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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 30 - Mom's Teach Sex Ed

1st Pairings = Ash/Johanna, Brock/Delia, Misty/May, Dawn
2nd Pairings = Ash/Dawn, Brock/Misty, Delia/May, Johanna
3rd Pairings = Ash/May, Brock/Dawn, Misty/Johanna, Delia
4th Pairings = Ash/Misty, Brock/Johanna, Delia/Dawn, May
5th Pairings = Ash/Delia, Brock/May, Johanna/Dawn, Misty


Everyone in the room was starting to get really horny and excited for the next part of their lesson. Johanna had already explained to everyone earlier that each of them would be separated into pairs and each couple would have to do the sexual position for only one minute as practice. They would keep switching until the boys have done the position with each of the girls and then they would move onto another position and do the same procedure all over again.

"Are you guys ready then as well?" Johanna asked everyone.

"Ready!" everyone replied.

"Okay then. Let's sort out the starting pairs then. Brock since your beside Delia, you two will be a pair. Ash since your close to me, you and I will pair up. May you'll be the first to use the strap-on with Misty and Dawn since you just had some fun with me, you'll be the first spectator. You'll get your turn right after May though, so don't worry." Johanna explained as she split up everyone into groups to start off.

"Okay mom." Dawn said as she was fine for the moment just watching everyone else as she was still recovering a bit with her time with May earlier.

"So the first position is probably the most common sexual position and I'm sure you guys have all done it this way before. It's called the missionary position and it's the most basic sexual position. Since most of you have done this position before, what can you tell me about it?" Johanna began to explain.

"Well, the position allows a great deal of body contact and a good depth of penetration while allowing the partners to kiss, hug and fuck all at the same time, something most other positions don't allow." Brock said as he started to sound like one of Professor Oak's lectures while he was giving his answer.

"That's a great answer Brock. You nailed that one for sure. The missionary position is just as Brock said, there is a lot of contact and partners can get quite intimate. So lets start off this next part of the lesson now shall we?" Johanna said as she motioned Ash to come to her.

"Okay!"everyone replied.

"Okay. Everyone get with your partners and into position but don't start until I say so. Since there will always be one girl left out, that girl will keep track of the time with this stop watch." Johanna said as she started to watch everyone get into positions and she handed the watch to her daughter.

Delia was the first to part her legs and Brock took that as a hint and he crawled up in between them. His penis was standing at attention as he had been waiting to do this all night. He needed some relief and Delia's pussy looked like just the thing he need to get some of the relief. He moved his penis right in front of her pussy and he wanted to put it in right there and then but he used all his mental strength to wait until he was told to start.

May picked up the strap-on and quickly put it on while Misty lay on the floor and spread her legs while waiting for May. She liked how it felt around her waist and seeing a penis sticking out of her was a new experience. She got down on all fours and let the strap-on penis dangle around a bit as Misty looked down towards it as it got closer to her pussy.

Ash was a bit more comfortable with Dawn's mom after stripping her clothes off earlier. She had already spread her legs wide and her pussy was easily seen. He moved into position between her legs as he grabbed his penis in preparation to put it in her wet pussy that Dawn had licked enough to get ready for him to penetrate it.

"First position with your first partner, Missionary position. One minute of practice and you may begin." Dawn said as she started the stop watch.

Dawn heard a few moans throughout the room now as Ash and Brock has slid their penis's up inside the mom's pussy's. May did the same as she penetrated Misty's pussy with the strap-on she was wearing. The bodies began to slowly go up and down in unions as the penis's that were penetrating the girls bodies slowly began thrusting in and out.

Delia let out a loud moan as she felt Brock's penis hit the back of her pussy for the first time, hitting her cervix with its head. She slid her long legs up around his waist and pulled him toward her as his body and weight fell down against her. Brock could feel her large breasts the he had sucked earlier, push up against his chest as he continued to slowly thrust in and out of her pussy. He was finally getting some of the relief he had been waiting for all night. Her pussy felt familiar as he had had sex with her a few time before. It felt different that Nurse Joy's pussy but he loved every second of having sex with his best friends mom.

"That's it Brock. Keep going." Delia said as she began feeling his upper torso with her hands.

Ash was now having sex with his friends mom. It was a strange feeling emotionally for him as he pushed his erect penis into Johanna's waiting pussy. Her wet pussy lips easily spread to allow his penis to enter her pussy. Ash looked straight down into his friends mother's eyes as he slowly began thrusting his erect penis in and out. Her mouth opened slightly as she felt him penetrate her and she gave him a naughty smile as they began having sex.

"Oh sweetie, that's so good." Johanna panted as she hadn't had a young man's penis in her pussy in years.

"This feels incredible! Your pussy is so wet!" Ash managed mutter as he looked down to see his penis disappear completely into her pussy.

Johanna wrapped her arms around Ash's neck and pulled him down towards her body, Ash rested his head on her right shoulder and he slowly continued thrusting in and out.

"Faster, do it a little faster, were running out of time already." Johanna told him as he complied.

May had already pushed the strap-on dildo as far as it could go inside Misty's pussy by the time Ash and Brock had just started. May couldn't figure out how hard to push and was giving it to Misty pretty hard already. Misty's head was rolling around as she was almost paralyzed by May's relentless thrusting that she couldn't say anything to tell her to slow down. Thrust after thrust it filled Misty's pussy as she practically dug into May's skin with her nails as she tried to cope with the pressure.

Misty finally managed to regain a bit of mobility as she raised her head to see May's large breasts resting against her's. They were bouncing around with each thrust as her nipples became visible with each thrust after being hidden against their skin.

"Slow down a bit May. I cannot cope with your thrusting. It's tearing me apart!" Misty finally said as she tried to tell May she was going to hard.

"Oh! I'm so sorry Misty. It's hard to tell how fast I'm going since I cannot completely feel what's going on." May said as she was still starting to learn how to use the strap-on and she slowed her pace a bit.

"There that's better. That's starting to feel really good now." Misty said as May had slowed her pace down to a pleasurable speed.

"Times up!" Dawn yelled so that everyone could hear what was going on.

"Uh. That was fast. We barely got started." Ash said as he looked down at Johanna as she smiled at him as he pulled his penis from her pussy.

"Well you'll have to continue with your next partner Ash. You'll get to do me again on the next position." Johanna reassured him as she now knew why her daughter loved this young man so much.

"Wow Brock, you're getting better at sex all the time." Delia told him as she could tell he was getting better even with the brief time they were doing it.

"Your pussy felt as good as ever." Brock said as he pulled out of her as well.

"Next time, go a bit slower May." Misty said as she felt the hard rod that had been ramming her pussy was finally out of her.

"I'm sorry Misty. I promise I'll do better next time." May said as she took the strap-on penis out of Misty's pussy as she knew that she needed more practice.

"Well since Dawn didn't get to do anyone last round, will let her pick who she wants to do this round and then will pick other partners." Johanna said as she began organizing the next round.

"I want to have Ash right after my mom every time, so he can do me now." Dawn said as she sat down right beside her mom and spread her legs so that Ash could move into position.

"Like mother, like daughter, huh Dawn?" Ash said as he was glad she picked him and he moved into position between her legs and stroked his penis a bit to keep it erect.

"Brock, why don't you do Misty next. I didn't do that good of a job, so she'll need a good partner this round." May told him.

"Alright. I'll be sure to make Misty feel good." Brock said as he was confident that his skills would be enough to pleasure Misty.

Delia looked over at the large strap-on that was dangling between May's legs and she knew that she would need something just as hard and as long as Brock's penis was after having sex with him moments ago.

"May, why don't you come over her with me next. I like it rough and I'm a bit more forgiving." Delia said as she was trying to make May feel a bit better after disappointing Misty.

"Uh. Okay." May said as she went over to Delia who was waiting for her.

"I guess I'm the odd one out this round. Pass me the stop watch Dawn and I'll get the next round started." Johanna said as she got the watch her daughter was still holding and reset the clock.

"Did you like having sex with my mom?" Dawn asked Ash as she waited for him to put it in her.

"Uh.. Yeah, it felt good." Ash replied after thinking about it for a second.

"I'm glad. I thought the two of you looked really sexy doing it together and now I'll get to feel the same way my mom did a few minutes ago with your penis inside me." Dawn said as she was anxious for the round to start.

"Well then I guess I'de better get this next round started then... Okay everyone, begin the next round... Now!" Johanna said as she watched everyone around the room all began having sex in the missionary position with different partners this time.

Ash had a bit harder time getting his penis inside Dawn's pussy compared to Johanna's as it was tighter and her hole was smaller. Ash gave it a bit more effort and he could feel her pussy muscles move as he slowly pushed it inside her pussy. Dawn closed her eyes and gripped the side of the bed as she felt Ash enter her.

"Oh wow! You two look good doing that together." Johanna commented as she watched Ash who had just had sex with her go at it with her daughter.

Very slowly Ash lowered him onto Dawn's body as he pushed his penis deep inside her hot pussy. It didn't take long for Ash to bury it completely in her pussy and Dawn quickly reacted by opened her mouth wide and moan as she felt her friend penetrate her. 

"That's it Ash, Fuck my daughter. Fuck her with your hard penis just like you fucked me earlier." Johanna said vulgarly as Dawn was surprised that her mother was using language like that but it turned her on even more.

"Oh! My balls feel like they're ready to explode already. Your so tight Dawn." Ash said as he lay on Dawn's body and slowed his thrusting a bit.

"Not yet Ash. Hold it in. There is still a lot more left to this lesson and you don't want to be left out of the action so soon." Johanna told him as Ash tried his best to not cum.

Meanwhile Delia was getting her pussy assaulted fast by May's strap-on as May was once again going really fast and hard. May went faster as Delia's moans became louder and louder. The strap-on thrusted in and out faster and faster which sent shocks through Delia's body. It had been awhile since someone had been so raw and rough with her.

"Oh! Yes! That feels so good! I haven't had it hard like this in ages!" Delia told May between her gasps for breath.

Misty had spread her legs wide enough to give Brock better access to pussy as he was a bigger person than May was. He slowly moved his way in between her legs and with his hand, he guided his erect penis into her soaking pussy. 

"Oh! Brock..." was all Misty said as she felt him go inside her.

Brock was amazed to feel his penis get completely immersed in liquid inside Misty's as he pushed it inside her. She was really wet from her previous encounter with May. Brock thrust his hips forward and the full length of his sliding into her tight pussy. He felt her pussy muscles clamp down around his penis as he pushed it in.

"Oh! Brock... You feel so good. Since the first time we had sex, I've always enjoyed doing it with you." Misty said as she felt his chest rub against her chest and breasts as he lowered his body onto her.

"I'm glad you like it. You feel really good too." Brock said as he looked straight into her eyes like a loving partner.

Brock began thrust repeatedly into her, her pussy gripping him at every thrust. He made sure not to be rough with her after May. Misty put her hands into Brock's hair and began playing with in as he continued making love to her.

The minute went by fast again for everyone in the room. Just when they were all starting to get a custom to their partners, Johanna yelled the inevitable.

"Times up everyone. Once again its time to switch partners." Johanna said to everyone in the room as the all stopped having sex with their partners.

"Already?!" Dawn said as she didn't want to stop having sex with Ash.

"That's right. So Ash, which one of us was better? Dawn or myself?" Johanna asked trying to make Ash squirm abit with the question.

"Gah! How do you expect me to answer that?!" Ash said in his exasperated voice as both Dawn and Johanna were both giggling as they knew he wasn't going to answer.

"I don't but its still fun to tease you." Johanna said as she smiled at him.

"I've had the strap-on the last two times. It's my turn to get one of the guys now." May insisted as she took off the strap-on that had just been inside Delia's pussy.

"Okay, how about me?" Ash suggested trying to get out of the situation with Dawn and Johanna.

"I guess you'll have to do for now mister." May said as she got up and walked sexily towards Ash.

"I'll do?!" Ash said as he was annoyed with May now.

"Yes. After having sex with Dawn earlier, I find it hard that you'll be able to pleasure me as much as she did." as everyone could tell she was just teasing him, but Ash was taking it seriously.

"Will see about that then!" Ash said in a confident voice.

"Well since Ash is going with May, why don't you come over here Brock." Johanna said as she motioned him to come over.

"No that's not fair. You had Ash first, so I get Brock first." Dawn insisted as Brock as close enough to Dawn that she could reach out and grab him closer.

"Alright then. Misty why don't you put on the strap-on and come over here and do me with it." Johanna asked her trying to get the final pairing setup for this round.

"Okay. Sounds like fun." Misty said as she picked it up and began strapping it to her body.

"Guess I'm not getting a partner this round. Throw me the stop watch and I'll time this round." Delia said as she was somewhat glad to get a break but she desperately wanted to continue with someone.

Everyone got into positions with their new partners and waited this time for Delia's signal.

"The clock is set for 1 minute. Ready.. Go!" Delia said as she started the clock.

Misty crawled up between Johanna's legs and slide the strap-on into her pussy. Johanna felt her wet lips part easily for the rubberized strap-on penis as the last two rounds had already loosened her pussy a bit. Misty continued to push it inside Dawn's mother and she watched as Johanna gasped for breath as the pleasure of the hard penis inside her obviously felt good for her. When Misty got it all the way inside, she lay her body down against Johanna's in the missionary position. Their breast touched and their tits found each other. Misty loved the hard erect tits of Dawn's mother touching her tits and that drove her a bit wild as she began to buck her hips into Johanna.

"Misty, your skin is so soft and your breasts feel so good against mine." Johanna said as she put her hands around Misty and hugged her as Misty began thrusting a bit into her pussy.

"You feel good too. I'll love feeling your tits touch mine. It gives me shivers every time they touch." Misty said as she began thrusting her hips a bit faster.

Delia watched as her son was now having sex with May on the floor. He was going a lot faster than he had been with any of the other girls, as he obviously wanted to show May off after her earlier teasing. She looked first at her son with his penis sliding in and out of her pussy and then she looked at May to see her reaction. May seemed to really be enjoying Ash's efforts to please her.

"God Ash. That feels so good. Your really good at this aren't you." May cried out as inch after inch his penis kept thrusting in and out of her pussy as fast as he could go. 

"Agh! I feel it starting to build again." Ash said as he felt May's large breast rub against his body as he banged her.

"Don't you dare cum yet Ash. Keep your strength up." Delia insisted as Ash took a deep breath and continued working on May.

As Ash pushed his penis in all the way, he could feel some of the remaining cum that was left from the dildo when May and Dawn where having sex. It felt squishing and make a sticky sound as he pumped his penis into her pussy.

"Is that as hard as you can do it Ash? Come on I thought you wanted to be a man. Do it harder and faster!" May said as she was already at her limit but she didn't want to stop the sexual talk.

Brock's was pressed right against Dawn's pussy and it was torturous feeling for him as he could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy against the head of his penis but he couldn't put it in until Delia instructed. Dawn looked up at him and saw how anxious he was to put in inside her and that made her horny as well. It took Dawn a second or so to remember just how big Brock was and she gripped onto his arms and pulled him down to her as he started pushing into her.

"Brock! It's so big. I'de almost forgotten just how big you are." Dawn commented as her breasts cushioned his body as Dawn pulled her down towards him.

"Here I go." Brock said as he started thrusting deep into her and Dawn held him tighter as her pussy felt like it was going to burst open by the sheer size of his penis inside it.

"Fuck her Brock. Fuck her with your big cock." Johanna said as she looked over at her daughter getting banged by Brock's large penis.

Brock's penis was as hard as it has ever had been and he could feel her pussy grab his penis every time he pushed in. Dawn couldn't take it anymore and she began to climax having another orgasm as the hard penis and the feel of Brock's body was too much for her. Brock could feel her pussy contract a bit as she orgasmed but it was going to take more stimulation to get him to climax anytime soon. While Dawn climaxed, Brock continued pounding her pussy. Both their bodies were covered with sweat from all the work.

"And... Your time is up!" Delia said as she watched the last few seconds tick by on the clock.

"Looks like Brock made Dawn cum." Misty said as she looked down at Dawn who looked flushed and tired already.

"Is that so? Good work Brock. Let's see if you can do the same to me with that tool of yours." Johanna said looking as Brock pulled his penis out of Dawn's pussy and the wetness dripped a bit from his penis as he did so and he moved his body over to Johanna.

"Wow Ash. That was really good. I'm looking forward to you in the next position." May said as she smiled up at him.

"But you said that I wasn't good enough." Ash said a bit confused with everything May had been saying over the past minute.

"She's just playing with you, something I want to do now." Misty said as she wanted to have a turn with Ash.

"Okay. Come over here then and will get ready." Ash told her as he watched her walk toward him.

"Why don't you come over here with the strap-on Dawn and you can have sex with me just the way Ash will in the next round." Delia suggested to Dawn as she waved for her to come over.

"Alright. Now that sounds kind of sexy." Dawn said as she took the strap-on and began putting it on.

The strap-on was a bit different than the double dildo Dawn had worn earlier but she managed to figure out how to but it on and then walked over to Delia. Delia's legs were wide open and Dawn could easily see the opening to her pussy and she got into position between her legs.

"This is going to be fun. Here May, let's get started." Delia said as she passed May the watch as she was the left out one.

May reset the watch and got ready to watch the action. Each of the pairing looked ready and May was anxious to have another turn with someone so she wanted to get this round over fast.

"Okay, ready, go!" May said as she started the clock.

As he had done a few times before, Ash pushed in penis into Misty's tight wet pussy as it slowly entered her. Ash always enjoyed having sex with Misty since he had been friends with her for so long. Her pussy felt familiar as his penis continued penetrating her. Ash looked into Misty's eyes as she looked up at him with a smile. She also loved having sex with Ash. Ever since the day she met him, Misty had always had a crush on him and now she was fulfilling her wish of being with him every time they had sex.

Misty wrapped her legs around Ash's body and pulled him down towards her. Ash's penis fully penetrated her in the process causing Misty to gasp a bit. Ash and Misty clung on to each other as their hips began grinding and Ash began thrusting his penis in and out of her.

"Oh Misty, you feel so good!" Ash moaned as he lay down on her as her breasts were now resting against his chest as he continued plunging his penis into her.

"It feels good for me too Ash." Misty replied as her pussy felt good with his penis inside it.

Ash bent forward and kissed Misty with passion as they continued having sex. Misty wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back. She really like the fact that Ash initiated kissing with her during sex and it turned her on greatly. Ash could fell her breasts as they pushed up against his torso. He loved feeling her tits rub against him as her breasts were also bigger than normal which gave them a bit of play against his body. Their bodies were drenched with perspiration as they had already had sex with a few others before now. 

Misty broke the kiss and smiled back at Ash as he picked up the tempo a bit. Ash watched the expressions on Misty face each time slid his hard and horny penis deep inside of her wet pussy. It looked like pleasure and agony all in one and Ash loved the fact that she seemed to really be enjoying his efforts.

On the other side of the room, Brock had just finished having sex with Dawn and now it was Johanna's turn. He moved in between Johanna's legs and his penis was acking to get some more attention.

"Brock, I loved watching do my daughter and now I want you to do me just as good." Johanna said as she looked at how big his penis was and was waiting for May to tell them to start.

Brock placed the tip of his engorged penis at the opening of Johanna's wet pussy. When he heard May tell them to start he pressed his penis head against her pussy lips and began to penetrate her. Brock was shocked when Johanna thrust her hips down against him, impaling his penis all the wan into her pussy with one movement. 

"Oh! It looks like I managed to get most of it in already. Now go ahead and thrust in and out repeatedly." Johanna said as Brock seemed to be getting lessons on sex all over again.

Brock was as aroused as Johanna was and he got into the missionary position, resting his body against her breast and began thrusting as she instructed him to do. Brock felt his penis side deep inside her pussy. This was the same pussy that his friend Dawn, who he had just had sex with, was born from but that didn't matter to him.

Brick was filling Johanna completely with each thrust of his penis and she could feel his balls starting to smack against her butt as he pounded her. They could both hear the sound of his penis thrusting against the suction of her wet pussy. Johanna was surprised how warm his penis was and that warmth began to spread through her entire body. 

"This feels awesome! Your pussy is so good!" Brock told her as he continued.

"Your penis feels huge. I still haven't got it all inside yet. The girls weren't exaggerating when they said you were big. Your so fit and strong for a guy your age." Johanna said as she was determined at some point during the night to get all of his penis inside her.

"You have a great body too. Your breasts are quite big!" Brock said as he loved the feeling of her large breasts and he cupped them with his hands as he continued.

Brock's big hands gripped her breasts as he began rubbing them as he continued to penetrate her further. Johanna could feel his penis hitting her cervix and she bucked a bit as he wasn't able to penetrate any further. She felt like he was entering her womb he was already so far in but she knew he hadn't got past her cervix yet but it still felt absolutely fantastic. Johanna lusted for Brock's body and she especially wanted his cum inside her warm womb but she knew that she had to share Brock with the other girls.

"Oh Brock your so big. You are doing so good. I can feel a climax building already. This is incredible as I never climax this fast." Johanna told him as she could feel her body building towards an orgasm

Johanna began to pump her body back at him as he thrusted. Brock could tell Johanna was starting to go wild as Dawn's mom began to orgasm just like Dawn had moments before.

"I can't stand it anymore, I'm cumming!" Johanna said as she felt her body being overtaken with her orgasm.

Dawn was ready to have sex with Ash's mom. Dawn felt kind of funny about the whole situation as this whole notion of girls wearing a fake penis on them was still somewhat new for her. Dawn looked down at the strap-on that was around her waist and looked at the penis sticking out from her body. It was similar looking to the double headed dildo she used earlier but before Dawn could ponder any longer she heard May's voice.

"Okay, ready, go!" May said as she started the clock.

"Okay Dawn honey. Come on, put it in me. I need it so bad." Delia said as she looked at Dawn who was still a bit shocked that it was time to start.

Delia grabbed Dawn's arms and pulled her close. Delia grabbed the strap-on penis hanging from between Dawn's legs and pushed it gently against the opening to her pussy. Finally realizing what was going on, Dawn could see that the head of the strap-on penis was already in Delia's pussy. 

Dawn moved into a better position and then suddenly rammed hard against Delia wanting to make up for the lost seconds. She buried the entire penis inside her pussy but Delia hadn't braced herself for the penetration and she quickly had to grab hold of Dawn to brace herself. Dawn was pulled down against Delia's body as theor breasts touched as Dawn finally rested on top of Delia.

Dawn pulled her body back a bit back as she had completely collapsed into Delia's arms and their breasts mashed into each others. Delia also started to relax and get accustom to the strap-on that was hastly put inside her.

"Well you certainly made up for the lost time at the start." Delia said as she felt the strap-on start to move its way in and out of her pussy.

Delia and Dawn started to move in unison as Delia looked down at the big penis sliding in and out of her pussy. The sight of Ash's friend pounding her pussy was so erotic for her.

"How does that feel now Delia?" Dawn said as she had finally got into a steady rhythm.

"You're doing good now Dawn." Delia said as she felt the dildo slide in and out.

"Do you want me to do you harder?" Dawn asked her as she smiled down at her.

"Yes... A little harder now." Delia said as she realized the time with Dawn was probably almost over.

Dawn quickly built up a faster rhythm as she began to understood why girls liked wearing strap-on so much and having sex with another girl. It was fun and was an interesting twist on having sex by just trying to pleasure the partner as much as possible. It wasn't long before Delia had wrapped her hands around Dawn's body as her hips bucked against Dawn's thrusts causing the dildo to go in all the way to the base. 

Dawn was pulled back down against Delia as their hard nipples began mashing against each others as Dawn continued to have sex with her. Delia could feel the climax building but she didn't want to orgasm now as her son was her next partner and luckily May called time just before she felt like she had reached to point of no return. Slowly Dawn pulled out of her and Delia felt her body slow and calm down.

"Wow. It looks like you all had a good time this round. Let's switch partners again so I can have a turn again." May said as she was anxious to get back in to the action.

"That was great Ash. I've always loved doing it with you." Misty said as Ash got off her.

"You too Misty. You were great." Ash said as he smiled at her as he prepared for the next round.

"Well it looks like this round is going to be the family round, with Ash and his mom and Dawn and her mom doing it together." Misty said as she was trying to figure out the last pairings.

"Okay, Ash honey, come over here and get ready. I've been waiting for you." Delia said as she watched her naked son walk over to her.

"Alright mom." Ash said as he got in position between her legs just like he had done with all the other girls up to this point.

"Well Brock, it seems like its my turn with you this round. Hope you still have some energy left after the first few round with the other girls." May said as she lay on the ground and spread her legs wide so Brock could get to her.

"Oh don't worry about me May. I have plenty left in me tonight." Brock said as he got down on his knees and crawled slowly between her legs.

"Well it looks like your already set to have some fun with me Dawn. Bring that strap-on of yours over here before Misty starts the next round." Dawn's mom told her as Dawn quickly rushed over so she wasn't late in starting like she was with Delia.

"You're the sexiest mom in the world!" Ash said as he looked down at his naked mom as he waited to have sex with her his round. 

"Oh why thank you Ash. I'm glad that were both open enough to do things like this together. I hope you have been enjoying your lesson so far." Delia replied to her son as she was flattered by his compliment.

"I sure have. I cannot wait to learn more." Ash said as he felt his penis twitch in anticipation.

"Don't worry honey. There is still plenty to learn but will teach you, that's what this lesson is all about." Delia said as she was also starting to get horny as she waited for her son to put his penis inside her.

"Okay take your positions and go!" Misty said as she started the clock for the final round of the missionary position.

"Here I come mom." Ash said as he pressed his penis against her pussy lips and it was almost like her pussy swallowed his penis as he pushed it through the opening to her insides.

"Put your big young penis inside me and make love to me." Delia said as she felt her son start to penetrate her.

Ash started pushing the head of his penis in her pussy as he continued watching it stretch open for him. She cried out and moaned as she felt her son's penis completely go inside her. As Ash slid into his mom he could feel her pussy muscles adjusting to his penis and they grabbed a hold of his penis. 

Ash lay down on his mothers chest as her breasts pushed up against his chest. He remembered sucking her tits earlier and he loved feeling the large fleshy globes against his body. They acted like cushions as he began thrust and pump his penis into his mother as she held him tight against her body.

"Oh! Ash honey! Keep doing that, I love how you're so gentle compared to Dawn's rough play. Your penis is so warm and soft." Delia said as she felt the skin of her son's penis rub against the wet walls of her pussy.

"Oh Mom, I want to have sex with you forever and never stop. You feel so good." Ash told her as he began to thrust a bit faster now that he was getting excited.

They both stopped talking and got down to business as their passionate movements and moans began to fill their thoughts. Ash and his mother gazed into one another's eyes as we laid against each other as Ash continued to pump his erect penis into his mother's pussy. They rubbed and caressed each other body as they went along.

Delia continued to hold her son tight against her body and as a loving mother she never wanted to let him go. She knew he was growing up and would soon be off on his journey again, but for this moment in time she was one with her son and she didn't want this moment to ever end.

Ash looked back down their bodies and watched as his penis went in and out of her pussy as it was wet and glistening with her pussy juices. Ash looked back up at his mom's face and she made her lips go together like she was waiting to be kissed. Ash complied and began to kiss his mom again remembering what he had learned earlier. Delia forced Ash's mouth open with her tongue as they began to french kiss as Ash now had to concentrate on kissing and having sex with his mom at the same time. Ash could feel his heart pounding fast and he was starting to get a bit confused as he tried his best to adapt to doing both tasks at once. They continued to kiss as Ash unconsciously continued thrusting.

"Ash.. Ash.." was all his mom could say now as she broke the kiss and was really getting turned on again as the previous sex with the others had already got her up to a climax already and now her son having sex with her was almost too much.

Delia loved and felt every inch of her son penis penetrating her and in that moment she felt as though she was one with her son again as she was when he was a baby in her womb. Ash was penetrating the place where he was born of his own will and the pleasure that was overcoming Delia was more than anything she had ever experienced. She could feel the climax building to the point where she was just about to let go but she wanted to make sure she told Ash exactly how she felt in that moment.

"Ash, it's so good to have you in me like this. This is where you belong, inside me..." Delia said as Ash watched his mother orgasm beneath him as he felt her pussy begin to twitch around his penis.

Delia pussy began to spasm and squirt as she closed her eyes to let the orgasm fill her body. She continued moaning and groaning throughout the orgasm as the full length of Ash's penis kept thrusting in and out of her while she climaxed.

On the other side of the room, Dawn was getting ready to have sex again with the strap-on but this time it was with her own mother. Dawn never thought that she would ever be doing anything like this with her mother but here she was, seconds away from plunging a strap-on into her own mother's pussy while her friends around her also had sex at the same time. A year ago, this whole situation would have seemed completely wrong and bad but this was now and she was excited by the days events so far.

This time Dawn heard the start of the round as Misty told them to go. Dawn looked down at her mothers pussy and pushed the strap-on slowly inside her pussy. Inch by inch it began to disappear inside her as she watched, Dawn wished it was a real penis so she could actually feel herself penetrating her mother. Dawn looked at her mothers face and the smile had quickly turned to a panting look as she could tell that her mother was starting to enjoy the hard strap-on go inside her.

"Dawn! Oh Dawn!" was all Johanna managed to say as Dawn began to stroke the strap-on back and forth as it slowly went in further and further each time.

Dawn's mom closed her eyes and let her head drop backwards as she moaned and shifted her body around as Dawn started going faster. Every thrust of her daughter against her felt erotic and thrilling. It was almost like she had a son just like Delia did on the other side of the room. She assumed she was feeling similar to how Delia was right then as their own children were having sex with their parents.

"Do you like what I'm doing mom?" Dawn asked as she wanted approval from her.

"You are.. doing great Dawn..." Johanna said in parts as she was almost completely overcome with amazing feelings.

"Do want me to go in further?" Dawn said as she smirked and teased her mom as she knew that she'd want more of the dildo inside her having been in the same position as her mom was in before with the guys.

"Uh huh." Johanna said as she motioned for her daughter to come down on to her.

Dawn lay down against her mother and their breast pressed together. Johanna could feel that the dildo was going in further now and Dawn was continuing to pour on the thrusting. They began hugging as they both knew the time was quickly ticking by for the end of the round.

"Thrust as fast as you can now Dawn. Were running out of time." Johanna said as she wanted her daughter to pound her as fast as she could.

"Are you sure mom?" Dawn questioned her mom not wanting to hurt her.

"Yes Dawn. Just go, hurry!" Johanna told her again.

Dawn complied and began moving her hips as fast as she could. Thrust after thrust kept penetrating Johanna as she could feel the hardness of the dildo rubbing against her insides every time her daughter moved her hips. Johanna was so horny and she wanted to orgasm with her daughter doing to her but she didn't think that she'd have enough time this round.

"Faster, Dawn, faster!" Johanna encouraged her daughter as Dawn was already starting to sweat as she pounded her mother with everything she had.

"Times up!" Misty said as Johanna couldn't believe the minute was already up.

Johanna could feel the orgasm starting to build but it was cut short as she heard the dreadful voice of Misty telling them that their time was up and the round was over. Johanna knew that at some point she and her daughter would get to be intimite again though, which excited her again.

Brock and May were both really excited to have sex with each other. Brock ran the head of his penis along May's slit as he waited for the round to start. Brock looked down at May who was laying on her back completely naked. She looked beautiful and her eyes looked like she was just begging for him to put his penis inside her but Brock knew he couldn't start until Misty said so and he decided kept up the rubbing of her slit with his penis head.

"Okay take your positions and go!" Misty said as Brock wasted no time plunging his penis into May's pussy hole.

Brock penetrated her as May began to moan and sob as his big penis spread open her pussy as the lips part around the head of his penis. May gasped as more of his penis began to fill her pussy up.

"Oh yes Brock! Stretch my tight little pussy with your big penis and put it all inside me. I've been waiting for your big penis all this time." May said as she loved how big Brock's penis was. 

Inch after inch penetrated as he pushed in deeper as her back arched as she thrust her hips forward. Brock's penis sliding in further as she managed to get almost his entire length deep inside her.

"Ah! It looks like your big penis is almost inside me. Now ram it home and put it all inside me! I want to feel every inch of you inside me." May instructed Brock as he was more than happy to obey.

Brock did as he was told and he took a deep breath and then thrust his penis into her as hard as he could. May began to moan and whimper louder as he had managed to pound his large penis inside her. Her cervix had given way and allowed the head of his penis to enter her womb. It was a strange sensation for both of them as Brock looked down to see that May had her eyes shut tight and looked like she was in a bit of pain.

"Are you alright May?" Brock said as he was a bit concerned for his friend.

"I.. I'm fine Brock. Let's not waste any more time. Start stroking that big penis of yours in and out of my tight pussy." May told him as she was a bit uncomfortable at the moment with his large penis inside her but she was loving every second.

May grabbed onto Brock and pulled him down to her as he began to thrust back and forth, harder and harder each time which was really giving May a lot of pleasure. May's tight pussy was completely wrapped around Brock's penis and he didn't know if he was going to be able to last the full minute if he kept up a pace like this. He loved to hear May moan as he stroked his penis inside her. His penis was deepest it had ever been inside May's pussy and he didn't want the feeling of her pussy wrapped around his penis to ever end. 

Brock thrust deep into May as she began to push her hips up at him to meet his thrusting. Brock decided to move her legs to the side a bit so he could get in closer which made his penetrating into her pussy even deeper. Brock could feel the head of his penis enter and exit her womb every time he thrust. Brock and May were both sweating hard now as it dripped all over their bodies as May hugged Brock tight so she wouldn't get pushed around while he thrusted so hard. Brock's thrusting was so intense that May began to climax and her body felt so intense as she began to shake a bit as she cried and orgasmed.

Misty turned to see May cumming really hard and was envious of her. The time was running out and Brock could feel his own climax building as May's pussy muscles clamped down tight around him. Brock fought off cumming and just before he didn't think he could last any longer he heard Misty.

"Times up!" Misty said as Brock was relieved and he quickly pulled out of May's pussy so he wouldn't cum so early.

"Oh my... That was really intense May. I almost cummed to early." Brock said as he sat down on the ground beside May as she recovered from her second orgasm of the night.

"You two were really going at it there for a few moments." Misty said as she recalled watching Brock and May go at it.

"Yeah. I was really getting deep inside May there. Her pussy was so tight today." Brock said as he was also trying to calm down after such an intense session.

"Ah... Wow that was amazing. That's the second time I've climaxed tonight already. I don't know how many more times I can do this. It really drains you but it feels so good." May said as she managed to get her bearing again.

"Well hopefully you'll be around for the next round then May. Will all take a bit of a rest until the next round." Johanna said as Dawn had got off her mom and had taken off the strap-on.

"I should be fine after a brief rest." May replied.

"Ash honey, that was really great. Your really learning well. You had me quite turned on and it felt so good having sex with you. I cannot wait until the next round to do it with you again in a different position." Delia told her son as she smiled at him in a loving manner.

"It felt great for me too mom. I cannot wait to try the next position too. I want to master all the possible positions!" Ash told him mom as she could tell he was excited and ready to start the next round.

A few minutes passed as everyone rested and recovered from the first round. Ash and Brock were glad that it gave them time to rest considering Johanna had instructed them not to cum to early as there was many positions they had to do before the night was out. It was a hard task for them both as all the girls were really sexy and even for the brief about of time they had sex with each of them was almost enough for them to cum.

"All right I think that's enough time. Let's move on to the next position which is call doggy-style. Doggy-style allows for deep penetration when having intercourse as the guy mounts the girl from behind. The girl gets down on all fours and the guy gets on his knees and balances himself by grabbing the girls ass and waist while he penetrates her from behind just like a Growlithe would do." Johanna said as she started explaining the next position.

"Why don't you girls get into position on your hands and knees on the floor while Johanna continues to explain. I'll come join you as well." Delia said as she got down on the floor and showed them the position as she got on her hands and knees.

"That's a good idea. See the position that Delia is in girls, why don't you all line up beside each other just like that." Johanna said as she watched the girls get up and get into the position beside Delia in a line.

"Like this?" Dawn asked as she got down on her hands and knees and looked back at her mom for approval.

"That's right Dawn. Now the guys will come in behind and penetrate you in that position. It will be hard for you girls to see what's going on but its more about what you feel and how deep you get penetrated in this position." Johanna continued to explain to the girls.

"This round will just have the guys take turns doing it in this position with each of us. Will start off with Delia and I demonstrating the position while you girls watch and then when our time is up each of you can do the position in turn as well. Once each of you have had a turn with Brock and Ash will go on to the next round, okay?" Johanna said as she waited for the reply from the girls.

"Okay!" the girls responded.

"Alright then. Let me get down there beside you and will start this round." Johanna said as she crawled down on to the floor and got into the doggy position.

All the girls breasts dangled below them as they were in the doggy-style position. Ash and Brock had watched all the girls get into the position and watched as their breasts swayed back and forth below them. They loved watching the girls and it didn't take them more than a few seconds for their penis's to get erect again and ready for the next round.

"Okay, Ash you come over here behind me and Brock you go to the end of the line there with Delia. Get down on your knees so that you are at the right height to position your penis to penetrate us from behind. You will have to guide your penis towards our vagina openings and put it in yourselves. This position is a male dominated position and the girls really don't have much to do other than take the penis inside them." Johanna explained as Brock and Ash did as they were told and got in behind Johanna and Delia as they were told to do.

Delia was on her hands and knees as Brock knelt behind her and she could feel him coming closer to her. Ash got in behind Dawn's mother Johanna as he crawled on his knees closer and closer to Johanna as his erect penis stood out in front of him. Ash looked down at Johanna's ass that was sticking out at him and her pussy lips were closed tightly together. Delia was the same as her pussy lips were closed tight and she wiggled her butt a bit as Brock looked down at her with excitement.

Ash and Brock both got closer as they were only inches from the girls pussy's as May, Dawn and Misty watched with anticipation. They were both in position and were ready to go.

"Alright it seems as though the guys are in position. Girls reset the clock and tell us when to start. When the clock starts guys, put your penis's in and begin going at it. This position will feel different than the missionary position as you will be entering our pussies in a different direction. It will probably feel like your rubbing against the walls of our pussy more in this position but that should certainly stimulate you guys some more. Guys really like this position for that reason." Johanna said as she was ready to start this next round.

"Okay. I'll start the clock then." Dawn said as she reset it and got it ready to go.

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