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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 5 - Friends Forever

The next morning, Ash and Delia both got up about the same time around 8am. They greeted each other in the hallway and went downstairs to have breakfast.

Misty was still sleeping which Ash found unusual as she was usually the first one to get up when he was traveling with her. Little did he know she was up a lot of the night thinking about what had happened the day before.

Delia told Ash to be quiet and they would go into the kitchen to start cooking breakfast. They both tiptoed by Misty and entered the kitchen. Delia started cooking breakfast while Ash set the table.

A few minutes went by and the smell from the cooking began to spread throughout the kitchen and into the family room. It didn't take too long for Misty to wake up after smelling the amazing cooking that Delia was preparing in the kitchen.

Misty got up and was greeted by Ash and Delia in the kitchen. They ate breakfast and Ash and Misty decided that they would go do some Pokemon training and would be back later in the day. They packed a lunch and went out.

Ash and Misty didn't say too much during the day but managed to get some good training in.

It was almost dinner time so they both went back to the Ketchum residence. Delia was busy cooking dinner when they arrived.

Ash said he was going to go have a shower before dinner and went up to do so. Misty joined Delia in the kitchen to help her with the dinner.

"So how was your day Misty?" Delia inquired.

"It was alright. I'm a bit tired though. I think I'll have to get to bed early tonight if we're planning to go again tomorrow." Misty explain as they both heard the shower upstairs turn on.

Delia thought that this would be a good time to discuss their conversation from yesterday while Ash was in the shower getting cleaned up for dinner.

"So have you thought about our little talk yesterday?" Delia asked as she continued working on her dinner. Misty hesitated a few seconds as she knew that this question was going to arise but she really didn't have a definite answer. Misty was still somewhat confused and really didn't know what she should do. Finally Misty answered.

"I don't know Mrs. Ketchum. This whole situation is odd and confusing to me. I really don't know what to think or do." Misty explained to her.

"I know how you feel Misty. I know you're confused and it is a new situation and a new experience for you, but I am here to help. I can teach you the things you need to know and I can guarantee that you will enjoy it." Delia tried to convince Misty as she put her hands on her shoulders and looked into Misty's eyes.

"Since you don't have any parents, I have always considered you a daughter and want to look after your well being." Delia told her. Misty had never realized that Mrs. Ketchum thought that way about her. It made her feel like she belonged and also made her quite happy. Misty's sisters rarely paid any attention to her, but here was someone that truly cared about her.

"Why.. thank you Mrs. Ketchum. You don't know how much that means to me." Misty said as her eyes began to tear up a bit. Delia gave Misty a hug and wiped the tears out of her eyes.

"I want you to know that I love you Misty and I want what's best for you. Just like Ash, you're starting to get older now too. I think these lessons will be good for you just like they have helped Ash out. So what do you say? Are you willing to let me teach you?" Delia continued to explain as they hugged.

Misty felt comforted now that Delia had talked to her again. She felt as though Delia was being sincere and wanted what was best for her but she still couldn't get the image of her having sex with Ash. Perhaps in time she'd come to terms with that and hopefully Mrs. Ketchum would be able to further explain what was going on.

"Well I am still somewhat confused exactly as to what went on with you and Ash, but will you be able to explain a bit better if I agree to these lessons?" Misty asked.

"Oh for sure honey, I will explain everything. I want you to learn and understand, have fun and to grow into a great woman." Delia told her as they both heard the shower stop.

"Tonight after dinner I am going to have another lesson with Ash. If you would like to join in for the lesson, I am sure I could convince him to let you join in." Delia quickly told Misty. Misty thought about it for a second or so and then agreed.

"I will leave my bedroom door open a bit, so feel free to come in at anytime tonight." Delia finished saying as Ash marched down the stairs.

The three of them laughed throughout dinner. Ash was still unaware about Misty and the arrangement his mom had made. It was getting late and they all decided it was ready to go to bed but the night was still young.

"I'm going to bed!" Delia said as she stretched.

Delia bent down and kissed Ash on the cheek. She wispered in his ear to come into her room after Misty had gone to sleep. 

"Night, mom." Ash said as she walked up the steps.

"What did she say?" Mist asked.

"Nothing." Ash said, trying not to expose himself.

"Did you...? Never mind." Misty said and turned and started to make her bed.

Ash quickly went to the bathroom and washed up as best as he could. He returned to his room and waited for Misty to go to sleep. He could still see the light on downstairs where Misty was going to sleep. A few minutes past and the light went out. Ash waited to make sure Misty was sleeping. He went to his mothers room where she was waiting for him on the bed. 

Delia was lying down on her bed. She still had her clothes on from the day and she hadn't bother changing.

"Come lie down beside me Ash and we'll talk for awhile. Leave the door open a bit as it's hot in here though." Delia said as she motioned of him to come beside her.

The two relaxed for a while. There was no need to rush it and jump all over each other right away. It was just Ash and his mom there, and they could take all the time we wanted.

"So, when is Misty asleep?" she asked.

"Yeah." Ash told her.

"She's looking real cute these days, isn't she?" Delia said Ash smiled to himself.

"Yeah, she is," I said.

"When you look at her, do you ever get turned on, you know, do you ever feel like fucking her, the way you fuck me? Does she ever give you a hardon, honey?" Delia boldly asked. Ash was a bit stunned by his mothers questions.

"I mean once you've done it with your mother, screwing your friend is no big deal compared to that, huh?" Delia continued.

Delia was really question Ash. He thought that she was just teasing, enjoying the image of her son as a horny fiend, keen to have scorching sex with his female kin.

"Are you asking me if I ever look at Misty and think about how fine she is, how much it fun it would be to have sex with her?" Ash questioned.

"That's exactly what I'm asking." Delia exclaimed.

"Well now that you mentioned it and that I am more aware about the opposite sex now, I guess do look at her like that sometimes now." Ash told her as there was no real way out of this situation for him.

"I figured!" Delia said, reaching over to kiss him, wrapping her arms around his neck, enjoying the frank confession. 

"Well I got you, and she does!" Ash's mom purred, nuzzling close. 

"And now I want you, baby, the way your friend probably would want you if you gave her half a chance." Delia said. Suddenly they were pawing each other like crazy, panting and groaning like two horny teenagers, not a mother and her son. They started to get loud and the noise started to travel down the stairs.

Misty knew what Mrs. Ketchum has planned for tonight and from the sounds from upstairs she believed that the excitement had started. Misty was a bit scared not knowing if she should really go on with this. She could now hear the two of them moaning upstairs and the memories from the other day started racing through her mind.

Misty was getting turned on, so she decided to do as Mrs. Ketchum had instructed. Misty got out of bed and put on her clothes. She went upstairs to the master bedroom where Mrs. Ketchum told her she would be with Ash.

Misty saw that the bedroom door was slightly open and she could see that the light was still on in the room. Misty quietly walked up to the door and peaked inside to see if Delia and Ash were there. As Misty expected, Mrs. Ketchum and Ash were in the bedroom on her bed. They were both lying on the bed, hugging and rubbing their hands over each of their bodies. 

Ash started to take off his mom's top by unbuttoning her vest. Once it was unbuttoned, Delia sat up an quickly threw it on the floor. He then put his hands down the front of her blouse to where it met her skirt and began to untuck it all around her waist. Misty couldn't believe what she was watching. Her friend was undressing his mom yet she found it somewhat exciting watching him do it.

Ash put his hands behind Delia's back and began to undo her skirt. The skirt became loose about her waist but didn't move too far as the bed was still holding it in place somewhat. Delia moved to the side of the bed and then stood up. Her skirt fell to the floor revealing her black stockings, garter belt and black lace panties. Misty could see that Ash was starring at his mom looking over her legs and butt which were covered by her stocking and underwear. Delia then turned towards Ash and took off her blouse revealing her two large breasts covered by a sexy black lace bra.

Delia lay back down on the bed beside Ash as he eyed her body from top to bottom. Ash lay down beside her and they cuddled and hugged for a bit. Finally Delia decided it was time to tell Ash the plans she had for him and what was going on with Misty. 

"Ash the other day when we were on the couch, Misty saw what we were doing through the window. I caught her watching us and had a talk with her while you were in the shower." Delia explained to her as Ash suddenly felt his whole body sink. He didn't know what to think as Misty had been his friend for many years. It took a second for Ash to comprehend what his mom had told him but he finally managed to reply.

"What did she say?" Ash questioned in an upset voice.

"At first she was very upset but I explained the situation to her fully and told her that I would also like her to have these lessons as well. How would you like it if Misty joined in on the 'lessons' as well?" Delia cautiously asked Ash as she massaged his shoulders. Once again it took a second or so for Ash to understand what his mom was saying. She had talked to his friend to comfort her and then invited her to have the same lessons that his mom was giving him. Ash's mind raced wondering what exactly his mom had in mind. Ash didn't answer his mom's question so she asked it again.

"Ash, I think this would be good for Misty as well as she doesn't have any real parents. She needs to learn these things just like you do and I'de like to help her out too. So what you you say, do you agree?" Delia continued to explain to her son. 

While she was telling Ash this Delia peered toward the doorway and she could see Misty trying to hide herself behind the door. Delia was glad the Misty had done as she asked and seemed somewhat interested in the current situation. Misty saw Delia looking at her and she backed away from the door a bit. Delia gave her a loving wink and Misty in turn gave her a small smile.

Ash saw his mom wink towards the door and he turn to see what she was looking at. He couldn't see exactly what she was looking at but after a couple seconds of looking he could see the outline shadow of Misty in the doorway. He couldn't believe that she had been there at the door watching them this whole time. At first Ash was a bit angry but that quickly change to an erotic feeling. The fact that Misty liked watching the earlier events fascinated Ash. 

By this time Delia could tell that Ash had spotted Misty in the doorway and by the look on his face he didn't look like he minded the fact that his friend had watched. Delia smiled and motioned to Misty at the door to come in the room.

"Misty, It's alright. I've talked to Ash about the whole situation and I think he has agreed to my proposition. Haven't you Ash?" Delia said out loud so Misty could hear.

"Uh, yeah." Ash finally replied.

Misty hesitated a bit but finally got the courage and pushed the door and entered the bedroom. Delia continued to motion Misty towards the bed and Misty slowly walked towards them. Misty got up onto the bed and kneeled on the end of the bed. Misty now had a better look at Delia who was in her underwear. Misty thought she looked really sexy in them and was focus was drawn to her large breasts which she could now see better up close. 

Misty had often looked at her breasts in the mirror and in the shower but they didn't compare to the size of Delia's breasts. Misty was a bit jealous of her but realized that Delia was a grown woman and she still had some growing to do. Delia who was glad to see Misty had finally joined them finally decided it was time that she explained what she had in mind for the three of them for her lessons.

"I am glad that you decided to join us Misty. I'm sure that you won't regret it. I'm going to make sure that the two of you learn everything that you need to know. Ash has a bit of a head start on you Misty, but it won't take too long for you to catch up." Delia told the two of them as Misty and Ash were now starring at each other.

"Since the two of us are in our underwear Misty, why don't you get a bit more comfortable by taking off your pants there." Delia asked her. Misty didn't seem to like the idea of taking off her pants in front of the two of them. Delia could see that Misty was a bit hesitant.

"Misty, the first lesson for you is to be more comfortable with your body, be comfortable with other people touching your body and also be comfortable touching other peoples bodies." Delia said as she motioned to Misty to take off her pants.

Misty hesitantly got up off the bed and began to take off her pants in front of Delia and Ash. Both Delia and Ash watched Misty begin to take them off. Misty began to blush as she finally undid the front button and let her pants fall to the ground exposing her white sheer panties. Misty got up on the bed, kneeled and closed her legs tight so that they couldn't see too much of her.

"Misty you have a nice figure, there is no need to hide it from us." Delia complemented Misty. Misty gave a brief smile acknowledging the complement.

"I feel kind of strange undressing in front of other people." Misty said.

"There is nothing to be afraid of Misty. I'm here to make you feel more comfortable." Delia said as she went over and gave Misty a big hug. Delia could feel Misty become more relaxed during the duration of the hug.

"See, that's not too bad isn't. Hugging feels good. It makes you feel loved and cared for." Delia said as she continued to hug Misty. Finally Misty decided to hug her back and the two embraced while Ash watched them. He smiled at Misty who returned the smile back. He could see that she was becoming more relaxed now. They finally broke the hug.

"So the next thing is I want the two of you to hug." Delia said as she motioned with her hands for the two of them to do so. They both hesitated for a second but finally moved close to each other and embraced each other. The two of them had been friends for many years and in all that time had never hugged. They were always fighting or arguing and never really got around to giving each other a hug. The two of them continued hugging, both of them remembering all the experiences they both had had throughout their journey's together. Delia finally came over and also embraced the two and they all hugged for a few minutes.

They all seemed a lot more relaxed now. Misty wasn't tense anymore and was smiling. Delia thought it was time to continue on with the lesson.

"Misty for the next part of this lesson, I want you to allow Ash to feel and touch your body and in turn you do the same with his body. Ash, how about you go first and show Misty how it's done." Delia explained.

Ash did as he was instructed and moved towards Misty again. Ash could smell the soft sweetness of Misty's body and he moved his hands upto the mounds of her breasts. He began to massage them through her shirt. He was trembling with anxiety and sexual arousal and he then reached down to Misty's hips. He could feel the beautiful rounded shape of her butt under the thin material of her panties.

Ash slid both hands around behind and felt the roundness of her butt. He was beside himself with desire. He had never felt Misty's ass before and it felt so much better than he had ever thought. Ash was sweating with anxiety. His penis sprung up and was making a huge bulge in his underpants. He couldn't keep his hands still. They moved up and down Misty's gorgeous legs, from hip to knee and back again.

Misty couldn't believe someone other than herself was touching her body. It felt good as Ash rubbed his hands up and down her body. After a couple minutes of feeling her body, Delia motioned Misty to do the same to Ash.

Misty reached down and brushed her hand across the bulge in his pants. She thought, "It's so hard...and so big." This was a first for her. She had never touched a man's penis before, with or without clothes covering it. She brushed her hand over it again and felt it spring back behind her hand. She bent down and kissed Ash on top of his head. 

"Do you like the feel of that? Do you like the feel of my legs and ass?" she asked, giving her hips a little wiggle.

"It feels awesome. I want to feel more," he stammered. 

"Not so quick now, we are going to take this slow." Delia said. Delia was becoming extremely aroused now, and the more aroused she felt, the more scenarios were starting to unfold in her mind. 

"Come over here and feel my legs and ass, too. You need to take this slowly. The more experience you have, with different people, the better for your education," she said, with mock authority.

Delia moved closer to Ash and placed her hands on the sides of his face. She was already very aroused from watching Misty being touched, and she could feel the wetness of her pussy. 

Ash stopped feeling Misty and reached out and held the sides of his mothers thighs, just above the clips that were holding her stocking. He moved them up to her ass and then slid down to her stocking covered legs. His hands moved down and stopped when they reached the bare skin of her butt. Delia squirmed in the pure delight of the moment. She could feel her sex juices starting to trickle out of her pussy. The slight roughness of his hands felt so tantalizing. She could not help moving back and forth, pushing her chest into her son's face.

Ash slowly brought both hands around to the front of mom's hips, his fingers reaching up to the slight bulge above her pussy. He wanted to press them into her hot pussy, but he stopped. He was so nervous as Misty was sitting right beside them watching their every move. He moved his face from side to side against Delia's breast, and let his hands slide down the inside of her thighs. His mind was racing. His penis was aching with desire. He thought he was going to fill his shorts with cum, right there and then. 

"So, it's alright, then?" Delia asked, with a laugh in her voice. 

"You like the feel of a grown woman's body as well?" She pulled away and pushed her hand against the heat of her pussy. Ash tried to push his hard penis down between his legs, but it came right back up, lifting his underwear into a triangle. 

"Is that in need of some attention?" asked Delia, looking directly at the bulge in his pants. Misty also looked down at the bump in Ash's pants.

"It seems so," he stammered, and flushed again.

"Well, maybe it's time for your guys next lesson," said Delia. Delia reached down and took the bottom of his shirt between her fingers and pulled it over his head.

"Let's get rid of this, you won't be needing it right now." she said as she tossed Ash's shirt on the floor behind her and leaned forward again, her breasts brushing against his upper back. She slid both hands slowly down over the bare skin of his chest and abdomen to the top of his shorts, and back up along the side of his ribs, over his arms and back onto his shoulders.

Delia motioned Misty to come closer to them as well and put her hands on Ash as well. Ash was wet with perspiration and Misty's hands slid easily over his body. Her mind was racing. She had never felt a man's sweat before. She had never really felt a man's body before. The firmness of his muscles was tantalizing. She put her hand to her face and smelt the pungent odor of his sweat. She could feel a hot tingling, deep in her belly and her pussy was getting wet. She looked over at Delia, giving her a wink. Delia rested her hands on his knees and looked at the huge triangle of his shorts and put the palm of her right hand on top of his penis. 

Delia started slowly making circles with her hand, moving his penis round and round in small circles, gently pushing down against the stiffness. Delia took Misty's hands and put them on Ash's bludge. Together they moved their hands all over it. Misty could now feel the warmness coming from Ash's penis. She had never felt a man's penis before even though it was still covered by his underwear.

Ash moaned. "If you do that much more, I'm going to..."

"You're going to what...cum? Well, we can't have that, not just yet," asked Delia, in a slightly mocking tone. Delia took her and Misty's hands away.

"Would you like to feel Misty's breasts?" Delia asked, as she moved forward pushing Misty forward a bit. Misty was taken a bit off guard but accepted the proposition moments after Mrs. Ketchum had said the question.

"Um, I guess I would." Ash replied.

Delia moved closer to Misty. Misty was still fully clothed so Delia grabbed the bottom of her shirt and began to lift it up. Misty was initially hesitant but Delia forced the issue by continually trying to take the shirt off. Misty finally relented and raised her arms up so the shirt would come off. Misty still had her blue bra on but Ash and Delia could now see the small cleavage from her breasts. Misty's breasts weren't even close to the size of Delia's and Delia estimated that they were about 32B.

Misty blushed a bit knowing that both Ash and Delia were now starring at her. Ash tentatively reached out and touched the top of her left breast with the tips of his fingers. The touch of his fingers gave Misty an amazing feeling.

"It's ok, you can hold it," Misty said and gave her chest a wiggle.

Ash reached below the mound and cupped the firm roundness in his hand through her bra, lifting it slightly. 

"That's better sweetie, does it feel good?" Delia asked.

"It feels very nice," said Misty said as Ash lifted the breast higher, feeling its weight in his hand. He rubbed his thumb over the nipple which was still covered by her bra but he could still feel a response. He continued rubbing her breasts for a couple minutes. Misty liked someone other than herself feeling her body. It made her feel really good.

Delia was slowly massaging Ash's shoulders and chest while he was massaging Misty's breasts. Delia slid her hands down his belly until her fingertips started to disappear under the top of his underwear.

"And what have we down here?" Delia asked. Ash couldn't believe what his mother was doing.

Delia was now kneeling and was bent over her knees. Her breasts were dangling from her body. Delia fumbled the button on fly of his shorts open. She took the fly between her thumbs and fingers and pulled it slowly sideways. Ash stopped rubbing Misty's breasts and both Misty and Ash watched Delia fiddle with Ash's underwear. Delia moved the fly opening till it reached the bulge and she had to push the hard penis a bit for it to go through. Finally his penis found the opening in the front of his underwear. It sprung up and almost hit Delia in the face. 

Misty was amazed at Ash's now exposed penis. It was magnificent. Misty watched as Delia very gently placed a finger on one side and her thumb on the other, slowly moving them up and down the length of his shaft. Delia bent forward and placed her lips over the head and pushed the point of her tongue to the top of his penis. Both women felt his whole body tremble and Ash moaned a low, guttural sound from somewhere deep in his throat. Misty was kinda shocked that Delia had put her lips to his penis but Ash's reaction seemed to her as though he liked what she was doing.

"Misty, come kneel beside me here and I will show you and explain everything that you need to know about a man's penis." Delia told her. Misty curiously complied and kneeled down as she instructed.

Delia put her hands around the back of Ash and grabbed his underwear. she started to pull them off and Ash lifted himself up a bit so that they would come off. Delia pulled them down his legs and then dropped it on the floor. Ash was now lying naked in front of Misty and Delia his penis still semi erect.

Misty starred at Ash's penis which was now laying a bit on his stomach. She could now see the sack at the bottom which was covered by his underwear. 

"So Misty, what do you think of Ash's penis? Does it make you feel good looking at it?" Delia asked Misty as she bent her head down again towards Ash's penis.

"It looks different up close and full exposed and looking at it does make me feel a bit strange." Misty replied as she continued watching it.

"It's his body's natural response when you see a girl naked or it's been stimulated. His penis gets erect so that its easier for it to penetrate a girls pussy." Delia explained as she grabbed Ash's penis with her left hand and began to stroke it. She grabbed Misty with her other hand and pulled her down close to his penis so she could see what was going on.

"Guy's penis heads also gets bigger and harder so that it's able to spread a girls pussy lips apart so it can enter her pussy.. or a mouth." Delia said as she lowered her lips to the head of his penis and put it in her mouth.

Misty was shocked that Delia would put his penis in her mouth but continued to watch her do so. She closed her lips around it and slowly pushed his penis in her mouth little by little till almost half of it was in her mouth. She began to suck it and move his penis in and out of her mouth as she began jacking off his penis with her hand. 

Delia did this for a few minutes and Misty watch as Ash closed his eyes. He seemed to be really enjoying what his mom was doing. Every once and a while Misty could see Delia's cheeks buldge out while she was sucking on his penis. Every once and awhile the shaft of his penis would become exposed again and Misty could see that it was wet. Delia began to slow down a bit so Ash wouldn't cum. She let go of his penis and took it out of her mouth. Delia raised her head and away from Ash's pelvic region.

"Misty what I just did was called oral sex or a blow job. You can see he really enjoy it. It's one way a woman can pleasure a man without having sexual intercourse." she explained to him. Ash's body was still overflowing with the amazing feeling that he had just had with his mom.

"Now Misty, it's your turn to try what I just did. Go slowly though as you don't want him to cum while you do it, but just get him ready." Delia said as she motioned Misty to move her head and lips towards Ash's penis. Misty did as she was instructed and followed Delia's earlier example.

Misty looked up at Ash as she slowly moved her lips towards the head of his penis. Ash gave her an affirmate and sexy smile. Misty looked a bit hesitant once again.

"You can touch it, it's okay." Ash said to Misty. She slowly moved her hand up towards his penis and gently grabbed it.

"Just play with it. Explore it and see how it reacts when you touch it. Don't be afraid, you need to learn this, Misty. First, you have to make it all big and erect again." Delia then responded.

Misty grinned and slid her fingers up and down. Within several minutes, he had a raging hard on and she giggled while it throbbed under her fingers.

"Now put just the tip end in your mouth, like when you kiss. Now suck him." Delia whispered. 

Misty bent down further and put her lips around the enlarged head and gently sucked. Her mouth opened farther and with the help of her saliva, the head slid farther into her mouth. She nearly had the entire head inside and sucked more, feeling it throb and get even larger. Ash closed his eyes and felt her suction working on him. He felt her warm saliva run down the underside of his shaft and gently brushed the hair from her eyes, quietly telling her to suck a little harder. She took a deep breath through her nose and slid more of his shaft into her mouth.

Delia leaned against Ash's thigh and watched Misty suck more of his shaft into her mouth, letting her tongue work on the underside of his head. Ash put his hand on the top of Misty's head and held the top of her head while she slid her lips up and down his thick shaft. He felt her fingers wrapped around his balls and gently squeezed them as she sucked in more of his cock.

Misty used her tongue on the tip end head of his penis and felt the slit opening on the end of her tongue. She tasted the first few drops of clear liquid seep out. She pushed a little harder and the entire head was in her mouth. Her tongue slid down the sensitive underside of his head and caused him to gasp. She knew she was making him feel good and eased the head out until only the tip end was past her lips. She sucked and drew it back in, feeling it throb and enlarge more. A few more drops of clear liquid seeped out and she licked it with her tongue.

"Misty, you are doing this like a pro. You learn very quickly." Delia said but Misty was having too much fun sucking Ash's penis to comment. Delia got up off the bed and went over to the desk where a digital camera was laying. Delia picked it up and went back to the bed where Misty was still sucking Ash's penis.

"I am going to take a few pictures of you two so keep going, don't stop." Delia said. Misty continued sucking moved her eyes to see that Delia was turning on the camera and was about to take some pictures. Misty felt a bit embarrassed and turned a bit red. But that didn't matter too much to her anymore.

Delia zoomed in on Misty sucking on her son's penis. She was beginning to feel really hot but she wanted to have some pictures to remember this experience by. She took a few pictures on Misty sucking and then put the camera on the nightstand beside the bed.

Misty and Ash had both seen Delia take the pictures but it didn't seem to bother them. They were both focused on what they were doing. Misty didn't seem like she was going to stop sucking Ash anytime soon. She really enjoyed doing it. At first it seemed strange to her when she was watching Ash's mom do it but she could now see why it was so good. Ash could start to feel the tension in his penis build and he knew he couldn't last too much longer if Misty continued.

"Oh Misty.. you'de better stop now before I cum." Ash said and immediately Delia put her hands on Misty's shoulders and gradually pulled her back until Ash's penis left her mouth. Once again, Ash's penis was all wet and hot from the past few minutes of Misty sucking on it. A bit of pre cum was oozing out the head of his penis.

"How did you like giving your first blow job Misty?" Delia asked her.

"It was amazing and I could tell Ash really liked it. At first the whole thought of putting his penis in my mouth was a bit disgusting, but that changed quickly and I really enjoyed doing it." Misty said telling her experience to both Ash and Delia.

"Well now that we've seen Ash naked and pleasured him, I think it's only fair if we get naked and he returns the favor to us now." Delia said. Misty was taken back by her suggestion. No one had ever seen her naked. The most she had ever exposed to people was when she was wearing her bathing suit. The whole thought of being naked in front of others made Misty a bit shy. She turned her head away from Delia and Ash so they couldn't see that she was blushing. Delia could see that Misty was once again a bit hesitant but she needed to learn.

"Misty, there is nothing to be shy about getting naked. You should feel proud that people want to see you naked. I am sure Ash is dying to see you naked now, aren't you Ash?" Delia questioned.

"I sure am. You're such a cute girl Misty and since you've seen me naked its only fair that I see you naked." Ash instantly responded. Misty smiled a bit from the complement that Ash had just given her. 

Delia decided that it was time to force the issue so she moved behind Misty and started to undo her bra strap. She undid the clasp and moved her hands up Misty's back to her shoulders. Misty started rolling her head a bit and Ash started to focus on Misty's breasts waiting in anticipation for them to become exposed. Delia grabbed both shoulder rests and moved them to the side so they slid down Misty's arms. Misty grabbed the front cups of her bra and held the bra in place so that it wouldn't expose her breasts fully. Delia grabbed Misty's arms and moved them away. Misty's bra fell on the bed exposing her breasts in plain view for Ash.

Ash starred at Misty's now naked breasts. Her breasts weren't as big has his mom's and they looked about a third of the size. He thought they were the perfect shape and size for Misty though. These were the second pair of breasts that Ash has seen in his life but he was still amazed at how beautiful they were. Her nipples were a light pink and were slightly erect. 

"Ash, why don't you show Misty how well you suck tits? I am sure she will love it!" Delia said to Ash as she moved around Misty to get a better view.

"You betcha!" Ash replied as he quickly went towards Misty.

Delia watched Ash's hand slide over Misty's chest and slowly down to her breasts, cupping them and lightly squeezing them. Misty swung her hair out of the way and Delia moved her head towards Misty and kissed her passionately on the lips. Misty was completely unprepared for all the feelings she was currently having with Ash feeling her breasts and Delia kissing her.

Delia's hands slid down into Misty's panties and she began to squeeze her soft ass cheeks. They felt smooth to her touch and she continued rubbing her ass cheeks for a bit. Delia then stopped kissing Misty on her lips and began to kiss down her neck to her chest. After a couple minutes of feeling and rubbing Misty's breasts, Ash moved his lips towards Misty's left breasts and put her nipple in his mouth and began sucking. Delia's kissing finally made it down to Misty's left nipple and Delia began sucking the other nipple while Ash continued as well.

"Oh my god, your licking my nipples. It feels so good!" moaned Misty pushing her breasts towards their mouths and grabbing Delia's and Ash's heads with her hands.

Ash started licking around her areola, he stopped for a bit and licked her tit and proceeded to lick around it again. This made Misty go crazy and following his example, Delia did the same thing with Misty's other tit. After about two minutes of this, Ash suddenly sucked the whole nipple into his mouth with lightening speed that Misty screamed so loud that they thought the whole neighborhood must have heard her.

Delia stopped licking Misty's breasts and decided that it was time for another picture. She quickly went over to night stand and got the camera ready again. Knowing that his mom wasn't working on Misty's other breast, Ash cupped both of Misty's breasts again and he moved his licking to the other breast. Delia focused the camera and took a few pictures of Ash sucking Misty's tits. Misty was loving this feeling. She never thought something as simple as sucking her tits would produce such an amazing feeling. She loved how Ash's cupped and squeezed her breasts while he licked her tits. Misty arched her back a bit so that her breasts would protrude a bit further. Ash continued sucking on Misty's breasts while Delia put down the camera and came close to both Ash and Misty.

Delia was getting really horny from watching her son and Misty that she needed some attention herself. Delia had taken anti-pregnancy and lactating pills earlier in the day and she could feel her breasts were full of milk. She needed to release the tension on her breasts from being so full.

"Okay Ash, I think that's enough work on Misty. We don't want her to orgasm right away either. It's time you came and sucked my tits now." Delia said as she moved her back and chest so it make her breasts the focus of both Ash and Misty's attention.

Delia was still wearing her black lace bra and panties set with matching black stockings and garters. Ash could see that his mom's tits were now a bit wet and erect through the lace pattern. Her areolas on her tits were also clearly visible, almost like there was no fabric there. 

Delia grabbed Ash head with both of her hands and roughly pulled his face down into her chest. Ash face was buried in her tits, and she shook her chest back and forth while his nose burrowed into her cleavage. Ash put both hands on her sides, and nuzzled his cheeks into her tits. Delia nipples popped completely out of her bra, and Ash felt his chin grazing her hard nipples.

Misty laughed and giggled at their obscene behavior. Ash reached the top of Delia's bra cups and pulled them down under both her out of her breasts and let the bra prop up her large breasts a bit. It wasn't till now that Ash noticed the difference in tit and aerola color between Misty and his mom. Delia had larger aerola's than Misty and they were a pink-brown color. Ash leaned forward again and sucked on her nipples. 

"Oh, Ash, oh, honey!" panted Delia. "Ash, that's so good!" Delia squealed again.

Ash put mouth on his mom's left breast and grabbed both breasts with his hands. Ash sucked and caresses his mom's tits. He caresses all around his moms tits and he rolled her nipples between is finger and thumb.

Ash hardly noticed that his mom milk was coming out again like the last time he sucked them. He suckled gently, feeling and tasting Delia's sweet milk as it trickled into his mouth. Delia hand stroked his hair and face and she smiled down at him. The warm, wet suction on her breast created warmth that spread across her chest and down to her loins. Delia felt that electric connection to her clit. She wriggled her hips a bit and Ash lightly bit her nipple and suckled that much harder. Delia moaned and Misty started to rub her own breasts now that Ash was no longer paying attention to them.

In time Delia felt the breast becoming empty and she shifted Ash to the other side. She cupped her breast and squeezed it hard into Ash's mouth. He opened up to suck in as much tit as he could. The sweet wetness leaked out and soon covered his face. 

Finally taking a breath, Ash pulled back to see thin trickles of milk running down from her nipples. Delia took charge now. She pushed him back so that he was lying on the bed again. Her bra had now bunched up and was getting in the way, so she undid the bra clasp and let the bra fall on Ash's chest. She straddled his hips and leaned forward. Her huge right boob swung into Ash's face. He licked the milk that had dripped down and then clamped his mouth over her tit and suckled. Delia felt his mouth hungrily pulse and suck. His tongue encircled the nipple, causing it to stiffen and grow and causing a stab of sensation to travel from her tit to her clit and deep inside her. Delia crushed his head to her chest. Ash was in heaven. He felt the nipple he was suckling thicken and grow until he could wrap his lips around it and suck it hard. The milk filled his mouth. Delia moaned loudly again. 

Delia felt the intense tugging of Ash's lips and tongue and she could feel her own milk as it coursed from deep inside her bosom through her now-huge tit and into Ash's hungry mouth. When the milk flow slowed, Delia pulled the breast away from him. He had now sucked both breasts dry. She leaned down and kissed Ash on the mouth, tasting her milk.

Delia hadn't realized it, but she was grinding her crotch against his leg. Her pussy felt warm on his leg even through her panties. Suddenly, Delia gripped each of her massive tits from underneath and squeezed them tight, beyond the point of pain. She was cumming hard. Harder than she ever had. Ash moved his head and sucked hard on her tit as she thrashed about. His teeth bit at her tits. Delia felt a gush of wetness between her thighs. She screamed between clenched teeth and shuddered deeply gushing one last time.

Delia finally collapsed on top of Ash, her breasts flattening between their bodies. Delia's mouth instantly sought out Ash's and started kissing him again. She thrusted her tongue in his mouth and bit his lips so that he couldn't back off. Ash kissed her back, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close. It was the first time Ash had been in this position with his mom, and it felt so strange, amazing but strange, to have the weight of a woman on top of him with her breast pressed against his chest.

Ash's hands slid down to grab her ass cheeks and pull her down onto his throbbing erection. Ash wanted to come inside his mom right now, but he knew that this was a lesson for both him and Misty and he needed to follow his mothers instructions. Ash desperately wanted to see that look on his mom's face when she felt him cum filling her pussy. Delia breasts were leaking a bit on his chest from pressing against him so hard. 

Delia buried her face in Ash's neck for a few seconds before she moved her lips to his ear.

"So good! You make me feel so good!" she gasped.

Delia sat up and looked at Ash with a weak smile, her boobs glistening from our sweat and milk. She saw Ash and Misty watching her as she got up. As she regained her senses, Delia realized that she had cummed in front of Ash and Misty. Her panties were soaked, as was Ash's leg. Somehow Ash hadn't cum through all this. 

Delia realized that she needed to take off her panties now but Misty had just been watching for the last few minutes so she decided that Misty should take them off for her.

"Misty come over here and take off my panties for me please. I then want to teach you how people pleasure women just like I taught Ash." Delia said as Misty obeyed and moved towards Delia.

Misty's blue panties weren't as pretty as Delia's black lace ones but that didn't matter too much to her. She grabbed the straps and slowly pulled them down Delia's legs exposing her wet, shaven pussy to Misty and Ash. This was the first pussy other than her own that Misty had ever seen. She noticed that there was hair above it that had been trimmed nicely. Misty starred at Delia's pussy as Delia took her hands and spread her pussy lips apart.

"This part Misty is the labia and this area is a very sensitive part of a woman's genital area." she said pointing to her pussy lips.

"Take your fingers and lightly run them up and down on one side of my pussy." Delia told Misty and Delia shuddered when she did so. 

"Misty honey, you sure do know about pussy. Remember where you are touching as this where it feels good." Delia said. Ash began rubbing his penis as he watched Misty play with his mother's pussy.

"Now take your fore finger and your index finger on one hand and open them up just enough to slip down both sides of my pussy." Delia instructed.

"Like this?" Misty asked as she made a V shape with her two fingers on her right hand.

"Yes. Exactly like that, now lightly touch the labia, and rub them up and down from top to bottom of my pussy." Delia continued as Misty began to rub her fingers up and down Delia's pussy.

"Look closely as you pull my pussy lips apart. Here you will see the thin inner lips, that actually seals the opening to a woman's vagina. As we pull my pussy completely open, you will see that I've started lubricating really well, meaning that I'm ready to have a man's penis inserted into my pussy." Delia explained as Misty studied her pussy as she moved it around with her hand. After a few minutes of exploring her pussy, Misty began to feel a bit hot in her pussy area.

"Okay Misty, now that you've seen my pussy up close, its time that we all finally get naked. Go down on all fours and move your pussy toward my face and put your face in my pussy." Delia told her. Misty was a bit confused by her instructions but Delia guided her with her hands till she was in the right position.

Delia grabbed the sides of Misty's panties and began to pull them down her leg. When they reached the bottom, Misty moved her leg so that Delia could take her panties off completely.

Delia starred at Misty's bald pussy as it can into view while she pulled her panties down. Misty could feel the cold air from the room was now touching the skin of her pussy. Delia motioned to Ash to come behind Misty to look at her pussy. Ash stopped rubbing his penis and moved so he could see her pussy. Ash was amazed at how smooth and bald looking Misty's pussy was compared to his mothers. There was no hair on it anywhere and a bit of liquid was leaking out of it. 

Delia took her hands and spread Misty's pussy lips open. Ash could now see Misty's inner lips and her clit but couldn't see inside her pussy because there was skin blocking the entrance a little bit inside it. Ash took a closer look at it as his mom kept Misty's pussy lips spread. Misty was really turned on but a bit embarrassed by the fact the two of them were starring at her private place like that.

"Ash, do you see that skin just below the opening to her vagina? That's Misty's hymen. It normally breaks when a girl has sex for her first time." Delia explained to Ash as she pointed to it.

"I will now try to feel your hymen. It wont hurt. But you have to relax." Delia told Misty.

Misty was now squiring and enjoying herself but as the finger ran over her hymen, she tensed up and tightened herself.

"How does it feel?" Delia asked.

"It is tingling and bursting with some great feeling." Misty replied.

Delia knelt between Misty's legs and lowered her face to her pussy and stuck out her tongue to lick it. Delia licked Misty from the bottom to the top, right up the middle of my slit. Misty felt amazing.

Delia explored Misty's pussy with her tongue, licking along her lips and up and down her slit, parting her with it and giving Misty so much pleasure. As Delia licked up towards the top, she ran her tongue over Misty's clit and she shuddered in response. Delia noticed this and did it again, bringing a further shudder of pleasure.

"I can see that you liked that. How about you do the same thing to my pussy while I continue on your pussy?" Delia ask Misty.

"Uh, okay, but how are we going to do that?" Misty inquired.

"Here, let me show you. It's called 69 position." Delia told Misty as she got Misty to lie down on the bed.

Delia turned around and knelt down a bit so she could position her pussy so that it was easy for Misty to lick. Once Delia had got into this position Misty caught on to it. They put their heads down near the others pussy. They start to eat out each others pussies. Misty put her tongue up Delia's pussy and licked around the inside. Delia put her tongue on Misty's pussy and licked her clit abit before licking around her pussy lips. They continue to eat each others pussy for a long time as Ash watched in amazement. Delia made sure that she didn't pleasure Misty too much so that she would climax.

Ash knelt there watching both women lick each other. He could feel the sweat trickling down the center of his back, and down his chest. His heart pounded. His cock was rock hard. He took his penis in his hand and began stroking it as he watched them. He was imagining his cock deep inside those hot pussies. Delia saw that Ash was now stroking himself reached underneath her belly and cupped his balls in her hand.

"What else would you like to do with that beautiful big cock?" Delia asked.

Ash's mind was racing, his body on fire. He just wanted to shove his hot, throbbing cock, deep inside of those wet, juicy pussies. Misty and his mom both looked so hot and wet and just begging to be fucked. 

Ash couldn't speak. He moved closer to them and slid one hand down the crack of his moms each beautiful ass, with the middle fingers extended. Down over a tight little ass hole on each side, then into those gorgeous, wet cunts which Misty was still licking. He them pushed his other hand until the fingers were rubbing Misty's pussy lips as well. 

"I wanna put it in here, deep in here. I wanna put it in BOTH of you!" he said.

"In BOTH of us! Are you sure?" said Misty somewhat surprised by his answer as she stopped licking Delia's pussy.

"Yes, I wanna put my cock inside both of you. I wanna to have sex with you both." Ash stuttered.

"Well, we'll have to see what we can do about that then, but I'm not sure I'll do it right. I've never done it before." said Misty.

"Well Ash, how about we show Misty how it's done then Misty can try?" Delia ask. Misty and Ash both nodded in agreement.

Ash's penis was burning with desire. Delia moved off of Misty and lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide open for Ash to have easy access to her waiting pussy. He positioned himself in front of Delia and guided his cock to the opening of her slit with his hand. He rubbed his penis up and her pussy lips before pushing his penis inside her hot pussy.

Misty watched in amazement as Ash's penis began to enter his mother's pussy. Misty had been aware of sex for awhile, but nothing compared to watching it happen in real life.

"Yes! Put it inside babe, push it in." she cried. She pushed back onto him and the head of his cock slid an inch into her. He pushed forward, feeling the beautiful hot, wet, tightness of her pussy, sliding along his cock. It was unbelievable. Delia arched her back upwards as he slid the full length of himself inside her. The hot wetness was better than ever and the tightness of her hot pussy gripping the length of his shaft.

Ash felt his mother's juices sliming all over his cock, and there seemed to be a suction pulling him deeper inside. He started ramming in and out of her. Every thrust seemed to go deeper inside. His balls were slapping against her clit, making a wet, splashing sound. With each thrust, Delia pushed back against him, forcing him deeper and deeper.

"Oh, baby, that's so good. Harder, pump it into me." Delia cried.

He felt the tension rising in his loins, the pressure from deep inside his body was building and he knew he was going to cum very soon.

He was so absorbed in what he was feeling, he hadn't noticed Misty had moved from beside him. She was now standing behind him. Misty reached out her hand, pushing it between his legs. She briefly cupped his balls in the palm of her hand, then pushed further forward, grabbing the base of his cock between thumb and middle finger. She extended her index finger along the shaft of his cock and sunk it deeply into her Delia's pussy, with every stroke. Ash lifted his left leg a bit to give her more room.

This was the most awesome thing Ash had ever experienced. The combination of hot, sticky wetness and the tightness of Delia, combined with the pressure of Misty's fingers gripping the base of his cock. He knew he was about to cum. 

"I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum." he cried.

"Push in deep and stop moving baby. I want to feel you cum in me. I want to feel you filling me with cum." cried Delia.

He smashed into her once more, and Misty let go of his penis. Holding onto his mom's hips with all his strength, Ash pulled her into himself, then exploded. Pulse after pulse of hot sticky cum gushed from his penis. He thought it would never stop. He had never cum this much.

Delia could feel the hotness of his spurting fluid against her cervix. Gush after gush pushed past the end of his cock, into her hungry cunt. He was pressed so tightly into her, it almost hurt as he spurted each load against the back of her hot pussy. The feeling from Ash cumming inside her and knowing that Misty was watching them have sex gave Delia the most amazing climax. She closed her eyes and let the feeling overcome her whole body.

Ash fell onto of his mom and rested there for a few minutes as the last remaining bits of cum oozed out of his penis and into his mother's pussy. Finally Ash had recovered and pulled his penis out of his mother's pussy.

His cum was now running out of Delia's pussy. Delia took her hand and fingers and put them in her pussy while holding Ash's cock between her fingers, milking the last of his juice. Delia's masturbating made an awesome sloshing sound. The palm of her hand was sliding back and forth across his balls and he could feel the mixture of cum and hot pussy fluids all over them.

"I hope you've got more of that. It's not fair if your mom gets your cum and I don't. I want the same, you know." said Misty. 

"Give me a few more minutes to recover." Ash told her as Delia got up.

"So what did you think of watching us have sex? Did you see how it was done?" Delia asked Misty.

"Yes, I did. I feel really good all over and I want to try it myself now." Misty said. Delia could tell that Misty was really horny which would be good for her first time.

"How about I help guide you through it for your first time Misty?" Delia asked her.

Will Misty decide to have sex with Ash and loose her virginity?

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