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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 31 - Pole Position!

1st Pairings = Ash/Johanna, Brock/Delia, Misty, May, Dawn
2nd Pairings = Ash/Dawn, Brock/May, Delia, Johanna, Misty
3rd Pairings = Ash/Misty, Brock/Misty
4th Pairings = Ash/May, Brock/Dawn, Delia, Johanna, Misty
5th Pairings = Ash/Delia, Brock/Johanna, May, Dawn, Misty

Brock wasted no time getting his penis back inside a warm, wet pussy. He quickly thrusted his penis inside Delia's pussy as the her dangling breasts swung forward as her body and ass pushed back against Brock's body. Her pussy clamped down around his penetrating organ as she could feel his penis once again going into the depths of her body.

Brock reached out and held Ash's mom's soft hips as he watched the skin on her ass cheeks ripple a bit as they slapped against his legs as he began thrusting in and out of her pussy. Brock began slamming Ash's mothers tight pink hole rapidly causing his balls to slam her pussy lips and clit with each of his thrusts.

Delia took a deep breaths as she grew accustomed to the size of Brock's penis again. Every time she had sex with him, she could not believe how big his penis was and how tight it felt in her pussy. Delia began moving her hips back as Brock thrusted and she looked to the side as she saw May watching them go at it and she could tell May excited by the way she looked and how she lick her lips as she watched.

"Oh yes Brock!" Delia groaned as he lunged forward shoving his hard penis into her pussy again.

Brock's penis felt exquisite and doing him from behind entirely new experience for Delia. Her hot pussy was a perfect fit for his large penis and he clutched her body tightly as he continued at her pussy.

"You like this position?" Delia asked as she looked back over her shoulder at Brock.

"This feel's so good! Your pussy feels different compared to the last position." Brock gasped as his slid one of his hand down Delia's body and reached under her to cup and squeeze one of her big tits that he loved playing with earlier.

"Oh! Some initiative. That's good. Now go a little harder and faster now Brock." Delia instructed him as she liked how he started playing with her breast without being told to.

Brock's enis was as hard as ever as the sight of seeing his penis going into Ash's mom's pussy like this was amazing. He grunted as he held tightly to her breasts as he enjoyed the sensations of being inside his friends mothers pussy. He slide one hand down the side of her body to her hip to balance himself again as he looked down and saw his penis thrust back into moist lips of her pussy.

"How do you feel Delia? Do you love your son's friends giant penis nailing you from behind?" May asked as she knew the question would make her more horny.

"Oh yes! I love every second of it." moaned Delia as Brock did his best to please her.

Brock bucked his hips hard and fast against her ass as his penis thrusted inside her pussy, causing her big tits to swing back and forth and beneath her body. Delia couldn't believe how amazing the sensations she was getting. Brock was still a younger boy but was almost a man and Delia had to try her hardest not to orgasm again. She was supposed to doing this to help teach Ash and Brock the different positions for their sexual education, not her own pleasure, but it seemed that both were occurring now. 

Delia was almost embarrassed by all the noise she and Brock were making now as the sounds of his penis thrusting in and out where making a lot of noise in combination with their moans and grunts. She had never been this loud while having sex with the kids before. Brock slammed his penis into her harder she felt and orgasm building yet again. She was saved as the three girls all called time in unison.

"Times up! Next partners!" the younger girls happily said together.

At the same time Brock had been doing Delia, Ash and Johanna were also going at it. Johanna felt the tip of Ash's penis press slowly into her pussy as she turned her head and looked directly into Ash's eyes as he continued to push it inside her. Ash enjoyed the view of her round ass facing him as his penis entered her pussy lips just below her ass. Johanna turned her head forward as the position was starting to hurt her neck a bit.

Johanna's dangling, milk-filled breasts hung below her body and they began swing back and forth as Ash began banging her pussy from behind. Dawn was the closest to her mom and she watched as her mother's breasts moved back and as she could see her nipples growing and becoming erect again as she had sex with Ash. Johanna turned her head to the side and gave her daughter a warm motherly smile as Dawn watched the reaction on her face as Ash continued non stop now.

"So do you like having sex with my mom again?" Dawn asked as she looked back at Ash having sex with her mom.

"Oh yeah!" he replied with a smile as he concentrated on his task.

"Well I'm next so you'll always get the contrast between mother and daughter and the satisfaction of doing both of us." Dawn told him as she tried to stir him up and make him more excited.

"Oh Ash, it's a long time since anyone played with my breasts and I also took one of those lacation pills earlier. My breasts need some work. Would you bend over and grab them with your hands as you continuing thrusting from behind?" Johanna asked hoping he would do as she suggestion.

"Okay." he replied as he slowly bent down onto her back so that his hand could reach under her to grab her dangling breasts.

Ash had a hard time trying to grab onto her breasts as he couldn't see them and they were dangling in every direction as he banged her from behind. Finally me managed to grab the two breasts in his hands and he began to massage them as he continued having sex with her.

"This feels so good." Johanna said as she loved how he was penetrating her pussy and playing with her breasts at the same time.

"Are you enjoying yourself Ash? Do you like playing with her breasts while having sex with her?" Misty said as she had turned to watch them go at it as she waited for her turn.

"This feels really good. Her pussy feels a bit different in this position, its tighter than in the missionary position." Ash replied.

"Keep playing with my breasts if you want Ash. I'm glad to know that at my age, my breasts are still playful and attractive to guys."Johanna said as she loved every second of this round.

Ash accepting her invitation as he lowered his entire body this time onto her back. His hands moved under her dangling and lovely tits as he continued to fondling each of them with his hand. They were definitely bigger than the younger girls breasts and they felt about the same size as his mom's breast that he had played with earlier. Ash pinched her nipples with his thumb and finger as they began to harden some more as he rolled them between his fingers and thumb.

"You feel so good. Now quickly, do it harder!" Johanna told him as she liked how he was playing with her nipples.

Ash didn't need any more encouragement as he grabs her hips again, letting go of her breasts and then began slamming into her hard. Ash kept pulling his penis almost completely out of her pussy just to the point where he could start to see the head of his penis again and would thrust it back in her vagina opening as she began meeting his thrusts in return.

"Times up! Next partners!" the younger girls happily said together as Johanna's turn with Ash was over faster than she wanted it to be.

May and Dawn were the next ones to have turns and they had spent the last minute watching Delia and Johanna show them how to do the position. At this point they didn't really think they needed a demonstration but the girls liked watching the mom's have sex with the younger guys.

"Alright guys. Get into position behind the girls for the next set." Johanna said as she felt Ash take his penis out of her pussy as she looked back to see him crawl over behind her daughter.

"So Brock, you think you can fit that big penis of yours in my pussy now that its going to be even tighter in this position?" May began to tease as she put her hand between her legs as was stroking her slit with her fingers as Brock moved into position behind her.

"I don't know, but I can always go over to Misty and see if it fits in her's first." Brock said as he wasn't going to be teased like he was by May in the last position.

"Looks like he got you there May." Misty said as she liked Brock's idea.

"Are you ready?" Johanna asked as she set the timer for this round.

Ash was in behind Dawn as she could sense that his penis was really close to her pussy but it wasn't touching her yet. Brock on the other hand was trying to tease May just like she had teased him and was slowly crawling towards her.

"Are you gonna tease me or are you going to have sex with me? The next round is going to start in a second!" May moaned as she knew Brock was paying her back.

"I'm getting there May. Wait your turn." Brock said as he finally began to put his penis into position.

Brock pressed his penis up against her pussy lips as May felt the familiar touch of his penis head almost penetrating her. She moaned as Brock slowly rubbed the head of penis along her wet tight slit. Her pussy lips were bunched together really tight and Brock was starting to think May might be right and he might actually have a hard time getting his large penis into her tightened pussy in this position.

"Begin!" Johanna said as she started the clock for this next set of partners.

Brock slid the head of his penis up and down May's slit a few more times before he slowly began to push it into her. Brock slid into May's pussy and he could begin to feel the tightness of her pussy rubbing against him. He did notice that her inner pussy lips had loosened up since the first time they had sex in the missionary position which made it a bit easier for his large penis to continue penetrating.

May moaned and started adjusting her hips as she felt Brock's penis continue to go deeper inside her. Brock instinctively grabbed her hips with his hands and braced himself as he increase the pressure of his penis's penetration. Brock was finally able to get most of his penis inside her in the doggy position and he felt his balls slap against her swollen pussy lips. 

"Oh wow your pussy really is tighter in this position May!" Brock groaned as he was having a hard time getting all his penis inside her.

Brock found this to be incredible as he was having sex with a gorgeous girl while she kneeling on the ground on her hands and knees in front of him. Brock began to thrust back and forth a few times, each time pushing a little deeper as he attempted to get his entire penis inside her in this position. Each time Brock thrust his penis, it caused May to moan and groan with pleasure.

"Brock.. Your penis is so big. It feels like your ripping me apart from behind." May said as she responded to his thrusts by slamming her hips back onto his penis.

"Oh yeah! You are getting it from me from behind now May! And this is for teasing me earlier. I hope you enjoy big penises. you little tease!" Brock said as he took one big thrust and he managed to get his entire penis inside her tight wet pussy in the doggy position.

May's eyes opened really wide and her mouth did too as she couldn't believe how rough Brock suddenly got as she felt his entire penis was now inside her. May and Brock began to work up a good rhythm as his penis went in and out of her pretty fast.

"How do you like the doggy position with May, Brock? Are you enjoying her tight wet pussy?" Misty said as she was watching Brock's penis penetrate her pussy.

"This is incredible!" was all Brock replied.

"Well don't go too fast so you get really tired. It's my turn next." Misty said as she was counting the seconds in her head till her turn and by her counting she knew there was only a few seconds left till her turn.

Brock stopped worrying about being gentle with May as he wanted to teach her a lesson about teasing him. Brock was pounding so deep into May now and she in turn was attempting to push back against him to meet with his thrusts but her body was starting to feel weak from all the work. May could feel his balls slapping against her as he thrust deeper and deeper into her. 

"Yeah, that it Brock. Show her that teasing you has consequences." Misty said as she knew May was enjoying it nonetheless.

"Shut up you two, I'm running out of time. Keep going Brock." May said as she knew her turn with Brock was pretty much over already.

"Times up!" Johanna announced as May was annoyed that her turn was over.

After having sex with Johanna, it was time for Ash to move on to his next partner which once again was Dawn. Dawn was making sure Ash got the taboo sensation while having sex with her and her mom. This made Dawn horny and she knew that it was probably making Ash just as horny.

Ash moved in behind Dawn as he enjoyed the view of her small tight ass that she wiggled it at him in an inviting manner as he moved closer to her. 

"Are you ready for some more mother, daughter action Ash?" Dawn said as her turned her head to look at Ash as she stayed in the doggy position awaiting him.

"You bet! I cannot wait." Ash said as he looked down at Dawn's pussy that was easily seen from his view.

"That's what I like to hear. It's good when friends have a good time while having sex. It's supposed to be enjoyable for all parties and it seems that you guys have got that part down good." Johanna said as she watched her daughter's friend move in behind her daughter just like he had with her moments earlier.

"Hey Ash, how about I guide you in to me this time." Dawn said as she wanted to have a bit more control in this position.

"Uh sure I guess." Ash said a bit confused by what she meant.

"That's a good idea Dawn. Ash move in close to Dawn so she can grab your penis with her hand so she can guide it to her pussy when she's ready for it." Johanna explained to Ash as she could see he seemed a bit confused.

"Alright." Ash said as he got in closer to her and Dawn reached between her legs with her hand and after a few seconds she grabbed a hold of his penis.

"Are you ready?" Johanna asked as she set the timer for this round.

"Ready!" Dawn said as she was ready to put Ash's penis inside her.

"Begin!" Johanna said as she started the clock for this next set of partners.

Holding his penis in her hand, Dawn easily found the wet opening to her pussy and she pulled his penis into her as the head of his penis began penetrating her. Dawn continue pushing it inside her while trying to balance her body with just the one free hand. After a few seconds, Dawn had managed to get Ash's penis almost all the way in but she would have to push her body against him in order to get the rest of the way. Dawn was glad to get her hand free so she could fully balance herself for the incoming assault from behind.

Ash liked how Dawn's hand felt around his penis especially when she was guiding it into her tight pussy. Dawn's ass cheeks looked really smooth and tight as well as he got a good look at her ass from this angle. He then started focusing on her pussy which was being penetrated by his penis. Unlike the older women in the room, Dawn's pussy was completely bald and her skin was really smooth to the touch.

"How do I feel around your penis Ash? Did you like me guiding into my body?" Dawn asked Ash as she looked back at him.

"It feels really good and your pussy is tight as well." Ash told her.

"I'm glad you like it. Now how about we get down to some action before we run out of time once again." Dawn said as she began moving her hips towards him.

"Okay! Here I go!" Ash said as he put his hands on her smooth ass cheeks he was looking at moments earlier and began thrusting against her motions.

Ash and Dawn slowly began a rhythm which caused Ash's balls to hit Dawn's pussy lips and clit. Her boobs began swaying below her and Ash could see her tits appear to the sides of her body every few thrusts. Dawn ground her pussy against Ash's penis and he loved how tight she was.

Johanna watched as her daughter had sex with her friend again. Johanna loved watching the younger ones go at it as it reminded her of herself at that age. She was still glad that Ash had found her attractive earlier and that he loved playing with her breasts. It made her feel young again, almost as young as her daughter is now. Johanna watched as Ash's penis continued its relentless thrusts into Dawn's pussy. Johanna could see her daughters pussy juices dripping and leaking on to Ash's penis. She so wanted to lick Ash's penis and her daughter's pussy right there and then but she realized that she needed to control her feelings and allow the kids to experience these positions as she was their instructor.

Moans of pleasure emanated from Ash and Dawn as they continued at it. 

"Show her how good it feels to get it hard and rough now Ash. Your just about out of time. Give it to her hard!" Johanna instructed as she watched Ash begin to thrust harder and faster.

"Dawn! Dawn!" was all Ash could say as he began thrusting harder in the doggy position.

"Oh Ash! It feels so good!" Dawn said as she loved the fact that Ash was having sex with her again.

Ash felt that Dawn's pussy did feel similar to Johanna's pussy in this position. Dawn was a bit tighter than her mother but both felt about the same. Dawn's ass cheek skin felt a bit smoother and tighter than her mothers but that was to be expected for a young girl her age compared to her older mother. Ash really liked having sex with Dawn and her mother and taking turns doing it with each of them was like a dream come true. 

"Times up!" Johanna announced as Ash couldn't believe his time with Dawn was up now too.

"It's time already?" Ash said as he had just got started with Dawn.

"Yup. Time for your next partner Ash." Johanna told him as he pulled his penis out of Dawn's pussy in a simlar manner that he had done with Johanna's pussy earlier.

"So how are you guys doing? Do you like the doggy position?" Delia asked as she was eagerly awaiting her son to do her again.

"I'm loving every second. Having sex in all these positions just changes the dynamic plus having multiple partners is quite amazing too." Brock said as he moved away from May who was his previous position partner.

"What about you honey? You still enjoying yourself?" Delia asked her son as she watched him pull out of Dawn.

"Oh you bet mom! This is great! I love it!" Ash said as he smiled back at his mom in response.

"You know, I'm quite impressed with you guys so far. You haven't cummed yet but all of us have orgasmed at least once already. Good job guys. Your really showing your strength and stamina just like you did in the first position. Keep it up." Johanna complemented them.

"Thanks." Brock and Ash both replied.

"Would you guys all stop talking. I want to have my turn now. I've been waiting patiently while you guys had your turn." Misty said as she was getting anxious.

"Alright Misty. Let's get started again. Since Misty is in the middle and has to wait the longest, how about we give her a little bit of a reward for waiting for her turn." Johanna said as everyone knew she was planning something.

"Sounds good to me." Misty replied hoping to get the ball rolling again.

"May and Dawn, get down below Misty's breasts and each of you suck her tits. Her breasts are probably filled with milk now too as I can see her breasts look quite big now." Johanna instructed the other two girls.

Dawn and May both looked at each other with excited looks on their faces as they hear what Johanna had instructed them to do. Both of them didn't hesitate and quickly began shifting their bodies out of the doggy position and moved their heads under Misty's body. Misty was surprised to hear what was going on but didn't move as she watched May and Dawn get between her arms and legs where her breasts were dangling between.

"Alright now, since both of the guys cannot do Misty at the same time, they will take turns doing Misty and then will go back to form our line and finish off this round. How about you start Ash. Get into position behind Misty." Johanna continued as she gave out her instructions.

"Okay!" Ash said as he moved in behind Misty.

"Now Brock, stay on your knees and move in front of Misty. While Ash is doing her from behind, you will do Misty's mouth at the same time and then you and Ash will switch positions while the girls keep sucking Misty's tits." Johanna said as Misty's eyes opened wide as she heard all that was going to be happening to her.

"Alright!" Brock said as he also did what he was told and began to move in front of Misty.

"I don't think I'll be able to take much of this with all of you guys going at me like this." Misty said as she was getting a bit anxious as her friends all got into position around her in their various positions.

"It's okay Misty. Just let your friends pleasure you and take it as it comes. You'll enjoy every second of it." Delia said as she knew Misty was going to have the time of her life here in a few seconds.

"Will go for a minute and then the guys will change. Is everyone in position?" Johanna said as she watched as all the kids were about to go to town on Misty.

"We're ready!" they all replied.

"Alright, the clock starts now!" Johanna said as she was thrilled to be watching all the young bodies start going at it.

May and Dawn were the first to start on Misty as they had laid down already and their mouth's were opened waiting to suck on her tits. May heard Johanna tell them to start and May moved her head up to Misty's right breast as her mouth began sucking on the dangling tit in front it her. Dawn did a similar move with Misty's engorged left breast as she saw May begin sucking on Misty in her peripheral vision. Eager not to be outdone by her friend May, Dawn began sucking on Misty's other tit. The two girls were already enjoying sucking Misty's tits but not as much as Misty herself was. She felt her two friends lips touch her tits and then begin sucking on them. She had never experienced anything like this and she knew it was about to get even better.

Misty looked up to see Brock kneeling in front of her with his erect penis sticking out almost in her face. Misty reached forward and took his big penis in her hand and stroked it slowly. Misty loved how big it was as she watched as Brock put his hands on her head and slowly began to guide his body towards Misty as she let go of his penis and opened her mouth wide to receive it. Brock began putting his penis in her mouth as Misty took more and more of his penis. Misty wanted to take all of him, but she knew that she couldn't. Brock's penis was just too big for her.

Brock gasped out loud as he felt Misty begin to circle her tongue around his penis inside her mouth. Misty could taste some of the pussy juices of the other girls on his penis as she sucked it. It had been a long time since Misty had sucked a penis and it reminded her how fun and good it was.

At the other end, Ash managed to collect himself and he put his penis into her pussy from behind. He pushed his hard penis into her waiting pussy and Misty let out a loud moan which startled Ash so he stopped.

"Keep going Ash. She'll adjust." Delia told her son as he did as he listened to her instructions.

Ash withdrew slightly and then slowly pushed his penis back inside her pussy. He rocked his penis in and out a few times and then started giving Misty long slow thrusts. Ash was surprised when Misty moved her hips and pushed back against him. He could tell that Misty was starting to enjoy the feeling and was getting accustom to the position. He could tell that she was now urging him on and he decided to go a bit harder now. 

He began thrusting in and out of her with a nice steady rhythm as he could see that Brock was doing her mouth as the girls were sucking on her tits all at the same time. Ash couldn't begin to imagine how Misty felt right now, but the way that her pussy was clamping on to his penis made him feel really good. She couldn't believe how wet she had become. He'd never had sex with her when she'd been this wet. Inside her pussy was also quite warm as he felt his balls slapped against her ass for the first time as he thrust his entire penis inside her.

"Oh Misty! We're all doing you at the same time!" Ash said as he looked at his other friends who were all pleasuring Misty at the same time.

"This is amazing!" Misty gasped as she took Brock's penis out only for a second to reply.

"Do you like what they are doing Misty?" Delia asked as she was envious of Misty now as she watched everyone.

Misty didn't respond this time and she just nodded her head in acknowledgment as she began to squirm a bit from all the activity and then quickly gasped for air before Brock began thrusting his penis into her mouth. Brock now had about half his penis in Misty's mouth while Ash had his entire penis in Misty's tight wet pussy. Once again Ash could feel Misty's pussy muscles squeeze down tight against his penis as he thrusted.

May cupped Misty's breast and started to massage the large orb that was filled with milk as she slowly sucked on the tit. She knew she had a little longer than the guys this time to work on Misty so she started off a bit slower. Misty's breasts both sagged a little but the skin felt soft and it was very firm. 

May was getting eager to taste Misty's milk and she began sucking on her tit harder and harder but nothing was coming out. May decided to squeeze her breast as she sucked and within moments of doing that milk started to flow out of Misty's breast and into May's mouth. May had been a bit unsure about how much she'd enjoy breast milk but as soon as she tasted it she loved it. The whole process of sucking Misty's tits while milking her was making May horny again. May lay there and began sucking at a steady pace as she across to Misty's other breast which Dawn was working on. She also seemed to be enjoying the whole experience as much as she was.

Dawn was able to move her whole face into Misty's other breast so she could get better coverage as her tongue was flick backing and forth over her nipple. Like May had found out moments earlier, no milk was coming out of Misty's tit, so Dawn pressed her hand against Misty's breast firmly and continued to suck harder. Dawn was surprised at how much milk she had as it began flowing into her mouth. Dawn suckled at her swollen tit as she began swallowing mouthful after mouthful of her milk

Misty's eyes were fixed on Brock's penis as she could feel the head of his penis start to enter her throat. She knew it would be too tight but she was able to relax it enough as it began to slid down. Misty began breathing through her nose but that still didn't stop her from swallowing a few times which sent sensational thrills up Brock's penis. Misty pulled his penis out of her throat but Brock forced it back down again as she attempted to swallow as much of his penis as she could.

Ash found himself looking down at his penis as it disappeared into his friends pussy with each of his thrusts. He watched Misty's pussy lips just barely expand enough to accommodate his penis as it stretched with each movement. 

"How does it feel Ash? Is she as tight as Dawn and I?" Johanna asked as she was watching him now.

"Oh she's tight. Her pussy muscles keep clamping down on me." Ash told her.

"Don't stop then. Keep going. Your time is almost up." Johanna told him. 

May continued to suck and swallow as the spurts of milk continued to fill her mouth as she sucked. May could tell Misty was going crazy as she was finding it harder and hard to stay attached to her tit as Misty was squirming all over the place now.

Dawn carefully pressed her teeth down around the base of Misty nipple and gently squeezed down on the nipple. A forceful squirt of milk splashed into the back of Dawn's mouth as Misty couldn't take anymore of this. Between Dawn and May sucking her tits, Ash's nailing her from behind and Brock thrusting into her mouth, it became too much.

"Yes! Ah! I'm cumming!" Misty said as she had to take Brock's penis out of her mouth.

Misty's body was trembling and Ash could feel her pussy twitch around his penis. The girls were treated to a large splash of milk as well as they hadn't been accustom to so much milk coming out so fast that they had to start swallowing faster to keep up. Brock looked down and watched Misty's facial reactions as she orgasmed. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be enjoying every second of the pleasure.

"And that's time!" Johanna said as she instructed everyone to stop what they were doing as Misty continued with her orgasm.

Everyone watched as Misty's knees started to buckle a bit but Ash grabbed on to her to balance her so she didn't fall onto the girls. Misty's climax filled her body and she loved every moment.

"So were you nervous?" Delia asked Misty after her orgasm finally finished.

"Just a little. I didn't know what to expect at first but it felt so good once we all got started. Thanks guys you were great." Misty told her as she was still catching her breath.

"Well get prepared for it one more time Misty as will start again in a few moments." Johanna told her so she would get prepared.

"Did you girls enjoy sucking Misty's milk? Did it taste good to you?" Delia asked the girls as she wondered what their opinions were.

"That was really amazing. I wasn't getting any milk at first, but with a bit of extra effort, Misty began lactating quite well and it tasted a lot better than I thought it would." May said as she explained her earlier experience.

"Yeah. I was the same way. I was also surprised how good it tasted. I loved swallowing it as it tasted so sweet and smooth. I could get really used to sucking girls milk." Dawn said as she wondered how her own milk tasted as she had also taken the lactation pill earlier.

"How about you Brock, have you liked having sex with your friends like this?" Delia asked Brock who was still watching Misty.

"Oh definitely Mrs. Ketchum. I'm holding off the best I can but at this rate I'm not going to last much longer." Brock told her as he knew any more activities like this and he was going to blow his load.

"Alright then. Will let you and Ash cum at the end of this position, so keep it going till then. You all look so hot together. I'm getting so horny again myself." Delia said as she loved watching but was looking forward to her turn again.

"Oh thank goodness. I'm also getting close too so I might have to go a bit slower to stay alert." Ash said as

"Well lets start again then shall we?" Johanna said as she reset the stopwatch.

"Okay!" They all said in unison.

Ash and Brock switched places but the girls stayed where they were. May and Dawn both noticed drips of milk were now pooling at the ends of Misty's nipples and any second enough will have built up for it to drop. The girls really enjoyed sucking the milk out of Misty's breasts and they both didn't realize how fun and exciting it would be and they couldn't wait to continue.

"Okay begin!" Johanna said as she started the clock again.

Ash's penis was still hard and erect from doing Misty's pussy when it came into her view in front of her. Ash moved the head of his penis and rested it on Misty's lips. She started to lick it all over as Ash slowly began to push inch by inch in to her pretty mouth. 

"How does he taste?" Ash asked Misty as he saw his penis enter her mouth this time.

"Mmm! It's quite wet and a little sticky but tastes pretty good." Misty replied as she momentarily took it out of her mouth.

"Well it better considering it was just in your pussy. Some of your pussy juices are still on it." Ash said as Misty had completely forgotten about that fact.

"Oh that's right! In that case, it tastes even better!" Misty said as she didn't want to put herself down after hearing that.

Ash pushed his penis back into her mouth as Misty was now licking and sucking Ash's penis which had juices all over it from her own pussy. For a second Misty thought she was dreaming but what Ash had said finally clicked in but that didn't stop her from continuing to suck and lick his penis in her mouth.

Brock ran his penis up and down the length of Misty's pussy to lubricate himself with all the pussy juices that he could see that had spurted out before he put the head of his penis against her quite visible pussy hole. It was still a bit stretched open from when Ash had done Misty so it didn't take much pressure before the head slipped into her pussy. Misty moaned as she felt herself back in the position she was a few moments earlier except the guys had switched places. 

Brock continue to push inch after inch of his thick penis into Misty's pussy and then began to thrust his penis in and out of his friend ever so slowly at first but getting faster and faster with every inch he put in. Waves of pleasure were hitting Misty again as she could feel the difference in the size of Brock's penis compared to Ash's as it was stretching her pussy even wider.

"Oh yeah! This feels great!" Misty said as she was in heaven once again and Ash now began to thrust his penis in and out of her mouth.

"There's about half to go in still!" Brock said as Misty couldn't believe what she heard as it felt like his whole penis was already inside her.

May and Dawn both began sucking on Misty's tits again as the milk quickly began to flow again filling their mouths as they drank every last drop. Misty could tell by the way she was being milked by them that they were getting the hang of it this time and were getting quite good at it. They had caught on to the whole sucking milk out quite well.

Misty continued to lick up and down Ash's penis until she finally took the entire penis in her mouth. Just like she had done with Brock earlier, Ash's penis entered deep into her throat as she adjusted her breathing accordingly. Misty's mouth was completely full of Ash's hard and erect penis but she still able to moan as she felt Brock thrusting her from behind and the two girls continuing to suck on her tits. 

Time seemed to be going by faster this time and the round was coming to and end fast. Misty continued deep-throating Ash as she almost got her mouth to the base of Ash's penis which was something she hadn't even come close to doing with Brock's penis. Misty continued sucking on his penis for a few more seconds as she felt it twitch and expand in her mouth. She knew she was him close to climax but that didn't matter to her at all.

At Misty's other end, Brock was still trying to get his entire penis in her pussy in the doggy position. Misty's hips moved in the same rhythm, wiggling from side to side and driving back against Brock's thrusts. He gripped her hips harder as they moved against each other.

"This feels so good! It's really tight." Brock said as he almost got his penis inside her completely.

"You look so sexy doing that Brock." Delia said as she watched Brock pound Misty,

Brock could see the pussy juices starting to flow again from his friends pussy and it thrilled him to know he was part of the reason she was feeling so good. Brock moaned and closed his eyes as he continued pounding Misty's pussy.

"How's it going Brock? You haven't cum yet, have you? The round is up in a few seconds so hand in there." Johanna asked Brock.

"I'm pretty close but I'll manage." Brock said as he slowed his pace a bit to help him regain some of his strength.

"Well that's time now!" Johanna said as the guys were grateful they'de both gotten through another round without cumming.

Misty didn't have enough time to build up to another climax but she was still more than happy with the amazing climax her friends had given her. She had never felt so good and she as already looking forward to the next time.

"Alright everyone. Let's get back into the line and back into position. Misty you can keep track of the times for the remaining rounds since your turn is up now. I hope you enjoyed your turn." Johanna said as she passed the watch onto her again.

"Oh I sure did. I enjoyed every second of it." Misty replied as the guys both stood up and got out of the way so the girls could get back into the doggy position on all fours.

"So lets see, who's turn is it now? Ah yes, Ash with May and Brock with Dawn. Were almost done this position already." Johanna continued.

May and Dawn were both excited to get another turn now, this time with the other guy. Ash and Brock took their positions behind the girls who were anxiously awaiting them to put their penis's inside their pussies.

"When ready, go!" Misty said as she started the round fast.

Ash straddled May in the doggy position as he put both arm around May's body as he leaned over and thrust his penis in her pussy. Her pussy enlarged as it slowly accepted his penis as Ash's hands found her large breasts he so loved to look at and he began squeezing and rubbing them as he penetrated her. Her pussy felt a lot different than Misty's mouth which his penis had just been in. There was no tongue licking his penis as it went in but her tight and wet pussy felt just as good.

As Ash had done with the previous girls, he began pumping his hips as his balls began to slap against May's swollen pussy lips as his penis slid in and out of her tight pussy. Ash could tell May was enjoying it just like Misty had as her breathing was deep and she was moaning. Ash could feel his balls start to tighten so he knew he needed to slow down a bit. May could tell Ash was slowing down and wondered why he couldn't keep up the pace.

"Faster Ash, faster! Come on! Hurry up!" May encouraged him.

"If I go any faster all blow my load right now! I need to go a bit slower." Ash said as he twisted May's nipples with his fingers to distract her to the fact that he wasn't going as fast as he normally could.

"Ah! That feels good! I love it when you play with my tits." May said as she was enjoying the foreplay and was a bit distracted by the fact that he wasn't thrusting as fast.

May slide her hips backwards towards Ash's body as his penis went deep into her tight pussy. 

"Oh, yeah! It's in deeper now..." May sighed softly as she managed to push his penis further inside her.

Brock was also in a similar position now with Dawn as he too was attempting to pace himself. Brock gently pushed his penis into her as Dawn could feel his penis pushing at the entrance to her wet pussy. She could then feel the outer lips part as it began to accept his penis head it slowly entered her vagina. She could tell Brock was taking it a bit slower than normal but it was still filling her with pleasure as he penetrated her pussy. Her body was shaking with emotion as she could feel more of his penis inside her. 

"Oh Brock..." Dawn moaned softly as she was enjoying this gentle side of Brock as his hands slid up to rest on her hips. 

"Dawn, you're so beautiful. I love watching my penis enter your beautiful pussy." Brock said as his hands now grip her soft ass.

"You both look beautiful having sex together. I could watch you guys do that all day." Johanna said as she watched her daughter have sex with her friend once again.

Dawn got really turned on by Brock's complement and closed her eyes. Brock slowly continued penetrating her deeper and deeper as she gave little gasps each time his penis slid further into her. Brock would buck a bit each time which caused Dawn's breasts to bounce around energetically. 

Brock leaned over Dawn's body and grabbed her breasts and began squeezing her nipples between his fingers. Dawn loved the feeling of his large hands against her breasts and the easily cupped her dangling breasts. Brock had seen Dawn's breasts sway a few times and watching them was almost too much for him as he wanted to play with them badly. Her breasts were the firmest of all the girls as he felt them in his hands.

Brock could feel her pussy grabbing hold of every inch of his penis as it entered her and if felt like it was never going to let go of his penis. Brock refused to do any thrusting as he knew if he did any if might send him over the edge, so he continued with slowly penetrating his penis deep into her pussy. He managed to get about 8 inches of his large penis inside her and he knew that he was going to bottom out if he went any further. He could always penetrate into her womb, but that required a lot of effort and it was even tighter than her vagina.

"Oh Brock... Oh Brock! Keep doing that! It feels so wonderful!" Dawn responded as Brock could feel her cervix touching the head of his penis now.

"Do you like that? Do you want some more of it?" Brock said hoping she'd be satisfied with what he was already doing.

"Yes! Put it all inside! I want all of you inside me." Dawn said as she wanted to feel all of him inside her.

"Are you sure? It might hurt a little at first if I try to get it into your womb." Brock said as he tried to explain it to her.

"Dawn, that can hurt quite a bit you know. Brock's penis is quite big and a woman's cervix isn't supposed to be penetrated." Johanna told her daughter after she heard what her daughter and Brock were talking about.

"I'll be fine. Just hurry up and do it. You did it with Misty before and she loved it, now do it with me." Dawn said as she waited for him to go in deeper.

"Okay here I go." Brock said as he began pushing against her cervix. 

Brock held on to Dawn tighter and began pushing down harder on her so he could plunge his penis into her the rest of the way. The head of his penis slowly began pushing past her cervix but it was requiring a lot of effort and strength on Brock's part as it was resisting him. Dawn began to wiggling around a lot as she was trying to get comfortable and relax a bit as she felt him slowly penetrate her further. She was even tighter now as her pussy muscles contracted as the pain from her cervix was starting to affect her.

Brock continued to slowly push the entire length of his penis into her little pussy until just the head was inside her womb. His hands were still holding her body tight as he pushed a little bit more into her until he finally bottomed out and was completely inside her.

"Oh!! It's in!" Dawn said as the pain was starting to subside a bit as she could feel Brock's penis really deep inside her.

"Wow Dawn. You managed to get it all inside you. I'm impressed! How does it feel?" Johanna asked her daughter as she couldn't believe that Brock was able to get it all inside.

"He feels really good mom! I love it. Hold it there for the rest of the time if you can Brock." Dawn said as she had her eyes closed.

"I'll try." Brock said as he was having to force himself to stay inside her without cumming as it was so tight.

"Well that's only a few more seconds." Misty said as she watched the clock approach the 1 minute mark.

"Oh, Brock! I'm cumming now!" Dawn said as she pushed her ass back harder against Brock as he felt her pussy shake around his penis as her orgasm started.

Brock knew if he stayed inside her while she cummed he wouldn't be able to last either so he quickly pulled out of her as she felt waves of pulsating pleasure overtake her entire body. Like Misty earlier, her knees began to buckle but Brock saw that and quickly grabbed a hold of her so she didn't hit the floor hard.

"Well it looks like she enjoyed that a lot." Johanna said as she had watched her daughter orgasm.

"This round is over. Time for the last round in the doggy position!" Misty said as she could tell that both the guys were really tired now.

Brock sat down on the floor and he breathed heavily as he tried to recover some of his lost strength. Ash pulled his penis out of May's pussy and propped himself against the side of the bed and rested as well.

"It looks like the guys are getting tired. I guess 5 girls at once can be a bit strenuous." Delia said as she smiled but was impressed with the guys.

"How about we give them a few minutes rest so they have some time to recover to do us Delia." Johanna asked Ash's mom.

"I think that's a good idea. They should be ready to go again in a few minutes, right guys?" Delia asked the boys who were both visibly tired.

"Ugh.. yeah." they both replied as they didn't seem as enthusiastic as they had earlier.

"What kind of a response is that? You guys should be excited! You need to thank your mom, besides if it wasn't for her none of us would be doing this right now, would we?" Misty said as she was a bit angry by the fact that the guys weren't excited.

"Um, I guess your right. I'm sorry. It's just I'm getting tired. It's hard trying to please all of you to the best of my ability." Ash replied as he was now making Misty feel abit sorry for yelling at him as she knew both Ash and Brock had been doing an amazing job up till then.

"It's okay Misty. Let them rest. We can wait. They'll be ready to go again shortly. I know my Ash." Delia said a she smiled at her son.

The guys rested as the girls all talked about their sexual experiences from the day. While they all talked and discussed how they felt and some of the other positions they'de like to try, Ash and Brock both listened on and began to get horny all over again. The excessive sex had made them tired and weak but now they were almost ready to go again.

Ash's final partner in the doggy position would be his mom. He opened his eyes to see all the girls in the center of the room giggling and talking together. They weren't paying much attention to him so he just watched them and looked over all their naked bodies. He couldn't believe all 5 girls were all naked and it was if he was dreaming. 

Ash's attention was drawn back to his mom who he loved deeply. Her nipples weren't fully erect like they were earlier and her breasts were now smaller since he and Brock had drained all the milk of of them earlier but he still starred at her naked flesh in front of him. It didn't take long for Delia to notice that her son was now looking at her and she loved the fact that it looked like he was enjoying what he saw.

"Well it looks like Ash is almost ready again. He's been starring at me for the last minute or so. Do you like what you see?" Delia said as she moved her body around a bit with different sexy poses.

"I love looking at you naked. Your tits are perfect and seeing you naked has always turned me on since the first day I saw you naked." Ash told her as it made her blush a bit.

"How about you Brock? Are you ready again?" Johanna said as she also saw Brock looked rested now.

"Yeah I think I'm ready to go again." Brock said as he got up off the floor as all the girls instantly watched as his penis became fully erect again and they were all smiling at the sight.

"It sure looks like you're ready!" May blurted out as the girls all giggled again.

"Alright, let's get into position Delia." Johanna said.

"Okay!" Delia said as the two older women got back on the floor into the doggy position as they awaited the younger guys to do them.

"I'll reset the clock for the final round in this position then. Guy get into position." Misty said as she instructed the guys to get behind Delia and Johanna.

"Oh! I've been fantasizing about this for while now." Delia said as she watched her son move around behind her.

"Fantasizing about what?" Ash asked his mother.

"You know.. I've been watching you do everyone else in the doggy position and now its finally my turn to do it with you." Delia told her son as she was getting more and more horny by the second.

"You mean your getting turned on by the fact I'll be having sex with you?" Ash said as he was also getting a bit excited knowing that his mom was also excited.

"That's right. I cannot wait." Delia said as she eagerly await him to put his penis inside her for the second time that day.

Ash and Brock were both ready to finish off this round and this position. The rest had done them well and they had regained a lot of their energy and strength. They both got on their knees and into position behind Johanna and Delia as they awaited the indication to start.

"It looks like you guys are ready, so, begin!" Misty said as she started the clock for the final round.

Ash had been looking down at his mother's pussy as his penis was eagerly awaiting the start of the round so he could put it inside her. He heard Misty start the round and Ash couldn't believe that his was about to enter his mother's pussy yet again. Every time he had sex with his mother, it always seemed a bit different than with the other girls, even with Dawn's mom who was about the same age as Delia. There was just something about having sex with his mom that drove Ash wild.

Delia could feel her son's penis head press against her pussy as it began entering her pussy again. The sensation of having her son's penis going inside her pussy was so incredible.

"Does it feel good, Ash? Does Mommy's pussy feel good?" Delia asked her son as she turned her head enough so she could see him.

"Oh yes, Mom! It feels incredible!" Ash said as he continued to push more of his penis inside her.

"You like the feel of your penis inside your own mother, don't you?" Dawn asked in a sexy voice as she watched the two of them start.

"Oh you bet I do!" Ash said as he began thrusting in and out of his mother's pussy as his friends watched him have sex with his mother.

"Oh my, yes Ash! Keep going!" Delia said as she loved how her son felt inside her.

Ash began holding her hips and pulling his mother against his body as he began slamming his penis into her pussy harder and faster with each thrust. Delia decided to help him out by thrusting her ass back against him as he pushed into her. Ash could feel his mother's muscles expand and contract around his penis each time he thrust his penis in and out.

"You said you liked my breasts and tits but do you like my ass and pussy just as much? 

"I love your pussy, Mom! It feels so good around my penis and your ass looks amazing from this view. This is just amazing!" Ash said as he quickly replied to his mother's question.

"I appreciate the compliment Ash. I'm glad you enjoy my body. You are such a sweet son and I'm so glad were able to connect like this together." Delia said as she was as horny as ever.

Delia's pussy was now soaked and Ash was able glide in and out of her with ease. She wasn't as tight as Dawn, May or Misty but Ash's didn't care as it still felt just as good when her pussy muscles moved around his hard penis inside her.

"This feels so good mom!" Ash told his mom as he continued doing her from behind.

"It feels good for me too Ash!" Delia told him as her breasts bounced around with each of his thrusts against her body.

"I can't believe you're fucking your mom again Ash." May said as she watched mother and son go at it.

"It's so hot watching them isn't it? I'm getting turned on again just watching them." Dawn said as she too was excited just watching them.

"There is something about watching a mother and son have sex that is so wrong, but that's what makes it so exciting to watch!" Misty said as she too was enjoying watch she saw.

"For sure!" May replied as she couldn't take her eyes off them.

Ash pulled out and slid forward in one long stroke pushing his penis all the way to the hilt as his balls came to rest against her pussy lips. Ash and Delia both moaned and exhaled a bit as he went back to smaller thrusts.

Right beside Ash and Delia, Brock and Johanna were getting ready to go at it. Brock had always enjoyed looking and feeling a nice ass and Dawn's mom certainly has a nice ass. Johanna had the biggest ass of all the girls in the room and from the angle that Brock was looking at it as he awaited to put his penis inside her pussy, it looked really sexy as her pussy lips protruded just past the outline of her ass. 

Brock heard Misty tell them to start and he slipped his penis inside her pussy. Brock looked down at her pussy lips as they flowered open to receive his big penis. He could start to feel her pussy expand inside as he pushed his penis in further. Brock put his hands on the ass that he had been starring at earlier as he prepared to start thrusting in and out of her.

"Oh it's big! Give me a second to get used to this big penis of yours first Brock." Johanna said as she was even more impressed with how her daughter was able to take it all earlier.

"Okay I'll go slowly for a bit till your ready." Brock said as he did what he was told.

"Alright just go slowly then. Your penis is really big." Johanna said once again amazed by it.

For the next several seconds Brock moved his penis back and forth in her pussy until his he could feel the pussy juices starting to form again which made it easier for him to penetrate her. For an older woman who had already had a child, Johanna was still in great physical shape and but she had tiny body compared to Brock's muscular body.

Johanna's swollen lips were getting wider as Brock began to slide into her further. He slowly increased his pace pushing more and more of his penis in until about 8 inches were inside her. He realized that Johanna's vagina was a bit longer than Dawn's as he was able to get more of it inside her without having to go past her cervix like he did with Dawn.

"Oh Brock, you feel so good inside me." Johanna said as she felt more of his penis in her.

That's all Brock need to hear as he started thrusting fast now. Johanna's body was shaking with pleasure as Brock could feel her pussy vibrate a bit against his penis. Johanna pushed her body against Brock's as most of his penis slid inside her. The two started a nice rhythm together finally as they were both starting to enjoy each other.

"You're pussy feels really good too." Brock replied as he had now closed his eyes to concentrate on his motions.

"Please make me cum! Make me cum like you made my daughter cum! I want to cum with your nailing me from behind." Johanna said as Brock was going at her fast now.

With each thrust Brock's balls would swing and hit Johanna's protruding and enlarged clit. She loved feeling his balls hit her clit each time as it sent a jolt all over her body.

"Oh, my! You feel so big back there. I'm almost there!" Johanna said as she could feel her body building to a climax.

They both continued building up the rhythm and Brock pounded her pussy as hard as he could now which cause their bodies to rock around. The moaning and groaning also continued as Brock pushed his hips forwards causing his hard penis to almost go all the way into her pussy which caused her to cry out loud from the deep penetration. Brock followed up with a few smaller strokes and then shoved the whole thing back in with one big push. This drove Johanna over the edge as she began to climax.

Dawn had been too busy watching Ash and Delia to remember that her mother and Brock were also going at it. It wasn't until her mother started screaming and moaning from her orgasm that she turned to watch them. Dawn watched her mother's reaction as her orgasm filled her body and Brock continued thrusting into her as she climaxed. Dawn knew exactly how her mother felt at that exact moment as she had felt the same way earlier with Brock. It hadn't been even a minute and Brock's large penis had managed to get Johanna to orgasm.

Misty looked down at the clock to see that there was only 10 seconds left. It was clear that Delia wasn't going to orgasm like Johanna just did but she could tell that she was still enjoying every second with her son. Ash continued doing his mom until he heard Misty say the familiar words.

"Times up! Position over!" Misty exclaimed as Brock and Ash both stopped and once again rested as they pulled out of their respective women.

"That was great Ash. I enjoyed every second. I hope you did too." Delia said as she turned and faced her son.

"I sure did mom. Thanks." Ash said as he smiled back at her.

"It sounds like you also enjoyed yourself mom." Dawn said as she saw that her mom was finally recovering from her orgasm.

"Oh it was good. I now know how you felt earlier. Brock's really good. His large penis is enough to make any girl cum fast." Johanna said as she was panting a bit as she tried to catch her breath.

"I think it's time that we fulfilled our promise now and allow the guys to cum finally since they've been really good at pleasuring us." May said as she realized how hard the guys had both been working.

"You're right May. Let's make sure they don't forget it." Dawn said as she also wanted the guys to feel good.

"Ash, Brock, why don't you two stand up and let us girls take care of you now." Delia said as she instructed them to get up.

"Okay." They said as they both stood up in the middle of the room in front of all the girls.

"Alright girls, kneel in front of the guys and will all do our best to pleasure them at the same time." Delia said as she was the first to kneel in front of her son.

"Woo hoo!" the girls all said as the knelt down in front of Ash and Brock.

"When you guys are ready to cum, let us know so we can get into position so it will land all over our faces." Delia said as she told the guys their instructions.

"Okay." the guys both responded again as they were looking forward to the girls attention.

Ash's mother started kissing the head of his penis and then began running her tongue all of the way down the length of his penis. As she licked his shaft, May moved into position and began kissing the head and then licked the other side of his shaft while his mother worked on the other side. 

Ash was already getting some of the most amazing pleasure that he have ever experienced in his life until Misty moved into position as well as kissed his penis head just like his mom and May had done moments earlier but they were still licking his penis. The three girls kept going back and forth and taking turns while doing different licking and sucking techniques on his penis. Ash was getting ready to blast his load already but he knew the girls would be upset if he cummed this quickly so he did his best to make sure he didn't.

"So for your reward for getting us both to cum Brock, were going to give you the best mother-daughter double blowjob in the world." Johanna said as she smiled at Brock as she looked up at him.

"You are going to love every second of it too!" Dawn said as she couldn't wait to do this with her mom.

"You girls are so slutty!" Brock said to them as they moved into position.

Johanna didn't say another word as she opened her mouth and quickly engulfed Brock's penis. Brock's engorged penis went into her mouth and she began moving her tongue around it. It felt similar to what Misty had done earlier but Johanna was a lot better at it than Misty was. She had obviously had a lot more experience at sucking guys penises.

"Oh yeah! That feels incredible. You really know how to suck it, don't you?" Brock said to Johanna as he was enjoying every second.

"I bet it feels good. But its going to feel even better right now." Dawn replied for her mother as she began to lick his balls with her tongue.

"Suck them, sweetheart!" Johanna said as she took his penis out of her mouth an began licking around the head of his penis.

"I think Ash's penis needs some more motherly attention." May said as she licked Ash's penis shaft on the one side.

"Delia, give your son a nice hot blowjob just like I'm giving Brock one." Johanna said as she turned to look at the other three girls going at Ash.

" No need to tell me twice!" as Delia didn't waste a second as she opened her mouth and put her son's penis right inside her experienced mouth. 

May and Misty switched to licking Ash's balls while Delia started sucking up and down. Delia would take almost his entire penis into her mouth as the younger girls licked their tongues and began sucking each ball very gently. Ash had to close his eyes pleasure was getting too much for him. He could feel his body starting to build up to the enevitable climax.

"I am going to cum pretty soon if you keep this up." Ash told them.

Delia pulled her son's penis out of her mouth and motioned for the girls to move their faces right next to hers. The three of them all put their hands on Ash's penis and began to stroke his penis together. The started pumping faster and faster until he knew he couldn't last any longer.

"I'm cumming!" Ash cried as he started spurting blast after blast of his cum at the girls.

Delia opened her mouth and the girls did so as well as spurts of Ash's cum began landing on their tongues, faces, and lips. The pill Ash had taken earlier was really working as he kept expelling one blast of cum after the other. The faces were getting covered with his hot cum and they were loving every second of it. The cum that landed in their mouth's was quickly swallowed as they awaited more to land.

Finally after almost 30 seconds, Ash had expelled all the cum he had all over the girls. His eyes were closed the entire time so he didn't see what was happening but as soon as he opened them he saw that they were covered in his cum. The three girls were scraping the cum of their faces and swallowing it as his vision came into focus. He couldn't believe how much cum he'd produced and had shot off.

"Wow Ash! Did that feel good to cum finally?" Misty said as she smiled at her friend.

"That ... was.. amazing!" Ash said as he was breathing hard as he tried to catch his breath.

"You were awesome Ash! Just look at all this cum!" May said as she licked her fingers as she loved the taste of his cum.

"I'm glad you liked that Ash. Look at all the cum. It's all over my body. It's dripping everywhere!" Ash's mother said as he could see that his cum was dripping off her face onto the rest of her naked body.

Johanna and Dawn were making sure that Brock would cum as well as they were going to town on his penis. Johanna knew she was good at giving blowjobs and after hearing Ash cum moments earlier she knew Brock wasn't going to last much longer either. Johanna began to suck and lick his penis as fast and as hard as she could now as he moaned and quivered as the two did their job on him.

"I can feel it building now!" Brock said as he gave them a warning.

"Quick Dawn, get up here and open your mouth wide." Johanna told her daughter as she quickly got up and pressed her cheek against her mothers.

"Ugh!" was all Brock could say as he also began shooting his load finally.

Splash after splash of his cum began landing on the two girls face. Just like the other girls had done, they swallowed his cum and awaited for more to arrive. Johanna and Dawn both smiled at each other as his cum continued to land on them. They loved doing this together and they both knew that there would be many more times like this now where mother and daughter would pleasure a guy together.

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