be able to take too much more of this. Ash watched closely, as the strapon became a blur as it pistoned up and down inside May's pussy. May wailed uncontrollably in total ecstasy as every muscle in her body tightened.

Delia knew it wouldn't take much for May to climax in this state. Delia pressed the button on the other ball and the strapon penis began spurting large gobs of cum inside May's pussy. There was absolutely no room for the cum and it began entering her womb through her cervix. Some of the cum also began to make its way outside May's pussy around the edges of her pussy lips and drip down onto the bed.

May began to climax as she felt the cum start pouring into her pussy and she fell forward towards Delia. Their breasts mashed together as she collapsed into her arms. Delia held onto May as she continued to buck and moan as the orgasm overwhelmed her completely. Delia stopped thrusting to allow May to recover. After a minute or so, May opened her eyes and moved so she could look at Delia. She smiled in appreciation.

May pushed herself off Delia and she began to feel the large strapon penis begin to come out. It was completely covered in cum and pussy juices as May finally got up off of Delia and the penis was now completely out of her pussy. May was very tired now and she lay down beside Misty who had fallen asleep during this time.

Ash looked up at his mom and she returned the stare. Ash's face split into a big grin.

"I can't believe this is happening! I must be dreaming. I fell asleep and I'm dreaming." Ash said as he shook his head.

Delia began to take off her strapon penis while moving closer to Ash. After a few seconds she managed to get the strapon off and she placed it over by where May and Misty were laying.

Delia then approached her son on her knees and bent over and kissed him. She was slow at first, pressing her lips firmly against his mouth. She then picked up the pace a bit and eased her tongue inside and found his tongue. She began to taunting and teasing his tongue, letting the delicious feeling of their tongue sliding against each other envelope them both.

"Did that feel like you were dreaming?" Delia asked Ash as she finally stopped kissing.

Ash didn't reply as he was starring down at her breasts. Delia glanced downwards and realized that her right breast had rolled out of her bra while they were kissing. Her breast was swaying gently as she breathed. Delia reached out and took Ash's left hand and placed it on her breast. Her tit was extremely erect and Ash could feel the tit in the palm of his hand.

"Does that feel like you're dreaming Ash?" Delia asked as Ash was finally shaken out of his daze.

"No it doesn't. But it feels nice and soft." Ash replied.

"Would you like to see how the other one feels, just to be sure?" Delia asked him.

"I sure would!" Ash replied instantly.

Delia breasts were already bursting out of her, exposing a large cleavage crack and most of her breasts. Her other breast was barely covered by her bra as it was. Her other nipple could clearly be seen poking through the fabric of her bra. Ash had an enormous erection now from watching his mother begin to take her bra off. Delia reached behind her back to her bra clasp and undid it. After a couple of movements, the bra came off, letting her breasts tumble free.

Delia slowly lowered her massive breasts towards his face. Ash watched as her gloriously erect nipple grew larger as it approached his open mouth. Her boob was so warm and soft, as the weight of her breast pressed into his face. Delia started moaning as he began sucking, pulling more of her breast into his mouth, sucking and teasing it with his lips and tongue until she started trembling. Ash kissed her nipple, licking it as well as sucking on them.

Delia felt the hard, rounded head of his penis nudge up against the soft lips of her pussy which was still cover by her panties. Reaching down between her legs, she gripped his cock with the tips of her fingers and guided his penis head up and down the silky wet slit of her panty covered pussy. Ash loved the feeling as his penis could feel her pussy through her panties as she rubbed it up and down.

Ash still clutched her big breasts in his hands as she heard him grunt and lunge upward, driving his penis into her hand some more. She grabbed onto his penis with her hand and slowly began to stroke him as he continued sucking on her breasts.

He squeezed her nipples harder as Delia loved the feeling his firm grip on her tits. Ash moved one of his hands down to her panties and grabbed the edges.

"Tell me what you want to do now mom." Ash whisper to his mom in her ear.

"Move my panties to the side but don't take them off and then I'll guide your penis inside me." She moaned.

"Are you sure Mom? Don't you want me to take them off?" Ash questioned her.

"Just move them to the side Ash." Delia told him again.

Ash did as he was told and grabbed his mom's panties by her crotch and moved them to one side. Delia's pussy was revealed to Ash and he noticed that it wasn't bald skin like he had seen before. Delia had obviously not shaved it in the past few days and there was now a bit of hair on her pussy all the way up to the mound of hair above her pussy that he'd seen many times before.

Ash liked this new look to his mom's pussy. He'd never see hair on a woman's pussy before and that made him even more excited. Her pussy lips were quite red and swollen, as she was obviously quite turned on after all the nights events.

Ash's penis was stiff and throbbing of its own accord. Delia stared hungrily at her son's large penis. She wanted him more than ever now as she was completely turned on.

"I want you to put your penis inside me now Ash. Mommy wants your big penis." Delia explained as she stopped stroking his penis and guided it to her now exposed pussy.

"Oh Mom, you are so sexy. If I tell you something will you promise not to get mad?" Ash groaned with lust.

"Tell me Ash." Delia moaned.

"Promise me you wont get mad." Ash persisted as he gathered all his strength and looked into his mom's eyes.

"I promise Ash. There isn't anything that's going to make me mad now." Delia told him.

"I've been spying on you more times than you know. The day I came back, you left the bathroom door open while you were in the shower and I peaked in and saw you naked. I know you caught me that time, but I also watched you again later on in your bedroom. After I saw you that day in the shower, I just had to keep spying on you." Ash told her as he almost looked like he was about to cry in shame.

"Oh honey, that's really sweet! I really don't mind the fact that you spied on me, in fact I like it that someone would be willing to spy on me." Delia said as her heart filling with even more love for her son. She wrapped her arms around his body and pulled him closer.

"You've got Mommy now, you don't need to spy anymore. To tell you the truth, I wanted you to have these lessons, that's why I pretended that day to be in a rush to have a shower." Delia told him as they hugged.

She hugged him warmly, feeling new emotions for her son and she felt even more turned on then before. Delia felt his hard penis poking her pussy so she dropped her hand round his back to caress his balls.

"Ash I'm so horny right now. I want you to fuck me hard!" Delia told him as Ash was somewhat stunned that his mom was talking like that. It turned Ash on even more.

"Oh Mom!" Ash moaned.

"Come and fuck me baby. Put your hard penis in Mommy's pussy." Delia moaned as she lay back against the headboard and raised her legs while spreading them open.

Ash placed his throbbing cock head at the mouth of her pussy and slowly pushed himself in. Her pussy was wet and warm as his penis head throbbed. With one hard thrust he slammed his penis deep into his mother's pussy.

Delia moaned a bit as she felt his penis being thrust inside her. Ash couldn't tell if she was whimpering in pain or pleasure. Delia's vagina gave an involuntary squeeze around her son's penis and she arched her back as the feeling of her son's penis sliding in and out of her pussy excited her.

"Mmmm. You feel so good," she whispered.

"I'm so glad we did that, I'm so happy that your willing to have sex with your mom." she said.

"This feels really good. Your pussy is as tight as May's and Misty's, mom."

May was still semi-conscious and managed to open her eyes and look towards the other side of the bed. She saw Ash thrusting his penis in and out of his mom's pussy. After seeing the earlier pictures. she didn't believe that Ash and his mom had actually had sex, but now that she was seeing them do it in real life, there was no way to deny it.

Delia felt Ash continuing to move in and out of her in a slow, steady motion, taking his time, building the heat and excitement. She wrapped her legs around her son and pushed into him.

Ash began to pound into his mother like never before. Sweat began to drip off of him as he worked his penis rapidly in and out of her. Ash could feel his her juice splashing all over his balls, dripping down to the sheets. The pounding went on and on for minutes and neither one of them could get enough of the other.

Delia decided that they needed to changed positions so she pushed Ash on to the bed. In the process, Ash's penis popped out of his mom's pussy but it was still very erect. Ash lay on the bed waiting for his mom to make the next move.

Delia got up on her knee and raised her arms slowly, seductively over her head and ran her hands down her neck all the way to her knees. She smiled seductively, and then moved into position on top of Ash. Delia made eye contact with Ash, as she positioned his penis at the opening to her pussy.

"Watch your penis go inside of me Ash!" she said.

Ash looked down to see his Mom spreading her pussy lips open with her hands as she slowly lowered herself onto him. Ash watched has his penis slowly plunged into his mother's wet, hairy pussy. After a few seconds of watching, Ash's penis was now fully inside his mother again.

Delia began to bounce wildly up and down on Ash's penis. Her breasts were bouncing up and down as she moved. Ash was mesmerized by their movements and he starred at them as his mom was currently in control of the situation.

"My baby boy sure has grown up fast." Delia purred as she bounced up and down on him.

Delia then bent forward and her breasts began to dangle as she continued thrusting her hips. Ash starred at her large dangling breasts and watched them sway back and forth as she moved. Ash knew exactly what his mother wanted now as he could see a bit of breast milk starting to come out of her nipples. He then grabbed them both of her large breasts with his hands and massaged them as Delia closed her eyes and moaned.

Very tenderly Ash cupped them and continued to massage the large breasts. Her breasts were a little larger than normal due to all the milk inside but they still felt soft. Ash realized that his mom must have taken another lactation pill earlier so he bent forward and took her lactating nipples and began to suck them alternately in his mouth.

Delia moaned again as shiver ran through her body while Ash was beginning to suck the milk out of her. He sucked hungrily at his mom's breasts, and greedily swallowed the milk with loud gulps. Ash had to balance his motions as his mom was still bouncing on his penis as he was sucking on her breasts. Ash moved his head a bit each time his mom moved so he could continue sucking her nipples. Ash knew that this was all he ever needed and he knew all other experiences in his life would pale compared to this. Ash could feel his mother's body shaking with excitement as he sucked her.

"Oh, Ash. Suck my breasts till they are dry baby." Delia moaned.

Ash continued to suck hard until the flow drained to a tinkle on her left breast. Without even thinking or looking his mouth found his mother's other nipple. Ash licked her nipple with his tongue as he sucked. When his tongue lightly touched her nipple he felt the electricity go through his mother's body all the way to her pussy and it clamped around his penis even tighter. Ash played with the nipple as he continued to suck, and his mother's body started quaking.

"Oh, Ash!" Delia now moaned loudly.

After a few more minutes of sucking, Ash finished sucking the last of the milk and then teased her nipple with his tongue. Delia was in ecstasy and the feeling of her own son sucking her breasts while having sex with her was driving her crazy. She knew she wasn't going to last much longer now.

Delia sat up straight again and began bouncing up and down on his penis as fast as she could. Ash couldn't believe how fast his mom was bouncing and he could feel the tension in his balls building again.

"Ugh mom! You're going too fast, if you keep this up, I'm going to cum!" Ash panted as he closed his eyes as he could feel an orgasm starting to build.

"Okay that's good honey, just a few more seconds and will cum together, okay?" Delia replied as she continued bouncing as fast as she could.

Delia could feel his penis starting to twitch and she knew he wasn't going to last much longer now. She was almost ready to climax herself.

"Okay Ash, I think you've passed tonight's lesson. And now for your reward, it's time to release your cum inside my hot wet pussy." Delia said.

Hearing his mom say that drove Ash crazy. Ash drove his penis deep into her hungry pussy, as his pelvis ground against her engorged clit. Again and again he slammed his cock down into her as she returned his movements. Both were building to a powerful orgasm and nothing was going to stop them from achieving their ultimate fulfillment.

"Cum baby. Shoot your cum into Mommy." Delia cried.

Ash instinctively buried his throbbing prick as far as he could into her hungry pussy and began to climax. Ash's climax seemed to go on forever, as jet after jet of hot, thick cum surged into his mother's pussy. Delia also began to climax as she felt his cum spurting inside of her. She closed her eyes and bent down onto Ash's chest. Her breast smashed against him as she orgasmed. Ash was cumming so much that it filled Delia's pussy completely and it began to run down the outside of her pussy.

Delia hugged Ash as they both recovered from their orgasm. Delia shuddered as Ash pulled his cock out of her. She could feel his cum dribbling down her stocking covered thighs and she sighed happily. She looked up at Ash who smiled at her warmly.

"Ohhhh, Mom! That was fantastic!" he gasped when he finally caught his breath.

During this time, May had also fallen asleep. Delia rested onto of her son for a few minutes while she recovered and then rolled off him. Ash was very tired himself as it was quite late now and after having sex with three girls, he was ready for some sleep. Ash moved around an lay beside May and Misty and fell asleep.

Delia tucked the three of them in and took a picture of them before she turned off the light and got into bed herself. Delia set the alarm clock for 6am so that she would have plenty of time to get the three of them out of her room, so she wouldn't raise any suspicion with Brock or Dawn.

While falling asleep, Delia couldn't help but acknowledge how well her son was doing with her sex lessons. He was a fast learner and so were his friends. Delia was grateful that Ash was able to pick such good friends.

Also very tired from the evenings events, Delia fell asleep quite quickly.
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