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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 12 - 'Sick Day'

The alarm started ringing at 6am on the dot. The group laying on the bed had only slept a few hours and they were all still tired from the nights events. During the night, the four of them had all cuddled close together and slept naked like that for most the night while under the covers.

Delia was the first to get up, kicking the covers off as she yawned and shook Ash who was still laying on the bed with the other two girls.

"Time to get up guys. I'm going to have a shower, so get dressed and pretend you are waiting to have a shower, in case your other friends wake up." Delia said as she walked over to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Ash, half awake raised one arm in the air to acknowledge his mothers remarks and then buried his head into the pillow. May and Misty were both starting to wake up now after hearing Ash's mother talking to them moments earlier.

"Okay sleepy head, you heard your mom. It's time to wake up." Misty said as she stretched her arm over May's back to shake Ash a bit.

Ash could now feel Misty's hand shaking him to wake up as he tried to get a few more minutes of sleep. The group could now hear the shower being turned on and they all started to move around in the bed.

"Alright, Alright, I'm getting up." Ash finally replied as Misty continued to shake him.

May sat up and began to yawn. She slowly opened her eyes to look around. For a few seconds she forgot where she was, but then the memories from last night kicked in as she saw Ash and Misty on either side of her. Ash and Misty started stretching as they too also sat up on the bed.

Ash looked over at May and Misty who were naked and their breasts were now out from under the covers. Ash realized that he could get used to waking up and seeing naked girls sitting beside him. Misty caught Ash starring at their breasts and gave a bit of a smirk.

"Don't you think you saw enough of our breasts last night Ash?" Misty replied as May was a bit caught of guard with her remark as she was still waking up.

"But you both look so pretty. I was just thinking that I could get used to waking up seeing you two naked every morning." Ash told them as May and Misty both smiled.

May continued to stretch her arms and her back. Her breasts protruded further from her body as she stretched. Ash watched her out the corner of his eye as he got off the bed and went over to his clothes that were laying on the floor. Ash began to get dressed as Misty got off the bed and also began getting dressed.

A few minutes went by and the group heard the shower turn off and then Delia opened the bathroom door. She had a towel around her head, waist and chest to dry herself off.

"The bathroom is free now for the next person to have a show. Looks like Ash and Misty are already dressed, so why don't you go next May." Delia said as May continued to yawn and rub her eyes while sitting on the bed.

"Alright, lemme get my clothes. Hopefully the shower will help wake me up." May said as she kicked off the covers and went over to pick up her clothes which were scattered all over the room.

Delia and May passed each other as May went into the bathroom and Delia walked over to her dresser. May closed the door behind her and got into the shower. Once again, the group in the bedroom could hear the shower start again.

Delia opened her drawer and took out a pair of panties and bra. Not caring that Ash and Misty were in the room, Delia dropped the towels around her waist and chest on the floor and began to put her underwear on. Ash couldn't help but watch his mom put on her underwear and Misty also watch a bit jealous of Delia's large breasts that Ash was starring at. Delia walked in front of both Ash and Misty as she went into her closet and finished getting dressed. A few moments later, Delia emerged out of the closet fully dressed. Ash and Misty hadn't said much and were still waking up.

"How about we go downstairs and get some breakfast? May will be awhile in the shower." Delia asked.

"Sounds good. I'm getting hungry." Ash said.

"Me too." Misty replied as the three of them went out into the hall.

The three of them quietly tiptoed down the stairs so they wouldn't wake Brock and Dawn who were sleeping in the Living Room. The quietly walked by them and went into the kitchen. Ash and Misty began to set the table for everyone and Delia began preparing breakfast. After a few minutes, the smell of breakfast cooking filled the entire kitchen and began flowing into the Living Room. It didn't take too long before Brock and Dawn began to wake up to the smell of breakfast cooking. Brock was the first to wake up, but he didn't feel too good but he managed to get up and walk into the kitchen.

"Good morning Brock. How are you today?" Delia asked as she saw him enter the kitchen.

"Not so good. I don't feel too good at the moment. That food smells good though. I'm the one that's used to cooking." Brock said.

"well why don't you have a seat and I'll serve you up some food. Hopefully that will make you feel better." Delia said as she continued cooking.

Brock slowly sat down at the table while Ash and Misty finished setting the table and sat down at the table as well.

"Well I hope you feel better soon Brock. Just a few more days till we begin our journey again. I know I'm getting excited!" Ash said to start up a conversation.

"Yeah, It will be nice to travel with May and Misty again. It's been quite a while since they traveled with us." Brock replied while stretching.

Delia walked over to the table and grabbed Brocks plate. She took it over to the stove and loaded it up with some food. She then returned to the table and placed the plate in front of Brock.

"I hope this makes you feel better Brock." Delia said.

"Thanks Ms. Ketchum. Smells great!" Brock said as he grabbed his utensils and began to eat.

By this time Dawn was pretty much awake and she got up and went into the kitchen as well. She waved to everyone and also sat down at the table.

"How is everyone this morning?" Dawn finally asked as she rubbed her eyes.

"Pretty good." Ash said.

"Alright, though Brock isn't feeling too good today." Misty said as Brock just continued to eat his breakfast.

"Awe that's not good. Hope you feel better Brock." Dawn said.

"Thanks Dawn." Brock replied.

Delia took Ash and Misty's plates and filled them with food. As soon as she returned the plates, Ash began to eat as fast as he could. Everyone couldn't believe how fast Ash was eating up his breakfast.

"Seems you are enjoying your breakfast Ash. I'll give you some more once I serve Dawn." Delia told him as she picked up Dawn's plate.

"I'm sure Ash will have plenty of room for seconds." Misty replied sarcastically.

Everyone then heard the shower water turn off. Delia gave Dawn her breakfast and also put a plate on the table for herself and sat down.

"Well seems that May is done with her shower. I'll take a shower next." Misty said as she finished up her breakfast and went upstairs.

Ash walked over to the stove and filled up his plate again just as May entered the kitchen. She still had a towel around her hair as her hair was still quite wet.

"Good morning May. How are you this morning?" Delia asked her not to raise suspicion from last night.

"Very good. Thanks for asking." May replied as she looked around for a plate.

May grabbed a plate off the table and took it over to the stove and filled her plate. She sat down beside Ash in the seat Misty was sitting in. May looked over at Brock who didn't seem to be looking too good.

"You don't look too good Brock. Are you feeling okay?" May inquired.

"Na, I'm not feeling too good today." he replied.

Devious thoughts started entering Delia's mind as she once again thought of a plan that would benefit her sexual desires as well as increase her son's sexual awareness.

"Well you'de better lay down on the couch for the rest of the day to rest up. You guys will be starting your journey in a few days and we don't want you sick for the beginning of it." Delia counseled him.

"Brock, the rest of us can train without you today. You need to get better for our upcoming journey." Ash told him.

"I guess your right. I am feeling a bit tired today too. The day of rest could certainly help." Brock said.

"Why don't you go on the couch now, and I'll check up on you after everyone is gone." Delia told Brock as she motioned for him to go lay on the couch.

"Will come too Brock and wait till everyone is ready to leave. Will watch some TV." May said as she finished her breakfast.

Ash, May, Dawn and Brock went into the living room and sat down. Brock lay down on the couch and pulled up the blanket to cover himself. Ash turned on the TV and they began to watch. Delia began washing up all the dishes and cleaning up.

After a little while everyone had taken a shower and was ready for the days activities. They had planned to do some Pokemon training at Professor Oak's lab, so they all packed their stuff.

"Have a good day guys. Wish I could go with you." Brock told the group.

"Well you just get better Brock." Dawn said as she finished packing her bag.

"Will see you at dinner time. Have a great day." Delia said as she emerged from the kitchen where she had been since breakfast.

"See you later mom." Ash said as he opened the front door.

Ash, Misty, May and Dawn all left to Professor Oak's lab and closed the front door behind them.

"Well Brock, let me go get you some medicine upstairs. Hopefully it will make you feel better." Delia said as she walked towards the staircase.

"Thanks Ms. Ketchum." Brock said.

Delia walked up the stairs towards her room passing. She knew of Brock's fascination with girls especially Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny's. Delia suddenly remembered that a few years ago, she dressed up as Nurse Joy for a Halloween costume party. She left the costume in her closet and hadn't worn it since.

Delia entered her bedroom and walked over to the closet. She decided that if she was going to take care of Brock, she needed to act like a nurse and dressing up like a nurse would make her feel more into the role.

Delia walked into the closet and started moving some of her clothes around near the back looking for her Nurse Joy costume. After a minute or so of searching she found it hanging up near the back. She grabbed it and walked over to her dresser and mirror in her bedroom. Delia placed the costume in front of her and posed in the mirror to see if it still looked good on her. It looked a bit smaller than the last time she wore it, but that didn't bother her.

Delia began to take off her clothes and set them on the dresser. She put on a pair of white silk panties and white stockings. She then put on a white pushup bra that pushed her breasts up and gave her pretty large cleavage. She then started to get into the Nurse Joy outfit. Delia had a hard time getting into the outfit but after a couple minutes of struggling she managed to get it on.

The costume was almost form fitting and her breast where quite big which made it almost impossible to button the top button. Delia decided to leave it unbutton as she looked in the mirror to see her more than ample cleavage popping out of her costume.

Delia grabbed the hat and put it on while en route to the bathroom. She opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed some medication for Brock. She hoped that it would get Brock a bit more excited. Delia slowly walked down the stairs where Brock was lying on the couch. Delia walked over to couch.

Brock had fallen asleep while she was upstairs changing. The TV was still on but she didn't bother to turn it off as she couldn't find the remote. Delia decided to let him sleep and she would give him some medicine later. She walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. There was a few magazine there that she hadn't read, so she picked them up and began reading. She said at the table so she could see into the living room in case Brock woke up.

An hour or so went by until Brock finally awoke from his nap. Delia noticed that he was waking up so she put the magazine down and got a glass of water. She then walked slowly into the living room. Brock rubbed his eyes as he noticed that the TV was still on. He noticed someone walking towards him from the kitchen but his vision was still a bit blurry from waking up.

Delia walked over to the couch where Brock was laying and got down on her knees. She put her hand on his head to see if he was warm.

"How are you feeling Brock?" Delia asked as he now realized that it was Ash's mom coming to check up on him.

Brock began to focus his eyes and turned a bit to look at Delia. Brock then had one of the biggest surprises of his life. There kneeling in front of him was his friends mom dressed in a very tight Nurse Joy outfit. Brock was immediately drawn to her massive cleavage that was practically in his face as Delia was bending over to feel his head.

Brock could see that Delia's breasts were huge and the cleavage was quite significant. He could see part of her white bra showing and he could also see part of her chest between the cleavage of her breasts. He noticed that the top button of her outfit wasn't able to be buttoned up and her breasts dangled a bit as she continued to feel his forehead.

Brock knew that he needed to respond to Delia's question fast as he had already been stalling his reply. He couldn't believe what he was seeing though. He took a gulp and tried to clear his throat.

"Uh.. I've felt better." Brock finally managed to reply trying to divert his focus from her breasts.

"Here have some medicine. I was going to give you it earlier but you were sleeping." Delia said as she took her hand off his forehead and gave him the glass of water with the medication.

Brock focused his attention off her breasts to the glass of water and medication. He took them from her and ate the pill. Delia patted Brock on the chest as she got up off the floor.

"So do you like my costume Brock?" Delia asked as she spun around so he could see the entire outfit.

"You look like a real Nurse Joy, Ms. Ketchum." Brock quickly replied this time. Looking at Ms. Ketchum made Brock a bit horny. His penis started to get a bit hard and a bulge was starting to appear from under the blankets.

"I know how much you like Nurse Joy's, and since I'm watching you today, thought I'de dress up in the part." Delia said as she noticed a bulge starting to form under the blanket.

"That's very nice of you Ms. Ketchum." Brock said as he moved the blankets to cover up his hardon.

"I'll come back in an a couple hours and check up on you." Delia said as she walked upstairs.

An few hours later Brock was watching TV but he couldn't help thinking about the exquisite sexual fantasy that he had just though of after seeing Ash's mom's huge cleavage. Brock loved to stare at the Nurse Joy's in their tight white uniforms, silky pantyhose, and cute little hats but seeing Delia dressed up as Nurse Joy was unforgettable to Brock.

Delia walked into the living room again to check up on Brock. This time Brock was completely awake and watched her as she walked in.

"How are you feeling Brock?" Delia asked as she sat down on the chair.

"I've felt better." Brock replied as he switched his focus to the tv and back to her not to raise suspicions that he was starring at her again.

"Would you mind passing me the tv remote? My show is going to start soon and I'de like to watch it." Delia said as Brock began to check the couch for the remote.

"Here it is." Brock said as he stretched his arms out to give it to her.

Without warning the remote slipped out of her hands as Brock tried to pass it to Delia and fell on the floor.

"Oh don't worry, I'll get it Brock." Delia said as she got up off the couch.

For the second time in the past hour, Delia did what all males ache for. She bent her deliciously perfect form over at the waist, and didn't bend her knees. Delia knew it was wrong but she wanted him to see her. She wanted him to desire her just as she had done with her own son. Delia saw Brock starring at her tight panties through the reflection in the cabinet glass but made sure that he didn't notice her catching him look. Her son's friend, who was barely 18, was turning her on but he didn't know what she had in mind for him.

Brock's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he watched Delia bend over, he could see her mound drawn up tightly by her snug panties, and he could plainly make out the crease of her pussy.

Delia wanted to give Brock ample time to stare at her round butt and panty cover pussy before picking up the remote. She fumbled it a few times to make it as though she was having a hard time picking it up. Finally she picked it up and sat back down on the chair.

As she looked at Brock, she couldn't help but notice the enormous bulge coming out of the blanket. Brock's enormous erect penis looked like it was going bursting through the blanket.

Brock needed to stroke his penis badly but with Ms. Ketchum in the room he really couldn't do that without her noticing. Delia changed the channel on the tv to her station and awaited her show to come on in a few minutes.

"I'll be right back Brock. I just got to go load the laundry." Delia said as she got up and opened the basement door and walked down them.

Brock listened as Delia walked down the stairs. As soon as he thought she was down stairs, he put his hands in his pants and began stroking his very erect penis.

Brock stroked his cock faster now, as the memory of his Delia bending over in front of him dressed as Nurse Joy rushed into his mind. Brock's penis was about 8 inches long now that it was fully erect. Brock pushed the blanket off him so he could get better access to stroke his penis.

Delia finished up the laundry and began walking up the stairs. About half way up the stairs she could hear moaning coming from the living room. Delia quickly went up the stairs and tiptoed into the living room after she saw Brock lying on the couch half naked. He had one hand wrapped around his long hard cock. His eyes were closed and he was stroking his cock fast.

"Looks like you really are starting to feel better." Delia said with a bit of a chuckle in her voice.

As soon as Delia uttered the words Brock's eyes flew open. He turned towards her, with look of horror on his face. He quickly grabbed the blanket but he was too late as Delia had already moved into the middle of the room and was starring right at him.

"Well it seems we have a new problem now. Has the medication worn off yet?" she asked smiling at Brock.

Brock didn't know what to do or what to say. It was obvious that Delia had caught him red handed. Brock's penis started to throb under the covers which did not go unnoticed by Delia. Delia knew Brock would have a hard time responding after what had just happened.

"I want you to know that I'll do whatever it takes to make you comfortable and feel better. I don't want you to be embarrassed about anything. You can't help what has to be done." Delia said as she moved Brock's legs a big so she could sit on the couch with him.

"Umm...I'm sorry I was just... " Brock finally managed to say.

"I know what you were doing and quite frankly I was hoping that you would do that. I woke this outfit just for you. I'm glad to see that you like it so much." Delia said as she smiled and moved Brock's legs a bit more so she had more room on the couch.

"Would you like to see just a little bit more?" Delia asked arching her back a bit so that her breasts were more pronounced.

Brock nodded eagerly as Delia slowly reached her hand to the first button on her white nurse's dress and pulled gently on the button. The blouse part of her outfit opened a couple inches down the front, and her tit-packed bra was soon on full display for Brock's devouring eyes.

"Like that? You like seeing my tits in my tiny little bra? Do they look nice to you? Nice and big?" Delia asked Brock as he starred at her breasts contained in a tiny white bra.

"Did you imagine me naked when you masturbated?" she ask him point blank.

"Uh... well, maybe." Brock stuttered as his face went deep red.

Brock couldn't believe this was happening. Delia was now sitting right in front of him in a Nurse Joy outfit with the front blouse part wide open for his devouring eyes too look at. He got a pretty good look at her breasts earlier when she was kneeling on the floor but now that her blouse was open he could see just how big they really were.

Brock's penis twitched again and he was trying hard not to touch it. Delia could see that it was twitching under the blanket so she decided it was time to get the show going. Delia grabbed the blanket and tossed it off Brock.

"Mmmm, nice penis, Brock. It's pretty big for a young man your age." Delia said as she looked down at Brock's erect penis.

Brock thought about covering himself, but realized it was futile to resist at this point. He decided that he'd might as well accept whatever Delia had in mind for him.

"I think that looks a bit sore. Did you want me to kiss it to make it feel better?" Delia asked in with a sly look on her face.

By this point Brock really didn't care about much. Delia was a very sexy girl even though she was he's friends mom, that didn't matter to him at all. He was over his earlier embarrassment and was quite horny now.

"Uh sure Ms. Ketchum." Brock said hesitantly but with a bit of excitement in his voice.

Slowly and carefully, not wanting to make Brock cum too soon, Delia reached down and wrapped her hand around Brock's twitching penis. She moved her lips down to the head of his penis and slowly gave his penis head a few kisses. Brock shivered as he felt Delia's soft lips touch his penis.

"It's pretty thick too!" she said hotly to the squirming teen as she grabbed a better hold on his penis with her hand while kissing it.

"I want to jerk you off, so you can lie back and enjoy it. Hopefully this will make you feel better too." Delia said as she grasped his erection and stroked it softly.

"How does that feel? Feeling any better now?" Delia asked him as she leaned over him and took the end of his cock into her mouth and rubbed it with her tongue. She pulled back just enough to talk through the cock in her mouth.

"Good. It feels really good." Brock said as he watched Delia take his penis in her mouth.

Brock had had sex with a few girls before but never anyone older than him and more experienced at sex than him. Delia was twice as old as Brock was but that didn't seem to bother either of them. He had tried relentlessly to get any Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny to like him, but he was always rejected. Seeing Delia dressed as Nurse Joy while sucking him off was dream come true for Brock.

"Now let's see if we can empty these big balls of yours and make you feel a lot better." Delia said as she cupped Brock's balls with her other hand.

Delia was working up a bit of a sweat as she pumped like crazy on Brock's penis. Brock watched as her tits jiggled all over the place in her bra as she jerked him off. Delia knew it was getting close to dinner time and the rest of the kids would be home soon so she needed to get Brock to cum before they came home. She didn't want Ash or his friends to know that she was now going after Brock too.

Getting Brock to cum was a bit harder than Delia originally anticipated. His penis was rock hard, but he had incredible stamina and strength to be able to hold out this long. Delia continued to suck Brock's penis faster and faster. She wasn't able to get all his penis in her mouth though because it was so big.

Delia was teaching Ash last night to hold off cumming as long as he could, but Brock seemed to have already mastered it. Delia couldn't imagine how long Brock would last if he wasn't sick, but she sure wanted to find out.Delia started moving her mouth up and down Brock's shaft as fast as she could.

"Oohhh, that feels so good. My dick loves your velvet mouth, don't ... don't stop." Brock exclaimed.

Suddenly they both heard a noise from the front door. They both heard talking outside and suddenly they heard the front door knob turn and the door open. Delia quickly took Brock's penis out of her mouth and it slapped her left cheek in the process.

"Oh my god, it must be Ash! I didn't expected them to be home this early." Delia exclaimed as she tried to get up quickly and button up her shirt but it was too late.

Ash, Misty, May and Dawn had already walked and were all staring at Delia and Brock who were both still on the couch.

Brock and Delia have been caught red handed. How will Ash and his friends react to this strange turn of events?!
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