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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 34 - Test Time Trio!

"I'm getting tired now too and its pretty late. I think I'm going to go to sleep now." Misty said as she knew the excitement for the night was pretty much over now.

"I suppose your right Misty. It is getting late now and you guys should be getting to bed. I hope you liked tonight's lesson. I know that I did." Johanna said as she looked around at everyone as she smiled.

"Awe does it have to end? I was really getting in to it." May said as she was disappointed that it had to end.

"Johanna's right May. It's time to end today's lesson but we can always have another one in the future when we all get together again." Delia said as she too was starting to get tired.

"It will be something to look forward too." Dawn said as she was trying to find an upside to the situation.

"I guess so. I just didn't want this night to ever end." May said in a disappointed voice.

"Well, I'm going to go have a shower and get cleaned up for bed." Johanna said as she motioned
Misty to get off her lap so she could get up.

"I could also use a shower. I'm quite sweaty now from all that activity." Delia said as she got up around the same time that Johanna did.

"There's a bathroom down the hall near the front lobby. I think that's the closest one. It shouldn't be too busy at this time of night." Ash said as he was trying to be helpful.

"Thanks honey. I guess we'de better put something on before we go out into the hall to the
bathroom." Delia said as she directed her statement to Johanna.

"You're right. I'll just quickly put these clothes on again long enough to get there." Johanna said as she didn't bother putting on her underwear and just put her pants and top on.

Johanna and Delia both got dressed as Misty put on her nightgown and lay down on her bunkbed.
Before Johanna and Delia had finished getting dressed, Misty was already asleep. The days events had made her tired especially the last time with Johanna.

"I think Misty's already asleep." Dawn said as she was still sitting beside May on the floor.

"She must be really tired. She was going at it pretty crazy there at the end with your mom." May commented as she recalled watching Johanna and Misty go at it.

"She really seemed to enjoy herself. No wonder she's tired. Anyhow, I'm off to have a shower." Johanna said as she opened the door as Delia also began to follow her.

"Are you three going to have a shower too?" Delia said as she was wondering what they were doing.

"Ah, I'll wait till you guys get back. I think I'll need a bit of a rest first before getting up." Dawn said as she was a bit tired herself.

"Yeah, me too." May said agreeing with Dawn.

"What about you Ash?" Delia said as she looked at her son awaiting a response.

"I'll get one in a bit too." Ash said as he didn't want to think up another response.

"Alright then. See you guys in a bit." Delia said as she and Johanna closed the doors behind them and went towards the bathroom.

Johanna and Delia walked towards the bathroom and picked up a towel from the rack as they
continued into the room. There were toilet stalls on the right wall, sinks on the left wall and near the back of the room was a walkway to the shower room.

Delia notice there wasn't anyone else in the bathroom other than Johanna so she quickly took off her clothes and wrapped the towel around her and began heading towards the shower room. Johanna did the same as she followed Delia into the shower room. There was a small path to get
to the showers so people didn't have to watch everyone in the showers if they were just going to use the toilet.

The shower room was larger than they thought as Johanna and Delia walked in. It was a bit dark
as there was no windows and only overhead lighting to light the room. There were showers heads
on each wall and the room was completely tiled.

Delia took her towel off which was wrapped around her body and put it on a hook near the entrance to the shower room. Johanna did the same as they both made their way to the shower
heads. Delia turned on the shower head and tested the water to see how cold it was.

"It seems a bit cold. Not too many people are having showers at this time of night. If we give it a few seconds, it should warm up." Delia said as she stood to one side of the shower head as the water sprayed out of it.

"Hopefully. I'm looking forward to having a nice warm shower." Johanna said as she turned on her shower head and waited for it to warm up.

"So how do you think the lesson went?" Delia said as she decided to make some small talk while
the two of them were in the shower.

"I think it went quite well. When you first suggested it, I was a bit worried and also a bit

scared, but now that its over, I kind of miss it." Johanna said as she tested the water as it was still a bit cold.

"It was a fun night. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I know I did." Delia said as she got
under the shower as it was now warm enough for her.

"It sure was. I hope we can get together again sometime and have another lesson. Everyone seemed eager to do it again." Johanna said as she realized that her shower head wasn't getting any warm water yet.

"The water still cold for you over there?" Delia said as she just happened to look over to see
Johanna wasn't under the shower head yet.

"No it doesn't seem to be getting warm water over here." Johanna said as she wanted to have a
warm shower.

"Hmm. That's odd. It warmed up here." Delia said as she began soaping herself up.

"I'll give it another minute or so." Johanna said.

"Why don't come over here with me instead and we can take a shower together? The water is warm and there is plenty of room for us both." Delia suggested as she wondered if Johanna would take up her offer.

Johanna looked over at Delia a bit shocked that she suggested such a thing. She had come to
realize that she shouldn't be too shocked when it came to Ash's mom. Johanna watched as Delia
rubbed her soapy hands over her lovely big breasts.

"Well if you don't mind. The water here is still cold." Johanna said as she really wanted to have a nice warm shower.

"Sure its no problem. Here I'll move over a bit to give you some room." Delia said as she moved to the side to give Johanna some room to get under the shower head.

Johanna grabbed the soap near the shower she had originally started and turned off the water. She walked over to the shower head that Delia was at and walked under it. Unlike the shower head she originally chose, the water coming out of this one was nice and warm. Johanna started to get wet and began soaping herself up.

Johanna continued washing her body for a bit cleaning herself up to the point that she almost forgot that Delia was there. It wasn't until their bodies bumped into each other that she realized that she was sharing the shower with her still.

"Oh I'm sorry. I'de got so caught up washing myself in the shower that I'de forgotten I was sharing the shower with you." Johanna said as she gave out a small giggle as she turned to

face Delia who was also continuing to wash herself.

"Ah it's okay. Hey since you're right there, would you mind washing my back? I always have a hard time doing it." Delia said hoping that Johanna would do it for her.

"Sure no problem, turn around and I'll do it for you." Johanna replied as Delia turned around and Johanna put a bunch of soap in her hands and began to wash Delia's back.

Johanna washed Delia's back as the water from the shower cleared the soap bubbles off almost
immediately after Johanna rubbed in on Delia's skin. Johanna was used to washing people's
backs having given Dawn countless baths as a kid.

"Did you want me to wash your back now too?" Delia asked as she realized Johanna was almost
done washing her back.

"Uh sure that would be great." Johanna said as she finished up and turned around to let Delia
do her back.

"You know, Ash and I have started having showers together and I was kind of surprised he
didn't take my hint earlier when I asked when he was going to have a shower." Delia explained
to Johanna as she began washing her back.

"You are really luckily to have a son that is willing to do stuff with you like this. Most of the time mother and son seem to drift apart as they get older." Johanna said as she was a bit jealous of Delia and Ash's relationship.

"We usually go a bit further than washing each other's back in the shower though." Delia said as she planted an idea into Johanna's mind.

"Well after seeing the two of your earlier, I'm not surprised. It was quite erotic to see the two of you go at it. Joy also seemed to like watching the two of you have sex. There is something exotic about watching something like that." Johanna said as she remembered watching them earlier as Delia continued washing her back.

"You know during the whole time we had the lesson tonight, the two of us never ended up being
paired up." Delia said as she was testing to see how far she could get Johanna to go with her.

"That's true. I guess we just ended up making sure everyone else was having a good time and
learning something." Johanna said as she was starting to get horny again and she could tell that Delia was still a bit horny herself.

Delia decided to go for it with Johanna and slowly lowered her soapy hands down to her ass. She placed both her hands on her ass cheeks and began to rub the soap on them. Johanna didn't object and was beginning to enjoy the attention as she stook out her butt a bit to give Delia more to work with.

"Mmm, that feels good. Keep going." Johanna told Delia as the two of them began taking the
shower to the next level.

Delia slid her soap covered hands down the crack of her ass and massaged her butt cheeks a bit
with her hands. She moved her hands up her back again and then reached around Johanna's body
and cupped both of her breasts in her hands. The soap and water made it easy for Delia to glide her hands around Johanna's skin. Delia then began to rub the remaining soap in her hands all over Johanna's breasts and chest making sure to lather up as much of the soap as she could.

Johanna's nipples were now erect as Delia pushed Johanna's breasts together till the soap bubbled up in the cleavage of her breasts. Delia then hugged Johanna from behind as she slide her wet, soapy fingers down her back again.

"Oh that feels so good. I can't believe your doing this." Johanna said as she was enjoying what Delia was doing.

"You want me to continue?" Delia teased a bit hoping Johanna wanted to go further.

"Go ahead, you can touch me here." Johanna said as she took on of Delia's hands and brought it
to her pussy.

Delia slid her hand between Johanna's wet legs and began playing with the outer lips of Johanna's pussy. It was quite wet as the water trickled down her body and would split off at her pussy and would continue down her legs. A bit of the water began to splash around as Delia began to slowly rub Johanna's pussy with her hand.

Johanna finally turned around and they began to kiss as the warm water from the shower covered
their naked bodies. They began to hold each other tight, as their soapy and wet breasts pressed against each other. Their kiss was a bit tentative at first but quickly became very passionate.

They held on to each other several minutes as the water rained over them as they slowly explored each others mouths with their tongues. They pressed their bodies close together as Delia moved her hand back down towards Johanna's pussy. Delia began caressing Johanna's breasts with one hand while her other hand began to stroke her pussy slit. Johanna stopped kissing and looked down as she watched Delia's finger slide along her wet pussy slit.

"That feels so good Delia." Johanna said as she was enjoying Delia's touch.

"I can make you feel even better if you want." Delia teased as she stroked Johanna's slit faster.

"Oh? I'm sure you can." Johanna said as she was tempted by Delia.

"Spread your legs wide for me and I'll show you." Delia replied as she gave a small smirk.

Johanna spread her legs open a bit as Delia knelt down in front of her as the water continued to splash over both of them. Johanna moved around a bit so that the shower water was blocked by her back so it didn't hit Delia in the face as she began to spread Johanna's pussy lips apart. Her pussy lips were once again red and swollen like they were earlier but they were also wet from the shower as the water continued to pour over her pussy as Delia began to lick Johanna's clit.

Johanna instantly could tell that Delia had a lot of experience licking pussy's as it didn't take her very long to get her very excited. Johanna started to moan as Delia licked around her clit as the warm water trickled into Johanna's vagina now that her pussy lips were spread wide open.

"Oh my pussy is so wet. I can feel some of the water trickling inside of me." Johanna moaned as Delia nibbled and licked her inner pussy lips and then finally put her tongue inside her vagina.

"Oh yes! That's it, fuck me with your tongue. Make me cum here in the shower." Johanna said as
she was starting to feel really naughty about this but was still enjoying herself.

Johanna could hear the sloppy noises of Delia licking her pussy as her pussy juices were now combining with the shower water. Waves of pleasure began to fill Johanna's body as Delia
continued to work on her pussy. Delia grabbed Johanna's ass and pushed her body closer to her
mouth so she could get her tongue to penetrate in even further. Johanna braced herself by
holding onto Delia's shoulders as she began grinding her hips into Delia's face.

"Now I'm going to make you come just like your daughter Dawn did earlier." Delia told her as
he could tell that she was getting close.

Hearing Delia talk about her and Dawn having sex together turned her on even more now. Delia
knew exactly how to play Johanna and to get her worked up and excited. Johanna's moans became louder and her body began to shake as she felt Delia's tongue licking around inside her pussy. Moments later, Johanna began to orgasm as Delia continued to work on her throughout her climax.

"Yes! Yes!" Johanna shouted as she forgot that she was in a public shower room and the screams
began to get louder as the sound waves bounced off the shower room walls.

Delia knew Johanna was being a bit loud so she quickly stood up and began to kiss her so she would stop screaming so loud. The two hugged and kissed as Johanna's orgasm began to die down.

"Oh Delia, that felt so good. You are really good at that, more so than I am." Johanna said as
she was grateful for the amazing orgasm she had but a bit jealous of Delia's skills.

"I'm glad you liked it, but we better be quiet and finish up our shower otherwise someone is
going to realize what's going on in here as its quite late now." Delia said as she wanted to go a bit longer but logical reasoning filled her mind with an opposing thought.

"Yeah, you're right. Here, lets finish cleaning each other up and head back." Johanna said as she began soaping up again.

Back in the bedrooms, Misty was sound a sleep while Ash, May and Dawn were all still a bit tired but weren't ready for bed like Misty was. May was especially restless as she was still a bit sad that the evening had gone by so fast.

"So did you two enjoy evening?" May asked as she looked at Ash and then at Dawn awaiting

"I had a great time. I was fun doing the different positions with different people. It felt really good." Dawn said as she was starting to look a bit tired.

"I'm still kind of restless. I wanted us to go a bit longer tonight but everyone else is either tired or has left." May said in a disappointed voice.

"Ash and I are still here. Plus my mom left some of the toys here. If you want, I'm willing to go a bit longer." Dawn said as she was willing to go a bit longer that night.

"You are?! That's awesome Dawn. I could really use a little more tonight to completely satisfy me." May said as she was excited by the fact that Dawn was willing.

"How about you Ash? Willing to go at it again with us?" Dawn said as she smiled at him and May turned to face him as well awaiting his reply.

"Uh.. I'm still a bit tired. If it's okay with you two, I'll just watch for now." Ash said as he was also a bit tired himself after having sex with all the girls earlier.

"Oh! Is that so... I see you'll need a bit of motivation. That can be arranged. You'll soon be
begging to join in." May said as she crawled over to where Dawn was sitting on the floor.

May lay down in front of Dawn as she spread her pussy lips wide to give Dawn a glimpse of it.
Dawn quickly got the hint and Dawn's hands rested on May's hips and she pulled herself towards
her pussy. She began to lick along the lips of her pussy as May let go of her pussy lips to give Dawn access.

May and Dawn both knew the teasing had begun now that they were playing with each other now. Dawn continued to lick all around May's pussy as she noticed a small trail of pussy juice was beginning to slowly come out of her lips. May pushed her pussy against Dawn's face who
continued to lick at it and now was beginning to lick her clit.

After seeing the two start going at it, Ash immediately began watching them. May took a brief
look towards Ash to see if he was playing any attention to them and notice he was indeed watching Dawn and her. Ash didn't last too long and he quickly gripped his penis with his hand
and stroked it as he loved watching his two friends go at each other.

"Oh, yes! You're tongue feels so good on my clit, Dawn! Keep going!" May said as she closed
her eyes and began moaning.

Dawn slipped her fingers between the soft, hot lips of May's pussy as she felt the heat from her body and wetness of her pussy envelop her fingers. Dawn began exploring the insides of May's pussy with her fingers as she spread her vagina opening wide with her fingers and then began to penetrate deep into her pussy.

"I bet you wish my fingers were Ash's penis, don't you May?" Dawn said as she teased both May
and Ash a bit.

"Yes, but Ash is too 'tired' to have any more fun with us tonight." May responded as she loved the way Dawn was working her.

"Oh that's right! Well more fun for me then." Dawn said as May could feel the fingers move
around inside her.

Dawn began to lick May's clit again as she drove her fingers in and out of her pussy at the same time. The walls of May's pussy clenched tightly around Dawn's fingers as she did so. May turned once again to see Ash playing with himself.

"I think Ash is wishing he had joined us earlier. He's playing with himself now as he watches us." May said as she was trying to find more ways of teasing him.

"Oh you're right May. Stroke it faster for us Ash." Dawn said as she turned to look at Ash stroking his penis for a second.

Dawn's fingers began to disappear completely inside of May's pussy as she finally manage to
bring May to an orgasm.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" May moaned as she closed her eyes.

May's legs fell completely to the floor as Dawn pulled her glistening fingers from May's pussy. Dawn looked over at Ash again and his penis was now fully erect in his hand as he masturbated while watching them on the floor. Dawn smiled at him and then looked back at May who was recovering from her orgasm.

"Oh Dawn that felt so good." May said as she thanked Dawn for her hard work to make her

"I'm glad you enjoyed that." Dawn said as she sat up on the floor in front of May.

"Did my pussy taste good?" May asked as she could see some of her juices were still on Dawn's

"It sure did. Ash doesn't know what he's missing over here." Dawn said as the two girls giggled a bit.

"Remember, he's too tired... But it looks like he might have found some energy again." May said as she turned once again to look at Ash.

"Hey May, did you want to try? There is still some of your juices on my fingers. Here lick my fingers off." Dawn said as she put her fingers near May's mouth to let her suck.

"Uh, I don't know about that." May said as she laughed a bit as she tried to mask her apprehension.

"Oh come on. It's not like you haven't tasted a girl before." Dawn said as she put her fingers on May's lips and almost forced them into her mouth.

"Uh, okay." May said as she opened her mouth to suck Dawn's fingers.

"Just pretend it's Ash's penis going into your mouth. You like sucking that don't you?" Dawn said as Ash's eyes opened wide when he heard what Dawn said.

May's tongue hesitantly licked at around Dawn's fingers. Moments later, May had two of Dawn's
fingers in her mouth and she had closed her lips around them as was sucking the juices off them. She licked off all of her own pussy juices off Dawn's fingers. She actually liked the taste as it was similar to the other girls juices she had licked before.

May finally opened her mouth to breath a bit as Dawn withdrew her fingers from May's mouth and leaned over towards her. Dawn moved her head in close to May's face and placed her lips over May's. May knew exactly what Dawn wanted to do as the two began to kiss in front of Ash.

May and Dawn continued their passionate kiss both hoping that it would stir Ash on. Ash's penis was now throbbing as he watched his two friends kiss and begin to caress each others body. Their breasts pressed against each other as their nipples rubbed up against each others as well. Dawn and May's hands gently moved over each others body as they groped their breasts as they kissed. May's had reached Dawn's nipple and she began to pinch and pull at it which caused Dawn to twitch and move around.

"Your nipples are so responsive! You're moving all around with just the slightest touch." May
said as she was surprised by how quickly Dawn got aroused.

"It's just the way you're touching them. It feels so good." Dawn said as she liked the way May
played with her nipples.

"I hope you're not jealous that were playing with each other instead of playing with you Ash."
May said as she could tell Ash was horny again and that their plan to get Ash back into the
action was working.

"Uh.. well..." Ash said as he didn't want to admit that he was anxious to get his hands on
both of them again.

"You must want us really bad, don't you, Ash? Just look at your penis. You've gotten yourself
all hard again. It's just looking for any attention it can get. Too bad you have to play with yourself now instead of us." Dawn said as the girls always enjoyed teasing Ash.

"I bet he wants to play with us now don't you Ash?" May asked as she knew what his answer was
going to be.

"I sure do!" Ash said as he stopped stroking himself hoping that he could get into the action with them.

"Well, well. So now Ash wants to play with us again. Should we let him? We asked earlier and
he turned us down." Dawn said asking May.

"I don't know. I think he looks too tired. I don't think he'd last very long." May said as their continual teasing was taken to the max level.

"You're right May. Ash, isn't it time for you to go to bed?" Dawn asked Ash as she smiled at him sexily.

"Oh come on! Stop teasing me and let me play with you guys!" Ash said as had just about enough of their teasing.

"Alright then. Come over here and let us see that erect penis of yours again." May said as she
realized if they didn't stop teasing him now he'd get angry and the rest of the night would be

"It looks like he's got a nice sized hard-on now. I wonder what could have caused that?" Dawn
said giggling.

Ash did as he was asked and walked over towards May and Dawn and then sat down beside them on the floor. May stopped feeling off Dawn and looked over at Ash who's penis had a bit of pre-
cum at the head. May licked her lips and moved her head towards Ash's penis. She slowly lowered her head over his penis and then took it deep into her mouth. She began sucking it slowly up and down the length as she licked the head of his penis to clean off the pre-cum that had come out earlier.

"My turn." Dawn said as she moved Dawn out of the way and got on her hands and knees and
grabbed Ash's penis.

Dawn started sucking up and down the length of Ash's penis just like May had done moments
earlier. Ash watched Dawn grabbed the base of his penis and the head of it closed around her
lips. Dawn slid her tongue around the head and she was able to taste the remnant of his pre-

cum that May had licked up just before her.

Dawn began putting inch after inch of his penis in her mouth until she was almost able to get to the base of it where she was holding. Ash was loving every second and it felt better than stroking himself.

"I want to suck it now. It's my turn again." May moaned as the two each wanted to have an
equal about of time on his penis.

"Wow you girls are looking hot tonight! Now your fighting over my penis. What more could a guy want." Ash said as he was enjoying every second.

"Well you could have sex with me again if you want." May said hoping he'd agree.

"Yeah, but I want him to do me too. I want my pussy filled with his penis until we cum." Dawn
said as the two of them had both given up sucking his penis and were more focused on having sex with him instead.

"Alright, I have a solution for us. Dawn may remember this from when Violet suggested it for
Lily, Dawn and I. Why don't you two line your pussies together and hold on to each other tightly and I'll put my penis in between your two pussy's and do you both at the same time. That way you both will be satisfied at the same time and you don't have to fight." Ash said as she offered the suggestion.

"Well, I guess under the circumstances..." May said as she pondered his idea.

"Oh! I liked that the first time I did it with Lily and Ash. It felt really good, almost better than actual penetration." Dawn said as she recalled the other day in the change room with Misty's sisters.

"Okay then. At least that way will both get Ash. Since when did you become such a tactician Ash?" May said as she was impressed with his suggestion.

"Hey! I haven't won a ton of badges and battles because I'm stupid! I got to understand the
playing field and this is no different. Have to adapt to every situation." Ash said as he defended himself.

"Spoken like a true Pokemon trainer!" Dawn said a she was impressed by his response.

Not waiting a second, May crawled on top of Dawn and the two of them started to get into position for Ash. Dawn moved her legs around May's body and pulled her down on top of her as
May adjusted her body to line up with Dawn's. The two started grinding their pussy's against one another as the were getting comfortable with the position.

"I need a good fuck, Ash. I need to get satisfied so don't go easy on us." May said as she was

getting more horny by the second.

"Alright. If you insist. Here I come." Ash said as he moved into a position so he could slide
his penis between the folds of their pussy lips.

Ash's penis slid between their pussy lips quite easily as their pussy's were both quite wet. Ash made sure they didn't have time to adapt to his penis and he began quickly thrusting his penis between them. He had been used to putting his penis in their pussy's all night so this was a bit of a change but it still felt just as good as penetrating them. Every few strokes he could feel their clit's rubbing against the skin of his penis.

May opened her eyes and looked down at Dawn who was laying on the floor just under her. They
both smiled at each other as they both enjoyed feeling Ash's penis rubbing against their pussy. May lowered her head towards Dawn's and they began to kiss as they sucked on each other's tongues and lips. This caused both of them to be come more aroused and they began to grind their pussy mounds against each other while Ash's penis was between them. This gave Ash
an amazing sensation as well as making it a tighter fit.

Ash moaned a bit as she moved his hands onto May's butt to balance himself a bit as he began
pushing his penis further so that it began popping out the other side of their pussy's near their stomachs. Ash kept going faster and faster as the three of them were all moaning at the same time now.

May and Dawn were moving around almost like one person now as they continued to kiss more
passionately as they rubbed their hands over each others bodies.

"Ah! This feels so good! I love being able to do both of you at the same time!" Ash moaned as he kept thrusting between their pussy's.

Each time Ash thrusted his penis forward, it would spread both of their pussy lips apart and
he could feel the wet and warmth of their pussy's rub against him as he pushed himself forward
towards them.

"Oh! I can see the head of his penis popping out from between our pussy's May! Take a look!
It's amazing!" Dawn said as she had stopped kissing May moments earlier to catch a breath and
had looked down to see what was going on.

"Move you head over a bit so I can see!" May said as Dawn shifted her head a bit as May
lowered her head and looked between her two large dangling breasts to see the head of Ash's
penis pop out every stroke.

"Can you see it now? Doesn't that look so hot!" Dawn said as she loved watching it pop out.

"I do! It's making me even more horny watching that. Our pussy's look so good wrapped around

his penis." May said as she had an upside down view but it still looked the same.

May continued to grind her hips into Dawn which caused her ass to go up into the air a bit. Her butt cheeks spread open a bit and Ash could see her tight little asshole from his angle. This caused him to thrust even faster but he now wasn't able to control where his penis was going. The head of his penis started hammering against Dawn's clit with each of his thrusts.

"Oh, Ash, you're going to make me come if you keep doing that!" Dawn said as he could feel more of her pussy juices continue to leak onto his penis.

Ash didn't listen to her, he just kept thrusting and worrying about how he felt during that moment.

Meanwhile Delia and Johanna were finishing up there shower and were heading out of the shower room. They each got their towels and began to dry themselves off. Once they had dried
themselves off enough, they began to get into their clothes again and then went back down the
hall towards their room.

"I wonder if everyone is asleep already?" Johanna asked Delia as she was making small talk
while they walked.

"Everyone looked pretty tired. I wouldn't be surprised. We should enter the room quietly so we
don't wake anyone up." Delia said as she was trying to be considerate considering how late it was.

The two parents reached the room and Delia opened the door up and slowly entered the room.
Johanna followed but was surprised to see what was going on when she turned around after
slowly closing the door behind her.

"Ash, slow down or I'm going to... Oh, Mom! Uh, I'm cumming!" Dawn said as she couldn't hold
it any longer as she saw her mom enter the room and was looking right at her with a stunned look which caused her to climax.

"Mom?" May said as she turned towards the door to see that Delia and Johanna had both returned and they both were looking right at them.

"So, you decided to keep going after we left, huh? You naughty guys." Delia said as she was
impressed with their stamina that they were still going at it.

"Uh... Well you see..." Ash said as he had almost stopped thrusting now and was looking at his mom who had a big smirk on her face.

"Oh Ash, who cares. Come on finish me! I need it big time. Dawn's already climaxed so why
don't you just put it in me. I need it, come on hurry." May said as she really didn't care that Delia and Johanna were back and were looking at them.

"Uh.. but my mom and Dawn's mom are right there." Ash said as he was a bit hesitant to continue.

"It's alright Ash. Don't be shy. We don't mind." his mom said as she was looking forward to
watching her son have sex with his friend again.

"Yeah Ash. It sounds like you made my daughter feel good but May still needs some more action.

"Remember, you have to please your partners to the best of your ability. Now show us what you've learned tonight. Consider this your test." Johanna said as she was talking like a teacher again in a strict but loving voice.

"Uh.. Alright then." Ash said as he now had an audience and he had to please May at the same
time. The pressure was now on to perform.

"Stick it in me Ash. Do me doggy style like earlier and play with my tits that way we don't
have to move into another position." Ash repositioned himself a bit so the head of his penis was at the entrance of May's vagina instead of rubbing against Dawn's and May's pussy lips. His ball were resting just in front of Dawn's pussy though and with one thrust Ash pushed into May's pussy as his balls rested on Dawn's pussy lips.

Ash's hard penis was riding in between the lips of Dawn's pussy almost like a ramp and was
burring itself into May's pussy. Dawn's pussy was also lubricating Ash's penis each thrust making it easy for Ash to enter May.

"Oh, wow. You two look great. You look good together doing that!" Delia whispered so she
wouldn't wake up Misty who was laying in the bed beside her.

"So you like watching me do her, do you mom?" Ash said as the idea of his mother enjoying
watching him have sex was driving him wild.

"Oh yeah! Of course I do Ash! You two look so sexy!" Delia said as she watched her son drill
his penis into May's pussy.

"It feels so good inside me!" May said as she loved feeling Ash's penis inside her instead of
rubbing against her.

Ash reached in between Dawn and May and grabbed May's breasts as he continued to slide his
penis in and out of her wet, tight pussy. Ash's hands began to fondle her erect nipples with his fingers as he could feel Dawn's breast on the other side of his hands. He tweaked each nipple with his fingers which caused May to moan with pleasure.

Dawn was beginning to recover from her orgasm and May's breasts were practically in her face.
She could see that Ash was playing with them. She had always been a bit jealous of May's large

breasts as the guys really seemed to like them.

"Harder Ash! Harder!" May told him as he did as he was told. Ash stopped playing with her breasts and grabbed onto her sides as he began pounding his penis into her with everything he had. His penis was penetrating harder and faster with each thrust as it sank in to her even deeper.

Now that Ash's hands were off of May's breasts, Dawn now got a good view of May's erect nipples. They looked very inviting and Dawn leaned her head forward and took a nipple into her
mouth. It caught May a bit of guard but she quickly began enjoying Dawn's playful sucking.

May was breather a lot heavier now and was very turned on by the fact Ash was nailing her pussy, Dawn was sucking her nipples and Delia and Johanna were watching them do it. Ash too
was enjoying the overwhelming feeling and was savoring every second of thrusting his penis into May's hot pussy. He knew he couldn't keep up for much longer as he could feel his balls beginning to build as they rested on Dawn's pussy still.

"It looks like May loves you penis Ash. Don't you May?" Delia told her son while asking a question to May.

"It feels so good inside me and now with Dawn licking my tits, I don't know how much more I
can take." May panted as she was enjoying herself.

"Alright Ash. Show her what you're made of. Give it her so she cums." Johanna said as she was
instructing him again.

"Alright." Ash said as he did as he was told.

Ash thrust his hips forward against May as he burying his whole penis deep inside her pussy. It hit her cervix causing May to jerked a bit but enjoyed the different feeling.

"I love you so much, Ash!" May said as she turned her head a bit to look at him.

"I love you too, May." Ash responded as this was getting too much for him.

"Oh yeah, Ash, just a bit more. I'm almost there!" May said as his response back to her sent her into overdrive.

Ash began to feel the tingling pleasurable sensation beginning to build in his balls as they began to tighten and his cum was began to rise up to his penis head. Ash felt the first spurts of cum pump deep inside May's pussy as May felt his cum start squirting inside her which drove her to an orgasm finally as well. Ash leaned forward over May and Dawn as he continued spurting load after load of his cum inside May's pussy to the point where is was now dripping out her pussy and into Dawn's pussy which was just below.

"Oh! I'm cumming!" May said as she was loving the sensation.
"Me too!" Ash replied as he had shut his eyes now.

"I can feel you two shaking and you're cum is dripping onto my pussy now too Ash!" Dawn said as she was also enjoying it.

"I'm so jealous of May right now." Delia said as she had just watched her son cum inside May's

"Me too. That looks like it was a lot of fun. Dawn, honey, that was amazing to watch. Had you done that position before?" Johanna asked her daughter who was at the bottom of the pile.

"Uh.. Once before with one of Misty's sisters but this was by far better than the first time." Dawn said as she was a bit reluctant to say.

Ash was still pumping cum inside May's pussy and it was now reaching her womb. Moments later, he pulled out of May's pussy and rolled off of her body and lay on the floor as he knew he
could collapse onto of her or it might crush Dawn underneath. May had already collapsed on Dawn's body and her eyes were completely shut as her orgasm filled her body.

May's climax lasted longer than it normally did as she had been all worked up all night. This was her release and it made her feel really good.

"This was exactly what I needed tonight before going to bed. I don't think I would have ever gotten to sleep tonight without that amazing orgasm." May said as she enjoyed the amazing feeling.

"Sounds like Ash passed the test then." Johanna said as she could tell May was feeling good still.

"Oh he sure did." May replied as she rolled over off on Dawn beside Ash and rubbed his chest
with her hand.

"Uh Ash, can I sleep with you in bed tonight?" Dawn asked as she raised her upper body to look at him directly when she asked her question.

"Of course you can. Hopefully its big enough for us both." Ash said back as he always enjoyed
company in bed.

"Well let's hope it's big enough for the three of us." May said as she didn't want to get left out.

"I'm getting quite tired. Let's all go to bed now." Delia said as she got into the top bunk above Misty as May, Dawn and Ash went over to the other bunk at the bottom and lay there on the bed together.
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