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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 38 - Girl Power!

Ashley groaned as the amazing sensations of Misty's strap-on penetrating her filled her entire body. She felt the head of Misty's strap-on penetrate her pussy lips and then into her vagina as she was now slowly starting to push it in even further. Ashley began to relax as the pain of her hymen being broken had subsided and the amazing feeling of being penetrated was taking over. 

"You'll be sore for a bit but hopefully this will take your mind of the pain." Misty said as she pushed the strap-on in further as Ashley nodded in acknowledgment. 

It was starting to get dark in the room and May quickly turned on a light so she could see Misty and Ashley go at it. May was fondling her own breasts through her bra as watched and was fascinated by Ashley losing her virginity to another girl. The two of them looked beautiful as Misty pushed her strap-on into Ashley's bare wet pussy.

Ashley moaned in ecstasy as Misty's strap-on began moved in and out of her. With each thrust, the pain lessened for Ashley and she began to meet Misty's thrusts.

"Oh, yes! Misty, this feels so good! I love how tight it is inside me! I love how you thrust it inside my pussy. " Ashley said as she was beginning to enjoy having sex now that the pain was gone.

Misty bean varying her thrusts and she also withdrew the strap-on out a few times to tease Ashley a bit and to give her a few different sensations to experience.

"Misty, you're teasing me! Stop it!" Ashley said as she realized what Misty was doing.

"So you don't like being teased? Tease her some more Misty!" Dawn said as she was watching very intently.

Misty completely pulled the strap-on out of Ashley's pussy after only just a few thrusts and rubbed the head of the strap-on against Ashley's clit. She then rubbed the head up and down the slit as she tried teasing Ashley the best she could. Misty could tell Ashley was going crazy by her reaction and movements on the bed.

"Stop teasing Misty!" Ashley finally said as she couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh, you want this now? Earlier you said you were a bit hesitant to have sex with another girl as a girl because you thought that would make you a lesbian but now you want to do it? I'm a bit confused with exactly what you want." Misty said as the teasing continued.

"Please Misty, just shove that thing inside me now! I don't care anymore." Ashley said as all she could think about is what she wanted inside her pussy.

"Alright, but this time I'm not going to pull out until you cum all over it." Misty said as she lined up the head of the strap-on with Ashley's vagina opening.

Misty took the 10 inch strap-on and pressed the head into the opening of Ashley's wet and slightly bloody vagina. She pushed it inside again as Ashley quickly remembered the feeling of it being inside her as Misty increased the depth of it with each thrust. Within a few moments, a few inches were inside her and Ashley hips were now pressing against it so that it would penetrate further.

"Do it harder Misty! Do her hard and stick it in as deep as it will go!" Dawn said as she had crept up closer on the bed to get a better view of Misty's strap-on penetrating Ashley.

Misty's strokes began to be long and hard as she pounded the strap-on deep into Ashley's pussy. Ashley's breasts bounced around and she held them as she was a bit embarrassed by how much they were moving around.

"Rub your wet clit while I nail your pussy Ashley. I want to please you and make you cum just like you did for me my first time." Misty instructed as Ashley did as she was told and let go of her breasts and slowly began rubbing her clit.

This was the first time that Ashley had directly touched her clit with her fingers as she had only touched it through her panties before. She was amazed how good it felt touching it directly. It was hard and wet and erect all at the same time. She could feel Misty's strap-on pumping inside her as she rubbed herself. 

Ashley wrapped her legs around Misty's lower back and moaned as Misty continued to thrust. Ashley's moans were beginning to fill the room now as her friends looked on. Dawn and May were both leaning against the bed with their elbows resting on the mattress as they watched. Brock was standing behind the two girls so he could get a better unobstructed view.

Brock thought he had the best view in the house as there were his four sexy friends all in front of him, horny and all waiting for their turn to get a piece of the action. May and Dawn were bent over completely in front of him and they weren't paying any attention to him as they were too busy watching Ashley and Misty. Little did they realize, they were giving Brock quite a show as their butts were sticking up in the air and their panties were barely covering the cracks of their butts and pussy.

"I cannot believe how deep its inside me! It feels so good!" Ashley said as the strap-on was almost completely inside her now.

"Wait till you feel what its like when cum squirts inside you." Misty said her thrusts got faster.

As Brock watched, he couldn't help but stroke himself. He needed some relief while watching his friends go at it. It was making him very horny and with both May and Dawn in front of him as well it was hard not to let his inhibitions get the best of him. The girls had wet patches on their panties from rubbing themselves and Brock could see the outlines of their pussy slits pressed up against their panties.

"I cannot take this anymore!" Brock said as he moved in towards May who was the closest available girl to him.

Brock's hands slowly caressed May's shoulders and then down the soft skin of her back to her bra strap. May moaned as she was a bit surprised and taken off guard as she turned around to look at Brock as he unfastened her bra and let fall to the floor to expose her perfect young breasts.

"I guess you want to play now too huh? Misty and Ashley have got you quite horny it seems by the size of your hard penis back there." May said as she was looking back at Brock.

"They sure have! I cannot stand watching anymore. I need to get some action too." Brock said as he bent down over May's back and cupped her dangling breasts with his hands.

"Ohh! I know what you mean! Play with my tits Brock! Squeeze them and twist them. I need to be played with too!" May said as she was glad Brock decided to fondle her.

Brock was more than happy to fulfil May's requests as his fingers and thumbs latched onto May's erect nipples. Brock tweaked her nipples and was pleased when he heard her moan in reply to his touching. Brock loved how full his hands felt with May's breasts in them. He then began pulling and squeezing the nipples as May began swaying her head.

Brock caressed May's breasts as he watched Misty continue to pound Ashley's pussy hard now. There was something about watching those two go at it that drove him wild. His penis was glistening a bit as some precum started coming out. Brock penis seemed enormous to Ashley as she got a quick glance at it as she quickly took her focus off Misty for a second too look at it. Brock was towering over May and his body looked strong and muscular. Ash had never really focused on those particular attributes of Brock until just then as it didn't occur to him as a guy but for some reason Ashley found them a very attractive quality.

"I can't wait anymore. Watching Misty and Ashley is just too much!" Brock said as he let go of May's breasts and grabbed her panties with one hand and his penis with the other hand.

Holding May's panties to one side with his hand, her wet pussy was now visible. Brock used his other hand to aim his penis at the entrance to her vagina from behind. It only took him a second as he pushed forward into her pussy, letting go of his penis as her panties were held to the side by his shaft penis.

"Oh, yes! It feel so big!" May moaned closing her eyes and moaning as she slowly felt his penis enter her pussy.

The sight of May and Brock going at it beside her and Misty and Ashley doing it on the bed, turned Dawn on tremendously. Her fingers worked furiously on her clit as she watched her friends all have sex.

"You guys all look so hot and sexy! I bet it feels great, huh?" Dawn exclaimed as she was wishing she had someone to have sex with.

"I'll make sure you get a turn in a second Dawn. Don't worry. I'm just going to have some fun with May first here." Brock said as he turned to watch Dawn play with herself as he banged May.

"Awesome! I'll be thinking of you banging me while I watch you do May." Dawn replied as Brock went nuts when he heard her say that.

Brock placed his hands on May's butt while holding on to her panties a bit to increase the strength of his thrusts as May moved her hips to meet his thrusting motions. Brock felt her pussy walls contracting with each thrust which sent shot waves of pleasure through his body.

May had never felt Brock's penis this big before as it was twitching a bit with each thrust. His penis veins seen to be more prominent as she could feel them pumping with his thrusts. Her sensitive pussy seemed to feel the blood in his vein pump a bit and it was quite a unique feeling. 

With every stroke, May felt like Brock's large penis was hitting her g-spot. Waves of pleasure made her moan loudly and uncontrollably and knowing Dawn was watching and waiting for her turn made it feel even better.

Dawn had just about enough watching for one day and quickly pulled her panties down to her ankles and moved right beside May so their hips were touching. Both were bent over the side of the bed still and Dawn's hand quickly reached around to her pussy and she began stroking it with her hand directly now.

Brock couldn't resist Dawn's advances and he put one hand on her ass crack and slowly moved it down to her pussy that she was rubbing. Brock rubbed along Dawn's slit as she gasped and moaned and turned her head to look at Brock who was still nailing May from behind.

"Brock, please put it inside right now! I want you so bad! I need it now! May's already had a turn..." Dawn insisted as she hoped Brock would comply with her pleads.

"No! Not yet Brock! We just started, just a few more minutes then Dawn can have a turn." May insisted as she reached around and grabbed Brock's other hand to make sure that he couldn't move out from behind her.

Brock complied with May's request and continued pounding her pussy from behind, thrust after thrust. Brock decided to please Dawn at the same time so she didn't feel left out and he slowly slid his fingers across her pussy lips and spread them apart. Her pussy lips were swelling up and Dawn moved her hips a bit so she could stroke her clit while Brock played with her. After rubbing her pussy lips with his hand for a bit, Brock slowly pushed his finger in and out of her vagina. With each thrust of his penis into May's pussy, Brock began going into Dawn's pussy with his fingers. 

"There Dawn. At least this way you're not completely left out. Do you like it when I stick my fingers in your pussy like this?" Brock asked as Dawn moaned in approval.

"Oh yes Brock, I like it! It's almost as good as your penis. I wish it was your penis instead though but this will do for now." Dawn replied as her pussy muscles clamped tight around his fingers.

"You like watching, don't you Dawn?" May asked as the girls faced each other as Brock was now doing both their pussy's at the same time.

"Yeah! It's almost as fun as doing it yourself. Let her have it Brock. Show May what a slut she is for letting you do her this!" Dawn said as she was trying to get May even more turned on.

Dawn watched as Brock slammed his penis hard into May as Dawn loved watching May's reaction as she moaned and closed her eyes when he did so. Brock's large penis was almost fully inside May's tight wet pussy. He stroked in and out of her a couple times and he eventually got the whole thing into her pussy. The head of his penis was stretching her vagina all the way to her cervix. Brock stopped thrusting and held his penis inside her as he rubbed the inner walls of Dawn's vagina with his fingertips.

"Your pussy is so tight around me May and your pussy is quite wet inside Dawn!" Brock said as he loved being able to feel two pussy's at the same time.

"Well, it seems like those three really got into the mood." Misty said as she took a quick look at her other friends on the side of the bed beside her having sex at the same time that she was with Ashley.

"How do you like being a lesbian Ashley?" Dawn asked as she knew Ashley wouldn't like the question.

"I'm not a lesbian!" Ashley quickly replied.

"Well you've only had sex with Misty so far and she's a girl, so that makes you a lesbian." Dawn replied coaxing her on.

"I'm fine with doing it with Misty." Ashley replied as Misty continued to pound her pussy as she talked.

"You don't know what you're missing Ashley. Okay, Brock I think its time you put that inside me so I can show Ashley here what having sex with a guy is really like." Dawn said as she grabbed Brock's hand and pulled it out of her pussy and then pulled him a bit so that he got the message that she meant business.

"Okay! Okay! Don't pull my arm off!" Brock said as he pulled his penis out of May's pussy and moved over slightly to get behind Dawn.

Brock reached down and grabbed his penis and guided it to Dawn's pussy. He pushed the head of his penis against her wet slit and penetrated her labia and began to enter her vagina. Dawn braced herself as she grabbed onto the sheets of the bed as Brock continued to slowly push his penis into her body.

"Watch me Ashley! Watch as Brock fills me with his hot, big penis! Misty's strap on feels good, but its still a fake penis. Nothing feels as good as the real thing!" Dawn told Ashley as Brock already was halfway inside her.

Ashley couldn't help but watch as Dawn's pussy gripped onto his large penis very tightly. Brock pushed it in a bit further as he watched her pussy lips spread further outward to accommodate him. Brock loved the feel of being inside Dawn as she had a really small and tight pussy. Brock put his hands on her butt like he did with May and he slammed his penis forward some more as he buried it completely inside her vagina. 

Brock felt Dawn's whole body tighten up as he began thrusting. Each thrust, Brock was grunting a bit as she tried hard to push his big penis in and out of Dawn's tight pussy but he found her to be a lot tighter than normal. She was very horny today and Brock liked having this different feeling when doing Dawn.

Ashley lay there on the bed while Misty continued banging her pussy and she watched her friends Brock and Dawn go at it. The two of them were really getting into in now as they were both moaning and grunting as their bodies looked like they were filled with pleasure. Watching them just made Ashley even more aroused as she now felt a little left out that Brock, the only guy in the room, was having sex with her other girlfriends.

Misty could tells that Ashley was a bit turned on by Dawn's advances and she quickened her thrusting pace to match the rhythm of Dawn and Brock. That quickly caught the attention of Ashley who looked back at Misty. 

"I'm not going to let Dawn sway your attention. You're mine!" Misty said as she decided it was time for a different position.

Misty and Ashley had been going at it in the missionary position the entire time and now that Ashley's attention had been drifting a bit, Misty wanted to make sure that she had her full attention. She pulled the strap-on out of Ashley's pussy and Ashley was surprised by the empty feeling it left her with.

"Oh wait! Put it back in Misty. Please! I feel so empty without it inside!" Ashley said as she wasn't prepared for the empty feeling it left her.

"Don't worry. I just want to change positions now. Let me try getting behind you this time. Just lay there on your side, that way you can still watch Dawn and Brock to get you even more turned on than you already are." Misty said as she knew that empty feeling Ashley had as she felt it every time she and Ash had stopped having sex.

"Okay just hurry. I need it back inside me!" Ashley said as she couldn't believe that she was begging for it now as only a few minutes ago she was a bit hesitant about having sex at all.

Misty lay down beside Ashley on the bed and grabbed the strap-on with one hand. Misty pulled herself towards Ashley and aimed the strap-on at her vagina opening. Misty positioned herself so that she was between Ashley's legs and then pushed her strap-on into her wet pussy. Ashley loved the feeling of Misty's strap-on sliding into her again as the emptiness that had previously been there was gone and was now replaced with a wonderful feeling. 

"Ahh! That feels so good." Ashley said as it was a relief to be having sex again.

"Feels good doesn't it?" Misty said as she knew the feeling Ashley was having.

"It sure does." Ashley replied as she was enjoying herself now.

Misty began to thrust as her rhythm increased from behind. She kissed Ashley's neck as her hands moved around Ashley's body and began handling her tits as she continued pumping in and out. Soon afterwards, Ashley began pushing her butt back against Misty as the two were enjoying the action. 

"I love watching you two! It's so hot! Give it to me faster Brock, I cannot stand this! Do it harder!" Dawn said as she was really turned on.

"So you like watching Misty and Ashley huh? What is it about Ashley that turns you on?" May teased Dawn as 

"Everything! She looks so sexy with her feminine eyes, her blonde hair, her sexy body... Yet I can still tell that it's Ash inside that body..." Dawn said as she was now going wild as Brock had increased his thrusts to long hard strokes that filled Dawn's pussy.

"I'll bet you like her big tits. They are pretty big. Looks like Misty likes them too. Look how much she is playing with them." May teased Dawn as they watched Misty and Ashley.

"Huh? You like my tits?" Ashley said as she was a bit surprised that Dawn had said that.

"Yeah, I do. I do like your tits. I wish mine were like yours." Dawn said as she was still a bit jealous by the size of Ashley's breasts.

"You like that, eh? You like watching our friends have sex while you have sex me at the same time don't you?" Brock said as he was getting into the teasing of Dawn now since she had been teasing her friends it was only fair.

"Oh, yes!" Dawn said as she thrust her hips against Brock to take his penis into her deep.

Dawn had a great view of Ashley's body lying face forward in front of her as her tits were cupped and squeezed by Misty's hands as she banged Ashley. Sweat was dripping from Ashley's chest now and was dripping down to her nipples.

"Faster Brock! Make Dawn cum!" May said as she wanted to have a turn again with Brock.

"Ah! It feels so good! Ram it all the way inside me Brock! Let me have all of that shaft!" Dawn said as she knew she was building to a climax fast now.

Brock pushed forward until his balls were pressing against Dawn's pussy lips and the shaft of his penis had somehow managed to get all inside Dawn. Her vagina had stretched enough to accommodate his large penis. 

"This is the most I've ever been turn on in my life! I'm going crazy! I'm about to cum!" Dawn said as the feeling of Brock's entire large penis inside her drove her over the edge.

Dawn began screaming, moaning and thrashed her body around as Brock quickly gripped her waist tight to keep her from falling off the side of the bed as she climaxed.

"That was so good!" Dawn said as she finally was returning to her senses and slowly fell to the floor beside the bed as Brock's penis popped out of her pussy when she did so.

"Come here Brock. My pussy is more than ready for some more action." May said as she wanted him inside her again as Dawn had had a longer turn than she had.

Brock did as May asked and grabbed her hips with his hands to hold her steady as he pushed the first two inches of his penis into her pussy once again. Brock watched May's pussy as it stretched around his penis and it slowly disappear into her vagina.

May felt his penis penetrate her again but it felt thicker than before. Brock began teasing her again as he pulled his penis out of her slowly and then rubbed the head against her slit. He did that for a few seconds and then pushed it back inside her reaching deeper with every thrust. May was so excited and the amazing feelings from her pussy were spreading throughout her whole body.

"Yes, that's it Brock! Do it harder!" May said as Brock's thrusts were beginning to move the bed a bit which caused Misty and Ashley to see what was going on.

"Hey you two! You're rocking the bed with all that hard thrusting over there!" Misty said as she was a bit annoyed because it was making it harder for her to thrust into Ashley's pussy when she had to compensate for the bed moving around.

"Oh sorry Misty. I didn't know that it was causing you trouble." Brock responded as he stopped thrusting.

"Why don't you two go on the other bed over there?" Misty said as she offer a suggestion to them that almost seemed like a demand to May.

"But I want to watch Ashley too while I have sex! It makes me so horny watching you two! Across the room is too far away to watch." May protested as she didn't really want to move.

"Alright then, why don't you move that chair over beside the bed, that way you two can have sex on the chair and watch us at the same time. That way the bed won't feel as crazy with two different motions going on at the same time." Misty suggested as Brock thought that was a great idea plus they would get to do a different position instead.

"Okay, let's do as Misty says May. Here I'll move the chair over so we can watch and have our own fun at the same time." Brock said as he pulled his penis out of her pussy and then grabbed the winged arm chair from the corner of the room and moved it right in front of the bed where Misty and Ashley had started going at it again.

"Alright... Why don't you sit in the chair and I'll sit on you in reverse so we both can watch at the same time." May suggested as she figured that would be the best position to get a good view with doing it with Brock at the same time.

"Okay." Brock said as he said down on the chair and spread his legs wide as his erect penis stood out at attention waiting for May to sit on it.

May straddled Brock on the chair as she grabbed his penis with her hand and lined it up with the opening to her vagina. She began to lower herself downwards as the lips of her pussy parted slowly to accommodate the head of his penis. Slowly she lowered herself as more of his penis penetrated her. 

Her pussy almost sucked Brock's penis intro her as she lowered herself completely down onto him so that her butt was now resting on his lap. Brock got a good view of his penis pushed all the way inside her vagina from behind. Brock began to thrust his hips upward as he held the side of May waist to balance her. May enjoyed this position as she got to watch Misty and Ashley who were still on the bed in the same position as before. Brock held on to May's tiny waist as he began helping her bounce up and down on him by lifting her up a bit with each upthrust. He lifted her up the length of his penis until is was almost completely out of her and then immediately pulled her back down onto him. 

May was pretty light and Brock has some pretty big muscles so this position was quite easy for the two of them. May cupped both of her breasts with her hands and began playing with her tits as she bounced up and down on Brock's hard penis. Her attention was focused on Misty and Ashley though as she watched Misty's strap-on thrust into Ashley's pussy and then out a bit and then back in. With Brock's penis in her pussy at the same time, May had a sense of what Ashley was feeling.

"Let's switch positions now Ashley. I want you to do as many different ones as possible tonight." Misty said as she pulled the strap-on out of Ashley once again.

"Okay. Which position should we do next?" Ashley said as she was more than willing to try other positions now.

"Dawn and May both seemed to like getting it from behind earlier, so how about we do doggy next?" Misty suggested.

"That sounds good. Let me get into position then." Ashley said as she got onto all fours and raised her ass a bit like she had seen the girls do many times when getting into this position.

Misty got onto her knees behind Ashley as her strap-on penis dangled around in front of her as she got into position. She could see that Ashley's pussy was quite wet and loose from the last few positions they had been in and it looked very inviting. Misty grabbed the strap-on with her hand, wishing that it was in fact a real penis so she could feel all the sensations and guided it into Ashley's pussy from behind in the doggy position.

"This time I'm going to cum inside your pussy and fill it full of squirt after squirt of hot cum until you go crazy from your orgasm." Misty said as she pushed the strap-on into Ashley's pussy hard and began thrusting.

"Oh yeah! Faster Misty!" Ashley said as she loved feeling it pound her pussy from behind this time.

"You're starting to become a horny little girl aren't you? You sure seem to be liking this strap-on now compared to earlier. You like it huh?" Misty said as she started getting a good rhythm going.

"Uh huh." was all Ashley responded as she was enjoying the new position.

Misty spread Ashley's butt cheeks so she could get a better view of her strap-on penetrating each time she thrusted into her Misty continued to thrust in and out getting faster and faster with each stroke as waves of pleasure were almost overcoming Ashley now.

Dawn wanted to get back into the action now as she had been watching May and Brock go at it on the chair and now Misty and Ashley in doggy position on the bed. Dawn got on the bed and moved around in front of Ashley and spread her legs spread out right in front of Ashley's face so she got a good view of her pussy. Dawn began to play with her pussy as Misty was a bit curious as to what Dawn was planning to do. 

"I'm starting to get so horny again. The first orgasm was amazing and I think watching you two is making me just as horny again." Dawn said as she watched Ashley's breasts sway.

"Why don't you let Ashley help you cum again by letting her lick your pussy, that is what you want isn't it?" Misty said as she rammed Ashley harder now.

"Oh yes please! Ashley, push your tongue inside me. Push your tongue in me as deep as you can. Lick me till I cum." Dawn said as Ashley could tell she was really turned on again.

"Alright. I'm going to lick your pussy now. I am going to lick and suck you until you cum so hard that you will be too tired to do any more." Ashley said as she lowered her elbows down so that her head could reach in between Dawn's legs so she could lick her pussy. 

"Oh yes! Lick it hard! Stick it in me. Make me cum please!" Dawn replied as she was squirming around as she felt Ashley's breath near her clit and pussy.

Ashley kissed around Dawn's pussy as she looked at how swollen and wet Dawn's pussy was.

"You want me to lick your little tight pussy huh?" Ashley said as she teased Dawn a bit now.

"Yes! I want you to do it so much! Please just lick my pussy!" Dawn said pleading to get some attention now.

"Alright! You really are dirty little lesbian Dawn!" Ashley said as she realized that she was just as much a lesbian as Dawn was by having sex with Misty while beginning to lick Dawn's pussy.

Ashley stuck her tongue right between the folds of Dawn's labia and began to eat her friend's pussy. Dawn's fantasy was being fulfilled as the pleasure from Ashley licking her pussy pulsated her as Ashley explored her pussy for the first time as a girl.

May was surprised that Ashley, Misty and Dawn could all fit on the bed together but since they were all very close and having sex, the amount of room required was definitely smaller than normal. Her friends all looked like they were enjoying themselves and May herself was also enjoying the feeling of Brock inside her.

Ashley licked Dawn's labia with her tongue and moved upwards along the spread open slit as Ashley moaned a bit herself as Misty's thrusts hadn't ceased the entire time she had started licking Dawn. 

"Oh! Oh! Oh yeah!" Dawn and Ashley both said in almost unison as Ashley began licking faster to match Misty's increased thrusting speed. 

Dawn placed her hands on Ashley's blonde head and pulled it tightly into her crotch area as her hips bucked a bit as Ashley put her tongue into her vagina in the process. Dawn realized that Ashley's tongue was a bit softer to the feel than Ash's tongue was as she felt the inside of her vagina being probed by a somewhat familiar tongue. Dawn was constantly comparing her memories of Ash licking her pussy to Ashley who was currently licking it and the motions and techniques were similar but it was hard to fathom that this was a girl doing it to her and not her boyfriend Ash even though it truly was him but just in a girls body.

Considering Ashley had was very shy and her anxiety level was almost over the top earlier in the night, Dawn was pleased that Ash had become comfortable being in a girls body and that he was willing to experience what it truly was like to be a girl. Ashley was certainly getting a lifetimes amount of experience so far this night as Misty continued to ram her strap-on into Ashley's pussy with an almost relentless pace now.

The thrusting caused Ashley to stop licking every once and awhile to catch her breath and to try to recover a bit so she didn't orgasm too quickly but Dawn was quick to push Ashley's head right back at her pussy so that she too would get her fair share of pleasure. Ashley continued licking the inside of Dawn's vagina and did a few thrusts with her tongue to simulate a penis penetrating and then moved her mouth right to Dawn's throbbing clit and licked it relentlessly so she could feel just as Ashley did with Misty ramming her. Ashley put Dawn's clit between her lips and sucked it hard and licked it with her tongue to give Dawn one of the best times of her life.

Ashley moved her hands up to Dawn's breasts and cupped them with her hands. She could tell that they were smaller than her own after comparing the feel of them but they looked amazing none the less. She played with Dawn's nipples as she continued licking her pussy as she tried to concentrate on pleasuring Dawn but Misty made sure that her attention would return to her by altering her strap-on thrusts.

Watching Ashley lick Dawn's pussy seemed to encourage Misty a bit as she increased the pace of her thrusts yet again as she pounded the huge strap-on penis in and out of Ashley's wet pussy. Misty had a firm grip around Ashley's waist now as her butt slammed against Misty's body with each thrust and the entire length of the strap-on went in and out of Ashley's pussy.

"It's so big! It's all inside me now!" Ashley said as she had to stop playing with Dawn completely now.

"I bet that feels so good, huh Ashley?" Dawn said as she realized why Ashley had stopped playing with her when she noticed how hard Misty was working on her pussy now.

"Uh huh..." was all that Ashley could mumble once again.

"Her pussy is gripping onto the strap-on more so she must be close to another orgasm." Misty said as she was going to press the cum button in a few moments to make sure Ashley's climax was a memorable one.

"Oh Misty... You're going to make me come..." Ashley said as she wasn't prepared for the feelings she was about to get.

Misty pulled Ashley towards her as tight as she could as her hips almost surrounded Ashley's butt and the head of the strap-on was now slightly penetrating Ashley's cervix. Ashley moaned with pleasure as her pussy was throbbing like crazy. Seconds later, Misty pressed the cum button on the strap-on as spurts of cum started gushing into Ashley's pussy.

"Ah! You're cumming deep inside my pussy!" Ashley said as she began to climax.

Ashley screamed as her climax filled her body and she dug her fingers into the sheets of the bed. Her pussy couldn't hold all the cum that was spurting out of the strap-on and it started to seep out of the sides of her vagina around the strap-on's shaft. Ashley couldn't believe how full her pussy felt with the large strap-on inside and now all the cum. Her eyes were completely shut and she just basked in the amazing feelings she was experiencing.

"Ah... Misty..." Ashley moaned as she gasped for air as she recovered from her powerful climax.

Misty could tell now that the strap-on had stopped spurting as the cum wasn't overflowing as fast as it was moments earlier but some was still slowly sliding out of her tight pussy.

"I bet that was amazing!" Dawn said as she lay there in front of Ashley as she had watched her climax.

Ashley could feel Misty's strap-on head just inside the entrance to her womb which was the furthest she had been penetrated. Her womb felt completely full of the cum from the strap-on. Misty slowly began to pull the strap-on out of Ashley's pussy as she knew that their was so much inside it that if she pulled out too fast all the cum would gush out too fast and wouldn't allow Ashley to feel all that cum inside her. 

Slowly the strap-on slid out until it the head finally poked out of Ashley's pussy. A few globs of cum quickly escaped Ashley's pussy and fell on the bed sheets as Misty moved away from her.

"Oh yes, I definitely want my pussy to look like that too! I need someone to cum inside me too!" Dawn said as she wanted to have so cum inside her like it was leaking out of her pussy like Ashley's.

"Ashley's going to need a few minutes to recover from her orgasm, so I'll do you now if you want Dawn?" Misty asked Dawn if she was willing or not.

"You don't have to ask. Come put that thing inside me right now!" Dawn said motioning for Misty to come have sex with her.

Brock and May had been watching all the events with their friends on the bed in front of them and were both more horny than ever. Brock reached up and pushed May's hands from her breasts squeezed both of her nipples. He knew May's breasts were very sensitive even though they were bigger than most girls her age. May turned her head around enough to kiss Brock as he slowed his thrusts a bit to kiss her and play with her breasts. 

May closed her eyes as she loved how good Brock was at kissing and feeling off her body. He was really becoming experienced and he especially knew exactly how to pleasure her. She didn't even have to tell him what to do anymore, he could just tell by her reactions and he would quickly adapt.

Brock continued kissing and playing with her breasts as he enjoyed the sounds of May moaning and enjoying herself too. She broke off the kiss with him and with her eyes still closed she began twitching and moving her head from side to side as Brock could tell she was building to an orgasm. Brock decided to help her reach that plateau. 

May spread her legs opened wider unintentionally as she felt Brock begin to thrust again as he penetrate her deeper this time. Brock's strong hips slammed against her lower body as he filled her vagina her over and over again with each thrust. May straightened her back and sat up tall in front of Brock now as she had been leaning against him. His thrusts were now becoming unforgiving as he wanted to make sure he made her climax.

May's vagina stretched tightly around Brock's large penis as he was once again trying to get his entire penis inside her but it had gotten a bit more erect and had already bottomed out against her cervix. May knew that the only way he was going to get it all in is if he pushed past her cervix a bit. With every downward stroke she felt Brock's penis head try to penetrate into her womb, knowing that one of the next downward thrusts might just do that. She remembered the multiple times he managed to penetrate her cervix because his penis was so big and how much it hurt but the pleasurable feelings seemed to mask the pain and she assumed the same thing would happen again when he penetrated it again.

Brock knew May was enjoying this just as much as he was as he could feel his erect penis slide smoothly in and out of her wet pussy. He felt the head of his penis keep hitting her cervix and each time her vagina twitched a bit around his penis when he did so.

"Just do it Brock! If you keep hitting my cervix every time like that, its going to hurt, so just push it past it now to make it loose." May said as she knew that she was going to be uncomfortable with Brock in this position now unless he could bottom out inside her.

"Okay, here goes!" Brock said has he thrusted his hips up as his penis head began to penetrate past May's cervix.

May could feel her cervix dilating as Brock pushed his way into her womb. It started to hurt May like it always had but it was the side effect to having such a large penis inside her. Brock was always good about going slow though so it didn't hurt as much. Slowly May could feel that she was getting closer to bottoming Brock's penis as his lap was getting closer to her body.

"Are you alright? I'm not hurting you am I?" Brock asked as May thought it was sweet that he was so concerned about her.

"I'm alright. Keep going till your all the way in." May said as she encouraged him to go deeper.

May was bracing herself by holding the arms of the chair as Brock's penis was now all the way inside her as the head of his penis was now in her womb. May was now getting used to the feeling of Brock penetrating her cervix as he had done it a few times now. Brock felt the smoothness of May's butt resting on his thighs as she was now lowered completely on to him. 

Brock slowly lifted May up a bit so that his penis head withdrew from her womb before he lowered her down onto him again at it went back in. Brock's knees were starting to feel a bit weak and he was glad he was sitting on the chair. He laid back a bit in the chair as he slowly thrusted in and out a bit so that the head of his penis didn't pop back out of May's cervix.

The head of Brock's penis was almost becoming numb from how tight it was inside May but he was still loving every second of being inside her. Brock continued his slow thrusts as he watched May for any reaction that would tell him that she was in discomfort. Brock could tell that May was getting more comfortable with how deep he was by the second so he began to increase the speed of his thrusts. May began to pant and moan softly again as he could tell she was enjoying it yet again. Brock felt the base of his shaft rest against May's outer pussy lips as he rested there for a few seconds before pulling back and increasing his thrusting speed yet again. May's vagina grasped his shaft tightly as it became harder for Brock to thrust.

"Oh! I'm almost there Brock! Go faster and I'll come for sure!" May instructed as she could feel her climax finally building.

May was almost near climaxing but Brock himself still wasn't completely ready to cum but he wanted to make sure May had a good orgasm nonetheless. May leaned back against Brock as he rubbed one breast with his left hand and began stimulating her clit with his right hand while thrusting a bit. He did this for almost a minute before May couldn't take it anymore.

"Ah! I'm cumming!" May said as Brock could feel her pussy starting to go crazy around his penis.

May was becoming completely lost in her orgasm as Brock pulled his penis out a bit as she climaxed but continued to play with her clit as she cummed. May's eyes were completely shut and her back was arched in front of Brock as her shoulder rested on his to balance her. Brock could tell she was enjoying the orgasm a lot just by the way she was reacting and moving around on him. He was glad to have pleased her so well.

May started to get her senses back after a minute or so and she realized that Brock hadn't climaxed with her and she could feel his penis starting to get less erect now in her pussy as he had stopped thrusting to let her enjoy her orgasm. She was a bit disappointed that she wasn't able to pleasure him full yet but she was also quite impressed with his stamina and strength to be able to hold off this long without cumming. He had already had sex with her once and then went and had sex with Dawn and now back to her and had managed to hold off.

"Oh Brock! You were so deep inside me! I wished you had of cummed inside me like Misty cummed inside of Ashley but it still felt amazing!" May said as she thanked Brock for giving her such a great orgasm.

"You seemed to really enjoy that one. I could tell that you were really enjoying yourself by the way you reacted." Brock said as May had turned her head to look at Brock.

"I sure did. Watching Ashley and Misty going at it while doing it with you was almost overwhelming. It was just so exciting and it felt so naughty that I just couldn't control myself any longer." May said as she smiled at him in a thankful way.

"It looks like Ashley is getting tired now. Misty and Dawn are going at it now." Brock said as he watched Misty start humping Dawn just like she had done with Ashley earlier.

"They are? That Misty..." May said as she turned to look at the bed again.

Brock's penis was now half the size it was a minute earlier and was barely inside May's pussy anymore. May finally climbed off him and decided to go over to the bed to get a closer look at Dawn and Misty having sex. 

Misty knew that it wasn't going to take much to get Dawn to orgasm again if her earlier sex with Brock was any indication. Dawn was really horny tonight and it didn't take much to get her going. Misty was also getting a bit tired herself as thrusting the entire time with Ashley had made her a bit weary so she wanted to make sure she pleasured Dawn quickly so she could rest.

Misty thrusting rhythm was getting faster and the two girls were both sweaty and panting heavy as Dawn felt her vagina starting to tense up a bit. Misty's strap-on was a similar size to Brock's penis but didn't feel exactly the same but it was still good enough to please Dawn. Dawn began raising her hips off the bed towards the strap-on penis that was penetrating her. Misty's thrusting got faster and harder until it was almost too much for the both of them. Dawn knew Misty wasn't going to be able to keep up a pace like that for very long but it didn't really matter because she was about to orgasm anyways and it would all be over between the two of them for the night.

Dawn really didn't care that Misty was actually getting rough with her in fact she actually liked the rough sex because it was a bit of a change. Dawn could sense her impending orgasm but she still continued her hip movements into the strap-on as she began to feel her body stiffen and begin to shake. Misty could tell that Dawn was about to cum again and was thankful that she would finally be able to rest for a bit. Misty pressed the cum button on the strap-on just like she had done earlier with Ashley and spurts of cum began to fill Dawn's pussy.

"I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna cum... Yes! I can feel the cum filling my pussy! I needed it so bad!" Dawn said as she began to climax after feeling the cum beginning to spurt.

Misty felt Dawn's pussy tightening around the strap-on as she stopped her thrusts. Misty waited for a few moments until she could tell that the cum had stopped spurting from the strap-on and they fell back on the bed and lay down to rest as she had overworked herself.

"Are you okay Misty?" May asked as she had been watching Misty and Dawn the whole time and was surprised when Misty fell on the bed so quickly after Dawn had climaxed.

Misty didn't respond immediately as she was so exhausted. She lay on the bed beside Ashley as she tried to regain some energy and strength but finally found enough energy to respond.

"Yeah I'm fine. I just need to rest for a while." Misty said as she was really exhausted. 

"I can see why! You were really going at it with Ashley there for a long time." May responded as she knew that her friends had just about had it for the evening.

For the next 10 minutes, everyone just lay and sat quietly as they all rested. Brock though was starting to get a bit anxious as his penis was still a bit erect. He hadn't quite got the full treatment yet that evening and he still had a bit of energy left. Having four naked and sexy girls in front of him didn't make matters any better either. He didn't want to take advantage of them since they all seemed tired already but he needed to be satisfied that evening as well.

Brock began stroking himself as he looked at his naked friends in front of him. He recalled the feelings of putting his penis in their pussy's as he stroked himself and starred at their sexy bodies. No one was really playing attention to him as he did this as they all had their eyes closed and were resting. Stroke after stroke, Brock's penis began to get erect again as he was beginning to enjoy himself even though it wasn't much of a replacement for a really pussy being wrapped around it. Brock started to moan a bit and stroke a bit faster which was making a bit of a slapping noise and that finally caught the attention of his female friends.

"Looks like Brock still needs some more fun tonight girls." May said as she was enjoying watching Brock wack himself off on the chair.

"Oh poor Brock! He's become so good at having sex and pleasuring us that we now are the ones that have neglected his needs." Dawn said as she turned around and faced Brock.

"I know how he feels..." Ashley said as she realized that the girls could be a bit selfish and overbearing sometimes.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Misty said as she was a bit taken back by Ashley tone of voice.

"Well its just that you girls sometimes forget that being a guy means that we have to do as you girls say and want otherwise we get suck having to deal with it ourselves like Brock is doing now." Ashley said as she tried to explain the males point of view to the girls.

"Last time I checked, you were a girl and not a guy, so why don't you go help him out then if your so in tune with how he's feeling." Dawn said as she didn't really like being accused of being a bit selfish.

"Yeah! I think you are on the right track there Dawn. I want to see you suck his penis Ashley and help him overcome his so called neglect!" Misty said as the thought of Ashley sucking Brock off turned her on again.

"Oh! So do I. I think watching Ashley suck off Brock would be so hot!" Dawn quickly replied as she too thought it would be sexy to watch.

"I do too! Maybe Brock will cum on her face?! Or maybe she will swallow his cum instead?!" May said as she speculated what would happen.

"Wait a second! Ash... erm Ashley is right. You girls have always been the one to dictate things lately. It's about time you girls pleasured us so we're satisfied too. We do our best to make sure you girls have a good time but have to do it on your terms. Love and friendship is about making compromises and sharing affection for each other. I think we need to spend a bit more time doing that instead of making fun of each other, even if it is friendly jibes." Brock said as stopped and tried to be the mature one after hearing all the girls starting to argue.

The girls all hung their heads in shame after they were told off by Brock. They realized that they were indeed in the wrong this time and they needed to be a bit more open to how the guys were feeling as well. 

"Uhm.. We're sorry Brock. We didn't realize that we were taking advantage of you like that. I guess its just because you've gotten so good at pleasuring us that we forget that we need to make sure we pleasure you as well." May said as she wanted to make sure they made it up to Brock.

"We'll make it up to you won't we girls!" Dawn said as she moved over to Brock and Misty and May both got the hint.

Before Brock could even reply to what the girls had said, Dawn had moved in between Brock's legs and was kneeling on the floor in front of him. She pushed his hands away which were still slightly cupping the shaft his erect penis and put the head of it into her mouth. She began to slowly and lovingly suck it as she took his advice to heart that the girls needed to be a bit more in tune with his feelings. Dawn's soft lips wrapped tightly around the head as she slowly pushed her mouth down his shaft as her tongue licked the base of his penis as it entered her mouth. Brock was in awe as it felt amazing and was a lot better than masturbating.

Following Dawn's lead, Misty took the strap-on off that she was wearing and walked over to the chair and sat on the right arm. She bent over and began kissing Brock on the lips.Misty wrapped her arms around his neck as she gently continued kissing his lips.

May didn't want to be left out and she quickly straddled Brock around the hips. His erect penis briefly touched her ass cheeks as she got into position but Dawn's blowjob pulled his shaft away from her body. Brock could no longer see Dawn sucking his penis and from his point of view its felt and looked as though his penis was inside May once again but he knew that wasn't possible as she was beginning to rub her pussy against the top of his crotch area.

Dawn continued sucking Brock's penis as May lowered her upper body and began to lightly kiss Brock's chest and lower neck. Misty continued kissing Brock on the lips and his eyes wondered all over the place as he tried to watch what all three girls were doing to him. Misty continued to kiss Brock until she sensed that Ashley was all by herself on the bed still.

Misty broke the kiss off with Brock so she could turn her head to see what Ashley was doing. She was just laying on the bed watching the other three girls work on Brock. She seemed quite intrigued with what they were doing but looked as though she had no intention of doing anything else except watch them.

"Ashley, why don't you come over here and give us a hand pleasuring Brock." Misty insisted as she wanted to make sure Ashley knew she meant business.

"Uh, I don't know if I'm too comfortable with that. Besides, you guys seem to be doing a fine job as it is. You don't need me." Ashley said as she tried to get out of having to do something she definitely wasn't comfortable with.

"Nonsense! Come over here and help Dawn with Brock's penis. I'm sure he'd love to feel your delicate tongue on his penis." Misty said as she once again tried to instill to Ashley that this was a command and not a choice.

"But Brock's a real guy..." Ashley said hesitantly as the thought of pleasuring Brock was a bit repulsive to Ash.

"And right now you're a girl. So hurry on over and Dawn can show you how to please Brock." Misty said as she pointed to the floor where Dawn was too busy suck Brock to realize exactly what was going on.

Ashley almost thought Misty's eyes were going to shoot laser beams at her if she didn't do as Misty said so she got off the bed slowly and crawled over to Dawn.

"Spread your legs a bit wider Brock so Ashley can get between them with Dawn." Misty said as Brock couldn't see what was going on as May was still blocking his view.

"Oh hi there Ashley, I guess you want a turn now too huh?" Dawn said as she realized that Ashley was now right beside her on the floor as she was sort of listening to what was going on.

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