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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 36 - The Grass, Ash Rematch!

While practicing outside for his battle with Erika, Ash sent out his Glalie. When it appeared out of its Poke ball, it was a bit confused who had summoned it because it didn't recognize Ash anymore. After a bit of convincing, it understood the situation and was willing to accept the way Ash was currently.

Finally after accepting that its trainer Ash was this girl that had been transformed, Glalie began training for the battle. For a few hours, the two of them trained with Brock to get ready for the battle but not overdoing it so that it wasn't tired for the actual battle.

"Alright Glalie, I think we've done enough training for now. It's almost time for the battle, so return." Ash said as he stuck out his Poke ball so that Glalie would return to it.

"You trained hard Ash. Erika is going to have a tough time defeating you and Glalie." Brock said as he was impressed with the training that Ash had done.

"Thanks for your help Brock. I think I'm ready to battle her now for sure." Ash said as his confidence level was pretty high now.

"We'll we'd better head in. It already mid-afternoon and Erika is probably waiting for you now Ash." Misty said as she informed him about the time.

"Let's go then! Erika I definitely will beat you!" Ash said as he began walking inside to the gym.
Ash and his friends entered the Celadon City Gym. Ash seemed confident even though he wasn't his normal self but all the experience, luck and training was still a part of him.

Ash walked past the entrance and went to the main battle arena where they could see that Erika who was practicing with her Pokemon in the middle of the battle arena. As they walked up to her, Erika looked up and waved at them.

"Hey Ash! Or should I say, Ashley!" Erika said as that got Ash's friends all laughing.

"Yeah, yeah..." Ash said as he could see that one coming.

"I think Ashley does suit you though now that you're a girl for the next day, so I'll call you that for the rest of the day." Erika said as Ash really didn't like the idea but didn't want to offend Erika again after all that he had been through to get a battle with her.

"Uh, okay." Ash said as he relented to her proposition.

"So are you ready for our rematch battle then Ashley?" Erika said as she put a lot of emphasis on the name.

"Oh, I'm as ready as I'll ever be. Let's get this battle started!" Ashley said as she was ready for this

"Okay, then! Take your position and one of my assistants will start the match." Erika said as Ashley walked towards her end of the battlefield.

"The Master League rules state that the match will be a 1 on 1 battle. "No substitutions will be allowed, nor will any items. The match will end when one of our Pokemon is defeated. There is no time limit. The challenger get to summon their Pokemon second."" Erika's assistant said as she announced the rules to everyone out loud.

By this time Erika had taken her spot on the other side of the battlefield and had recalled all of her Pokemon that she had been training with. Ashley didn't remember seeing Gloom though so he was getting a bit nervous about his plan to use Glalie. Ashley's friends where now in the crowd and a bunch of Erika's subordinates had also shown up to watch the match.

"Erika will send out her Pokemon and then the challenger, Ashley, will send out her's. There is no time limit. Are you two ready?" Erika's assistant asked.

"Ready!" Ashley and Erika both said in unison.

"Then let the battle begin!" the assistant said as she waved a green flag.

"I'll have you know Ashley that I've been training really hard for this battle. It's not everyday that a battle is for the Master League." Erika said as she hoping that her training would help to make this an interesting battle.

"I've been training hard too. This is going to be a great battle!" Ashley said as she waited for Erika to reveal her Pokemon.

"Here we go! Vileplume, let's go!" Erika said as she called out her Vileplume to battle.

"So your, Gloom evolved huh?" Ashley said as he was a bit relieved that her Pokemon would have the disadvantage but a bit concerned that it was also a more powerful Pokemon.

"I told you we've been training hard for this battle and Vileplume isn't going to be an easy opponent." Erika said as she had a bit of a smirk on her face.

"That's just going to make my victory even sweeter. Alright, I choose you, Glalie!" Ashley said as she threw the Poke ball into the main battle arena.

Finally the two Pokemon were out on the battlefield and were starring down each other awaiting the commands from their Trainers. Glalie was still a bit confused by the fact that Ash was now a girl but the training session they had earlier had proved to it that Ashley was still the same old Ash. It knew that it needed to defeat Vileplume no matter who was commanding it.

"Okay, Vileplume, use PoisonPowder!" Erika said as she hoped that the damage over time would
slowly affect Glalie if Vileplume could last long enough by stalling and delaying Glalie's attacks.

"Blow the PoisonPowder away with Blizzard!" Ashley said as she hoped that the move would
sufficiently blow the spores away.

Vileplume launched its attack as a purple gaze launched from the top of its body into the air. The cloud quickly moved towards Glalie who had just received its order from Ashley. Glalie quickly used its Blizzard attack and it easily dispersed the PoisonPowder cloud.

"Quick thinking on your part Ashley but were not going to give up that easily." Erika said as she knew that Blizzard's accuracy and effectiveness wasn't nearly good enough to use as a defense every time.

"All that matters in the end is that we defeat you." Ashley said as she was glad that the move worked.

"Vileplume, try a Stun Spore this time." Erika said as she knew that Ashley's Blizzard attack needed a bit of time for Glalie to recuperate.

"Dodge it Glalie!" Ashley said as Glalie was now used to hear Ash sound like a girl.

Once again spores poured out of the top of Vileplume, but this time they were yellow and moved a bit faster as the spores quickly moved towards Glalie. Glalie tried its best to avoid the attack but the Stun Spore proved to be too accurate and fast for it. The spores lodged themselves onto Glalie and suddenly once enough of them had attached themselves, sparks began to fly all around Glalie's body, causing it to be temporarily paralyzed. 

"Oh no! Glalie is paralyzed!" Dawn said to her friends sitting beside her in the stands.

"It is. Ash, I mean Ashley, is in a bad situation already!" May replied as she couldn't believe how fast Ashley was behind in the battle.

"It still should be able to attack but its not guaranteed that the ordered attack will always work." Brock said as he realized it was probably better if Glalie was poisoned instead of paralyzed.

Ashley snarled a bit as she knew that the battle was going to be a lot harder to win now with Glalie paralyzed and no way to cure it. She only hoped that the type advantage would be enough now to pull this battle back to her favor.

"Alright, now let's start draining its hit points. Use Mega Drain Vileplume!" Erika ordered as she knew that she now had the advantage in this battle with Ashley's Glalie now paralyzed.

"Try countering it with an Ice Beam Glalie!" Ashley said as she wasn't sure that the attack would work or not.

Vileplume used its Mega Drain and directly hit Glalie. Vileplume was already at full hit points but it was now draining the life out of Glalie who couldn't move as the shocks from the stun spore overcame it again causing it to be paralyzed. Ashley cringed as all she could do is watch as the Mega Drain depleted Glalie's hit points.

"Now lets do it some serious damage! Use a Solar Beam!" Erika ordered as her confidence was now at an all time high against Ashley.

"Come on Glalie! Fight the Stun Spore off and dodge that Solar Beam! We need to get back in this fight!" Ashley said as she knew that if the Solar Beam hit, it would be super effective against Glalie.

"Erika's tactics are quite good. She's managed to paralyze Glalie so it cannot move and if that Solar Beam hits it, the battle is pretty much over. Even though Ashley has had the type advantage, Erika has shown that there is always a way to battle against a type disadvantage and win the battle." Misty said as she was worried for Ashley.

Vileplume began charging the Solar Beam and Glalie was still sparking from the paralyzing Stun Spore. Everyone could see that it was struggling as hard as it could to be able to dodge the Solar Beam but it looked quite hopeless as Vileplume's charging was almost complete. Seconds later, the Solar Beam was launched towards Glalie. 

Glalie could see that if it didn't move, the Solar Beam was going to injure it greatly. It continued to struggle as the beam quickly approached it. A large explosion and a cloud of dust was all everyone could see as the Solar Beam arrived at its destination. Everyone anxiously awaited the dust to settle but suddenly out of the top of the cloud, Glalie appeared as it looked primed and ready to continue the vicious battle.

"Alright Glalie! That's the way to do it. We're not giving up that easily." Ashley said as she was proud of Glalie's hard work to fight off the effects of Stun Spore.

"Impressive. You Glalie looked like it was done for." Erika said as she watched Ashley's Glalie appear out of the smoke.

"We're not done for yet. This battle is just heating up! Glalie, use Ice Beam!" Ashley instructed hoping that the attack would work.

"Does Ash ever listen to what he says? He said 'just heating up' but then he uses an ice move." Misty moaned as she now knew for a fact that the person inside the girl that looked like Ashley was still Ash.

"Well it is Ash you know. He's quick to talk and act but rarely thinks about what he does till after it happens." May said as she recalled the countless times that Ash's rash personality had got them into trouble.

Glalie was still feeling the effects from the Stun Spore but it finally managed to use an attack. Vileplume was recharging from its Solar Beam as the Ice Beam hit its mark. The effective attack took its toll on Vileplume and with one swift attack the battle was now in Ashley's favor.

"Vileplume!" Erika yelled as she knew that this wasn't a very good turn of events for her.

"Nice job Glalie!" Ashley replied as it looked like the Ice Beam had done some serious damage to Vileplume but it was still able to battle.

"Hang in there Vileplume. We still have an advantage in the fact that our Stun Spore is still affecting it." Erika said as she tried to give her Pokemon some confidence after a damaging blow.

"Don't listen to what she says Glalie! We're going to win this battle! That Ice Beam did more damage than Erika is willing to admit!" Ashley said as she could tell by the look of Vileplume that one more good hit would be all that would be required to win this match.

"Let's use Ice Beam once more and finish up this battle!" Ashley said confidently.

"Get ready to dodge it Vileplume. You should be recovered enough by the time it launches it to get out of its way." Erika said as she hoped that this wasn't the end of the battle already.

Glalie moved closer towards Vileplume and began charging its Ice Beam for a finishing blow. The glow from the Ice Beam began to form just in front of Glalie's face but suddenly the sparks from the Stun Spore overtook Glalie and it fell to the ground, paralyzed once again.

"Oh no! Ashley could have one the match right there!" May said as she was anticipating the attack.

"That Stun Spore has been really effective in this battle. Erika would have already lost." Dawn said as she was a bit disappointed that that Glalie wasn't able to use the attack.

"Quickly Vileplume, use Energy Ball!" Erika ordered as she hoped that the attack would do enough damage to critically damage Glalie.

"Do your best and dodge it Glalie!" Ashley said as she knew it was probably hopeless but ordered the instructions none the less.

The Energy Ball blasted out of the top of Vileplume and the sparkling ball sped towards a stationary Glalie. It hit its mark sending Glalie flying against the ground as piles of smoke billowed from the ground and from the exploding attack.

"Well done Vileplume!" Erika said as she watched the Energy Ball smash into Glalie.

"Hang in there Glalie. Don't give in now!" Ashley said as she knew that the Energy Ball did some significant damage.

Glalie struggled to get its bearings after being hit directly on with the Energy Ball. It could hear Ashley calling for it to get up and continue fighting. Between the Stun Spore's paralyzing effect and the damage it had taken from Vileplume's attacks, Glalie's strength was quite low and every little movement that it made took a lot more energy. It continued struggling and finally managed to get up.

"That's it Glalie! We're not going to give up!" Ashley said as she was a bit frightened that she had been defeated.

"Your Glalie certainly has a fighting spirit but we're going to have to end this battle now." Erika said as she was confident now that this battle was her's after seeing Glalie's current condition.

"Vileplume, use Energy Ball one more time and finish off Glalie!" Erika ordered.

"Glalie, this is it. Use your remaining strength and dodge that Energy Ball and follow it up with a Tackle attack!" Ashley ordered Glalie as both trainers realized that this round would probably be the end of the battle.

Vileplume's Energy Ball becan forming as everyone looked on. Glalie was fighting with all its might to fed off the effects of Stun Spore which had hampered its movements all throughout the battle. It knew that it needed to avoid this attack otherwise the Energy Ball was going to blast it down. 

The Energy Ball launched out the top of Vileplume and hurled its way towards Glalie like one of Team Rocket's homing missles. Glalie watched as it quickly approached it and mustered up all its strength for one last move. As the Energy Ball was almost about to hit, Glalie lunged forward, narrowly avoiding it as it exploded just behind it. The force from the explosion pushed Glalie forward towards Vileplume who had been watching the Energy Ball the entire time.

"This is our chance Glalie! Finish it off with tackle!" Ashley ordered as Glalie was propelled forward by the exploding Energy Ball which gave it some extra momentum and energy to be able to use that one last move.

Glalie's large round body lunged forward towards Vileplume who was a bit stunned by the fact that Glalie had managed to avoid the Energy Ball. Glalie's tackle was on a direct course to hit Vileplume.

"Dodge it Vileplume!" Erika screamed as she as just as surprised as Vileplume was that Glalie had managed to avoid the attack.

It was too late though. Glalie's Tackle attack hit Vileplume directly on and the force from the Energy Ball exploding had giving Glalie some extra power on the Tackle attack. Vileplume was sent flying past Erika and almost to the stands behind her. Everyone watched as Vileplume lay on the ground motionless. Ashley hoped that it was the finishing blow.

"Vileplume is unable to battle! Glalie is the winner!" one of Erika's assistants announced as they gave Vileplume a few moments to see if it could continue battling.

"Alright! We did it Glalie!" Ashley said as the battle was declared a victory.

"Unbelievable..." Erika said to herself stunned that she had just narrowly lost the battle.

"Ashley did it. She beat Erika!" Misty said as she was just as surprised that Glalie was able to pull through in the end.

"Once again Ash's luck has brought him another victory." May said as she couldn't believe that Erika who had the advantage for most the battle had lost in the end.

"This just shows how well Ash trains his Pokemon." Brock commented as once again he'd witnessed a come from behind victory that went in Ash's favor.

"Congratulations Ashley. That was a great battle. We finally managed to complete a whole battle round without being interrupted." Erika said with a smile as she accepted her defeat to Ash.

"Thanks Erika. You battled hard. For a while there, I didn't think I was going to be able to win. That Stun Spore proved to be a difficult move to battle against." Ashley said as she shook hands with Erika in the middle of the battlefield.

"You're Glalie is really strong. You threw me for a loop at the beginning there when you sent it out. I was anticipating a Fire Type Pokemon like in our last battle. I guess I should have realized earlier that you would change your battle strategies after all this time. After all, you are battling in the Master League now." Erika said as she was impressed with Ash's battling skills.

"You bet! I figured you would probably have a defense against Fire Type Pokemon since you battle with a lot of Grass Type Pokemon. An Ice Type Pokemon is just as effective though." Ashley explained.

"Congratulations Ash... ley!" Misty said as she ran up and gave Ashley a hug.

"Thanks Misty." Ashley said as the hug caught her a bit off guard as she felt her breasts press up
against Misty's breasts which was a sensation Ashley had never felt before until then.

"I bet your dying to get out of that outfit and back into your normal clothes again, huh Ash?" Brock said as he knew Ash was probably still pretty uncomfortable with the whole situation of being a girl.

"You got that right. My normal clothes are definitely a lot more comfortable than these." Ashley said as she took a look at herself again in the clothes that his friends had dressed her in.

"Well you've still got to wait for the potion to wear off Ashley. It lasts for a full 24 hours, so it won't be until tomorrow until you turn back into your normal self again." Erika reminded Ashley.

"Oh yeah. That's right." Ashley said as she was reminded of the potions effects.

"That was a great battle Ashley and it was great to see you again but I have to get ready for another gym challenger. My assistant will give you all the documentation you need for the Master League." Erika said as she cut the conversation off a bit early.

"Okay. Thanks Erika." Ashley said as she smiled back at her.

"It was good to see all of you again. I hope to see you guys all again soon. Be sure to visit!" Erika
waved as she walked back into the main part of the gym.

"If you come with me Ashley, I'll update your Master League records for you to reflect your battle with Erika." the assistant said as she directed everyone in the opposite direction.

Ash and his friends followed Erika's assistant through the gym until they reached the front desk. The assistant turned on a computer and began typing.

"There we go. All updated." the assistant said.

"Great thanks! I guess it's on to the next gym in the Kanto region." Ashley said as Erika was now the second gym leader that had been defeated.

"Who are you going to set up a battle with next?" Dawn said as she was curious who Ash's next battle opponent would be.

"Lt. Surge is the next person I'll battle. His Raichu proved to be a strong opponent the last time
Pikachu and I battled it. I'm sure it's even more powerful now!" Ashley told his friends.

"So are you going to had a rematch then with Pikachu?" Misty asked Ash.

"I'm thinking that would be a great test of Pikachu's skill. I'm sure its had plenty of rest and relaxation back at Professor Oak's lab. It wanted to stay with all my other Pokemon for awhile but I think it will be more than ready to have a rematch battle with Lt. Surge." Ash explained as he recalled his last battle with Surge.

"We'll you'de better wait till tomorrow to contact Professor Oak and Lt. Surge unless you want to be embarrassed when you contact them and tell them your Ash Ketchum." May joked.

"Yeah... I think I'll wait until this potion wears off before I contact anyone." Ashley said as she knew that it was embarrassing enough for his closest friends to see him as a girl let alone other people.

"Let's head back to the Pokemon Center for the night then. We have to celebrate this latest win with a good dinner and a fun evening." Dawn said as she rallied up all her friends.

"Good idea! And I'll be able to contact Nurse Joy again to see how she's doing." Brock said as he was still a bit sad that he had to leave her.

Ashley and her friends left Erika and the Celadon City Gym after a grueling and intense Pokemon battle. Luckily for Ashley, the walk to the Pokemon Center where they'd spend the night wasn't too far away so the odds that someone would recognize her weren't very high.

They weren't more than a few feet inside the Pokemon Center until Brock made a dash to the closest open video phone and was already making a call to Nurse Joy.

"We won't be seeing him tonight. He'll be talking to her all night." Misty said as the plans for having a victory party for Ash were already starting to fall apart.

"Let him talk to her. We can still have a party without him. It can be a 'Girl's Only' party." Dawn said as she wasn't the least bit concerned that Brock was too busy with Nurse Joy.

"That's right! The four of us can celebrate." May said as the four of them went back to their room for the night.

Ash and his friends continued through the halls of the Pokemon Center back to their room just like they had done in the many previous nights while on their journey. They reached their room and everyone was glad to settle down and rest after a stressful and quite eventful afternoon.

"What are we going to do dinner?" Dawn asked as the group got settled into their room.

"I figured I would just order some pizza for us and get it delivered to our room." May said as she made a suggestion.

"That sounds good! I feel like pizza!" Ashley said as the thought of a nice warm pizza with extra cheese sounded really good after the intense battle with Erika.

"How about a movie as well?" Misty suggested as she figured if they were going to relax and have a victory party, a good movie would be a fun time.

"Yeah! That sounds good too." Dawn said as she looked forward to the evening of fun.

May got on the phone and ordered the pizza and drinks for them from the Pokemon Center's diner. They knew Ash wouldn't want to go out in public too much where he might get noticed with his friends, so staying in their room for the night was the best idea. They all talked for a bit about Ash's battle with Erika earlier as they waited for their food to arrive. 

Finally the food arrived and everyone began to pig out on it. Ash as usual ate like crazy as the battling had made him hungry.
"Let's see what's on TV. Hopefully there is a good movie to watch." Misty said as she turned on the TV.

Misty flipped through the television stations as everyone continued to eat their dinner. Misty was finding it hard to find anything to watch as all the shows didn't seem very interesting to watch.

"There doesn't seem to be much on TV tonight." Misty said as she was a bit mad that she couldn't find a good movie to watch.

"There's got to be something on to watch." Dawn said as she couldn't believe that there wasn't anything on TV.

"Here let me see the remote." May said as Misty passed it to May.

May began flipping through the channels just as Misty had done earlier but was coming to the same conclusion after switching between channels that there wasn't anything worth watching. Channel after channel went by and May didn't see any shows that interested her either.

"Well this is depressing. There is nothing good on." May said in a depressing voice.

"We could always do something else if there is nothing on." Ashley suggested as she finished eating up the pizza.

"Like what?" Misty asked as she waited for a new suggestion.

"I don't know. How about a game?" Ashley suggested as she just said the first thing that came to mind.

"A game, huh? That sounds fun. What game should we play?" Misty said as she was shifting her focus from the television to Ashley's suggestion.

"I know! How about some 'Truth or Dare'!" May suggested as she thought it was a good idea as she turned off the television.

"Truth or Dare, huh? That sounds like it could be fun." Dawn said as she got a bit excited.

"I think that would be a fun game to play. How about you Ash? Erm... Ashley." Misty asked as she also liked the idea.

"These clothes and underwear are starting to get really annoying and uncomfortable." Ashley said she sat down on the side of the bed not really paying attention to the other girls suggestion to play the game.

"Are you even listening to what were talking about Ashley?" May said as she was a bit annoyed with Ash's usual attitude of not listening to what others were saying.
"Uh what? Sorry it's just that these clothes are getting on my nerves. How do you guys wear these? The bra is rubbing up against my skin and the clothes are tight." Ashley complained as she wasn't enjoying wearing them.

"You'll get used to wearing them. Tomorrow you can get back into your normal guy clothes." Dawn said as she didn't have any sympathy for Ash.

"I guess so but I guess I'm just wishing I was back in my normal body again." Ashley said as she was wishing she was back to normal now.

"You could play a game of Truth or Dare with us to past the time." Misty suggested again hoping Ashley was paying attention this time.

"Truth or Dare? Isn't there something else we could play?" Ashley said as she wasn't really interested in playing.

"The three of us thought it would be a fun game to play. How about we let you start?" May said hoping that Ashley would agree so they could actually do something.

"Alright, I'll play. Anything to make the time go by faster so I can return back to a guy again." Ashley said as she was getting tired of being a girl.

"What's wrong with being a girl? The three of us are girls and you don't see us complaining." Misty said as she was a bit mad at Ash for making fun of their sex.

"Yeah. I like being a girl. Girl's look a lot better than guys do." Dawn said as she was proud of how she looked.

"I... I didn't mean it that way. It's just that I'm used to being my normal self and not a girl." Ashley said as she tried to backtrack a bit so that the girls wouldn't be angry.

"You know there are a lot of benefits to being a girl and if you'd actually take the time to realize that while you are a girl, you might actually get a better perspective of how 'we' girls live day by day." Misty said as she was trying to get Ashley to be a bit more mature about the situation.

"Uh, I guess you're right. I'm sorry, I'm just not used to being like this. It's a bit weird having to adapt to it. Earlier I was too busy and focused on the battle at hand to really realize what was going on with me." Ashley explained as she told the girls how she was feeling.

"We understand. It must be hard to adapt that's for sure. We'd probably have similar problems if any of us turned into a guy." May said as she sympathized with Ash a bit.

The girls all giggled a bit at the thought of being transformed into a guy similar to how Ash was transformed into a girl. None of the girls really thought that it would be a fun experience, so they all kind of realized where Ash was coming from when he said he was uncomfortable with being a girl.

"Can you imagine being a guy? We'd end up being like Brock, starring at all the girls and thinking about sex all day." Dawn laughed as the other girls giggled at her comment.

"Hey! I don't think about sex all day." Ashley said as she was a bit defensive of the comment.

"Obviously not, since your not a guy at the moment." Misty said as she quickly responded to Ash's comment.

"Is this all you girls do all day? Talk and gossip about stuff like this because it can get a bit tiresome too." Ashley said as was also starting to get a bit annoyed with his girl friends.

"Not always, Ash. Why don't we finally play Truth or Dare and you can find out some things about us that you might not have known, that is if your willing to play and let us ask you questions as well." May said hoping Ash would finally agree to play now.

"Alright, fine! I will. And since you said I had the first question, I'll ask it to you May. Truth or Dare?" Ash said as he wondered which one May would pick.

"Okay! Truth!" May said as she sat down on the floor awaiting Ashley's question.

"What's your favorite thing about the opposite sex?" Ashley said as the question seemed appropriate since she was so content about being a girl.

"My favorite thing about the opposite sex... Well, let's see... I like guys that have muscles. Guys that are strong yet gentle with their strength is something I really like." May said as many people knew she was describing some of Brock's attributes.

"This guy your describing wouldn't happen to be Brock now would he?" Dawn teased as she wanted to see what May's reaction was.

"I'm not going to answer that since it's not your turn Dawn." May's quick response was.

"Fair enough but we all know that your describing Brock." Dawn quickly replied which got a few giggles.

"See Ash, this is fun isn't it. You're already laughing." Misty said as Ash's turn was over.

"Okay, my turn. Truth or Dare, Dawn?" May asked Dawn as she wanted to get Dawn back for the earlier teasing.

"I'll do a truth this time too." Dawn said as she was ready for anything May could throw at her.

"Name the strangest thing you have ever fantasized about?" May asked her as she wondered what it could be.

"Hmm... That's a tough one. The strangest thing you have ever fantasized about... I'll have to think for a second as I've fantasized about a lot of things." Dawn said as her mind was racing of things she had daydreamed of lately.

"Wow! You must be thinking of some really strange stuff then if you have to think about it." Misty teased as she was eager to hear what Dawn was going to say.

"Hah. You're right Misty. My mind can wander a bit but I think I've got it. Since we started getting a bit more intimate with each other lately, it's been hard to keep track of them but one sticks out. I hope you guys don't think it's gross or anything." Dawn said as everyone could tell she was a bit hesitant about saying it.

"Come on Dawn, play the game. Tell us what it is." May said as she really wanted to hear it now.

"Well you guys know that I've always been a big fan of Professor Oak and since I finally got to meet him, I've always been impressed with how easily he can come up with all those poems. I love poems, what girl doesn't and a guy that can do poems like he can is a real turn on. I just adore Professor Oak and his poetry." Dawn said as she started explaining it.

"Dawn you're supposed to tell us something we don't know. Everyone here knows you like Professor Oak's poetry. I admit it is pretty good how he can come up with those so fast." Ash said as he wasn't really impressed with her answer.

"True, but what you probably don't know is I'd love to have sex with him while he recites poetry about us." Dawn said as she finally told her weird and strangest fantasy.

The remark got a few laughs and a few strange looks from Dawn's friends as they were told her strangest fantasy. Everyone was really starting to enjoy the game now.

"Wow that is strange, but I guess I could see how being a fan of Professor Oak like so many people are would give some people like you fantasies like that." Misty said as she wanted to be the next person to ask a question.

"I can see how you could like Professor Oak." May said as she didn't find it that strange.

"Okay let's move on to my turn. Truth or Dare, Ash...ley?" Misty asked Ashley who was a bit stunned someone asked a question.

"Uh, Truth I guess." Ashley said as she didn't really know which one to pick.

"If you could date anyone in the world, who would it be?" Misty said as she was really hoping that Ash would pick her but leaving the question open ended like that allowed Ash to pick from any number of girls.

"Date, huh? Well I've never really dated anyone before, so it would kind of be the first person I'd date." Ash said as he pondered the question for a second.

"I'm sure there are a lot of girls out there, including us that would love to be your girlfriend." Misty added as she tried to give Ash a bit of a hint that she was interested.

"Misty you're not supposed to answer the question for him..." May said as she realized that Misty had always had a crush on Ash.

"I know! There is one person I'd like to date but she is a bit older than me but I really liked her since the day I met her." Ash said as he didn't disclose who it was yet.

"Who is it?!" all the girls asked as they realized that it probably wasn't any of them as they were all around the same age as Ash was.

"Champion Master Cynthia. Since I started this Master League journey, I've always remember the advice Cynthia gave me. She's always been nice to me and I find her quite attractive. I'd love to date her but I think she's a bit unavailable and probably doesn't think of me in the same way." Ash said as he could see that the girls were a bit disappointed that they weren't picked but Ash knew if he picked any of his friends that he had traveled with all these years, the others would be jealous.

"Cynthia is a very pretty woman. I can see why you'd like her Ash." Dawn said as she kind of knew that Ash always had a bit of a crush on her as they encountered her a few times on their journey throughout Sinnoh.

"No one has done a dare yet. Everyone has done truth so far. I think we need a dare next round. I think it's your turn Dawn." Misty said as she wanted to move on from the last question as she was a bit jealous of Ash's answer that he'd like to go out with Cynthia.

"Okay, I guess I just have to think of something for the dare and who to dare it to then." Dawn said as she pondered what and who she should dare.

"Take your time if you cannot think of one right away." Ash said as he was enjoying this game now.

"I've already got it. I dare May to do 20 jumping jacks in front of us while singing any song in just her underwear!" Dawn said as she was almost laughing as she said it.

"Ha! This will be funny!" Misty said as she liked the dare that Dawn had come up with.

"Alright! But you know when my turn comes around, I'm going to make sure you do something just as silly." May said as she kind of found the dare a bit funny herself.

May stood up in front of her friends and began to take off her clothes. Ash instantly focused on watching her strip off her clothes as he really hadn't got used to seeing girls take off their clothes in front of him but he enjoyed watching nonetheless. May took off her top to reveal her bra and her ample cleavage as she quickly moved on to her shorts. She dropped the shorts and top on the ground as she stood in front of her friends in just her underwear as Dawn had instructed.

"I just need to think of a song to sing now. Any suggestions?" May said as her mind was kind of blank.

"How about 'Old McDonald had a Farm'?" Ashley suggested as that got a bit of a laugh from everyone as they all envisioned May singing the song while doing jumping jacks in her underwear.

"Okay. Old McDonald it is." May said as she began to do jumping jacks up and down.

May's bra managed to hold her breasts together for the first few jumping jacks but as she started doing more, they began to bounce around more which instantly caught Ash's attention as he starred at her breasts as she jumped.

"1, 2, 3, 4..." Dawn said as she began to keep track of the jumping jacks."

"Old McDonald had a Farm..." May began to sing as everyone in the room began to giggle a bit as they watched May.

"18, 19, 20!" Dawn said as May finished her required number of jumping jacks.

"Woah! That built up a bit of a sweat." May said as she was a bit tired from her jumping jacks as she sat down on the floor and didn't really care that she was still in her underwear.

"Hah! That was hilarious! You can get dressed again now May." Dawn said as she loved every second of that dare.

"Ah, I think I'll just stay like this for a bit. I'm kind of hot from all the jumping." May said as the sweat was visible all over her skin now.

"Suit yourself. I think it's Ash's turn again now." Misty said as she was wondering who Ash would ask this time.

"Okay, I'll ask Misty this time, Truth or Dare?" Ashley said as she turned to look at Misty.

"After watching May, I think I'll go the easier route and pick Truth again." Misty said.

"What is the strangest dream you've ever had?" Ashley said as she quickly came up with the question.

"The strangest dream I've ever had. Well that ones easy. There was this one dream I had a while back that involved Team Rocket. It was just the day after they had captured us in the blimp with the cage after we parted ways with Brock. I though at the time we weren't going to escape but we actually did. I then dreamed that we didn't escape and Team Rocket put us in their dungeon." Misty began to explain as she told them the beginning of the dream she had.

"Team Rocket is always capturing us, but like you said we always get away. It must have been a nightmare to dream that you didn't get away. I don't see how that's strange." Ashley said as she cut Misty off before she could finish her story.

"There's more too it. Team Rocket took us to their dungeon which was also a torture chamber. We wouldn't give up the information they wanted about Professor Oak's laboratory, so they were going to torture us with their specially trained Pokemon." Misty continued as everyone listened to her intently.

"They were going to torture you, with their Pokemon? This still seems like a nightmare." May said as she wasn't liking the story too much.

"Well this is where it gets strange. They strapped me down on a table and I thought I was going to get tortured but then suddenly Gligarman appeared to rescue me." Misty said as she had once encountered Gligarman.

"Gligarman came to your rescue?" Dawn said as was a bit surprised by the change of events.

"Yes, apparently he'd been told that we were captured and decided to come right away. I didn't think Gligarman would do things like that but he and his Gilgar managed to beat up every Team Rocket agent and rescue Ash and I." Misty said.

"Wow, I guess our experience with Gligarman really ended up in your sub-conscience." Ashley said as she remember the experiences with Gligarman.

"The thing is though, we'd hadn't met him at that time. I'd only once seen him on T.V. and thought he was kind of stupid, so for him to come to the rescue seemed odd to me at the time." Misty said as she finished telling her story.

"That... was an odd dream you had Misty." May said as she had to laugh a bit about the part with Gligarman. 

"My turn. Truth or Dare, Dawn?" May said as she asked Dawn the question yet again.

"I'd better pick truth otherwise you're going to get me to do something crazy." Dawn said as she wasn't looking forward to May's question.

"Heh. You're right and I'm going to make this question a stinker. What is your most favorite sexual fantasy?" May said as she brought a more mature tone to the game now.
"Uhm... don't you think that's a bit personal?" Dawn said as she really didn't want to have to say that even to her close friends.

"It's all part of the game Dawn. May did what you asked and now its your turn again." Ashley said as she was playing Dawn so she could hear what she had to say.

"Alright fine. If you have to know, my most favorite sexual fantasy has already been fulfilled." Dawn said as everyone was surprised by her remarks.

"It has? What was it?" May asked as she was curious to hear what it was.

"Ever since I met Ash and Brock and traveled with them through Sinnoh, I got really close to them. I always wanted to get closer but never really got around to it. When Ash's mom invited me to participate in the sex lessons, I figured I might have a chance to have sex with Ash and Brock and I did." Dawn said as she was blushing a bit knowing that Ash was there listening to what she had to say.

"Awe... That's sweet Dawn. I think the three of us have all had that fantasy one way or another with Ash and Brock." Misty said as she found it kind of nice to hear it from one of the other girls.

"Yeah. Misty's right. The three of us have always loved Ash and Brock." May added.

"My turn again. I'm not going to give you a choice this time Ash since you picked Truth last time so it's a dare this time." Misty said as she knew exactly what she had in mind.

"Hey that's not fair, the game is Truth or Dare. Aren't I supposed to be able to choose?" Ashley said as she was a bit confused with Misty forcing her to choose dare.

"Where's the fun in the game if you just keep picking truth?" Misty said as she tried to spur Ashley on.

"Hmm... I guess your right. Dare it is." Ashley reluctantly said as she awaited Misty to explain the dare.

"I dare you to kiss Dawn on the lips passionately for at least a minute. Since she likes you so much, she'll enjoy kissing you even if you are currently a girl." Misty said as May's eyes lit up as she was really excited to see this.

"Uh, okay, only if Dawn says its okay." Ash said as he wanted to make sure Dawn was okay with this.

"Um, I guess so. It's part of the game." Dawn said as she didn't know what to expect being kissed by Ashley.

"Alright then. Let me give you a kiss." Ashley said as she moved over towards Dawn to give her a kiss.

Ash got closer to Dawn like he had done many times before when he was going to kiss her. Dawn seemed a bit more hesitant than normal as he moved his face towards hers. Dawn turned her head a bit and tilted her lips as Ash began kissing Dawn. It didn't take long for their tongues to begin probing each others mouths as they began licking each other as they kissed. Dawn and Ashley were both excited by the kiss and they closed their eyes as they continued the now passionate kiss.

"Well it seems that they are enjoying it. So much for your 'dare' Misty." May said as she watched the two of them kiss.

"All right you two. I think you've done the 'dare' Ash." Misty said as she was a bit envious of Dawn kissing Ash like that.

"That kiss got me a bit turned on. I didn't think it was going to be as good as it was kissing another girl like that even though I know its actually Ash." Dawn said as she really enjoyed that.

"I believe it's my turn again isn't girls?" Dawn said as she wanted to turn up the sexuality in the room a bit more after that kiss with Ashley made her a bit hot.

"Yes it is Dawn." May replied as she wondered who the next target for Dawn was going to be.

"Good, since we've seem to have dropped the whole 'truth' part and have gone straight to 'dare', I'll get Misty to do the next dare. I dare you to strip down to your underwear like May and then masturbate through your panties till they get wet." Dawn said as she really was pushing this game to the limit.

"You want me to what?! Isn't this going a bit further than we intended?" Misty said a bit shocked.

"You heard me, besides you know you'll like it. You're playing the game so you have to do as I say." Dawn replied as Misty was just being a bit prudish. 

"Just for a little bit then." Misty replied reluctantly.

"We want to see your panties soaked with your pussy juices before we let you stop." Dawn said as she teased Misty.

"Oh come on now..." Misty said as she was getting a bit turned on by the fact that her friends would be watching her masturbate in front of them.

"Play the game Misty." May said as she told her to go on.

Misty did as she was told and took her shirt off and then took off her pants. Ashley could see Misty's cleavage while she was bent over to put her clothes on the ground. Misty looked a bit vulnerable and on display in a very sexual kind of way as she sat on the ground and spread her legs wide so she could play with herself. Her panties were pulled tight as they stretched across her pussy lips Misty began rubbing her pussy through her panties with her hand.

"You guys like to watch me rub my pussy?" Misty said as she continued stroking.

"You look real sexy doing that with your panties on." Dawn said as she lived watching Misty pleasure herself.

"She does. It's making me turned on. Why don't we all masturbate together? It can be like a group dare." May suggested as wanted to touch herself to get some relief.

"Now that sounds like a dare I want to do!" Dawn said as she was already taking off her top and skirt.

May, Misty and Dawn almost forgot about Ashley who was kind of shocked by the sudden turn of events. Ash's three friends were all starting to get horny but Ash didn't know what to do or how to react. He was a bit confused as he was getting a strange feeling throughout his body. If felt familiar, yet unfamiliar at the same time. Ashley felt like she was getting turned on but since she didn't have a definite reference except when she was a guy to compare to.

"What's the matter Ashley? Not going to join us?" Dawn said as she was now just in her underwear like Misty and May.

"Uh... Well.. Uh..." Ashley said as she stuttered a bit and was now a bit uncomfortable.

"Oh I know... Ashley here is a bit scared because she doesn't know what to do and isn't experienced." May said as she teased Ashley a bit as the other girls giggled.

"It's our job then to get her experienced!" Misty said as she stopped playing with herself and moved over towards Ashley.

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