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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 15 - The Start of A New Adventure!

The group woke up the next morning refreshed and ready for the days activities. They had all slept well as they were all pretty exhausted from the evening before. Delia cooked them all breakfast like she always did, but everyone sensed the difference from all the times before that they all ate around the table. Each of them knew each other a bit better than before.

Ash and his friends ate breakfast and began packing and finishing up their last minute preparations for their journey. Ash had been invited to enter the Master League where he was required to battle all his previous gym leaders and elite four in order to gain the title of Pokemon Master. It was a tall order, but he knew that it was going to be a great journey.

The group wanted to be at the Cerulean Gym by the evening, so they had a long journey ahead of them. Delia helped Ash pack the last few things he would need for his journey as the rest of Ash's friends put their bags by the door and turned to watch Delia and Ash.

"Well Ash, you're starting yet another journey. It seems like just yesterday that you were starting your first journey and were late to Professor Oak's lab to get your first Pokemon." Delia said as she hugged her son while he zipped up his bag.

"Yeah, time does go by fast. Now I'm in the Master League, aiming to become a Pokemon Master!" Ash said with a lot of excitement in his voice.

Ash grabbed his bag and got up and walked towards the front door where his friends were waiting for him.

"You all take care now, and be careful." Delia said as she followed the group outside onto the road.

Delia gave everyone a hug as they started walking towards Cerulean City. They began waving at Delia as they walked down the road and she waved back at them until they were out of sight. Delia walked back inside remembering all the good days she had with them.

"Well were on our way once again." Brock said as the group all walked beside each other.

"My sisters should be there to meet us when we get to Cerulean City tonight." Misty said.

"I've never met your sisters Misty, or been to Cerulean City, so it should be very interesting for me. I'm looking forward to seeing your gym." Dawn told Misty as they continued walking.

"You'll like it and my sisters are pretty nice. They are finally going to take over the gym from me while I'm journeying with you guys again." Misty said recalling some of her previous experiences with her sisters.

After a few hours, the group had walked about half way to Cerulean City and they stopped for a bit. Ash's mom had packed them a lunch and they all ate it before continuing on their journey. After a few more hours, it was starting to get dark and the group was almost at Cerulean City.

"How much further?" Dawn inquired with a noticeable lack of breath in her voice.

"Were almost there Dawn. A few more minutes and will be able to see the gym." Misty said as she spoke with a bit of enthusiasm in her voice to hopefully spur Dawn on.

"There it is! I can see it now." Ash said as he pointed in front of them as the group all looked up to see Cerulean City and the Cerulean Gym.

"It's been awhile since I've been here too. I wonder if your sisters remember me." Brock said as he began to daydream about Misty's sisters.

"Snap out of it Brock. Were going to be there in a few minutes and we don't need you drooling all over my sisters when we arrive." Misty said as the group all began to giggle.

After a few minutes of walking, the group finally arrived at the Cerulean Gym and the group entered the front door. Misty's sister Violet was at the front desk and greeted them all as they entered.

"Welcome back Misty. How are you doing?" Violet said as Misty dropped her bag on desk.

"I think were all a bit tired." Misty replied.

"Who are you talking to Violet?" the group heard a voice coming from another room.

"Misty and her friends have arrived." Violet yelled back as the rest of the group began to set their things down on the ground.

Daisy and Lily walked down the hall and into the front lobby where Misty and her friends were waiting.

"Hello everyone!" Daisy said as she smiled and greeted everyone.

"Misty! Welcome back!" Lily said as she went over to give her a hug.

"I see your friends are here too. Nice to see you Ash and Brock." Daisy told them.

"Why don't you introduce us to your other two friends Misty." Lily replied after she finished giving Misty a hug.

"This is Dawn from Twinleaf Town and May from Petalburg City." Misty said as she gestured to each of them in turn.

"Nice to meet you two." Violet said.

"I'm Violet, and these are my sisters, Lily and Daisy." Violet said as she pointed to her sisters similar to how Misty had introduced her friends.

"Why don't you all go take your stuff into the guest rooms we have setup for you. They are just down the hall. Misty will be able to direct you while we go finish off dinner. We can talk more at dinner." Daisy said.

The group took their stuff and followed Misty down the hall towards the guest rooms. Dawn and May were amazed how big the Cerulean Gym was. It was a lot bigger than the Petalburg Gym that May was used to but it still wasn't as big as some of the contest arena's they'de both been in. They were both still amazed at the size of the building though.

A minute later, the group had arrived at the guest rooms. Ash and Brock took one room, and Dawn and May took another one.

"I'll let you guys settle in and I'll see what my sisters are up to." Misty said as she watched the group put their things down and start to get settled in.

Misty went down the hall towards the living area of the gym where her sisters were finishing up dinner. Daisy and Lily were too busy finishing up dinner to notice Misty entering the kitchen. Misty noticed the were really busy so she went back to the guest rooms to see if her friends were settled in.

Ash and Brock were in there room organizing their stuff when Misty knocked on the door. Ash opened the door and let Misty in.

"So you guys organized?" Misty asked.

"Yeah, you know us. It doesn't take too long." Ash told her.

"Well why don't we go see how May and Dawn are doing and I'll take all of you on a tour of the place. May and Dawn haven't see the gym before, so that should take some time before dinner." Misty asked them as they both nodded in agreement.

The three of them went over to Dawn and May's room and knocked on the door. May greeted them and Misty asked them if they wanted to go on a tour of the gym before dinner. May and Dawn both agreed and Misty began the tour of the gym.

The group entered the main arena area of the gym. It was just as Ash remembered it. It had been a long time since he'd been here but he had great memories of the place.

"Wow this is awesome Misty! Is this where you have your gym battles?" Dawn asked as she looked around the large open pool with seating all around.

"Yup. We also hold events here too." Misty said as she smiled.

"You have a very nice gym. I'de love to have a battle here sometime." May said as she also looked around.

"Perhaps we can tomorrow." Misty said.

"It's been a long time since I've had a battle here too." Ash said as he recalled his battle with Misty.

"Lets go downstairs and see all my water Pokemon." Misty said as she pointed to the staircase at the side.

The group followed Misty down the stairs and entered a room with large water tanks with many of Misty's Pokemon.

"Wow Misty, you have a lot of water Pokemon!" Dawn said as she looked into the tank.

"Some of them are my sisters too, but yes, I like to have a variety of Pokemon for my gym battles." she said proudly as the group all looked at the Pokemon.

"Misty! Ash! Brock! Everyone! Where are you guys? Dinner is ready!" the group heard from the distance.

"That sounds like my sister. Guess we should go have dinner. Follow me." Misty said.

A few minutes later, the group sat down in the kitchen and were greeted by Misty's sisters.

"Mmm looks good!" Brock said as the group all sat down for dinner.

"Thanks Brock, we hope you enjoy it." Lily said.

"It's nice to have you all here. So tell us what you've all been up to since we saw you last. We always want to know what Misty's friends are up to." Daisy said.

The group spent the rest of the evening talking about their adventures but they didn't discuss any of the previous sexual activities that they had all had in the past few days at the Ketchum house.

The group went back to their rooms for the night and Misty said goodnight to her friends. Misty stayed with her sisters in the kitchen for awhile to help them clean up.

"You have such nice friends Misty." Violet said as she began scrubbing the plates.

"Yeah you're lucky to have found such great friends like that." Lily said as she cleaned off the table.

"Yeah I missed them while I was the gym leader here. It will be nice to travel with them again." Misty told them.

"You know, your friends seemed to act a bit differently this time. I remember Ash and Brock were quite flamboyant the last time they visited, but they seemed a lot more mature this time." Daisy said as she questioned Misty about her friends.

"Well you know they are getting older now and more mature. It's been a few years since you last saw them." Misty said as she tried to deflect the question a bit.

"True but their attitude towards us has also changed. Last time Brock was oogling over us like no tomorrow, but today he barely said a word to us." Violet said.

"Oh so you like his attention then?" Misty joked a bit with her sisters.

The four of them all giggled and laughed a bit with Misty's response to her question as they all continued cleaning up. After a couple minutes of laughing Misty finally replied to her own question.

"Actually I told Brock to tone it down a bit. He's always going after every girl in sight. Sometimes he just need a reminder not to be so forthcoming." Misty explained to them.

"Ah well Brock is just acting like any other guy his age, going after us girls. He maybe a bit younger than us, but it's quite flattering that he finds us attractive." Lily explained as she set the towel down on the counter that she was using to dry the dishes.

"So you're going to be traveling with your friends again, huh Misty... How do you think that's going to be now that your older?" Daisy asked her as the girls had finally finished up their work for the night.

Misty hesitated a bit before finally answering her sisters question. She decided that she'd better not completely answer her question otherwise it was going to lead to a torrent of other questions that would never end.

"Ah.. It should be fun. It's been awhile since I've gone on a journey with them." Misty said as she shuddered a bit to answer her sister.

"Sounds like you're looking forward to it. Why don't we go sit in down in the lounge for a bit and talk before we go to bed." Daisy said as she could tell Misty was hiding something but she didn't know what it was exactly. 

Misty and her sisters walked over to the lounge and sat down. Violet turned on the TV as she passed it and then sat down. Daisy went over to a minibar fridge that was in the corner and got a few drinks out of it. She passed Lily and Violet a drink and then walked towards Misty to give her her drink.

"I know old enough to drink alcohol yet, so here's a juice box." Daisy said as she handed it to Misty and then began to drink her beer.

"She's still not old enough to do a lot of things Daisy." Lily joked as Misty's older sisters laughed.

The girls began to sip their drinks, relaxing after a long day of work at the gym. Misty was starting to get a bit uncomfortable as she knew what her sisters were like when they started drinking. They had even less respect for her drunk then when they were sober. She decided that she would go to bed to avoid any unnecessary tension with her older sisters. Misty quickly drank her juice and got up.

"I'm going to bed now. See you guys in the morning." Misty said as she started walking towards the door.

"Wait Misty, we still haven't talked yet. We want to find out a bit more about your upcoming journey with your friends." Daisy said as she motioned Misty to sit down again.

Misty stopped but didn't head back to her seat until Violet grabbed Misty's arm and dragged her back to her seat.

"You know what, I think Misty's getting old enough that we start treating her like an adult now, what do you think?" Daisy asked the other girls.

"I think you're right Daisy. When we were her age, we started having adult responsibilities and privileges. I think Misty has shown us by the way she has run the gym that she can act like an adult." Lily said as she took another sip from her drink.

"How about it Misty? Would you like us to start treating you more like an adult and have more adult responsibilities and privileges?" Daisy asked Misty who was a bit stunned by their sudden change of heart.

Misty's sisters had always treated her like their younger sister and not equal. If her sisters really believe what they were saying then this was a great opportunity for Misty that she couldn't pass up.

"I'de like that very much." Misty said as she smiled at her sisters.

"Well it's settled then,but before we agree completely to your new found adulthood, I think we should test you with an initiation to prove to us that you are truly ready to become an adult." Violet said as her sisters nodded in agreement.

Misty was suddenly a bit scared, she knew that it was a bit too good to be true. Her sisters were never this nice unless it somehow benefited them.

Lily went over to the bar fridge and got some more drinks. She passed them around and gave one to Misty this time.

"We have plenty more of that, so drink up." Lily said as she handed the drink to Misty.

Misty was a bit hesitant to drink as she had never had an alcoholic drink in her life before. Her sisters were now all starring at her waiting for her to drink up.

"Come on Misty, you said you wanted to act more like an adult, so drink up!" Daisy said as she opened her second drink.

"Yeah Misty, drinking is all part of being an adult." Violet said as she sipped her drink.

Misty knew if she was going to be accepted by her sisters, she needed to do as they said, so she opened the drink and began sipping it. The drink had a sharpness to it that Misty had never tasted but it wasn't bad tasting either. It caught her off guard the first sip she took, but then took another one and got used to the flavor.

"Well how do you like it?" Daisy asked.

"I guess it's not so bad. It tastes alright." Misty said as she continued to drink it.

Misty's sisters finished up their second drink by the time Misty was only about half way through her first one. They watched the TV and had brief small talk while they drank. Lily went back to the bar fridge to get the girls another round.

"I think we deserve to celebrate, huh girls?" Lily said as she got the drinks out of the bar fridge.

"Yeah! It's been awhile since we've had a few drinks and now is a great time to celebrate." Daisy said as she grabbed the drink from Lily as she passed them around.

Lily walked over to Misty and gave her another drink, but she still hadn't finished the first one. Lily looked a bit disappointed but she knew they'de eventually get Misty a bit more comfortable.

"Ah come on Misty, drink up. Have another one." Lily said trying to push Misty into drinking her first drink.

Misty drank her first drink and slowly opened her second one. She was getting used to drinking now but she hadn't felt the affects of it at all yet. Her sisters were already on their third drink and Misty could tell they were starting to get a bit tipsy.

"So what do you think about Dawn? Isn't she the sweetest, cutest girl you ever met?" Lily asked the girls.

"Oh come on, I saw the way you looked at her!" Violet replied.

Misty was a bit confused as to why her sisters were bringing up her friends into this discussion.

"You know she's pretty cute and nice, but I bet she has quite a wild side to her. Girls like her are always quiet on the outside, but are wild in the inside." Lily said as she sipped her drink in between talking with her sisters.

"What's Dawn really like Misty? Does she have a wild side to her?" Violet asked her as they were all eager to hear Misty's response.

"Well, I don't know. I haven't really spent much time with her. She traveled with Ash and Brock the last few years." Misty told them.

"Oh she did? That must have been quite a journey, two guys and a girl." Daisy joked as she had obviously lost her normal senses from drinking.

Misty's other sisters laughed but Misty didn't quite get what they were laughing about.

"You know I traveled with Ash and Brock before too you know? So I don't know what your all laughing about." Misty said as she told her sisters.

"Oh that's right you did! But look how that turned out, they went looking for other girls." Lily said as the girls started laughing even louder now.

Misty was getting a bit angry with her sisters, but being half way through her second drink she was now beginning to feel a bit woozy. She wanted to argue with them, but she was finding it a bit harder than usual to think of a good reply.

"Ash and Brock both consider me their closest friend, and the feeling is mutual. I for one am glad to have more friend now too, especially Dawn and May." Misty angrily replied.

"Of course they'de go after Dawn and May and not you. You don't even try to let them go after you." Violet said as she laughed.

Misty was getting even more mad that her sisters were now picking on her. Same situation as before and they weren't even bothering to treat her like an adult.

"Ash and Brock probably think Misty is a guy they way she dresses and acts." Lily said as Misty's sisters continued to pick on her and laugh as they continued drinking.

"They do not. They fully know well I'm a girl." Misty blurted out defending herself not realizing what she was saying.

"Oh and how would they know that?" Daisy said figuring she just might have caught Misty off guard.

Misty's sisters all smirked at the same time as they finally caught Misty saying something she shouldn't have. Misty knew that her sisters weren't going to give up now that they knew for sure something big had happened to her.

"So are you going to tell us what you've been up to, or are we going to have to get you drunk to find that out?" Lily asked Misty with a large smirk on her face, obviously waiting to hear Misty's recent experiences.

Misty knew that she wasn't going to be able to keep her experiences at the Ketchum's house a secret any longer. Her sisters were pounding her for answers and they weren't going to stop till she told them.

"Okay fine! Geez! I had sex with Ash and Brock at the Ketchum's house! Are you guys happy now?!" Misty exclaimed.

"I can't believe you're not a virgin anymore and that you fucked both Ash and Brock!" Violet exclaimed.

"Okay, can we change the subject here and go back to something else now?" Misty asked trying to force the issue.

"No we can't! We want to heard how our little sister finally became a grown woman. We want to know all the details!" Lily exclaimed as she eagerly awaited to hear more.

"You actually had sex with both Ash and Brock? How did that happen? And who did you have sex with first?" Daisy said questioning Misty.

Misty blushed a bit, realizing that she would now have to explain her sex life with her sisters, but her earlier group sex experience with her friends had certainly made her a bit more open to discussing and doing sexual things with others.

"Well it started with me catching Ash and his mom having 'Sex lessons' in their living room. They weren't expecting me so early and I happened to see them through the window." Misty started to explain to her sisters.

Misty's sisters all began laughing hysterically as Misty began explaining her experiences that led up to the first time she had sex with Ash. Misty continued telling her sisters the events that led up to that day while they all listened carefully.

"So Ash's mom taught you and Ash how to have sex then?" Daisy asked after Misty finished explaining the events that led up to the situation.

"Yeah, she asked me if I wanted to learn, but at the time I was unaware she had another agenda for us which was getting Ash and I together." Misty told them as they listened to her story.

"So Ash's mom set the two of you up then, huh? Was he good for your first time?" Violet asked her sister.

"Ash was really good. He had been taking sex lessons with his mom for a while, so when he had sex with me, he was quite experienced." Misty told her sisters.

"Doesn't that kind of disturb you a bit though that Ash was having sex with his mom, you know that is incest?" Lily said as she explained.

"Yeah, but it's okay. Ms. Ketchum is really nice and really beautiful, so I can see why Ash would like to do stuff with his mom like that. I'de rather it was just me, but knowing he likes me and is willing to have sex with me when there are other women, shows he really like me too." Misty smiled as she told her sisters why she was comfortable with the situation.

"You said you did Ash and Brock, but so far we've only heard about Ash. What about Brock?" Violet asked her.

"Well one day when Brock was 'apparently' sick, we came home to see Ms. Ketchum and Brock on the couch. I don't know if I should continue the rest of this story though." Misty said as she didn't want to explain all the details to her sister.

"Can't stop now Misty." her sisters practically all said at the same time.

"Well... the four of us ended up joining them in the living room, and you know..." Misty said trying to avoid outright saying exactly what happened.

"Know what?!" Lily waited for Misty to respond.

"Well the four of us took turns fucking Ash and Brock while they filmed it." Misty finally said quickly.

"You had group sex with your friends and you filmed it?! Misty I'm impressed! That sounds more like something we would do." Daisy said as Misty's sisters began to laugh again.

"So you banged Brock that day then huh? How was he? Was he as good as Ash or worse?" Lily questioned eager to hear Misty's response.

"Brock was amazing too and he has a huge penis. He asked me several times if I was sure I wanted to have sex with him and I told him I wanted it more than anything. He took his time, slowly pushing his large penis into my pussy." Misty explained.

"I hope he didn't hurt you too much with his big cock." Daisy says with concern in her voice.

"It hurt quite a bit at first, especially when he penetrated my cervix into my womb, but after he was inside me for a few minutes, the pain was gone. It felt so good. He fucked me before he cummed inside me."

"Wow Misty! You let him cum inside you? I bet that was so hot and felt awesome!" Violet said a bit envious of Misty.

"How did your friends look when they were having sex? Did you enjoy watching them?" Daisy asked.

"Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, I know I did." Misty said blushing a bit.

"May seems pretty busty, but does she have big boobs like these?" Lily yelled grabbing her breasts through her shirt and shaking them a little. The alcohol had obviously taken affect on Lily.

"Lily! I think it's time you went to bed. You're making us stare at your boobs!" Misty squealed.

"Ah lighten up Misty, it's nothing we all haven't seen before." Daisy laughed as she was also getting drunk as well. 

"So when do we get to see this video of yours Misty?" Violet asked.

"Uh, I don't know. Why would you guys even want to watch that?" Misty questioned her wondering why she even would ask such a question.

"We're just curious, that's all." Daisy said covering for Violet.

"Well I don't think we'll be sharing the video with anyone, besides, Ash's mom is the only person with a copy of it currently." Misty said.

"Well we could always settle for live action instead." Daisy joked a bit as Misty laughed as well not knowing she was serious.

"Come on, pull up your shirt, we want to see your tits and see just how much you've grown." Lily said flat out to Misty.

Misty was coy, almost bashful, and she tended to wear loose-fitting clothes that concealed her figure but up until recently, showing people her breasts wasn't one of the things she normally would do. The alcohol was getting to Misty and her sisters, so Lily's request didn't seem too bad to Misty.

"Come on Misty, let's see!" Violet geered.

Misty blushed a bit and then slowly complied with her sisters requests and lifted her t-shirt she was wearing to show her bra. Misty's bra was white and to her sisters it looked like it had been washed too many times. It seemed like it was too small for her too, since the flesh of her breasts seemed to be busting out of her bra. Misty lifted her shirt over her head and took it off.

"That's right and the bra too now. We want to see your breasts and tits, not your questionable taste in underwear." Daisy replied.

"I don't think so." Misty finally said as she got to her senses figuring her sisters would back off.

"Well it looks like the bashful Misty is a bit scared to show her own sisters her body." Daisy giggled.

"Yeah, she probably doesn't want us to see that she hasn't grown into a women yet." Violet added.

"How about we play strip poker, that way Misty here might feel a bit more comfortable." Lily said to her sisters as she got up off her chair.

"That sounds like a great idea." Violet replied.

"How do you play strip poker?" asked Misty with a slight bit of nervousness in her voice.

"Well, you play it just like regular poker, only the losers give up a piece of their clothing instead of money!" Daisy said.

"I'll go get a deck of card." Lily said as she quickly left the lounge.

"I don't know about this. This isn't the type of game I'de like to play." Misty said.

"Well you said you wanted to be treated like an adult earlier. You've started drinking like an adult, and having sex like an adult, now it's time to play adult games." Daisy said to her sister in an almost motherly voice.

Lily returned quickly with a deck of cards and put them on the table in front of the chairs. Misty reluctantly decided that she had to play with her sisters.

"Now here's the rules, whoever loses a hand has to take something off." Daisy said in loud and drunken voice.

Lily and Violet gave each other a quick look and were surprised to see looks of excitement and anticipation on the other face, while Misty looked a bit shocked. 

"Since it was my idea, I'll be the first to deal." Lily said as she began to shuffle.

The first round went by with Lily losing so she tossed her shirt aside. She was wearing a very sheer purple bra that was showing a lot more than it was covering. Her nipples and areolas were barely visible though the flimsy material.

"Well looks like I lost the first round, but I definitely won't loose the game. Let's get on to the next round quick." Lily said eager to get someone else out of their clothes.

Misty was the next to deal. After the cards were shuffled and dealt they look at their cards and threw away those they don't want. The girls all laughed and joked around as they sipped their drinks and finally finished the next round.

Daisy was the next to loose but instead of taking off her top, she decided she would take off her shorts instead. She dropped her shorts on the floor revealing her yellow lace panties to her sisters. She sat down and began to sip her drink.

"Feeling adventurous are we, Daisy?" Violet said with a bit of a giggle.

Lily leaned over to check out Daisy's panties and noticed that she was getting a bit wet.

"Ohh, someone's got a big wet spot!" Lily said as she laughed while the other girls looked down to check.

"I was starting to get hot down there so I decided to get rid of the shorts to help me cool down." Daisy said with a bit of a giggle.

"Come on gals, get on with the game." Violet said as she picked up the cards and began dealing.

Misty swallowed as she barely won the next hand and Violet lost this time. She pulled off her shirt revealing a black bra underneath. Her 36D cup breasts filled her bra up nicely, and her breast made her body look very proportional. 

Misty had been lucky up to this point that she hadn't lost a hand. She was already down one article of clothing from her earlier experience with her sisters, which kind of gave them an unfair advantage, but Misty knew complaining was useless.

Misty's sisters realized that Misty hadn't lost a hand and began whispering to each other before the start of the next hand. Misty couldn't hear what they were saying but she realized it probably wouldn't be good for her.

As expected Misty wasn't doing to well this hand. She didn't have any good cards and all three of her sisters seem to have good cards. Misty lost the hand and took off her shorts and placed them on the floor in a pile of clothes that was now getting a bit larger every round.

The next round started and it ended up being yet another bad round for Misty. By this time, Misty figured they were cheating so she finally decided she needed to speak up.

"I know you girls are cheating. This is unfair and I'm going to loose." Misty complained to her sisters as they all looked up at her.

"You could always quit but then were never going to play with you again, but if you want to stay in the game you're going to have to keep betting clothes." Violet told Misty.

Misty didn't reply to her sisters, but nodded slowly and continued playing. Misty lost the hand and since she was only in her underwear, she was now going to have to start taking that off.

"Fine, fine." Misty said still trying to sound cool and more like an adult.

"Here goes nothing!" Misty said reaching behind her back and released the clasps of her bra. Slowly she let it slide off her breast to reveal two full and well-rounded tits.

"So, do you think my tits are too small?" Misty asked her sisters who had watched her strip.

"No, they're not as big as ours, but they are beautiful and firm. You have a great body and we now can see why Ash and Brock would want to fuck you." Lily said complementing her younger sisters body.

Misty's sisters laughed and giggled while they looked at Misty comparing her with their own bodies in their minds.

"Come on then, still in the game or what?" Misty sneered at them as they starred at her tits.

"Let's get back to the game then." Violet said dealing out the cards.

Lily and Violet both lost rounds and they both took off their shorts leaving them in just their underwear. Misty didn't feel so bad now that her sisters were almost in the same position as her.

Once again Misty could see her sisters were scheming again, but this time it was only Violet and Lily whispering. Daisy was looking quite drunk at this point as she continued to sip her drink.

The next round started and Daisy wasn't in that good of a state to be playing any type of game, so she lost easily. It took her a few seconds after the game to realize that she had lost and she needed to strip off a piece of clothing. 

"Come on Daisy, take off a piece of clothing so we can go on to the next round." Violet said as Daisy finally realized what she had to do.

Daisy finally complied and took off her top. This left everyone, except Misty who had already lost her bra, in just their underwear.

"Well this round is going to get interesting." Lily giggled as it was her turn to deal the cards.

Once again Daisy wasn't playing as well as she had been earlier in the night and she easily lost the round. 

"Awe geez, I lost again. Well I guess that means I'll be joining Misty now." Daisy said as she began to take off her bra.

Daisy removed her bra and revealed two glorious breasts. Her breasts were a perfect 34b with a soft roundness and bounce. They were slightly larger than Misty's breast and her nipples were erect and protruding from her light colored areolas.

"Well would you look at that. Misty and Daisy's breasts are almost the same size." Lily said as she looked back and forth at each of them.

"Well they both don't have breast like ours now do they?" Violet giggled as she grabbed her significantly larger breasts through her bra.

"Well we still don't have a winner yet, so are we going to continue? Or you girls just going to stare at us for the rest of the night?" Misty asked her sisters as she took a large sip of her drink.

"Alright, let's get on to the next round." Violet finally said with a strangeness to her voice.

Violet strangely lost the next round, like she almost intended to lose the round. Unlike all her other sisters, Violet had large 36D breast that were barely bound by her bra. Lily had the next biggest breasts but they still didn't compare to Violet's.

Violet smiled at her sisters as she slowly put her hands behind her back and unclasped her bra fastening allowing her bra to fall to the floor and then she deliberately flaunted her firm and naked breasts before them.

Misty was surprised how big Violet's breasts where compared to her own. She definitely had the biggest breasts of the group. Violet's tits were magnificent with long pink nipples that seemed to stand a good half inch from the rose-colored areola. Violet made every attempt to make sure her each of her sisters could see her perfect breasts.

"Well Violet certainly isn't ashamed to get naked." Daisy laughed as Lily joined her.

"Stop fooling around now Violet, we know your breasts are amazing, lets finish up this game." Misty said in a somewhat annoyed voice.

"I think we have a jealous one over there." Lily joked as she nudged Misty with her arm.

"Well who wouldn't be with breasts like those. She could have any guy she wanted." Misty replied with a bit of a smirk on her face after being nudged by her sister.

"Lily, could you get me another drink?" Daisy said as she finished up her current one. She was already tipsy as it was and another drink and she'd be completely drunk.

Lily agreed and went over once again to the bar fridge and got a few drinks. While she was getting the drinks, Violet conversed with her sisters quietly.

"Well Lily's the only one with her underwear completely on, so we need to make sure she looses and then go on to the final round." Violet said as she said as she took her seat in preparation for the next round talking quietly enough so that Lily wouldn't hear.

Daisy and Misty both agreed and the round began when Lily sat down and handed out the drinks.

"My deal, right?" Misty said as she grabbed the card from the table.

Misty and her sisters made sure that Lily lost that round and was the next to have to take off clothing to reveal intimate body parts. Lily got up and began to take her bra off like her sisters had done before her. Misty loved watching her sister erotically undo her bra and expose her breasts. Lily had goose bumps all over her body and Misty knew that she was both scared and excited to take off her clothes.

Lily had fairly large breasts but not as big as Violet's. As Misty had assumed earlier, Lily had the second biggest breasts in the family and they looked to be about 34D. 

"Well girls, it all comes down to this round. Whoever looses this round is the first person to get completely naked." Lily said as she let her bra drop to the ground.

"Yeah, but at this point it's kind of anti-climatic because were all half naked as it is." Violet told her sister.

"You're right... We need to up the stakes for the next round." Lily said as she looked to be thinking hard about something.

Misty's suspiciously looked at each other as they pretended to quietly think. A few moments later Violet spoke up.

"How about the loser has to wear a strap-on and we take their picture as evidence that they lost the game?" Violet giggled as she announced her suggestion.

"That sounds like a great idea and I'll definitely not want to loose, but the only problem is getting a strap-on." Misty said as she agreed with her sisters suggestion.

"Oh I'm sure... Lily can solve... that problem." Daisy said as she slurred her words while stuttering.

"That's right, I'll be right back." Lily said as she quickly left the room and checked the hall to make sure no one was around before going down the hall towards her room.

Moments later Lily returned with a strap-on in hand. She put it down in the middle of the table beside the cards.

"Well girls, this is what were playing for now. Loser is the first to get naked and has to wear a strap-on and get their picture taken for us to have as evidence of this night." Lily said as she smiled looking down at the strap-on sitting on the table.

"Well what are we waiting for then? Let's start the next round!" Violet said as she began dealing the cards out.

Daisy lost the next hand and had to take off her panties. Misty could tell that the alcohol and the sexual tension had been too much for her sister. Rather than just removing her panties and sitting down, Daisy got up and began to imitate a stripper as she first pulled her panties up high, causing them to go up the crack of her ass in the back and reveal the lips of her pussy in the front. 

Daisy then started to rotate her hips as she slowly lower her panties, first revealing her yellowish blond pubic hair which was shaved into a triangle above her pussy lips, and then more and more of her pussy. As a final flair she pull off her panties, dropped them on the floor and then turned around and bent down to pick up them off the floor providing a spectacular rear view of her pussy and ass. Lily and Violet just sat there looking on, applauding, and laughing at their sisters display. Misty broke a smile thinking how ridiculous her sister looked stripping in front of them.

"Well it looks like you're the loser Daisy. Time for the grand finale." Lily said as she picked up the strap-on off the table and gave it to Daisy to put on.

Daisy took the large, realistic looking dildo, with straps attached and began to put it on. Violet got out the camera and set it up to take a picture of Daisy.

"Look at the size of that thing." Misty said as she looked at the strap-on that Daisy was busy getting on.

"It is quite big isn't it, just watching her put it on is making my pussy wet." Violet added.

"I'm starting to think that we have that in common. Looking at it is making me wet too." Lily said as the girls all laughed.

Finally Daisy managed to get the strap-on on, and Violet took a picture of her in it.

"Well now that we know who lost, I guess we need to find out who's the winner." Violet said.

"Yeah we might as well finish off the game." Lily said as she took a swig of her drink.

"I think I'm just going to sit... down.. here.. now..." Daisy said obviously quite drunk now as she sat down at the sofa.

The next round began but it didn't last too long as Lily easily lost the round. Lily got up and moved a hand to her side and her panties were off faster than anyone there could believe. She then sat down on the chair awaiting the conclusion of the poker game which was not down to Misty and Violet.

"Well Misty, it's just you and me now. Winner takes all." Violet said smirking at Misty.

"Well I don't intend on losing just so you girls can see me completely naked." Misty replied back to her.

"Come on Violet, you cannot let Misty win!" Lily said cheering Violet on.

"Indeed so. How about we make this interesting then Misty. If I win, we can do whatever we want to you, but if you win you can get all of us to do whatever you want. Deal?" Violet asked Misty raising the stakes a bit now.

"Fine. I'll see that bet. Let's play." Misty said which caught Violet off guard that she agreed to her terms so easily.

Misty dealt the final round and the game began. The first few minutes were very intense and no one said anything as the two girl concentrated on what they wanted to do. Violet looked a bit nervous and took quite a few sips of her drink as she studied her cards.

"Remember Misty, the winner of the round gets to do whatever they want." Violet said as she tried to bluff Misty.

"I'm quite aware of the sakes Violet. Just be prepared to lose." Misty shot back at her.

The round was taking longer than the last few as Misty and Violet didn't want to lose the final round. Both continued to taunt each other as Daisy and Lily watched the round progress.

Finally it was time to reveal the cards to see who had won the round and the game. Both girls tried to make no expression as they dropped the cards on the table to reveal what they had.

Misty looked at Violet's cards and Violet looked as Misty's cards. Moments later Violet jumped up and shouted.

"I win!" while almost falling on the floor not realizing how unstable she was from drinking.

Misty tilted her head down knowing she had lost the game, but more importantly she had lost the ability to get her sisters to do whatever she wanted. Now Violet got to pick whatever she wanted Misty to do. Misty took a large sip of the drink which she was now quite fond of after drinking almost three complete bottles now.

"Congratulations Violet. We knew you would win." Lily said as she and Daisy got up slowly and walked towards her to congratulate her.

"Misty played quite well too. She was able to beat the two of you!" Violet laughed as Misty finally broke her first smile after losing the game.

"Can I take this strap-on off now or are we planning to use it?" Daisy burst out.

"Uhm, well I think we should put it to good use." Violet said a bit put off by her sisters outburst.

"You want to use that?" Misty questioned.

"Misty, what Daisy was trying to tell you is that the three of us are lovers. I mean, we love guys too but we also like girls. It's the best of both worlds." Lily explained to her sister.

Violet looked at Misty unsure what to think of her reaction. Daisy meanwhile had fallen back on the couch, giggling loudly and covering her face.

"Ah, well you don't to explain, I understand how you girls feel." Misty said somewhat unsurprised to hear her sisters reveal this to her.

"Really?" Misty's sisters almost said in unity.

"Of course I do, you're my sisters so it's not that hard to believe you'de go this far with each other. I kind of realized it when you decided to you wanted to play strip poker earlier tonight." Misty said.

"Since Misty lost the game and has to do whatever we want, maybe we should make it a full girl's night" Daisy suddenly said from behind them.

"You read my mind." Violet said with a chuckle.

Misty kind of realized what they wanted her to do now and her sisters were all starring at the ten-inch dildo strapped between Daisy's legs. It was pointing straight out and inviting the sisters for some wild fun.

"We want you to see us make love to each other and then join in as your 'reward' for losing the game tonight. But first, it's time you took off your last bit of clothing to let us see you completely naked." Lily told her.

"You want me to watch you and then join in?" Misty questioned.

"That's right so stand up and take off those panties." Violet said pushing Misty's back forcing her to get up.

Misty slowly got up but was a bit hesitant to completely strip in front of her sisters.

"Are you going to show us or would you prefer showing us how stubborn you still are. We can see how excited this makes you, you little slut, so why don't you just do what you know you're dying to do? Remember you lost the game and have to do whatever we want." Lily laughed as she made fun of Misty.

"Fine, here I go!" Misty said as she took off her panties exposing her young tight pussy to her sisters.

"Wow, Look at that. Misty certainly has grown up. What a pretty little pussy you have there Misty." Violet said as she looked at her younger sisters pussy for the first time since she used to change her diaper.

"Well I guess I'de better get naked too if were going to do anything fun tonight." Violet said.

Violet smiled sweetly and stood up and slipped out of her panties. Misty could now see Violet's pubic hair which was neatly trimmed above her pussy and it looked like she spent a lot of time maintaining its form. 

"Now Daisy, get over her with that strap-on." Violet demanded as Daisy walked over.

"Alright Misty let's see how good you are at sucking. Kneel down and suck that penis hard." Violet instructed Misty.

Misty and Violet didn't waste any time in getting on their knees in front of Daisy. They both licked the hard plastic dildo and began kissing it. Daisy smiled mischievously before Violet wrapped her lips around it and sucked the strap-on as if it was a real penis. Violet's big tits swung back and forth as she sucked on the strap-on.

When Violet's mouth began to ache, she stopped sucking and Misty replaced her mouth on the plastic shaft.

"That's right. Suck it hard." Violet told her.

Misty decided that she liked women now and what she was currently doing was just as fun as it was with guys. Misty got into the swing of things and started to suck on the strap-on harder. As Misty started to suck hard on Daisy's strap-on, she began to taste a sweetness coming from it. She stopped what she was doing for a second and realized that this was similar to Delia's dildo that was loaded with fake cum to make it more realistic. 

Daisy started to ram her strap-on into Misty's mouth further and further until Misty started to take her down her throat. As she tasted the pre-cum she looked up into Daisy's eyes and saw that she was now watching her. Daisy smiled, withdrew the strap-on and then told her to open wide. Misty did as she was told and she forced her strap-on into her mouth down her throat. Misty grabbed the strap-on a bit to stop herself from choking. 

Daisy forced herself down Misty's throat and told her to open her mouth more, while Misty tried to accommodate the large strap-on in her mouth and throat. After a minute or so of deep throating, Daisy pressed the cum button on the strap-on and cum started spurting out of it deep down into Misty's throat. Misty being the good girl swallowed it all which impressed her sisters quite a bit.

"Wow Misty, you're very good at that especially being able to swallow. That takes quite a bit of skill to master." Lily said as she had been watching what was going on.

"I bet you didn't know you had such a slutty sisters, did you, Misty?" Violet laughed as she asked her.

"It must run in the family!" Misty joked back.

Lily began rubbing her clit, obviously quite turned on from watching Violet and Misty suck off Daisy. Misty saw Lily rubbing herself and watched her do it for a minute.

"Do you like what you see, sis?" Lily asked her younger sister in a sexy tone of voice while moving her fingers through her pubic hair.

"Yes, I do." Misty replied as she nodded her head.

"Would you like to have a lick?" Lily quickly asked her.

Misty was somewhat surprised by her sister's question, but she realized that she was horny as well and she did actually wish to lick her sister's pussy badly.

"Yes, I would..." Misty managed moaned out.

Lily got on all fours and allowed Misty move in closer and closer to her until her pussy was almost touching her face. Lily's pussy was so close to Misty's face that Misty could smell the pungent smells coming from it. Misty opened her mouth and began to lick Lily's puffy labia all the way into her mouth.

Lily moaned out loud when she felt her sister's tongue entering all the way in and out of her pussy. 

"Suck and lick me! Make me cum with your tongue." Lily gasped as she was very horny and wanted to get sucked off. 

Misty kept licking her pussy and sticking her tongue into her pussy. Lily was totally into it and was getting her pussy sucked better than it had ever been sucked before. She felt her orgasm coming on fast and climaxed quicker than she had ever before.

"Wow Misty. You're really good at that too. We should have got you to join in on our 'adventures' a lot sooner." Lily moaned as she tried to regain her breath after climaxing.

Misty knew that this was something that her sisters had always been dreaming of doing with her. Violet and Lily moved over to the sofa and sat beside each other with their legs spread wide. The girls realized that Misty was watching and they decided to let her have a little fun too. 

"It looks like you're ready to be fucked too Misty. Come sit beside us as well." Violet said.

Misty nodded as she stood up and sat beside them on the sofa. Misty positioned herself beside them and spread he legs wide as well. 

Daisy moved in front of Violet and positioned the strap-on head at the opening to her pussy. Misty couldn't believe her eyes, the strap-on had to be 10 inches long and the diameter was enormous, but not as big as Brock's penis but certainly a lot larger than Ash's.

Violet knew how good he would feel inside her as her tight cunt quivered in excitement and anticipation. Daisy slowly pushed against her sisters pussy, which stretched delightfully around her strap-on. Violet moaned loudly as she slipped deeper into her.

Violet continued moaning as Daisy pulled back a bit as Violet's pussy was desperately trying to expand to allow her to go inside her. Daisy liked this position and quickly pushed back into her and started a steady pace of long smooth thrusts.

"Oh yeah, I like that. Keep He rubbed his cock along Violet's slit before pushing inside her. 

After a few minutes Daisy pulled out and rubbed the strap-on penis along Violet's clit before pushing inside her. Violet moaned again as Daisy pushed the entire penis inside her.

"Oh, you're in me deeper this time. Feels so good! Slam that monster in and out of my tight little pussy!" Violet said as she breathed heavily.

Daisy grabbed Violet's hips and began sliding herself in and out of sister. Violet panted rhythmically as she picked up her pace to match her sisters thrusts. It didn't take long before Violet could feel her juices soaking the strap-on completely. Daisy moved faster and faster with harder longer strokes. 

"I'm gonna cum, Daisy!" Violet groaned.

Seconds later, Violet tilted her head back and closed her eyes as her orgasm flooded her entire body. Lily and Misty watched her climax wanting to have the same feeling themselves.

"Alright it's my turn now Daisy. You know where to put it." Lily said.

Daisy pulled the strap-on penis out of Violet's pussy and then moved in front of Lily. Daisy aimed the head of the strap-on at Lily asshole and began to push it in. Daisy had managed to get the strap-on halfway inside Lily's ass when she started thrusting her pelvis back and forth on it. Lily could see from where she was laying, that the strap-on penis was going in and out of her ass with no trouble, however, she decided to give it a little help as she started thrusting her own pelvis. Misty couldn't believe that her sister was taking it up her ass, as it looked somewhat painful.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Misty asked her sister.

"Not really. Once you get used to it, it's better than vaginal sex I think." Lily panted as Misty continued to watch.

"Look how she just loves taking it up the ass!" Violet said as she had recovered from her orgasm and watched as well.

Lily really wanted to give herself as much pleasure as she possibly could, as Daisy rammed her ass with the strap-on until she climaxed and began screaming. Daisy could feel Lily's cum starting to drenching her legs so Daisy decided to press the cum button on the strap-on and began to shot wave after wave of hot, sticky cum into her ass.

Daisy took the strap-on out of her ass then she bent down and licked all of the cum from off her sister's legs all the way up to her asshole. 

"Your turn, Misty." Lily smiled wickedly at her sister.

Misty could feel her older sister positioning the strap-on cock at her pussy and within moments, the hard sex toy was sliding in and out of her.

"Aaahhh," Misty moaned with each stroke of the strap-on.

Daisy humped her sister harder and deeper while her tit was being licked by Lily.

"Yes, Fuck me harder!" Misty moaned.

Daisy nailed her sister with the large plastic penis faster and harder. In turn, Lily probed Misty's tits with her hot tongue. The three sisters where in ecstasy and enjoying every minute of it.

"Should I stop?" Daisy asked Misty.

"No, I don't mind. It feels so good but I feel so strange. I'm not this kind of girl. It doesn't seem right, but it feels so good. It's not dirty and unnatural like I thought it would be." Misty gasped as Daisy began hammering Misty's pussy as hard as she could.

"Oh, I'm cumming." Misty moaned.

"Shoot a load on her tits." Lily told her as she stopped sucking Misty tits to allow Daisy to do so.

Misty moaned as Daisy pulled out of her and her pussy lips slowly closed.

"On my tits. Shoot your load all over my chest so I can rub the cum into my skin." Misty panted.

Daisy pressed the cum button on the strap-on like she had done before and the first huge rope of cum splash her face covering most of Misty's left cheek. Deciding to take a different route, Misty opened her mouth as more cum erupted from her sisters strap-on. The thick cream covered her tongue and began to drip from it onto her chin and breasts. Daisy held down the cum button and by the time it was completely empty, Misty's mouth and breasts were completely covered with cum. Misty climaxed as she felt the hot cum all over her body.

Lily began to lick the cum off Misty's tits while Misty recovered from her orgasm. Lily loved licking the cum off her as she swallowed as much as she could. Violet moved in beside her and also began licking and swallowing up the cum until Misty was pretty much cleaned off.

By this time Daisy was quite tired from all her work. She waved goodbye to her sisters, picked up her clothes and headed to her room.

"Good night everyone. I gotta get some sleep. I hope you had fun Misty." Daisy said as she wobbled out of the room.

"Well we certainly did." Lily said smiling up at Misty who had finally recovered from her amazing orgasm. 

"We should do this again sometime, now that Misty has joined in the fun." Violet also said.

"Yeah, I'm glad we've been able to bond like this. Hopefully now in the future you'll respect more more like an adult." Misty told them.

"Will see about that!" Violet joked as the girls all got up and gathered their clothes and went to bed.

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