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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 32 - Caught up in the fun!

Brock finally began recovering from his climax that sent cum all over Johanna and Dawn. The mother and daughter team had lived up to their initial boasting and had given Brock and amazing orgasm. The fact that the whole mother and daughter thing was a bit taboo added to the overall erotic sensation of the entire situation.

"That was amazing... You're both very talented when it comes to blowjobs." Brock said as he was breathing heavily still.

"Why thank you Brock. I hope you enjoyed every second of it." Johanna said as she was still on the floor looking at all the cum that was still on her daughter.

"That pill really does work, huh mom? We're both covered in cum." Dawn said as she looked at her mom who also had a lot of Brock's cum still on her.

"It's still working as we speak. It will start creating more cum and build up in their balls, so they should have some more fun in a bit." Johanna told her daughter.

"Wow! That's awesome! I cannot wait!" Dawn said as she was glad to hear that the fun wasn't going to end there.

"How about we clean each other off while the guys rest for a bit." Johanna suggested to Dawn.

"Okay!" Dawn said a she moved closer to her mom again.

Dawn and Johanna began kissing each other and licking Brock's cum off each others face as they cleaned each other off. Brock loved just starring at the two of them go at each other like that and he found it to be quite exciting that he was getting hard again.

Johanna pushed her daughters lips wide open with her lips as some of the cum that was still in her mouth dribbled from her tongue into Dawn's mouth. Dawn was surprised to taste and feel Brock's cum coming from her mother's mouth as they kissed but she enjoyed the sensation immensely as the two girls kissed passionately. Dawn swallowed the cum that had been transferred to her mouth while they kissed.

Dawn was now going at her mom and was kissing her like a lesbian. The two continued licking cum off each others cheeks and tongue until it was all gone. The two hugged and smiled as they enjoyed the family bonding on a whole new level.

While Dawn and Johanna were cleaning off Brock's cum of each other's bodies, Delia, Misty and May saw what they were doing and thought that it would be a good idea to do the same. Delia had received the most amount of her son's cum and Misty and May wanted more of his cum, so they both began working on cleaning up Delia with their tongues.

Misty and May slowly began licking the cum off Delia's face together and wads of cum collected on their tongues. They both loved the taste of Ash's cum and they quickly swallowed it and went back to Delia to get more. Delia couldn't believe that the two girls just starting doing this to her but she wasn't going to protest their actions as she was enjoying what they were doing.

"I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing you cum Ash and I could get used to you two girls cleaning me up like this." Delia said as she moved her head a bit as she faced May and began kissing her on the lips.

Delia began slipping her tongue between May's lips and May allowed her to do so. Both of them enjoyed the wonderful kiss as it become powerful and lustful. Delia was starting to taste a few hints of her son's cum in May's mouth as their tongues began to lick each other as they kissed.

Not to be out done by May, Misty forced her way in and the three of them all began kissing and licking each other tongues. The three of them put their arms around each other so they could get in closer. Their heads were now as close together as they could get them as they continued kissing each other on the lips and slipping their tongues into each other's mouths as they kissed and tasted the remains of Ash's cum.

"You three look really hot kissing like that." Ash said as he watched them go at each other in front of him.

"Watching Dawn and her mother go at it is just as fun to watch as well." Brock said as he turned to Ash to get his attention and focus it on the mother and daughter pairing for a moment.

"Oh you're right Brock! That's really sexy watching mother and daughter kiss passionately like that." Ash said as he watched Johanna and Dawn for a few moments before turning his attention back to the other three girls in front of him.

By this time it had already got pretty late. The Pokemon Center was closing up for the night and the trainers were heading to their rooms to sleep. Nurse Joy went to the front door and began her daily rounds to lock up the Pokemon Center for the night. She had had a stressful couple days and she was glad that the day was over so she could finally get some much needed rest.

The one bright spot during the whole dilemma the past few days was meeting Brock. He was unlike any of the other guys she had met over the years. Brock seemed to genuinely care for her and she enjoyed that feeling. She was looking forward to spending some time with him this evening like they had planned earlier.

Nurse Joy continued walking around the Pokemon Center, making sure everything was off and in order for the night. The construction crew had done an amazing and fast job of fixing up the center after Team Rocket's attack that she couldn't even tell that there had even been damaged.

She turned off the lights as she walked around and finally began heading back towards her room for the night. Most of the Pokemon Center was pretty quiet but by the time she was almost at her room, she could hear moans and groans that sounded quite familiar to her coming down the hall. She decided that she needed to investigate after all the problems that had gone on here, she wanted to make sure there wasn't any remaining Team Rocket agents still hiding.

Nurse Joy began walking further down the hall past her room and the noises were getting louder. She could now tell that it was more than one person making the noises and it didn't sound like people were in trouble. It sounded to her like people were having sex in their room. Nurse Joy decided that she'd let them be until she realized that the door the sound was coming from was Brock's friends room. Brock was supposed to meet her when the Pokemon Center had closed but he hadn't done that yet.

She listened against the door, similar to what Brock had done to her a few nights earlier. She could hear the moaning and movements of quite a few people inside. It wasn't just one or two people, it sounded like quite a few. She could tell they were trying to keep quiet but it obviously wasn't working. Then finally she heard something she didn't expect.

"That was amazing... You're both very talented when it comes to blowjobs." Nurse Joy heard Brock say as she was shocked to hear what he had just said.

"Both?!" Nurse Joy said as she now knew Brock was in there and that at least two other girls were giving him a blowjob.

Nurse Joy was crushed almost to the point of crying. She had thought that Brock loved her and only her but it seemed as though he was also seeing other people on the side. She couldn't believe Brock would do that to her and having to find out like this was heartbreaking. The sense of loss was now starting to be filled with anger and she wanted to make sure Brock knew that she was angry. Nurse Joy knocked on the door and announced who it was.

"Hello. Brock, it's Nurse Joy." She announced as she said it in a stern voice.

"Oh my! I completely forgot about meeting Nurse Joy!" Brock said as the room became silent all of a sudden.

"When did you tell her you were going to meet her?" May asked as she looked at the time to see that it was almost midnight.

"I told her when the Pokemon Center was closing. What time is it now?" Brock replied as he seemed really worried now.

"It's almost midnight. I guess she's come looking for you since you didn't meet her." May responded.

"Oh great! If Nurse Joy finds out I've been in here having sex with all of you, she'll dump me for sure!" Brock said as he was trying to think about what he could do to cover his tracks.

"Hello? What's going on in there?" Nurse Joy said again as she knocked on the door and tried to open the door.

"Wait.. I was with you the first night you and Nurse Joy got together. She didn't seem to mind it when I was there." May said as she reminded him of the original situation.

"Oh that's right. But do you think she'll understand this situation at all though? It is a lot different." Brock said as his heart was racing as he was trying to think of different solutions to his problem.

"If you don't answer soon, I'm going to call Officer Jenny." Nurse Joy replied as it was evident she was starting to think something was wrong now but her anger was taking over.

Everyone started to get a bit worried now and not just Brock. After hearing that she was about to get Officer Jenny, everyone was starting to think of ways to get out of the situation.

"What are we going to do?! We don't want Officer Jenny busting down the door to find us like this." Dawn said as she was also quite worried now.

"I don't know. We're kind of trapped in here now." Ash said as he was out of ideas.

"How about I just explain to her what's going on and ask her if she wants to join us? That seems to have worked in the past okay with us." Delia said as everyone suddenly got a shocked look on their face after the suggestion was made.

"I don't know about that. She sounds pretty angry at the moment." Brock said as he could tell that Nurse Joy was angry.

"Well we have to try something. Does anyone else have a better idea?" Johanna asked as she looked around the room to see if someone had another suggestion.

"We always seem to be getting caught up in these situations, don't we.." Delia said as she recalled the time that she and Brock got caught when the other kids came home and the time that Misty caught her son and her.

"We have to do something fast! Can anyone think of anything else?" Misty said as her voice was becoming urgent.

"I can't think of anything. We're stuck in here and the only way out is through that door and on the other side is Nurse Joy." Ash said as he envisioned the impending doom of being locked up in Officer Jenny's jail cell for the next 10 years.

"Okay then. Will try my idea then." Delia said as she got up and went for the door.

"Good luck!" Everyone whispered.

"Just a second, Nurse Joy!" Delia said as Nurse Joy didn't recognize the voice.

Everyone was watching Delia as she went to the door and unlocked it. Nurse Joy on the other side of the door could hear someone coming to the door. Nurse Joy prepared herself to be stern and to the point to make sure that the people in the room got a piece of her mind including Brock. Delia began opening the door and only stuck her head out so that if people went by they wouldn't realize that she was naked.

"Uh, who are you?" Nurse Joy asked as she didn't recognized the face.

"Shh. I'm Ash's mom. Why don't you come in and I'll explain what's going on. Just be quiet and don't be alarmed when you come in." Delia said as she put her hand out the door waving at Nurse Joy in an inviting manner.

"Uh, what's going on? I want to know now otherwise I'm going to call Officer Jenny right now." Nurse Joy said as she wasn't convinced with what Delia was saying.

Delia decided that the only way that Nurse Joy was going to calm down is if she saw and talked to Brock. Delia opened the door a bit so that Nurse Joy could look inside but used the door to cover her body while she did so. Nurse Joy could see into the room now and she saw Brock sitting on the floor completely naked as well as one of his friends but couldn't see anyone else.

Nurse Joy was shocked to see Brock sitting there but he hadn't noticed that Ash's mom had opened the door wider so she could see in. Nurse Joy was speechless but Delia knew Nurse Joy might be a bit shocked so she grabbed her arm and began pulling her inside.

"Just come in Nurse Joy. Will explain what's going on." as Nurse Joy began resisting Delia a bit until she saw that Brock could see her now.

Brock smiled and waved as he motioned Nurse Joy to come into the room. Nurse Joy found that kind of odd that he was sitting there naked with his friend. They had obviously been doing more than changing clothes all this time. Nurse Joy finally relented as she walked into the room only to get an even bigger surprise than she'd originally thought.

As Nurse Joy entered the room, Delia quickly shut the door so that anyone that was passing by wouldn't notice what was going on. Nurse Joy was almost stunned as she could now see the other part of the room that she couldn't moments earlier. The rest of Brock's friends were also in the room completely naked and there were a few sex toys on the floor that look liked they had been used recently.

"Uh.. Just what is going on here?" Nurse Joy finally managed to say as everyone could tell that she was a bit stunned and confused.

Nurse Joy was surprised no one was attempting to get dressed or cover themselves as they all just smiled and tried to make it look like this was normal.

"Let me explain Nurse Joy. We don't want you to get the wrong impression here. Brock forgot about meeting you earlier tonight and that is our fault. We lost track of time and didn't realize it was getting so late." Delia said as she finished closing the door behind her and Nurse Joy turned to look at her to realize she was completed naked as well.

"That's right. You see, our children Ash and Dawn as well as their friends are starting into adulthood now and being good parents we wanted to make sure they were properly educated in all aspects of life. They've been traveling around together for many years now but Delia and I wanted to make sure they weren't missing out on some of the more important aspects of life like intimate relationships." Johanna began to explain to Nurse Joy as she tried to make it sound like the situation was completely under control.

"We decided, and everyone here agreed, that they would participate in some lessons about sex taught by Johanna and myself. We want to make sure that they know exactly what to do in situations like this and since they have all been very good friend for a long time, it has seemed to work out quite well." Delia continued to explain as Nurse Joy was starting to look a bit more comfortable and not quite as shocked as she had been a few moments earlier.

"And this is one of your lessons?" Nurse Joy said as she pointed to everyone in the room who were looking back at Nurse Joy.

"Yes. That's right. I'm sorry Joy. I should have remember that I was supposed to meet you earlier. As Delia said, the time just went by so fast that I lost track of time." Brock said as he got up and walked towards her.

Nurse Joy watched as Brock got up. She had alwayed loved his toned muscles and great body and she got a great look at his naked body as he came towards her. Brock knelt down on one knee like he had done so with so many girls before her and took her hands in his hands and began to plead with her.

"Please Nurse Joy, forgive me. This isn't what it seems like. As Delia and Johanna said, they are just trying to help us out and in turn it helps me become a better lover for you." Brock said as he began his pleading with her.

Ash began to crack up a bit as he found the whole situation with Brock a bit funny but Misty quickly slapped him on the leg.

"Ouch! What was that for." As everyone turned to look at Misty smack Ash.

"Don't laugh Ash! Brock is being very sensitive to Nurse Joy's feelings. You should learn a thing or two from him." Misty told him as she returned her focus to Brock and Nurse Joy.

"Please Nurse Joy. Listen to us. We never meant to make you angry at all. That was never our intent. It is exactly as we've told you. Don't blame Brock though." May said as she was actually attempting to stick up for Brock, something she rarely did in the past but she knew after their last encounter together that she might listen to her.

"You're part of this too May?" Nurse Joy said as it just clicked into her that May was also here and she and Brock had been in her room the night before doing similar things.

"Yes, and I hope you will listen to us and trust us on this. Please don't contact Officer Jenny, we're not trying to get in trouble at all." May said as she was hoping Nurse Joy would calm down.

"I take full responsibility for what's been going on. When I saw my son on TV the other day and how he helped defend this Pokemon Center, I came here right away and wanted to make sure he was alright." Delia said wanted to be the one to take the blame if there was going to be any consequences.

"Lessons? You mean you've done this together before?" Nurse Joy said as she was surprised to hear Delia say that.

"Yes. We've all been doing this for quite some time now, except for Johanna who is teaching her first lesson here tonight. Since I was here, and Johanna was also here, we thought it would be a good opportunity to continue the lessons as kind of a reward for being heroic and for being safe." Delia continued explaining to Nurse Joy.

"I see. You know I am very grateful to all of you for helping out in Pokemon Center while Team Rocket attacked. Without you guys, it could have ended up a lot worse." Nurse Joy said as she remembered it was this same group of people that had helped her out a lot earlier.

"Anything to help you Nurse Joy. You know I'll always be there for you!" Brock said as he kissed her hands which he had been hold all this time as he continued kneeling in front of her.

"Well you weren't there tonight, but after hearing about what's been going on here, I think I can let you slide just this once, but next time you have to invite me to one of your lessons. They sound like fun!" Nurse Joy said as her complete attitude had changed and the entire atmosphere changed in the room to a lighter note.

"We haven't really finished tonights lesson yet. Perhaps you'de like to join us?" Johanna suggested hoping that getting Nurse Joy involved might allow her to understand exactly what they had been doing earlier.

"Oh! That sounds like a great idea! I'm sure you would enjoy it." Brock said as he stood up and looked directly into Nurse Joy's eyes as he focused his speech directly at her.

"If the other nights any indication, I'm sure you'de really enjoy it Nurse Joy. You might learn a thing or two yourself." May said as she was also trying to encourage her.

Nurse Joy pondered the idea in her head for a few moments but the look on Brock's face right in front of her was the final convincing factor. She could tell that he didn't intentionally try to make her mad and it seemed as though his friends had distracted him.

"Hmm... An interesting suggestion." Nurse Joy began to tease as she pretended that she hadn't made up her mind yet.

"Oh come on Joy. I'm sorry I missed you earlier." Brock continued to plead as Nurse Joy was enjoying this a lot.

"Oh, alright. You've convinced me." Nurse Joy replied as Brock quickly jumped up and gave her a hug as everyone watched Brock and Joy hug.

"Well it seems like we have one more person for our lesson." Johanna said as she was a bit relieved that Nurse Joy decided to join them instead of reporting them to Officer Jenny.

"We sure do! This is going to get even more fun!" May said as she was also glad that Nurse Joy was going to join them for the rest of the lesson.

"It sure is! What are we going to do next mom?" Dawn asked her mom as she was getting excited now that Nurse Joy was also going to be participating.

"Well I think we should get Nurse Joy involved right away. What do you think Delia?" Johanna asked Delia.

"I think that's a great idea. Since we've seemed to have wrecked Brock and Joy's evening together, let's get them to start us off again. How does that sound?" Delia asked as she looked at Nurse Joy and Brock who were still hugging.

"I'm fine with that. I'm still a bit tired from the previous rounds." May said as she was eager to see Nurse Joy and Brock go at it again as she found it really exciting to watch last time.

"That sounds interesting. Just what have you been doing in the last 'round'?" Nurse Joy asked as she was now a bit curious as to what exactly everyone had been doing.

"The first round we all took turns doing the missionary position with the guys. Each of us switched around until we'd all had a turn. Will continue doing that for the next round, but will let you catch up first if you wish." Delia continued as she expanded her explanation to Nurse Joy as Brock stopped hugging her and turned to look at Delia.

"So each of you had sex with Ash and Brock? Even you two older women?" Nurse Joy asked as she was a bit surprised that the older women were also having sex with the younger guys. "That's right. Were a bit more experienced that the younger girls and it helps to teach the guys when we can feel and know exactly what they were doing in each position so we could tell them how to get better." Delia explained, hoping Nurse Joy didn't think they were bad people for teaching the guys like this.

The thought of the older women having sex with Ash and Brock made Nurse Joy a bit horny. Delia and Johanna were certainly older than she was but they weren't that mature yet. They still had many more years left and they both looked quite fit and sexy for their age. She could see how Brock and Ash could find them sexually attractive even when they had the younger girls to compare them with.

"I see. I guess that would help. Is there anything else I should know so I am caught up with the whole situation?" Nurse Joy asked as she didn't seem overly concerned about what had been happening now.

"I think we've pretty much explained everything to you now. Are you still willing to join us tonight?" Johanna said as she just wanted to make sure Nurse Joy understood.

"Yes. I believe I do. Now that you've completely explained it, I can see why all you guys are really close friends. I could tell by the way you guys battled earlier that you knew exactly what to expect from each other. That requires a lot of trust and understanding, something that only come once you really know somebody. I see that in all of you and I see that you all trust each other and not only are good friends, but you also love each other. I'm really thankful and honored that you are willing to bring me into your trust like this." Nurse Joy said as everyone in the room watched her intently as she gave her brief little speak in reply.

Everyone in the room was touched by Nurse Joy's response and they all felt that she was genuinely sincere with her response and that she could be trusted. Misty and Dawn smiled at Nurse Joy and she smiled back in return.

"So... Did you want to get started then?" Brock said as he was getting hard and erect after Nurse Joy gave that speech and he just wanted to rip her clothes completely off right in front of everyone and begin plunging his penis in her, but he used all his strength and mental abilities to restrain himself until she was ready as well.

Nurse Joy turned too look and Brock and completely had forgotten that he was naked until she could easily see that his penis had become erect again, which brought back memories and feeling of the first time she saw him naked.

"Do you really need to ask? By the looks of your erect penis, you cannot wait to see my big tits again. Since I'm the only one not naked here, how about I give you guys a strip show. I know Brock would like it." Nurse Joy said as she smiled back at him giving him her approval.

"I'de love it too!" Ash blurted out as he was just as anxious as Brock now to see Nurse Joy naked.

"You seem to be more energetic now honey." Delia told her son as she giggled a bit after hearing his quick remark.

"I didn't think your were an exhibitionist Nurse Joy?" Dawn said as she was supposed that she suggested doing such a thing.

"Well, you'd be surprised. The other night she had me taking pictures of her and Brock." May said to Dawn but everyone was able to hear what May said.

"You did?! You never told me that. Now I'm curious to see them." Dawn said as she looked back at up at Nurse Joy and Brock.

"I'm just as kinky as the rest of you, plus getting pictures of me doing things like this turns me on and the fact that people want to see me strip also turns me on. So yeah, I don't mind it at all and I enjoy it." Nurse Joy explained as more and more of Nurse Joy's real personality was beginning to surface.

"Did you want us to take some more picture tonight then?" Johanna asked as she was willing to get out her camera to take some.

"Sure. If you have a camera, I'de love to have pictures. I know you guys might think this is a bit strange, but I've have had a fantasy about people seeing me naked. So stripping in front of you guys kind of fulfils that fantasy." Nurse Joy said as she was starting to get turned on a bit.

"Okay. I'll get my camera out and people can take pictures for the rest of the night." Johanna said as she began sorting through her stuff looking for her camera.

"I guess I should get naked now if we want to get on with the rest of the evening." Nurse Joy said as she began a strip-tease as she began swinging her hips back and forth as she grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it up a bit so that she flashed her panties and thighs so people could see she was wearing a garter belt.

Everyone in the room was now watching Nurse Joy as she began to strip. She started to undo the buttons of her nurse's uniform blouse as Ash and Brock were both getting more and more excited by the second. Brock had already seen Nurse Joy naked but after all these years Ash was finally going to see a Nurse Joy naked. She continued to unbutton her blouse as she began moving around sexily as her blouse became looser near the top. She was enjoying everyone looking at her as she saw them starring at her as she stripped. She wasn't able to unbutton anymore of the buttons on her blouse because the white apron was layered on top of it. A large tied bow needed to be loosened at the back before she could continue with the blouse.

Nurse Joy slowly continued dancing a bit as she slowly put her hands behind her back to the bow and started to loosen it. A few tugs on the material was more than enough to loosen the bow as it came undone and the apron was now loose enough to be taken off. A strap under the collar of her blouse was still holding the apron, so she grabbed the sides of the apron and began to lift it above her head. As she did so, the blouse opened wider to the first button that wasn't undone yet. Everyone got their first good look at Nurse Joy's cleavage as the removed apron had allowed her blouse to open up more. Nurse Joy dropped the apron on the floor and smiled a bit as she knew they could see part of her breasts now.

No one said anything but they all continued to watch Nurse Joy as she moved her hands up to the remaining buttons of her blouse. To tease everyone, she slowly began to unbutton them, pretending that she was having a hard time loosening them. One by one, the remaining buttons were undone and her blouse became looser each time. Her arms were still holding it pretty much in place as she undid the buttons, so not much more was revealed. Finally she got to the last button and as she unbuttoned it, she moved her hands to her sides and her blouse opened up down the middle.

Her cleavage was now fully visible as was the white lacy bra that held her breast in place. Everyone, especially the guys, were starring directly at her breasts as she slowly grabbed her blouse and began taking it off each shoulder. Moments later, it too fell to the floor as she was now just wearing her bra up top.

Nurse Joy wanted to tease Brock a bit now, to make him squirm and want her more than ever. She slowly walked over to where he was. Brock has sat down beside May during the time that Nurse Joy had been giving everyone her strip show. When she got in front of Brock, she began to slowly move her hands down the sides of her body sexily to show off the curves. She then turned around and bend over as her skirt raise up and she flashed her garter and panties to him and May for a brief second before she stood up straight again and walked back into the center of the room.

Brock loved seeing her panties. They were a matching white lace and the garter had straps that were holding up her stockings. May looked over at Brock and she could tell that he was in dreamland. His penis was fully erect now and was protruding in front of his body as he sat beside her. She looked at his penis and wished that she could use it right there and then but she knew she had already had a turn and that it was Nurse Joy's turn to use it next. She was getting quite envious of her already.

Arriving in the middle of the room, Nurse Joy decided it was time to take off her skirt finally so everyone could see her sexy underwear that she had just flashed off to Brock. She was loving every second of this strip show and she didn't realize how fun and erotic is was to perform it in front of all these people. She was getting turned on more and more with each passing second.

She undid the button on her skirt and let it fall to the floor so that she stood before them in just her white bra, panties, garter and stockings. Her body was quite curvy and her hips and thighs turned everyone on as they looked at her sexy body and her also quite sexy underwear.

"You look very sexy Joy." Delia said as she looked at her body and was a bit jealous of her sexy curves.

"Indeed you do look good Joy. You look great in that underwear." Misty said as she had enjoyed her strip show so far and had learned a few things about doing one herself at some point.

"What about you Brock? Enjoying the show so far?" Nurse Joy said as he turned back to face him.

"Uh... Uh... You look amazing!" Brock finally was able to say as he was having a hard time getting the words out.

"Why thank you Brock. I hope your enjoying yourself. If you want to stroke that hard penis of yours while I finish stripping, I won't mind. Just don't get too tired or cum." Nurse Joy said as she could see that his penis needed some attention.

"Oh thank you!" Brock said as he was trying to be polite by not masturbating while she stripped but she could see him instinctively twitching ever once and awhile.

Nurse Joy was wearing her panties over the garter belt so that would allow her to remove the panties without having to remove the belt. She knew that Brock would probably like to keep the garter belt and stocking on during sex since they didn't really interfere with the activities. Her garter belt was also white and lacy and it held up her white stockings. Her nipples were starting to get erect and the outline could be seen through the fabric of her bra.

As Brock began to slowly stroke himself, Nurse Joy teasingly began moving her hands around her breasts. She rubbed and cupped them through her bra and then she slowly put her hands under her bra cups. She cupped her tits under her bra and began to fondle them. Nurse Joy watched as Brock stroked his penis up and down in his hand as he watched her play with her breasts. She decided it was finally time to show him her tits.

Joy decided that she wouldn't take off her bra but instead pulled her breasts out of her bra one by one and let them rest on the cups of her bra. Brock loved her tits. Originally Nurse Joy's breasts seemed bigger than Delia's breasts when he first saw them, but now he could actually compare. Nurse Joy had quite large breasts, but Delia's seemed a bit bigger even after they had drained the milk out of them earlier. At the end of each breast were large, suckable, dark pink areolas that complemented her erect nipples. Johanna had found her camera by then and took a few pictures of Joy as her breasts were now naked.

She brought one of her nipples up to her face and began to lick around the hardening nipple and its dark surrounding areola. All the other girls in the room were impressed with how good Nurse Joy's stripping skills were. Even they were starting to get turned on. Delia looked at her son and realized his penis was just as hard as Brock's but he had avoided masturbating.

"Ash honey, It's alright to play with yourself while watching. It's perfectly normal. It will help make you feel a bit more comfortable. Go ahead." Delia told her son who had been watching every move Nurse Joy had been making.

"Are you sure mom? I don't want to be rude." Ash said as he was a bit afraid to do something like that in front of everyone.

"Don't worry Ash. It's fine. Here, I'll play with my pussy while I watch as well so you don't feel like you're the only one doing it. Besides, watching you stroke yourself might divert my attention from Nurse Joy to you." Delia said as she dropped her hand to her pussy and began rubbing it hoping it would encourage her son.

"Hey! Now I'll be embarrassed!" Ash said as he responded to his mom's remarks.

"Oh Ash, just stroke yourself. You'll feel better again." Delia said as she continued playing with her pussy lips.

Nurse Joy continued her show as she moved towards Brock again as she cupped her breasts as she walked. She gave Brock such an arousing display that he was hardly aware of his masturbation. She noticed he was stroking harder and harder as she moved towards him.

"Slow down the stroking, Brock! I don't want you to waste your cum!" Nurse Joy told him as she wanted him to save his cum for her.

"Oh I'm sorry. I completely forgot what I was doing!" Brock said as he slowed his pace down.

"Well it looks like it's hard enough for some fun. How about I help you with that now." Nurse Joy said as she began to bend down and she got on his lap.

Nurse Joy slid forward on his legs until his bare penis was against her panties. Her panties were wet and Brock's penis easily slid up and down them. Brock wasted no time and began to slide his penis up and down the valley that her tight panties made and soon his pre-cum was also beginning to cover her wet panties which allowed him to slide even more easily than before. Brock moved his hands to her hips and pushed her harder against him as it forced his penis into the valley of her panty covered pussy. Brock watched as his penis slid up and down the wet slit of her panties. Nurse Joy began to bounce up and down a bit as she loved feeling his hard penis rub against her pussy. Johanna crawled over towards Brock and Nurse Joy and put the camera in close and snapped a few pictures of Brock's penis in the valley that her pussy lips made in the panties.

"Oh these are good pictures." Johanna said as she reviewed the pictures on the camera's screen to make sure they were okay.

"I cannot wait to see them." Nurse Joy said as she was getting more turned on by the second and began grinding her body into Brock.

Nurse Joy's breasts were just at Brock's eye level and he was getting the best of both worlds. Looking between the cleavage of her breasts, he could see his penis rubbing against her pussy. Nurse Joy saw Brock looking down and decided that it would feel better for both of them if she took off her panties.

Nurse Joy stood up and pulled on the white cotton panties that were wet from her liquids and Brock's pre-cum. She pulled her panties up tight giving Brock an excellent view of a camel toe valley that his penis had just been rubbing against. her panties were so tight against her pussy. She wiggled around and moved the panties about until the material bunched up together between her pussy lips. Her pussy lips skin was now exposed and Brock was getting more and more turned on as he watched Joy play with her panties. Then she reached down to her pussy with her finger and pushed part of her panties into her wet pussy.

Brock could see part of her vagina opening now where her panties had penetrated and was stuffed inside her. Brock began stroking his penis again as he looked at Joy's pussy which was teasingly close to being completely naked. Finally Joy began taking off her panties and pulled them to her ankles and feet and dropped them on the floor. She slowly spread her legs apart exposing her pussy completely. It was shaven clean and her pussy lips were a bit puffy from all the stimulation.

Brock watched as Nurse Joy spread her lips apart with her fingers and then dragged her middle finger along her slit. Her finger collected some of the wetness from her pussy and she rubbed it gently over her clit. "Oh Joy! I cannot take it much longer. Let's do it now!" Brock said as he continued stroking himself as he watched her play with her pussy.

"Not yet Brock! You have to work on me first to get me ready as well." Joy said as she sat down on a chair and spread her legs open wide and motioned Brock to come towards her.

Brock knew exactly what she wanted and he crawled over to her. Brock ran down his hands down the side of her body and rested his hands on her garter belt near her hips. He moved his head down towards her pussy and started to kiss just above her clit. Joy reacted by spreading her legs wider and which caused her pussy lips to begin to spread open as well. Brock continued to kiss lower towards her pussy until he finally reached her clit. He lick it lightly as Joy moaned and closed her eyes as the touch of his tongue excited her.

"Oh yes! That's it Brock! Keep doing that!" Joy moan as she felt him begin working on her pussy.

He started to go further down her pussy began to lick and suck on her large pussy lips. Her pussy lips were big puffy and didn't have any hair on them at all. Joy spread her legs wider as Brock worked on her private and her pussy opened up further. He could finally see her vagina opening appear and she moaned as Brock's tongue began to lick around the entrance to her opening. "Oh Brock! Stick your tongue inside me. Make my pussy even more wet for your big penis." Joy taunted him and he was more than happy to do so.

Brock stuck his tongue inside her pussy can began licking but was too busy eating Joy's vagina to realize what else was going on around him. Nurse Joy's pussy became wetter and wetter as his saliva and her pussy juices began to flow over her skin. Her whole body seemed to heat up as he worked on her pussy.

"Do you like that? Does your pussy feel good now? It seems wet enough now." Brock said as he looked up at Nurse Joy sitting on the chair.

"I think you need to work on her just a little bit more Brock. Make her want to crave your penis. Make her ask for it." Johanna instructed him as he did as Johanna instructed and he went back to licking her pussy.

"How are you doing over there Ash? Enjoying the show?" Delia said as she was slowly rubbing her pussy lips with the tips of her hand in circles.

"Uh.. I'm getting tired of watching. I want to get back into the action!" Ash said as he

"You will soon enough. You need to learn to be patient. Anticipating can make you even more aroused. Just hang in there honey." Delia said as she too was trying to take her own advice at the same time.

"I can only rub myself so long... It's starting to get tiring." Ash said as he was getting tired of masturbating and he wanted to get back to real sex.

"Well I could help you with that for a bit. Do you want mommy to jerk you off, honey? Would that make it easier on you while you wait for the lesson to start again?" Delia said as she looked at her son hoping he would agree to that.

"I'de like that." Ash said as he was tired of playing with himself.

"Sit up so I can stroke you and so you can look at me while I do it." she said.

"Okay." Ash said as she sat up straight as his mom moved right beside him now.

Delia could no longer resist just looking at her son's erect penis and she reached down with her hand and touched her son's erect penis. She had moved in close beside him and was leaning against his side. Her right breast was now resting against his chest and her head was looking over his shoulder. Ash felt the soft sink of his mother's hand slowly start to make a fist around his penis. He looked down and could see her breasts in his view as she stroked his penis slowly and gently and she looked as though she was enjoying doing it. Her son's penis felt so hot and hard in her hand and moments later she was rubbing her hand up and down it.

As soon as Delia hand had made contact with Ash's penis, several drops of pre-cum bubbled up and stuck to Delia's thumb and fingers. After a few strokes, more pre-cum started coming out as Ash moaned in pleasure. His penis twitched a few times as he rolled his head back and relaxed a bit as she continued.

"That feel good?" Delia asked she son as she stroked him slowly so he wouldn't cum.

"It feels great mom!" Ash said as he was enjoying it.

Ash turned his head so he could look at his naked mom sitting right next to him. She was playing with herself with her left hand while stroking him with her right hand. Ash couldn't really see too much of her pussy from his view point as all he could see were her large breasts and erect tits sticking out at the ends of them. Every once and awhile she would shift her body and he could see down between the cleavage of her breasts to her pussy where her fingers were rubbing her pussy lips. He had never seen his mom naked from this view point and with the combination of her stroking him was making this a very pleasurable experience. The feeling her big breasts on his chest was thrilling and exciting. Ash and Delia's attention was focused back on Brock and Joy as Joy was waiting for Brock to work on her again.

"Come on Brock, lick my pussy. Make me cum in front of all your friends." Nurse Joy said to him as she spread her pussy lips in an inviting manner.

Brock didn't waste any time as his tongue began licking all over her wet slit again. He spread her pussy lips as wide as he could as her vagina opening was visible again. Brock looked into her vagina and he could see her pussy muscles contracting a bit as he played with her and he could also see how wet it had become inside her vagina. Brock then drove his tongue back into her pussy as far as he could and wiggled in around inside her.

"Lick her clit Brock. That will get her excited and horny." Misty urged him.

Brock did as Misty suggested and took his tongue out of Joy's vagina and began centering his attention on her clit by licking and sucking it until she shook and moaned as though she was almost on the verge on an orgasm. Brock remembered his instructions from Johanna though and that Joy should be the one to request when they move on from oral sex.

Brock slowly turned his attention to her inner labia as he put his lips it and continued licking. He could hear Joy's breathing was getting louder.

"Ah! Your tongue feels so good! Do you want to put that big hard penis of yours in my pussy now?" Nurse Joy asked him as she couldn't last any longer.

"I thought you'd never ask!" Brock said as he was waiting for her to ask him that.

"Did you enjoy eating my pussy?" Joy asked him as she got off the chair and moved into the center of the room and lay on the floor.

"I sure did. I hope you liked it too." Brock said as his eyes sparkling with an anticipating gaze.

"You were really good. You've learned to lick a woman's pussy quite well and now you'll be rewarded. What position did you want to start off with?" Joy asked as she was starring right at his large penis now.

"We did the missionary position earlier and then doggy for our lesson, so do those two positions and then the rest of us will join in and continue on with the lesson once your done." Johanna said as she wanted to make sure that Joy caught up.

"I'll time them too mom. If they went any longer than a couple minutes, I think I'de go crazy without some stimulation." Dawn said as she got the stopwatch to time Joy and Brock.

"Alright Dawn. I completely understand how you feel." Johanna said as watching Brock work on Joy was making her horny again too.

Nurse Joy spread her legs out wide as everyone in the room was watching her now. Brock crawled in between her spread out legs until his was almost at her pussy.

"I love you Joy! I'm so sorry I missed you earlier tonight." he said as he positioned his penis against her pussy.

"Oh Brock! I love you too!" Joy replied as she could now feel the head of his penis against her pussy.

"Okay Brock, you have one minute in the missionary position. Go!" Dawn said as she started the clock.

Johanna quickly got her camera ready as she was ready to take a picture the second Brock penetrated Joy. Brock looked into Joy's eyes as the head of his penis was against her opening and as soon as he heard Dawn tell him to go he pushed it between her puffy pussy lips. Nurse Joy felt the now familiar penis spread her pussy open as she held her breath for a second as he continued penetrating. She had never had an audience this large watching her have sex and it was making her wetter than she had ever been before in her life. The flash of the camera went off as Johanna finally took a picture.

Brock slid in and out of her pussy slowly allowing Joy to adjust a bit before he continued to go deeper into her pussy. With each thrust he pushed forward more allowing her tight pussy to stretch wider with each inch that penetrated her. After a few seconds, he could feel that Joy's pussy had adapted to the size of his penis and he finally pushed most of his penis inside her pussy. Joy moaned as she felt his penis enter her more and was almost afraid to move because it was so deep inside her. Brock's penis was huge and Joy wrapped her legs around his waist as she pulled him towards her which caused Brock to push his penis in further. Brock groaned and closed his eyes as her pussy stretched around his thick penis. "I can't believe we're doing this in front of all your friends!" Joy exclaimed as she was enjoying every thrust.

"It looks like they are enjoying themselves now too." Brock said as he took a quick look at May and Misty who were both masturbating now as they watched Joy and Brock go at it

Brock continued pushing inch by inch of his penis in and out of Joy until she finally groaned loudly and arched her back off the floor. Brock knew time was running out so he started slamming his penis into her hard and fast. Her legs which were wrapped around his back and hips, fell to the ground as she thrust her hips and pelvis up to meet his penis.

He then reached down with his hands and cupped both of Joy's beautiful breast which were partially re-

covered by her bra cups. Brock pushed the bra cups down again and he could barely wrap his hands around her breasts. He loved how soft and smooth they were and her nipples were already erect as he squeezed the two breasts together. He continued playing with her breasts as he thrusted his penis in and out of her and watched her face to see the different reactions she made as he did so.

Nurse Joy kept pushing back to meet his thrusts as Brock was now furiously pounding in and out of her inflamed pussy. She shuddered a few times as she looked up at Brock and smiled as he returned the smile.

"Brock, you are so big! My pussy is completely filled up! I'm used to it now though so you can go faster." Nurse Joy said as she was impressed on how big he was.

"You are so amazing and beautiful Joy!" Brock said as she let go of her breasts and held her hips thrusted even harder.

With the increased tempo, Brock could feel Joy's body beginning to tense up as the feelings in her pussy were incredible. Her pussy muscles pulsated along his penis as he thrusted as hard as he could. Brock enjoyed looking at Joy with her legs spread wide and wearing nothing but her garterbelt and stockings while he banged her pussy. He wished that he could do this all day. Brock had forgotten that his friends were watching him and was only reminded when Dawn announced it was time to switch positions.

"Okay! Time for doggy position now." Dawn said as she had enjoyed watching the two of them go at it in the missionary position.

"Already?! We just started..." Nurse Joy exclaimed as she couldn't believe how fast it went by.

"Yup! We do short stints so that everyone gets a turn." Johanna said as she had a strict sound in her voice.

"Are you guys enjoying the show?" Brock said as he pulled out of Joy's pussy to see all his friends looking right at him.

"We sure are! But we're looking forward to getting back into the action ourselves." Delia said as she was still slowly stroking her son.

"Okay guys, position yourselves in doggy-style and go at it again." Johanna said as she was trying to get them into the next position quickly.

Nurse Joy did as she was told and positioned herself on all fours on the floor. Her large tits hung down below her body and swayed with her breathing and movements. She was looking toward to the doggy style position as she wasn't completely satisfied from the missionary position which was cut short. Brock got behind her and started to push his penis into her pussy again as she let out a loud moan. Her pussy lips pushed stood out from her body and Brock was getting an amazing view while on his knees behind her. Brock grabbed her hips with both hands and started slamming into her pussy as hard as he could. Obviously he too needed some more relief. Joy was almost embarrassed by all the noise they were making as she was now making the same noises that originally brought her to this room. Joy had never been this loud while having sex before but Brock's penis was huge and a lot of people were watching her have sex. Brock slammed his penis into her harder she felt waves of pleasure throughout her body. "How do you feel Joy?" Brock asked as he was really pumping into her now.

"Oh Brock, I'm loving every second!" Joy replied as her pussy was also doing the talking as it tightened again around his throbbing penis. Brock pushed his penis in as deep as it would go and he felt his hips press against the soft warm skin of her butt as his balls slapping against her swollen pussy lips.

"Oh! Please make me cum Brock! Please!" Nurse Joy said as she was starting to feel a climax building already.

"You're going to cum already?!" Misty said as she was surprised how fast Nurse Joy was building to a climax.

"Look how fast Brock is going at her Misty. I doubt you'd last any longer at that rate." May said as she watched Brock slam Joy's pussy fast and hard.

"Time's up!" Dawn said as the minute was already up.

"Don't stop Brock, please. It feels so good and I'm almost there!. Joy said as she could feel it building.

"It sounds like she's almost there Brock. Just keep going until she climax's." Johanna said as she could see the disappointment on the younger girls as they knew they'de have to wait a bit longer for their turn again now.

"Okay!" Brock said as he wasn't going to disagree with her as he grabbed ahold of my Joy's butt cheeks and pulled her closer in order to penetrate her pussy deeper. He stroked in and out as fast as he could as Joy continued to push against him. The feeling of being inside her was unbelievable and finally Brock felt her pussy muscles squeeze tight around his penis as she began to climax.

"Oh I'm cumming!" Joy said as she felt her body overcome with amazing sensations.

"I think she enjoyed that." May said as she enjoyed watched Joy and Brock go at it again.

"I'm sure she did. Guess it means our turn is coming up again now."

"Okay Brock, pull out of her and take a quick break. We gave you a bit of extra time with Joy, but that's only fair." Johanna said as she wanted to get to the next position.

"I have never had an orgasm like that before!" Nurse Joy said as she replied to May's earlier comment after she started recovering from her climax.

"So Ash, are you ready to go at it again in another position now?" Delia asked her son as she stopped stroking his still erect penis.

"When do we start?" Ash said as he was more than ready.

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