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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 13 - Group Orgy at the Ketchum's

Ash, Misty, May and Dawn all had stunned looks on their faces as they stood at in the front hall area on the living room. They all couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Brock was lying on the couch half naked and his large penis was erect and hanging in the air. Delia was trying to button up the front of her blouse to her Nurse Joy costume but realized it was futile now. 

Brock turned around slowly to double check what he expected to see. As he turned around he saw his four friends standing there looking and him in shock and unbelief.

"Uh.. Hi guys. You're back early!" Brock said with a bit of a cough in his voice.

"What's going on here?!" Dawn was the first to exclaim as her face turned from shock to anger.

"I can explain." Delia said as she tried to think of what to say to explain the situation.

Most the group didn't need much explaining as their previous activities came into mind. They were just surprised to see Delia extending the group to Brock after telling them to be quiet and stealthy earlier in the day so that Dawn and Brock wouldn't find out about what was going on.

As she had done with Misty and May before, Delia began to explain the situation to Dawn and Brock. Brock in the meantime covered himself up with the blanket again as the group sat down on the chairs and other couch in the living room.

Brock didn't seem too shocked about what was going on after his earlier events with Delia, but Dawn couldn't believe that everyone else was involved as well. Delia concluded her explanation with the earlier events with Brock.

"So why am I the last one to find out about all this?" Dawn asked with a bit of concern in her voice.

"Well Dawn, I only just recently met you and I was not sure how you would react to sex lessons like this." Delia explained to her.

"I have known everyone else here since they were quite young so I was pretty sure they'de react positively." Delia continued as the group all smiled in acknowledgment.

"Well I know a thing or two about sex myself, but these two guys were too busy to notice me. They were always too busy looking and other girls or having another Pokemon battle to pay any attention to me, despite my numerous advances." Dawn exclaimed starring at Ash and then at Brock.

May and Misty both giggled a bit knowing they'de also had a similar experience with the two guys in the past. 

"Well it looks like we've got their attention now!" May said pointing to Ash and Brock's private areas. Both had got hardons listening and talking about sex while glancing at Delia who still had her cleavage showing for everyone to see.

Ash instinctively grabbed the pillow from the couch to try to hide his erection but May was sitting right beside him and she hit his arm so he couldn't move the pillow.

"Hey watch it!" Ash exclaimed as May hit is arm.

The four girls were all giggling now and the mood was lifted a bit. Brock and Ash were both blushing a bit with all these girls starring at them. All of them now had sex on their mind and they all were starting to get a bit horny and excited.

"It seems Ash has caught the same illness that Brock has girls." Delia said with a bit of a smirk.

"He sure has Ms. Ketchum." Dawn said as she starred down at the bulge that formed under Ash's pants.

"I say we all try to comfort Ash and Brock for a bit. Maybe they will both feel a bit better once they have a bit of loving attention." Delia said with a big smile on her face.

All the girls knew exactly what she was talking about. May and Dawn were closest to Ash and they both got on the floor in front of Ash. Delia was still sitting on the couch with Brock while Misty moved from the chair she was sitting on to the couch with Delia and Brock.

"Here Ash, let us help you with that." Dawn said as she grabbed Ash's belt buckle and began to loosen it. 

Once Dawn had unbuckled Ash's belt, she slowly began to unzip his pants. Once his pants were unzipped, May helped Dawn take them off leaving Ash in his boxers and tshirt.

Ash could now feel Dawn hands progress down underneath his boxers to his penis. Her long fingers wrapped themselves around his cock and began to stroke it gently. May pulled down Ash's boxers until they were completely off and put her head just above his balls. Ash could feel her hot breath against his balls as Dawn started to rub his penis with more freedom that before.

"Wow Ash, you have a nice large penis. Bigger than I expected." Dawn said as she moved her head into a position to suck it.

"Uh thanks Dawn. But what are you going to do?" Ash inquired.

"We're gonna give you a blowjob and make you feel all better just like your mom said!" Dawn smiled at Ash as her mouth finally arrived at his and quickly engulfed it with her mouth. 

With her fingers circling the base, Dawn began to move her head up and down, taking Ash's penis inside her mouth like she'd been doing it for years. May on the other hand, began to suck and lick his balls while Dawn worked on the shaft of his penis.

During this time Delia and Misty had begun their work on Brock as well. Delia had moved back into the position she was in earlier while Misty kneeled on the floor so she also had access to Brock's really large penis.

"Brock you have an amazing penis. I've been waiting for ages to see your large hard cock." Misty told him.

"Ah geez, thanks Misty. I'm sorry I didn't realize you wanted it earlier, but I'm sure we can make up for lost time." Brock said as he smiled at her.

"That's right, we do need to make up on lost time from earlier today." Delia said she got closer to Brock's penis.

Delia began to breathe through her nose when Brock's penis entered her mouth again. She looked up at Brock with a pleading look in her eyes. Brock balls slapped Misty's chin as she attempted to lick and suck his penis while Delia sucked him off. It was incredibly exciting for Brock to hear and feel Delia and Misty sucking his penis, not to mention the feel of Delia tight, hot mouth sucking his penis while Misty licked where she could.

It still seemed like a dream to Brock. He had had many fantasies and daydreams but he never believed for a moment that any of them would actually come true! Here was one of his best friends licking him off while he's best friends mom sucked him off. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever anticipated something like this would ever happen and on the other couch was his friend getting the exact same treatment he was getting.

Misty was starting to get a bit restless as Delia was hogging Brock's penis. Misty decided since she couldn't get a hold of Brock, he could get a hold of her instead.

Misty got up off the floor and unbuttoned her shorts and began to take them off. This caught the attention of everyone especially Ash and Brock who both focused on Misty stripping while the other girls worked on their penises.

A few seconds later, Misty's shorts were on the ground and she stood in front of everyone in her top and panties. She then walked over to Brock slowly and in a sexy manner. When she got to him, she climbed up on the couch and strattled him so her panty covered pussy was right in his face.

"Misty sure isn't wasting any time getting into the action, isn't she?" May exclaimed as she was watching what was happening out of the corner of her eye as she continued to lick Ash.

"She sure isn't.' Ash replied to May as he watched Misty straddle Brock.

For the first time, Brock could see Misty's panties on her. He had seen her in her bikini many times but never in her sexy underwear. They were white, fairly conservative, but very erotic. Brock nearly orgasmed right there when he saw Misty's hand creep into her panties and began moving her fingers around in there, no doubt fingering her pussy. 

After a couple minutes of fingering herself in front of Brock, Misty grabbed her panties and tugged them off impatiently. She slid them down her legs and off, dropping them on the floor.

Brock was seeing Misty's naked pussy for the first time. Her two pink lips that were puckered tightly together. Misty looked down at Brock who was still starring at her bald pussy only inches from his face. He seemed to approve of what he was seeing. Misty moved her hips so her pussy was almost at Brock's mouth. Brock got the hint and his tongue snaked out and he slowly licked from the bottom of Misty's pussy, up to the top, tasting her for the first time. 

"Mmmm... Oh yeah, lick my pussy Brock." Misty moaned as he ate her out while Delia continued to suck his penis.

Brock put his mouth around the top of Misty's pussy, tongue rapidly running back and forth across her clit. Bolts of pleasure shot up her spine and she moaned again. Brock spread her swollen lips with his thumbs and began to run his tongue over her exposed clitoris. Misty rubbed her pussy up into Brock's face as he licked her continuously. 

Brock then slid his tongue as far as he could into Misty's pussy, tasting her delicious juices, licking all inside her as she writhed above him. Brock sucked her pussy lips into his mouth, running his tongue up and down them. Brock then gave Misty's clit a big lick, sending a bolt of pleasure up her body.

"Oh yeah!" Misty moaned.

Brock had obviously had a bit of practice sucking off girls as Misty was feeling incredible right now. Misty could feel her nipples becoming more and more erect under her bra each time Brock licked her pussy.

Ash was watching Misty, Brock and his mother go at it for a good couple minutes while Dawn and May sucked his penis. The girls both realized that Ash was paying more attention to Misty than he was to them. That was about to change quickly.

"I think it's time Ash started paying some more attention to our needs? What do you think Dawn?" May asked as both girls stopped stroking and licking Ash's penis.

"I think your right May. I think it's time he focused on us and not the other couch over there." Dawn replied as she stood up in front of both Ash and May.

Ash watched Dawn as she got up and checked out her sexy body. Her soft, pert little breasts were pressed tight against her black cotton vest and were barely restrained by the fabric. Ash could see the shape of her puffy nipples against the vest material. There was an ample amount of bare flesh at the top of her little cleavage that was not covered by her vest and Ash imagined kissing and licking her breasts. Instinctively, Ash reached down and started to stroke his penis gently with his hand to keep it erect. 

Dawn breathing heavily now as she watched Ash start to stroke himself while looking at her. She knew he was anticipating her to start taking off some of her clothes but the sight of him masturbating make her hesitate a bit.

Dawn paused for a second to get up enough courage to continue on knowing that at least two people watching her and then she started to dance seductively. The dance was a sultry slow dance and Dawn slowly moved her hips in a suggestive manner. 

Dawn took a deep breath as her fingers moved to the top buttons on vest. She undid the top two buttons as she slowly swayed around. Dawn looked down at May and Ash again, just to see their reactions. Dawn was stunned by the look in Ash's eyes; it was a look of pure desire. He was taking in every suggestive movement. That was all the encouragement Dawn needed and she finished unbuttoning the vest.

Ash's eyes were glued to Dawn's chest in hopes that the vest and shirt would be off shortly. Dawn smiled again and slowly let the vest drop to the ground leaving just her tank top on. Ash was getting to see a lot of skin but Dawn really hadn't exposed anything yet. 

In one smooth, well-practiced motion, Dawn grabbed her tank top, pulled it over her head and let it fall to the floor. Dawn smiled when she saw the look of disappointment in Ash's face when he saw that she was wearing a bra underneath. Ash didn't think Dawn needed to wear a bra but for the first time, he could see that she had an ample about of cleavage. 

Dawn looked down at Ash and smiled, a mischievous smile but one that contained genuine affection. Ash returned her smile closing his eyes momentarily in a signal of how much enjoyment she was giving him. 

"Show us your breasts now Dawn." May said as she smiled.

Dawn bent down in front of them, giving Ash and May a good view of her cleavage. Dawn continued to dance again, moving one hand behind her back to the clasp on her bra. She undid the clasp but held it in place by putting her free arm across her breasts. Ash eyes were begging Dawn to move my arm. Dawn gave him a big smile and flung her bra right at him. Ash tried to catch it but his attention was elsewhere.

Dawn was slender compared to the other girls but she well proportioned. Her breasts were small no bigger than B cup in size but her two small pink nipples were very erect. 

"Are you happy now, Ash?" Dawn teased Ash both he and May had watched her strip while sitting on the couch.

"You can touch me now if you want." she giggled motioning May and Ash to feel her.

Ash and May stared up at Dawn as she cupped her breasts and held them for their inspection. Her pink nipples were hard as little stones as Ash and May each took a breast in their hands and felt it's smooth softness and the contrasting rubbery hardness of her nipple. After a few seconds of feeling Dawn's breasts, both Ash and May stood up began to suck her tits.

During this time Brock was still licking Misty's pussy while Delia was still working on Brock's large penis. Brock caught Dawn stripping out of the corner of his eye and stopped licking Misty's pussy to watch her strip. He watched in amazement as she took off her bra and flug it at Ash. Her nipple were perfectly shaped and the perfect size for her breasts. His view of them were quickly blocked as Ash and May began to suck on them.

Misty saw that Brock was looking at Dawn's breasts when he stopped licking her pussy, so she decided that it was time that he saw her breasts as well.

"So you like breasts too, huh Brock?" Misty said as she grabbed her tshirt and pulled it over the top of her head and dropped it right on Brock's face.

Misty also quickly took of her bra and also tossed it on Brock's face which still had her tshirt. It only took a few seconds for Brock to reach up at remove the clothing off his face, but after he did so, he saw a sight he'd never forget.

"You like what you see, Brock?" Misty asked as she looked at Brock and smiled. 

Finally after all those years hiding behind shirts and swimsuits, Brock was able to see Misty completely naked. Her nipples were hard and actually pink with quarter-sized aureoles. She had a taut stomach and a perfect waist. 

"You look beautiful, Misty" Brock told her as Misty blushed at the complement.

"Do you like them?" she said cupping her breasts

"They're amazing." Brock mumbled out and then placed his hands on her breasts, separating his fingers and caressing her pink nipples.

Delia notice that Misty was the first person tod completely strip off their clothes. Delia was still wearing her nurse costume and it was quite tight on her. She had been wearing it most the day and it was starting to get uncomfortable.

Delia stopped sucking Brock's penis, and got up off the couch. Dawn was still standing and May and Ash were sucking her tits. Delia moved beside Dawn and watched the two kids go at Dawn. Delia was getting quite horny watching them suck her tits.

Delia started to take off her blouse that was already half off. She unbuttoned the two last buttons and her breast that were being propped up a bit bounced down as the blouse was loosened. This caught the attention of everyone in the room who all stopped what they were doing to watch her.

Delia's own lust was building looking looking around at her son and his friends. Delia looked over at Brock's muscular chest and could see a glaze of erotic heat coming over his face. She could also see his twitching again, begging to be fondled.

Delia reached down taking the hem of her dress slowly sliding it upwards until the lace bands of her thigh high stockings came into view to the group. She then continue lifting slow. Delia soon heard a simultaneous gasp from the entire groups as they stared at her panties which were extremely tight against her body. The panties were form fitting around her pussy lips and everyone could easily make out the shape of her pussy through the material.

Delia grabbed the button holding the dress and unbuttoned it. The dress loosened easily and Delia let the dress drop to the floor. She stepped out of the dress so she wouldn't trip. She then grabbed her blouse and let it drop to the floor as well. Delia was now standing in front of the group in her stockings, bra and panties. The group all starred at Delia who looked extremely sexy in her underwear.

"May, why don't you come over here and help me with this tight bra." Delia said as she motioned for her to come and help her. 

May moved behind Delia while everyone was now patiently starring at Delia. May got up behind her and unfastened her bra and as it slowly slid away. Her breasts hung like delicate balloons with a soft roundness and bounce. Her nipples were erect and protruding from her dark areolas that seemed to just stare at everyone right in the face. She reached underneath her breasts to cup them and giggled. May was still behind her and she motioned for her to come up closer behind her. Delia then reached behind her and guided May's hands up to cup her soft breasts.

"Since you're the closest, I'll give you a few minutes to fondle these as you wish," she told May as everyone continued to stare at Delia's amazingly large and beautiful breasts.

Brock had been waiting all day to see Delia's breasts and now he could see her naked breasts only a few feet away from him. He couldn't take it any longer, so he grabbed his penis and began stroking his penis as he watched May fondle her breasts.

May rolled Delia's nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and Brock could see them growing bigger and harder. Delia could see that Brock was once again stroking himself but Misty didn't seem too happy that she'd lost Brock's attention. She knew she was teasing him immensely by allowing May to feel them and not him.

May was enjoying feeling Delia's large busty breasts again. She couldn't get them all in her hands, but they felt soft and incredibly light for their size. Delia let May rub her breasts for a few more minutes while everyone watched and then Delia slowly walked towards Brock and Misty.

"They are waiting for your hungry and eager mouth. Watch the nipples. They grew that big just for you. They want to be sucked. They want to be loved, Brock." Delia said as she bent down and let her breasts dangle right in front of Brock.

Delia's breasts looked so inviting to everyone and Brock couldn't resist her invitation any longer. Without warning Brock moved and forced Misty to get off him as Delia leaned forward and sat on the couch with Misty and Brock. Delia grabbed Brock's and and pushed his face was right between her two big breasts. She pressed them together and buried his face between them. Brock was lost between her big tits and the sensation was amazing. His entire face was almost covered by her breasts. After a short moment, Delia released Brock's face from her sweet and soft cage.

"What are you waiting for? My tits and nipples want to be sucked by you. Please suck my big hard tits." Delia exclaimed and she cupped her breasts so her tits were pointing right at Brock's mouth.

Brock opened his mouth and that was Delia mum needed as she lean forward just a little bit more and stuck one of her big erect nipples into his mouth. Brock started to suck it and he started teasing her tit with his tongue. Brock licked around her fat nipple and then sucked as much as possible in his hungry mouth. Delia closed her eyes and moaned.

"It feels so good when you suck my tits." Delia said lay back on the couch as she relaxed a bit.

Misty, who was sitting beside them, was once again feeling a bit left out. Delia noticed that and she put her arm around Misty and hugged her. Misty felt a bit better that someone was paying a bit of attention to her. 

"Misty, you know my other tit could use some attention too. Would you mind sucking it while Brock sucks the other one?" Delia asked as Misty watched Brock suck on Delia's tit like he was a little baby.

Misty was still a bit jealous of Delia's large breasts. Even May had pretty large breasts but after seeing that Dawn had smaller breasts and May and Ash sucking and licking them and enjoying every second, it had made Misty a bit more confident about her breasts.

Misty didn't verbally respond to Delia's question, but instead buried her face into Delia's other breast. She quickly grabbed onto her tit with her mouth and began sucking just like Brock was. Brock winked at Misty as he saw her begin to suck the breast and Misty returned that with a small smile as she sucked.

May watched as Misty and Brock were now sucking Delia breasts and that was making her really horny. She was currently the only one fully clothed, but she realized that wasn't going to last any longer. May walked over to where Dawn and Ash were standing and were watching what was going on.

May instinctively walked to Ash and began to kiss him. May leaned forward, and pressed her lips against Ash's a bit more. Ash remained almost frozen as her lips pressed back against his. May knew Ash wasn't too good a kissing on the lips but she found this easier to deal with as she slowly continued to kiss Ash's lips. May leaned further in and began to open her mouth slightly.

Dawn watched for several long minutes as May and Ash kissed. May softly moved her tongue forward and let out a soft moan. Ash felt May's tongue probe against her lips. Ash felt amazed, never knew kissing could be so fun. May continued to kiss Ash, enjoying the sensation.

Dawn not wanting to be left out moved towards Ash and May who were still kissing. Dawn forced her face in between the two of them and the three of them all began kissing in turn.

Ash watched out of the bottom of his eyes as Dawn's hand slide over May's shirt, cupping her breast and lightly squeezing it. Ash started to stroking his hard on as he watched his two friends make out with a passion. Both the girls then kissed Ash passionately as Dawn's hand was really rubbing May's breasts through her shirt. 

Ash heart almost stopped as he watched Dawn's hand slide down May's body from her breasts right for her crotch. He tried to watch as Dawn's hand rubbed May's pussy through her shorts. Tingles shot through May's body at the incredible feeling of another girl touching her filled her body. Dawn and May broke off their kisses with Ash and began to kiss each other as Ash could clearly hear the sounds of their kisses, and he could see their tongues sliding against one another as they kissed with urgency. Ash continued to stroke his penis as he watched the two kiss and feel each other off right in front of him.

Finally May broke off the kiss with Dawn and moved back from her a bit. Dawn seemed a bit disappointed with the sudden end to their kissing.

"We can stick to kissing, that's alright, but it gets me pretty excited. I'm going to get a little more comfortable." May explained.

May began to unzip her shorts as Dawn and Ash watched May strip. Dawn's eyes traveled up and down May's curvy body, and then looked up at May and smiled.

May grabbed her tight shorts and tugged a bit. May always liked wearing spandex shorts but it was hard to get them on and off. She had a bit of trouble getting her shorts pass her ass but a few seconds later she had managed to tug them to the floor. May's panties were in clear view to both of them as the didn't pay too much attention to her thong panties as May had already begin unzipping her shirt.

May was wearing her normal tight fitting blue and red t-shirt with a lace bra under the shirt. The shirt was not see through but tight enough against her bra to show that the material of her bra was lacey. Ash stared in awe as Dawn helped May take her shirt off. May was now standing in front of everyone in just her bra and panties.

"Wow May, you look great!" Dawn said as she looked at May's figure covered by her underwear.

"Yeah she sure does!" Ash said as he couldn't stand watching her strip any longer.

Ash looked up at May's panty covered crotch. Ash kneeled down on the floor in front of May and reached around her body and grabbed her ass, pulling her crotch to his face. Ash leaned forward and opened his mouth, pressing it against her pussy over the thin cotton. By now her panties were soaked with her flowing juices. Ash began to sucked her pussy hard through her thong panties. Ash pushed her panties inside her pussy a bit with his tongue as he continued to lick. This caused May to moan as she couldn't help but close her eyes in passion as Ash ate and licked her pussy through her panties.

Grabbing the waistband of her thong panties, Ash began to pull then downward. May's thong was sticking in the crack of her ass but Ash was able to free it from her crack and slide it down her thighs. He moved his head out of the way as he got her panties down around her knees, and continued to pull them off. May helped ASh by pulling one foot out of her panties, and then the other.

Ash dropped the panties on the floor and roughly pulled her crotch to his face. Ash jammed his tongue between the folds of her young vagina and began to lick and suck the inside of her pussy.

"Oh yeah! Lick my pussy Ash. Lick it hard and fast!" May moaned as she began to rub her breasts still covered by her tight lacy bra.

Ash sucked May's clitoris into his mouth, running his tongue up and down over it. May in turn began to hump his face, driving her pussy into his face. Ash's tongue was driving her crazy. May's pussy lips were red and swollen but looked like they were pressed together tightly. Her chest was moving in and out as she gasped for breath each time Ash licked her pussy. Her erect tits straining against the tight bra that they could partially see through. 

Ash was still wearing his tshirt, but it was now starting to get in the way. He stopped licking May's pussy and tossed his shirt on the floor and began sucking again. Dawn decided she needed to get back into the action and started caressing May's breasts over her bra. After a few seconds of playing with her large breast enclosed in May's bra, Dawn reached behind May's back and began fiddling with her bra hooks. Dawn pulled the bra and allowed her gigantic boobs to sway and wobble freely. Ash stopped licking May's pussy and looked up to get an interesting view of May's large breasts from below. He noticed that both Brock and Misty were now licking here tits and he now needed to lick some tits again too.

"May.. You're breasts are amazing. I wish I had a pair just like yours." Dawn said as she starred at May's naked breasts for the first time.

"Why thank you Dawn. You're breasts are nice too you know." May replied as she smiled back at Dawn.

"Well I love all breasts and I think I'm just about ready to give your breasts some attention." Ash said still looking up at May's large rack.

Ash placed his hand on May's thighs, and slowly motioned her back towards the couch. May willingly followed but grabbed Dawn's hand as and they eased themselves back onto couch.

May sat in the center of the couch and Ash and Dawn sat on either side of May, in a similar position that Delia, Brock and Misty were currently in. Ash grabbed one of May's large breasts and lowered his head to her tit. Ash loved the feel of May's fleshy soft breasts in his hand. Ash finally lowered his head all the way to her tit and began to suck on it hard.

May moved her other arm and positioned it so that Dawn could get to her other massive tit. Both of her breasts bounced and wobbled as Ash was sucking. Ash licked around her massive areolas with his tongue and flicked at her nipples. He popped her breast between his lips and tried to suck the entire front part of her breast between his lips. Dawn finally moved into a good position to suck May's other tit and moved her mouth towards her breast until her lips found May's erect tit.

"I've been waiting for this! Suck my tits, both of you!" moaned May as Dawn began to suck on May's tit.

Ash slowly guided his fingers down to May's wet pussy and easily put a finger in her pussy. Ash was rubbing her wet pussy and finger her pussy and he hoped May would catch on and return the favor. 

Suddenly Ash could feel May rubbing the head of his penis cock with her hand. She slowly started pumping his penis with her hand as Ash continued to probe her pussy with his fingers. May moaned in pleasure, Ash certainly knew how to arouse her sexual feelings, the ripples of pleasure spread from her clitoris as his thumb expertly rubbed and teased it from the folds of her vagina.

"Yes, yes. That's it. Oh god, I'm so hot. I want you to keep sucking my tits while I wank your big penis." May screamed as Ash and Dawn continued working on her. 

Dawn continued to suck May's tit as Ash and May also felt each other off. Dawn could feel her pussy becoming hot and wet underneath her panties. Her free hand slowly found its way under her skirt and she began to rub her pussy.

Dawn's mouth opened slightly and a loud moan escaped her mouth and then another, even louder. Ash and May both turned to look and Dawn. It was obvious that Dawn had slipped her hand inside her panties and was rubbing herself under her skirt.

"Why don't we help you with that Dawn..." May suggested as she motioned to Ash to stop working on her and focus his attention on Dawn now.

"Oh that would be great." Dawn replied instantly.

"Why don't you stand up and take those panties off so we can get a better look." Ash smirked at her.

"So you want to see my hot tight pussy, is that it Ash?" Dawn was quick to reply.

"Well it's only fair considering were all naked here, plus it will make it easier for us to make you feel good." Ash explain.

"Well I guess that's true. Alright then." Dawn said as she was playing a bit of hard to get with them.

"Why don't you help me take them off then Ash?" Dawn said as she stood up.

"Ok!" Ash said unable to hide his own excitement. 

Ash kneeled down below Dawn and looked up her skirt. He had seen brief glimpses of her black panties throughout the day but this was the first time he had a good look at them.

"So you do like looking up my skirt? You little pervert, I always knew you liked looking." Dawn teased him as he blushed a bit.

"I've never looked till now!" Ash responded to her quip.

"Oh sure Ash. You and Brock probably talked about it all the time." May said as she also began to tease him.

"We did not. We wouldn't do that. We were to busy with other things." Ash said defending himself.

"Oh so your too busy now are you? Well I guess your too busy to help me now then as well huh?" Dawn said with almost a hint of laughter in her voice.

"That's not what I mean. I want to now." Ash tried to explain as he seemed somewhat confused now.

Dawn loved teasing Ash like this and May knew she was taunting him. The fabric from her skirt stretched thin over her soft ass cheeks, outlining her panties perfectly for Ash to see when he was looking up her skirt. 

"Dawn, I think you've teased him enough." May finally said.

"Yeah I think you're right May. Alright Ash, let's get these panties off." Dawn said looking down at Ash who was kneeling down in front of her.

Dawn grabbed the hem of her dress raised upwards enough so she could slipped her fingers underneath the waist bands of her tight panties and began to lower them, bending over slightly as she did. They slipped over the curve of her ass and began to fall down her legs. The back lips of her pussy were protruded slightly from between her legs as she remained bent over. Dawn continued pulling her panties down her legs till they got to her knees.

"Do you mind helping me from here Ash?" Dawn asked as Ash grabbed her black panties and continued pulling them down her legs.

Ash instinctively grabbed her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. Dawn stepped out of them still leaving her skirt on though. Dawn grabbed a hold of her skirt again and raised it up above her pussy so they could get a good look. Above her pussy was a small bit of dark pubic hair that had yet to cover her vaginal area completely. It was nicely trimmed and shaped. Her pink slit stood out with pouting lips, moist from all the recent excitement. Ash was eying the small bit of pubic hair and her pussy lips which he hadn't had the privilege of examining this closely until now.

Dawn's pussy lips were a lot lighter color than May's. They contrasted perfectly with the inside portion of her pussy which was a darker pink, creating one of the most beautiful slits Ash had ever seen.

Ash guided Dawn onto the couch beside May and she didn't object at all when Ash spread her legs to get a better view. Ash moved his head towards her pussy and May and Dawn could no longer see Ash's head as he was under Dawn skirt. Ash began to spread Dawn's pussy and enjoyed the view of parting her pussy lips.

Ash stuck out his tongue and began licking up and down her inner lips and sucking on her clit as he passed over it. May bent over and once again sucked one of Dawn's very erect tits. They had become hard again as Ash playing with her pussy had made her very horny. Dawn also guided her hand towards May's pussy and began massaging it with her hand.

The three of them continued licking, sucking, and fingering each other for what seemed like hours. Meanwhile on the other couch a similar situation was also occurring.

Misty and Brock had been playing with Delia's large breast for quite some time and Delia also needed her pussy to be played with now as well. Delia straightened her back a bit causing Brock and Misty to stop sucking her breasts.

"I think it's time I got completely naked like everyone else in the room." Delia said as she shifted around in her seat.

Delia leaned back on the couch and put one leg up stretching it out as she kept the other on the floor. Her panties stretched tight across her pussy, her full lips pushing against the material. It didn't take long for Brock to get the message as he put his hand inside Delia panties, found her pussy and began rubbing. Delia was getting really wet, and Brock knew too. Misty could see Delia's panties were starting to get wetter as Brock massaged her pussy under the panties.

"Your panties are very wet. Would you like me to take your panties off you?" he teased her.

"Oh yes, please take my panties off." Delia replied quickly as she loved how Brock was rubbing her pussy.

Brock was becoming bolder and he began to roll down the straps of her panties. Every second that went by meant her panties were lowering down her legs getting closer to exposing her pussy. Delia lifted her butt off the couch to allow her panties to continue down her legs. By the time half of her ass crack was exposed she lifted her hips and pushed down one side of her panties while Brock pulled the other side and dropped them on the floor.

Brock and Misty both looked down at Delia now exposed pussy. Unlike Misty, she had a bit of pubic hair at the top of her pussy which way neatly shaven and trimmed. Her pussy lips were also completely shaven clean and were a bit red and wet from all the excitement.

Delia had a thought pass through her mind that would hopefully really excite Brock and satisfy both her and Misty at the same time.

"Misty, why don't you come sit on my lap and face me. Straddle your legs around my waist so that our pussy's line up and Brock can lick both of them." Delia said as she grabbing on to Misty to hold her as she complied to her request and started to get into position.

Misty got onto of Delia and straddled her waist while moving her hips down so that their pussy's almost touched. Brock was already enjoying watching them get into position and it didn't take him very long to get off the couch and kneel in front of them on the floor.

Brock couldn't believe the sight that was right in front of him. Misty and Delia's pussy's were inches away from each other and were both hot and wet, waiting to be played with. His penis twitched a few times at the sight and he could barely contain himself.

"Well what are you waiting for Brock, show us how good you are at licking pussy's." Delia exclaimed.

Brock didn't need any more encouragement as he moved his face into both of their pussy's. Brock stuck out his tongue and starting licking Delia's slit at the bottom and slowly worked his way up her slit until he hit Misty's slit and then continued licking down her slit.

Brock licked and sucked both of their pussy's in turn for over ten minutes before Delia decided it was time to move this party onto the next stage.

"Well before we all go any further, I want us to all go into the kitchen and take some pills so you girls don't get pregnant." Delia said to everyone in the room.

"That sounds like a good idea." Dawn replied.

The group all walked into the kitchen completely naked. Ash and Brock hanged back a bit and let all the girls walk in front on them. They both starred at all their asses as they walked towards the kitchen.

"Boy Ash, you're mom certainly knows how to run a party." Brock said to Ash as the began to follow the girls into the kitchen.

"You're right. This is great!" Ash replied as the finally arrived in the kitchen.

Delia walked over to the cabinet where she kept some of her medications and pills. She opened the cabinet and grabbed two bottles.

"May, would you mind getting everyone a glass of water." Delia asked her.

"Sure no problem." May replied as she got glasses out of the cabinet, filled them with water and passed them out.

"Here you go girls. This is an anti-pregnancy pill. Take this pill quick so we can get to the fun part faster." Delia said as she handed all the girls a pill and took one herself.

Delia put that bottle away and opened the other one. The pills in this bottle were quite large compared to the ones the girls took. She gave one to Brock and Ash.

"This pill will make you guys create ten times more cum and allow you to orgasm more times than normal. You guys are going to need it for what's coming up." Delia smiled as all the girls started to giggle.

Brock and Ash quickly took the pill and swallowed it down. Everyone put their glasses in the sink and then began looking at each other awkwardly. Everyone was standing in the kitchen naked and no one really knew what to do next. Delia finally broke the silence.

"Well there are two guys and four girls here, so you two going to get quite a work out from all of us I'm sure! Think your penises is up for the job?" Delia giggled as she asked them both.

"Uh I think..." Ash replied cautiously.

"I'm ready!" Brock replied practically cutting off Ash mid sentence.

"Well then, lets head back to the living room then." Delia said as she motioned everyone to go.

The group went back into the living room and sat down on the couches. They were all a bit tense and not as loose as they were earlier when they were feeling each other off. The brief break to the kitchen had lowered all their hornyness a bit, but they all knew that wouldn't last long.

"I think we need to get back into the mood again, does anyone have any suggestions?" May asked everyone.

"I want to watch you fuck your mom, Ash." Dawn said in a sluty and foul voice.

Dawn talking in a sluty tone turned everyone one on instantly. Ash and Brock's penis's both went completely erect at the thought and the girls all gasped a bit after Dawn's comment.

"You want me to have sex with my mom while you watch?" Ash asked her in a questioning voice.

"I sure do. I want to see you put your penis in her pussy and fuck her from behind while I watch you. Then I'll know what you guys were saying earlier was true." Dawn told them.

"You don't believe us?" Delia asked her.

"It's not that I don't trust you, but for something like this, I have to see it to believe it." Dawn explained to them.

"Well I think that's a great idea. Ash can show you what he's learned. In fact, why don't we all take turns having sex while everyone else watches?" Delia asked the group.

"I think that's a great idea! I also would love to see Ash fuck you again." Misty replied.

The group was starting to use more sluttier terms now and they were all starting to get turned on again.

"Okay then it's settled. Ash and I will start and then will all take turns. That way the four of us will each get a chance to be fucked by Ash or Brock before they get tired." Delia said.

"Actually, Misty, can you quickly run upstairs and get the camcorder by the computer. I say we also take a video of each of us fucking for later viewing. Is that okay with everyone else?" Delia inquired with the group.

"Oh wow that sound hot!" Brock said as he could barely contain himself.

"Yeah, I loved looking at the picture that were taken. A video would be even better!" May said.

"Alright, I'll go get it." Misty said as she quickly went up the stairs and got the camcorder.

Ash and Brock setup the camera on the tripod in the middle of the room so it would have the best view of any of the action that might happen. It took them only a few seconds to set it up and they were ready.

"Well Ash, I think were ready now. Are you ready for me?" Delia asked as she seductively looked at her son.

After all this excitement, Ash was getting a bit nervous now. He had had sex with his mom many times now but never in front of all his friends or with a camera rolling. Ash didn't want to shoot his wad too quickly when he got on camera, and have it recorded forever.

Brock decided that he would take charge of the camera for this part of the video and he started rolling. With the camera focused on her, Delia sat directly in front of it on the floor. She crossed her legs, then grinned and winked at Ash who was still standing beside Brock who was operating the camera. She uncrossed her legs and spread them just enough to give everyone a great view of her pussy. Ash stared at her pussy and gasped. He hadn't see her pubic hair today as he had spent all of his time with May and Dawn. She had perfectly trimmed it just the way he liked it. Ash's penis got hard really quick and he began to forget that the camera was rolling and all his friends would be watching. Brock pushed Ash so that he would be in the camera's view and he slowly walked towards his mom.

"Hello Ash. How are you today?" Delia said as she acted for the camera.

Ash was so focused on his Mom's pussy that it was several seconds before he realized she had spoken to him and that everyone was waiting for a reply.

"Uh. I'm good... eh, I mean I feel great." Ash said with as much enthusiasm as he could muster.

"Ash, honey, your penis looks sore and hard right now. Did you want me to help you with that?" Delia said as she winked at him.

"Uh sure mom. That would be great." Ash said as he moved closer to his mom.

Delia appeared visibly excited as she was squirming around on the floor more than ever and breathing so hard, she was almost panting. Delia moved close to Ash and started stroking his erect penis. Dawn, May and Misty all watched as their friends mom was stroking him off. They all knew this was wrong, but watching them do it in front of them was turning them all on. The three of them all looked at each other in turn and smiled with excitement. Brock zoomed the camera in on Ash's penis which Delia was now stroking faster.

"Does my little boy want a blowjob now?" Delia asked.

"Oh I sure do mom!" Ash quickly replied.

Ash's mom bent her head down with his large penis in her hand and guided it to her mouth. His penis ached at the thought of how it would feel to have a warm mouth gliding back and forth over it. She wrapped her hand around the wide base and began to suck it like a lollipop. 

"Suck his penis, suck it hard!" Dawn yelled so that she knew it would be caught on camera.

Dawn's words of encouragement made Delia start to stroke faster. Delia began sliding her mouth up and down over his thick shaft, it's head hitting the back of her throat only halfway down. She gagged a bit and tried to back off, but Ash wouldn't let her get away. Ash put his hands on her head and held her over his erection.

Delia felt a thrill run through her body as Ash was starting to get into the action. She knew how good his penis was going to feel, stretching her pussy and pounding into her until they both cummed. She felt a rush of moisture between her thighs at the thought about what was to come.

All the girls were starting to get turned on watching Ash get sucked off by his mom. They all wanted to trade places with Delia but they knew they'de all get a chance soon enough. The three of them all began to rub their breasts and pussy's as they watched Ash and Delia in front of them.

"Mmmmm. Your penis tastes good Ash" Delia said as she was finally able to stop sucking his penis for a second to say so.

"Mommy's pussy is aching and is hotter than ever. I need you to stick that big hard penis inside me now and make me feel good." Delia replied as she looked into the camera as she talked.

"Do you think he's ready girls?" Delia asked looking at the girls who were busy feeling themselves off.

"I think so." Misty responded as she starred at Ash large penis.

Delia crawled on her hands and knees, and turned her ungodly ass towards Ash and the camera. Brock quickly adjusted the zoom and focused it on her pussy. Ash could tell her pussy was aching for his penis. She was wet and she was definitely ready for him.

Ash's mother leaned a bit so her ass was high in the air. Ash moved in behind he and grasping his penis he placed the head of it on his mother's slick pussy lips.

"Oh yes!" Delia moaned as she felt her son's penis head part the entrance to her pussy.

Dawn couldn't believe that Ash was actually having sex with his mom. It really was the truth. She knew that it must feel pretty good taking a hot penis like Ash's from behind. She knew exactly the pleasure that Delia was currently feeling.

"Fuck her Ash. Fuck your slutty mother hard." Dawn said encouraging her friend.

"Come over and join us Dawn." Delia said to her as Ash grasped his mother's hips.

"Not yet. I want to watch." Dawn responded as she slowly rubbed her clit in circles.

Delia slid her hands under herself to pinch and pull at her nipples. Her son's penis was now fully inside her. 

"Come on Ash. Give it to mother. Fuck me like you want to fuck Dawn." Delia demanded. 

Ash pulled back until almost all of his penis was out of his mom's pussy. He then slid in slowly and then out again with each thrust gaining momentum and speed.

"That's it honey. Come on." Delia cried out.

Dawn was fingering herself rapidly now as she watch Ash and Delia. Brock quickly moved the camera and aimed it at Dawn to film her fingering herself. He then quickly turned the camera back towards Ash and Delia who were still banging each other.

Delia's large breasts were dangingly back and forth the the rhythm of Ash's thrusts. They bounced all around and made a slapping noise once and awhile. Delia moaned and whimpered as Ash pounded into her slippery pussy. The sweat rolled off of the couple as their doggy style adventures continued. The sound of moaning and flesh slapping against flesh filled the entire room.

Ash was rocking his mom's body back and forth, stuffing her pussy deep with his big penis. Ash grabbed her shoulders and started giving her pussy long and powerful thrusts. His penis was nearly balls deep within her pussy.

Ash paused for a moment to let his penis rest within her tight pussy walls. Ash started ramming his mom hard again as her tits were flopping wildly on her chest and nearly hitting her face. Brock filmed as Ash grabbed and stretched both her nipples from her massive breast, making her all ready big breasts, look even bigger. They continued jiggled with each thrust and impact on her pussy.

Delia's pussy started to expand so she could fit more of her son's penis inside. Her thighs quivered and shook from the force he was drilling her. Ash could feel her pussy expanding and he didn't hesitate and plugged his entire shaft deep into her womb.

Delia moved one hand between her legs and started to rub her clitoris in circular motions. She could feel ash's thrusting getting faster and harder. Her pussy had tightened its grip around his cock.

"I'm going to cum!" Delia moaned as she began to climax.

Ash started thrusting slower and slower. He took his hands off her tits and placed them on her hips. He stopped his thrusting and kept his cock rested inside her warm and wet pussy. Her cum started pouring out the sides of her pussy lips. Delia loved the orgasmic feeling of getting off with her son. After Delia climaxed, she started to resume the thrusting herself by pushing her pussy back against Ash's penis.

Ash started moaning and knew he was ready to cum next. He resumed his thrusting to match his mom's movements. Ash couldn't hold back any longer either and felt the rush of his cum, exploding like a volcano deep inside Delia's womb. Ash was too excited to pull his cock out of his mom and just decided to fill her up.

Brock captured every hot action moment on film as he couldn't believe that Ash just cummed inside his own mother's pussy. Ash finally pulled his penis out of his mom's pussy and Brock zoomed in to see his cum start running out of Delia's pussy. Ash had cummed so much that her pussy couldn't hold it all in.

Dawn saw the cum start to come out of Delia's pussy and she quickly moved in behind her and began licking up the cum off her pussy. Dawn loved the taste of Ash's cum, and began to also swallow it. Ash moved onto the couch to rest while Delia rested her chest and head on the floor while raising her butt a bit so Dawn could lick her better.

Delia loved the feeling of Ash's cumming inside her. She could still feel all the cum inside her moving around. She also loved the fact that Dawn was licking her pussy, sucking up all the excess cum.

Brock couldn't believe what he was seeing right in front of him as he continued to film. He had known Dawn for quite some time now but never realized there was a raging woman there waiting to get some action. Dawn stuck her tongue inside Delia's pussy to get as much of Ash's cum as she could. After a few minutes of licking and sucking she had cleaned up Delia's pussy completely.

Misty and May had watched Dawn lick Delia and they couldn't believe that she did that. They both looked at Brock who had filmed the whole scene and they also couldn't believe that the whole scene had been recorded. With the action between Ash and Delia over, Brock paused the camera.

Ash was now sitting on the couch resting after his exhausting sex with his mother. Delia got up off the floor and sat down beside him. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and hugged him.

"Ash, I just wanted to complement you. That was the best fuck I have ever had in my entire life." Delia said with a smile.

"Awe geez.. Thanks mom. I learned from the best." Ash said as he blushed from her complement.

"I'm glad all my lessons have finally brought us to today. You've learned well." Delia told him.

"Well if it wasn't for all your encouragement and love, I wouldn't have a clue about girls and sex still." Ash continued.

"Well I'm glad honey, now your friends can also benefit from your new found skills. Just like a explores, it's now your time to explore different aspects of sex. I've taught you the basics, now it's your turn to continue learning." Delia told him as his friends all listened in.

Ash and Delia hugged each other as they looked down at the three girls on the floor. They all looked horny and currently unsatisfied. Misty had just about enough of the watching and got up onto the couch. She looked over at Brock, his penis still pretty erect from all the excitement.

"Brock, I need you to fuck me! I'm so fucking horny!" Misty exclaimed.

"Okay.." he said softly as he gulped.

The thought of having sex with Misty excited Brock. He's had known her for many years but had never thought of her as a girlfriend or someone he'd want to have sex with till now.

Misty was the youngest of four sisters who lived in the Cerulean Gym. Brock had always lusted over her sisters Daisy, Lily, and Violet, as they were older and more mature physically than Misty. But Misty had grown quite a bit as he had seen earlier. Her breasts were bigger than Dawn's and Brock loved breasts that he could cup and hold. Brock had always considered Misty a close friend, but never this close. 

"Ash, since you know how to use the camera, why don't you take over for Brock." Delia said as she gave him a bit of a push off the couch towards the camera.

"Alright, though I've never filmed anyone having sex before." Ash said.

"Just film it like you would anything else Ash. It's no different." Delia said as she smiled waiting anxiously to see Brock have sex with Misty.

Ash passed Brock in the middle of the room as he was heading over to the couch with Misty. Ash went over to the camera and moved the camera towards the couch Misty and Brock were on. Once he had set it up, he began recording.

Misty was at one end of the couch laying down a bit and Brock was sitting up at the other end looking at her.

"I'm a little nervous. I've never had a cock as big as yours." Misty said as she looked at Brock's hard erect penis.

"I'll go slowly then." Brock said as he was now turned on.

Brock began his entrance into her pussy, as he moved in between her legs and guided the head of penis slowly towards her young pussy lips. Misty could feel Brock coming closer to her and suddenly she could feel his penis head on her pussy. It's touch sent a chill up Misty's spine.

Brock teased the lips of her pussy, rubbing the head of his penis up and down her slit, almost going in then pulling out. Brock continued rubbing his penis on her slit for a few minutes and watched her pussy lips spread open as he moved his penis. Brock couldn't take the teasing anymore, and he lined up the head of his penis with her pussy's hole. Ash zoomed in on Misty's pussy making sure he filmed Brock inserting the head head of his penis penetrating her pussy.

When the head was fully inserted Brock pulled back out and started his penis's journey again. Brock push it in a little further this time but not all the way. Slowly he pulled back and re-entered her again and again, continuing this for a few more minutes, hoping Misty would begin to relax. He pussy was extremely tight making it really hard for Brock to get it all inside her.

Brock slowly began to increase the speed of his probing within her pussy. He could hear her breathing become faster keeping pace with each of his strokes. Brock reached up and began to rub each of the tits that had touched earlier. The nipples became more erect as if reaching out to be fondled. He took each one between his fingers and began to lightly pinch and roll them.

Soft moans came from Misty's pretty little mouth as Brock continued moving his penis shallowly inside her pussy. Brock's penis slowly prodding the interior of her pussy. He looked up at Misty and saw her lying there with a small smile on her lips and decided it was time. Brock grabbed both of Misty's legs and started his final entry into her tight little pussy.

Slowly Brock pulled back then slammed back harder, moving her up the couch. Faster and faster he began to pump away at her helpless pussy. Brock's penis slid into her hole until it came to her cervix. He was only had about three quarters of his penis inside her pussy but Brock was determined to get it all inside her. Brock applied more pressure as Misty gasped a bit of air as he began to stretch her vagina to it's limits. 

Dawn and May watched with total lust and fascination as they were completely mesmerized as Brock's penis slid in and out of Misty's tightly stretched little pussy. Dawn loved seeing the slick-looking juices from Misty's pussy lubricate around her lovely succulent and tightly stretched pussy-hole.

"Ooh, Brock, give me all of it!" Misty said as she looked down her body to her pussy that was being penetrated by Brock's large penis.

Brock forced in a couple of inches than he had before and Misty started screaming with excitement. Faster and faster Brock continued to screw Misty's tight, slippery teenage pussy, never letting up, fucking her forcefully with deep, powerful, shuddering thrusts. Brock reached down under her ass and lifted her hips off the couch so he could penetrate deeper into her pussy.

"Oh, Brock, you feel so good. I want this to be a regular thing for us when were on our next journey." Misty gasped breathing faster. 

"Whenever you want Misty." Brock replied.

With one last, hard thrust, Brock pushed up against Misty's cervix knowing that getting into her womb was the only way he was going to get all his penis inside her. Brock could tell she enjoyed the felling by the way she wrapped her legs around him and held his pelvis in place. Brock could feel the tip of his engorged penis hitting a hard little knob that he knew was her cervix. Misty's cries grew louder as his penis banged against her cervix.

Misty could start to feel her cervix squeezing around the head of Brock's penis and her bald pussy lips mashed against his pelvic bone. Brock's penis began the near impossible task of penetrating Misty's cervix and entering her womb. Brock had never gone this far inside a girl before, but he wanted to feel every inch of Misty with his penis. After a few more thrusts, Brock could feel the inside walls of Misty's cervix around his head and he was finally able to push his penis all the way inside her. Misty's eye grew really large as she felt Brock's penis deep inside her now.

"Oh my.. It's happening now! I can feel your penis in my womb!" she cried and as he penetrated all the way to her cervix.

Misty's pussy was fire and she had never felt a pain and pleasure like this before. She started to cry a bit. Brock started to see the tears so he started to withdraw.

"No you don't! Don't you dare take it out. I had to psych myself into having sex with you because your penis was so big, and now that its all in I'm not chickening out. Just hold still for a while and leave it in there till we both recover." Misty told him as she wiped the tears of pain and pleasure from her cheeks. 

Misty and Brock were locked together motionless for a few minutes. Brock couldn't hold Misty up any longer and he lay down on top of her. Misty's breasts mashed up against his chest as he lay down on her. He could feel her hard, erect tits rubbing against his skin. She wiggled a bit and found a position that was more comfortable and didn't hurt.

Brock couldn't last much longer in Misty's tight pussy despite the brief resting period. Her pussy was milking and clamping onto his penis so hard that he barely needed to do any thrusting anymore.

"Alright Misty here I come one last time. Are you ready?" Brock asked Misty impatiently.

"I think so. Make me cum Brock!" Misty told him.

The words of encouragement from Misty was all Brock needed. He got up off of Misty and managed to keep his penis deep inside her pussy. Brock started thrusting hard once again, this time he wasn't going to stop. The pleasure of sex almost made Brock pass out but he managed to concentrate enough to continue thrusting his large penis inside of Misty.

"Oh my, he's so big!" Misty cried as the feeling of pleasure was almost too much for her as well.

Brock reached up and grabbed her tits and began to massage them. Brock started driving in her as fast as he could. 

"Oh! I'm cumming!" Misty screamed as she wrapped her arms around Brock as the other girls covered their ears because Misty was screaming so loud. 

The hands on her breasts sent thrills down her spine again. Clenching her vaginal muscles, she held him deep inside her. Misty felt Brock's trapped penis pulse and she knew he was about to cum. He couldn't hold back and he thrust into her, each time feeling her cervix, feeling his penis sheathed in her hot, wet pussy. The tightness and sensation of her continual orgasms were incredible as her pussy contracted even more on his penis.

Misty ran her beautiful, small hands up his muscular arms and across his chest. She looked at him with half closed eyes, dazed by passion, moaning with every stroke that he rammed into her willing pussy. She was bucking her hips against him and his penis was rubbing against her interior walls of her cervix.

"I'm going to cum. Do you want me to pull out?" Brock asked as he took a deep breath.

"God, no. Cum in my pussy, please! Fill me up with your hot cum!" Misty said.

The thought of cumming in his friend drove Brock mad. They were both teenagers and he knew this would be the first of many times that he'd cum inside her in the years to come.

Brock gave one last thrust and he push past her cervix again and he was in all the way in. He began pumping his cum in her womb knowing that it would be okay because she was on the pill.

"Oh Brock, I love you so much," she panted as she continued to climax.

Misty could feel Brock's hot cum start to shoot deep into her womb. Loads of cum kept shooting out of him. He had an endless supply and it just wouldn't stop. The sensation of Brock's hot cum slamming against the inner walls of her virgin womb drove Misty to a larger orgasm. Brock continued to climax as he finally unloaded the last of his sperm deep inside Misty after about a full minute of cumming. 

The whole group was stunned how long Brock and Misty orgasmed for. It seemed like eternity for everyone in the room, but eternity seemed short for Misty and Brock.

Brock pulled his penis out of Misty's pussy, and lay down beside her on the couch. Misty put her arm around him as they both lay there breathing heavily while resting.

Delia watched as Misty and Brock lay on the couch after their orgasms. Having just had sex with her son, she knew how they felt. She enjoyed watching them have sex and couldn't wait to watch it back on the video.

"Well it seems as though you both enjoyed that." Delia said to Misty and Brock.

"Oh we sure did. Brock is an excellent slut." Misty replied patting Brock on the shoulder and smiling.

"Ah geez thanks Misty. You're a very sexy girl yourself." Brock told her.

Ash was so busy focusing on Misty and Brock that he almost didn't notice that May and Dawn had got so horny waiting to have sex that that took matters into their own hands. Ash quickly turned the camera towards them and focused it on them.

"Do you think my tits are too small?" Dawn asked May as she looked at her large rack.

"No, they're small but beautiful and firm. You have a great body Dawn." May told her.

May and Dawn sat up onto their knees and took each others hands. They intertwined their fingers together, holding each other's hands tightly, as May leaned forward kissing Dawn on the lips. The kiss lasted forever as their lips at first gently pressed against each other, then pulling back and coming in contact once more. May was the first to move her tongue against Dawn's lips, parting them and seeking her friend's. Their tongues played together in each other's mouths, as their kisses became more passionate. May released her grip on Dawn's hands and grabbed Dawn's face, pulling her into an even more passionate embrace. Dawn moaned as May licked her wet lips and then stopped kissing.

Dawn looked down on her friend and now lover and smiled, as May ran her hands over Dawn's small breasts, down her hips and to her pussy. Slowly, May slipped one finger inside her friend's wet pussy, moving it in and out slowly at first. Dawn groaned and started moving her hips against her friend's finger. Reaching down, May grabbed Dawn's hand and rubbed it against her pussy.

"Ohhhh yes May, faster May!" Dawn moaned moving her hips in rhythm with May's thrusting finger.

After a minute or two of getting Dawn's hand rubbing the inside of May's thighs just below her pussy, May decided to push her luck a little more. She pushed Dawn's fingers inside her pussy. After just a couple of strokes, May let out a moan.

"Have you ever cum for another girl Dawn? Is this your first time with a girl?" May said as the question could be hear across the room.

Dawn looked at May, the fingers of her right hand twisting one of her nipples, while the two middle fingers of her left hand were buried all the way inside of Dawn's wet pussy. 

"It's my first time with a girl." Dawn panted in reply.

The two girls fondled each others pussy's for a few minutes until May decided it was time to go a bit further now. May finally took her fingers out of Dawn's pussy and moved a few feet away from Dawn. May spread her legs out wide and then spread her pussy lips wide open. 

Ash quickly zoomed into May's spread pussy and he could see the opening to her vagina easily as well as her slit. Her entire pussy was wet and red, obviously quite turned on.

"Would you like to lick and taste my pussy Dawn?" May asked.

Dawn could only nod as she got up on her hands and knees and crawled over between May's spread out legs. Dawn moved her head towards her pussy as her nose began to smell the musky smell of her pussy. Dawn slid her tongue into May's pussy and she got her first taste of pussy. The strong, salty slickness on Dawn's tongue made May's head spin with uncontrolled lust. May began to moan as Dawn began to lick May's pussy.

"How does your first pussy taste?" Delia asked from across the room.

Dawn was still licking May's pussy as she her Delia's question. She moved her head back abit to answer. Dawn could still taste the tang of May's pussy on her lips. 

"Delicious. I never knew it would taste so good. It's just like sucking a penis." Dawn said in a breathy whisper.

"I know, but I bet you taste even better. Care to let me lick you too?" May asked as she heard Dawn reply to Delia's question.

"I'de like that." Dawn quickly replied.

"How about we get into the 69 position, that way we can both suck each other off at the same time?" May asked.

Soon afterward May guided Dawn around until she lifted one leg over her head and settled down on top of her in the 69 position. From the way the camera was angled Ash couldn't see Dawn working at May's pussy but he had a fantastic view of May sucking Dawn's pussy.

Both girls began licking and sucking each other an obvious vigor and excitement. Ash was struck by the realization that they seemed very comfortable together. Both moved and acted like they were experienced with each other and knew what the other person liked.

Ash watched the action on the camera's lcd screen as his mind filled with the idea that there was already at least one incestuous relationship in his family aside from what he and his mom had just done. Could it be possible that some of his other friends might have had sexual experiences with their family members?

"Yea, that's it Dawn. Suck my clit too!" May said as she took a deep breath and went back to work on Dawn's pussy.

May was repaying the favor by sucking on friends clit as well.

"Oh my God! Your fucking my pussy with your tongue!" Dawn exclaimed as May licked her clit.

Brock watched as the two girls did a wonderful 69. His penis was becoming hard again after climaxing in Misty's pussy earlier. Dawn could not believe what was happening but was totally lost in the feeling of May's tongue lapping at her cunt.

The feeling of May licking her out was an amazing feeling for Dawn. Dawn was catching on as she burrowed her face as deep as she could into her friends pussy. She sucked in the sweet fluid that now came faster from pussy. She probed her tongue in as deep as it would go causing May to ride her harder while May still continued to burrow herself onto Dawn's wanting pussy. The feeling was beyond erotic as they were pleasing each other as they held each other as tight as they could.

Together, the girls slid their fingers up deep into each other's wetness, twisting and whirling around inside of each other. There hips flowed together in a single rhythm as they worked their way towards orgasm. They continued probing and sucking and twisting their fingers inside one another until they finally were about to climax.

Both girls knew they needed to have sex with one of the guys now as they were both waiting to be completely satisfied before climaxing. The girl got off of each other and sat down on the couch beside Delia. Both girls spread their legs out wide and spread their pussy lips wide. Ash quickly turned the camera to follow them again. Both girls needed to have a penis in them right away.

"Well boys, it looks like you have two more willing pussy's ready to be fucked. Do you think you can take care of them?" Delia asked as she watched the two horny girls spread their pussy's wide awaiting them to be penetrated by a penis.

Ash and Brock both gulped as they saw the girls awaiting them to have sex. There were two girls awaiting to have sex and two guys. The question is, who would have sex with who!?

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