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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 22 - Long Time No See!

"Here let me help you Sabrina." Brock said as he began helping her prepare the meal.

"Oh why thank you Brock." Sabrina replied as she was impressed with Brock's amazing cooking skills.

"So how's life been treating you?" Brock asked trying to encourage some small talk.

"Pretty good." Sabrina said as she watched the other girls sit down.

"I think you've changed a lot since the last time we saw you." Misty said having noticed a big change in Sabrina's attitude.

"Yes, I can thank you guys for that. Without your help, I'de probably still be the way I was." Sabrina said.

Brock and Sabrina began preparing the lunch for everyone as Ash started looking around at some of the things in Sabrina's house. Sabrina had lots of pictures on the walls of her and her Pokemon as well as some pictures of her family and friends. He recognized Sabrina's dad in a few of the pictures as well as her Kadabra and Alakazam. He also noticed quite a few pictures of Sabrina dressed up in some amazing clothing. The pictures looked like they were taken by a professional.

"Have you had a lot of people challenging for Gym badges?" Misty asked wanting to know more about her battling lately.

"Well not really. People are still a bit scared to come to the gym because of the powerful Pokemon I use. Generally only really good trainers come to battle me." Sabrina explained seeming a bit disappointed.

"Well hopefully more people will come to challenge you in the future. I'll be sure to get my sisters to promote your gym back home." Misty said hoping that her promoting the gym would make Sabrina a bit happier.

"That's a good idea Misty. I'll be sure to tell my family to do the same. I'm sure you'll get more people once we help promote your gym." Brock also said.

"Awe thanks guys. That would be really great. You guys have always been very nice to me, one of the reasons I invited you here today was to thank you for your previous help and now your helping once again." Sabrina said in a very thankful and humble voice as she continued to prepare the lunch.

"Well if you haven't had that many people visiting the gym, what else have you been doing?" May asked wondering what Sabrina had been doing to fill her time.

"I've always liked modeling, so I signed up with a modeling agency a few years ago. I've really enjoyed doing modeling. I get to dress up in a bunch of amazing clothes." Sabrina explained to the girls as the boys didn't seem to interested in the modeling conversation.

"Are those some of the pictures from your modeling on the wall?" Dawn asked as she also noticed the pictures.

"Yup, that's right. Those are some of the pictures I like the most." Sabrina explained quickly looking over to the walls where she had positioned them.

"You look amazing in those photos Sabrina." Misty said as she had sparkles in her eyes looking at the pictures.

"Thank you Misty. I actually have some more pictures, if you guys want to see them." Sabrina said as she continued working.

"Sure we'd love to see more. I always like picking out cool looking outfits for my contests."Dawn said anxious to see more of the pictures.

"They are just over there on the shelf. You'll see the big photo albums." Sabrina told them as she and Brock began plating the food for everyone.

Misty, Dawn and May got up and walked over to the shelf as they all wanted to see the pretty outfits that Sabrina had been modeling for. Ash couldn't care less about seeing girls getting all dressed up in fancy outfits. He thought that it was a waste of time getting all dressed up. In fact, Ash himself hated getting dressed up in fancy dress clothing and preferred the nice loose and baggy clothes that his mom had made for him.

Misty grabbed one of the photo albums off the shelf and opened it. It was quite large so both May and Dawn helped her hold the album as they all began looking at all the pretty clothes. Like the other photos on the walls, these also looked like they were taken by a professional as the photos looked really good.

The three of them looked at the picture as Brock began bringing in some plates of food and put them on the table in front of where Ash was sitting. Ash was getting a bit hungry and he couldn't wait to eat the food Brock and Sabrina had prepared.

"Alright guys, lunch is served!" Sabrina said as she brought in the last plate of food and sat it down on the table beside the plates that Brock had also laid out.

Misty, Dawn and May didn't pay too much attention as they were still looking at the pictures, but Ash quickly lunged towards the food and began eating.

"Boy you look really hungry Ash. I hope you enjoy the food." Sabrina said as she was quite surprised by how much food Ash was able to eat so quickly.

"Yeah, Ash is always like that. He eats like a Snorlax, but manages to keep in shape." Brock said as he also got some food and sat down on one of the chairs.

"Why don't you come join us girls. Bring the album and I'll show you some of my favorites." Sabrina said as she motioned the girls to come back to the couch.

The girls closed the album and walked over to Sabrina and sat down on the sofa with her. Sabrina took the album from Misty and opened it on her lap as the girls picked up some food from the table.

"Oh this album is pretty good. There are some good photos of me near the back." Sabrina said eager to show off some of them.

Sabrina started flipping the pages until she got near the back of the album.

"Ah here they are girls. I hope you like them and much as I do." Sabrina said as she opened to a page of extremely sexy lingerie which had her posing in some pretty provocative poses.

"Oh wow! Sabrina you look really sexy in that lingerie!" Dawn said as she looked closer at the pictures.

"Lingerie?!" Ash and Brock both said as they were now interested in seeing the pictures and had a hard time swallowing their food.

"Sabrina, I'm a huge fan of lingerie." May said as she looked at the amazing pictures.

"I had no idea you were so turned on by this stuff," Misty said as she was surprised by May's comment as she too looked at the pictures.

"Of course I am. I love wearing sexy clothing too. I just cannot afford a lot of the designer clothes." May said as she continued looking at the pictures.

Ash and Brock both got up off their seats and quickly moved in behind the girls who were sitting on the sofa. The girls all giggled as they knew the boys were now interested in seeing some sexy pictures rather than a bunch of womens clothes.

"We want to see the pictures too!" Ash said as he tried to budge his way in to look.

"You weren't interested a few minutes ago Ash..." Misty said as she teased him a bit by pushing him out of the way so he couldn't see.

"Oh so you want to see the lingerie pictures of me, huh guys." Sabrina also said as she teased them a bit as well.

"Well what guy wouldn't want to see them!" Brock quickly replied as he too was getting a bit anxious to see the pictures.

"Well girls, what do you think? Should we let them look as well?" Sabrina asked the girls in a teasing voice.

"Well these pictures are quite revealing. Are you comfortable showing them to the guys?" Dawn asked trying to prolong the teasing of Brock and Ash as long as possible.

"Well I think Ash and Brock are quite good gentlemen and I still need to thank them for everything they've done for me." Sabrina continued as she built on Dawn's teasing.

"Some of this lingerie looks really expensive and sexy. You're so lucky to have been able to pose in them." May said a bit envious of Sabrina now.

"Why thank you May. You know, I get to keep all the lingerie I pose in." Sabrina explained.

"Oh wow that's awesome. You must have quite a collection." Misty said as she two was envious of all the sexy clothes Sabrina had.

"Oh come on girls. We want to have a look at the pictures too!" Ash said as he was starting to get annoyed by their teasing.

"Alright, Alright. Hand the album over to the guys. I'll take you girls upstairs to show you my collection of clothes I've modeled in while the guys can look at the pictures." Sabrina smiled as she turned around and winked at Ash.

Ash and Brock were both stunned at what had just transpired in the last minute. What was a nice but somewhat boring lunch had turned into an incredible revealing that Sabrina posed as a lingerie model. They both didn't know what to think. Obviously this was a big turn of events for her over the past few years, but neither of them could of guessed she'd be modeling lingerie.

Misty handed the album to Ash and Brock who were both a bit stunned and the girls followed Sabrina towards her room which was up the stairs to the side of the living room.

"Try not to spoil the album pictures while where gone." May said as the girls all began to giggle at May's comment.

Ash and Brock both gave the girls snarky faces as they walked up the stairs.

"Well should we check out the pictures?" Brock asked Ash.

"Of course!" Ash quickly replied as he opened the album to the back where the girls were looking previously.

Brock and Ash were both amazed by what they saw when they opened the album. Sabrina was posing in the sexiest lingerie they had ever seen. They all looked very expensive and weren't the normal underwear they had seen the girls wear. This was high end clothing and I looked amazing on Sabrina's body.

"These pictures are amazing!" Ash said as he looked at all the different underwear.

"Sabrina looks amazing in these photos!" Brock said in a gawking voice as he starred at the pictures.

All the pictures were professionally done and Sabrina was wearing a lot of makeup and had had her hair done for the pictures. Page after page, Ash and Brock starred at the pictures in amazement.

"I cannot believe these pictures are of Sabrina. She looks so sexy in them." Ash said as he continued looking at the pictures.

"Yeah, she certainly looks a lot different in these pictures compared to the first time we met her." Brock added starting to get a bit turned on by them.

By this time the girls had made their way upstairs to Sabrina's bedroom. She had a modest sized bedroom with an ensuite and walk in closet. The bedroom reminded Misty of Ash's mom's bedroom with a large bed in the middle of the room.

"My clothes are hanging up in the closet. Follow me." Sabrina said as she opened the door to her closet.

Sabrina and the girls walked into the closet where all of Sabrina's clothes where. Dawn and May instantly began to recognize some of the dresses that they had seen Sabrina wear in the photos. They couldn't believe how many expensive looking dresses she had. She must have had over a thousand different ones hanging up neatly.

"Wow! What an amazing collection! I could spend all day looking at them." Dawn said as she was amazed.

"There are more clothes here than I expected. It's almost like a clothing store in here." May replied as she walked in and began looking at all the different clothes.

"There all so pretty. You're so lucky you get to wear all these clothes Sabrina." Misty said as she was also impressed with her collection.

"Thanks girls. I'm quite proud of the collection. It's not very often that I get to show people my collection. Would you girls like to try some of them on?" Sabrina asked the girls.

May, Misty and Dawn instantly got excited. They couldn't believe Sabrina asked them if they'de like to try on her clothes. They all looked very expensive.

"I'de love to!" May said excited by Sabrina's offer.

"Are you sure? These look like very expensive clothes." Misty answered a bit hesitant.

"Of course I'm sure. Like I said earlier, I'm given these clothes and you girls look like you'de like to try some of them on. Pick out a few that you girls like and I'll help you try them on." Sabrina said.

"Awesome! There are so many to choose from. I don't know where to start!" Dawn said as she began sorting through the clothes looking for ones she'd like to try out.

The girls began looking through all the clothes Sabrina had. They were all professionally made which made their decisions on which clothes to try out very hard. Sabrina helped them choose some of the clothes to try out by selecting sizes and colors that suited them. Each of the girls picked out a few and put them on the bed.

Meanwhile, Ash and Brock were still looking at all the pictures of Sabrina. They had completely skipped the casual and formal attire at the beginning of the album and were continuing to look at all the sexy looking lingerie she was posing in. Both of them had never seen lingerie as sexy as the ones she was modeling in. 

"She's almost naked in this photo. There is barely any fabric to that." Ash said as he stared at the picture.

"Well it is lingerie. It's basically one step up from nudity, but I'm not complaining." Brock said as he loved looking at the photos.

"Hey check out this one Brock, its got lace and a bow and straps connecting the stockings to her panties." Ash said as he was amazed at the complexity of the lingerie in the photo.

"It's called a garter belt, and yes she looks amazing in them." Brock said as he looked at the photo Ash was almost drooling over.

"I cannot believe how many outfits she has posed in. There are hundreds of photos in this album alone." Ash said as he turned the page to see more of Sabrina's lingerie photos.

Ash and Brock had lost track of the time but they didn't care as the photos were keeping them more than occupied while the girls were trying on the clothes. The girls had also lost track of time having spent over an hour trying on clothes and modeling them for each other. The girls loved wearing all the expensive designer clothes.

"You look really good in that dress Misty." Sabrina said as the girls looked at Misty pose in front on them in a red modern hand made Kimono.

"Thanks. I really like this dress the best of all the ones I've worn." Misty said as she looked at the fabric and stitching.

"Well if you like it so much, you can keep it." Sabrina said as she was glad Misty liked it so much.

"I... I can keep it?" Misty said in a surprised voice.

"Sure. As you can see, I have plenty more. I can't wear them all. Dawn and May, you can also keep the one you like the best as well." Sabrina replied as she continued to look at how well the dress fit Misty.

"Oh that's amazing! Thank you Sabrina." Dawn said as she already knew which one she wanted to keep.

"Yes, Thank you indeed. Now I have to choose which one I like the most." May said as she had tried on a few but wasn't sure which one she like the best.

"Consider them thank you dresses for all that you have done for me." Sabrina told them as this was a way of repaying them for helping her in the past.

May looked at the dresses and clothes she tried out earlier. There was an evening gown which was very glamorous but she didn't know how often she'd wear such a thing. There was also a sheath dress that was designed to tightly fit the body but it was quite revealing. The other one she had worn was a black penistail dress that was quite comfortable to wear.

"I don't know which one to pick though. The three I chose are completely different to each other. Which one should I pick?" May said excited but confused as to which one to choose.

"Well you looked good in all of them May. I thought you looked quite sexy in the sheath dress. It showed off your curves the best." Sabrina said giving her expert opinion on the subject.

"Yeah, you're right. I really liked that one too. I'm going to keep that one." May said as she went over to get it.

"How about you Dawn? Have you decided which one you want to keep?" Sabrina asked a bit curious as to which one she was going to pick.

"Yeah I'm going with the black T-skirt and tanktop. I think that looks super sexy." Dawn said as she had already made up her mind.

"Alright I guess that's settled then. I hope you enjoy those clothes. They all looked good on you. You guys made some great choices." Sabrina said as she complemented them on the excellent choices.

By this time the girls had been upstairs for about half the afternoon and dinner was soon approaching. They had all lost track of the time until May realized that Ash and Brock were still downstairs.

"Oh my. We forgot Ash and Brock are still downstairs!" May said as she remembered about the two of them.

"You're right May. It's been hours though. They've been so quiet." Dawn said as she giggled a bit realizing just how much time they'de actually spent sorting through the clothes.

"Hmm... There almost too quiet." Misty said wondering if they were both still looking at the album they left them with.

"Well lets go downstairs and see what they are up to then. You can leave your clothes here will come back for them later." Sabrina said as she opened the door to the hall that lead back downstairs.

Ash and Brock could hear the girls coming down the stairs but they both continued looking at all the pictures. As the girls came down the stairs the realized that Ash and Brock were indeed still looking at all those photos of Sabrina.

"So guys, I see you like the photos. Which ones do you like the best?" Sabrina asked as she almost startled the guys with her question.

"Uh hi Sabrina... All of you're pics look great." Ash said as he was a bit embarrassed when he realized that the girl in the pictures was now standing in front of him.

"Yeah you sure do Sabrina. You're look amazing in these pictures." Brock added a bit more composed than Ash was.

"Thanks guys. I'm quite proud of the pictures." Sabrina said as she peaked over the album cover to see they were still looking at the lingerie pictures.

"Have you guys been starring at those pictures the entire time we were upstairs?" Misty asked trying to tease them a bit.

"Uh, well we stopped to eat some more of this delicious food." Ash told her realizing she was trying to tease him.

"I bet they haven't stopped looking at those pictures the entire time." May said continuing on the tease that Misty had started.

"Do you blame us? Look at these pictures! They are amazing!" Brock said as he turned the album so the girls could also see them.

The girls couldn't tease Ash and Brock any longer because they had to agree the pictures looked stunning. Sabrina was extremely photogenic and the professional photography looked amazing.

"Awe. Thanks guys. I'm glad you like them. We worked hard to make those pictures look good for magazines and ads." Sabrina said as she was glad that the guys liked the pictures so much.

"I must admit she does look really good in the lingerie." Dawn said agreeing with Brock's comment.

"You know, I never did get around to showing you girls my lingerie. Would you like to see my lingerie collection?" Sabrina asked wanting to know if the girls were interested.

"Sure!" the girls said in unison.

"How about you guys all stay for dinner too. It's starting to get late. Will make dinner then after dinner I'll show you guys the collection." Sabrina said as she made the suggestion.

"Sounds good. Did you want some help with dinner?" Brock said offering to help.

"That would be great Brock, thanks." Sabrina said as once again Brock and Sabrina went off to the kitchen to start preparing a meal.

Ash still had the album in his hands and was about to continue looking at it again until the girls started sitting down on the couch beside him. Misty took the album from him before she sat down.

"I think you've had enough of this album. I'll put it away for you." Misty said as she put it back on the shelf.

"But.. but.." Ash said a bit sad that he didn't get to see all the pictures.

"Let's watch some TV instead till dinner time." Misty said as she turned on the TV.

The time when by fast as Sabrina and Brock finished preparing dinner and the group all sat around the kitchen table to eat dinner. It had been a long day and it was nice to have two good meals after an amazing battle earlier in the day. As dinner completed Ash and Brock were nominated to clean up and the girls went back upstairs to check out Sabrina's lingerie collection.

"Why do we get stuck cleaning up while they have all the fun." Ash moaned as Brock handed him a glass to dry.

"Just be grateful Sabrina's a lot nicer than the first time we encountered her. She's a completely different person now." Brock said trying to be rational.

"I guess you're right. The girls seem happy to try out all her clothes." Ash said.

"Yeah they do. You also need to realize that the girls also need some time to themselves as well while they are journeying with you Ash. You cannot expect them to do everything with you all the time." Brock explained to Ash trying to tell him that he needed to be patient.

"I guess so. I'm glad that they all came along with us on this journey. It's certainly been a lot different from our previous ones already." Ash said as he chuckled a bit.

"It certainly has." Brock said as he washed a plate.

Back in Sabrina's bedroom the girls filed in and closed the door behind them. Sabrina walked over to a large wardrobe that was off to the side.

"Over here girls. This is where I keep my lingerie." Sabrina said as she opened the doors to the wardrobe.

Misty, May and Dawn walked over to see what was inside the wardrobe. Sabrina had built up quite a collection over the years. Her modeling career certainly had had a lot of benefits.

"Pick out a few girls and will have some fun trying them on." Sabrina said as she motioned for the girls to go check out the wardrobe filled with lingerie.

"This is going to be so fun!" May said excited to try some of the lingerie on.

May and Dawn dashed to the wardrobe like it was Christmas but Misty was a bit hesitant and slowly followed them as she approached the wardrobe.

"What's the matter Misty?" Sabrina said as she could see Misty wasn't as excited as the other two girls were.

"I've never even worn lingerie before..." Misty said a bit embarrassed by the fact.

"Oh don't worry about it. It's just like normal underwear, but a bit more sexier. Would you like me to help you pick out something to wear?" Sabrina said as she tried to help out Misty while the other girls were sorting through all the lingerie.

"That would be great. Thanks." Misty said.

"Would you like to wear stockings?" Sabrina asked Misty.

"I'm not sure.." Misty said a bit conservative now.

"Well, I love to wear stockings as it makes you feel really sexy. Thigh high stockings with a little lace at the top are great for accentuating your thighs with the right pair of panties." Sabrina explained to Misty who was listening very intently.

"Alright that sounds good." Misty said somewhat confused about the whole situation.

"Take off your clothes while I pick you out something nice. I know something that will suit you very well." Sabrina said as she went looking for the lingerie in the wardrobe while May and Dawn also continued searching and looking at all the lingerie.

The three girls sorted through the lingerie as Sabrina searched for the specific articles of clothing that she wanted Misty to try out. After a few seconds of searching, she found what she was looking for. She had picked out a white garter belt holding up decadent white stockings with lacy frills at the top. It was paired with a tiny pair of white lacy panties that had a opaque white silk patch to cover her pussy lips and a matching lacy bra that had white silk patches to cover her nipples.

"There we go. I think Misty will look really sexy in this outfit." Sabrina said as she modeled it in the air for Dawn and May.

"Oh wow! That's really sexy!" Dawn said as she also liked the outfit.

"I love the lace on those. Look at the detail. It's amazing." May said as she was impressed by the outfit.

"Alright you girls continue looking for what outfits you'de like to try on while I go help Misty with this one." Sabrina said as she went into the ensuite bathroom where Misty was stripping off her clothes as Sabrina had instructed.

As Misty finished taking off her clothes in the bathroom, she heard Sabrina approaching and she turned to see what outfit she had brought her. Sabrina held out the outfit in front of her as she walked into the room. Misty couldn't believe how sexy it looked as she studied the lingerie as Sabrina approached her.

"So what do you think Misty? Do you like it?" Sabrina said as she finished showing off the outfit.

"It looks amazing. It looks really expensive. I've never worn anything like that before." Misty said.

"Well here, I'll help you put it on. It's not that difficult." Sabrina said as she put the garments down on the counter.

Sabrina helped Misty start getting the lingerie on. They started with the stockings which was something Misty had never put on before. It took her a few tries to get them on as they were tighter than she expected. They were elastic which made it very form fitting. Next she put on the lacy panties and bra which matched the stockings.

"Okay, now all you have to do is connect the stockings to the garter belt and you're set." Sabrina said telling Misty what to do next.

"Alright." Misty said as she put the garter belt on and clipped the stocking straps to it.

"There! You look really sexy in that outfit. Go out and show the other girls what you look like in it." Sabrina said as she smiled at Misty as she reviewed her body.

Misty smiled back and went out to the main bedroom. Dawn and May had both picked out a few outfits and had placed them on the bed. Their attention quickly changed to Misty who was walking towards them in her sexy outfit. They couldn't believe how good Misty looked in the outfit. They had never seen her look so good.

"Wow Misty. You look super sexy in that outfit. Sabrina really picked a good one for you." May said as she looked up and down Misty's body.

"Ash and Brock would go crazy if they saw you like that!" Dawn said also commenting on the outfit.

"You think so? I'm not used to wearing sexy outfits like this. It's kind of a weird feeling." Misty said.

"What this about Ash and Brock?" Sabrina said as she walked into the room.

"Oh I was just saying Ash and Brock would go crazy if they saw Misty in that outfit. They wouldn't know what to do." Dawn said with a bit of a giggle.

"Well isn't that the point of lingerie? To get people excited and make yourself feel really sexy in the process. I don't know about you girls, but I love it when people like I look sexy in an outfit like that." Sabrina said replying to Dawn's remark.

"Oh for sure. Just look at Ash and Brock earlier they couldn't put your album down. I bet they'de both blow their loads before she even started stripping." May continued with a bit of a laugh.

"Wait.. You mean you guys are...?" Sabrina questioned them wanting to hear more.

"...having sex, then yes we are." May said finishing off Sabrina's question.

"I guess you could say were all intimate friends." Misty explained to Sabrina.

"We certainly have had a lot of fun lately that's for sure." Dawn said as she

"So I guess that means you guys are very comfortable around Ash and Brock then. I guess this makes this suggestion a bit easier then. Would you girls like to put on a little lingerie show for the guys?" Sabrina suggested to the girls.

The girls eyes all lit up immediately to the prospect. They were all a bit excited and amazed by Sabrina's suggestion.

"That would be a lot of fun. Could you just imagine the looks on Ash and Brock's faces!" May said seeming to like the idea.

"It's like you said earlier, they probably wouldn't be able to contain themselves." Dawn said smirking.

"Well since you guys think I look good in this outfit, I'm sure the guys will love it, so I'm all for it." Misty said as she winked to the girls.

"So I guess that's settled then. Why don't you help us get ready Misty and then will go surprise the guys. They should almost be done cleaning up by now." Sabrina said as she walked over to the wardrobe to find a suitable piece of lingerie to wear.

Misty went over to help Dawn and May make their final decisions on which piece of lingerie they would model. Both had picked some really sexy outfits as well.

"I wonder which of these Ash would like to see me in." Sabrina said out loud looking at all the different types of lingerie she had collected over the years.

"I think that one would look good on you Dawn." Misty said pointing to one of the outfits she had chosen.

"You think so? Lemme try it on." Dawn said as she took off her clothes so she could put on the lingerie.

The lingerie Dawn chose started off simply enough but it had a lot of intricate pieces to it. Dawn began putting on a pink silk push-up bra that made her smaller breasts look a lot bigger. Sabrina eyes scanned down her firm, tight body and watched as she began putting on matching silk panties that tied together on the sides with ribbons. The front of the panties also had a bow near her bellybutton. 

"Let me help you tie up the sides." Misty said as she began to help Dawn tie up the sides of her panties.

"You know, I have a nice pair of black high heels that would go great with that outfit Dawn. Let me go get them." Sabrina said as she walked into her closet to find the shoes.

A minute later Sabrina walked out of the closet with the high heels and gave them to Dawn.

"Here you go. These will look great." Sabrina said as she dropped them on the floor for Dawn to put on.

By this time Misty had helped Dawn tie up her panties and Dawn bend down and put on the shoes. Her legs looked even longer now with the extra height that the shoes gave her.

"What do you think?" Dawn asked the girls.

"Mmm, I like it so far! Let's see a spin." said Sabrina wanting to see the entire outfit at all angles.

Dawn turned around giving Sabrina and the other girls a first view of her perfect ass, as the panties were a g-string at the back that was puled up as tight as it could go barely covering her pussy lips and asshole at the back.

"That's quite revealing at the back Dawn." Misty said as she looked at how little amount of material was there.

"Heh. Well Brock was starring at my butt earlier, this way he'll get a better look at it." Dawn said as all the girls began to giggle at Dawn's comment.

"So May have you decided on what you'de like to wear." Sabrina asked as it appeared Sabrina had picked what she was going to wear.

"We'll there is just so many to choose from, but I think I've decided on this one." May said as she picked the outfit off the bed.

May had chosen a black corset outfit. She wasn't as skinny as the other girls so she figured this would make her have a similar figure to the other girls. Sabrina was surprised by May's selection.

"You know that might be a bit too small for you to get into May." Sabrina said trying to envision May getting into it.

"I know, but I think I could get into it alright. Besides I love the design." May said as she put the corset and thong panties that were trimmed in black lace against her body.

"Alright then, I'll help you get into it." Sabrina said as she walked over behind May.

May stripped out of her clothes and put them on the bed. She put on the lingerie panties and then began to put on the corset. She put it on from the front of her body. A black ribbon criss-crossed across the front of it and the remaining length was hanging from the sides which needed to be looped through straps at the back and then tied at the bottom. May positioned her breasts inside the cups of the corset and push up the shoulder straps so they rested in the right position.

"Sabrina, can you help me tie up the back now?" May said asking Sabrina to help her now.

"Alright, this is going to get a bit tight though." Sabrina said as she began looping the ribbons down May's back.

May's large breasts were flowing over the top of the corset as Sabrina began to tighten it. May's breathing was also starting to get a little heavier as her breasts pressed against the corset. May had to breath in and hold it while Sabrina worked on the hooking the ribbon. Her chest was feeling so much more constricted as Sabrina began finishing tying up the corset.

Sabrina finally got the corset hooked together and tied up. May looked down to see that the corset was pushing her breasts together tightly making the cleavage nice and obvious.

"There you go. All tied up. It looks like you were able to get into it fine." Sabrina said as May turned around to thank her.

"Thanks for your help." May said as she put on the elbow length satin gloves that went with the outfit.

"You're cleavage is really showing in that outfit. It looks good." Sabrina said as she complemented May's appearance.

"Thanks." May said as she was pleased to get the complement.

"Alright, I'll quickly change and then will all go downstairs and surprise the guys. Why don't you girls go put some makeup on in the bathroom while you wait for me. There is lots to choose from. Feel free to use whatever is there." Sabrina said as began stripping off her clothes to get changed.

"Okay!" the girls all replied as the headed to the bathroom to put on the makeup.

Sabrina had chosen her favorite outfit to wear. It was a pink lace garter set with a mini skirt and panties. The skirts lace wasn't very dense so it was easy to see the layered panties underneath. Sabrina had breasts that were a similar size to May's but as she put it on she noticed that more cleavage was being reveals in her outfit than with May's corset which covered a lot of her body. Sabrina put on the matching pink stockings with black borders and connected the garter skirt to her stockings.

May, Misty and stood side by side in front of the mirror in the bathroom applying their makeup. May was putting on black eye shadow on her upper and lower eye lids. Misty and Dawn were touching up their lipstick as Sabrina walked in the bathroom. Dawn also curled her hair at the front while May put on the hat she wore at the Wallace Cup. The girls could see her approaching in the mirror.

"So girls what do you think?" Sabrina said as she twirled around for them.

"Sexy!" Dawn quickly replied.

"They are going to fall down when they see us." Misty said as she smiled.

"Alright let me quickly get some makeup on and will go." Sabrina said as she started putting a bit of makeup on.

A few minutes later the girls had all finished their makeup. It was nicely done, not using so much makeup that it didn't look natural anymore. They all looked sexy.

"So girls are you ready?" Sabrina said wanting to know the status of the girls.

"Ready!" May said as she took one more look at herself in the mirror.

"Nervous?" Sabrina said looking at Misty.

"A little. But it will pass." Misty replied.

The girls made their way slowly downstairs. By this time Ash and Brock had finished cleaning up and were watching TV. They heard the door upstairs open and were instantly shocked by what they saw coming down the stairs in front of them. The girls all saw Ash and Brock starring at them and they all smiled as they slowly walked down the stairs towards them. Seconds later the girls were standing in front of Ash and Brock.

"Thanks for cleaning up guys. I really appreciate it." Sabrina said as she posed in front of them putting her arm on her hip.

"Uh... sure... no problem." Ash said as he could barely reply as he was starring at the girls in a gawking manner.

"So guys, are you surprised with what you see?" Misty asked wanting to know what they thought.

"You.. girls... look amazing!" Brock replied seeing some of the outfits that he had looked at earlier in the photo album.

Ash and Brock couldn't help themselves as their penises had instantly got hard and were causing their pants to bulge out in a noticing manner. The girls all noticed instantly and smiled as their outfits had obviously got the approval of the guys.

"Why thank you Brock." Dawn said as she smiled at him.

"What about you Ash?" May asked as she bet down a bit to let him see her cleavage that was pushed up from the corset.

"I cannot believe what I'm seeing!" Ash said in amazement.

"Well Ash, what I'm wearing today is a small part of your reward. I wore this outfit today especially for you. In fact, I was hoping that you would look at those pictures in the album so I could be able to show you some of the lingerie in person." Sabrina said as Ash became confused and slightly surprised at her word choice.

Ash hadn't appreciated just how fabulous her breasts were. Sabrina's nipples were protruding from the intricate pink bra and he thought he could see a small dark patch in between her legs through her panties and skirt. She was still wearing high heeled shoes like some of the other girls where which emphasized the fabulous length of her stocking clad legs. 

"What do you think?" Sabrina asked ingenuously.

"Yes, that outfit is really nice. " Ash forced himself to speak slowly. 

"Would you like a closer look?" Sabrina asked as she smiled at him.

"Sure!" Ash replied enthusiastically. 

Sabrina moved in front of Ash so that her crotch was only a foot from his face. Ash loved the intricate patterns of lace that the mini skirt and panties had. 

"It does look great, I have to say," Ash said as he loved looking at it.

By this time the other girls had got restless and Dawn and Misty went over and stood right in front of Brock. Dawn turned around to show Brock that she was wearing small thong panties that barely covered her private parts.

"I told you this morning that you'de get a chance to have a better view of my ass later. What do you think Brock?" Dawn said as she bent down a bit to give him an eye level view.

Brock was speechless. Dawn's ass was perfect, tight and sexy. He wanted to reach out and touch it but just as he attempted to Dawn stood up and turned around.

"I guess that means you liked what you see, huh?" Dawn said as she teased Brock.

Misty then moved in front of Dawn and began running her hands down the sides of her body slowly. Brock watched as Misty made some sexy facial expressions as she did so.

"Misty, you look amazing in that outfit." Brock replied as he watched Misty.

"Thank you Brock. That's nice of you to say. Sabrina picked out an outfit for me since this is the first time I've worn lingerie." Misty explained.

"You could have fooled me!" Brock said as Misty blushed a bit from the nice complement.

"Brock, always flattering the girls." May said as she listened to Brock's complement.

Ash was still starring at Sabrina's lingerie as she suddenly bent down and the next thing he knew, Sabrina pulled him into a long, passionate kiss. Ash didn't resist as she looked so beautiful as their tongues lashed against each other. His eyes peered down a bit to see the large cleavage of her breast begin to push up against his chest a bit as the kissed. Seconds later she broke the kiss and stood up and moved beside May who had been watching them kiss.

"That's another thank you for your kindness." Sabrina said as Ash blushed a bit.

"So girls, how about we get the guys to take our pictures in our outfits since they like them so much. We can make a new photo album of the pictures they take of us." Sabrina said.

"That sounds great. We know the guys loved your pictures." Misty said thinking the suggestion was a great idea.

"There is a camera over there. Will all take turns getting our photos taken by the guys." Sabrina said pointing to a table on the other side of the room.

"I'll go get the camera." Brock said as he got up quickly to get it.

"This reminds me of the time we made a video at the Ketchum's house." May said recalling the events that took place.

"Yeah it does, but we didn't have sexy clothing like this." Dawn said as she posed again.

Misty, Dawn and May all took turns being photographed by Ash and Brock. They posed is some extremely sexy positions as they showed off their body and the lingerie the were wearing. Sabrina was the last to get her photos taken.

"Where do you want me to stand?" Sabrina asked Ash who was taking the pictures.

"There is fine Sabrina." Ash said as he got into a position to take pictures of her.

"Okay, just tell me what you want me to do." Sabrina said.

"Ok. Well first of all, just stand there and maybe raise your hands so that you are pushing your breasts together." Ash said bravely hoping Sabrina would comply to his request.

"Like this?" Sabrina said as she pressed against the outer edges of her breasts.

Ash didn't even need to reply as he instantly began taking some pictures.

"Now, sit on the edge of the sofa and maybe slip your bra straps down off your shoulders so your cleavage shows a bit more." Ash instructed her.

Sabrina followed his directions and gave him a pouty little smile as she sat on the edge of the sofa. She slipped the shoulder straps of her bra down off her shoulders which loosened the bra against her breasts a bit. This made her breasts look like they were going to spill out of her bra.

"That's so sexy!" Ash said as he continued to snap pictures.

Ash continued taking a lot more pictures of Sabrina in different poses until the camera was just about out of space.

"Well it looks like the camera is full. These pictures are going to be great." Ash said.

"I cannot wait to see them." Misty replied.

"You guys so sexy in those outfits." Brock complemented once again.

Ash and Brock still had hardon's after the entire time they had taken pictures. The girls all still noticed that and giggled to themselves a bit.

"Wow guys. I'm impressed that you guys haven't exploded in your pants yet. You look like your penises could use a bit of attention." May joked.

"Lets see the goods." Sabrina said eager to see Ash's penis.

"Right here? With everyone watching?!" Ash asked a little hesitant to comply.

"Sure! Why not?" Sabrina replied.

"But everyone will be watching." he said as he could hear the other girls starting to giggle so more.

Sabrina smiled at him but she wasn't very shy like Ash was.

"It's not like they haven't see you naked before, so who's stopping you?" Sabrina teased him as Ash's friends were all starting to be a bit shocked as to what was going on.

"Well I'm all for it!" Brock said as he began taking off his pants.

"Ooh Brock's the brave one here." Sabrina said as she watched him take off his pants.

"Fine! I'm not being out done by Brock!" Ash said.

"Help him drop his pants, Sabrina." Dawn told her.

"Alright!" Sabrina said as she moved in front of Ash.

Sabrina quickly unzipped Ash's pants and in one swift motion pull them down with his underwear as well. His penis instantly popped out, throbbing for attention. Ash watched her hands grab his penis. Sabrina had nice soft hands and black nail polish covering her nails. Sabrina wrapped her fingers around it and moaned her approval. 

"Nice. The girls were right, it does look like you need some attention." Sabrina said as she slowly began to stroke Ash.

"I think he likes it! Look at how hard he is." May said as she watched.

"Well since you are taking care of Ash, I'll take care of Brock." Misty said as she kneeled down in front of the chair Brock was sitting in and helped him finish taking off his pants.

"I'll help you too Misty." Dawn said as she took one pant leg as Misty pulled on the other one.

"Maybe if you put his penis in your mouth Sabrina it will help reduce the pressure." May said as knelt in front of Brock as well as she knew sharing Ash with Sabrina wasn't going to happen.

Sabrina smiled and began to lick Ash's penis from top to bottom and then thrust it into her mouth. Sabrina sucked and moaned as she slurped and slobbered. She pulled it out of her mouth and slapped it against her face a few times then continued again with her blowjob. Clearly, she knew how to give a blowjob as he was really starting to feel good. Ash put his fingers through her hair, she looked up at me and smiled in approval as she continued working on him.

Brock's penis was pressing against his boxers straining for release. Dawn and Misty both smiled anxious to play with Brock's large penis. Suddenly May had an excellent idea.

"Hey girls, I have a great idea. Why don't we do a blowjob roulette with Brock so we all get a chance to have fun with a penis." May suggested to Dawn and Misty who placed Brock's pants on the floor.

"Well that seems fair." Misty said.

"Alright, lets get Brock's boxers off and have some fun. Sabrina is already going to town with Ash over there." Dawn said as she watched Sabrina suck off Ash for a few seconds.

Misty grabbed Brock's boxers and pulled them down to reveal his large penis. Brock's penis was definitely bigger and thicker than Ash's but Brock was also a bigger and older than Ash. Misty, Dawn and May's eyes all lite up as they saw Brock's large penis come into view. Brock took off his shirt and threw it on the ground as Misty finished taking off his boxers.

"Okay will suck for a few minutes each and then swap." Dawn said as she moved in-between Brock's legs, positioning herself and sliding her fingers around his fully erect penis.

"Okay, that sounds fair." May said as she watched Dawn start to play with Brock.

Dawn rubbed her hands up and down his penis and then shoved his rigid penis into her mouth, wrapping her lips around it. Misty could see Dawn's tongue occasionally slip from between her lips as she worked it up and down his penis. Dawn worked up and down on Brock's penis as May and Misty watched in anticipation for their turns.

"Alright Dawn, it's my turn." May said as she motioned for Dawn to get out of the way.

Dawn released Brock's penis and shifted aside making room for May to have her turn. She slide between Brock's legs just like Dawn had done and she took his hard and wet penis in her hands. His shaft glistened with Dawn's saliva and a bit of his pre-cum. May pumped him several times with her hand, marveling at his thickness and hardness, before taking it in her mouth. Her lips slid the length of his shaft as his thick head pushed into the top of her throat. Brock had a truly wonderful penis and he had proved days before that he was also good at using it to pleasure girls. May's pussy began to tingle a bit as she remember the feeling of having his penis in her pussy.

What seemed like only seconds, May could sense that Misty was starting to move in behind her, but in fact almost five minutes had gone by. Misty was eagerly awaiting her turn. Brock on the other hand couldn't believe this was happening to him. There was a line up of sexy girls in lingerie all waiting to get a go with his penis. 

"My turn!" Misty said as May didn't want to give up sucking Brock's rock hard penis.

"Just a few more seconds!" May managed to mumble with the penis in her mouth.

Misty waited a few seconds and then began pushing May out of the way. May complied and got out of the way so Misty could have her turn. 
Misty eagerly took hold of Brock's penis and took it into her mouth right away. She sucked him fast as her head bobbed quickly in his lap. She cupped his balls in one hand while pumping his shaft into her mouth with the other, her tongue swirling around the head of his penis.

Brock loved the feeling of each girl sucking his penis. Each had their own technique of giving a blowjob and he loved the variety. Misty was barely able to get half of his penis in her mouth so she used her hands to compensate a bit.

Meanwhile on the other side of the room, Sabrina was still having her time with Ash. Ash had stripped completely like Brock and was laying back in the seat enjoying every second of Sabrina's blowjob. He could tell she was very experience with doing this as she knew exactly what would pleasure him the most.

"That feels so good Sabrina." Ash said as he moaned a bit.

"I'm glad you're liking it. Just don't cum yet. There is more fun to come in a bit." Sabrina said a she took his penis out of her mouth to talk before stuffing it right back in her mouth.

Sabrina began sucking on Ash as fast as she could and she could feel the head of his penis entering her throat as she did so. She was able to get all of his penis in her mouth this way and Ash loved the feeling of his penis in her mouth.

"If you keep doing that I'm not going to last much longer." Ash said as he started to pant a bit.

"Okay. I'll stop for a bit then to let you recover." Sabrina said as she pulled his penis out of her mouth.

Ash's penis was covered with Sabrina's saliva and it looked quite wet and swollen. Sabrina got up off the floor and began climbing up Ash's body until her mouth met his and she gave him a long passionate kiss again. Ash loved the feeling of her lingerie rubbing against the different parts of his body. The contrast between her actual skin and her lingerie felt great against him.

"Don't you want to play with me?" Sabrina ask wondering how long Ash was going to hold out. 

"Uh, last time you said that, you turned my friends into dolls and I was battling for my life!" Ash said a bit scared now.

Sabrina smiled and laughed a bit remembering their first encounter. Before he could protest further, Sabrina grabbed Ash's hands and forced them onto her breasts. They felt amazing in his hands and her bra was smooth and soft. Ash knew that he wouldn't be able to restrain himself any further.

"Come on Ash, feel them." Sabrina said spurring Ash on.

Ash started massaging her breasts through the bra. Her breasts looked like about a 36D and felt good in his hands.

"See how much he likes touching them guys." Sabrina said to Ash's friends who were now watching.

"Ash does love his boobs!" May said as she bounced her breasts a bit.

"Looks like Ash's having fun over there." Dawn said as she watched Ash fondle Sabrina's breasts through her lingerie.

Sabrina looked over at Brock who was still being sucked off by Misty. She couldn't believe how big of a penis he had. It was definitely bigger than Ash's and looked very inviting.

"Hey girls, I want a turn too with Brock. You guys can play with Ash now." Sabrina said a bit jealous that the girls had such a large penis to play with.

"Okay!" May and Dawn said as they quickly crawled over to where Ash and Sabrina were.

"Alright Ash. Will have some more fun in a bit, but first I want to thank Brock now." Sabrina said as she got off him and went over to where Misty was still licking and sucking.

"I think you've had you're turn Misty." Sabrina said as she pushed Misty a bit to move.

"Oh, alright." Misty said as she got up to let Sabrina have a go at Brock.

"So Brock, how do you like my thank you present so far?" Sabrina said as she got into position on her knees in front of Brock.

"Oh I've loved every second of it so far." Brock said with a smile.

"Well you're going to enjoy this even more then." Sabrina said as she grabbed his penis and stuck the head of it in her mouth.

"Yeah, that's right! Take it in your mouth. Lick the tip with your tongue." Brock said as he loved Sabrina sucking his penis.

The more Brock talked the more Sabrina was getting turned on and the faster she stroked him and sucked him deeper. Sabrina loved sucking his penis and she loved giving blowjobs. Sabrina was getting so turned on that she needed some relief.

"Ash come over here now. It's time to move this up a bit." Sabrina said as the other girls had just moved into play with Ash.

"Okay." Ash said as he started getting up and Dawn and May were a bit disappointed but were interested in seeing what was going on.

"Stand there behind me Ash. Now watch this, girls. I'm going to let him fuck me from behind, right in front of you while I suck off Brock at the same time. It's going to be so hot." Sabrina said as she stopped sucking Brock's penis to talk.

"I didn't realize you were such a slut!" May responded excited to watch.

"Take off my panties Ash." Sabrina instructed.

Ash bend down a bit so he could grab hold of her panties. It was harder than normal as the skirt that she was wearing was blocking access to the side bands. He put his hand under her skirt until he got to her hips and he began to pull down her panties. Slowly her asshole and pussy lips came into view. Her pussy looked wet as she was obviously quite turned on. Ash pulled her panties down to her knees but couldn't get they any further off. Ash stopped and starred at Sabrina's amazing looking pussy until he was interrupted by her. She had a trimmed pussy with pubic hair at the top.

"What are you waiting for Ash?! Put it in me!" Sabrina commanded summoning up memories for Ash that reminded him of her commanding presence.

Sabrina reached behind her and grasped onto the shaft of his penis and slowly took it to the entrance of her wet slit. Ash wasted no time inserting his penis into her pussy from behind. He grabbed onto her tight little butt and began to thrust. Ash gently pushed against the entrance of her pussy until his penis gently began to sink deep into her wet pussy.

"You guys are beautiful. I loved watching you make love." Dawn said as she watched Ash's penis enter Sabrina' pussy.

"Oh Ash, it's so hot watching your penis inside her," May said as she watched Ash nail Sabrina's pussy from behind.

Ash was hot and highly aroused from their earlier antics. His penis pistoned in and out of Sabrina's pussy as the girls sat and watched the pace shifting from slow to fast. By this time the only sounds that filled the room were moans and groans, along with the slippery sound of Ash's penis sliding in and out of Sabrina's pussy and Sabrina sucking Brock's penis.

"You taste good Brock. It's been a while since I've given anyone head." Sabrina said removing his penis from her mouth long enough to speak.

'You're really good at it." Brock said complementing her as he turned around to look at Ash nailing her from behind

"Fuck my pussy Ash. Fuck me!" Sabrina screamed as Ash rammed his penis into her faster and faster as his balls slapping up against her clit with every down stroke.

"Oh Yes!" Sabrina called out as the tip of Ash's penis pressed against her cervix.

Sabrina had given up trying to get all of Brock's penis in her mouth and used her hands a lot like Misty had. Ash and Brock had both completely forgot that May, Misty and Dawn were all watching them. The girls didn't mind that Sabrina was having her way with Ash and Brock as this was her way of thanking them after all these years.

Sabrina's pussy was still extremely tight and Ash simply stood behind her and slammed his penis in and out of her pussy, as she moaned and squealed with pleasure. Ash could feel her pussy contracting around his penis more and more now. Sabrina began rocking back and forth with her hips as she sucked Brock off.

"I want you to fuck my pussy as hard as you can now! Are you two getting close yet?" Sabrina said as she could feel an orgasm building.

"You're pussy is really tight now. I don't know how much longer I'll last." Ash replied.

"If you keep sucking me like that, I'm not going to last much longer either." Brock answered after Ash.

"Cum in her pussy Ash!" Dawn said waiting to see Ash's cum drip out of Sabrina's pussy.

"Yeah and you cum in her mouth Brock!" Misty said excited to be watching this.

"This is going to be amazing to see." May said waiting to see their climax.

Brock's penis sprang to life even more as he stared at Sabrina's breast that were overflowing in her lingerie. Her bra had become loose during all this action and Brock could now see her tits. They were fully erect and hard as to be expected. That sight was enough to finally cause Brock to loose it.

Sabrina was sucking Brock's big penis while at the same time stroking it with her right hand and gently squeezing his balls with her left. Brock could feel his balls tightening up.

"I'm gonna cum!" Brock stuttered as he could feel it coming.

Sabrina instantly tried to get as much of Brock's penis in her mouth and Brock could feel the head of his penis being squeezed by her throat muscles. That was all it took and Brock emptied his load straight down her throat as she convulsively swallowed every drop. Brock cumming caused all the muscles in Sabrina's body to tighten up including her pussy muscles.

Ash couldn't last any longer either and began spurting inside Sabrina's tight pussy. Blast after blast began filling her pussy with his hot cum. Ash did not expect that he'd be having sex with Sabrina let alone cumming inside her. May, Dawn and Misty all watched as both Ash and Brock climaxed inside of Sabrina. They were all envious of Sabrina.

Sabrina couldn't last any longer as she lost all strength and began to have one of the best climaxes of her life. She could feel Ash's cum in her pussy as well as Brock's cum going down her throat. She was being filled at both ends with cum and she loved every second of it. Moments later their orgasm's subsided and they all began to rest. Ash pulled his penis out of Sabrina's pussy and lay against the side of the sofa. Sabrina did the same as they all rested.

"Wow! That looked like so much fun!" May said as she loved watching every second.

"Sabrina was so lucky she got to use both of them." Dawn said still a bit envious.

"They all look tired. It's definitely been a long day for everyone." Misty said as she looked outside and it was now quite dark.

A few minutes later Sabrina recovered and she adjusted her lingerie to cover herself up again. She put her panties back on and stood up.

"We'll guys I hope you liked your reward." Sabrina said.

"Oh I sure did." Ash said as he looked up at Sabrina.

"That was one of the best blowjobs I've ever had. It felt great." Brock responded.

"We'll I'm glad. It felt great for me as well. Why don't you guys all stay here the night. It's getting late." Sabrina said as she turned to look at the girls.

"That would be great." Misty replied.

"You girls look really sexy in those outfits. I hope they will come to good use in the future." Sabrina said as she smiled at the girls.

"I'm sure they will!" May smiled.

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