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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 23 - First Times the Charm!

Ash and his friends spent the night at Sabrina's house. They had all had an exciting day and they all slept well. Everyone had enjoyed the presents that Sabrina had given them. They were all surprised at how much Sabrina had changed and how grateful she was. The new morning arrived and everyone slowly began to wake up.

They stayed and had breakfast with Sabrina but they all knew they needed to continue traveling to the next match. Ash was hoping that he could get in contact with Erika, the Gym Leader of Celadon City's Gym to setup his next match.

"I'm going to see if I can contact Erika at the Pokemon Center and setup the next match." Ash informed his friends.

"Alright Ash. Erika is probably a lot stronger now too. You're going to have a tough time with her." Brock explained.

"Well we better get going then." Ash said as he packed some of his things.

"Well guys, it was good to see you again. Be sure to drop by again soon. Make sure the next time isn't years, okay?" Sabrina said as she smiled at them as they prepared to leave.

The group waved goodbye to Sabrina as they started heading back to the local Pokemon Center. Ash was excited about setting up his next match and they arrived at the Pokemon Center in no time. Brock was also excited to return to the Pokemon Center as he would get to see Nurse Joy again.

Ash and his friends entered the Saffron City Pokemon Center and as usual, Nurse Joy was at the front desk and smiled at them as they entered. Brock instantly went up to Nurse Joy and smiled and she seemed to like his antics. Ash rolled his eyes and walked over to one of the communication terminals.

"Ash were going to go to our room. Meet us there when you're done." May said as the girls left the two guys in the main lobby.

"Alright. I'll see you guys after I talk to Erika." Ash said as he sat down in the booth.

The girls walked to their room and unpacked some of the their things and sat down on the beds.

"So do you think Brock will sleep with Nurse Joy again?" Dawn asked the girls starting up a conversation.

"Well it seems like Nurse Joy likes Brock, besides who wouldn't with a dick as big as his." May laughed remembering the size of Brock's penis.

"Heh. You're right May. Let's just hope she doesn't wear him out so much that we don't get to use it too!" Dawn replied.

"You know watching Ash and Brock have sex with Sabrina was fun even though we really didn't participate much." Misty said recalling the previous nights events.

"You know it reminded me of the first time I had sex." May commented.

"Really?! You've never told us about that." Misty said knowing May already knew about her first time.

"Yeah. Let me explain, but this story doesn't leave the three of us, okay?" May asked in a serious tone.

"Okay!" Dawn and Misty quickly replied.

"Alright then, It happened just before I started my journey and just before I met Ash." May said starting off her story.

Norman, May's father and Gym Leader of the Petalburg City's Gym had just finished off his duties for the day at the Gym. He had arrived home earlier than normal and call out to see if anyone was home.

"I'm home!" Norman yelled as no one responded to his call.

Assuming everyone was out still, Norman decided to go downstairs to the den to watch some tv.

"I wasn't expecting my dad to be home so earlier from the Gym that day and I was down in the den masturbating for only the third time in my life." May said as she continued to explain the story.

"Did your dad catch you?" Misty asked wanting to hear more of the story.

"He did. I wasn't prepared for him to show up just like that and I was quite horny that day as well. I had seen my parents have sex in their bedroom the night before. They didn't realize it but they left the door open to their bedroom and I got up during the night to get something to drink and saw them doing it." May explained.

"So that's why you weren't too angry with Brock then when you caught him peeping on Nurse Joy the other day. You're just as voyeuristic as he is!" Dawn teases May as May broke a sly smile.

May continued explaining the story. When Norman walked down the stairs to the den, he didn't see anyone in the room but as he got closer to the sofa he realized his daughter May was home and was slouched down on the sofa in the room.

"I didn't hear my dad come down the stairs and enter the room so I was still going at my pussy when he saw me." May told the girls.

Norman could see May in the reflection of the television and what he saw surprised him. May was essentially naked from the waist down as her shorts and panties were around her ankles. Her legs slightly spread wide and her right hand was between her legs playing with herself.

"He caught me red handed, but I didn't know it at the time because the noises I was making and the concentration I was placing on having an orgasm made me blind to what was else was going on in the room." May explained.

May's dad was stunned for a few seconds but then realized that his daughter was getting to that age when sexual activity starts. Norman was a bit confused about what he should do next. This was his oldest child and he really didn't have much experience in these types of situations. His voyeuristic side thought it would be fun to watch her for a minute and see exactly what activities his cute teenage girl was up to while she was by herself.

Norman realized May was masturbating slowly as her hand was moving around her pussy and her hips were moving. He couldn't see much as he was looking through the reflection and her hand was obscuring the view. May's dad continued to watch her and he could sense that he was starting to get aroused. His penis was getting harder and was starting to make him a bit uncomfortable, but he didn't want to stop watching his daughter. May continued to slowly play with herself and Norman could tell she was going back and forth between her swollen labia and clit.

Norman didn't know what he should do. Should he pretend that he caught May and punish her for what she was doing or quietly leave her to what she was doing. Norman knew his wife would be home soon so he decided it was best that he just wait and discuss it with her. He took one more brief peak at his daughter before heading back up the stairs.

"So your dad watched you and didn't say a thing?" Dawn asked May.

"Yeah it wasn't until a later time that I found out about that situation." May said explaining what had happened.

"So what happened next?" Misty said wanting to hear more of her story.

"Well I knew it was starting to get late in the afternoon and I assumed people would be getting home. I didn't manage to climax at that time but it still felt really good." May said.

May's mother Caroline arrived home shortly after and found her husband sitting at the kitchen table drinking a glass of juice.

"Hi honey, how was your day?" Caroline greeted him as she put down some of the groceries she had picked up.

"Okay I guess. How about you?" Norman replied in a less than energetic tone.

"The same." Caroline replied as she noticed that her husband seemed preoccupied on something else other than their conversation.

"Is there something wrong? You have that 'There is something I want to discuss' look." Caroline said as she began to massage her husbands shoulders a bit.

"I'll talk to you about it later, I think I hear May coming up the stairs." Norman said as he could hear his daughter approaching.

"Hi Mom. Hi Dad." May said as she greeted her parents.

"Hi May. How was your day?" Caroline asked her daughter.

"Not bad I guess." She replied as Norman tried not to look at his daughter.

"Dinner will be in a little bit, so why don't you get ready." Caroline told her daughter.

"Okay." May replied as she went upstairs to the bathroom to get washed up.

"Okay, May's gone. Quickly tell me what's going on." Caroline told her husband wanting to know what was going on.

"Well... I was home early today... and... and.. I caught May masturbating on the couch downstairs." Norman told his wife.

Caroline looked a little stunned for a second but realized that it was around the same age that she started to get sexually active.

"Hm... It seems our little daughter is growing up fast. Did she catch you?" Caroline asked.

"Apparently not, even though I announced I had returned home. I guess she just didn't hear me. I thought I'de discuss it with you before I did anything." Norman explained.

"Good idea. So do you have any idea what we should do about it?" Caroline asked wanting to get some input on the situation.

"I don't know. That's why I wanted to talk to you about it." Norman said confused.

"Well we could talk to her about it. I guess its time that we finally had a sex talk with her. We could do it after supper." Caroline said as she recalled the first time she became sexually active.

"Okay. Sounds good." He replied.

The family ate dinner like they normally while discussing the things that were going on in their lives. May didn't realize what was going to transpire after dinner. As bedtime approached, Caroline went to tuck her son Max in bed while Norman and May were still watching TV. A few minutes after putting Max to bed, Caroline returned and sat down on the couch beside her husband and started watching TV for a bit.

After a few uncomfortable minutes for Norman and Caroline, Caroline finally nudged her husband into action. He turned to look at her and he gave him that silent 'do something' look that he always hated. Norman cleared his throat.

"Uhm, May your mother and I want to talk to you about." Norman started.

"Oh, what about?" May wonder as it was rare than her father and mother combined to discuss something with you.

Norman looked a bit uncomfortable now as he didn't know exactly what he should say and how he should say it. Caroline decided to pickup where her husband left off.

"Well May, we know your getting older now and that your starting to grow into a beautiful woman, so there are a few things we'd like to talk to you about sex." Caroline told her.

"No problem, mom, I get it. All the kids my age have this talk with their parents." May said understanding what her parents wanted to discuss but recalled her earlier activities on the couch.

"We are going to be completely open with you and we want you to be the same with us. But there is one particular matter your father would like to discuss with you first." Caroline said as her eyebrows raised as she once again turned her attention to her husband who was starting to look abit nervous.

"Uh, right. Well you see... I guess there's no better way than to just say this. I came home early today and I saw you here on the couch... playing with yourself." Norman explained as he tried to say it the best he could.

"So your dad basically told you that he saw you masturbating then?" Dawn said listening to the story that May was telling.

"Yup. But this is only the beginning. It gets a lot more fun." May said as she continued.

"Look, sweetie, you don't have to embarrassed about it. Everyone masturbates, I do, your father does. It's only natural. Generally its better to do it with a partner but at your age, I see how experimenting by yourself would be an interesting experience." May's mother said as she tried to tell her daughter that it was alright.

"So you're not going to punish me then?" May asked a bit scared now that she knew that he parents had found out.

"Of course not, but this is why we are having this conversation now. We understand what your going through and can help you if you would like." Caroline continued as she slide over and gave her daughter a hug to comfort her.

"Alright. But I hope you don't think less of me now that you've caught me doing ... that." May asked looking at her father in particular.

"Of course not honey. We both still love you." May's dad said with a smile.

"Well it's not like you haven't seen me naked before. I mean catching me masturbating is a bit different but its not like I'm embarrassed knowing you saw me." May said catching her dad a bit off guard with her comment.

"Uh.. I'm glad that this is settled then." May's dad replied.

"Little did my dad know but when I was masturbating the time he caught me, I was thinking about the time that I caught my mom and dad having sex and I imagined that I was my mom and that it was I that my dad was having sex with." May told her friends as she continued telling the story.

"You fantasized about having sex with your dad?" Misty asked a bit surprised to hear that from May.

"Yes. But you have to remember, I'de never had sex and had seen my parents doing it, so I was quite curious." May explained to her friends.

May continued telling her story to her friends as they eagerly listened to everything she said.

"So why don't we talk a bit about sex then since you seem to already know a bit about it. Are there any questions you'de like to ask us about sex?" Caroline asked her daughter.

"Well, my mind is all on sex now, especially since I saw you two doing it." She giggled finally spilling the beans.

Norman and Caroline both looked stunned at what May had just told them. They didn't know what to think now. May had obviously watched them have sex the other night and they'de forgotten to close their bedroom door. They both thought May had gone to sleep.

"You watched us have sex the other night?" Caroline asked her daughter again trying to confirm what she had just said.

"Yeah I heard noises from your room when I woke up to go get a drink and I noticed the door was opened, so I looked in to see what was going on." May told them.

"I guess you saw a bit more than we wanted you to see or hear. Were sorry about that." Norman quickly said to his daughter as his cheeks were blushing a bit.

"It's alright. Like I said earlier, I'm quite curious. So I guess this means were all even then right?" May said giggling a bit.

"I guess so. We never intended for you to see us doing that. Were both sorry." Caroline continued.

"It's fine mom. In fact, I kind of enjoyed watching you do it. I'd never see anyone have sex before." May said explaining why she watched quietly.

"First off, do you even know what sex is?" Norman quickly said wondering if his daughter actually knew what it was.

"Sex is what we do when we love someone. It is the ultimate pleasure." May quickly responded to her fathers question and he seemed quite impressed with her answer.

"Well then I guess you know more about sex than I thought you did. Is there anything you'de like us to explain in more detail?" Caroline asked May wondering what else was going to happen on this already bizarre night.

"We'll I've always wondered how a guys penis can fit inside a girls pussy. I've looked at my pussy before and it's so small. I don't see how anything could fit inside it." May said quick to ask the question.

"Well a girls pussy can stretch a lot to accommodate it honey." Caroline explained and Norman was trying to act serious.

"But mom. Dad's penis... was so big and your about the same size as me. The hole just seems too small for something big like that to fit." May questioned as Caroline and Norman both seemed a bit embarrassed about the question their daughter was asking.

"Yes, it looks that way but as I said earlier my pussy will stretch, especially when I'm excited. It's deep too, so your dad can go in all the way. But it's still tight and boys like a girl's pussy to be tight, isn't that right dear?" Caroline smirked to her husband.

Norman spoke for the first time in a while obviously just trying to wrap his head around the whole conversation.

"A man's penis gets hard and stiff which also makes it easier for it to penetrate a girls vagina." Norman said as he was a bit unaware that his own penis was starting to get a bit erect due to all the sex talk.

"You mean like the way your penis is right now?" May said looking down at her fathers pants as she noticed it pushing his pants up.

"Now, now, May you don't want to get your father all embarrassed any more than he already is." Caroline joked.

"I'm not embarrassed. I'm trying to be serious here. I cannot help it if all this sex talk starts other problems here. Let's just get back to the conversation." Norman said as he tried to divert the conversation away from his erection.

"You know mom, his penis looks like its getting bigger in his pants by the second." May said amazed at what was happening to her father.

"It probably is. Your father hates these types of situations and now we've both just made it worse for him." Caroline giggled a bit realizing the situation that her husband was in now.

"Does it hurt?" May asked her father.

"Does what hurt?" Norman asked.

"You know... your penis when it does that." May wondered.

By this time Norman, Caroline and May were all starting to get a bit horny. They could all sense that the conversation was starting to get out of hand but no one really did anything about it. They were all curious and deep down they all wanted it to go a bit further than just a simple conversation.

"It does a little, but you know, things like masturbating and sex can help relieve that." Norman said taking the conversation to a whole different level.

"Well why don't you show me how you do it then? You already saw me." May asked wondering if her father would actually do as she asked.

"I don't think that would be appropriate May. It's bad enough that you've see us have sex at all." Norman's parental instinct said as it quickly kicked in but conflicted to how he and his penis were feeling at that time.

"No, daddy! I just want to see for real. Come on, I've already seen it before. I just want to see it up close. Come on mom tell him!" May said trying to get her mother on her side.

"I think your father's right. That wouldn't be a good idea, even though his penis does look like it needs some attention." Caroline said with a bit of a smirk.

"Please, daddy? I'm not going to tell. I've never seen a real one before, only in the books at school." May said as she put on her best cute face that she would always put on when she wanted something from her father.

"May I just don't feel comfortable with this situation." Her father explained.

"P-please daddy? You said you'd help me learn about sex. You guys were the ones that brought it up and asked if I had any questions. I want to see a real penis." May said relentlessly.

Norman took another deep breath and looked over at his wife who gave him a brief nod signifying that she agreed that it was acceptable. May was looking at her father again with her innocent looking face and eyes.

"Alright fine. But you cannot tell anyone. Okay?" Norman said.

"Okay! So, are you nervous daddy?" she asked with a smirk now anxious to see his penis up close.

"A bit. Just give me a second to compose myself first." Norman said as he started to get into a position where he could withdraw his penis.

"Ok, sweetie. Like your father said, you cannot tell anyone about this. This is for boys now than for you to get curious with some other young boy and get into trouble. At least this way, we know what's going on with you." Caroline explained to her daughter.

"You're right mom." May said as she turned her attention back to her dad who began unzipping his fly.

"So this is where it began. My dad started unzipping his pants to show me his penis." May said telling her friends.

"I'm surprised both your parents agreed to that." Dawn smiled wishing something like that had happened to her.

"Right in front of my eyes my dad unzipped his pants and took out his hard penis. His penis was enormous and it must have been at least 10 inches in length." May told the girls.

Norman's penis was now bobbing in front of his two girls, his wife and his daughter. This was May's first chance to see it, and she was both excited and a little scared at the same time. The head of his penis was giant and veins pulsed down the shaft of his penis.

"Daddy! It's so big! The pictures in the schools book suck!" May finally said as she starred right at it.

"Yeah, a man's penis gets hard and big when they are excited." Caroline told her daughter.

"I think you've seen enough." Norman said as he started to shift to put his penis away as he didn't want this situation getting out of hand anymore than it already was.

"Awe! But I wanted to look at it some more!" May said in a sheepish voice trying to get her dad to fall for it.

Norman looked at his daughter who now looked disappointed and sad. He could never withstand May when she did that. He was a sucker for making his children spoiled.

"Alright fine. But not too much longer as its starting to get late now." Norman said as he stopped his attempt to tuck his pants in again.

"So does it get any bigger than that or is that as big as it gets?" May asked her parents still a bit curious.

"It will sometimes get a bit bigger, depending on how excited your dad gets. So yes, it gets quite big when its erect." Caroline explained to May.

"And when it's that big it fits inside a woman's pussy okay?" May asked confused at the fact that something so big being insert would never fit.

"It sure can. It can take a bit of work but generally a man can get most of his penis inside a woman's pussy." Norman explained.

"Your pussy is just the same May. It would stretch to accommodate it. Caroline, why don't show May how your pussy can stretch, it's only fair that someone else showed her, after all I'm doing my part here." Norman said as Caroline shot an intense look at her husband as she couldn't believe what he was suggesting.

"Well, I guess. In the interest of May's sexual education, it's probably best that another girl showed her." Caroline said a bit uncomfortable with the situation now.

"You're going to have to take off you skirt for her to see you know Caroline..." Norman said starting to get excited by the fact that he was going to get to see his wife partially naked in front of his daughter.

"I was getting to that. No need to rush." Caroline proclaimed as she started to undo her skirt as it became a bit loose.

Moments later Caroline's skirt was on the ground and she was slowly taking off her panties to reveal her pussy. She couldn't believe what she was doing. This was her oldest child in front of her and her husband was already partially naked as well. The hesitation ended and she slowly pulled down her panties and dropped them on the floor with her skirt to reveal part of her pussy. Her legs were crossed a bit which made it hard for May and Norman to see it.

"Open your legs wider and lift your knees Caroline so can show May exactly." Norman said as he smirked a bit.

"It's a bit embarrassing doing this Norman." Caroline quickly replied.

"Oh and this isn't embarrassing too?" Norman said referring to his erect penis sticking out of his pants.

"Okay fine. I'll spread wide enough for her to see." Caroline said as she spread her legs to reveal her pussy which had a bit of pubic hair nicely trimmed near the top.

"Near the bottom of a woman's pussy is the entrance. This is where a man inserts his penis and it slides inside." Caroline said spreading her pussy lips a bit with her fingers so that May could see.

"A penis could never go in there. It looks too small." May said comparing her fathers large penis with the small opening to her mothers pussy.

"Of course the opening is small now. She hasn't had anything in there yet, but it can easily expand." Norman said trying to explain the concept to May.

"The truth is, a penis could enter a pussy quite easily. A women when excited also lubricates herself making it easy for it to slide in. Like your mom said, pussies stretch when they're excited too." Norman continued with the explanation.

"It certainly looks way too big from my perspective to fit." May said trying to taunt her dad a bit now.

"Honey, why don't you show how your pussy can open wide so May can actually see for herself." Norman said wondering if his wife would actually do as he suggested.

"I guess so." Caroline said as she was still a bit hesitant.

"Alright May, watch your mom now." Norman said a bit excited to see the show.

"Now your pussy can also do the same as well, all girls can." Caroline said as she took her fingers and began to spread her pussy lips wide so that the opening of her pussy expanded a bit so both May and Norman could see right inside.

"Oh wow. I never knew it could do that." May said as she watched her mom continue to spread her pussy lips in different positions so they could see just how wide it could actually open up.

"You see. It really can get quite wide making it relatively easy for a man to penetrate." Caroline said as she was getting quite turned on now playing with her pussy that she was beginning to create some lubricant.

"Hey, your pussy is starting to look wet and shiny now. That happened to me a few times. Why is it doing that?" May asked wanting to know what was happening to her mother's pussy.

"Well... that's another thing that makes it easier for a penis to penetrate. It makes it smoother when thrusting." Caroline explained a bit embarrassed to realize that she was already getting wet.

"Wow. Sex seems pretty amazing. There is so much that goes on. They never explained it this well at school." May said impressed with what she'd learned so far.

"You're father and I definitely didn't want to get this involved as well, but under the circumstances, I guess it didn't hurt." Caroline said trying to bring this discussion under control again.

"Your mother's right. Sex isn't something that you should be afraid of nor is being sexually active, but you have to take precautions though like making sure others don't see you, right?" Norman explained.

"Yeah, you're right dad. Sorry about that. I guess doing that on the couch wasn't such a good idea." May said.

"It's our fault too. In the future will try to make sure that you don't get curious again by accidentally leaving the door open." Caroline said still a bit embarrassed.

"It's fine mom. Like I said, I actually enjoyed watching you guys. It was quite an amazing experience as was this tonight. I wish I could learn more about sex." May said hoping that they would continue the discussion as she kept glaring at her father's erect penis in front of her.

"What else did you want to know then?" May's father asked.
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