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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 14 - Friends Love Forever

It didn't take Brock and Ash long to realize that May and Dawn wanted to have sex. Ash began to stroke himself as he walked away from the camera and towards the couch with Dawn and May. Delia noticed that someone needed to operate the camera as Ash had wandered away from it, so she got up off the couch to operate it. She refocused the camera just as Ash was approaching the girls.

Not to be outdone by Ash, Brock got up off the couch he was on and went of to the other couch much to the dismay of Misty. After watching the girls lick each other off, Brock's penis was completely erect again. Ash had already decided who he wanted to have sex with and was moving in between Dawn's legs. Brock was fine with that as he didn't care which girl he had sex with.

"Why don't you have a competition to see which one of you lasts the longest?" Misty said as she watched Ash and Brock take their places.

"That sounds like a great idea. First person to cum becomes the camera person again." Delia said.

"All right. I'm down with that." Ash said as he looked at Brock.

"Me too! I guess Ash won't be on the video much now will he?" Brock said in jeering voice as he directed his comment while smiling at May.

"Well Brock will just have to find out now won't we." May said as she awaited Brock to penetrate her.

Dawn had seen how hard it was for Brock to get his penis in Misty's tight pussy and she was somewhat glad that Ash was going to do her instead. Dawn looked up at Ash and smiled as he got closer to her. Brock moved in between May's legs and started to guide his penis towards her spread pussy lips.

"Come on Brock. I know you want me. I've seen you look at my boobs for years. Well now you can touch them and my pussy too." May said as she smirked trying to get Brock more excited.

Brock reached down to grabbed both her breasts with his hands but stopped before he touched them. For years he had seen her large breasts covered by bikini's and tight clothes, just like Misty, but here May was right in front of him completely naked.

"Don't be nervous. I've always had a crush on you, same with Ash. Go ahead, you can touch me." May said to Brock as she noticed that he hesitated.

Brock finally grabbed both of May's breasts and began to fondle them. He couldn't believe how soft they were.

"Do you like my breasts?" May said as Brock was cupping them in each hand.

"They're perfect. They are just gorgeous." Brock answered as his eyes were riveted on her breasts.

While Brock fondled with May's breasts, May could feel the tip of his penis touch her spread pussy. May needed his large penis in her pussy now.

"All right. Let's do it. Quickly put your penis in my pussy." May said in an almost impatient voice.

Brock's penis had grown bigger and stiff and was throbbing. Brock slid forward, his cock pressing against the folds of May's pussy, which was already soaking wet. Slowly and lovingly, he pressed forward as May could feel the tip of his penis slide inside. May let go of her pussy lips and grabbed Brock from behind to pull him closer. The lubrication from her pussy made it easier for him to penetrate, but it was still tight, because his penis was really hard and thick. 

"Oh my God, Brock. You are so big, it feels like pussy going to rip apart from being so stretched." May said.

Ash and Dawn had watched May and Brock begin to have sex and Dawn's pussy was beginning to ache a lot. Dawn reached out and grabbed Ash's penis in her hand began to stroke his rock hard penis. She slowly pulled Ash closer towards her as she stroked it, guiding him closer to her pussy which was being spread wide by her other hand. Dawn raised herself up off the couch a bit, holding Ash's penis. Dawn continued to guide his penis towards her pussy until it touched the swollen lips of pussy opening of his penis.

Dawn thrust her hips forward a bit and the lips of her pussy parted slowly, gradually encompassing the head of his penis. He moaned as her warm pussy began to wrap around him slowly. Ash didn't need any more help as she was incredibly tight, really gripping the top half of his penis. Ash pulled up a little, before forcing her pussy down on him hard.

"Oh! I can feel you inside me!" she moaned as his penis thrust inside her.

Dawn eagerly spread her long legs, placing one foot on the floor and the other one on the back of the couch. Her pink pussy lips were swollen and quivering as Ash thrust his penis inside her. Her eyes were locked on his penis as she panted. 

Dawn had been waiting for this moment for quite some time. She was always trying to show off her body to Ash, but he never paid any attention. She was definitely getting all his attention right now.

Ash lay on top of her, looking at her lustfully as he began to thrust into her using small strokes. He then began to thrust with longer strokes, as his hard penis glided smoothly in and out of her welcoming pussy.

Dawn adjusted her seating, leaning over the cover a bit, completely giving herself to Ash. He grabbed the soft sides of her skinny little ass and pulled back a bit, watching her pussy lips pull outward with his penis. He could see the pink skin grip his dick tightly.

Both girls were sitting side by side on the couch, naked, and were now having sex with Ash and Brock. Delia moved the camera a bit so she could get all of them in the video at the same time. Misty was also starting to get turned on again as she watched the four of them on the couch. Misty began stroking and rubbing her pussy and clit as she continued to watch.

"Dawn your pussy is so tight and soft." Ash said as he continued to thrust into her.

"You like it do you?" Dawn asked him rhetorically as she grabbed on to the couch a bit to stabilize herself.

"Oh yeah! Your pussy is wrapping around me like a glove. It feels great." Ash told her.

"I'm so horny Ash. I want you to fuck me hard all day just like this!" Dawn exclaimed as she began to push up her hips every time he thrust into her.

After a few minutes of constant thrusting, Ash pulled his penis out of Dawn's pussy. Dawn felt so empty and the feeling had her panicking a little wanting his penis back inside her. Ash grabbed a hold of his penis and began to stroke and rub Dawn's pussy up and down her slit with his penis. Dawn smiled at him, loving the feeling of his penis against her pussy. 

Ash was still standing in front of Dawn who was on the couch while looking into her eyes. His gaze traveled down her body, all the way down to triangle of her small bush of pubic hair met the entrance of her pussy. Ash continued to stroke her pussy and then pushed his penis back inside her again. Ash began thrusting in and out faster than before. Ash could see the base of his penis emerging from her body as his pulled out every time. 

Dawn was loving every second of this but she wanted more of him and also wanted to be a bit more in control. Dawn looked into Ash's eyes sensually, as she pulled her body away from him and stood up.

"Ash you sit down on the couch now and I'll get on top." Dawn said as she motioned him to go on the couch.

"All right." Ash said as he sat down on the couch beside May who was getting nailed continuously by Brock's relentless thrusting.

Ash watched May's breast bounce up and down as Brock thrusted in and out of her. May then saw that Ash and Dawn were trading places and she watched as Dawn moved her pussy into position over Ash's penis and straddled him.

"Oh... Yeah!" Ash moaned as he watched inch by inch of his cock slide inside Dawn's pussy again. He could feel the heat of her body gradually engulf him. When Ash was all the way inside her again, Dawn looked down at him, holding herself down on him. Her arms were on his chest to balance herself as she loved the feeling of his penis so deep in her pussy. She was able to get his penis further inside her in this position than earlier. Ash slipped his hands down her back and cupped her bare ass as he held her soft cheeks tightly. Dawn leaned forward while closing her eyes. She moved her head towards his, searching for his lips and then kissed him softly. 

Dawn kissed him again as her tongue sliding into his mouth. Ash slowly began humping up against her, encouraging her to move. Taking the hint, Dawn straighten up, sliding most of him out of her, before sliding him back inside her pussy.

"Oh yeah. I can feel your penis deep inside me now!" Dawn said as she eagerly took his penis back inside her aching pussy. 

Dawn began panting as she began to move up and down a bit faster. Ash moved his hands from her butt to the the sides of her hips and he lifted her up to help her.

"I've been wanting to fuck you like this for years." Dawn said as she began to bounce up and down on Ash's penis faster.

"You have?" Ash asked surprised.

"Oh yeah! I've been waiting to have sex with you for a long time." Dawn said as she continued her work on him.

Ash didn't know how much longer he could last with Dawn going down on his penis so much. He still noticed May and Brock were going at it and he wanted to make sure he lasted just as long as Brock did.

"God I love your penis!" May told Brock and she began to rub her clit a bit while Brock continued thrusting into her.

"I still haven't got it all in yet." Brock said as he continued to try to bury his whole penis inside her like he did with Misty.

Brock pushed hard trying to force his penis all the way into her tight pussy but he was getting a lot more resistance than he had with Misty.

Delia could see that they were having a bit of problems and she knew a way that would help them.

"Lie on your back May and pull your knees up to your shoulders. That should make it a lot easier for him to penetrate you fully." May heard Delia say.

Brock pulled out of May as she quickly scrambled to comply and she shifted her body down the couch. She was a bit unbalanced but Brock helped her keep stable. May grabbed her legs under her knees and pulled them right up to her shoulders. Her beautiful pussy was completely in view for Brock and the camera, and they could even see underneath her a little. Brock knelt in front of her and he rubbed his penis slowly down her wet slit. 

Brock leaned over May, his eyes were locked on her pink, swollen pussy lips. Holding his penis, he placed the head against the her pussy lips and was once again about to enter his friend. This was the girl that he grew up with and had had many journey's with. They had both grown up, and he was about to slide his penis inside her once again.

Brock watched May's breasts bounce up and down before him, bouncing with each of his rapid thrusts. He was starting to losing it and he knew he should not cum inside her even though she was on the pill. Delia's trick had worked as Brock was now able to get his entire penis inside May. He could feel her cervix give way to the strength of his penis and May's legs spreading it wide enough for him to get into her further.

Brock had no control over his desires as he thrust rapidly in and out of her a few more times before he lost it. His penis exploded inside her and a huge wave of cum shot out of Brock's penis and into his friends young vagina. He moaned as wave after wave of semen unloaded into her womb. May held Brock tight, wrapping her arms around him as he emptied his cum into her pussy. More hot white cum shot out the end of his cock and into May. 

Finally, Brock stopped pulsating and his cum slowed to a trickle and the last of his cum spurted inside her hot wet pussy. May also couldn't hold her orgasm any longer after feeling his hot cum splash the back of her womb. 

"Oh my god Brock. You're cumming inside my pussy. I can feel your hot cum inside me, squirting as you cum. This is fantastic!" May said as she climaxed as well.

After hearing Brock and May climax, Ash and Dawn couldn't last any longer themselves. They knew they had won the bet but now it was between Ash and Dawn to see who could last the longest.

"Uh Dawn I'm going to cum!" Ash said as Dawn began to bounce up and down on him as fast as she could.

"Cum inside me Ash. I want to feel your hot cum inside me just like May is feeling Brock's cum inside her." Dawn said as she began to pinch her hard erect nipples.

Finally Dawn could hold off no longer, her body had to be let loose. With a soft squeal of pleasure she erupted into her orgasm. Her legs buckled and she collapsed on top of Ash as he began to start squirting his cum deep inside her pussy. Delia zoomed in on Dawn's pussy which was beginning to spew cum out the edges.

After resting for a few minutes, Ash lifted Dawn up off of him. He could hear a slurping noise when his penis popped out of her tight pussy. Dawn got off of him and fell back on the couch. Brock also took his penis out of May's pussy and joined them on the couch.

"Well Ash, it seems your lessons paid off there. You lasted the longest and Brock was the first to cum." Delia said as she panned the camera from one side of the couch to the other.

"Ash was amazing. That was the best fuck I've ever had. It was everything I'de ever hoped for with Ash." Dawn said as she looked at Ash and smiled.

"Awe thanks Dawn. You were amazing too." Ash said as he complemented her.

"Brock was no slouch either. His hard, long penis made me cum before both of you. I couldn't last any longer feeling it inside me as he cummed." May said as she rubbed Brock's shoulders.

"Well I guess this means I lost, so I'm the camera man again. At least I'll have some time to recover after doing both Misty and May." Brock said as he seemed somewhat relieved.

All the girls had now had sex with one of the guys and were somewhat satisfied with their experiences. Ash and Brock were having the time of their lives with four naked girls all wanting to have sex with them. This was Brock's dream come true and Ash was loving it just as much.

Everyone rested for a few minutes, not really talking much. It was hard for all of them to completely comprehend exactly what had been happening. None of them had ever thought something like this would ever happen to them, yet here they all were exploiting each other sexually in front of each other and a camera.

Delia liked the fact that all these young kids we willing to do this with her and weren't to nervous or ashamed about it. They were all pretty comfortable with each other and their sexuality. She enjoyed watching and filming them have sex with each other.

Delia realized that Ash had now had sex with every girl here. He had become a man and was now able to do stuff with girls without her help. She remember the first time she saw Ash look at her naked, and now here he was having sex with all his friends and her. Delia smiled to herself, pleased with how her plan had turned out. She knew it would be awhile till she saw her son again as he was going on a long journey with his friends, so she decided that he needed something to remember her by.

"So who's ready for a bit more fun before we stop for the day?" Delia asked as she looked around at everyone in the room.

Everyone was still breathing hard, recovering from their earlier experiences with each other. Ash and Brock especially looked a bit tired, but Delia knew with the proper motivation, everyone would be back in action fast.

"Alright girls, let's all have some group fun. Since Brock lost the last bet, lets have another bet. Who's up for a bet?" She asked all the girls.

"Sure!" all the girls replied now looking at Delia wondering what she had in mind.

"Well here's the bet. Will all get into doggy style in front of the couch so Ash can do each of us in turn. Will all do our best to make him cum. The girl he cums in will be the winner." Delia said as all the girls started to smile at the thought.

"Now that sounds like fun! I'm going to make sure he cums in me!" May said as she looked at Ash with her suductive smile.

"Not before he cums in my hot, wet and tight pussy again!" Dawn said jeering May knowing that Ash had already cummed in her tight pussy already.

"Well I've had sex with Ash before both of you, so I know exactly what will get him to cum." Misty said as he seems quite confident with herself.

"Well it seems the competition is on Ash. You think your ready?" Delia asked her son who was quite surprised by all the reactions from the girls.

"Uh I guess so." Ash said somewhat surprised by the thought.

"YOU THINK SO?!" Brock almost exploded.

"Ash buddy! These four girls want you to fuck them till you cum! This is every man's dream come true!" Brock nearly collapsed from the excitement.

All the girls laughed at Brock's outburst as some of them also began to blush a bit. They all knew they would need to reward Brock later as there was no losers today.

"You're right Brock. I am ready! I'll show these girls who's really in charge here!" Ash said as he was gaining more confidence by the second.

"That's the spirit Ash! Now go fuck those girls till one of them makes you cum so hard you'll never forget!" Brock said as he got up off the couch and went over to the camera to set it up once again.

The girls all got off the floor and got into position beside each other. They all rested their chests on the couch and raised their butts in the air so that Ash would have easy access to their pussy's from behind.

Ash couldn't believe he was about to have sex with all four of these girls. They were all willing and waiting for him to thrust his penis deep inside them until he cummed so hard that he would never forget the moment.

Brock started filming the action in front of him, wishing it was him there and not Ash. Brock was glad he was able to at least watch the action as it happened.

Ash got on his knees and moved in behind Dawn who was the closest to him. He ran his hand over her smooth butt as his penis banged against her thigh as he moved around behind her. He could see some of his cum still matted in the little triangle of hair that was trimmed away from her opening.

Holding his penis out in front of his body, Ash ran it up and down the slit of Dawn's pussy. The head glistened with her pussy juice and she twitched as he moved up and down her sensitive slit. he slipped his cock before moving closer to slowly push the head in.

"Hurry up, stop teasing me and stick your penis in my pussy." Dawn said in an impatient voice.

Ash rested his penis at the entrance to her pussy as she positioned her thighs wider for him. With one thrust he entered her warm, moist passage and Dawn let out moan. Dawn lurched forward a little and grabbed on the the couch for support. Ash began to rock in and out of Dawn as her pussy clamped down on his hard penis, making it even tighter.

May, Delia and Misty turned their heads to watch Ash and Dawn, each of them awaiting their turn with Ash. After a minute of so of thrusting, Ash pulled his penis out of Dawn and rested the head of it at the entrance of her pussy. He needed to rest so he didn't cum on the first girl. He still had three girls to nail before he could even think about cumming.

Ash began to thrust his hips once again into her as Dawn moaned and pushed her body down and raised her ass up to help Ash out more. Every muscle in Ash's body was straining to put as much thrust into each plunge as he could possibly muster. His penis slammed into Dawn, his pelvis ground up against pussy and butt, as she pushed backwards against him with each thrust.

"I think Dawn has had enough Ash, It's my turn now." May said as she wiggled her butt a bit to tell Ash that she needed attention now.

May rubbed her thighs together to keep the throbbing in her pussy under control but it was no use. She desperately needed Ash to put it in her right that minute.

Ash pulled his penis out of Dawn who was a bit disappointed but knew she would get another chance soon enough. Ash shuffled over behind May and aimed his penis near her pussy. May's pussy lips were wider and softer than Dawn's were. Dawn had a tight slim pussy where as May's was a bit puffier. Ash liked the different feels of their pussy's and doing each girl right after another gave him a bit of a comparison.

Ash rubbed the head of his penis along her slick slit a few times just like he did with Dawn and then slowly pushed it into May's hot pussy. Once Ash was all the way inside of May's pussy, her reached around her and put his hands under her breasts which were resting on the couch. He gave each of her nipples a hard pinch and she moaned.

"I've always wanted people watch me have sex. It makes me so turned on. I'm glad it's you I'm having sex with Ash." May said as she began to push again him.

May had a perfectly tight and wet young pussy and Ash's penis was in pure ecstasy just sliding in and out of her for the next few minutes.

Ash reached down and kissed May as he slowly continued banging her from behind. May moaned loudly as Ash filled her pussy with his thick penis. Ash continued to slammed his penis in and out of her, barely pulling out before driving deep inside of her. He held on to her firm breasts, squeezing her nipples as he thrust in and out of her pussy. 

Ash pulled out a little, then slid back in, a couple of inches entering her this time. With each thrust Ash paused, before filling her with more of his penis. May was going crazy and she could feel an orgasm building.

"Do you like that May?" Ash asked as he knew she was getting close.

"Oh yeah. Cum inside me Ash, please." May begged as she rocked her hips into his pelvis.

"Not now, I still got two other girls to please first." Ash said as she slowly began to pull his penis out of her one last time.

Ash pulled his penis out of May's pussy so he wouldn't cum but he wanted to make sure May was fully satisfied. As he moved into position behind his mom, Ash began to rub May's pussy with his hands. He put two of his fingers in her pussy and began to thrust and rub the inside of her pussy. 

May thought Ash had begun to nail her again but noticed he was now in position behind his mom but she could see that he was now fingering her. She loved the feeling of Ash feeling her pussy and she could once again feel her orgasm building.

"Well Ash, I see you've learned a few tricks already. You know now how to pleasure more than one women at the same time. I'm impressed." Delia said to her son as she eagerly awaited his entrance into her pussy.

"You ain't seen nothing yet." Ash said as he positioned his penis at the entrance to his mothers pussy.

As Ash reached her pussy entrance, he paused and touched her entrance with the tip of his penis. Delia felt shivers along her spine as she once again unioned with her son's flesh again. Ash's penis entered her pussy for the second time that day, and he pushed even harder than the first time. Ash could hear his mother gasp, as he pushed inside her completely.

"Do you feel how wet I am?" she moaned.

"Your pussy is nice and wet. Makes it really easy for me to thrust mom." Ash said as he began thrusting in and out of her as he continued to rub and thrust his fingers in May's pussy.

As Ash pounded her pussy, his mother was yelping and squealing loudly, and started to respond to his thrusting, with movements of her own. She wrapped her legs around Ash, with her two feet pressed against his back, forcing him to thrust deeper into her. The sounds of their bodies slamming together and Ash's balls slapping against her pelvis and pussy, filled the air.

"Oh, yes, that feels wonderful." Delia moaned as she could feel her son deep inside her.

Before Ash continued working on his mom, he wanted to make sure May was fully satisfied. He began working his fingers in and out of her pussy really fast. May began to moan louder as she could feel the orgasm building to its climax.

"Yes! Fuck my shaved pussy! Your penis feels so good in my pussy! I love being penetrated nice and deep like this from behind." Delia screamed as Ash continued slowly thrusting into his mom while also working on May.

After May heard Delia say that she lost control. She began to orgasm and Ash could feel her pussy clamp tight on his fingers. He watched as May flailed about so wildly he thought she might hurt herself. He continued to hammer his fingers into her as she writhed about.

"Oh Ash, that felt so good. I wish you've cummed inside me though." May said as she regained control of her body.

"I'm glad you liked it." Ash said as he pulled his fingers out of her pussy and put both hands on his mom's butt and began to work his mom harder now.

Delia's body began to twitch ever so slightly and Ash knew that was telltale sign of another orgasm beginning inside her pussy. Ash responded by increasing the tempo of his thrusts to another level that he didn't know he had. His penis was tearing in and out of mom's slobbering wet pussy so fast that he didn't know how much longer he could last. Ash hoped his mom would climax soon before he did.

Finally Delia was no longer in control herself, she let loose and orgasmed once again. Ash banged her hard until she came good and hard all over his penis. She bucked wildly beneath Ash as she drove her pussy tightly up against the base of his shaft as he continued to drive his penis into her like a wild man. After Ash felt his mom's climax subside, he pulled his penis out and stepped back letting her fall to the couch to rest.

Ash's mom was helpless under him. She gasped and whimpered, wiggling her body as she could no longer feel Ash's penis inside her. She missed the feeling but knew it wouldn't be the last time she felt it inside her. Like May and Dawn before her, she wished that Ash had cummed inside her pussy, but she knew her son was trying his best to please all the girls, and he seem to be doing a very good job at it.

Brock had just filmed Ash having sex with his third consecutive girl and he didn't know how much longer he could take watching Ash do these girls in front of him. Brock tried his best to contain himself but his body started to take over. He began stroking himself as he watched Ash move in behind Misty to have sex with her. Brock remembered his earlier experience with Misty and how hot and tight her pussy felt around his penis.

While he stroked himself with one hand, Brock used his other hand to position the camera so it could record Misty and Ash. Brock began to stroke himself harder and he began to moan. Brock's moaning caught the attention of some of the girls who turned their heads to see what Brock was doing.

May and Dawn weren't that surprised to see Brock stroking himself off as he filmed. They both giggled as they watched him stroke up and down his large erect penis. Brock hadn't noticed the girls were watching him, not that he cared after today's events.

"Feeling a bit left out are we Brock?" May finally said as she smiled at Brock.

"I bet he does! I bet he wished he was over here with us." Dawn said as she put her hand between her leg and spread her pussy lips wide for him to see.

"Awe, don't tease him like that Dawn. You know he cannot last that long." May said as the girls both giggled as they teased Brock relentlessly. 

Brock didn't reply to their comments and began to blush a bit, but he continued stroking himself as Ash was almost in position to nail Misty from behind.

Misty raised her butt a bit and spread her legs wider, positioning her salivating pussy in a position to make it easy for Ash to penetrate her from behind. Her dripping pussy was once again lubricating his stiffened penis as it touched between the outer lips of her wet pussy. Reaching behind her, Misty pulled his twitching penis towards her, positioning the swollen head at the entrance to her hot, wet pussy. Holding it in place, she pushed back against him, slowly easing herself toward his rock hard penis until the lips of her pussy slipped over his enlarged and wet penis head.

Misty pushed further and further, taking more and more of Ash's penis inside her throbbing pussy. Grunting with effort, she forced herself onto him as he slid deeper and deeper into her womanhood. At last the lips of her pussy settled around the base of his penis as his entire penis was now buried inside her. Misty held him there for several seconds, obviously savoring the feeling of his penis fully inside her. 

"It feels so good! Start fucking me Ash." Misty groaned.

Ash slowly began to nail Misty from behind, not going too fast as he was still tired from having sex with the previous three girls. Ash knew as he got tired, the easier it was for him to cum, so he wanted to go slow to conserve his strength.

"How's that?" Ash moaned as he began to have sex with Misty.

"Oh, it feels great, but pump faster! I'm so horny!" she gasped as Ash began thrusting inside her.

Misty's pussy was a lot looser than he had remembered. Obviously having sex with Brock earlier had loosened her pussy. It was a strange feeling for Ash to have sex with a person he'd watched earlier have sex with another guy. Ash couldn't deny the feelings he was currently having, and he loved Misty, but this time sex with her seemed a bit different.

The smacking sounds of Misty's wet pussy was so loud that it made Ash start thrusting her faster. His penis seemed to never end as he slid more into her with each stroke. The sensation of Ash in her pussy was different that Brock's penis as it wasn't as overwhelming but she loved the pleasure of a real penis in her pussy.

Misty's small body bouncing wildly on his penis as Ash put his arms under her thighs and lifted her legs up a bit off the floor and began to drive his penis deeper in her pussy. It didn't take long before Misty was almost screaming with the passion that was overtaking her.

Dawn could see clearly as Ash's penis split Misty's pussy lips and disappeared into her pussy. Misty's pussy lips were much thinner than any of the other girls and her clit stuck out like a little finger. Dawn began to rub her clit as she watched Ash and Misty bang each other. Dawn remembered the feeling of Ash stuffing his penis inside her as she rubbed her clit and pussy lips with her fingers.

Ash stopped thrusting for a few seconds and held onto Misty's hips as he stood motionless behind her, savoring the feeling of having his penis buried in her pussy. He loved the feeling the wetness and heat of her pussy clutching tight on his penis. Ash once again thrust his penis forwards still gripping Misty's hips for support. Misty moaned at every thrust and she was really getting close to orgasm.

Dawn continued to watch Ash and Misty have sex as she rubbed her pussy lips and pinched her clitoris. Dawn was quite horny and was awaiting her turn again. 

Brock was now watching Dawn masturbate as he also continued to stroke himself. Brock was beginning to loose all control. He set the camera in a position that would capture everyone and he slowly walked in behind Dawn. He positioned his penis near her pussy, but Dawn didn't realize that Brock was behind her as her eyes were now closed as she continued rubbing herself.

Dawn was panting now as her pussy adjusted to what she now realized must be a penis. She could feel it pulsating against her pussy as it sat there, then suddenly it pressed forward firmly. Since Dawn opened her eyes and could still see Ash nailing Misty as well as May and Delia still bent over on the couch. Dawn suddenly realized that the only other person around was Brock.

Dawn turned her head around to see Brock beginning to push his penis inside her. By this time May and Delia also realized Brock had stopped being the cameraman and had got into the action now himself.

"Brock what are you doing? You're supposed to be filming us! You lost the bet." Dawn said as she could start to feel Brock's penis start to enter her wet pussy.

"You were driving me crazy and I couldn't stand it any longer." Brock said as he pushed his large erect penis further in her pussy.

Dawn recalled watching Misty and Brock having sex earlier and how hard it was for Brock to get his entire penis inside Misty. Dawn was a bit frightened at how big Brock's penis was as she and Misty were about the same size. Dawn knew Brock was going to have just as hard a time getting his penis inside her as he did with Misty. Dawn didn't really care too much anymore as the feelings of extasy had already overtaken her and she wanted him inside her.

Dawn liked to tease, even if it did make her feel a little whorish and even if it was in front of her friend. Dawn also realized now that her teasing might end up in an unexpected situation for her.

"Why don't you spread your legs a bit wider Dawn? It will make this easier." Brock said as he waited for her to comply.

"Alright, but go very slow. Your penis is huge and will barely fit in my pussy." Dawn said as she began to spread her legs wider so Brock could thrust into her easier.

Brock pushed the head of his penis slowly into Dawn. Dawn's body writhed in the ecstasy of having Brock's penis inside her. She bucked his thick hard penis slowly entered her.

Dawn was pleased and aroused and a bit scared by this turn of events but the feeling of Brock's penis pushing between her labia brought a overwhelming feeling that completely overtook Dawn's normal decision making process. All she could think and feel now was Brock's penis continuing to enter her tight pussy.

"Oh yes Brock fuck me, fuck me now" Dawn said as she completely lost all control.

With that Dawn wrapped her legs around his legs, pushing her hips upwards she pulled Brock towards her as his penis sinked deeply into her pussy. Brock cried out in pleasure as his penis pushed deep into Dawn hot tight pussy.

"That feels so good, you're so hot and tight." Brock said as about six inches of his penis was now inside her.

"I can't believe I'm doing this with you, but I want you so bad!" Dawn exclaimed in a low soft voice.

Brock saw the look of uncontrolled passion in Dawn's eyes and he began to thrust her with harder, faster strokes of his hard penis. She whimpered with passion as their bodies began to move wildly. With each thrust Brock was entering further into Dawn's pussy.

"Do you like that, you little slut?" Brock said in a demeaning voice.

"Yes!" she screamed.

Just like he had done with Misty, Brock tried to push all his penis inside Dawn's pussy. Brock's thrusts began to hit Dawn's cervix and he knew he'd have to enter into her womb. Brock began to thrust deeper trying to get his penis past Dawn's cervix. Dawn could feel Brock's large penis almost ripping her insides as he continued his relentless attempts to enter deep inside her.

"Take it out! Take it out! You're too big!" Dawn cried but Brock didn't comply to her wishes.

He pumped at her furiously with each savage thrust and her entire body rocked from the impact of his cock slamming hard into her womb. Dawn moaned and cried and begged and pleaded for Brock to pull out as her as he stretched her impossibly wide.

Dawn was crying out in pain, but as Brock stretched her tight pussy and she became more lubricated and it made it easier on both of them. Dawn began to gasp in pleasure and Brock continued to moan as well, pumping himself into her and giving her what she so obviously wanted.

"You are fully in my vagina and your penis is pressing against my cervix. If you push any further, you'll go directly into my womb." Dawn said as she tried to dissuade Brock from pushing in any further.

Brock grabbed Dawn's hips and plunged his penis in again so that the tip of his penis was directly at the opening of her cervix. He began to force his way through her cervix opening into Dawn's womb slowly. After a few quick thrusts inward, Dawn's cervix was well opened and Brock was slowly sinking a few inches of his thick penis in and out of her sweet pussy all the way inside her womb now.

Dawn could feel his swollen head move in and out of her womb, filling her completely. Brock had managed to get his entire penis inside her just like he had with Misty by forcing his penis all the way inside her womb. She couldn't believe that he managed to force his way through her cervix and into her womb. She knew that he did it with Misty, but it seemed impossible, but here he was again thrusting himself into her womb this time.

Brock knew he wasn't going to last too long with Dawn's tight pussy wrapped around his penis, so he attempted to slow his strokes a bit and back off out of her womb and into her vagina.

Meanwhile, Ash and Misty continued their activities while Brock and Dawn nailed each other at the other end of the couch. Ash was pounding away at Misty's tight little pussy. Her puffy pussy was swallowing up his entire penis and he could feel her pussy tightening around him. Ash was too busy enjoying himself to see that Brock had stopped filming was having sex with Dawn.

Ash closed his eyes while he reached forward and grabbed Misty's breasts and fondled them while ramming her pussy from behind. Ash and Misty had been having sex for quite awhile now, and Ash could start to feel an orgasm building. He slowly began to slow his thrusting and then pulled his penis out of Misty's wet pussy.

"Don't stop Ash!" Misty begged as he moved away from her.

Ash was surprised to see Brock nailing Dawn from behind as May and Delia watched them. May and Delia both turned to Ash as they saw him pull out of Misty. Both eagerly wanted Ash again but they knew he must be close to cumming now and neither of them wanted him to cum in the other. May and Delia looked at each other and then up at Ash.

"Were waiting for you Ash." his mother said as she wiggled her butt at him.

"Yeah Ash, come one and take one of us again. We don't have all day for you to make a decision." May said as she knew Ash was having a hard time deciding who he should have sex with.

Misty turned to look at Delia and May and she knew Ash was going to have a very hard decision about who he should have sex with next. She knew whoever he did it with next would most likely be the one he'd cum in. Misty wanted to be the one he cummed in.

"Tough decision isn't it Ash. You know I'm ready for you again too." Misty said compounding Ash's problem.

By this time, Dawn and Brock had noticed that Ash was having a hard decision, and Dawn knew by the way Brock was slowing down his thrusts that he was making sure he didn't cum prematurely himself inside her. Brock continued to slow down as he watch and listened to the rest of the group tease, giggle and seduce Ash.

"Ash is never going to be able to make a decision like this you know? Do you realize how hard it is for him to decide between all of you?" Brock said as he almost began yelling.

"Well Brock, looks like you have to make the same decision now too, but it looks like you might have already made that one." May teased him as she watched him continue to slowly bang Dawn.

"I have not! It's a hard decision to make because there are four beautiful girls to choose from!" Brock said as he finally pulled out of Dawn completely.

"What to do... What to do... Uh boys." Delia said as she thought for a couple of minutes.

The girls all laughed and giggled again as they got into a group huddle and started whispering to each other. Both Ash and Brock couldn't hear what they were saying and they looked at each other with confusing looks on their face. Finally after conversing with each other for a few minutes the girls turned around to face Brock and Ash who were now waiting for one of them to say something.

"Do you want to do some tit-fucking and cum all over all of us instead?" Delia asked them as all the girls looked up at the boys who were standing in front of them.

"Are you serious?" Ash said as he starred at the girls breasts in turn.

"Might as well put these things to good use and this way two of us won't be left out and you guys won't have to make a decision." May said as she cupped her breasts together tightly to show the boys her cleavage.

"I am ready to get thoroughly fucked between my tits!" Delia said as she also cupped her large breasts awaiting on of the boy's to put their penis between them.

The four girl all moved in front of Ash and Brock and knelt on the floor in a semi circle as close as they could get. Each of them cupped their breasts, each varying in size and shape. Brock and Ash couldn't believe the sight as the girls were offering their breasts to them to play with. 

Misty and Dawn both knew there breast were a small for this task, but they should be big enough to pleasure them.

"Are you guys ready?" Dawn asked as she smiled at the boys.

"Ready!" Both Ash and Brock quickly responded.

Ash looked down at his mother's breasts, thinking that they suddenly looked a lot bigger than May's, Dawn's or Misty's. This was a truly erotic sight, as Ash changed his focus to May who was kneeling before him her hands squeezing and rubbing her breasts, the breasts that he was about to wrap around his big penis in.

Encouraged by her smile, Ash eased his penis into the crease between her breasts and watched her squeeze them together to close it in.

"You like that?" May asked him.

"Feels great May." Ash said as he began to thrust his penis between her breasts.

May moaned as she pressed on the sides of her breasts making them hold Ash's penis between them harder. May could feel the heat of his penis radiate between her breast and it made her even more determined to make this great for him.

"Hold your tits together Misty." Brock told Misty as she pushed her breasts together. Brock pushed his penis in between her two breast and moaned as the firm flesh gave way to his penis as it slid up in between them. Misty moaned too as she felt his hot penis push up and down in between her breasts. 

"Oh, your breasts are so tight and firm Misty." Brock moaned.

Brock began to really thrust his hips harder against Misty's chest as her breasts bounced a bit as he slid between them.

"Hey it's my turn." Delia said as she held her breasts up for Brock to see.

Brock quickly pulled his penis out from between Misty's breasts and replaced his cock in between Delia's big breasts.

Brock's erect penis was almost completely covered by Delia's large breasts and he loved the feel of her breasts against his penis. Unlike Misty's small, tight breasts, Delia's were soft and fleshy and they easily formed around his penis.

Delia looked down and saw the head of Brock's penis poking out from her breasts and she had a sudden urge to lick it and bent her head down just far enough to place her tongue on the very top.

Brock moaned as he felt Delia begin push her breasts up his penis while licking the top of it when it went high enough for her to do so. Delia slid her breasts up and down is penis, making sure to hold her breasts tighter on the down strokes each time.

"Oh my!" Brock moaned as Delia began to rub her breasts faster as they bounced around his penis.

"It's my turn now too Ash. May's had plenty of time." Dawn said as Ash pulled his penis out from between May's breasts and laid it in between Dawn's.

Ash's body when ridged as he felt Dawn shove her small breasts tightly around him as best as she could. For several moments, Ash proceeded to enjoy the very first tit fuck with Dawn but it shortly became more of a blow job than a tit fuck as Dawn's small breasts just couldn't contain his penis.

Dawn opened her mouth wide and sucked the top of his penis with her wet mouth while the rest of his penis lay in between her breasts.

Soon Ash was alternating between May and Dawn, pushing his penis in between each girl's breasts, getting closer to orgasm with each move. The girls both moaned as they received his penis, each trying their best to make him cum.

"I'm gonna cum soon!" he announced as Dawn sucked the head of Ash's penis.

Brock was also doing a similar thing, switching between Delia and Misty. They too did their best to build him up to an orgasm.

"Here I cum!" Ash said as he pull away from the girls and began to stroke his penis as fast as he could.

"I'm going to cum too!" Brock said as he also pulled away and began to stroke too.

Ash smiled as he stroked his penis slowly and then faster. May, Delia, Dawn and Misty were all begging for their cum. They crawled so close their faces were inches from their penis's when a giant load of cum blasted out of Ash's penis. The thick white stream of cum showered down onto the four of them as they used their bodies to push their way into the path of the flying cum. Ash's cum showered down on them and what they did not catch in their mouths they hungrily licked up off each other's hot sweaty bodies. Ash's head was spinning he had been building up to this point all day and now it was time for release.

Suddenly Brock was spraying Delia big titties with his hot cum as he also began to climax. Brock quickly moved his penis over Misty's astonished face, and rewarded her with a cum-shower she would not soon forget. Dawn, May and Delia were beyond themselves, open-mouthed and unable to comprehend how anyone, let alone a young boy, could produce so much cum and he hadn't stopped yet.

Dawn pulled her tongue out as a target and Ash aimed his penis at her awaiting mouth. Thick blasts of spongy cum covered her cheeks, forehead, nose and lips. Most of his cum made it into down her throat as she needed to gulp down his cum four times.

Before Brock even had time to groan, a giant rope of white sperm erupted on an upstroke between May's massive titties. It splashed on her chin and ricocheted all over her shoulders. Brock seemed to have an unending stream of cum.

After a few seconds of unloading onto Dawn, Ash could feel yet another load of cum race up his shaft and explode from the head of his penis. Its force even took Ash by surprise as it speed towards his mom face smashing into her cheeks and mouth. Ash then aimed for his moms tits and blasted a few shots of cum at her lovely breasts and hardened nipples, drenching her completely with his cum.

"Look at how much they're cumming!" yelled Delia as she was squirted with her sons cum.

"I've never seen a guy come that much before." May said.

"Well I just love the taste of cum and I just love guys who cum lots!" Dawn said unashamedly as she licked her lips and fingers to eat as much of Ash's cum as she could.

May looked down at the gobs of cum on her breasts and using her hands she rubbed the cum into her entire breasts. May scooped some cum on her fingers and savored the taste in her mouth swirling the cum around before swallowing it. She repeated the process of licking the cum off her fingers and swallowing the salty mixture.

Brock was in heaven now, as the most erotic and beautiful women he had ever seen were right in front of him and he was cumming all over them. Brock had stopped cumming but he could still feel a lot more cum inside his balls.

"Brock, I want you to cum over my face and tits. I want you to cover me with you sticky seed." Dawn said as she starred at Brock's penis.

Brock began to furiously stroke his penis and he could feel his penis start to twitch again.

"Yeah, cum on my face Brock. Shower me with your hot cum like Ash did." Dawn said as she awaited for Brock to cum on her.

At that moment Brock knew there was no going back as he felt his cum begin to surge up the length of his penis again.

"Oh yes, I'm cumming again. I'm cumming now!" Brock said as he aimed his penis at Dawn this time.

"Yes! Cum on my face and tits!" Dawn said as she closed her eyes in anticipation.

Brock's cum flooded out of his penis as stroked his penis hard. Hot cum sprayed all over Dawn's face as she opened her mouth to catch a few drops. Brock then moved so that a few spurts landed on her small but beautiful tits. Brock was tired out from his final cum of the day, but he was certainly satisfied.

"I need more cum please..." Misty said as she awaited one of the guys to fulfill her wish.

Ash started stroking his penis again, after unloading all over his mom a few minutes ago. Ash could feel that he was ready for one last blast of cum and he aimed his penis at Misty as he stroked faster.

"Yes! Yes! I want your cum Ash! I want to feel your cum spraying on my face as it drips between my tits. I want to have it splattered all over my body." Misty said as she started rubbing her body all over awaiting Ash's cum.

"I think I'm getting close." Ash said as he continued to stroke hard.

Misty was looking forward to Ash cumming and she wanted him to have the best ejaculation he had ever had. 

"I want you to cum on me now Ash." Misty whispered as she grinning up at him with her eye lashes fluttering.

Misty couldn't believe how much pre-cum was drooling from his penis as it was almost as though he was cumming already. Ash's penis was so stiff his foreskin was stretched completely and the head of his penis was swollen and a dark purple color. 

Ash finally climaxed for the final time as cum exploded out of his penis and splattered onto Misty's face and just seconds later a second wad hit her forehead, with some going in her hair.

"Oh, Misty, I'm cumming on your hot body." Ash moaned as he stroked his penis with all his might.

"I love the feeling of your cum splashing onto my body." Misty said as Ash began to unload another wad of cum on her breasts this time.

The final load of Ash's cum landed just below Misty's bottom lip and dripped down from her chin and onto her breasts. Misty reached her hand down again and parted her pussy lips with one hand and scooped a glob of cum on her other hand. Making sure she had some cum on the end of her fingers, she stuck the cum covered fingers inside of her pussy. Misty moaned as she had the full length of her fingers in her pussy.

"I've never imagined that so much cum could come out!" Misty said as she licked her lips and stroked her pussy..

"Me neither. Those pills really work wonders. I've never cum so much in my life before." Ash replied. 

Ash and Brock both sat down on the couch as they were completely tired from climaxing for so long. The girls loved how much cum both of them as squirted on them and they continued to rub the cum all over their bodies for a few minutes.

"Well boy's, I'm going to miss days like this when you are gone on your journey tomorrow. I'm glad that our last day together could be like this." Delia said as she turned to face the boy's on the couch.

"Will miss you too mom, but will be sure to call you whenever we can." Ash said as he continued to catch his breath.

"Yeah we will Ms. Ketchum, without your help, none of this would have happened today." Brock replied.

"So Brock, how are you feeling now? Do you think you'll be ready for the start of our journey tomorrow?" May giggled as she jeered him once again.

"You know, he's looking a lot better now isn't he?" Misty continued upon May's jeer.

"I think Nurse Ketchum made Brock feel a lot better today." Dawn also replied as all the girls including Ash started to giggle.

Brock blushed a bit but also joined in the laughter knowing that he actually did feel better now.

"Well why don't well go get cleaned up for dinner as it's getting late now. I want to make sure you guys are all rested up for the start of your journey tomorrow." Delia replied as she got up off the floor and picked up her clothes.

Delia turned off the camera and the group all had showers cleaned up and had dinner. By the time dinner was over, it was almost bedtime and the group started making their beds and went to sleep.

Delia had shown the group how fun it was to have sex in a group. How would this change all the friendships in the group as they started an all new journey in the morning. No one knew for sure, but they all knew it was going to be a whole lot different than their previous adventures together!

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