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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 35 - Transformashion!

The next morning Delia and Johanna were up bright and early but everyone else was still in bed getting their much needed sleep from all the physical activity the night before. Delia knew that Ash need to get up and ready so he could start traveling to Celadon City for his rematch against Erika that he had setup a day earlier.

"Alright everyone! It's time to get up!" Delia said as Ash had heard that voice and saying a million times to know that it was him mom trying to get him up.

"Ugh... Mom, just a few more minutes." As said as he tried to get back to sleep but Dawn and May who were laying beside him began to pull him up out of bed.

"Come on Ash, we got to get going. Your battle with Erika is tomorrow." May said as she was just getting up herself.

"Yeah Ash! So let's get ready and get a move on." Dawn said as she knew Ash would need some motivation to get up as she was also tired herself.

"Delia and I are going to get breakfast and then were both going our separate ways but we want to see you guys before you leave the Pokemon Center." Johanna said as she explained what was going on.

"Meet us in the front lobby when your about to leave. Will wait for you there." Delia said as Johanna and Delia left the room.

Misty had heard Delia and Johanna talking and was just waking up. She rubbed her eyes and looked over on the other side of the room to see May and Dawn in bed with Ash. She rubbed her eyes again think she was seeing things only to reconfirm her initial sight. She was a bit surprised to see that the two of them had slept beside Ash all night and she was a bit jealous but she was so tired from last night that she was glad that she had a good sleep.

"Good morning. It seems like you guys had a fun night in bed together." Misty said with a small tone of jealously.

"Morning Misty. You certainly got some sleep last night." Dawn said as she greeted her friend.

"Yeah, at least she got some sleep though..." May said as she was still a bit tired.

"We'd better get ready to go. We have a long day of traveling ahead of us." Misty said as she got out of bed and was beginning to get her clothes on.

"True. It's a long journey from Saffron City to Celadon City. It's going to be a long day..." May said as she waited for Ash and Dawn to get out of bed so she could get dressed.

The four of the got dressed and headed out to the kitchen area where they met Brock who was sitting at a table by himself. Brock saw his friends walk into the room and he waved at them to indicate where he was. He scooted over to make some room for his friends to sit down.

"Morning Brock. How was your night?" Dawn said as she sat down beside him as Ash, May and Misty sat down on the other side of the table.

"I had a great night. I'm a bit tired but it was certainly worth it. How about you guys?" Brock replied.

"I could have slept a bit longer too but my mom woke us up so we could get ready to head to Celadon City." Ash said as he was looking over at the food that was being
served to the other Trainers.

"Well let's eat and then head off." Misty said as she got right to the point.

After a quick breakfast, Ash and his friends were feeling a bit more energetic and ready for the journey that day. As instructed by Delia earlier, they met Johanna and Delia in the front lobby where they were sitting together on a sofa awaiting them.

"Ah! Here you guys are. Did you have a good breakfast?" Johanna said as Dawn walked up to her and gave her a hug.

"Yeah. We're ready to again." Ash said as he was feeling a lot better and had more energy now that his stomach was full.

"So you're off to Celadon City next, is that right?" Delia said as she asked her son and his friends.

"Yup! That's right. I have a big rematch battle with her tomorrow. It's going to be awesome!" Ash said as he was beginning to think of strategies in his mind to battle

"I know you'll do great Ash." Johanna said as she knew they would have to leave shortly.

"When will we get to see you again mom? Are you heading back to Sinnoh soon?" Dawn asked as she wondered how long her mother would be around.

"I'll be in the Kanto region for a few more days but then I'm heading back home. I probably won't get to see you guys again until you come to the Sinnoh region again." Johanna said as Dawn looked a bit disappointed by her reply.

"Awe. That's too bad. We probably won't be back to the Sinnoh region for a few months. Ash has quite a few more Gym Leaders to battle before we reach there." Brock said as he was trying to figure out how long

"Well I hope I'll see you guys before that then." Johanna said as she realized that she didn't want to wait months to see her daughter again.

"I'm sure I'll see you guys again soon. Be sure to stop by Pallet Town before you head off to the next region." Delia said as she too wanted to see her son again soon.

"Don't worry. We will mom." Ash said as he smiled at he mom.

"I'de better go say goodbye to Nurse Joy. She's busy running the Pokemon Center but I'm sure she'll have a few minutes for me." Brock said as he walked over to Nurse Joy who was at the desk in the lobby.

"I have to go Nurse Joy. Ash needs me to help him with his battle strategies." Brock said as he didn't want to leave Nurse Joy.

"I know Brock. I'm going to miss you though." Nurse Joy said as she looked a bit sad.

"I'm going to miss you too. I'll be sure to call you often though. We might return here on our journey's through Kanto though." Brock said as she tried to think of a way to make her happier.

"I hope you do. I'll be awaiting your calls." Joy said as she kissed Brock on the cheek and gave him a small hug as they both embraced for a minute before Brock waved goodbye to her and walked towards his friends who were waiting for him.

As Brock rejoined the group, they exited the Pokemon Center leaving behind a night full of memories that none of them would forget anytime soon. The experiences they
all had will be a part of their lives as they each continue to grow and fulfilled each of their goals. Right now, they are all journeying with Ash as he continues his
journey to be a Pokemon Master.

"Take care everyone." Delia said as she started giving everyone a hug.

"Be sure to keep in touch." Johanna said as she also started giving each of them a hug in turn.

Ash and his friends wave goodbye to Johanna and Delia as they began their journey towards Celadon City and Ash's rematch with Erika. Ash needed to refocus on battling and he recalled his previous experience with Erika. He remembered the dangerous moments he had when he risked his life to rescue Erika's Gloom. They never actually finished their original battle so he wasn't really sure what her true strength was. Erika awarded Ash the Rainbow Badge as thanks for rescuing her Gloom.

An hour had past since Ash and his friends had head off and everyone was focused on getting there. Dawn was the first to ask a question about Erika.

"So what kind of a battler is Erika? Is she going to be as tough as Sabrina?" Dawn asked as she wanted to get a bit more info.

"Erika specializes in Grass-type Pokémon and like all gym leaders, she is a formidable opponent." Brock told Dawn as everyone else listened to his response.

"Yeah, she's also quite a nice person once you get to know her, something Ash had to learn the hard way..." Misty said as she grinned at Ash who snarled back at Misty in a playful way.

"The hard way?" May asked wondering what Misty meant.

"Well when we first arrived at the gym, Ash ended up getting banned and then suck into the gym dressed up as a girl so he could meet Erika and battle her." Misty said as she started giggling a bit as she remembered how Ash looked in the yellow dress.

"He.. He was dressed up like a girl?!" Dawn said as she laughed a bit as she tried to envision what Ash looked like dressed up.

"Ash enlisted the help of Team Rocket to get him into the Gym but they also had other plans and they ended up burning down the gym." Brock added as he continued explaining the story.

"They burned down the whole gym?! That's terrible! How could you work with Team Rocket Ash?! And why would Erika ever decide to have a rematch with you after that?!" Dawn said as she wanted to hear more of the details.

"Well... You see... I didn't know Team Rocket was going to do that..." Ash said as he tried to defend himself and started walking a bit faster to stay ahead of everyone.

"You should known never to trust that bunch. Their plans always go wrong." May said as she was surprised that Ash ever agreed to a Team Rocket plan.

"Well almost..." Brock interjected as he recalled the previous days events with Team Rocket at the Pokemon Center.

"What happened then?" Dawn said as she changed the topic of the conversation back to the story.

"Team Rocket disguised as a girl in a yellow dress and wig and called him 'Ashley'." Misty said as she started giggled a bit again.

"Ashley?!" Dawn and May both said as they began to laugh.

"Hey it's not funny! It was the only way I could get into the gym to challenge her!" Ash said defending himself again.

"I bet Ash liked dressing up as a girl." May said as she teased him a bit.

"I did not!" Ash said as he got a bit mad at May's remark.

"Needless to say Ash got found out but Erika agreed to battle him. During the battle, Team Rocket were sneaking around the gym trying to steal the perfume scents
but the accidentally set a fire." Misty said continuing her story.

"So you never finished your first battle with her then?" Dawn said as she was a bit confused.

"No.. I didn't. We all ran out of the building because of the fire but Erika's Gloom was still inside. I ran inside and rescued it." Ash said as he remember the proud moment.

"You ran into the building when it was on fire?!" May said as she was a bit surprised but then realized it was Ash and he acts first and thinks later.

"Yeah, I was more concerned about Erika's Gloom and I was able to rescue it. As thanks she gave me the gym badge as we obviously couldn't continue our battle." Ash explained to his friends as he walked a bit ahead of them.

"We'll this time you're going to have to battle her all the way to the end Ash." Misty told him as she knew he was a bit lucky the last time he faced Erika.

"I know that Misty. That's why I'm thinking of a good plan to battle her." Ash replied anxiously.

"You have a lot of fire type Pokemon that would be strong against her Pokemon. Why don't you choose them?" Dawn suggested as she offered him a suggestion.

"I thought of that. I'm sure that she'll have a defense against them since she uses Grass type Pokemon." Ash explained as he contemplated using a Fire type anyways.

"You'd still have the type advantage even if she had a defense against fire.

You'd just need to counter it during the battle somehow." May added as she was starting to fall behind the other and quickly caught up.

"It's going to be a one-on-one battle and I'm pretty sure she'll use Gloom and a Fire type would have the advantage but I'm still a bit hesitant." Ash said as he continued his contemplation.

"I originally used Charmander against her Weepinbell and that turned out pretty good but I think Charizard is still a bit busy to battle in these first opening rounds.

"She did seem very confident even against your Charmander though..." Brock said as he recalled the battle.

"We'll I think we can all agree that you should use a Fire type Pokemon against her even if she has a fire counter. You just need to choose which one of your Fire type Pokemon would be good against her." Dawn said as she was once again trying to help Ash with his upcoming battle.

"Yeah, I think you're right Dawn. Charizard is busy, Infernape is a Fire/Fighting type and its fighting moves wouldn't be too strong against Gloom." Ash said as he
thought of all his Fire type Pokemon.

"I guess that would leave you with Quilava then. It's a pure Fire type Pokemon and would be strong against a Grass/Poison type Pokemon like Gloom." Misty said as she

"You know Ash, you could also use a Flying type Pokemon. They are also strong against Grass type or maybe even a Pokemon like Glalie that can use Ice moves. You don't want to limit yourself to just Fire type Pokemon." Brock said as his usual experience had come into play to give Ash some good advice.

"Brock's right! A Pokemon like Glalie that can use Ice moves might be a better choice. Erika has probably trained Gloom to be strong against Fire especially after
hearing your story about the fire at the gym. It probably doesn't have any defense against Ice moves or Ice Pokemon." May said as she thought the idea was great.

"Hey! That's a great idea. I think I'll use Glalie. I'm sure it will be more than ready for a battle against Erika!" Ash said as he was getting more pumped up about facing Erika once again.

Ash increase his speed towards Celadon City hoping to get there faster. He knew that Erika, the Gym Leader of Celadon City Gym was going to be a tough battle but he knew that his Glalie would be up to the test. The rest of the day ended up being uneventful as the group continued their journey towards the city. As dinner time approached, they finally arrived and just as they did in the previous city, they quickly went to the Pokemon Center for a much needed break.

Ash and his friends who were tired from the previous few days were glad to be resting for a bit at the Pokemon Center. They quickly ate their dinner and checked into their rooms for the night. They all talked for a bit before going to sleep early so that they would be up bright and early the next day.

The next morning Ash was the first to wake up as he was excited and pumped up for his battle against Erika. He was a bit nervous as well but the battling spiriting was overwhelming any fears he had. His friends woke up a little bit after he did and they all got ready and headed over to the Celadon Gym.

It had obviously been rebuilt since the last time Ash had been there. As they approached the new building, Ash noticed it was bigger and a more modern design compared to the original one. He was glad that it got rebuilt so that he and other trainers could battle there.

Ash and his friends walked up the stairs towards the glass entrance doors. Ash recalled his previous experience of getting banned as the doors opened
automatically and he walked inside.

"Good afternoon everyone." a girl said as she greeted Ash and his friends as they entered the building.

"Hello. My name is Ash Ketchum. I'm here for a battle with Erika." Ash told the girl as her eyes lit up with a bit of excitement as Ash told her who he was.

"So you're Ash. We've all heard a lot about you." the girl replied.

"You have?" Ash said as he was a bit surprised that this girl he just met had heard of him.

"Yes. Erika has told us all about you and that you'd be arriving sometime today. She's expecting you." the girl continued.

"Well at least she hasn't forgotten you Ash." May joked as Ash knew she was referring to the story he told his friends earlier in the day.

"Indeed she hasn't. You left her with quite an impression as well as all of us here at the gym." the girl said as Ash's friends all tried to contain their giggling.

"That's fine. I like leaving lasting impressions. So let's go talk to Erika and get this battle started!" Ash said as he started walking only to be stopped by the girl
before he could walk only a few inches.

"I'm sorry Ash but you cannot enter the gym. You are still banned from entering. Also since our encounter with you, we've also instituted a new rule stating that this is a girl's only gym." the girl said in a strict voice.

"What?! I'm still banned?! Girl's only gym?! How am I supposed to talk to Erika and have my rematch battle with her if I cannot even go inside?!" Ash said as he was starting to get mad with the girl after hearing what she had just said.

"Ha! A girl's only gym huh? That sounds interesting." Misty said as she liked the concept that a gym would only allow certain people based on their gender.

"Yes, we find that most guys are annoying and stinky, but there are exceptions like Brock, who are always welcome here." the girl said as she turned to look at Brock who was smiling and trying not to make Ash any more aggravated than he already was.

"What?! This is completely unfair! I demand to speak to Erika right now!" Ash said as he was just about to run past the girl to find Erika.

"Stop right there!" a voice from down the hall was heard as Ash turned to see who it was.

The person slowly walked forward towards the main entrance. Ash could tell that it was in fact Erika and that made him a bit less angry. She was dressed in elegant kimono similar to the one he had first seen her in. Within a few seconds, Erika was at the front doors in front of everyone. She could tell that Ash was a bit angry, obviously he'd been told about the new gym rules.

"Hello Ash, hello everyone. I guess you've been informed about the new gym rules." Erika said as she tried to smile.

"We have and apparently I'm still banned from the gym... And now there is a new rule that only girls can battle here?!" Ash said as Erika could sort of tell he was a bit angry.

"Please try to be calm Ash and let me explain." Erika said as she tried to calm an agitated Ash down a bit.

"I'm trying to but if I cannot have a rematch with you, I cannot continue in the Master League." Ash said as he tried to calm down to listen to Erika's explanation.

"We wanted to make this gym a lot different than the other gyms after we rebuilt it. We wanted it to focus on girls and have them be comfortable here as well as be able to work on our perfumes and potions." Erika began to explain as she tried to reason with Ash.

"That's an interesting idea. We were briefly talking about it before you came here. There isn't any gender specific gyms and I think it's a great idea. Though it's
unfortunate that Ash is caught in the middle of this new rule." Brock said as he really liked the idea but also concerned for Ash.

"Yes I understand that, that's why I'm removing Ash's ban from the gym as thanks for saving my Gloom. I really didn't have a chance to repay him for that so it's the least I can do. Also, I did agree to the rematch the other day." Erika said as she could see that Ash was finally seeming happier.

"I'm unbanned? Wahoo!" Ash said as he was relieved to hear Erika say that.

"...But unfortunately as you were informed earlier, this gym is just for girls now and if I'm not mistaken you are still a guy." Erika said as she didn't want to break the bad news to Ash just after he was celebrating but she could think of no other way.

"Say what?!" Ash said as he was once again stunned to hear Erika say he was rejected yet again.

"As I said, the gym is only for girls now. We are going to make one exception though and that's for Brock. Since he's a gym leader here in the Kanto region and all the girls here like him, he's been granted permission by all the girls here to be the only exception." Erika continued explaining to Ash as everyone could tell that Ash was starting to get mad yet again.

"This is stupid, you agree to let me have a rematch battle, then unban me from the gym but then I cannot enter the gym because I'm not a girl?! What else can I do?!" Ash said as he was a bit frustrated with the whole situation.

"Well there is one alternative but I don't know if you'd be willing to do it or not..." Erika said as she was a bit hesitant to even bring up the subject.

"What is it?! I'll do anything if it let's me have a rematch with you?" Ash said as he had gone from a frustrated state to a desperate one.

"Anything?! You better be careful what you say Ash, you might be doing garbage duty for the next year!" Misty joked as she knew that's not something that Erika would
do but wanted to get her point across to Ash.

"You know what I mean Misty... Just tell me what it is Erika and I'll do it! I just want to have that battle like you promised!" Ash said as he was almost in a begging mode.

"Okay fine. I know how much this means to you and I want to be able to fulfill my promise to battle you. I've been looking forward to having that rematch myself as we never really did finish our first battle. Here's the deal. Do you remember when you first met me, you were dressed up like a girl and called yourself Ashley?" Erika said as she giggled a bit as she remembered meeting Ash for the first time.

"He was telling us about the whole situation on the way here!" Dawn blurted out as the girls all began to giggle a bit again.

"Oh come on Dawn, stop teasing! This is serious!" Ash said as he tried to get the other girls to stop so Erika could continue her explanation.

"You know we make perfumes here but what you probably aren't too familiar with is that we also create different kinds of potions." Erika said as everyone was a bit

"Potions?" Brock said as he was now curious himself.

"Yes, that's right. The potions do various things but the one that will be of interest to Ash is the one that transforms a guy into a girl for twenty-four hours." Erika said as Ash's eyes almost exploded out of his head when he heard what she said.

"Transform into a girl?! You want me to use that potion?!" Ash said as he was almost disgusted by the fact that she even brought up the idea at all.

"Yes Ash. If you drink the transformation potion, you'll turn into a girl for a day and you will be able to enter the gym during that time to battle me." Erika said as
she finished explaining the situation to him.

"Ha! First we learn that he dressed up as a girl once to get in her and now he actually has to be a girl to return! How ironic!" May said as she found the whole
situation very amusing.

"Oh be quiet. This isn't funny at all." Ash said as he didn't like the idea of being a girl to have to battle Erika and the fact his friends were making fun of him didn't help the situation much.

"Ash is right girls. This is serious. He cannot break the gym's rules but he needs to battle Erika to continue on in the Master League." Brock said as Ash was grateful that Brock brought some seriousness back into the situation again.

"Is there any other way other than using that potion?" Ash asked as he didn't like the prospect at all.

"Unfortunately it's the only way. We give it to guys like you that still want to battle at this gym. It's been well tested and you'll return back to your normal self when it wears off." Erika said as she seemed confident in what she was saying about the potion.

"Just think of it just like the time you turned into a Pikachu Ash. At first you didn't like the prospect at all but you got used to it and even liked being a Pikachu for a bit but then you turned back to your normal self when that wore off." Brock said as he tried to rationalize the prospect of Ash having to take the transformation potion.

"Ash turned into a Pikachu?! When did this happen?!" Dawn said as she wanted to hear the whole story.

"Will tell you later Dawn." Misty said as she knew she shouldn't make another joke to tease Ash or he might explode.

"If this is the only way, then I'll do it. I need to have this rematch with Erika no matter what." Ash said as he wasn't happy with the prospect of turning into a girl but he had to do what he had to do.

"Alright then. I'll go get a potion for you. It takes a little while for you to transform and it will put you to sleep for a bit, so will have our battle this afternoon then, okay?" Erika said as she asked Ash if he was satisfied with the situation.

"I guess so." Ash reluctantly said as Erika walked off.

"You can wait over there in the waiting room until Erika returns." the girl from the entrance instructed them.

"Okay." Ash and his friends said as they walked over to the waiting room and sat down.

"So you're going to go through with this whole potion thing then Ash?" May said as she could tell that Ash seemed that he still really hadn't made up his mind.

"I have to, I guess. We already asked about alternatives and there isn't any. I have to follow the rules of the gym." Ash said as he was starting to get a bit scared about the whole transforming idea.

"Don't worry Ash. It will be okay. You'll beat Erika no matter what!" Dawn said as she tried to give him a bit of encouragement.

"Yeah! Dawn is right! Beat Erika this afternoon. We know you can do it." Misty said as she tried to get Ash's fighting spirit back.

"Thank guys. I'll do my best!" Ash said as he looked up to see that Erika had returned and was carrying a potion in vial.

"Here you go Ash. Just drink that and when you wake up you will be a girl for the next day." Erika said as she handed him the potion.

"Uh, thanks..." Ash said as he took the potion and began studying it.

"I'm looking forward to our battle this afternoon. I'll see you then!" Erika said as she left Ash and his friends.

"See you later!" everyone replied as they all started starring at the potion that Ash was to drink.

"I wonder how it tastes." Misty said as she looked at the pinkish colored potion.

"I bet it tastes pretty awful. It looks like that stomach medicine we sometimes have to drink." Dawn said as she didn't envy Ash having to drink that.

"If you're going to drink that potion Ash, you'd better do it now. If you have to have a nap while it kicks in that won't leave you too much time when you wake up." Brock told Ash as he tried to get him back on track.

"Yeah you're right. I guess I have no other choice but to drink this." Ash said as he opened the top to find out that the potion actually smelled pretty good and not like medicine like he was expecting.

"Good luck Ash." Misty said as she watched Ash raise the vial to his mouth.

"Here goes!" Ash said as he drank the potion all in one gulp.

The sweet smelling liquid actually smelt like girls perfume. Ash figured that was because the girls at the Celadon City gym also made perfume. It was a thick liquid
and he felt it coat his throat all the way down to his stomach. He didn't feel any different right away but a few minutes past and Ash was starting to get really

"Are you alright Ash?" May said as Ash was starting to make a few weird facial expressions.

"I think the potion is starting to kick in. I'm getting really tired." Ash said as he was now having a hard time keeping his eyes open.

"Why don't you go lie down on the bench over there." May said as she grabbed a hold of Ash to help him.

"Yeah. I think that's a good..." Ash fell asleep before he could complete his sentence.

Brock went on the other side of Ash and helped May take him to the bench. The lay him down as he was now sound asleep. It didn't take too long for him to go to sleep as Erika had said.

"That didn't take long. He's already asleep." Dawn said as she was amazed how fast the potion put Ash to sleep.

"Do you notice anything different about him yet?" Misty said as she looked at Ash to see if anything had changed.

"Not yet. Could take a little while before we see any changes." Brock said as he too couldn't see anything different about Ash.

An hour passed and Ash's friends had stopped paying attention to watching him while he slept and were busy talking to each other. They were all excited about the
upcoming match but were also talking about the potion Ash drank. Ash started to mumble a bit as he began to wake up. Ash and his friends turned their attention to him and were shocked by what they saw.

Ash now had long yellow hair and his hat had fallen to the ground. His face had finer features and his body was shaped more like a girls body. Everyone quickly also noticed the enhancements to his chest as he had grown breasts and they were form fitting around his guys t-shirt as it wasn't designed to be worn on a girl.

Ash rubbed his eyes as he continued to wake up and he slowly got up and opened his eyes. He realized that he was still in the Celadon City waiting room but he felt a
bit disoriented still from his nap. His friends continued to look him up and down as it looked like his pants were now too loose as his waist size had shrunk a few sizes and his socks had fallen down to his shoes. Ash's t-shirt was now pressing against his newly formed breasts and his friends could see the outline of his nipples protruding through the fabric of his t-shirt.

"Uh.. what time.. huh?!" Ash said as he realized his voice didn't sound normal.

"Are you alright Ash?" Misty said as she rushed over to him and sat down beside him.

"Uh, I don't know my voice sounds funny and I feel kind of different. What

happened?" Ash said as he realized his voice sounded a lot higher pitched than normal.

"Don't you remember? You drank that potion that Erika gave you." Misty explained as she looked over Ash and couldn't believe that he looked like a girl now.

"Oh yeah, did it work?" Ash said as he was still waking up.

"Well, you definitely don't look like the Ash I remember." Misty said as she took another look at him.

"And you don't sound like your normal self either." Dawn added as she couldn't believe how much Ash had transformed.

"How do you feel now Ash?" Brock said as he was surprised how much his friend had transformed.

"I feel a bit different that's for sure. For one, my voice sounds funny." Ash said as he was starting to get used to the transformation and had almost completely

"We'll you're going to have to change into something else. You cannot walk around like that." May said as she knew that Ash was going to have to wear some girls clothes.

"What do you mean... Agh!!" Ash said as he began looking at his clothes and then quickly realized that he now had two breasts protruding from his chest.

"What's wrong Ash?" Dawn said as she was worried something was seriously wrong with Ash.

"I... I..." Ash mumbled as he was a bit stunned to see the breasts and the nipples protruding from the tight t-shirt material.

"You what?! What's wrong?!" Misty said as she was also getting a bit worried too.

"I... I have breasts!" Ash said as he began to feel them to see if they were real or not.

Everyone quickly calmed down and realized that this was Ash and he would go overboard on the smallest things. He wasn't always the brightest person when it came to logical thinking.

"Of course you do! You drank a potion that turned you into a girl! Girl's have boobs you know!" Misty said as she was about ready to hit Ash on the head.

"I know that Misty! I guess I'de never thought of the idea of having breasts till now." Ash said as he was now poking his breasts with his index fingers as the depression would spring back as he pushed against them.

"You'd think he would have realized that by now after having seen the 3 of us all naked." May joked as Ash snarled at May for making the remark.

"Well let's get you changed Ash. There was a bathroom just on the other side of the main entrance lobby." Dawn said as she thought it would be a good idea for Ash to get prepared for his battle.

"Yeah. The question is though what am I going to wear if I cannot wear my normal clothes?" Ash said as he agreed with the girls that his normal clothes didn't fit him anymore.

"The three of us have extra clothes in our backpack. Something should fit you." Misty said as she got up and helped Ash get up at the same time.

Ash started to get up and as he did he almost fell over as he wasn't used to standing with his newly transformed body. Misty held on to him tight so he wouldn't fall down. Ash walked a few steps with Misty's help until he got used to walking and he held on to his pants so they wouldn't fall down as he walked. They walked over to the bathroom and Ash and the girls went in. Brock stayed in the lobby at talked to the entrance girl while Ash changed.

As Ash entered the bathroom he walked by the hand washing sinks and the first thing he saw was his reflection in the mirror. He stopped to look at himself in the mirror. He could hardly recognize himself but he looked somewhat familiar. Oddly enough he looked pretty similar to how he did when he dressed up as Ashley when he first came to this gym.

Ash's attention quickly focused on his two large breasts pressing tightly against the fabric of his t-shirt. He could see the outline of his nipples sticking out and
he was actually getting a bit turned on at looking at himself in the mirror.

"Now we should have something for you to wear here somewhere." Misty said as the girls where now sorting through their bags looking for stuff clothes for Ash to

"You might as well get out of those clothes now Ash, they don't fit you anymore. It will also help us to see you body shape so we know what will fit you properly." May
said as she was kind of anxious and curious to see Ash naked as a girl.

"Uh, okay." Ash said as he began taking off his pants that he was holding up with his hands.

Ash's pants quickly fell to the floor as they were too loose for his waist now. As they fell to the floor, he stepped out of them and slowly began to take off his boxer shorts as well. As Ash began to take off his boxer shorts. he was quickly reminded of the fact that girls also had different genitals between their legs. Ash could see a small clump of light yellow pubic hair as he lowered his shorts down.

Moments later, Ash looked into the mirror to see a reflection of himself half naked. His penis was gone and was now replaced with a vagina. He was a little shocked at first when he truly realized what had happened to him. It was like he no longer recognized himself and what had made him a man was now gone. He was fully transformed into a girl and it scared him a bit but he was also quite excited by the prospects of exploring this new body of his.

"Wow! It looks like that potion really did turn him into a girl completely. He doesn't have a penis anymore but a vagina instead!" May said as she starred at Ash's vagina which actually made Ash blush a bit.

"Weird, he really is a girl now." Dawn said as she was surprised that a potion could do something like that.

"We need to hurry up so Ash has some time to train before the battle with Erika this afternoon. Ash, take off your top too so we can see what bra size you need to wear." Misty said as she was also a bit curious about Ash transforming into a girl but she knew that the battle was very important.

"Uh! A bra?!" Ash said as he was a bit shocked by her suggestion.

"Uh! Yes, a bra. Girl's wear bra's you know and since you're a girl now you'll need

to wear one too. You don't want to walk around all day like that with your tits poking out of your shirt and your breast bouncing all over the place." Misty explained as she told Ash why he'd have to wear a bra.

"Uh alright then." Ash said as he began to take off his t-shirt.

The t-shirt was form fitting around Ash's breast and it made it a bit difficult to take off. A few tugs later and he managed to loosen it and he tossed it over his head. For the first time, Ash had a clear view of his breasts. He was surprised how big they were and how big the areolas around his nipples were. They looked a bit different that the nipples he was used to on his chest. Ash cupped his breasts and felt their weight in his hands. They felt similar to his mother's breasts and he
looked at himself in the mirror as he studied them.

"Quit playing with yourself Ash. You know you have work to do. You can play with your new found body later. You've got a battle to win." Misty said as she could

tell that Ash was a bit fascinated with his new body but she had to make sure his priorities were straight.

"Uh, yeah! Your right!" Ash said as he had to refocus his attention to his friends instead of starring at his body.

"Here, put these on." Dawn said as she threw a pair of her panties over to Ash.

"Uh, aren't these your panties Dawn?" Ash said as he recalled seeing her wear the silk black laced panties before.

"Of course they are silly. Put them on. You got to wear something. Those should fit you though." Dawn said as she could tell Ash was a bit hesitant to put them on.

Ash was still a bit shocked that he had to put a pair of Dawn's panties on. This wasn't the same as putting guys underwear on. He had never warn girls panties before. He looked at the panties for a second and realized how sexy the panties looked. He remembered how his penis throbbed when he saw Dawn wearing them last time and how excited it made him. The panties felt so soft in his hands as the
silky fabric rubbed against his fingers.

"Stop looking at them and put them on. Geez he really is a girl now. He's taking for ever to get ready." Dawn said as she joked a bit.

Ash bent over to step into the panties Dawn had given him. He still couldn't get by the idea that Dawn herself had warn these panties and had touched and rubbed against her pussy. Ash was starting to feel a bit strange but he knew the girls would get mad at him if he delayed any longer. Ash slowly raised the panties up his now smooth and slender legs. He couldn't believe how good the material felt against his skin as he raise it up to his ass crack and over his crotch to cover his naked vagina.

"Okay, let's get your bra on. This will probably be a bit harder for you so I'll help you get it on. We think that your about a 34c breast size and May had a matching black bra that should fit you, so will try that." Misty said as May handed the bra to her.

"Uh okay then." Ash said as he was grateful someone was going to help him with that.

Misty walked over behind Ash and wrapped her arms around him with the bra in her hand. She got him to put his arms through the arm straps. She pulled the fastening straps behind his back and fasten it. She then made Ash lean forward a big so his breasts fell into the cups of the bra. She then grabbed the cups so they were fully filled with his breast. She pushed the shoulder straps up and she had managed to get Ash into the bra.

"There. It seems to fit fine." Misty said as looked at the May's bra that Ash was now wearing.

"Now your breasts won't flop around all over the place. It might feel a bit odd for you to wear a bra, but I bet your chest feels a lot better now, doesn't it?" May said as she thought Ash looked kind of sexy now.

"Yeah, It actually does. It supports them quite well." Ash said as he now actually knew and felt why girls wore bras at all.

Ash looked into the mirror and stared at himself in the black bra and panties that he was wearing. The was quite good looking on him and as Misty said the bra held the breasts perfectly. Ash moved his shoulders around while looking n the mirror as he tried to see how the bra would feel if he moved around a bit. The wasn't that uncomfortable even though it was pushing the breasts up a bit.

"We need to get some other clothes on you now." Dawn said as she realized that Ash was just in underwear at the moment.

"That would probably be a good idea." Ash said as he didn't find the idea of walking around in girls underwear in public very appealing even if he was a girl a the moment.

For what seemed like hours, Ash stood and looked at himself in the mirror with his bra and panties on while the girls all debated over what would fit Ash and what he
should wear. Eventually they decided to ask Ash what he felt most comfortable wearing.

"We don't have too many extra clothes that can fit you Ash so it's come down to wearing one of Dawn's pink skirt outfits or May's red and blue top with shorts." Misty explained to Ash as he had to make a decision.

"May's outfit is a bit more form fitting than mine, so you might find that a bit uncomfortable since your aren't accustom to that body yet." Dawn explained to him to help him decide which outfit to wear.

"Yeah, I think I'll wear Dawn's outfit. I figure that her outfit is a bit more comfortable to wear." Ash said as he remember how tight May's outfit was.

"Here you go Ash." Dawn said as she tossed him her outfit.

"Thanks Dawn." Ash said as he started putting it on.

Ash put on the black top quickly and then put the skirt on and buttoned it at the waist. The outfit was surprisingly comfortable and it felt quite nice to wear. He looked in the mirror to see a fully clothed girl starring back at him. He looked sort of like Dawn now because he was wearing her clothes but the longer yellow hair was different.

"Let's put some makeup on Ash now!" May suggested as Ash really didn't think that was a good idea.

"Makeup?! It's bad enough I have to dress like a girl. I don't want to wear makeup too." Ash said reluctantly.

"Listen Ash! Erika wants decent looking girls in her gym, so you'd better wear the makeup otherwise she might think you are trying to dress up and fool her again." Misty said as she was getting out the makeup kit.

"I guess I still have a lot of things to learn about being a girl." Ash said as he submitted himself to be worked on by his friends.

Dawn, Misty and May all began adding makeup to Ash's face to make the features on his face look more fine. After about 15 minutes of work, the girls were pleased with the job they had done on Ash and got him to look into the mirror. The makeup was noticeable but it wasn't overdone and it suited Ash.

"Take a look in the mirror Ash." Misty said as the girls moved out of the way to let him finally look.

"What do you think?" Dawn said as she waited for Ash's reaction.

"Wow! The make-up looks great." Ash replied as he was impressed with what the girls did with him.

"Thanks. We knew you would approve." May said as she gave Ash a big smile.

"We'll I think were done here. Why don't you go and train with Glalie for a bit before you battle Erika." Misty said suggesting it to Ash.

"Yeah. That's probably a good idea. I'm definitely going to win this battle!" Ash said as he knew that it was still going to be a hard battle to win.
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