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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 3 - Ash's Education Continues!

"Ash, would you feel just as good as I just felt?" she asked him as she dropped the dildo on the shower floor and pulled him towards her. Ash didn't know what to say and was a bit scared.

"Uh, I guess so." he muttered.

"Would you like me to teach you how to have sex and put your penis in my pussy?" she whispered to him in his ear. The thought of doing that to his mom seemed strange but somehow very appealing to Ash. He didn't say anything but nodded that he would.

"Okay Ash, I don't want you to put your penis into me right away, but I want you to rub it up over my pussy and poke the tip into my pussy so the head of your penis can feel it." she told him as she gently grabbed a hold of his dick. Ash backed off a bit as she did so, no one other that himself had ever touch his penis and the feeling of her soft, wet hand gave him a chill up his back. She motioned him to move closer to her again.

The shower was quite big and was big enough for the two of them to easily fit in it. Delia lifted her legs a bit to make it a bit easier for Ash to get closer to her. The thought and anticipation of her son rubbing his penis on her pussy almost drove her to climax but she fought it off. She began to slowly stroke her son's penis in her hand. It was quite wet from the shower water which make it quite easy to stroke. New feelings flooded through Ash's body as his mom continued to slowly do this. Ash was now very happy.

"Ok Ash, I'm ready now, rub your dick up and down my pussy lips." she instructed. She guided his penis to the outside of her pussy and he rubbed it up and down.

"Am I doing it right mom?" he asked.

"Yes Ash, just perfect." she told him. He continued rubbing his penis up and down the slit of her pussy feeling the soft hot skin against the head of his penis. He felt so good doing this. Delia was getting more turned on by the minute, she needed to get him inside her soon.

"Ash, I think it's time we went to the next step now. I want you to move the head of your penis to the opening of my vagina. We are going to do what's called Missionary position. Missionary is good if you want to control the speed and force on the thrusts and is excellent for your first sexual experience." she told him and she looked down and his dick resting on her pussy lips.

"Now hold your penis in your hand and take it near the pussy entrance. Yes that's it. Now slowly insert it inside my hole." she instructed.

Ash did as he was asked and put his penis at her entrance slowly tried to put it in but the head of his penis wasn't going anywhere. Delia smiled and said, "You need to push a bit harder, I'm not going to break. Just apply a bit more force and it will go in fine."

Ash pushed his penis a bit more and then suddenly felt as some strong door inside her was getting parted to accommodate his penis. It was very hot and was so tight and made Ash feel very strange inside. Ash pushed more and then suddenly he felt his entire penis in her pussy to the point that balls had almost started to enter her pussy too. The feeling overwhelmed Ash and Delia could feel her son had inserted it in all the way in.

"Now start pumping by going up and down on me." she said.

Delia watched him mounted her, and began pumping her pussy as it forced her pussy walls apart. Ash started to pump but due to his inexperience his penis slipped out of her pussy. Delia looked at his penis as he withdrew it from her. It was covered with her milky juices. Delia watched as Ash thrust it back into her and started to pump again and again this time making sure that he didn't go all the way out. Her perfectly round breasts jiggled with every inward thrust.

Delia was smiling and asked Ash to suck her boobs. Ash lay on her stomach and his head to her tits and pushed one of them in his mouth. Ash started to suck on it as a hungry child. Delia grabbed Ash and pulled him closer to her and his dick went in her pussy and the head touched her cervix.

Ash grabbed both his mothers breasts and pushed them together and continued to lick and suck her breasts while he continued to thrust his penis in and out her hot and wet pussy. Ash was starting to get the hang of doing this and was really enjoying this. For years Ash didn't even care about the opposite sex, but now here he was having sex for the first time with his own mother and he wouldn't have wanted to be doing anything else in the entire world at this time.

"Tell me how it feels Ash." Delia said to him.

"Oh mom, it's wet, and warm, it's better than silk." moaned Ash.

Ash started to thrust in and out faster and faster. He couldn't believe how good his penis felt in his mother. Delia sensed that her son wasn't going to last too much longer before his first climax and she wanted to see his penis squirt out all his hot cum. She wanted him to cum all over her body.

"Ash, honey. I can tell you are getting close to your first orgasm. It will feel like you are going to pee but a lot stronger. Just before you do that, I want you to pull your penis out of my pussy fast and rest it on my breasts, okay?" she told him.

Delia started moving her hips along with Ash's thrusting. This was almost too much for the both of them to handle. Delia's pussy clung onto his penis as he slowed his pace a bit. Ash started to feel a strong sensation building in his penis and he thought that this must be the feeling his mother was talking about.

"Oh.. Mom... I can feel it building." Ash moaned softly.

"Okay, quickly now pull out and rest it on my breasts. I'll take it from here." she told him as she lowered herself onto the floor of the shower so that Ash could better rest his penis there. Ash's penis was now outside of his mom. It was all red and hot and had some of her liquids all over it. He moved slightly so he could rest his penis on her breasts. Her breasts felt soft against his penis and were still quite wet. She grabbed both of her breasts and his penis moved into the cleavage of her breasts. She squeezed her breasts together and started to move them up and down.

Delia's breasts were very big and managed to conceal her son's penis completely. She started moving her breasts up and down, rubbing them against his penis. She knew that Ash's wasn't going to last much longer. Ash's penis felt almost exactly the same as it had just a few minutes earlier when it was in his mother's pussy, but it just wasn't as hot.

"You like that?" she said.

"Oh yeah," Ash gasped.

"Yeah? You like it? Tell me how much you love it." She continued thrusting his penis in and out of her cleavage, and once again Ash could feel his orgasm building.

"That feels so good!" Ash moaned.

Ash could feel the tension building in his penis and suddenly and overwhelming feeling overcame him. His eyes shut and he lost complete control over his entire body. Delia watched her son climax for the first time as loads of cum started squirting from his penis all over her face, neck and breasts. The sight of her own son cumming all over her body in combination with earlier intercourse was enough to send Delia over the edge. She wiggled and bucked and got very rigid. Ash collapsed on top of her but she was hanging onto the side of the shower so she wouldn't slip. Delia had the best orgasm of her entire life as it flowed through her entire body. Events around her seemed to completely stop and nothing else mattered except the amazing feeling she was getting at that moment.

"That was wonderful. You are such a quick learner. Thank you so much my darling boy. What did you think for your first time?' Delia asked Ash, flustered at the session she had just experienced with him.

"It was wonderful Mum," Ash answered.

"Well there's a lot more to learn. We'll have to continue your education another day where we left off." Delia told him.

"Give me a second to recover and we'll finish up this shower." She told him. After a few minutes, she turned and forced Ash off her. Ash stood up as his strength had finally returned. Delia picked up the wash cloth, soaped it, and proceeded to gently wash her breasts, neck and face which were still covered with Ash's cum.

"You know we must keep all this secret for now Ash." Delia told him as he nodded.

A faint thrill coursed through Delia's body, almost a chill from her nipples to her still wet cunt. Delia got up and stepped into the water from the running shower. It was cold, cold enough to instantly harden her nipples. They had been in the shower for so long that the hot water had run out. Ash and Delia quickly washed up and turned off the shower.

Delia bent down and picked up her now soaked swimsuit and dildo. Ash was still behind her and he watched her bend down. Her legs were quite close together and it forced her pussy lips to expand out. Her pussy looked quite tight but it seemed to have lost the red color that it had earlier. Delia opened the shower door and stepped out into the main part of the bathroom. Ash followed her out of the shower.

Delia she reached for a towel she glanced briefly in the mirror. Sure enough Ash was staring right at her. Delia purposely fumbled as she lifted the towel from the rail and bent at the waist to pick it up from the floor. She stayed that way for a few long seconds, her shapely backside and thighs directly in her son's line of sight, her puffy pussy displayed, before standing again and starting to dry herself. It also took a long time to dry each large breast, massaging them almost as much as drying them. Finally she put on her robe and bundled up her towel for the wash.

"I'm going to go get dressed for dinner now. Why don't you do the same and I'll meet you downstairs for dinner." Ash's mom told him as she went towards her bedroom. Ash got his stuff and went to his bedroom to change for dinner.
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