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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 33 - This isn't a Nurse Fantasy Ash!

"I think were all getting a bit tired so we're going to do one last position before we call it a night. The boys have been doing a lot of the work in the last few positions, so now it's time for us girls to do our part. Will do a female dominated position this time." Johanna said as she got the attention of everyone once again.

"Oh that sounds like fun. What position are we going to do this time?" May asked as she was anticipating some more fun activities with the guys.

"The next position is a lap dance penetration position. The guys will sit on the sofa and their partner straddles them. This is one of the seriously sexy position as the partners see each other face to face and it allows intimate contact and kissing as well as being able to see all the action. It's a fairly ease position but most people enjoy it." Johanna explained as the girls were getting eager to try it.

"Guys, go sit down on the sofa over there and will start this position." Delia said once again
instructing them what to do.

"Okay mom." Ash said as he was just as eager as the girls to have sex again.

Brock and Ash walked over to the three person sofa as they were instructed and they sat down awaiting for the girls to come to them.

"I think I'll join the boys on the sofa for this round." Johanna said as she picked up the strap-on off the floor and began putting it on.

"Mom, why don't you come and do me first. I've been waiting to do you again after all that
stroking." Ash asked his mom as a big smile came on her face.

"Oh that's sweet of you honey. I'm more then happy to oblige. Were you fantasying about me all
that time?" Delia said as she got up and walked in front of her son.

"Well.. You were stroking my penis and were naked in front of me, it was hard not to." Ash said as he smiled back at her.

"Have the two of you been having sex a lot then?" Joy asked as she turned around and talked to
the Ketchum's directly.

"Only for a little while. My son, as you know, is at that age now and these lessons have been good for the both of us." Delia explained further to Joy.

"I see. I've never seen a mother and son have sex before so this will be interesting to watch. It's kind of exciting." Joy said as she was interested in watching them go at it.

"Well how about mother and daughter Joy? Have you ever seen a pairing like that either?" Dawn
asked as her mom was making the final adjustments on the strap-on.

"I cannot say I've seen that either Dawn." Joy replied as she kind of got the feeling she'd be seeing that shortly too.

"Alright then! This is going to be great! You can watch Ash and his mom and my mom and I go at it all at the same time then!" Dawn said as she made the decision to do it with her mom first.

"Oh, so you want to show me what you've learned so far then, huh Dawn?" Johanna teased her
daughter as she sat down on the chair beside Brock and Ash in the middle of the room.

"I'll show you and Nurse Joy how fun it is for people to watch, especially in a group like this." Dawn said as she walked over to the sofa where Johanna, Ash and Brock were all sitting.

"Oh I know how you feel Dawn. Knowing people are watching you makes it that more erotic." Joy said as she followed Dawn to the sofa and moved in from of Brock.

"Well let's get started. Take your positions girls." Johanna said as Delia, Dawn and Joy moved their bodies over their partners that were sitting on the sofa.

"I guess were the spectators this time Misty." May said as wanted to have a turn soon too.

"That's alright. I think this is going to be just as fun watching. Besides in a couple minutes will be the ones having sex and they will be watching us. Fair is fair." Misty said as she picked up the stop watch and reset it for this round.

"You're right, but it's always a bit more fun doing it than watching it." May said as she was quite horny herself and needed some relief soon.

"Okay, you can start now." Misty said as she started the clock.

Ash's was fully erect and eager with anticipation as Delia climbed on top of her son as she put her knees on each side of his body. She began to lower her body until her pussy lips were touching the tip of Ash's penis and then she grabbed his penis with her hand and started
rubbing it against her vagina opening.

Ash lay back on the sofa as Delia straddled him and positioned his penis to enter her. He stared at his mother large breasts and the amazing cleavage that formed as they hung down in front of his face. Delia slowly pushed herself down against her son's penis as she felt it begin to spread her pussy lips wide.

His erect penis slowly began to penetrate her wet pussy once again and Delia loved the feeling of Ash's penis cock sliding into her again. Ash also loved the feeling of his mother's pussy around his penis as he had been anticipating having sex with her again for quite awhile. Delia enjoyed the taboo sensation of having sex with her son and she knew it wouldn't be long before she climaxed again.

"Oh Ash honey, you feel so good in my pussy. Do you like it too honey?" she asked her son.

Ash didn't respond and Delia began to bounce up and down on her son's penis as her breasts began flopping about wildly. Ash just sat there as he watched him mom have sex with him and
did all the work this time. Ash had to admit to himself that having sex with his mom felt much better than when he was masturbating.

Nurse Joy was busy watching Ash and Delia go at it that she almost forgot about Brock. Joy quickly mounted him and guided his erect penis into her very wet pussy. Her pussy was already quite stretched from having sex with him moments earlier but she still shuddered as his full length filled her pussy. Like Delia beside her on the sofa, Joy began to bounce up and down as
Brock penis drove itself deep inside her.

Joy grabbed onto Brock's shoulders to steady herself as she bounce more and more as his penis
kept going deeper and deeper each time until she had bottomed out and had managed to get him
inside her.

"Oh wow! This is so exciting Delia. I can't believe you're having sex with your own son. I've never seen a mother and son have sex before. It is making me so horny." Joy said as she kept
switching her attention from Brock to Ash and Delia.

"It feels so good to be screwed by my son!" Delia said as she felt her son's penis continuing to penetrate her pussy.

"I love watching his penis slide in and out of your pussy. I wish I was in your place right now." Joy said as she wanted to have sex with Ash now.

"We can switch places in a minute if you like, that way we can both feel what each other is
feeling right now." Delia said as she continued to straddle Ash.

"I'de like that a lot." Joy said in a thankful voice.

"Hey what about me though? Were barely having sex as it is and now you want to do it with Ash?" Brock said as Joy's movements had almost come to a stand still as her attention wasn't focused on him.

"Oh I'm sorry Brock. Let me make that up to you right now!" Joy said as her hips began to rock
quickly as she bounced up and down on his penis again.

Joy picked up the pace as her butt slapped against Brock legs as his balls slapped against her butt as she did so.

Meanwhile, Dawn had guided her mother's strap-on to her pussy lips as they began to spread
a bit as she began to lower herself on to the very large strap-on.

"It's so big, I don't think its going to fit inside me." Dawn said as she was surprised at the size of the strap-on.

"Just work it inside you Dawn. It will fit." Johanna said as she watched her daughter attempt to go down on the strap-on she was wearing.

Slowly Dawn pushed her pussy further on the head of the strap-on as the wetness from her pussy
helped lubricate it. Dawn's pussy lips spread open wide as the head of the strap-on penetrated into her tight vagina. Nurse Joy quickly turned to see Dawn beginning to put her mother's strap-on into her pussy and was fascinated and watched. Dawn continued to go down on the
strap-on as the shaft part of it was now penetrating her.

"I think I'll take a few more pictures for you Joy. I bet you'll masturbate to these pictures, won't you?" May asked as she began to take some pictures of Dawn pushing the strap-on into her.

"Oh of course I'll masturbate to them. That's the whole point of taking pictures, to remember what happened and try to relive the moment." Joy said as she was enjoying watching Ash and
Dawn do their mom's while having sex with Brock all at the same time.

"Johanna, do you like to have sex with daughter?" Joy asked as she watched Dawn start to
bouncing on the hard strap-on to get it into her pussy further.

"I do like to have sex with Dawn but I also like doing it with the guys too." Johanna said as she watched her strap-on continue to enter her daughter.

"Oh mom! It's so big, it's barely fitting." Dawn said as she was having problems getting the
strap-on inside her but her mother could see that her pussy was stretching enough for it to fit.

"Your halfway in now so just get used to it for a second and then push it in deeper and start
going at it." Johanna instructed her daughter.

"You two look so sexy doing each other and that large strap-on looks amazing in your pussy
Dawn." Nurse Joy said with a bit of a giggle.

Meanwhile Misty was sitting there watching everyone have sex as Johanna hands were massaging her large breasts as Dawn began to bounce up and down hard as their moans became louder and louder. Johanna cupped her hands around her breasts and continued to caress them as she watched her daughter go at her strap-on hard now as she managed to get used to it. Misty
followed Johanna's lead and began playing with her breasts as she watched.

"I love you mom!" Dawn said as she felt the strap-on work its way up and down as she bounced on her mother's lap.

"I love you too Dawn. You look beautiful and sexy with that strap-on inside you." Johanna said as her daughter had finally got into a rhythm.

Each bounce became easier and easier for Dawn as she was starting to relax. The pain from the
large strap-on penetrating her had subsided and now the pleasure of sex was a wonderful and
pleasant feeling. Dawn and Johanna were both enjoying the mother and daughter time together.

It wasn't very often that they got to see each other these days and now when they did see each
other, they both wanted to make sure it would be a memorable experience. This night would be
one of those days that neither of them would ever forget.

Delia knew the time with her son was almost over so she lowered herself until she felt her son's penis bottom out in her pussy. She bent down a bit indicating to him with her mouth movements that she wanted to kiss him. They began kissing as Ash's hands felt his mother's breasts as they kissed. She continued going up and down on his penis as her pussy juices were coating his penis as she bounced. Delia couldn't believe how much she loved the feeling of riding own son again as they kissed passionately.

"Oh I can feel your penis deep inside me. It feels good! I'm going to cum!" Delia said as she knew that it was going to be too much for her from the start.

Wave after wave of pleasure surged through Delia's body as she climaxed again and Ash grasped
her hips to holder up upright on his penis as she has her orgasm. Delia was almost exhausted from her climaxes from earlier but she still managed to have another one.

"Oh mom this feels fantastic! I can feel your pussy twitching as your orgasming around my penis." Ash told his mother as Delia slowly regained alertness to realize that Ash's erect penis was still hard and was still deep inside her pussy.

Nurse Joy had watched Delia climax and Brock was now holding Joy firmly as she bounced up and down on his penis. His penis was almost into her womb and she knew she too wasn't going to last too much longer as well. Joy ground her hips into Brock's body as she wanted to feel his
penis as deep as it would go inside her. Brock stared down at his penis going into her pussy and he loved watching it disappear into her pussy with each of her bounces.

Brock's immense penis was as deep as it had ever gone before in Joy's throbbing pussy and Joy
had never felt so stuffed before in her entire life. Joy began bouncing up and down as hard as she could as her huge breasts bounced around as she piston her pussy.

"Your pussy is so tight Joy!" Brock said as he was enjoying watching Joy bounce on his penis.

"Oh Brock, it's all the way inside me again. I'm going to cum again!" Joy said as she began to
climax once again.

"That felt so good. I love having sex with my son!" Delia said as her pussy juices ran down Ash's legs onto the floor as she watched Joy climax beside her.

"Brock feels so good too." Joy said as her climax subsided and everyone's focus was now on

Dawn who was still bouncing on her mother's strap-on at the end of the sofa.

"Times up!" Misty declared as Dawn in a way was glad that the time was up as it took her a long time to get used to her mother's large strap-on.

"Well it seems you didn't cum like the other two did Dawn. You seemed to be a bit tentative at
first. Was the strap-on a bit to big for you?" Johanna asked her daughter as Dawn climbed off it and looked a bit relieved.

"It was a bit big yeah. It made me a bit uncomfortable." Dawn admitted as her mother looked a
bit disappointed.

"With a bit more practice, I think you'll get to like having something that big inside of you. It can really feel good when you do it right and are able to relax your muscles enough to accommodate it." Johanna explained to her daughter as she hoped she would get another chance to show her daughter how to adapt better.

"Why don't you take a break this round Dawn and I'll try doing it with your mom this time." Misty said as she was actually eager to try the large strap-on out.

"Be my guest. But be careful, it's bigger than it looks." Dawn said as she moved completely out of the way to allow Misty to begin to straddle Johanna.

"So did you still want to switch partners Joy?" Delia asked as she wanted to see what her son's reaction would be when having sex with Joy.

"I sure am. I'm sure Brock won't mind if I have sex with his best friend, would you Brock?" Joy asked knowing he really didn't have a choice in the matter.

"I'm fine with that, besides, it's not every day that a guy has sex with his best friends sexy mom." Brock said as he was looking forward to having sex with Delia again too.

"Oh so you think I'm sexy do you? Well you certainly know how to flatter the girls don't you Brock." Delia said as she teased Brock a bit as she moved off Ash and began to switch places with Joy.

"I sure do. Ash is lucky to have a mom like you." Brock said as he gave her another complement
which made Delia blush a bit.

"Oh now you're just trying to get brownie points Brock." Johanna said as she giggled a bit at all the complements Brock was making.

"I mean it. Ever since that day I was sick and had to stay at the Ketchum's house, I've enjoyed the time I've spent with Delia." Brock said trying to make sure they knew he meant what he was saying.

A minute later, Delia was straddling Brock, Joy was hovering over Ash and Misty was getting into position above Johanna. They were all getting ready for this next round as May was the one with the stop watch this time.

"Ready... go!" May said as she could see everyone was pretty much ready and in position when
she started the clock.

Before Brock knew what was even happening, Delia was on top of him and she grabbed his penis to guide it in her pussy. She slowly lowered her hips down so her pussy lips met his penis that she was guiding inside her. Brock instinctively began holding onto her hips and she started to go down on his penis as it entered her vagina. Brock couldn't believe how fast his penis was sinking into her pussy as she managed to get over half his penis inside her in a matter of seconds.

Delia's eyes grew a bit wider as she pushed her body down onto Brock and he bucked his hips
which pushed his penis even further into her body. She began to gently ride Brock going up and
down as her pussy muscles gripping every inch of his penis.

"Oh! So you want to get a bit frisky, huh Brock? I can certainly arrange that." Delia said as she began riding Brock faster and harder now.

"I was just react... agh!" Brock said as Delia's bounces were a lot harder and faster than Nurse Joy had done moments earlier.

Brock was enjoying having sex with Delia as she looked at him with pure lust in her eyes. Delia pushed down again and her eyes opened even wider and her mouth opened wide as she felt his penis hit her cervix. But that didn't stop her as she knew that she still hadn't put all of it inside her yet. Delia wrapped her arms around Brock as she began to push down on him again. She was moaning loudly as she tried to push his penis inside her further.

Delia could feel the head of Brock's penis pushing against her soft, wet cervix. She knew if she wanted to get his penis to penetrate any further she would have to go slow so it didn't hurt her. Delia stopped bouncing up and down and began a deep grinding motion with her hips as she continued pushing down on him. Beside Delia and Brock, Nurse Joy and Ash had also started
going at it.

"You look a little nervous Ash..." Nurse Joy said as she moved on top of Ash.

"I'm.. I'm.. I'm a little nervous." Ash replied with a bit of a shudder as Nurse Joy was now right in front of him naked.

"That's okay, so am I. I've never had sex with a guy when his mother is in the room. It's even a bit different than having sex with Brock a few minutes ago since he's my boyfriend." Nurse Joy said as Ash felt a bit better knowing Nurse Joy felt similar.

"Really? You're a bit nervous too?" Ash said as he was relieved a bit.

"Yeah, it's not everyday that a girl makes out with two guys, in fact, I've never had sex like this at all. So you're actually a bit more experienced than I am at this whole group lesson sex thing." Joy explained to him as she could tell he was getting a bit more comfortable with her.

"Are you still okay doing this then?" Ash said as he wanted to make sure Nurse Joy was still
comfortable with the whole situation.

"Oh I'm fine with it Ash. Watching you and your mom have sex only made me that more horny."
Nurse Joy told him.

"Just relax you two and just go at it. Once you get started everything will be fine." Delia said as she could see the two of them were a bit hesitant.

Nurse Joy reached down and grabbed Ash's erect penis and guided towards her pussy. Her pussy was still dripping wet from her orgasm earlier with Brock and a few drips fell onto Ash's penis as she moved int into position for penetration.

Ash watched as she lower her pink pussy lips onto the head of his penis. She grinded her pussy
along the shaft of his penis to teasing him and get it a bit wet from her juices. She finally placed the head of his penis between her pussy lips at the opening to her vagina and began to lower her body onto it.

"You're so sexy Nurse Joy. I've been wanting to do this since I saw you strip in front of us earlier." Ash finally admitted as his penis began to penetrate her.

"Ah! So the truth finally comes out huh? You're not really nervous are you? You're just ashamed to admit you like me." Joy said as she pushed her body down onto him further.

Before Ash could reply, Joy lowered herself completely on to him as her wet pussy engulfed his
penis inch by inch until it was all inside her. He could feel her pussy grip and squeeze his penis as it went inside her and he just sat there as he enjoyed the feeling.

"See, honey. I knew you'de start to enjoy it once you started. You just need to finally relax
around other girls like I told you, including Nurse Joy." Delia said as she continued bouncing on Brock as she looked over to see her son and Nurse Joy finally going at it together.

"I'm trying to mom. She just looks so beautiful and now it feels so great to do it with her that I'm just a bit confused. It's not the same as doing it with you mom, I know you like me no matter what but I'm always a bit scared that I'm not doing good enough for the other girls." Ash said as he was enjoying the sex with Nurse Joy.

"Oh Ash, don't worry about that. It felt great for me too! Here let me show you what I mean."
Nurse Joy said as she started bouncing hard on his penis.

Nurse placed her hands on the top of the sofa behind Ash and began to move even faster. Her

breasts were jiggling around now only a few inches from Ash's face. Her movements would cause her nipples to occasionally brush and rub against his face as he got any amazing view of her big breasts each time she leaned forward a bit. Ash loved how amazing it felt and he placed
his hands on her hips just above her stocking to balance them as she thrust down onto his penis.

"You like my breasts, don't you? I saw you starring at them the entire time I was stripping and now your looking at them again." Nurse Joy teased him as she started bouncing up and down which caused her breasts to move a bit but they were partially covered with her bra that she was still wearing that they didn't move around as much as his mom's did as he glanced over at her to see her bouncing on Brock's penis.

"Uh yeah... They look amazing." Ash said as he took his attention off her breasts to look at her as he responded.

"Well you know you don't have to just look at them you know... Go ahead and play with them if
you want. Though you might want to take off my bra off completely if you want..." Joy said as she encouraged him to play with her breasts as she continued going down on his penis.

"I've been wanting to suck your big nipples. I'll never forget the moment that you lowered your bra cups off your breasts. They are so big that they spill out of your bra." Ash said as he was eager to play with her breasts.

Delia watched as her son reached around Joy's back with his hands and unsnapping her bra hook.
Joy's bra was still resting under her breasts although some of the material was still covering parts of her breasts. Ash pushed the bra shoulder straps aside as the bra completely loosened and fell to the ground.

Joy's large breasts were now completely naked and Ash reached out with his hand to caress her
large breasts. Her skin was smooth and soft with a bit of moisture from all the sweat but Ash held her breasts in his hand as lowered her body towards him again. Her left breast nipple was almost completely in Ash's mouth as he continued cupping her breasts as he began sucking on her nipple. Ash's tongue licked around her areola and then preceded to suck her throbbing nipple.

"Oh yes Ash! That feels so good. I don't know why your scared about your sexual abilities. Your licking my tits like a pro." Joy said as she was enjoying the attention she was getting from Ash's tongue.

"Ash and Brock are both good at sucking tits." Delia said as Brock took that as a cue to begin
licking Delia's tits as well.

"I had no idea that you liked big breasted women Ash." Joy said as she loved how Ash was working on them.

"I love playing with big breasts." Ash said as Dawn heard him comment about liking big breasts

and was a bit disappointed because she had the smallest breasts in the entire group.

Delia smiled as Brock's mouth began to devour her tits one by one and she closed her eyes in enjoyment as she continued bouncing. Both guys found it a bit hard to keep the nipples in their mouth's as the girls bouncing made it a bit difficult to keep them in a position long enough to suck on them. Misty on the other hand, was also on the sofa and was attempting to get some much needed action as well.

"I think I'm going to have just as hard of a time fitting this inside me as Dawn did." Misty said as she began going down on the strap-on.

"Just do as I told Dawn. Relax and let it stretch. Your vagina will expand to let it in." Johanna said as she was eager to see if Misty could take more of it inside her than her daughter did.

Johanna looked down to see Misty spreading her pussy lips open with her hands as she slowly
lowered herself. She intently watched as her strap-on spread Misty's vagina hole open and it
slowly plunged into her wet pussy.

Misty looked down at the big strap-on dildo that was penetrating her pussy. Misty was starting
to get a bit light headed from the immense feelings overwhelming her body as she continued to
bear down on the strap-on. She managed to quickly recover and continued working it into her.

"How does that feel Misty? Do you think you can get it all in?" Johanna asked as she was
surprised how fast Misty was putting it inside her compared to Dawn.

"I love it! I'm going to try!" Misty said as she began thrusting it in and out of her to push it in further.

Johanna watched as the tight ring of Misty's pussy stretched opened as the strap-on continued
going deep inside her. Misty's moans and cries were clearly pain and not pleasure now and but
that didn't seem to stop her as the intense pleasure could be seen all over her facial expressions.

"Keep trying to relax Misty. Take deep breaths and keep going." Johanna instructed as she could see Misty push in another inch.

"It's so thick. It thicker than Brock's penis. It must be almost two inches thick." Misty said as she was now having problems getting it in her.

"Do you like how thick it is?" Johanna asked as she couldn't believe Misty had almost got it all inside her now.

"It hurts a bit, but I think I've just about got it all inside now." Misty boasted as she had never felt her pussy so full before even when she had sex with Brock.

Misty's pain was already dissipating and was now being replaced with incredible pleasure. Her

whole body was completely overcome with immense feelings of pleasure and her pussy was raging. She started to slide up and down on the huge strap-on as her pussy lips rested against the
balls of the strap-on each time she bottomed out.

Delia's eyes were shut tight and her back was arched as she pressed her breasts into Brock's
face. It felt like his penis was in her womb it was so deep inside her now. She continued to
bounce up and down until she knew she wasn't going to last any longer. Brock could feel her
pussy tighten even more around him and that finally was too much for him.

"I can't hold it any longer! I'm going to cum!" Brock said as he knew that he couldn't hold it any longer.

"Oh Brock, cum inside me! I want to feel you shoot your hot cum inside me." Delia said as she
went crazy with anticipation after she heard him say that.

Brock reached down and started rubbing her clit which make Delia go wild and she started to
have another orgasm. Brock could not hold back anymore as he felt her body shaking around his
penis and he began shooting his cum deep into her pussy.

"I'm cumming..." Brock panted as he stopped fingering her clit to focus on his climax.

Delia tight pussy muscles twitched around Brock's large penis as he spurted his cum inside her. She began to scream with pleasure as her orgasm swept over her body and she could feel his cum squirting into her womb, the same place Ash's dad had squirted his cum. She knew she wouldn't get pregnant but the feeling of her son's friend's cum inside her was an amazing sensation.

Ash and Joy both heard Brock and Delia climax and that also proved too much for them as well. Ash grabbed Joy by the waist just above her garter belt and began helping her up and down on
his throbbing penis. He was penetrating her extremely deep and Joy was panting and moaning a
lot as her body sank down on his erect penis with every stroke.

"I'm going to cum in your pussy if you don't stop now!" Ash warned Joy as he wasn't completely
sure if she was protected from getting pregnant.

"Okay, I'll pull out now." Joy said as she quickly lifted her body off him as his penis pulled
out of her pussy.

Joy wanted to kept riding him longer but she only wanted Brock to cum inside her. The thought
of Ash cumming inside her did excite her but she thought that would go a bit to far. Ash almost climaxed but as soon as Joy pulled out, the urge to cum slowed.

Johanna's strap-on was now moving in and out of Misty's pussy really fast. Misty had started
off slow by easing her pussy down onto the strap-on, but now she was in full flight bouncing
up and down on it like crazy.

"You're so wet Misty! You're dripping down the strap-on and on to me. Look how wet you are down there." Johanna told her as she was loving watching Misty look so horny.

Misty looked down at her pussy which was completely filled with the strap-on and instinctively
reached down to her wet pussy and began flicking her clit.

"Oh! My pussy feels so good!" Misty said gasping for breath and breathing heavy.

Johanna decided it was time to finish Misty off and she began thrusting her hips against Misty's bouncing which caught her off guard. Johanna had a perfect view of her strap-on driving into Misty's pussy. She knew that Misty wouldn't last more than a few more seconds so she decided to manually activate the strap-on's cumming feature which began to spurt loads into Misty's pussy.

"What.. what are you... ah!" was all Misty could say as she began to climax.

Cum began oozing out of Misty's pussy as there was so much that it would all stay in her pussy. It dripped down the strap-on onto Johanna. It began to collect on the strap-on belt and Johanna's inner thigh.

Misty's orgasm ripped through her body which made her scream just like Delia did and thrash
around in an almost out of control manner. Johanna held on to Misty as she had her eyes closed
as the pleasure build from her pussy, to her nipples and then all the way to her head. Misty was tense and out of control but felt amazing. She finally fell forward onto Johanna's body.

"Misty, are you alright?" Johanna asked.

"Uh.. yes." Misty replied.

"Was it good?" Johanna asked as she already knew the answer from Misty's reaction.

"That felt amazing. How much cum was in that?" Misty asked as she could now feel it dripping
out of her pussy and running down her legs.

"Well as you know it's a big strap-on, it can hold a lot. I'm sure there is still a lot inside it still." Johanna said as she knew it could hold a lot more than any guy normally could.

"How come you didn't let Ash cum inside you Joy?" Delia asked a she had recovered from her
climax and was now sitting on the sofa in between Ash and Brock.

"I thought it would be cheating on Brock if I let another guy cum inside me. Believe me I would have loved to have had Ash do it inside me but I just wouldn't have felt right afterwards." Joy tried to explain as she stood up and got off of Ash.

"That's sweet Joy but I wouldn't have mind. Ash is my best friend and we do everything

together, as you now know." Brock told her as he found it sweet that she was willing to do that for him.

"I think Joy has some very good integrity to make a decision like that though." Johanna said as she was hugging Misty as she overheard the conversation taking place at the other side of the sofa.

"Thank you, besides Brock is more than enough for me." Joy smiled as everyone giggled as Brock blushed a bit from the complement.

"He certainly is quite the stud." Delia said as she could still feel Brock's cum inside her.

"I'm going to call it a night now. I'm getting tired and I have to be up early in the morning to open the Pokemon Center. Brock, did you want to come sleep with me tonight?" Nurse Joy said as everyone suddenly looked a bit disappointed.

"Right now? But you only just started having fun with us." Brock said as he was trying to convince her to stay.

"Yeah. It's been a long day and I'm getting tired. If you want to stay that's fine though." Joy said as she knew that he'd probably want to continue on with his friends for the night.

"Go with her Brock. I think it's about time we all finished up anyhow. I think that's about all will do for this lesson." Johanna said as she too was getting a bit tired and she wanted to get cleaned up before going to sleep.

"Are you sure?" Brock said as he looked around at his friends.

"Yes, Brock. Go with Joy." May said as she was a bit disappointed that Brock had to go.

"Okay. Have a good night guys. It was really fun tonight." Brock said as he quickly put on his
clothes as Nurse Joy also did the same.

"Have a good sleep. I hope you guys learned something from the lesson tonight." Johanna said
as she was kind of sad that her lesson was coming to an end now.

"I know I did. Thanks for convincing me to join you guys. I had a great time." Joy said as she
was finally dressed again and was heading towards the door to the hall.

"I'm going to check the hallway to make sure no one is around." Brock said as he poked his
head out of the door to check if the coast was clear.

Brock motioned to Nurse Joy that the coast was clear and the two of them quickly went down the
hall and entered Nurse Joy's room. Nurse Joy waved at everyone as she slowly closed the door so it wouldn't slam and wake anyone up.
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