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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 16 - Pool Side Fun

The morning came too fast for Misty and her sisters as they were all awoken by the rising of the sun. Ash, Brock, May and Dawn also woke up and were fully refreshed for the day's activities unlike Misty and her sisters.

Misty decided that she needed to get up to be with her friends, so got dressed and headed towards the guest bedrooms to meet with her friends. Misty's sisters on the other hand, blocked the windows to make it darker and went back to sleep as they didn't need to get up early on the weekend to run the gym.

"Wow you look really tired still Misty." Brock said as he met Misty in the hallway.

"Yeah, I didn't sleep too long last night. My sisters kept me up most the night." Misty explained to him.

"Ah well, I guess we should just stick around here for the rest of the day then. No point doing anywhere if your tired." Brock told her.

"Good morning everyone." May said as she and Dawn greeted them.

"Morning." Brock and Misty replied.

"Where's Ash?" Dawn asked.

"He'll be out in a second. He's just finishing getting dressed." Brock told them as Ash walked out of the bedroom to greet his friends.

"Misty's feeling tired today, so how about we stay here for the day and swim. It's a nice hot day, and the pool here is great." Brock suggested to everyone.

It was a very hot day of the summer, but luckly Ash and his friends were staying at the Cerulean Gym which was noted for its large and amazing swimming pool and everyone seemed to agree with Brock's suggestion to stay and swim.

"Will go for a swim this afternoon. This morning I have to feed all the Pokemon and make sure they are alright as my sisters aren't going to get up for awhile." Misty told them.

"Will all help you out Misty and get it done since your tired." May told her.

"Thanks. I'de really appreciate that." Misty replied.

Ash and his friends spent the better part of the morning helping Misty with the Gym's chores and making sure all the Pokemon were fed and doing alright. It was almost lunch time by the time they finished, so the group all headed to the kitchen for something to eat.

Misty got out some bread to make sandwiches as May and Dawn set the table. Brock helped get some drinks as everyone sat down for lunch. Moments after they started lunch, all three of Misty's sisters walked into the room having finally woken up from their sleep.

Misty's sisters looked in even worse shape than Misty was earlier in the day as they all seemed to be suffering effects from a hangover.

"What are you guys all here still? I'de thought you'de be out and about by now being such a nice day out." Daisy questioned Misty's friends.

"Ah well, Misty was feeling tired so we decided we'd stay around for the day and go for a swim, if that's okay with you?" Ash explained to her as the rest looked up to see Misty's sisters.

"Ah well I guess so. We were also going to have a swim this afternoon to hopefully shake these headaches away, so I guess will see you guys out at the pool then." Lily said as she poured herself a drink of coffee.

"So we heard you girls were up late last night with Misty. Catching up on all the news were you?" May asked Misty's sisters.

"Ah, you could say that, yeah." Violet replied as she also got a cup of coffee.

Misty's sisters all began drinking coffee to help them shake off the hangover that they were all currently experiencing, but none of them would trade the experiences they had last night for anything.

The group finished up their lunch and left Misty's sisters alone in the kitchen to finish their lunch.

"Let's go get our bathing suits and head to the pool for a swim now." Misty suggested as the group went back to their rooms.

Misty and her friends went back to their rooms and sorted through their backs till they found their swimsuits. Each of them went back into the hall to wait for everyone to be ready.

"There are towels in the change room, so you won't have to worry about those." Misty told her friends.

"Great thanks Misty." Ash said.

"Follow me and I'll show you to the change room. Unfortunately the change room is not meant to be used as now public swimming pool change room, so there is only one room. No separate Men's and Women's change rooms, so were going to have to share the one room." Misty told her friends as they began heading towards the pool.

"Ah, that's okay Misty. Were all just glad to be swimming on a hot day like today." Dawn replied.

"And besides, were all comfortable with each other now anyways." May added.

The group arrived at the change room and Ash and Brock let the girls go change first while they waited in the hall.

"Will wait out here just in case your sisters show up. Don't want them getting suspicious." Ash said as the motioned for the girls to go first.

"Alright, will tell you when were done." Misty said realizing that she discussed some of her recent activities with her sisters last night but didn't tell her friends that she did.

Dawn, Misty and May entered the change room as Ash and Brock leaned against the hall wall waiting for them to change. The change room was bigger than Misty described it. There was a few lockers on the side wall, a couple of benches in the middle of the room, a few toilet stalls in a room off the side and a group shower room as well. Near the entrance to the pool there was a shelf full of towels and shower supplies. There were also wall mirrors and hair dryers on the side walls.

The girls put their stuff down on the benches after they had quickly looked around the locker room. The entrance to the change room wrapped around itself in a u-shaped wall so people could not look in on people changing, but that really didn't concern the girls.

Just a few moments after May, Misty and Dawn went into the change room, Daisy, Lily and Violet appeared down the hall with their swimming suit and were walking towards the change room where Ash and Brock were waiting.

"What are you guys doing out here?" Daisy asked.

"Ah were just waiting for the girls to change before we go in." Brock replied to her.

"Oh is that so? How come you guys all didn't go in at the same time? The room is quite big you know." Daisy questioned them again.

"Well Misty told us that there wasn't separate Men's and Women's change rooms, so we let them go change first." Ash told her as Brock and Ash looked at each other wondering why she was even asking about it.

"Oh, I see. Well were going to go in a change too then. Will get someone to come get you guys when were done." Daisy said as she and her sisters entered into the change room.

Daisy, Lily and Violet walked into the change room and saw Misty and her friends had begun to change. Misty's sisters walked over towards one of the free benches and put their bathing suits down.

"So girls, ready for a nice swim this afternoon are we?" Violet asked attempting to make small talk.

"Yeah the pool looks great. We cannot wait." Dawn replied as she finished changing into her swimsuit.

"Are you girls going to join us too?" May asked as she began tying the back of her bikini up.

"Yeah, we'll probably sunbath for a bit first though. The glass above the pool makes it great for tanning on days like today." Lily explain to them as she began taking off her clothes to change into her swimsuit.

Misty had already finished changing into her bathing suit and was now awaiting her friends to finish up.

"We noticed Ash and Brock were waiting at the entrance to the change room. We found it kind of funny that they were out there waiting to take their turn in here." Lily said changing the subject.

"Ah, they were just being gentlemen. They are always like that." Misty quickly said before May or Dawn could say anything.

"Well that's nice of them, but why did you agree to that? You should have just let them come in and change, its not like they haven't seen you naked before." Daisy said in a puzzled look.

Misty knew that she should have told May and Dawn that she discussed their sexual activities with her sisters last night. Now Daisy had brought it out in the open and Dawn and May were quite surprised by Daisy's comment.

"Wait, how do you know they've seen us naked before?" May question while Dawn also awaited an answer.

"Uh oh, I think I've said something I shouldn't have, haven't I?" Daisy said as she looked at Misty for a bit of help and guidance.

"It's alright Daisy, I should have told them before now. Dawn, May, forgive me for not telling you till now, but last night I was a bit drunk, thanks to my sisters of course, and I let it slip about our time at the Ketchum house. I promise I'll never do that again." Misty said begging forgiveness from her two friends.

Dawn and May both looked a bit disappointed in Misty but they didn't look angry. They could both see that Misty was genuinely sorry that she had let their secret out.

"It's alright Misty, we all knew it wouldn't be kept a secret for that long, but we just want to limit who knows, and I think you're sisters will be willing to keep our secret, right?" May said directing her question to Misty's sisters who were somewhat surprised with the quick turn of events.

Daisy, Lily and Violet quickly nodded and smiled at Misty and her friend.

"We promise we won't tell anyone. Besides, it was a bit our fault. We were knew something had happened with Misty and we were trying to force it out of her till she told us." Lily explained to Dawn and May who now seemed a little less upset with Misty.

"Well it would be appreciated if you could just keep this secret between us, and no one else. The less people know, the better." Dawn told them.

"Yes, we promise, and besides, we can see why you girls like Ash and Brock. They are quite cute." Violet replied as all the girls began to giggle and laugh.

Ash and Brock could hear the girls laughing outside the change room and they wondered what they were doing in there.

"What are they doing in there that's taking so long?" Ash asked Brock in an impatient voice.

"Well whatever it is, it's probably not good for us." Brock said hesitantly.

"They need to hurry up or will be waiting here till dinner time and we won't even get to swim!" Ash said.

"They should be done soon, it doesn't take too long to change." Brock explained but was somewhat unsteady with his reply.

Ash had just about enough of waiting and being polite as the girls were taking way to long to change. Ash walked into the entrance to the change room and began to yell.

"Are you girl's done yet? We've been waiting out here for almost 15 minutes now!" Ash yelled.

The girls all laughed when they heard Ash yelling at them as they were obviously trying his patience.

"I think Ash is getting a bit impatient waiting for us to change." Lily said in a sarcastic voice.

"Hang on a second Ash, were almost done." Misty yelled back at Ash as he went back where Brock was waiting.

"You know, we should tease Ash and Brock this afternoon." Violet suggested to the girls.

"Tease them? How?" Dawn asked Misty's sister.

"Well, there is six of us and two of them. I'm sure we can think of something to tease them. Serves them right for being impatient." Violet said as she began scheming a plan.

"You know Violet, I like that idea. I say we should 'repay' them for their ignorance and impatience." Lily said as she knew that her sister was scheming up a good plan.

"What do you have in mind?" Misty excitedly asked her sisters.

"Well here's what I'm thinking. Let's try to be as sexy as we possibly can all afternoon but if they try to make a move on any of us, we deny them. Will make them squirm and get all hot that they will go crazy." Violet suggested to everyone as the girls all laughed again.

"That sounds good, but how far do you want to go with this Violet?" May asked her.

"Only when everyone is in agreement will we let them go a bit further with us. How far we let them go will be up to the girl or girls they go after. Sound good to everyone?" Violet said as she finished explaining her plan to the girls.

"Sounds good to us, but why are you girls so interested in Ash and Brock now?" Misty questioned her sisters knowing something was up.

"We've always liked Brock and all the attention he used to give us. We kind of miss it, so we want to get his attention back." Violet told her sister and her friends.

"Plus, we want to see what you girls found so good about both of them that you were willing to have sex with them. They obviously must be quite good, so if that's the case, you girls can't hog all the fun." Lily added as the girls laughed once again.

Ash and Brock once again could hear the girls laughing in the change room. Realizing that by this time, they were not even bothering to change, but were gossiping most likely, made Ash quite angry.

"Come on already, were still waiting!" Ash yelled into the change room.

"Hang on Ash! Were almost done!" Dawn yelled at him as the girls continued to giggle knowing that their plan would work great now that Ash and Brock were angry.

"Why don't you girls go on ahead into the pool. Will change quickly and join you there." Daisy told them as she began to undress and get into her one piece swimsuit.

"Alright, just be sure to tell Ash and Brock when you're done changing." Misty said as she, May and Dawn walked towards the door to the pool.

"We will." Daisy said as she took off her bra and began taking off her panties.

Misty's sisters quickly changed into their bathing suits and got ready for their tanning and swim. Violet grabbed some of the towels while Lily grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion. The girls went to join Misty and her friends when Daisy decided it was time to tell Brock and Ash they could have the change room.

"Ash, Brock, the change room is free now. Will meet you at the pool." Ash and Brock could hear Daisy yell from inside the change room.

"It's about time." Ash grumbled as he began walking into the change room.

Ash was surprised how big the change room was. Misty had explained that the room wasn't that big, but in fact it was quite big. Ash and Brock quickly changed and put their stuff in a locker.

"See, that took us about a minute to change. Why does it take girls so long to change?" Ash asked Brock.

"Beats me Ash. Let's go take a swim. I got really hot waiting in the hallway." Brock told him.

"Right! Last one in the pool is a rotten Eggexutor!" Ash yelled as he dashed towards the door to the pool.

Brock quickly followed him as they both ran out the door towards the pool. All the girls turned to watch Ash and Brock run towards the pool. It was a pretty close race and they both jumped into the pool at approximately the same time. Seconds later a huge splash appeared as Brock and Ash cannonballed into the pool.

Misty, Dawn and May had all moved to the edge of the pool to avoid getting hit by Ash and Brock's rampage. Daisy, Lily and Violet were lying down on tanning chairs beside the pool but sat up to avoid any splash from the pool. A few seconds later, Ash and Brock both emerged from the water.

"Ahhh! This feels great!" Ash said shaking his hair that was now wet.

"You bet! Nice and refreshing." Brock continued.

Ash and Brock had now settled down and now took the time to look around the Cerulean Gym. All the girls caught their attention and they watched as the sun shone down through the glass above on all the girls hot bodies. Some of their bikinis and swimsuits were very revealing and it was having a great effect on Ash and Brock as they both felt their penises rise in their swimming trunks under the water. Seeing the girls in their skimpy bikinis was torture for them both as they were revealing quite a bit of skin. Both Ash and Brock tried to focus on something else, as the both looked at each other knowing what each of them was looking at.

"Are you coming in?" Dawn asked Misty's sisters, swimming back from the side of the pool to make room for them to enter.

"Maybe in a bit. Going to put some suntan lotion on first." Lily said as she began applying the lotion on her arms.

"Will join you guys a bit later." Violet continued as she waited for Lily to pass her the suntan lotion.

"You know you guys should also put on some suntan lotion so you don't get sunburned. Why don't you come out of the pool and put some on. It's waterproof so you should be fine to go back in the pool." Daisy said telling Misty and her friends.

The water was cool and refreshing and Ash wanted to swim a few laps before going to put on the suntan lotion. Brock swam over to talk to May, Dawn and Misty who were getting out of the pool and heading over to Misty's sisters.

"Are you coming Ash?" Misty called to Ash as she could still see him in the pool.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a minute." Ash yelled back at her as he continued swimming.

Daisy had finished putting the suntan lotion on her body by the time they had got out of the pool and she had given the bottle to her sister Lily.

Lily was squeezing the bottle of suntan lotion and began spreading the lotion all over her body. She started at her ankles and spread the lotion up her legs, working her way up her tone belly. Brock watched Lily as she spread the oily lotion all over her bikini covered breasts. Her bikini barely covered her breasts and they bounced up and down as she rubbed them with the palms of her hands.

Lily quickly glanced over to see that Misty, Dawn, May and Brock were all watching her put on the suntan lotion. She could see that Brock was staring at her breasts as she rubbed in the lotion, so she continued rubbing her breasts to tease him. After a few seconds she continued putting suntan lotion on the rest of her body, so she didn't raise Brock's suspicions. She handed the bottle to Dawn.

Dawn squirted a bunch of suntan lotion in her hand and passed the bottle onto Misty. Misty did the same thing and passed it on to May who then in turn passed it to Brock. By this time Lily lay back down on her chair and closed her eyes while she began to tan.

Ash finally decided that he'd better get out of the pool and put on some suntan lotion before he got a burn. He could see that his friends were still rubbing the lotion in. Misty helped May rub in the lotion on her back while Dawn graciously helped Brock do his back. Dawn loved to feel Brock's muscles but made sure that he or any of the others didn't realize her pleasure. Misty and May switched positions and May rubbed in lotion on Misty's back.

"Alright, pass over the lotion. I need to get some on too." Ash demanded as he walked over to where his friends were putting the lotion on.

"Here you go Ash." Misty said as she passed the bottle to him.

Ash began rubbing in the lotion over his body as his friends had finished applying it to their bodies. Ash could see the girls bodies were now looking quite good as the lotion made their skin glistened in the sun.

"Well let's continue swimming. I'm getting pretty hot again." Misty said as she dove into the pool.

Dawn, May and Brock all dove in after her splashing Ash with a bunch of water.

"Geez, thanks guys. I'm trying to get this lotion on!" Ash said once his friends had submerged.

His friends just giggled and laughed as he continued to put the lotion on his body.

"Ash, could you pass me the bottle? I need to get some on too." Violet said as she sat up on her chair awaiting him to give her the bottle.

Ash walked over to Violet trying to stare at her face and not her revealing body. He squirted some more suntan lotion into his hand, enough to finish off his body before giving the bottle to Violet.

Violet began rubbing in the lotion as Ash turned around to see what his friends where doing while he finished up rubbing in the lotion. After Violet had finished applying the lotion onto her long legs, she twisted around pretending that she couldn't rub it on her back.

"Ash, would you mind putting some my back? I can't reach." She asked him trying to get him to notice her.

Ash gulped as his eyes went from the bottle of lotion she was offering him to the sight of her large breasts encased in her small bikini top. Ash had trouble trying to stop staring at her large breasts as the cleavage was spilling out of her skimpy bikini. Ash's eyes almost popped out of his head as he looked at his busty friend's body. The string bikini top was tiny and her breasts shook and wiggled a bit when she moved or talked. Her nipples were poking against the fabric of her bikini top and looked like they would simply pop out into plain view.

"S-sure, Violet..." Ash said as his throat was suddenly getting dry.

Violet rolled over on the chair so Ash could rub the suntan lotion on her back. The motion caused her beautiful breast to jiggle wildly in the small bikini top which was hardly able to contain their momentum. The sight caused Ash's aching hard member to twitch, but thankfully Violet had turned away and lain down on the chair before she could spot his growing erection. She laid face down, chin resting on her forearms as she faced away from him. Ash used the opportunity to adjust his shorts so his erection wouldn't pop out the leg of his shorts.

"Hurry up, Ash, I'm gonna burn," Violet said.

Ash wasted no time kneeling beside her while squirting some lotion on her back.
He slowly ran his lotioned hands down Violet's smooth back, marveling at the smoothness of her skin. He quickly squirted some more of the white liquid onto her back as he managed to rub it all in. His hands glided around her back, spreading the lotion all over her warm skin. 

Ash continued rubbing suntan lotion on her back, but hit her bikini strap a few times by accident while trying to rub in all the lotion. Violet realized Ash kept hitting it and thought this would be a great opportunity to tease Ash some more. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bikini top.

"Here, let me get this strap out of the way for you." Violet said allowing Ash to rub in suntan lotion where her bikini strap was. 

Violet's bikini top was still covering the front of her breast, but since she undid the strap, the skin on the sides of her breasts bulged quite a bit as they were being pressed against the chair. Violet's breasts were tantalizing to Ash and he had to resisted the urge to touch them, knowing Violet would probably take offense and all his friends were nearby in the pool. Ash continued rubbing in the lotion to the lower part of her back near her thong and finished off her back.

"There we go. All done." Ash could barely say.

"Thanks Ash. I really appreciate that. I don't want to get burned. The glass on the roof intensifies the suns rays, so we really need to make sure were wearing protection." Violet explained to him as she turned around on her chair to face him.

Ash looked over Violet's body as she moved around. Violet's bikini bottoms formed a perfect triangle between her legs and Ash thought if they were a smidgen lower he would see some of her pubic hair, but he tried not to stare. Violet's hair was obviously the reason why she was called Violet but he wondered if that color continued to her pubic hair as well. The bottoms only covered her most private area, and the thong back showed off the tight, firm cheeks of her ass.

Violet got up and walked past Ash to the side of the pool. Violet dove into the water and popped up beside Brock in the pool. Her long violet hair was wet, matted to her head, and Brock began staring at her nipples were had become hard from the cold water and poking through the fabric of the little top of her bikini. His penis was getting hard again as he looked at her.

"Ash, come join us." Violet told him.

Ash dove into the pool as Violet swam down a few feet to the end of the pool then turned around and came back to him. The water swirled around her body, and her legs and tight ass looked amazing as Ash and Brock both watched her backside as she swam.

Dawn, May and Misty were now bouncing a beach ball around the pool to each other as they motioned for Ash and Brock to come join them. The five of them played in the pool for a bit while Violet swam laps past them.

"I'm just going to the bathroom. I'll be right back." Ash said as he realized he needed to go.

His friends continued playing in the pool as he got out of the pool and went into the change room. Daisy and Lily both watched as Ash went into the change room by himself. They smiled to each other and finally Lily got up slowly so that Misty and her friends wouldn't notice her go into the change room as well.

Ash had seen two stalls earlier, so he went to the closest one and closed the door behind him. Seconds later Lily entered the change room and made sure she quietly entered so that he wouldn't hear her. She walked over to her locker where her clothes were and waited for Ash to come out of the stall. She had a plan in motion that would certainly get him a bit uneasy. Lily took off her bikini top and placed it on the bench, exposing her breasts while waiting for Ash to finish.

Ash flushed the toilet and opened the door not realizing that Lily was in the change room with him. He was shocked to see Lily changing in front of him with her bikini top completely off. 

Lily pretended to be caught off guard and Ash's attention was quickly drawn to her hands as they reached up and she covered her nipples and breasts as best as she could. Her hands didn't cover much though, just her nipples as there was simply too much flesh for her small hands to hide.

"Ash what are you doing in here?" Lily exclaimed trying to looked surprised that he was there.

"Uhh.. I was just about to ask you the same thing." Ash studdered as he looked at Misty's sister, half naked in front of him.

Ash had got a brief glimpsed of Lily tits before she covered them up, but it was enough for Ash's penis to start getting erect. A small tent was starting to form in Ash's shorts and since they were wet, it made it a lot more pronounced. Lily noticed the bulge forming in Ash's pants and gave a brief smile.

"I was just changing because I was done tanning for the day." Lily lied to Ash trying to make an excuse for her being there.

"You didn't see me enter the change room first?" Ash questioned her.

"No I had my eye's closes when I was tanning." She continued as she made her story up as she went.

"Well I'm sorry I caught you like this. I'll go back to the pool to let you change." Ash said politely as he began to walk towards the pool entrance.

"Are you sure you don't need help with that first? It looks sore." Lily said as she hoped Ash would take her bait.

"Pardon?" Ash said as he stopped and turned towards her.

"Your hard-on of course. Don't think I was pretending not to notice that. It's a perfectly natural reaction when someone sees another naked." Lily said to him.

"Uhm.. I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to.. It just happened." Ash said trying to cover himself.

"That's fine. If you don't need any help, will just pretend this incident never happened." Lily said as she bent down to pick up her bikini top.

Ash watched as Lily turned away from him and bent down while wiggling her ass at him. The g-string bikini bottoms she was wearing were not really covering much as she grabbed her bikini top.

"Uh.. what did you have in mind?" Ash said as he stared at Misty's sexy sister who was quite more mature than Misty.

Lily got up and slowly started walking towards Ash. When she was about a foot away from him, she moved her hands from her breasts exposing them to Ash and then she pressed her breasts up against his chest. Ash could feel her soft large breasts against his body, her tits rubbing against his chest. He looked down to see her smushed breasts against his body, her cleavage was still glistening from the suntan lotion she had put on earlier. 
"I want to suck your penis. I want to make you cum in my mouth. I want to swallow your cum and then lick you clean." She whispered in his ear knowing that it would be hard for him to resist now.

"But everyone's outside.. and I said I was just going to the bathroom. They will wonder what happened to me." Ash stammered as he tried to control his emotions which were overflowing.

"Well then, will just have to make this time a quick one then won't we." Lily said as she slowly began to bend her knees making her breasts go down Ash's body.
Lily grabbed Ash's shorts and began pulling them down as she lowered her body. Lily's breasts began to push up as they grinded against Ash's body. 
"I can't wait to taste you." Lily said waiting to see Ash's erect penis
Lily began kissing down Ash's stomach until she finally saw his erect penis in front of her and she planted a kiss on the end of his erect penis. Ash's penis was rock hard and sticking straight up, but after Lily kissed the head she went and lick all around his balls. Finally after a minute of playing with his balls, Lily took one long lick, gliding her tongue from Ash's balls to the tip of his penis. Slipping just the tip in her mouth, Lily ran her tongue over the end of it.

"Do you like that? Would you like some more?" Lily asked lifting her lips from his penis. 

"Oh yes! Lily, you are amazing!" Ash told her.

Taking Ash's penis in her hand, Lily began stroking up and down, while her other hand caresses his balls. Slipping her mouth over the end of his saliva-coated penis, Lily began gently sucking it. Ash began to wonder how long he'd be able to hold out if she keeps this up as her tongue flicked the underside of his penis. The sensation is incredible and Ash could start to feel the tension starting to build inside him.

Ash could feel her hair brushing against his thighs, as she continues stroking and sucking his penis. She's creating a steady rhythm with her sucking while still managing to use her tongue to lick his penis. He couldn't believe that his friend's older sister was giving him a blowjob while they were all in the next room.

Ash began to drive his penis further into her mouth, while the the tension building in his balls was increasing. Lily started stroking faster, sucking harder and flicking her tongue against his penis inside her mouth.

"Oh Lily.. I'm so close." Ash moaned.

Lily kept stroking and sucking as Ash began cumming in her mouth. He cummed harder than he would have believed possible as his whole body was throbbing, as he shoot load after load of cum in her mouth. As hard as Lily tried, she couldn't swallow all of Ash's cum fast enough. Some of the cum began to run out of her mouth and down her chin.

"Wow Ash. You sure came a lot. I can see why Misty likes it too." Lily said as she licked the cum off her chin.

"Wait how do you know about Misty and I?" Ash asked her as Lily got up off the floor and sat down on the bench.

"Misty told us all about your 'adventures' last night, so I wanted to see what she said about you was true." Lily smiled as she told him.

"So then I didn't catch you naked by accident then, did I?" Ash asked her.

"Of course not, I was hoping you'de want to play with me. I wanted to find out for myself what Misty said about you was true." Lily said as she smiled at Ash.

"So if you know, then you're sisters know as well?" Ash questioned her again.

"Yes, we all know all the events that have happened to you guys recently. You've all become adults now." Lily told him.

"Great.. now more people know. Please don't tell anyone else. I'de rather not have that information spread all over the world." Ash asked her.

"I'll be sure to keep quiet about this and your other experiences. So what are we going to do now?" Lily giggled as she saw Ash's penis was getting erect again.

"Uh.. what did you want to do? I think we'd better head back before people start wondering where we've gone." Ash said trying to be reasonable.

"Awe.. but that's not fun at all. I need some attention too. See!" Lily said as she spread her legs wide open to reveal her bikini thong which was wet.

Lily had not been in the pool, so the wetness was from her dripping pussy. Lily was now envisioning Ash stroking his erect penis inside her as she began moving her hands downward involuntarily between her thighs. She lightly ran her fingers across her wet bikini thong, sending shivers of delight through her.

Lily realized that Ash was standing there staring at her and now was the time to get him to change his mind completely about heading back to the pool. Lily put two fingers onto the wet ribbon of cloth that made up her bikini bottom. She pushed the material into her pussy, exposing her blood engorged labial lips and much of her pink glistening pussy.

Ash's eyes went wide and as he stared at her now partially exposed pussy. Lily decided to push the little bikini to one side as the material popped out of her pussy and she began rubbing her pussy slowly in front of him. Ash could also see her neatly trimmed pubic hair which was infact the same color as the hair on her head.

"Ash, will you eat my pussy?" Lily said as she continued to rub her pussy.

Ash felt his knees become weak to the point he almost fell over. Lily's moved her legs together making her pussy lips press tightly together. Ash stepped closer to her, falling to his knees before her.

As he bent his head between her thighs, Ash could start to smell the strong scent of her pussy. He moved his head towards her pussy and kissed her quivering lips which were partly covered by her bikini thong again. Lily spread her legs wide again and held her bikini bottoms to one side with one hand. Lily used her other hand to brush Ash's hair as he began to lick her wet pussy.

Ash sucked her sensitive lips into his mouth, and he twirled his tongue around the inside of Lily's pussy, swallowing her delicious juices as she squirmed above him. Ash sucked hard on her pussy, as she leaning back a bit while balancing herself on the bench and then closed her eyes.

"Ohhh... Ash..." she moaned.

Ash began to lick her clit as fast as he possible could. His tongue was lightening quick at her tiny button as she could start to feel herself building towards orgasm.

"Oh! Oh!" Lily breathed and moaned. 

Lily's entire body grew hot and she used her hand to push Ash's face hard into her pussy as he continued licking it. Her heart was pounding, her chest was moving up and down as she took big breaths. Ash spread her lips as wide as he could and leaned forward. Ash pushed his tongue into her pussy as far as possible, tasting her delicious juices as he rolled his tongue around the inner walls of her pussy.

"Oh Ash, I'm going to cum!" Lily exclaimed as the licking inside her pussy drove her to a climax.

Ash continued to eat her pussy as she was orgasming. A minute or two later, her orgasm has subsided and Lily pushed his face away. Her face was all flushed and sweaty while her chest and breasts were heaving and bouncing as she gasped for breath. 

"Fuck me, Ash." Lily she said as she was still recovering from her first orgasm. 

The thought of having sex with his friends sister drove Ash wild as her pussy looked to hard to resist. Lily too was anticipating the impending feelings of having sex with one of Misty's friends.

Lily eyes moved to look down at Ash penisr waving back and forth as he moved into position in front of her. Lily left her thong on but continued to hold it to the side as she reached forward eagerly with her free hand and guided his penis to the entrance to her pussy. Ash could feel the heat coming from her as his penis head touched the opening to her pussy. Ash pushed forward and the top of his penis slide into her halfway.

"Ohhhhh..." she moaned as she felt his hard penis penetrate her.

Lily's pussy gripped his penis and Ash pushed his entire penis into her. He began to slide slowly in and out of her. She wasn't as tight as Misty, but it till felt really good. Lily was breathing heavily and loving how his penis felt sliding into her so deep. She had had Daisy nail her ass last night with a plastic strap-on, but feeling the warmth of Ash's penis against her felt so much better. Lily looked down at her pussy, watching as Ash thrusted into her and her pussy engulfed it completely until he pulled back out and thrust it back in again.

Ash looked up at Lily and she smiled back at him as his eyes trailed down her beautiful body, over her nice breasts which he had yet to feel, down past her stomach to her bush of pubic hair. Ash remembered watching his mom shave her pussy hair and was fascinated when he spied on her. Ash's friends still didn't have any or little pubic hair, so this experience with Lily was a bit different than he was used to. He could feel her pubic hair rub against his pelvis when he thrust into her hard, and he liked the feeling, but he loved looking at her pussy with the hair just above it. Ash couldn't quite understand why, but he really liked seeing her neatly trimmed pubic hair while he banged Lily on the bench.

By this time, Ash and Lily had been in the change room for quite a while. Dawn was beginning to wonder what happened to Ash. Violet had stopped swimming her laps and had joined the group passing the ball around.

"Ash is certainly taking a lot time. I wonder if he slipped and fell. I'de better go check to see if he's okay." Dawn told the group as she began to swim towards the edge of the pool.

"I'll come with you Dawn." Violet said as she also began swimming.

Dawn and Violet got out of the pool and noticed that Lily wasn't lying down on her chair like she had earlier. Daisy was still there and it looked like she had fallen asleep.

Dawn and Violet walked over to the change room door and by the time they had got within a few feet of the door they could hear noises coming from inside.

"Do you hear that?" Dawn asked Violet as she continued listening to the noise.

"Yeah I do. It sounds like it's coming from inside the change room." Violet said as she began to slow down towards the door.

"Let's open the door slowly to see if we can hear what that noise is." Dawn said as she also slowed her approach.

Violet slowly opened the door and as she did so the noise got a lot louder. Dawn and Violet recognized the sound instantly but were quite surprised by what they heard. 

"Do you hear what I hear?" Violet asked Dawn who was listening to the sound intently.

"I think so. Sounds like someones having some fun without us." Dawn said as she giggled a bit.

"Let's go inside and find out what's going on." Violet said as she slowly tiptoed into the change room.

Dawn and Violet closed the door slowly behind them as they entered the change room. They could definitely hear the sounds of panting and moans coming from two people. They walked into the room further and looked down the room. Violet and Dawn were both stunned for a second when they finally saw what the noises were coming from.

Dawn watched as both Ash and Lily were holding each other tightly, completely naked. Lily was lying down on the bench while Ash was thrusting his penis in and out of her at a rapid rate.

Dawn herself could feel her pussy starting to get wet with her juices as she quietly watched the two have sex. Violet and Dawn quietly watched them for a few minutes, completely unnoticed by Ash or Lily.

Finally, Lily opened her eyes and saw Dawn and Violet standing behind Ash, watching them.

"Enjoying something?" Lily smiled as she saw the look of lust on Dawn and Violet's faces as she had watched Ash continue to pump his penis into her pussy thinking she was talking to him.

"Oh yeah! Looks like fun." Dawn said making Ash open his eyes and turn around.

"Dawn! Violet!" he said surprised to see they both standing before him while his penis still inside Lily's pussy.

"How long you been watching?" Lily asked not really embarrassed to be caught in such a compromising situation with Ash by her sister and Ash's friend.

"Long enough to know I want a turn too." Dawn said.

Ash stepped back from Lily, his penis glistening with their combined juice. Lily felt him remove his penis from her and the inevitable flow of juices from her pussy fell onto her thighs.

"Well Ash what do you say? You've now got two more girls that want a crack at that erect penis of yours. We cannot let Lily hog it all to herself." Violet asked as she began to stroke her pussy through her bikini thong.

Ash was intrigued, he had seen part of Violet earlier today when he gave her a massage in her skimpy bikini. He had fantasied to see her naked earlier, but this wasn't just a fantasy it was real life and she was standing in front of him waiting for his reply.

Violet smiled as she saw Ash looking at her breasts, she was very proud of her breasts and right now she was so hot and horny she would do anything.

"He looks like he needs cleaning, after being in 'Lily' dirty pussy." Dawn said as walked over towards Ash and grabbed his erect penis in her hand feeling it grow the last inch or so to full erectness.

Dawn said as she slide the head of his penis past her lips, and very slowly lowered her head down the shaft. Ash was in heaven as he felt the wet mouth of his friend Dawn take the first few inches of his penis inside her mouth.

"That looks so good!" Violet said as she watched Dawn suck off Ash's penis.

"Enjoying that? Do you like my hands and mouth on your big penis?" Dawn asked with a smile as she pulled his penis out of her mouth to talk.

Ash let out a long moan as he watch Dawn swirl her tongue around the head of his penis while looking up into his eyes. Ash wanted to close his eyes but Ash wanted to watch every second of his hot friend sucking him off and loving every minute of it. She looked so sexy, her mouth full of his penis. Dawn's pace increased, driving Ash to new levels of ecstasy as he struggled to control himself.

"I want a turn now." Violet said unable to watch any longer.

Dawn pulled Ash's penis from her mouth with a loud popping noise that filled the entire change room. Dawn guided Ash towards the side of the bench and got him to sit down. Dawn sat down on Ash's lap in front of his penis giving enough room for Violet to suck. Dawn wrapped her legs around Ash's waist and her arms around his neck to balance herself and then began to kiss Ash. Violet was quick to take her place, as she knelt down on the floor in front of Ash and began to sucking him rapidly, taking as much of his penis into her mouth as possible. 

"This is amazing!" Ash said as he began to slowly rub one of Dawn's breasts through her bikini.

Ash sucked the nipple through Dawn's bikini and glanced down to see that Violet was looking up at them while she sucked on his penis. Dawn reached behind her back and began to undo her bikini top, freeing her boobs from the material and pushing then pushed Ash's head towards one of them. A little moan came from Dawn's lips as Ash devoured her tits, licking every square inch and rubbed his face in her small but ample cleavage. 

Lily was on the other end of the bench now but had been watching the whole time. She was as horny as ever and she began to rub her pussy while she watched her sister and Dawn have a go at Ash.

Violet continued stroking and sucking Ash's penis as Dawn kissed Ash. Ash continued to fondle Dawn's naked breasts as they kissed, feeling her erect nipples in his hands.

"Ash..." Violet said as she stopped playing with his penis and looked up at him.

"Yeah Violet?" Ash said looking to her face for the first time in a long time as he'd been kissing Dawn.

"Tit fuck me! I know you've been wanting to play with these all day." Violet said coyly with a smile as she pushed her breasts up in her bikini so he could see the large cleavage more fully.

Ash was shocked, surprised and excited at what he had just heard Violet ask him. Dawn was still on Ash's lap and she still looked like she wanted attention but she knew he wasn't going to pass up an offer like that.

Ash began to push Dawn off him and she complied by getting off him and sat down beside Lily who was playing with her pussy still.
Dawn looked at Lily's swollen pussy that had been nailed by Ash earlier. This made Dawn a bit horny and Lily watched Dawn stare at her masturbate.

"Well since they are going to have some fun, doesn't mean we cannot. Have you ever done a 69 with a girl before?" Lily asked Dawn who was obviously quite horny.

"A 69?" Dawn asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"You lay on the bench and I will straddle my pussy over your face while I put my head in between your legs and lick you pussy at the same time. It's called a 69 because it looks similar to the number." Lily explained to Dawn.

"Sounds like fun to me, I think I get the idea now." giggle Dawn.

Dawn lay down on the bench and shuffled up towards Lily. Lily then moved into position on top of Dawn and put her head between her legs. Both girls were still wearing their bikini bottoms, but Lily's were pushed to one side, exposing her pussy. Dawn loved looking at her pussy up close, it was dripping wet and was puffy and swollen red from all the previous attention. Lily's clit was easy to spot as a result.

Dawn ran her tongue the length of Lily's slit and she moaned and then Dawn flicked Lily's clit with her tongue. Dawn could see how Lily loved it and she slowly placed her lips against her wet pussy and entered her pussy with her tongue. Lily cried out with joy as Dawn's tongue penetrated itself deeper inside her pussy.

Now that Dawn was getting the hang of the 69 position, Lily thought it was about time she focused on Dawn. Lily grabbed Dawn's bikini bottoms and pulled them to the side. Dawn's young, smooth pussy came into Lily's view. Lily began to lick Dawn's pussy and the two of them continued licking each other while Ash got ready to tit fuck Violet.

"So are you ready?" Violet asked glancing over to see Lily and Dawn had begun having some fun of their own.

Ash nodded as he watched Violet raise her body so her breasts were level with Ash's penis while still kneeling. This was a truly erotic sight as Ash's friend's sister was kneeling before him, her hands squeezing and rubbing her breasts. Her bikini was barely covering her tits now as the constant rubbing of her breasts had moved it out of position.

Violet looked up at Ash who was watching her play with her breasts and she could tell he was getting more turned on by the second. Violet smiled and teased him a little more, pushing her breasts apart. 

"Alright Ash, put your penis between my breasts from below so you can get by my bikini. I want to keep it on to help make my breasts tighter for you." Violet said as she waited for Ash to stick his penis between her breasts.

Ash grabbed his penis and moved it between the cleavage under her breasts. Ash nearly came right then as the feeling of Violet's massive breasts pressing all around his penis was almost too much. Violet's breasts were about the same size as his mothers breasts and the warmth they emitted made it one of the best things that he had ever felt.

Violet moaned as she pressed on the sides of her breasts making them hold Ash's penis between them harder. Violet could feel the heat from his penis radiate into her breasts. 

Ash threw his head back and closed his eyes as he felt Violet move her breasts up his shaft and back down. His penis easily slide between the soft flesh and would poking out of the top as he bottomed out his penis thrusts.

Violet looked down and saw the head of Ash's penis poke out from her breasts. She had a sudden urge to lick it and bent her head down just far enough to place her tongue on the very top. Violet licked the head of his penis while she rubbed the shaft of with her breasts.

Violet sped up and began to raise her whole upper body. Ash liked this new pace too, he looked down to see the head of his penis appearing and disappearing from the top of Violet's breasts as she moaned.

Ash began to moan out too as he felt Violet's heartbeat through her breasts. Her heart was beating fast. Sweat was beginning to build in-between her breasts, which was making it even easier for Ash's penis to slide in between her breasts.

May, Misty and Brock were still in the pool awaiting everyone to return, but by this time they were starting to wonder where everyone went. No one had returned to the pool which was raising their suspicions.

"Where has everyone gone?" May asked as she looked around the pool.

"They went looking for Ash, but they haven't returned." Misty said.

The three of them got out of the pool and went towards the change room. They noticed Daisy was sleeping on the chair, so they quietly passed her and went into the change room. All three of them were stunned to see what was happening in the change room when they entered.

Ash's saw Brock, Misty and May enter the change room and they were all staring right at him. His body went ridged as the surprise through him over the edge into a climax. Just as the head of his penis began poking out Violet's breasts, he began cumming and splashing all over Violet's breasts and chest. 

More and more cum exploded as Violet got some in her hair and on her face but she seemed to really enjoy that. They'de all had been caught thought, as Lily and Dawn didn't even bother stopping even though they knew they were caught.

"I cannot believe you started without me!" Misty said as she seemed mad at her sisters.

Misty and her sisters plan had worked. What further sexual adventures lie for Ash and his friends next?

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