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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 29 - Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

During the entire time that Ash, Brock and Delia had been on the other side of the room doing their part of the day's lesson, Johanna had been teaching the girls some new techniques as well. She had been looking forward to teaching the girls all day and now the time had come.

"So girls, first off I want to hear some of the gossip about Ash and Brock. You girls all seem to like them quite a lot. Delia had told me some of the things you guys have been doing and I have to say I am quite amazed." Johanna asked the girls wanted to hear what they have to say.

"Well as you can see, they are both quite cute..." May started off.

"And they are really respectful and kind..." Misty continued where May left off.

"And they both know how to make a girl feel good!" Dawn said getting to the point as the girls all started giggling again.

"I see. Well it seems like you girls picked some great guys to get along well with. They seem to be really great guys." Johanna said as she was impressed with the friends that her daughter had made while on her journey.

"So mom, what are you going to teach us today?" Dawn asked wanting to see what her mother was going to teach them.

"For starters, I wanted you girls to spend some time exploring each other. From what I have heard, you girls have spent most of your time with the guys, but I want to show you that being with girls is equally as fun and enjoyable." Johanna said explaining a bit about what she had in mind.

"You mean with all these toys?" Dawn asked her mother.

"That's right. I want to show you girls how using sex toys can help stimulate the sexual experience for you girls as well as show you different ways that you might not have had sex before." Johanna continued as she picked up the large single head dildo that the girls had been looking at a bit earlier.

"You girls probably are most familiar with this kind of dildo, though you probably haven't seen one this big or wide before. Dildo's come in all sizes and shapes to help a girl choose one that's best for her. Now you probably know how that one works and some of you might have seen someone else use it before or even tried one yourself, but were going to skip that one and go to this one." Johanna said as she reached down and picked up the double headed long dildo in her hands as she put down the other dildo.

Johanna began moving and bending the dildo in her hand to show the girls just how flexible it was. She was bending it around in all different ways, some of which would be impossible for a real penis to bend.

"This is the toy that I want you girls to concentrate on tonight. There are various different ways to use it and we are going to explore those ways in just a minute but first I thought I'de tell you a bit about how it works. Now obviously you can see it has a penis head at each end, so what do you think the purpose of a head at each end is?" Johanna questioned the girls to see if any of them had an idea.

"It looks like its supposed to go into two pussy's, so I guess it's designed for more than two people." May said as she had already studied it earlier.

"That's right May. But it can also be used in other places other than a girls pussy. Lots of people like to suck on it with their mouth and other enjoy putting it in their butt instead of their pussy." Johanna explained.

"Wow! So many uses for a single toy." Dawn said as she commented on the many uses.

"There is many uses Dawn, but why don't you come over here and be my first volunteer honey. Take off your panties while your at it." Johanna told her daughter.

Just as Dawn was getting up, all the girls could start to hear moaning coming from the other side of the room. The girls all turned around to see what was going on and to their surprise, Delia was already half naked and Brock and Ash were both sucking on her breasts. The girls started to get a bit envious as they watched Ash and Brock work on Delia but Johanna quickly turned their attention back to what they were doing.

"Don't worry girls. We'll be having just as much fun in a few moments. Hurry up and take those panties off Dawn so we can continue." Johanna told her daughter again.

"Okay mom." Dawn said as she took off her panties leaving her completely naked.

"So what I have in mind for you dear is too put one end of this dildo as far into your pussy as you can but were going to need someone to get your pussy a bit wetter so that it will easily slip inside. Do we have a volunteers to get Dawn a bit wet here?" Johanna said looking at May and Misty who were still drifting their vision towards the guys.

"Uh.. I will.." Misty said as she tried to focus her attention on what Johanna wanted.

"Okay that's great Misty. Now what I want you to do is lick Dawn's pussy until it become wet enough for you to put this dildo inside her." Johanna said as she stretched out her hand with the double headed dildo towards Misty.

Misty reached over and grabbed the dildo in her hand and then quickly crawled over to Dawn' pussy. The girls exchanged a friendly look at each other and Misty eased her head in between Dawn's legs and then slowly parted her pussy lips with her fingers. Dawn's pussy was barely wet but Misty could tell that Dawn was starting to get a bit excited as her breathing began to pickup a bit.

Misty moved her tongue towards her pussy list and after a few slow tentative licks, Misty went right at licking Dawn's pussy with some obvious enthusiasm. Dawn was still standing and she squirmed and moaned a bit as she began to find it a bit hard to stand. Misty began to lightly lick Dawn's clit as Dawn was pleasantly surprised at Misty's technique.

"Oh my! I have the best friends in whole world! This is so hot!" May said as she was no longer concerned about what Ash and Brock where doing and was more amazed at how hot Dawn looked getting her pussy licked by Misty.

Misty could tell Dawn was really enjoying this and she knew at the rate she was licking Dawn's pussy that it wouldn't take long for Dawn to be ready to receive this dildo she was still holding. Dawn closed her eyes and letting out soft moans of pleasure as she felt her friend's skillful tongue continuing to lick her pussy. Misty could also start to feel her own pussy starting to get a bit wet as she was enjoying the fun already which was making her more and more horny by the second.

"It shouldn't be too much longer now Misty. Why don't you put your finger inside her pussy to see if it's wet enough." Johanna suggested as she watched her daughter being eaten out by her friend right in front of her.

"Okay." Misty said as she took her free hand and began to probe Dawn's pussy with her fingers.

Johanna watched as Misty's fingers began to penetrate her daughters pussy. She had never seen her daughter act like this before and certainly not in a sexual manner which was occurring. Johanna found pleasure in watching this transpire and couldn't wait to get involved herself.

Misty's fingers began probing the inside of Dawn's pussy and Misty could feel the wetness begin to cover her fingers as she did so. It felt to her that Dawn was ready to receive the dildo as it was quite wet and hot already.

"I think she's ready for it." Misty said as she told Johanna.

"Okay, now take one end of the dildo and slowly push it inside her pussy until it won't go in any further. She definitely won't be able to take it all but you will feel some resistance when it reaches the cervix." Johanna instructed Misty.

"Alright. Here I go!" Misty said as she took her finger out of Dawn's pussy which caused her to moan a bit.

Dawn looked down towards her pussy to see what Misty was doing. She knew what was coming but was fascinated by watching her friend work on her like this. As the head of the dildo approached her pussy, Dawn could feel the anticipation building until Misty finally rested the head of it against the entrance of her pussy.

"Are you ready Dawn?" Misty asked her friend as she looked up to her.

"Put it in Misty." Dawn said as she was ready for it.

Slowly Misty began to push the long dildo inside Dawn's pussy. Misty watched as inch after inch began to disappear inside her pussy. Dawn closed her eyes as she felt the dildo begin to penetrate her slowly. she could feel her pussy expand inside as it accommodated the dildo.

"Oh! That feels so good! It's so hard and big." Dawn said as she could feel Misty slowly push more of it inside her.

"Seems like you did a good job there Misty. Dawn seems to really like that." May said as she too was watching Misty push the dildo inside her as she now wished that she had volunteered earlier.

Misty continued to push the dildo inside until she finally couldn't push any more of it in. She almost managed to get half of it inside her and now the other half of it was sticking out of her pussy, almost exactly like a guys erect penis normally would. Misty looked up at Dawn and smiled.

"That's as far as it will go in and now the other end is sticking out quite a bit." Misty told Dawn and Johanna.

"That's good Misty good job. How does that feel Dawn?" Johanna complemented Misty as she asked her daughter a question.

"It feels really good, but it feels funny having the other end sticking out like this. It makes me kinda feel like a guy would having his penis erect and sticking out." Dawn said looking down at the dildo coming out of her pussy.

"Well that's kind of the point. A dildo is meant to simulate the feeling of a guys penis but now I want you to sort of act like a guy would for a bit, okay?" Johanna asked her daughter.

"Act like a guy?! Why would I want to do that?!" Dawn said a bit surprised by what her mother was asking her to do now.

"That's right. I want you to pretend that your a guy now. You have an erect penis and you need to put it inside a pussy to relieve it. Now we've got an abundance of pussy's around here so I don't think you've have a hard time finding one to put it in." Johanna said explaining what she wanted her daughter to do next.

"Okay I guess." Dawn said as she found it a bit strange that she had to try to act like a guy.

"You can put it in me Dawn." May quickly said as she was starting to get a bit horny watching this all go on.

"Alright." Dawn said as she began walking over to where May was sitting on the floor.

"Now remember Dawn, just like when Misty had to get your pussy wet, you're going to have to do the same thing with May's pussy before you can put it in. Also remember, you have that dildo sticking out of you like a guys penis. Try using that to get May wet enough before you put it in you. Think of the previous times the guys had sex with you, what did they do with their penis before they put it inside you?" Johanna continued to explain to her daughter so she could begin to think the way a guy would to get their perspective on sex.

May spread her legs out as Dawn got down on her knees and moved closer to May. May was still wearing her panties but Dawn could see that they were a little wet so she knew that it probably won't take too much work to get her fully prepared to receive the other end of the dildo.

"Why don't you try rubbing the end of the dildo up and down May's slit through her panties." Johanna suggested a she could tell by her daughter's body movements that she was a bit hesitant.

"Yeah come on Dawn. I'm starting to get really horny looking at that large penis sticking out of your pussy. I want to feel it inside me." May said trying to motivate her friend a bit.

"Alright here I go." Dawn said as she grabbed the end of dildo with one hand and began aiming it towards May's panties.

Dawn felt kind of strange doing this. She figured this was similar to how guys felt when they were doing it with girls. It was as different perspective on sex that Dawn had never experienced before as she was used to getting penis's put in her and not the other way around. The head of the dildo touched May's panties and Dawn began to slowly rub it up and down her panties where she could see the outline of May's slit molded to her panties.

"Oh! Yeah! Keep doing that Dawn. It feels so good when you do that." May said continuing to motivate Dawn.

Dawn continued rubbing the dildo up and down May's slit through her panties. May started moaning as the pleasure started to build slowly as she felt the hardness of the dildo rubbing against her.

"You're doing good now Dawn. May really seems to be enjoying herself. Why don't you take her panties off and get some direct contact now. All you girls need to remember these techniques for later today." Johanna told her daughter as she watched her play with her friend.

"Later today?" Misty asked wondering what she meant by that.

"Yes. Later today and you will find out more about that then." Johanna said closing the subject for the time being.

Dawn once again did as her mother instructed and grabbed the sides of May's panties and began pulling them down her legs. May raised her legs and closed them above the rest of her body to make it easier for Dawn to remove them. Moments later May was now completely naked and she spread her legs out wide again for Dawn to get back into position. May's juicy young pussy was a bit puffier than Dawn's as Dawn noticed a bit of wetness coming out of May's pussy.

"Oh wow. You're already wet." Dawn said looked at May's pussy.

"All this fun is making me horny. I've never felt quite like this before so its turning me on faster than normal." May said as she blushed a bit doing so.

Dawn just knew what to do next. She was gaining confidence by the second and she grabbed a hold of the dildo again and moved it towards May's clit. She began rubbing the head of the dildo against her clit and May squirmed a bit as she felt the hardness of the dildo touch her clit.

"Ah! Yeah! Keep doing that!" May said continuing to encourage Dawn that she was doing a good job.

Dawn could see more juices starting to form around May's pussy and she knew it wouldn't be much longer. Dawn could also feel her own pussy starting to create more fluid as she was getting turned on by the fact that she was about to penetrate her friend with the other end of the dildo that was sticking out of her. May was beginning to anticipate the penetration into her pussy as she couldn't take the teasing much long.

"I think you're ready now May. Here it comes." Dawn finally said to the relief of May.

The head of the dildo was positioned at the opening to May's pussy as Dawn guided it there with her hand. Dawn was shocked by how turned on she was doing this. As she began to stick the other end into May's pussy, she overcome with the thrilling power and excitement of doing so. May heard Dawn gasp as it went in and Dawn found that to be one of the the sexiest things she had ever heard.

"Oh Dawn! Oh Dawn! That feels so good. My pussy has been waiting for it." May said as she could feel Dawn continuing to penetrate her.

Dawn began to thrust the dildo in further until it was in as far as she could push it in. Dawn could feel the resistance now just as she had felt it with her own pussy when Misty put it inside. Dawn's clit was now rubbing hard against the dildo and it sent a tingling sensation all through her body and to the tips of her nipples.

May was feeling really good having that dildo inside of her pussy. Her pussy muscles tightened their grip on it as Dawn's hips had pushed into her as far as it would go.

"Dawn, start thrusting your hips just like a guy would. You'll get the motions down pretty quick I hope." Johanna told her daughter as she watched them begin to have sex.

"Alright mom!" Dawn said began thrusting the dildo into May's tight wet pussy just like a guy would do with a real penis.

"Oh May, your pussy is so tight! It's hard for me to thrust! I can feel it moving in my pussy as well." Dawn said as she began pumping in and out of May's pussy which often caused the dildo to move around in her pussy as well.

Dawn began picking up speed and was soon thrusting hard and fast. It was going in and out of both May's and Dawn's pussy's at the same time which caused Dawn to loose her balance and fall down on to May's breasts. The double dildo was still wedged between them in their pussies but Dawn found it hard to thrust too much as the pleasure in her pussy was almost too much.

"Feels good, doesn't it Dawn?" Johanna said as she watched her daughter loose strength.

"Uh huh." was all Dawn could say as May began to buck her hips back causing the dildo to move inside both of their pussy's again.

"Did you like Dawn nailing your pussy May?" Johanna asked in a sexy voice trying to get the girls even more horny and motivated.

"Oh yeah!" was all May was able to say as well.

"It looks like May is picking off where Dawn left off." Misty said as she watched the two of them go at it.

"Why don't you go in there and have some fun too Misty. Kiss and lick their wet pussy's from behind with the dildo inside them as the have sex." Johanna told Misty as she did what she was told and moved towards Dawn and May.

Misty kissed Dawn and then May on the mouth briefly as Misty began kissing down their bodies towards their pussy's which were thrusting back and forth against each other. Misty was now up close to their pussy's and she could see the dildo moving in and out of both their wet holes.

"Girls, you are both dripping wet!" Misty said as she was amazed how wet and horny they both were.

Misty moved her head close to their pussy's, stuck out her tongue and began to lick them as the continued thrusting. Dawn moaned as she felt Misty's tongue flick across her clit and lick down the dildo to May's clit. The touch of Misty's tongue against their pussy's made Dawn and May both go wild as they grabbed each other tight with their arms. They breasts went in all directions as they mashed up against each other's bodies.

Misty's tongue swirled around the opening to May's vagina where the dildo was penetrating her as it licked her skin and the dildo at the same time. Misty loved having such a close up look at May and Dawn's pussy working so hard trying to contain the large dildo that was penetrating their bodies. From the pressure and thrusting of the dildo and Misty licking their clits and pussy every time they drove their hips together, everyone knew that Dawn and May weren't going to last much longer. Misty could feel that her panties were soaken wet and she quickly took them off throwing them to the side.

Little did the girls know that Johanna had yet another surprise in store for them. The three girls were going at it quite fast now as May and Dawn were thrusting their hips back and forth as fast as they could and Misty was licking them both up at the same time. Suddenly, without any prior notice, the girls could feel the dildo start to vibrate on its own. It shook their bodies and made Dawn and May get really close to an orgasm. Misty could feel the dildo's motor vibrating through the girls bodies and onto her tongue as she continued to lick. Misty could see from her view that the dildo was squirming around her friends pussy's. May and Dawn had all but stopped bucking against each other and were just letting the vibrations of the dildo do the work now.

"Oh!! It's vibrating!" May moaned as she could feel the dildo moving on its own now.

"I thought you'de like that surprise. But there's one more to cum!" Johanna said as she knew the girls weren't going to last any longer now.

Once again the girls were caught off guard as the dildo stopped vibrating and the heads of it at each end began to twitch. Moments later it began spurting cum inside both May and Dawn's pussy's. The spurting cum caught both the girls off guard and was enough to send them both into orgasms. May threw her head back, gasping for breath as her orgasm filled her body and Dawn pressed down against May's body even harder as her orgasm continued. They hugged each other tight as they felt the cum keep spurting into their pussy, shot after shot. There was soon so much cum inside their pussy's that they couldn't handle it anymore and it began spilling out their pussy's.

"Ahh!" Dawn moaned.

"Ohh!" May cried as the orgasm filled her body.

Misty watched as cum started leaking out of both their pussy's. It looked very inviting and Misty began licking up the excess as even more cum continued to splurt inside both their pussy's. May could now feel the cum splashing inside her womb as it began filling it up with cum. Her orgasm was still going as her eyes were closed attempting to suck up all the amazing feelings. The same thing was happening to Dawn, although more of the cum was coming out of her pussy than May's as she was on top and had gravity helping as well.

"Surprise! I bet you didn't think that was going to happen." Johanna said as she could see the cum flowing out of both the pussy's from her viewpoint now.

None of the girls paid attention to what Johanna had said and Misty was licking up the cum as fast as she could. It didn't taste the same as real cum that she had tried from Ash or Brock but it was sweet and easy to lick up. Misty swallowed as much as she could from both pussy's, making sure not to let any of it go to waste.

Finally after almost a minute, the dildo stopped spurting cum inside their pussy's and returned to its normal static state. This gave May and Dawn some much need rest to recover from their amazing orgasms. They both didn't expect it to feel so good. They were both breathing hard as their chests pressed against each other.

"That felt so good." May finally said after a few moments of recovery.

"It's sure did May. I loved every second of it." Dawn replied as they looked into each others eyes and smiled.

Dawn raised her body up off May and Misty moved out of the way, a bit disappointed that she didn't get to play with their pussy's any longer. The dildo was still inside both the girls and neither of them wanted to take it out.

On the other side of the room, Johanna could see that Delia had finished her part of the lesson with the guys and they were waiting for the girls to finish up. Ash and Brock had managed to watch the last few seconds of their orgasm and were harder than ever. They couldn't believe how sexy it was to see all three girls going at it like that. Ash and Brock both wished it was their penis's that had exploded in their pussy's and not the dildo.

"Okay girls, Delia and the guys are waiting for us for the next part of the lesson so I need two to stop for now and take the dildo out of your pussy's." Johanna instructed them as the slowly began to comply with her request.

Dawn slowly began to stand up as the dildo slowly began to come out of her pussy as it did so. Drips of cum could be seen all over the dildo where it had been in her pussy. Misty looked at it and was anxious to lick up the cum as she moved he head in between Dawn's legs as she began getting up and began licking up the newly revealed cum on the dildo. She licked it like a melting ice cream cone, catching the drips of cum as they rolled down the dildo as it slowly came out of Dawn's pussy.

After a few seconds, Dawn had finally stood up enough so that the dildo was completely out of her pussy and the head was exposed. Misty quickly put the head of the dildo in her mouth and began sucking. Dawn moved out of the way completely now to give Misty a bit more room. Misty looked down the dildo to see it still sticking out of May's pussy. She looked up at May and smiled as she finished sucking all the cum off that end.

May loved watching Misty suck on the penis like that. It was almost as like she was getting a blowjob just like a guy would. It didn't take long for Misty tos swallow all the cum leaving the dildo end that was in Dawn's pussy quite clean. May wanted to taste the cum and she grabbed the dildo and began to pull it out of her pussy. Her muscles slowly began to let go as she pulled it out

Brock and Ash couldn't take watching any more and they slowly began stroking their erect penis's to get a bit of relief as they watched. Delia too enjoyed watching and she slowly began rubbing her clit as well.

Misty continued sucking and licking the dildo as May guided the end that was in her pussy towards her mouth. Cum was dripping off it and it dripped on her stomach and then her breasts as May moved it towards her mouth. Misty moved her body to follow the dildo that was moving and watched as May put it in her mouth and began licking and sucking up the cum.

May loved the takes of the cum from the dildo's. Sweeter than normal cum but very tasty. It didn't take her long to swallow the cum as she watched Misty at the other end just playing with the dildo in her mouth, pretending it was a real guys penis.

"Okay girls. You've had enough now. The guys are starting to get a bit anxious over there." Johanna said as she walked over and gently tugged the dildo out of there mouths.

"Awe but we were having so much fun." Misty said complaining that the fun with the dildo was over.

"Believe me, there is still a lot more fun coming." Johanna explained as she sat down.

"So what's next in the lesson mom?" Dawn asked as she was curious what her mother had in mind next.

"Well now that we've had our mini lesson and the boys have had theirs with Delia, I thought we've move on to a bit more interactive lesson. Delia and I will be teaching you the various positions of sexual intercourse!" Johanna said in an enthusiastic voice.

"Oh wow! Finally!" Ash said as his penis was going to need some relief soon.

"Alright! This is going to be fun." Brock said as the girls all giggled at the guys reactions.

"Since this is a lesson, its going to be a bit different though. Will start everyone off in pairs and each couple has to do the sexual position for only one minute as practice. Will keep switching until the boys have done the position with each of the girls and then will move onto another position and do the same procedure all over again." Johanna explained as everyone was

"That sounds fair. That way no one will get to hog the guys!" May said as she was impressed with the idea.

"But you said we'd be matched up in pairs, but there is only Ash and Brock. What are we going to do about that?" Misty asked as she tried explain that there were far more girls than boys.

"Well that's where are earlier mini lesson comes in handy Misty. Remember I told you girls to play close attention to having sex with a dildo, well one of you girls will pretend to be a guy by wearing the strap-on and you'll do the positions the way the guys do." Johanna said explaining what she wanted the odd girl to do.

"That sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I was a really different experience doing it with a dildo earlier." Dawn said remembering her earlier experience.

"I guess will get a bit more practice doing that too now." Misty added.

"Now remember, pace yourselves guys. A true lover can have sex for hours without blowing his load. That goes for you too girls. The girl wearing the dildo will have to be just as good at doing it as the guys as the strap-on is also pressure sensitive just like a real penis and will blow the load once its received enough stimulation. So does everyone understand the next part of the lesson?" Johanna continued explaining.

"Yes!!" everyone said in unison as they were all eager to begin.

"Alright then lets begin. Ash why don't you pair up with..." Johanna began saying as she was cutoff by her daughter.

"Wait mom. Aren't you going to be participating as well?" Dawn asked wondering if her mom would do it or not.

"Well I thought I was going to be teaching you guys." Johanna replied.

"Delia has always participated in our lessons by showing us techniques first hand while explaining them. It's really helped us a lot." Brock interjected as all the kids nodded their heads in agreement to Brock's statement.

"Uh.. Well.." Johanna said a bit unsure that she should get this involved.

"Oh come on Johanna. Like the kids said, I've been doing it with them throughout all my lessons. I've found it to be the best way to teach them, just like earlier today with Ash and Brock." Delia told her trying to convince her to participate.

"Come on mom. You'll be good at teaching us like that. You guys want to see what my mom look like naked don't you?" Dawn said trying to motivate her mother to start to get a bit more involved with her own lesson.

"We sure do!" Ash and Brock quickly replied.

"Okay alright, alright. I'll participate as well." Johanna said as it didn't take too much to convince her as she was getting too horny.

"Wahoo! But mom, you are still over dressed. We're all naked and you are still fully clothed. Your going to have to take your clothes off before you can participate you know..."Dawn said eager to get her mother naked.

"That's right. How about we get one of the guys to take off my clothes?" Johanna said as she was eager to see if they'de do so.

"I nominate Ash." Dawn quickly replied as she wanted to see him strip her mother naked in front of her.

"How about it Ash, you up to the challenge?" Johanna said wanting to see Ash's reaction.

"He sure is." Delia said as she pushed her son forward towards Johanna.

Ash was caught off guard by his mother's push and he struggled to gain his balance as he slowly began walking towards the other side of the room where Johanna was waiting for him. Johanna stood up and watched Ash as his erect penis began swaying back and forth a lot as he gained his balance. Moments later he was in front of Johanna waiting for instructions.

Johanna was wearing her normal white top with long sleeves, her red dress with blue slacks underneath. Ash noticed right away that she didn't wear as tight fitting clothes as his mother but she still looked like a sexy mom to him. Johanna motioned him to move a bit closer to her.

"So Ash what are you going to take off first, top or bottom?" Johanna asked wondering what he was going to choose.

"Uh.. Top I guess." As Ash just picked the first thing Johanna had said.

"So you want to see my boobs first then is that it?" Johanna teased him a bit which caused him to blush slightly as she was starting to get even more turned on by the fact that the boys wanted to see her naked.

"Uh no.. Uh I mean.. I guess?!" Ash said as the teasing was starting to get him a bit confused like he normally would get in situations like this.

Johanna looked into Dawn's eyes and and then into Ash's eys with a little smile fell across her face.

"If it's okay with you." Brock replied hoping to give Ash some confidence again.

"Well I guess that can be arranged. Come over here and take it off now Ash." Johanna said as she moved in to a bit of a more comfortable position as she loosened her shoulders a bit in preparation for her top to come off.

Ash began moving his hands toward the waist line of her top. Johanna smiled at him as he grabbed hold of the shirt and slowly began to raise it up her body. Inch by inch it began to reveal her stomach until he could see the bottom of her breasts covered by her bra. At that time Johanna raised her arms up in the air so that Ash could continue taking it off. Ash continued raising it as more of her bra became visible. Finally Ash raised her shirt above her head and Johanna helped him a bit as her hair was quite big and it gave him a hard time getting it off.

Everyone in the room quickly focused their attention on Johanna's white cotton bra which contained her average sized breasts and Ash quickly noticed that they weren't as big as his mothers but they were still bigger than any of the other girls normally. The sight of them still made his penis rise a bit more as he looked at the cleavage that her breasts were creating. Johanna could see that Ash was looking right at her breasts and she was glad that he seemed to be liking what he saw.

"Do you like what you see so far Ash?" Johanna asked him.

"Uh huh." was all he muttered.

"Well would you like to see them naked next then?" Johanna asked him as she began to rub her breasts a bit through the bra.

"Uh huh." was all he muttered again.

"Oh come on Ash. You have to be a bit more verbal than that. Did you want to see them naked or not? I want to hear you say it." Johanna said trying to get him to say something.

"I want to see your naked boobs." Ash said as he cleared his throat to speak.

"Thats better. Well I'm happy to show you. How about you take my bra off next then." Johanna instructed him.

Ash began to do as he was instructed as he reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. Her breasts drooped a bit as the tension on the bra had loosened a bit. Ash put his hands up to the straps on her shoulders and began to slide them down her arms. The bra continued to get looser as the cups of her bra were no longer skin tight against her breasts. Within seconds, Ash pulled the bra forward as Johanna moved her arms so Ash could pull her bra completely off. Ash took it off and let the bra fall to the floor.

Johanna's breast bounced back onto her chest and swung back and forth for a few seconds from the released tension from the bra. Ash was amazing at the sight of her breasts. They were pale white and the aerolas were the biggest he had ever seen on any girl so far. They had pink color to them and took up a large portion of the ends of her breasts. Her nipples were proportional to the size of her aerolas. It took Ash as second to realize that he was standing in front of his friends mother completely naked and her boobs were hanging in front of him and everyone else in the room.

"What do you think? Are these what you've been wanting to see? Do you guys like them?" Johanna said as she put her hands on her waste and shook her breasts causing them to sway back and forth in front of everyone.

"They look amazing mom!" Dawn said as she was the first to complement her.

"I cannot wait to play with them!" Brock said as he had watched Ash the entire time as he stripped Johanna wishing it was him doing it.

"How about you Ash?" Johanna asked as she could see him starring once again as she rubbed her nipples then pinched them between her fingers.

"They're amazing and so big and round and look so soft. I'm sure they are about the same size as my mom's." Ash replied as Johanna pushing her breast up and then releasing them allowing them to fall free and bounce up and down a few times as they watched..

"I'm glad you all like them. It seems that Ash here likes big breasts. Do you like big breasts Ash?"Johanna said as she placed her hands over her full breasts covering her nipples with her hands as she teased everyone with her movements.

"For sure. The bigger the better." Ash quickly replied.

Delia smiled as she knew her son loved big breasts especially her own. She released that it was probably her own large breasts that got Ash so horny about big breasted women.

"Well I'm still not naked yet Ash. How about you take my slacks off next?" Johanna suggested as she sat down on the side of one of the nearby beds and raised her legs up so that Ash could easily get them off.

"Alright then." Ash said as he watched her get into a good position for him.

Ash grabbed onto the bottom legs of her slacks and began to pull them down. She was still wearing a skirt above them which made it harder for everyone else in the room to see what he was doing. As he pulled them down, he could see her panties starting to come into view. They were white and matched the style of the bra that he had taken off earlier. It didn't take long for Ash to pull them off and drop her slacks on the floor.

"Well were certainly getting there, aren't we..." Johanna said as she could see that Ash was starring under her dress at her panties.

"Ash take her skirt off next so we can see what's going on. We cannot see anything with her skirt on." Misty told Ash as he went towards the button at the front by her waist which was holding her skirt up.

Ash continued following the instructions everyone had been giving him and he began unbuttoning her skirt. He could feel her skirt become looser as it unbuttoned. He grabbed the waist of the skirt and began to take it off anticipating a better view of her panties. Slowly he pulled her skirt down as everyone watched Ash continue to strip off Johanna's remaining clothes. Delia found it especially hot watching her son strip down another woman her age. Johanna's panties came into view as everyone's attention was focused on them as Ash pulled her skirt off and also dropped it to the floor. Johanna was just in her panties now as Ash grabbed the waist bands of her panties.

"Starting to get anxious now are we Ash?" Johanna said as she was surprised that he was going to her panties this fast after having taken so long to convince him to strip her in the first place.

"Oh yeah. I'm really hard so I need to get to the next part of the lesson fast." Ash told her.

"Ah ha. I like an honest guy. Well then take them off so we can start the next part of the lesson then." Johanna said as she watched Ash begin to take off her panties.

Ash began pulling down her panties and immediately after doing so some of her pubic hair came into view. It was dark black and well trimmed like his mothers. Obviously the older women liked to make sure they were trimmed up. As he continued pulling it down, he could see that her pussy hair was shaped in a wide strip that went to the top of her pussy lips which where just coming into view. As he pulled her panties down her legs her pussy came into full view to everyone. It was clean shaven and her bald pussy had a long slit. It was a pale white color similar to her breasts and Ash could just see her clit popping out of her outer pussy lips. Ash dropped the panties of the floor as Johanna spread her legs out wide now that her panties were restricting how while she could go.

"Oh wow. You look so sexy." Ash said as Dawn's mother was now completely naked in front of everyone.

"So you like seeing me naked then huh Ash?" Johanna asked him.

"I sure do." Ash said as he reviewed her body.

"I do too!" Brock said right after.

"Is there a girl that you don't like?" May joked.

"Well it looks like my pussy might need a bit of work before I'm ready to join you guys for the next part of the lesson." Johanna stated hoping someone would come and play with it to make her a bit wet.

"How about Dawn?" May suggested thinking it would be fun to see mother and daughter go at it.

"Dawn?!" Johanna said a bit shocked to hear that suggestion as she was hoping it would have been someone else.

"Me?! But that's my mom..." Dawn said as she didn't think it was that good of an idea.

"Why not? Ash and his mom do things together like this. So why can't you and your mom too?" May continued.

"Well.. I don't know..." Dawn said as she pondered the situation.

"Oh come on Dawn. I think it would be hot to see you do that to your mom. Besides it will only be until she's ready for the next part of the lesson." Ash said as he was turned on by the thought of seeing his friend go at her mother.

"I'm okay with it Dawn. Besides, everyone else here is our friends and were practically all one big family now. Families love each other and do everything together." Johanna said to her daughter as she was okay with the suggestion now.

"Hmm.. Well if your okay with it and everyone else wants me to then I guess I will." Dawn said as she looked at her mother's naked pussy.

"Okay then Dawn, come here and lick my pussy then." Johanna said as she told her daughter.

Dawn began crawling up towards her mother and as soon as she was close, Johanna grabbed her daughter's hair and pulled her down between her legs and pushed her into her pussy. Dawn's face was right in her own mother's pussy and her first reaction was to just start licking her clit.

"That's it, I love it when my clit gets lick." Johanna told her daughter as she looked down to watch her.

"Keep eating her pussy out until her pussy juices start to really flow." Delia told Dawn as she took over the roll of teacher for the moment.

It didn't take long for Johanna's pussy to start getting really wet as she had been building up the entire time she had been teaching the girls. Dawn began licking her mother's slit up and down as she could start to see that it was getting wet.

"Looks like another minute or two and she'll be ready." Dawn said as she went back at her mother's pussy.

"Oh yes! That's so good Dawn. Keep going! I'm almost ready." Johanna continued as she closed her eyes and lowered her head.

Juices began to flow steadily as Dawn began to slow her pace down as she knew after only a few minutes of work that her mother was ready.

"I think you're ready mom." Dawn said as she smiled up at her mom.

"I think your right honey. Now for the next part of the lesson." Johanna said as she was ready to get into the action as well now.
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