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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 4 - Caught in the Act

Over a week had past since Ash's first sexual encounter with his mother. It had been quite a learning experience and it seemed to be on his mind every waking moment now. Pokémon training seemed to be a lot harder to do now but he needed to get prepared for his next journey which would be beginning soon.

Ash returned home after a long day of training his Pokémon at Professor Oak's laboratory. He opened the front door and could smell the dinner that his mom was preparing for him. Delia heard him open the front door and came to meet him.

"Hi Ash. How was your day?" she asked.

"Pretty good. We some more training done." he replied. Pikachu who was resting on Ash's shoulder as he normally did jumped down and lay on the couch.

"Well that's good, dinner is almost ready. Go get washed up and ready for dinner." she asked him. Ash got washed up and sat down at the kitchen table where the plates were all setup. Mr. Mime was no where to be seen which Ash though was odd considering he usually helped her with dinner.

"Where's Mr. Mime Mom?" Ash asked.

"Oh I sent him out on a few errands. He should be back later tonight." she said as she served Ash his dinner.

"I thought we could continue with your 'education' again today while he's gone and before you head off on your next journey." she softly told him as she served herself some dinner as well.

Ash's mind raced again he knew exactly was his mom meant by 'education'. She had told him that there was a lot more to learn and that she'd teach him another day. That day had arrived. Delia sat down and began to eat her dinner. Ash then remembered that earlier in the day he had talked to Misty and she would be coming over later that night to visit with him.

"Uh, Mom. I invited Misty to come over tonight after dinner. She is going to journey with me again as her sisters are going to take over responsibilities of the gym while she is gone. She should be on her way here now." he explained to her. Delia looked somewhat disappointed but managed to break a smile.

"Well I guess we'll just have to make this lesson a bit shorter this time then. Eat up." Delia told him as she began to eat her dinner. The both of them didn't talk at all through dinner so it didn't take them long to finish. Ash finished his dinner and then put his plates on the kitchen counter just as his mom finished and did the same.

"Honey, let's go into the family room." she said as she went towards the family room. Ash didn't need much motivation to follow her.

"Ash I'm going to take a shower and get cleaned up. Why don't you take Pikachu up to your room and then wait for me here." Delia told him. She went up the stairs and closed the bathroom door behind her. Ash took Pikachu up to his room and told him to take a nap and then went downstairs to wait for his mom as she instructed.

While Delia was showering, she decided to shave the hair from her pussy, as she could tell Ash enjoyed looking at her smooth pussy. Delia got out of the shower and stood in front of the mirror. She looked at her body and said to herself, "Not bad for a 36 year old". Her tits were still fairly firm and her body was slim. She got dressed in my new underwear. She had bought a black lace bra, black lacy panties, new matching black stockings and a suspender belt. She had also picked up anti pregnancy pills and lactation pills from the local Pokemart. She took one of each and swallowed them. She put on her vest, shirt and skirt and went down stairs.

When she went down, Ash was speechless, he just sat looking, staring, at her. Delia felt proud that she had the body to turn on my son and she stood and posed for him at the bottom of the stairs.

"Mom, you look so sexy when you do that. Is this part of my lesson?" he asked.

"I am dressed like this to show you how much I love you Ash and yes, this is for doing so well in your first lesson." Delia told him as she came and sat beside him on the couch.

"So Ash, how did you like our first 'lesson' now that it's been a few days?" Delia ask him as she put her hand on his thigh.

"Well Mom, it's kinda hard to talk about something like this.・Ash said. His mom sat there for a minute as she looked at her son.

"Ash, I'm sure any girl would be lucky to have you as a boyfriend. You're a wonderfully caring young man. You have many fine qualities. Just give yourself a chance." Delia told him as Ash looked away.

"But Mom, I wouldn't even know how to kiss a girl properly or have sex without your help." he looked up into his moms eyes.

"Ash, I can help you, if you want me to continue helping you." she said. Ash looked at her hand, lying there on his thigh. His insides were getting all funny feelings again. He couldn't believe how he felt.

"Do you want me to continue? I want to teach you everything you want to know, if you'll let me," she said.

Ash just looked at his mother, as if seeing her for the first time. So many thoughts going through his mind. His palms were sweating and he felt the excitement in his chest. His mother moved closer, looking into his eyes, she kissed him softly on the lips. Then backed up and looked at him again, as if she wanted his approval. Ash liked the feel of her soft warm lips on his. He looked at them, saw her lick them. She came close again and once more her lips were on his. Kissing him longer this time, then suddenly he felt her tongue on his lips, parting them. He closed his eyes as her hand went to his head. He parted his lips and her tongue found its way into his mouth. She tasted so sweet, so good. His tongue touched hers slowly. He felt her hand move slowly up and down his thigh. He suddenly realized his penis was growing hard. Embarrassed he pulled away and put his hand across his lap. Ash felt his mom's hand on his chin pulling his face up to meet her eyes.

"Ash, it's ok. It's normal for a man to get aroused by a kiss like that. You shouldn't be embarrassed by it." she said. She looked into his eyes as her hand moved slowly up his thigh to his penis. She laid her hand on it for a moment, then started to slowly rub it up and down along the zipper of his jeans. Ash felt so good. His penis was so hard now he thought it was going to bust.

"Ash, how does this feel? I bet it feels really good, doesn't it?" she asked him as she rubbed it harder now.

"Yeaaa, it does Mom." he could barely mumble.

Ash closed his eyes as him mom continued rubbing his hard penis. Suddenly she stopped and he felt her hands undoing his pants. He opened his eyes just as she was pulling the zipper down.

"Ash, I want you to feel good about yourself as a man. I know how to make you feel really good. Let's get you out of your pants." she said as she started pulling them down. Ash stood up and she pulled them down. His hard penis stuck out very obviously.

"Sit up here on the couch and let me show you something. I want this lesson to be all about you and your body," she said. Ash moved up to the couch, waiting for his mom to join him but instead she went to his knees and gently opened his legs.

He watched her every move. She got between his legs on her knees and looked into his eyes as she took his underwear and started sliding them off. His penis sprang up in full view now. She took his underwear all the way off and was kneeling there in front of him still looking into his eyes.

"Ash, just lay back and relax. Let mom make it feel all better. Let me take care of this nice hard penis you have.・she said. Ash couldn't believe it. As she took his penis in her hand, he nearly jumped it felt so good. The skin of his shaft felt warm, almost hot in her hand. Delia's world was spinning around her as she began to move her hand up and down her son's penis. Just the touch of his mom's hand was almost enough to make him cum. She slowly moved her hand up and down on it. He closed his eyes and laid his head back on the couch. Suddenly he felt something warm on his balls. He looked down and saw his mom as she sucked one into her mouth.

"Ohhhhh Mommm," he moaned, as he closed his eyes and lay back on the couch.

Delia sucked on one softly for a little while then he felt her tongue on the other one. Her hand was still stroking his penis very slowly. Just enough to make him crazy. He never felt anything like this. He thought he was going to pass out, or scream. Then he felt her stop licking his balls. Once again he looked down. He saw her looking up at him.

"Tell me you love me Ash, Tell Mommy you love her." she said.

"I love you Mom, I love you." Ash was barely able to speak but somehow managed it.

"That's a good boy, now Mommy is going to make you feel all better," she said as she lowered her head and took his hard throbbing penis into her mouth. Ash closed his eyes and laid back as he felt his mother sucking on his penis.

"Ohhhh Mom..." he said. Her mouth felt so hot, so wet and felt very good. He grew dizzy as she started moving faster up and down on his penis. He felt his hips move involuntarily. He knew he was going to cum at any moment. But he never wanted her to stop. He never knew something could feel so good. She stopped for a bit and took his penis out of her mouth so he wouldn't cum right away.

She smiled up at Ash, blushing and aroused. Then she leaned in and took his penis in her waiting mouth again. Ash leaned his head back on the couch and moaned. Delia licked, sucked, ran her hands up and down his penis as she followed those actions with her hot, wet, mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on his penis eager to please him. Ash returned to watching her as he began thrusting his penis up into her mouth. She smiled and withdrew her mouth.

"I haven't done that in so long. It tastes so good!" She said and jumped back on his penis with her mouth.

She bobbed her head up and down, occasionally taking her mouth off of it and licking and nibbling on the side with her lips. She licked the head like it was a melting ice cream cone. She flicked her tongue back and forth on it.

Delia engulfed his penis again and held his hips. She tried to get a rhythm going as she pushed his hips back and then pulled him forward. She pulled him tight against her face to show him how deep she wanted him. She wanted his penis deeper in her throat than any man had been. It only took a couple tries until Ash got the idea. He put both hands on her head and pushed his penis against her face until he felt her nose in his groin.

Delia held his hips when he was all the way in. She held him to her for about 5 seconds, then released him. Ash pushed into her, held it then backed off when she started to gag. He could feel his penis going down her throat. She backed off and his penis exited her mouth again.

Ash was shaking as he felt his mother take her finger and run it through the stream of clear juice coming from the dripping tip. Then she used it to coat the head until it was shining in the sunlight. She ran her fingers gently up and down his long shaft; bringing another long moan from him and another large bubble of juice. Her fingers dipped into the clear fluid and slowly, with her hand trembling, she brought it to her lips. Now there was a long strand of clear pre-cum juice connecting Delia's lips to her son's penis.

Delia grabbed Ash's penis again and began to suck on it very fast this time. She used on hand to grab is balls and the other one to stroke it. She knew he wouldn't last more than a few seconds while she did this.
Suddenly Ash felt himself explode, "Oh Mom," he moaned loudly as he shot his load into his mom's hungrily sucking mouth.

Delia's head moved back in surprise at the force of his ejaculation but kept the penis head in her mouth. The hot cream hit the back of her throat, choking her momentarily. She swallowed just in time for another blast to enter her mouth. She was ready this time and swallowed it down rapidly, waiting for the next shot. It came quickly, filling her mouth to over flowing. She tried to swallow it all but it was just too much. It dripped from the corners of her mouth and ran down to her son's balls.

Ash looked down at her and saw cum dripping out of the corner of her mouth. She was looking up at him as she took his penis out and licked the cum off her mouth, then licked it all off of his quivering penis.

Ash had never felt anything so intense. He couldn't believe that he was sitting here on his sofa, squirting cum into his mother's mouth and she was swallowing it.

Ash was lying back exhausted. When he opened his eyes, he saw his mother's pretty blue eyes staring up at him. Delia got up off the floor and sat beside Ash on the couch.

"Oh Ash, you taste so good. You were such a good boy for me. Such a good man. I could tell you loved that" she said.

"That was awesome" Ash complimented her as he knew not what else to say.

"Next time, I think I want that penis deep inside my tight pussy when you cum." she said, boldly. The thought of putting his penis in his mom again excited Ash a lot.

"Just so you know, what we just did was called oral sex or a blow job. You seemed to really enjoy it. It's one way a woman can pleasure a man without having sexual intercourse." she explained to him. Ash's body was still overflowing with the amazing feeling that he had just had with his mom.

"Now I want you to have oral sex with me so I can feel just as good as you just did. It would make me very happy and will help you learn how to pleasure women better. I want you to lick and suck my pussy just like I did with your penis." Delia said.

Delia was still fully clothed and was wearing her usual yellow top with pink vest and blue skirt. Ash was still wearing his shirt but his mom had taken his jeans and underwear off earlier.

"Ash honey, why don't you take off your shirt so you'll be more comfortable." Delia told him. Ash complied and tossed the shirt on the floor.

Delia began to lay down on the couch and she began to push Ash off the couch with her feet. Ash stood up so he wouldn't fall off the couch and Delia spread her legs out and then raised her knees in the air so that Ash could now see under her skirt.

Ash was able to look from her feet up her stockings and on to her naked thighs just below the hem of her dress. Very slowly Ash moved to the foot of the couch for a better look.

His eyes wandered over her stocking covered legs. Ash could also see her black lace panties and they looked a bit wet. This aroused Delia and to her surprise she noticed that her moist pussy had started leaking even more. She found it very strange that she was reacting this way with her son. She felt so horny at this moment and began to open her legs a little further. Ash then lowered himself onto the couch between her legs and now had an even better view. He didn't know where he got the courage, but suddenly he moved forward until his face was next to her panty clad pussy. To his surprise he saw that her pussy was moist as her lips were becoming wetter and wetter the more he watched.

Delia noticed that her body was reacting more and more to Ash being close to her dripping pussy and feeling the warmth of his breath was only making her feel even more horny. She opened her legs still further hoping that he would make the first move.

Ash was getting more and more aroused by her sopping panties in front of him. He had noticed that his mom had opened her legs a little wider so once again he moved forward and now got the smell of his mother's scent in his nostrils. The musky smell made his eyes glaze over in pure lust as he got even closer to her. Without realizing what he was doing he had placed his hands on her legs and was softly massaging them and running his hands up and down her legs and over her black stockings. He now noticed her cunt juices soaking through her panties and covering the tops of her bare thighs.

Delia noticed that Ash was paying too much attention to her panties and the contents inside to notice her watching him. It had been such a long time since she had felt this way about herself and that a young man was spending so much attention to her and admiring her like he did. She was also feeling the effects of his massaging hands on the insides of her thighs which was making her hornier and hornier.

"Ash, take my panties off and start licking my clitoris and pussy. Just grab them and pull them down my legs. Please hurry." she begged him.

Ash had never seen he mom plead like this before so he did as he was told. He put his hands under her skirt grabbed both sides of the black lacy panties and began to pull them down. They didn't get too far down until her skirt stopped him. She realized he was having a hard time, so she grabbed her skirt and pulled in up around her waist until it bunched up. Ash could now see her panties fully and a bit of pubic hair poking out at the top where he had already pulled them down. He grabbed on to the panties again and began pulling them down.

Ash could now see most of his mom's pussy. It looked the same as it had before. She had obviously shaved it earlier and a bit of liquid was coming out of her pussy. He pulled her panties down her legs and she kicked it onto the floor. She then put her legs on his back and pushed him toward her waiting pussy.

Ash went between her legs and started to lick and kiss around her pussy. He buried his tongue between the already wet lips of her pussy, immediately licking in broad strokes one second and then dipping his tongue inside her the next. Delia arched her back and pushed her pussy into Ash's face.

Ash continued teasing her, enjoying the sounds of her moaning and breathing. She then started whimpering and moving her head from side to side. Ash carefully used his fingers to expose more of her clit. His mom cried out and tried to squirm away from him when she felt the tip of him tongue make contact.

Ash swirled his tongue all around her clit in wide circles, only making contact every so often. She was going crazy. She was rocking her hips up and down into his face as Ash licked her all over. She looked down at Ash and he saw her cheeks had turned red, as had her neck. Delia just shook her head, almost in disbelief as he looked into her eyes and continued devouring her sex.

"I can't believe this! I can't believe ... how good ... this is! My son! My own son! I love it ... I love seeing you down there!" Delia eyes were wide as she gripped the couch harder.

Her words just stirred Ash on more. He started sucking on her clit hard, causing Delia to throw herself back and grab the top of Ash's head with both hands.

The sudden warmth and wetness running down Ash's chin confirmed to him that she was definitely coming. As quickly moved down and buried his mouth between her wet lips, licking and sucking, slurping and making a mess as he attempted to lick her clean. For some reason Ash had the urge to just eat her out all over, everywhere. Ash went to her thighs and then to her swollen lips, back up to her clit and then down again. Ash found myself licking the sensitive flesh just below her pussy.

Delia stopped breathing and her body suddenly tensed as Ash's tongue and lips continued their journey southward. Ash put his tongue inside the entrance to her vagina. Ash don't know why he did it, except for being so caught up in the moment. Ash had never thought of doing something like that before. It just happened.

"Aaahhh, yes!!" she groaned. Her words nearly startled Ash enough to stop.

"Eat me! Eat Mommy and make me cum again!" she gasped.

Ash worked his tongue in as deep as he could, which actually was not that far and then went back to eating her pussy some more. For the next few minutes that is how it was. Ash couldn't believe that his face was actually buried between his mother's legs, pinned between those strong smooth thighs; her hands gripped the back of his head. Ash focused on the amazing expressions on her face as she cried out and moaned on the couch in front of him. She was like that for about a minute before finally going completely limp in front of him. Her legs dropped down and rested on the couch. Ash could see his mom catching her breath, covering her face with both arms as her body continued to heave and jerk for another minute or so. It was the most stunning sight Ash had seen thus far.

Delia motioned Ash to come and lay down beside her. He climbed up the couch beside his mom and she held him close. She wrapped her arms and a legs around him and continued her heavy breathing for the next few minutes, grinding her mound into him softly. After a few minutes Delia pulled away and looked at Ash.

"You took care of me better than any man I have ever had. I can not believe that you, young man, are able to do that on your first attempt." she said flatly. She shook her head in disbelief.

Ash smiled glad that he was able to pleasure him mom the same as she had pleasured him. She smiled and kissed him on the forehead. She was now ready to have sex with her son again.

"Ash sit up straight and let me sit on your lap." she instructed him as he did so and she sat on his lap so that she was facing him.

Ash could feel his mom's naked ass resting on his lap now. She bent down and started kissing him on the lips. Ash kissed back and they continued doing that for a few minutes. While they were kissing, Delia grabbed Ash's dick which was still erect and slowly started jacking it up and down. They continued kissing and then Delia stood up just a bit so that she wasn't completely resting on his lap any more and moved his penis towards her pussy.

Delia guided his penis up and down the slit of her pussy as the head of his penis rubbed against her pussy lips. She rubbed it around her clit for a few seconds and then back down the lips. Her pussy felt wet and hot to Ash as him mom continued rubbing his penis against her. At one point his penis head penetrated her pussy a bit, but she quickly pulled it out and continued rubbing. Some of her pussy juices had now dripped on to his penis.

Delia couldn't stand it any longer. She guided Ash's penis to the opening of her pussy and pushed it in slightly. She then slowly sat down on Ash's lap. Ash gave a small grunt as he felt his penis penetrate his mother pussy. He was starting to love the feeling and sensations of sex and he could see that his mother was too.

Delia started bouncing up and down on his penis while Ash watched as her big breasts bounced around under her vest and blouse. Ash continued to watch them bounce around for a few minutes while his mom slowed nailed his penis. Ash couldn't take it any longer, he had to see his mother's breasts naked again.

Ash began to unbutton the vest jacket and his mother approved by helping him do so. Once it was unbuttoned she moved her arms out of the vest and let it drop to the floor. Ash then pushed Delia's blouse up as far as he could, revealing her breasts covered by a lace black bra. Delia's breasts looked bigger than the last time Ash saw them. Little did he know that they were currently filled with milk from the lactating pill Delia had taken earlier. Her bra was barely covering her nipples and where barely holding her breasts in place. While Delia continued humping down onto Ash's penis, Ash took both hands and reached underneath of her bra and slid the bra up and over her breasts. The bra easily lifted off her breasts.

Ash cupped her breasts, lightly caressed them, using his fingertips to trace lines on the sweaty flesh beneath them and then moved further to capture her nipples between his thumbs and fingers.

Delia kept her ass firm against Ash's body and started grinding up and down, moaning as he rolled her nipples in his fingers. Ash leaned forward pressing his chest against her and kissed her shoulders through her blouse. She smelled incredible, and she was sweating now, adding her womanly scent to her perfume.

"Oh my Baby ... I love your big penis! I love it!" she cried.

Ash could feel the spot at the base of his penis starting to tingle with another impending orgasm, not able to take his eyes away from his mom's incredible body in front of him.

Ash slowed down and reached forward along Delia's back, massaging and feeling her body. He could actually smell his mom's musky scent when he looked down between them. Delia took her hand to Ash's face and moved it so that Ash was looking at her.

"Ash, I took two pills earlier. One was an anti-pregnancy pill and the other one was a lactation pill." Delia told him.

"Uh.. What do they do?" Ash asked.

"The first one, the anti-pregnancy pill makes it so that I won't get pregnant when you cum inside me. The lactation pill stimulates my breasts to create milk just like they did when you were a little baby and I breast fed you." Delia explain to him.

"Ash, I want you to suck my tits just like when you were a little baby and drink the milk out of them. It will make me feel real good and I know you will like it too." she said as she cupped both her breasts and moved the tits up to his face.

Almost immediately he locked his lips around one of his mom nipples. Hungrily, he began to suck on it. A small trickle of milk oozed from his mother's nipple initially. Sucking harder, he felt the flow increase and he was quickly rewarded with a mouthful of her sweet milk. Gluttonously, he pulled and sucked on her gushing tit, reveling in the delightful taste and warmth of her sweet, creamy milk.

She held him by the back of the head, gently bringing him to her breast. A hard nipple brushed against his lips and released more fluid. He tentatively sucked, and was surprised at the gush of milk that suddenly filled his mouth. Ash swallowed his mother's milk to stop from overflowing in his mouth and discovered that that action caused even more milk to flow from his mother's tit. He sucked harder as more milk from mother's breast came out he could feel the swelling of her breast slowly diminishing.

"Do the other one, baby," Delia cooed, her hands coaxing him over to her other breast.

"Oh...yes...Baby, You make me feel so good." Delia groaned as Ash began to suck on her other breast.

Unable to control himself, Ash began to thrust his aching hardness faster inside her. Just as before, the flow of milk was very slow at the start, but all at once it began to pour into his mouth. Within moments his mouth was filled with the delicate, womanly flavor of her hot, sweet milk.

Ash's head was swimming with pleasure and lust as he sucked and pulled on her nipple. Wrapping his hand around her big breast, he squeezed and clutched at it, trying to coax even more of her wonderful cream from her breast.

"Oh, Baby," Delia murmured as Ash ravaged her breast with his sucking, pulling mouth.

Gulping loudly, Ash sucked hungrily at her breast. He couldn't get enough of her sweet milk. He held on tightly to the soft abundance of her breast with both hands, urging her to give him more and more. He had never experienced such power and desire before.

Delia lovingly ran her hands through his hair and she held Ash's face mashed down against her breast. Soon the other breast was empty but that didn't stop Ash from continuing to lick and suck her breasts. Delia loved the fact that her son was sucking her breasts but now both her breasts were empty.

Delia pushed Ash away from her breasts and she got the feeling that he didn't want to stop licking and sucking them. Ash's penis was still deep inside her but both of them had stopped moving during this time. Delia started to get up and Ash's hard erect penis slowly started to come out of her pussy until she had completely stood up.

Delia turned around so her back was facing Ash and she grabbed his still erect penis from behind and slowly guided it to her pussy opening. As soon as she had it in position she sat down on it. It slid in easily all the way to her cervix and the head of his penis managed to touch it.

Delia started to bounce up and down on Ash's lap again as his penis went in and out of her pussy. Ash looked down at his mother's ass and could see his penis barely as it went in and out of her pussy. He felt so good as she did that. He grabbed her breast with his hand and sat up so his chest rested on her back. He fondled her big bouncing breasts and she started to bounce faster and faster.

Misty had spent the past few hours on her bike traveling to Pallet Town. She arrived at the Ketchum residence and set her bike up against the side porch and walked up onto the deck. She knew Ash was expecting her around now so she went up to the sliding glass door as that was the closest entrance.

Misty glanced into the house just before she was about to knock but was completely stunned at what she saw. Ash's mom was having sex with a man on the couch. Misty couldn't see who the guy was as he wasn't facing her. Ash suddenly moved his head and Misty realized that it was Ash.

Misty was appalled. This was disgusting! How could a mother do that to her own son like that. She never would have believed that Ash would do such a thing! Ash wouldn't even pay any attention to girls including her. Yet here he was having sex with his own mother right in front of her. Misty moved to the side of the deck so she wasn't in the wide open where Delia or Ash would see her.

Misty didn't know what else to do. Should she knock on the door pretending that she didn't see them? Then something weird happened to Misty just as she was about to step out into the open and expose them. She found herself suddenly excited. The very thought of incest would ordinarily have revolted her but seeing one of her best friend doing it right in front of her had a strangely perverse effect on her. She remained in her hiding place and watched her friend of many years have sex with him mom.

Misty wasn't naive about sex, but she was still a virgin. She watched as Delia bounced up and down on Ash's erect penis and every few moments Ash would fondle his mother breasts that were bouncing all around. Misty still couldn't believe she was watching this happen. Suddenly, Ash's penis popped out complete of his mother's pussy. Misty had never see a real man's penis before needless to say completely erect. Misty stared at it as Delia grabbed it and guided it back in her pussy.

"Honey, try thrusting when I I'm bouncing down and your penis will go in further and it won't come out as often." Delia exclaimed as she continued her relentless bouncing. Ash tried to comply as best as he could but he was just about ready to climax.

"Oh mom. I feel it coming." Ash said.

"It's okay, Ash. Leave your penis inside and will cum together." Delia said as she began rubbing her clit really fast and bounced up and down really fast.

Ash couldn't hold it any longer. He sat up really straight, his chest rubbing against his mother's back. He reached his arms around her and grabbed both her big breasts in his hands. Suddenly he could feel himself cumming just like he had earlier when he cummed in his mother's mouth. His eye's were closed and he hung on tight to his mother. He started squirting his cum inside his mother's pussy. Delia could feel the hot streams of cum entering her and she too could no longer hang on. She orgasmed at the same time while Ash continued to fill her pussy full with his cum.

A few moments of cumming in his mother and Ash was spent. He fell back on the couch and lay there motionless. He couldn't believe the amazing feeling he just had having sex with his mother. Delia also could no longer sit on Ash and she lopped down beside him on the couch. They both heard the squishy sounds as Ash's penis exited Delia's pussy.

Delia lay on the couch to catch her breath, feeling all the hot cum inside her made her feel completely amazing. She hadn't felt like this in ages and she didn't want it to stop. They both laid there for a few moments as they both recovered.

Delia opened her eyes and she just happened to glance at the window when she noticed Misty was standing there like a stone statue. Misty's eyes caught Delia's as the starred at each other for a brief moment. Misty realized she was caught but didn't know what she should do. Delia realizing that Misty had been watching them have sex for a few minutes gave her a wink.

Misty didn't know what she should do now and just stood there amazed at what she had just seen. After a minute or so she watched Ash pick up his clothes and head upstairs. Delia who was still somewhat dressed pulled her bra back down over her breasts and adjusted her blouse. She then lowered her skirt down and straightened it.

Delia was still aware that Misty was still outside. She knew that it would take a bit of explaining to calm down Misty before she would accept what she saw. Delia didn't care though as she found it somewhat exciting that someone had watched her and Ash have sex. Delia thought to herself that she might try to expand her lessons to Misty as well. Misty didn't have a mother or a father and her sisters hardly gave her any attention as they were always gone. Delia got up and started heading toward the front window where Misty was still standing. Delia smiled at her but Misty didn't return the gesture. Delia unlocked the sliding door and opened it.

"Hello there Misty. How are you doing today?" Delia asked her as she motioned her to come inside.

Misty hesitated for a second and didn't move. Delia put her arm around Misty's shoulders and walked her in the house. She continued to guide her until they both reached the couch.

"Sit down Misty, Ash should be down in a few minutes. He just went upstairs to take a showed. It will give us a few minutes to talk." Delia told Misty as she sat down on the couch. Misty couldn't believe she was now sitting on the same couch that she just a few minutes ago saw her friend Ash and his mom having sex on.

"So I know you saw what just happened here earlier. I thought we could talk about it and let me explain a bit before you say or do anything. I know that you are probably wondering what's going on here and why we were doing that." Delia explained to Misty who still had a shocked face.

Misty was speechless and rightfully so. What she had just seen was incest and the fact that Ash had had sex before her made her somewhat angry. Ash never paid any attention to her or any other girls for that matter and now she caught him having sex with his own mother. It just didn't make any sense to her. Finally Misty managed to gather her thoughts enough to say something.

"Why would you agree to do something like this with Ash. Your his mother!" Misty seemed somewhat angry in her tone of voice. Delia paused and made it look like she was trying to agree and understand Misty's position.

"Misty, you know as well as I do that Ash hasn't paid girls any attention in his life. He hasn't had a girlfriend and until recently all he thought about was Pokémon. I decided that as his mother, this needed to change, so I have been 'teaching' Ash all about girls so that he will focus on other things other than Pokémon." Delia explained to Misty. Misty seemed to be starting to get the picture as to why this was going on.

"So you decided you would have sex with him then so he could learn about girl?" Misty asked still somewhat unsure of the explanation that Delia had given her.

"Well it didn't start off that way. See we both forgot that you were going to be arriving soon and I have been giving Ash 'girl' lessons since the time he returned back from his journey. I thought it was about time he learned about girls and what better way than to show him all about girls in real life." Delia tried to explain to Misty.

"Why didn't you just teach him like everyone else does then? Did you really have to go that far?" Misty asked as she seemed unsettled almost to the point of crying. Delia could see that Misty seemed somewhat upset at this whole situation. She put her arm around Misty to hug her. Initially Misty refused the hug but Delia just grabbed her harder and hugged her tightly. Misty began to cry a bit over this whole situation. Delia let her cry on her shoulder.

"Misty, this whole situation is to get Ash interested in girls. I know you've always loved Ash since the minute you first saw him. In a way this will help Ash learn to like girls more and hopefully in turn you." Delia whispered in her ear. Misty just continued to cry abit but slowly let up. The crying was helping her get this out of her system. After a minute or so, Misty seem to be better. She sat back on the couch.

"Misty, you know I could also teach you about boys. I know you don't have any parents and your sisters aren't necessarily the best parenting figures. I could extend my lessons to involve you too if you wish." Delia explained to Misty.

Misty didn't respond immediately. She'd already seen the 'lesson' between Ash and his mother and she didn't know exactly what Delia meant but she had a pretty good idea.

"Uh well, I don't know exactly." Misty finally responded.

"Well you're going to be here for a few days, so think it over. Let me know when you've made a decision." Delia told her.

Just after they'd completed their conversation, Ash strolled down the stairs and greeted them both not knowing the events that had transpired while he was in the bathroom.

"Well it's getting late, how about we setup the bed for Misty so we can all get to bed early tonight?" Delia asked the two kids.

Misty agreed and began to start unpacking her stuff as Delia made the bed. Delia and Ash said good night to Misty and went to their rooms.

Misty lay there on the pullout bed. He head was still going over the whole events in her head and the offer that Ash's mom gave her. What should she do? Should she agree? It took Misty almost two hours to get to sleep as her mind was racing going over the whole situation over and over again.
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