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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 37 - Show and Tell!

"More experience?!" Ashley said as she was starting to get a bit anxious about what her friends had in mind.

"Yeah, you don't have any experience as a girl, so were going to have to give you some." Dawn said as could tell Ashley was a bit uneasy.

"Do you want to talk about it first?" May asked trying to make Ashley a bit more comfortable.

"I guess so." Ashley said as she felt a little embarrassed.

"Don't be embarrassed Ashley! You've got a fantastic body and you should be proud of it." Misty said as she saw that Ashley's cheeks were a bit red from being embarrassed.

"You'll get to do something most people never get to do, see what it feels like to be a guy and a girl." May said as she was a bit envious of Ashley's situation.

"We'll all going to masturbate together, so you don't have to worry about being singled out Ashley." Misty said as she had masturbated in front of everyone earlier.

"Doesn't this make us lesbians?" Ashley said as she wasn't really aware of exactly what lesbians where but had a bit of an idea.

"No, no. Lesbians only have sex with other girls, but as you know we have sex with guys like you. So it makes us bisexual. Is that what you're afraid of, being a lesbian. If so, you don't need to worry about that." Misty explained to Ashley as she looked a bit relieved.

"Ah. I guess that makes sense." Ashley replied realizing that she wouldn't really be a lesbian since she was really a guy.

"Everyone else here is in their underwear now Ashley, so why don't you take off you clothes so we can all get started." Dawn said as she wanted to start playing with herself.

"Alright." Ashley said as she was still a bit embarrassed and hesitant.

Ashley had been wearing Dawn's clothes for most the day, a black top and then pink mini skirt. The outfit was surprisingly comfortable and it felt quite nice to wear but it was the tight underwear that Ashley had a problem with. Ashley began taking off the top that Dawn had given her to wear. Dawn, May and Misty all watched as the top slowly came off and May's bra that Ashley was wearing was visible again. Dawn's skirt only had a button to hold it against her waist and Ashley stood up and unbuttoned it and allowed the skirt to drop to the floor leaving her wearing just the black bra and panties now.

"How do you like wearing my panties?" Dawn asked as she had given the silk black laced panties to Ashley to wear.
"They feel pretty good and smooth actually. It's this bra that's annoying to wear. It's tight but seems to hold up my breasts pretty good. It just gets uncomfortable to wear after a long time." Ashley explained to the girls.

"Of course the bra's make your breasts feel tired. Why do you think girls take them off at night, to be more comfortable." May said as she looked at Ashley in her underwear.

"I cannot want anymore, I have to continue." Misty said as she began rubbing herself through her panties again as a little moist spot was finally developing.

"Me too! I used to lie in bed at night and slowly rub myself like I'm doing now thinking that it was Ash playing with me, little did I know that my dream would come true eventually. I used to dream Ash would watch me play with myself and would get so horny that he'd loved me and wanted to be with me." May said as she looked right at Ashley as she began playing with her pussy through her panties.

"Go ahead Ashley, touch yourself. This is a group thing now." Dawn said as she was also playing with herself now and was trying to get Ashley to join in.

"Don't block our view though. We want to see you rubbing yourself through your panties for now. We also don't want to miss watching each other." Misty said as she was really getting turned on now.

"Okay..." Ashley said as she spread herself out while trying to get into a comfortable position.

Ashley reached down between her legs and began to finger herself through her panties just like Misty, May and Dawn were doing in front of her. Ashley's hand trembled a bit as the nervousness was apparent but by the time it rested on her mound, it had stopped. She began to tease her enlarged clit through her panties as she began to enjoy herself. Her pussy was getting very warm and moist and her nipples started to harden under her bra.

"This is embarrassing." Ashley said as she was getting turned on.

"Why is it embarrassing? You masturbate in front of us all the time now." Misty said as she giggled a bit.

"It's just not the same. I was used to masturbating as a guy. This is my first time doing it as a girl though." Ashley explained as she was just a bit confused as to what she should do.

"You need just need to get a good rhythm going on your clit, then you'll forget your embarrassed at all. Here watch me, like this." May said as Ashley watched her gently rubbing her clit in a circular motion through her panties.

The girls all continued to play with themselves in front of each other but Misty couldn't take it anymore and pushed her panties to one side and began to directly touch her wet juicy pussy.

Ashley looked at her panties for a second and realized how sexy the panties looked. The panties felt so soft against her pussy as the silky fabric rubbed against his fingers as she masturbated. Ashley threw her head back as she could feel the warmth and moistness of her pussy under her panties.

"There! You're getting the hang of it now. Keep going!" Dawn said as she saw that Ashley was getting used to it now.

As Ashley spread her legs even wider, she was now able to look down at her fingers as the fabric of her panties had created very wet panty groove between her pussy lips. As her fingers traveled up and down that groove, it became easier to rub the slit of her pussy due to the wetness. Dawn's panties covered Ashley's pussy quite well and formed to the shape of her pussy lips.

Misty was the only girl to expose her naked pussy so far but everyone knew that wasn't going to last long at the rate they were going. Dawn and May were looking at each other lustfully as they rubbed themselves. The two of them were both thinking the same thing but neither of them wanted to make the first move. Finally, May moved over towards Dawn and they began to kiss. Their kissing quickly became more passionate as their tongues moved into each others mouths as they kissed. May and Dawn's hands began to run over each others bodies as Ashley was really getting turned on watching them.

"Come on Ashley, keep playing with yourself as you watch." Misty told her as she was also watching Dawn and May kiss and feel each other off but noticed that Ashley had stopped rubbing herself and was just starring.

"Uh... right... I almost forgot to." Ashley said as she began rubbing her pussy again.

"You know what I fantasize about when I masturbate?" Misty asked Ashley as she turned to face her.

"Uh, What?" Ashley said as she was a bit surprised by Misty's question.

"I think about the first time you and me had sex together and how good it felt to have your penis deep inside me." Misty told him as she stroked her clit as she told him.

"Oh wow. Does thinking of stuff like that turn you on?" Ashley said as she was actually getting turned on herself now.

"It sure does. I really love you and I guess I always will." Misty said as she was actually blushing a bit as she said it.

"Uh.. Misty..." Ashley said as she didn't know how to really respond.

"It's alright Ash.. Ashley. I understand your feelings are probably really mixed right now. How about I help you with them and that way you can become a bit more comfortable being a girl with other girls, like May and Dawn are now." Misty said as she quickly glanced back at May and Dawn who were still kissing each other.

"Alright. What are you going to do?" Ashley asked Misty wondering what she had in mind.

"Let's follow Dawn and May's lead and kiss." Misty said as she moved her face closer to Ashley's and began to kiss her.

Ashley lips opened her mouth as Misty's tongue entered and they kissed each other. While Misty was kissing Ashley, she reached down to and slipped her hand into Ashley's panties. For the first time, Ashley's pussy was being directly touched. It was an exciting feeling which cause Ashley to kiss Misty even more.

"Mm! That feels great." Ashley moaned as Misty began to rub up and down her slit with her hand.

There was something strange about kissing Misty this time. He had kissed her before but as a girl, Ash's experience was a bit different that normal when kissing Misty. It was still as enjoyable as ever but the touch against Ashley's lips felt a bit softer and more delicate.

Ashley brought her hands and placed them on Misty's face and pulled her closer as they kissed more passionately than ever before. Misty continued to stroke Ashley as they kissed. Every once and awhile, Misty's figured would touch Ashley's clit which caused her to arch her back a bit from the pleasure.

Misty, May, Dawn and Ashley were now all enjoying themselves as they kissed and felt each other's bodies. All four of them had forgotten that Brock was due to be back anytime. He was in the main lobby talking to Nurse Joy but obvious she had duties to preform before the end of the night.

"I'll talk to you later Joy. Love you." Brock said as he ended the transmission.

"Hmm. I wonder what everyone is up to now." Brock thought to himself as he got up from the video station.

Brock began walking back to their room where he expected his friends were partying with some food and drinks. He was looking forward to getting something to eat as he was getting quite hungry as he hadn't had anything to eat since lunchtime.

As Brock opened the door to their room, he was pleasantly surprised with what he saw. He couldn't believe it for a second as his friends were all in their underwear and were kissing each other in front of him on the floor. Brock's penis instantly got hard in his pants and he just wanted to undo them and pulled out his penis out and stroking it as he watched them.

Brock quietly closed the door behind him and then watched as May's hand cupped her breast and lightly squeezing it as she kissed Dawn. Brock couldn't resist the urge and began stroking his penis through his pants as he watched his four friends make out. He was surprise that they hadn't noticed him yet but they were too busy focusing on their own passions to notice him walk in.

Brock continued to watch the girls kiss and fondle each others bodies. He knew that it wouldn't be long until they noticed him and sure enough, May's eyes drifted away from Dawn to focus on Brock who was standing in front of the girls stroking himself.

"Enjoying yourself Brock?" May joked as she broke off her kiss to talk to Brock.

"Brock?" Misty said as she turn from Ashley to see what May was talking about.

"Uh hi girls..." Brock sais as he was blushing a bit now that all four girls were focusing on him.

"How long have you been there?" Dawn said as she was surprised that she hadn't heard him come in.

"Oh, not long." Brock said trying to make it look like he wasn't peeping.

"Brock's good at peeping on girls, we all know that! But you didn't answer my question, are you enjoying yourself?" May said as she joked a bit which gave everyone a good laugh including Brock who giggled a bit at May's comment.

"Uh, well, yeah sort of. It's hard not to be enjoying myself watching the four of your going at it." Brock said as he was really enjoying watching his friends performing lesbian acts like that.

"Well watching isn't that fun... Let's strip him girls!" May said as she saw Brock's eyes light up.

"Alright!" Misty and Dawn replied as they got up with May and walked over to Brock who's mouth was now wide open with anticipation of his friends stripping him.

Brock's t-shirt and vest were the first to go as Misty pulled them over Brock's head and onto the floor revealing his well toned upper body and muscles. May and Dawn worked on taking his shoes and socks off as Ashley just sat on the floor a bit shocked by the brazen nature of his friends stripping Brock like that. Before long, May and Dawn were working on Brock's pants and they undid the belt buckle together and they smiled and giggled together as they could see the large lump in his pants which was his erect penis.

Misty slide her hands over Brock's shoulders as she pressed her body against him as they stood above May and Dawn. Misty and Brock smiled at each other and Brock leaned his head down a bit and kissed her on the mouth. His penis was getting harder again as Dawn and May saw it twitch a bit in is pants the second Misty began to kiss Brock. Ashley couldn't believe how fast Misty went from kissing her to Brock and she now felt a bit left out.

May and Dawn finally loosened Brock's belt as his pants began to fall off his waist. The two girls spent no time grabbing them and pulling them down to his ankles. Without breaking his kiss with Misty, he stepping out of them and kicked the pants away leaving him just in his boxers now which barely hid his penis.

"Check out the bulge in his boxers! It's so big!" May said as she was getting more horny by the second.

"He looks really big and hard under those boxers." Dawn said to May as they were both starring at his underwear and the large bulge.

Misty stopped kissing Brock and looked at his boxers as May, Dawn and Ashley also starred.

"Pull them down, you two! I want to see how hard he is from watching us earlier." Misty insisted as she wanted to see Brock's erect penis.

"So do we!" May and Dawn as they did what Misty asked and began to take off Brock's boxers.

May slipped her thumbs into Brock's boxers at the waist and slowly pulled them down. Moments later, Brock's erect penis which was constrained against the fabric popped into view. May continued pulling the boxers to the ground until Brock kicked them off like he did his pants. He was now completely naked in front of his friends.

Misty began kissing him again as her hand slid down his chest until she reached his erect penis which sticking up straight against his stomach. Brock gasped a bit for air as he felt Misty's fingers wrap around his penis as they kissed.

She was looking at him, her face an inch away from his. Her hand stroked his manhood lovingly as she softly kissed him again. He opened his mouth and she slipped her tongue inside. Misty's hands were so soft and she slowly began to stroke his penis giving Brock a bit of relief. Dawn and May looked at each other and then back at Brock's erect penis. They giggled and watched as Misty was slowly stroking it with her hand.

"Look at the size of his penis. I think its bigger than we've ever seen it before." May said as they were both impressed with the size of it.

"I think you're right. Brock must be really turned on." Dawn replied as she wanted to get into the action now with Brock.

Brock moaned a bit when he felt Dawn's tongue start to lick his balls as Misty stroked his shaft at the same time. The two girls were slowly working on his penis as Brock pushed his tongue deep into Misty's mouth and grabbed her body to pull it closer towards him. He could feel Misty's soft skin rub against him as he held her and kissed her.

Dawn put one of Brock's massive balls into her mouth and sucked on it lightly with her tongue. After a few seconds, she switched to the other ball and licked it as well. May also wanted to play with Brock, so she moved in closer and began licking the head of Brock's penis as the other two girls also worked on it. Brock saw May's tongue come out of her mouth from the corner of his eye as he was still passionately kissing Misty.

Brock had never had the girls working on him like this before but he was enjoying every second of their work. May began delicately licking the head of his penis with her tongue as a bit of precum was beginning to form.. Brock was now breathing harder and Misty could feel his chest and heart beating through her body which was pressed up against his chest.

"This feels amazing! Don't stop girls!" Brock said as he complement them on their excellent work of pleasuring him.

"We're glad you're enjoying it. Were enjoying it too!" May said as she loved licking Brock's penis so much that she could do it all day.

"Are you enjoying yourself over there Ashley? You haven't said or done a thing in a few minutes since Brock arrived." Dawn asked as she wondered why Ashley wasn't participating anymore.

"Why don't you come over here and play with Brock's penis with us?" May said as she turned her head to look at Ashley behind her.

"Eww! I'm not doing that... Brock's a guy and I'm never touching another's guys privates ever!" Ashley said as the thought of playing with another guys penis was almost too much for her as her mind still thought like a guy.

"Alright then. I can understand that but you don't know what you're missing!" May said as she went back to licking the head of Brock's penis.

Misty, May and Dawn were too concerned about playing with Brock now to focus any of their attention on Ashley.

"That's it May. Suck it! You love sucking my penis don't you?" Brock said as he felt May take the head of his penis in her mouth.

"Uh huh..." was all May moaned as she didn't bother taking his penis out of her mouth to properly answer him.

May's lips wrapped around the head of Brock's pens and soon she started bobbing down the shaft of his penis until she reached Misty's hand which was still wrapped around most of it. May went slowly at first but she had a close view of Misty's hand and as Misty started to pick up her stroking speed, May did the same with her sucking. Every time May went down on Brock penis she took more of into her mouth causing Misty's hand to move towards the base of his shaft.

Brock's legs were beginning to tremble a bit as he seemed to be losing the necessary strength in order to stand up. May continued to suck down Brock's penis shaft effortlessly now as her saliva had coated it a bit. Misty's stroking also became easier as the wetness was starting to trickle down his shaft to where she was playing with him.

Dawn's hands instinctively went to Brock's ball sack and she began to massage them a bit as she also licked the skin at the same time. Dawn felt his ball sack tighten a bit as she did so but continued her licking. Brock loved the feeling of Dawn's hands cupping his balls in her hand as she licked. Her hands were just as soft as Misty's and the gentleness of her fingers showed how skilled she had become at doing it.

"You taste so good Brock!" Dawn said as she licked him.

"Oh you do taste good. I'm starting to taste a bit of precum now. It's pretty sweet!" May said as she licked.

Dawn sped up her sucking and licking of Brock's balls as Misty broke off her kiss as she remember that she had left Ashley to give Brock some attention. Misty turned and looked at Ashley who was just sitting there watching this all transpire.

"Just don't sit there Ashley. Do something. Why don't you take your bra off. Show us your tits. I'm sure Brock would love to see them." Misty said as she tried to get Ashley involved.

Ashley and Brock looked at each other almost immediately and both their eyes were wide open. They were both surprised by the request Misty had made and it made the two of them quite uncomfortable.

"Ah! That's alright! She doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to do and I can see that's Ash.. Erm, Ashley is quite uncomfortable with that idea." Brock said as the thought of seeing Ashley strip was exciting but also quite disturbing considering this was one of his oldest friends.

Ashley's erect nipples were poking through the bra fabric and were quite noticeable. May's bra provided Ashley's breasts with considerable view of her cleavage as it held up her well rounded breasts.

"Wait are you wearing May's bra? That looks familiar. I think I've seen her wear it before." Brock asked as his keen observational skills kicked in.

"Yes she is. Mine was the only one that would fit her properly. Does it look as good on her as it did on me?" May told Brock as she saw Brock starring at Ashley's cleavage.

"For sure May. It looks good on both of you." Brock said complementing them both.

"You actually think these breast look good wearing this bra?" Ashley said as she also had to admit that they looked quite sexy.

"Most definitely. I know you're Ash inside but its hard not to realize that there is a sexy girl on the outside." Brock told everyone.

"Oh Ashley, just take it off. You were complaining earlier that it the bra was uncomfortable. Show us your big beautiful tits." Misty said as she knew that Ashley was now teasing everyone with the subtle innocent act.

"So, you actually want see my tits then?" Ashley said as she was surprised by Brock's change of mind.

"Yes, show us your tits, Ashley!" Brock ordered as everyone watched Ashley comply finally.

Ashley hands quickly undid the clasp to the bras she was wearing and began to pull it down. As the bra cups peeled away from her breasts it revealed her wonderful figure to her friends. Ashley used her hands to try and cover as much of her breasts as possible to tease them a bit but they're too big to hide. Her nipples were very erect and surrounded by large pink areolas. Taking off the bra caused her breast to jiggle a bit.

"Like what you see guys?" Ashley teased in a cute voice as she was finally getting into the idea of being a sexy girl that people would lust over.

Ashley was kind of teasing herself as she looked down at her breasts and the erect nipples that were poking out the ends of both of them. Ash had never really seen breasts from this perspective before as he looked down at them. His mind thought like a guy as he was getting turned on by the sight of his own breasts.

"You look really sexy!" Brock instant replied as he would have said that to any girl that just stripped off her bra in front of him willingly.

"Would you like to touch those? Would you like to lick them Brock?" Misty teased Brock.

"Oh, yes! Let me at them!" Brock said as he couldn't wait to play with Ashley's breasts.

"You're going to have to wait then because it's my turn first!" Misty said as she quickly went over to Ashley before Brock could react.

Misty had seen Ashley's breasts earlier but not in this manner. She was too busy worrying about getting her dressed up to pay much attention to her sexually at the time but now she had more than enough time to have some fun.

Misty looked into Ashley's eyes and she could tell deep inside that it truly was Ash inside regardless of what he looked like on the outside right now. Misty moved her hand down to Ashley's panties and began to rub it as she felt the incredible heat and moisture that had been created there. When Misty moved her head forward to kiss Ashley again, she was surprised that Ashley made the first move this time and locked her lips on hers. The two of them began to passionately kiss as they slowly dropped to the floor.

Brock was a bit disappointed that he wasn't going to get to play with Ashley's breasts but May and Dawn saw his disappointment and wanted to quickly rectify that with their own bodies. May and Dawn both grabbed one of Brock's hands and pulled him down on the floor as well.

"Forget about Ashley. You have the two of us. Were both more experienced and know exactly what you want!" May said as she cupped her breasts and bounced them in Brock's face giving him an amazing view of her cleavage.

"That's right. Plus we know exactly how to pleasure you. You'll be going crazy in no time." Dawn said as she moved on top of Brock on the floor.

Misty positioned herself on top of Ashley who was now lying on the ground. Misty looked down at Ashley and smiled before cupping both of Ashley's breasts with her hands.

"To think I'd let Brock get the first crack at these..." Misty said as she began massaging Ashley's breasts which were actually bigger than her own.

Ash was beginning his first bisexual experience, of a sorts, if he could really call it that. He wasn't too sure if it was technically bisexual or being a lesbian but either way he didn't care as he loved Misty regardless of who or what he looked like in the present. All Ash wanted to do was to get it on with Misty.

"So you like my body the way it is currently, huh?" Ashley teased Misty as it was easy to tell that Misty was very horny.

"Definitely. But don't get me wrong, I still miss the 'Ash' I'm used to playing with. This is just the second best alternative." Misty said as she tweaks Ashley's nipples with her fingers as 'payback' for the teasing.

"Oh!" Ashley moaned as she got her nipples pinched for the first time.

"You know, Ashley, you've got quite a fantastic body. I'm actually kind of jealous." Misty said as she continued to play with Ashley's breasts with her hands as the two of them lay on the floor side by side now with their faces looking directly at each other.

"Oh don't be jealous! You're very sexy too! I've always found you attractive." Ashley said as Misty blushed a bit from the complement.

Ashley felt Misty's hands move around her breasts and she cupped them and gave them a bit of a squeeze almost as if she was testing to see what her reaction would be. Ashley's eyes closed and Misty watched her face for the different expressions she had as Misty played with her. Ashley felt Misty's warm hands on her breasts and enjoyed the sensations it created.

Misty moved her body down a bit so that her head was in line with Ashley's breasts and she took the closest nipple into her mouth. Ashley quickly opened her eyes to see that Misty was now sucking on her tit as her lips were now pressed against the aerola of her breast. Misty's tongue flicked against the erect nipple in her mouth which gave Ashley a quick shivered from the teasing she was getting from Misty.

"That feels amazing Misty..." Ashley managed to say as she was enjoying it.
"I'm just getting started with you. Wait till you feel what's coming up." Misty said as she grabbed Ashley's other breast and began sucking on the other nipple.

Ashley's nipples were harder than they ever had been before as the attention Misty was giving them was feeling really good. Misty moved her hands from one breast to the other, licking each tit while only spending a few seconds on each one.

"Are enjoying yourself?" Misty asked Ashley as she pretty much knew the question was rhetorical.

"Oh yes! I never realized just how sensitive a girls tits are until now." Ashley said as she was enjoying every second.

"It's just about get better, believe me. Let me take your panties off." Misty said as she could see that they were wet.

Misty put her hands on the waistband of Ashley's panties and started to pull them off. Ashley closed her legs a bit and raised them into the air to make it easier for Misty to take the panties off.

"Oh wow. You're already wet!" Misty exclaimed as she fully removed the panties.

Ashley's little wet pussy was now in plain sight and Misty moved around between Ashley's legs to get closer view. Ashley's pussy lips were puffy and smooth and looked very tight.

"Let's lay on the bed as I want to spread your pussy lips open to see if you have a hymen like a real virgin girl would. Put your head on the pillows so you are more comfortable." Misty told Ashley as she was a bit curious to find out as the two of them got on the bed.

"Uh, alright." Ashley said as she was a bit frightened by the thought.

Ashley watched as Misty's fingers rested her head just in front of Ashley's outer pussy lips and then as Misty began to pull them apart. Ashley's outer lips were being stretched open as her inner lips were now visible. Misty could see the pink membrane of Ashley's hymen covering her vaginal opening.

"Just as I thought. You do have a hymen. You are a true virgin girl." Misty commented as she was somewhat excited now.

"I am? Wow, that's amazing! That potion really did turn me completely into a girl." Ashley said as she was surprised just how much she had transformed.

"You want me to lick your pussy and suck on your clit?" Misty asked teasingly.

"Yes Misty! Please lick it and suck it!" Ashley moaned as she was quite horny.

"That didn't take much convincing on my part!" Misty said as she was glad Ashley was enjoying herself.

Misty smiled at Ashley sexily and then spread her legs wide so she could get access to her pussy. Misty could already smell the wetness from Ashley's pussy as she moved her head forward. Ashley had no idea what to expect from Misty licking her pussy but all she knew was that she was going to like it.

Misty gently began to lick Ashley's outer pussy lips and moved her tongue up and down her slit which instantly made her moan. Moments later, Misty gently licked her tongue around Ashley's clit causing Ashley to closer her eyes due to the extreme pleasure it was creating.

"Isn't getting your pussy licked the best ever?" Misty asked Ashley as she could tell she was already enjoying it.

"It sure is. I now know why you like it so much. From now on I'll make sure to spend more time licking you like this." Ashley promised as Misty was glad she was finally understanding how girls liked to be pleasured.

Misty stretched her tongue as far as it would go and then licked the folds of Ashley's pussy. Misty could now see that Ashley was leaking a bit and she quickly tasted her for the first time. She liked the taste but it wasn't the same as licking Ash's penis. It tasted good but it wasn't the same.

The outer lips of Ashley's pussy began to open up as Misty licked the slit. Misty tongue licked between Ashley's pussy lips as Ashley's moaning was getting louder. Ashley then began thrusting her hips up towards Misty as she licked. Misty liked how Ashley was getting more aroused so she began licking her erect clitoris. Ashley's clit was being licked and touched for the very first time which caused her body to tense up from the increased pleasure. She began grinding her pussy into Misty's face as Misty increased her licking speed.

"Faster Misty! Faster! Oh, yes I love it! Keep going." Ashley said as she encouraged Misty on.

"Does my licking feel good?" Misty asked.

"I love the feel of your tongue on my pussy." Ashley told her.

Misty was very happy to be doing this with Ashley as she was enjoying it a lot. Ashley kept bending her knees and moving her hips to meet Misty's licks. Her moans were getting louder and louder as she knew she was building to her first climax as a girl. Misty moved her tongue expertly around Ashley's pussy lips as she licked and sucked as fast as she could now. It was driving Ashley wild until she finally let loose and orgasmed.

Ashley's juices leaked out of her pussy and only Misty's lips as her climax overtook her body. Misty quickly licked up the juices as Ashley cummed. Ashley's eyes were closed and her fists were shut tight as she enjoyed ever second of the orgasm. She had felt Misty get off of her but didn't pay much attention to it at first. When Ashley finally opened her eyes again, she was astonished to see Misty wearing a big strap-on dildo. Ashley found it a bit funny seeing Misty with a penis while still looking like a girl with her feminine curves and breasts still covered by her bra.

"I see you enjoyed your first orgasm as a girl." Misty said as she looked down at Ashley on the bed.

"It felt great. I felt different that orgasming as a guy." Ashley said as she was returning to her senses.

"Oh how so?" Misty asked as she had never realized that orgasming would feel different for girls and guys.

"It seemed to last longer and my tits were very sensitive during that time. So, what's with the strap-on? " Ashley explained to her and then asked a question wondering why Misty had put on the dildo.

"I thought it was time we went to the next level. Since you're a girl now, I thought it was only fair if I acted like a guy. Dawn's mom let us keep the toys and I like wearing this strap-on a lot. It's flesh-colored, with realistic veins, just like your real penis when your Ash." Misty explained to Ashley.

"I see, what did you want to do next then?" Ashley asked Misty as she was wondering what she had in mind.

"How about you suck the strap-on for a bit. I just loaded it with a lot of cum. This way you can experience what it's like to give a guy a blowjob. Come kneel down on all fours in front of me and lick the strap-on with your tongue and then suck it off." Misty said as she was anxious to watch Ashley suck off her strap-on.

Ashley couldn't believe what Misty was suggesting to do but for some odd reason it excited Ashley even though the thought of sucked a penis, even a fake one was repulsive to Ash. The estrogen in Ashley's body was telling Ash otherwise as she knelt down moved in front of Misty's strap-on dildo.

"This seems so wrong yet my body is telling me otherwise." Ashley said as she was a bit hesitant.

"Ash, you keep forgetting that you are a girl! Forget your masculinity for today and focus on being a girl. Girls love to suck penis, so go ahead and do it!" Misty said in a stern voice that Ashley had heard many times before when Misty wanted something done.

"Alright..." Ashely said as he moved her mouth towards the strap-on.

Ashley began to lick the head of the strap-on. The texture felt similar to real skin but it also had a plastic like feel to it as well. Ashley's eyes focused down at the head of the penis as she slowly put her mouth around it and began to put it in her mouth. Slowly Ashley began to suck Misty's strap-on as Misty smiled and enjoyed watching as she tried to feel like she was a real guy getting a blowjob. Misty could feel Ashley's quick little breaths through her nose as she could tell she was a bit nervous and anxious while sucking her off. Quickly Ashley pulled it out of her mouth and turned her head away.

"I can't do this. I've been a guy too long. It just feels wrong to suck a penis like that." Ashley said as she was a bit disgusted that she had even tried it at all.

"It's alright Ashley. Take your time. Breath through your nose. Remember the lessons we had and how I had to learn how to do it properly. Just go slowly, you'll learn to like it." Misty said trying to encourage Ashley on.

Misty lowered one of her hands to Ashley head and stroked her hair for a bit. She then began stroking the strap-on with her other hand, masturbating it to give Ashley a bit of a show of encouragement allowing her to gather herself.

"Alright, how about you try it again now. You can go slowly until you get used to it." Misty said as she pushed Ashley's head with both hands now and guided her to the tip of her strap-on.

Misty pushed Ashley's head down to the head of the penis and her lips parted and slowly she took it into her mouth again.

"Yeah, that's it Ashley. You're getting it now. Move your head a bit now when you're sucking. It will allow more of it to get into your mouth. Just remember how you liked me sucking you off and do the same." Misty instructed as she watched Ashley work the strap-on into her mouth further.

Misty's body was beginning to tensing up as she watched Ashley's head bob up and down on her strap-on. Ashley wasn't really putting much of it in her mouth past the head but it still looked good to watch and was once again turning Misty on. Misty decided to do a few thrusts which caught Ashley off-guard a bit but she managed to adapt to the thrusting causing a bit more of the penis to enter her mouth.

"Yeah! That's it keep going!" Misty said as she loved watching.

Ashley was starting to drool all over the strap-on as her saliva was dripping down to the balls of the strap-on. Ashley's eyes were now closed as she sucked on it and Misty could help but watch her cute face work on it with her mouth.

At one point, the head of the strap-on hit the back of Ashley's mouth which caused her to stop for a minute. She managed to recover and this time she wrapped her hand firmly around the base of strap-on to act as a buffer so she wouldn't go down that far again. Misty could now feel her own pussy juices starting to run down her thighs as she was enjoying this immensely.

"I'm going to press the cum button in a few seconds. I want you to swallow it. It takes good, so don't worry." Misty said as she was slowly thrusting against Ashley's mouth.

Ashley nodded in acknowlegement as she awaited the cum from Misty's strap-on to start squirting in her mouth. Ash was used to doing the cum squirting in the mouth, not receiving it so he was a bit anxious for this to end. Finally Misty pressed the button on the balls of the strap-on and suddenly spurts of cum started splashing into Ashley's mouth. She was somewhat prepared for it but the amount of cum caught her off guard. She got some of the cum on her tongue and like Misty had said, it tasted alright as she began swallowing it as more cum kept spurting inside. Finally after about a minute, the cum stopped spurting and Ashley swallowed the remaining cum before pulling away from the strap-on.

"How was your first blowjob?'" Misty asked as Ashley was breathing hard trying to catch her breath.

"It's a lot different giving a blowjob than receiving one that's for sure." Ash explained as he had a new found respect for the girls when they gave him a blowjob.

"You look very sexy giving a blowjob. I'm sure any real guy would have loved every second of that. I couldn't feel everything but I was still turned on by it." Misty explained as she wanted to move on to the next phase.

"What are you two doing over there?" Dawn said as she had seen that Ashley and Misty were really getting into it.

"I'm about to take Ashley's virginity. Did you guys want to watch that?" Misty said as Ashley's eyes went really wide.

"Her virginity? You mean she's got a hymen all intact?" May said as she was surprised when she hear Misty say that.

"Yes she does. She's really wet now and I think she's ready for her first time as a girl." Misty said as May, Dawn and Brock all stopped what they were doing and quickly came over to the bed where Misty and Ashley were.

"Now wait a second, who said anything about being ready to have sex?" Ashley said as she was a bit scared now.

"Oh please, you know you want it. Look at your pussy, it's wet and red. It's just begging for this strap-on to penetrate it." Misty said as everyone looked at

"I guess so but I'm kind of scared but I know that I want it." Ashley said as she blushed a bit.

"We were all scared our first time Ashley. It's normal. You know how it is, it only hurts briefly and then its all pleasure from there." May explained as she was looking forward to watching Ashley loose her virginity.

"Besides, you were nice and kind and patient with me my first time, so I want to return the favor." Misty told her as she intertwined her hands with Ashley's and they both smiled at each other.

"You are so beautiful Misty. I feel so lucky to have this chance with you." Ashley said as she was now ready.

"I love you to Ash."How about I do you missionary style like you did me when you took my virginity?" Misty asked Ashley as she remember back to when Misty lost her virginity.

"Alright then." Ashley said as she remembered the reaction Misty had when she lost her virginity.

"I'll be gentle, don't worry. You were good when you did it with me the first time. It hurt a little but then you'll get that great feeling." Misty explained.

Misty grabbed the shaft of her strap-on and aimed its at the opening of Ashley's vagina. Ashley's pussy was completely hairless and looked very wet. Misty placed the head of the strap-on so that it rested on Ashley's outer pussy lips. Misty slowly pushed the strap-on forward as it spread opened Ashley's pussy. Ashley's breaths turned into little gasps as Misty began penetrated her Ashley instinctively wrapped her legs around Misty's waist and pulled her onto her pussy. The movement pushed the head of the strap-on to disappeared into her pussy.

Ashley moaned with pain and her whole body shook uncontrollably as the strap-on slowly broke through her hymen. Misty didn't move and waited until Ashley had recovered from the shock before continuing.

"There, how are you feeling now? You aren't a virgin anymore! Are you ready to go at it now?" Misty said as she looked down at Ashley who's eyes were closed and were wincing a bit from the pain.

"I think I'm alright now." Ashley said as her pain seemed to have eased and she began to enjoy the feel of first penis inside her pussy.

"Here I go!" Misty said as she began to thrust.
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