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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 41 - Meeting a New Friend

Iris, Ash's good friend who he had traveled with in the Unova region was waving her hands at Ash who finally spotted her as she was now close enough to see who was yelling at him. He was surprised that he didn't notice her earlier as her large set of hair is hard to miss.

"Iris!" Ash said as she finally made it through the crowd of people to greet him.

"Hey Ash!" Iris said as she too was also surprised to see Ash.

"What are you doing here Iris? You're a long way from the Unova region." Ash said as he gave Iris a little welcoming hug that she returned.

"Oh I'm just here on vacation. I hear that Aopulco was a great resort and I decided that it would be a great place to relax for a while." Iris told Ash as she noticed that he had some of his other friends with him.

"Well I'm glad we got to meet up with you. You should have told me earlier that you were coming to the Kanto region." Ash continued as he was still a bit surprised to see her here.

"I was going to meet up with you at some point but I wanted to have a break here in Aopulco first though but since you're here as well, I guess that solves two things at once." Iris smiled as Ash's other friends were now waiting to be introduced.

"Ah I see. Well its good to see you again. Let me introduce you to my other friends. This is Brock, Misty, May, and Dawn." Ash said as Iris was a bit surprised that Ash had other close friends that were girls and was actually a bit jealous.

"Nice to meet you Iris." Misty said as she extended her hand to shake Iris's.

Iris was greeted by all of Ash's friends and they quickly got to know each other. They joked and laughed, mainly at Ash's expense but he didn't mind that too much as it was all in good fun.

"So what are you guys up to now?" Iris asked as she wondered what their plans for the day were.

"We're here to see if we can get a room in the Pokemon Center. We were here last night but were turned away because all the rooms were booked up." May explained as they realized they needed to go see Nurse Joy now to check.

"I'm staying here at the Pokemon Center for the next week. How about you stay with me?" Iris suggested as she was glad to be of assistance to Ash and his friends.

"That's awesome Iris. Thanks! We slept outside last night so it will be nice to be indoors again." Ash said as he was relieved that they finally found a place to stay in Aopulco.

"Now that our accommodation is settled, what are our plans for the day now?" Dawn said as she too was glad to have a good place to stay now.

"Well we have a few days till you girls go into the contest so I guess its just a bit of relaxation and enjoying the time off." Brock said as he pondered what he'd do that day.

"You mean that bikini contest they keep advertising all around Aopulco?" Iris asked if they meant that contest or some other one.

"Yup. That's the one. We entered it yesterday and went shopping for a bunch of swimsuits to wear in the contest." May explained as she could see a surprised look on Iris's face.

"Wow. So all three of you entered the contest then? Isn't that contest being sponsored by PlayPoke magazine?" Iris asked as she was now a bit curious about why they'd entered that contest.

"Yeah we did. And yes it is being sponsored by PlayPoke magazine but the contest is strictly about the Miss Aopulco issue which is a special copy that doesn't have the explicit content that their normal magazine does." Misty explained as she could see that Iris had the same concern that they originally did.

"We had the same thoughts you do Iris about the contest and we wanted to get that clarified before we decided if we'd join the contest or not." Dawn told her as she could see that Iris seemed more comfortable now after having it explained to her.

"Ash and Brock spent forever starring at last years Miss Aopulco issue with Champion Master Cynthia as the winner, so we knew right there and then that trying to win the competition would be a great way to promote ourselves." May said as she hoped that she would be on the cover of this years issue.

"Why don't you enter the contest with us Iris? It would be fun to have another person that we know in the competition and we can also get to know you better too!" Dawn suggested as Iris was taken back for a second by her suggestion.

"Erm.. Well I'm not too sure I'm comfortable with getting up in front of people like that and displaying my body." Iris said as she knew she'd be very uncomfortable participating in a bikini contest as she knew that her breasts weren't very big and most girls had better curves to display than her.

"Oh nonsense. It will be fun. Besides we can help you with the nerves if you want. You just need to realize that people want to be there to watch you. Just have confidence in yourself and you'll enjoy it." May continued as she knew they'd had a similar conversation with each other the day before.

"Erm.. I'll think about it." Iris said as she didn't want to make up her mind right away.

"We'll there's at least one more day left to enter the competition so don't think too long or you'll miss your chance to enter." Misty told her as she knew the deadline for entries was approaching.
"So, why don't we go put your things in my room and then get something to eat." Iris suggested as she tried changing the topic of conversation to something else.

"Alright. That sound good. Thanks again for letting us stay with you Iris." Ash said.

"No problem. There is a couple of extra beds in the room that aren't being used but a couple of you might have to sleep on the floor but we could see about getting a cot for you though." Iris suggested as everyone looked at each other with a bit of a smirk as Iris didn't realized that they all had been sleeping together and sharing each other's bed for ages already now.

"Uh okay. That sounds fine." Brock said as he wanted to be polite and not really say anything.

Iris went down the hall towards her room as Ash and his friends followed her. The girls each looked at each other and they all had the same idea that they needed to break the ice here and tell Iris that the sleeping accommodation wouldn't be an issue and they wouldn't need the extra cot. After a few minutes they arrived at Iris's room and they walked in to see a standard accommodation room for a Pokemon Center. They dropped their backpacks and things and looked around the small but comfortable room.

There was 2 double bunk beds, a closet, a table and some chairs, a dresser and a tv. The room was a bit small for 6 people but they would manage. It was better than being outside in the hot the entire time. 

"I'm going to go take a shower. I got sand all over me from sleeping at the beach last night." Brock said as he really didn't enjoy sleeping on the beach.

"Yeah, me too Brock that sounds like a good idea. I got sand everywhere. We'll be back in a little bit." Ash said as the two of them took a pair of clean clothes and headed out.

"Alright, I think we'll probably do the same too." Misty said as she watched the two of them leave the room.

With Ash and Brock gone, it was just the girls left in the room. They all looked at each other and looked around the room. Misty, May and Dawn each seemed to have the same idea that they needed to tell Iris what had been going on between them and Ash and Brock. It was a bit tense as they really didn't know how to break it to Iris. Finally Misty just decided to break the ice.

"So, Ash was saying earlier that you two traveled in the Unova region together. How was that?" Misty said as she wanted to get to know Iris a bit better.

"Oh we had a great time. We had another friend name Cilan who's the gym leader of the Striaton Gym." Iris began to explain to them as they all sat down at the table.

"You guys must have had a lot of adventures together. I know when we were traveling with him, it was always exciting and you didn't know what to expect." May said as she got into the conversation now.

"Oh for sure. We had plenty of adventures together and we really had a good time." Iris explained as she was glad she was starting to get to know Ash's other friends.

"Sounds like our adventures with Ash. We all had a great time traveling with him and is the reason we're with him now as he works his way through the Master League." Dawn said as she realized that all the girls in the room had similar experiences and feelings about Ash.

"You know I am surprised though that Ash has so many other friends that are girls. He doesn't seem to pay too much attention to girls and is more focused on other things." Iris said as that was a similar thought the other girls all had until recent events changed that. 

"That's kind of changed with some recent events though." Misty said as she tried to lead Iris on a bit.

"Oh how so?" Iris asked in reply wondering what Misty was going on about.

"Do you really think Ash is hot?" Misty asked Iris as she was trying to see if Iris liked Ash too.

"Of course. I traveled with him through the entire Unova region. If I didn't like him why would I have bothered." Iris said explaining the situation. 

"Okay, if he wasn't our close friend, would you have sex him if he wanted to as well?" Misty said as Iris's eyes and hears couldn't believe what Misty had just asked her.

"Did you just say, 'Would I have sex with Ash?'" Iris asked Misty wanting to clarify exactly what she said.

"Yeah! I asked you if you'd want to have sex with him. You said you liked him and thought he was hot..." Misty said leading Iris on again.

"Uh, well I've never actually put a guys penis in me before though..." Iris said as she really didn't want to admit she was still a virgin.

"That's nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. I was a virgin till recently as well until I did it with Ash." Misty said as Iris couldn't believe what Misty just told her.

"You had sex with Ash?" Iris said as she was surprised that Ash was having sex at all.

"We all have. We just wanted to tell you this so you knew ahead of time incase you found out by accident." Dawn said as she knew they'd have to explain more to her.

Realizing Ash had had sex with his other friends, Iris could no longer deny her hidden passion she had for Ash any longer. She had always liked Ash and had often fantasized about him having sex with her but she always though he considered girls as just his friends but this changed everything. With the knowledge that Ash would have sex with girls, Iris felt a bit rejuvenated to try to attract him again. 

Misty, Dawn, and May spend the next little while explaining their sexual adventures with Ash to Iris. Iris was amazed by the stories they told her and just how far Ash and Brock were willing to go. Iris was a bit surprised just how open Ash and his friends were to group sex. Iris had always thought of sex as being a close intimate relationship but not with a bunch of other people as well.

Ash and Brock returned from their shower and noticed his friends all sitting at the table. He was surprised they hadn't gone for a shower yet themselves.

"So what do you guys want to do today? Do you guys want to go for a swim? I saw a large pool out the back." Ash said as he was thinking about going for a swim as this Pokemon Center had a large pool. 

"That sounds like fun. I could use a good swim." Misty said as she was used to swimming every day at her gym.

"Alright, they have change rooms down there if you guys want to go now." Ash said as he was eager to swim.

Everyone got their swimsuits and went down to the pool. They quickly got changed and met each other poolside. May was beginning to stretched by the pool in her blue sling bikini swimsuit that she bought yesterday. She leaned to one side and then the other loosening her muscles and then gave Ash a wink and a smile as she saw him looking at her. She turned and bent over to point her cleavage in the direction he was standing.

Ash immediately starred at May's which was in a quite revealing in her blue sling bikini. He could see the outline of her nipples being pressed against the fabric because the sling bikini pulled the fabric so taunt. Ash was surprised she was wearing that swimsuit as he didn't actually think she could swim in it properly but he wasn't objecting to her selection. 

May turned around and continued stretching and as she bent over she gave Ash a good view of her butt. Ash marveled at the flawlessness of her legs and thighs and thought she could easily win the competition by doing moves like that. May realized she was giving Ash a good show but she was starting to get hot so she dove into the pool to cool off. She swam underwater for a few seconds before coming up and shaking her wet hair and adjusting swimsuit.

Misty was wearing her simple but elegant yellow bikini with a few frills on it. It was exactly the type of bikini Misty looked good in as it made her look cute and attractive at the same time without the sluty look some bikini's would give.

Dawn was wearing her pink and white striped bikini that also had a small frilly mini skirt that went along with the set. Dawn had instantly fell in love with the outfit yesterday and she looked really good in it. Dawn and Misty dove into the pool where May was swimming around. As Misty glanced up out of the water she could see Ash watching them. She raised her hand and waved him to come in which he did and dove into the water.

The three girls and Ash splashed around in the water a few minutes before Iris and Brock decided to join them as well. Iris was wearing her standard bathing suit that Ash had seen her in many times before. The group swam and played in the pool for a while before they decided to get out and dry off in the sun.

There were a few lounging chairs beside the pool and Ash and his friends went to sit in the sun. Ash sat down beside Iris who was beginning to put some suntan lotion on her skin.

"So, how are things going for you? It's been quite a while since we've seen each other." Iris she asked as she began to spread the suntan lotion across her back as she realized she had a bit of time with Ash alone now to talk.

"Alright I guess. This Master League is a bit stressful but I'm enjoying it nonetheless." Ash told her as he waited for her to give the suntan lotion bottle to him.

Iris leaned back a bit in the chair and let her swimsuit come a bit loose at the top so she could rub some suntan lotion on her chest. It gave Ash a brief look at the top of her breasts but he tried not to look at her breasts directly. 

"So Ash, I heard a little story about you and your other friends today." Iris said as she was testing him to see what his reaction would be.

"Oh what about?" he wondered as he knew the other girls had been talking earlier in the morning while he was in the shower.

"Just what you've been up to lately. Not much. They said the Master League has kept you quite busy." Iris continued as she continued to try to get Ash to notice her by lowering her bathing suit a bit more and began rubbing suntan lotion directly on her breasts now.

"Yeah. It's been keeping me quite busy." Ash said as he tried not to stare at her breasts while she rubbed the lotion on them.

"You sure have been busy..." Iris said with a smirk on her face which led Ash to believe Iris had also been told something from the other girls.

Misty walked over and sat down on a chair beside Ash and Iris while the other girls began tanning nearby as well.

"So how do I look in the bikini Ash? What do you think? Will it win me the competition?" Misty asked as she modeled it for him while lying on the sunbathing chair.

"You look really cute in that bikini Misty. Like I said when you bought it, I'm sure everyone will too." Ash said as he blushed a bit when complementing Misty.

"Dawn, May and Brock said they are going to spend most the day here tanning but I really don't want to tan all day so I'm about to go head back to our room in a bit and then get some lunch. Either you two want to come?" Misty asked as she hoped Iris would get her little plan as she looked at her mainly when she asked.

"Ah that sounds good Misty. I am starting to get a bit hungry. How about you Ash?" Iris asked as she got what Misty was going after and now they just needed to convince Ash to come with them.

"Uh... I think I'm just going to relax here for a bit." Ash said as he was looking forward to having a bit of rest.

"Do you want to fuck me, Ash?" Iris asked as she leaned over towards as so he could see her cleavage now without anyone else around them noticing.

Ash was speechless as her remark came out of no where from his perspective. The wet bathing suit was clinging to her body very skin tight and he could see the shape of her nipples from her small breasts poking out through the thin material.

"Say what!?" Ash said as he almost gagged when he heard her say that.

"Oh, come on, Ash. I know you want to. I was talking to the other girls earlier and they said you've been having sex with them for weeks now." Iris said as Ash could tell she was a bit jealous.

"Just come with us now and I'll make your dreams come true. You do dream about me right?" Iris said as she could see that Ash was starting to get a hard-on already.

"Uh yeah." Ash said as he didn't want to lie or be impolite.

"I suggest you take her offer now Ash because those shorts of yours look like they are going to have a problem pretty soon." Misty said as she wanted to make sure Ash agreed.

"Alright then." Ash said as he nodded

"Well come on then let's go turn that dream into a reality." Iris said as Ash and Misty got up with her and left the pool area together.

The three of them quickly went to their room in the Pokemon Center and didn't bother to change. They wrapped towels around them instead and decided they could change later.

"Our suits are still dripping wet. We're going to get the everything all wet if we stay in them." Iris said as Misty reached for the waistband of Ash's shorts and smiled at him.

"Let's just take our swimsuits off now as it will just save us some work later trying to get them off and there will be less chance my bikini for the competition will get wrecked." Misty said as she slowly began to pull down Ash's shorts.

Ash let out a small groan as Misty pull his shorts completely off and his erect penis sprang free. It stood at attention and Iris's attention was quickly focused on the sight of his large erect penis. Misty flicked his shorts away from him and then began untying her yellow bikini top. Seconds later the bikini top was untied and Misty put it on the nearby table as she began to take off her bikini bottoms.

Ash had seen Misty strip in front of him a few times now but each time she did, Ash was still amazed at how good she looked. Misty was still a bit wet from swimming and drips of water slowly drizzled down her body. Ash instinctively grabbed his penis and slowly began to stroke it as he watched Misty strip. Iris was intrigued with Ash stroking himself and she just starred at him as he stroked himself. Ash realized Iris was now starring at him and that made him a bit uncomfortable and he stopped.

"Don't be shy Ash and don't stop. I'm excited that you are willing to jack off like that to a friend!" Iris said as she wanted to see Ash continue.

"I'm not shy, I'm just a bit uncomfortable with you in this situation." Ash said as he was comfortable doing things like this with Misty but he'd never done anything like this with Iris.

"Alright then. How about I make us all a bit more comfortable and make our fantasy a little closer to reality and that way I could watch you masturbate that big cock of yours!" Iris said as she began taking off her bathing suit now as well.

"That's it Iris. Show him what he's been missing all this time. Ash looks like he needs a good stroking." Misty said as she was now completely naked and had put her bikini bottom aside on the table.

"Yes Misty, I need to masturbate because you two are just so sexy." Ash said as looking at his two sexy friends in their wet swimming suits was too much.

"I've always wanted to watch you masturbate. I can't believe you're letting me watch you masturbate." Iris said as she couldn't believe Ash was stroking himself like that.

Ash stroked his penis in his hand as Iris and Misty watched him. Iris just loved watching him masturbate. Ash was watching his two friends strip as he stroked himself. Iris could only imagine what he was thinking.

Iris began to take her swimming suit off and as her breasts began to spill free it caused Ash's penis to jump and become more erect which instantly got him stroking it again. Finally Iris slowly removed her swimsuit off the top of her body and her breasts were now completely revealed. They were slightly smaller than Misty's breast and her nipples were a darker red unlike Misty's pink nipples. The nipple and aerola color was a good match for Iris's darker skin though. As Iris's breasts were revealed, Ash stared at them for the first time and it felt like the tension in the room had been lifted.

"Like what you see? Why don't you continue jacking off for me Ash while I finish taking this off" Iris said as she was a bit nervous herself now as no one had ever seen her naked before especially not a guy.

"You look great and very sexy. I can't wait to see you fully naked." Ash said as he did as he was told and began stroking his penis faster now.

Iris was a bit embarrassed by the fact that Ash was now masturbating to her but the thought that Ash found her sexy and was looking forward to seeing her completely naked was reassuring.

Ash watched as Iris slowly continued to strip off her bathing suit. Misty was also watching her now as well. Iris had never felt so embarrassed in her life but she continued on and dropped her swimsuit on the floor. Iris was now completely naked. He couldn't believe this was happening again as he had two of his sexy friends in front of him completely naked waiting to have sex with him. Ash could see that Iris was completely bald and had no pubic hair but with her legs closed it made it hard for him to fully see her pussy.

Misty had enough of waiting and Iris watched silently as Misty bent on her knees in from of Ash and began stroking his penis for him. Ash moaned when he felt Misty's tongue touch the head of his penis and began to lick it. She licked the head for a few moments before she fully opened her mouth and put the entire head of his penis in her mouth. 

Iris had never seen anyone give a blowjob in real life before so this was a whole new experience for her. She watched as his penis disappeared into Misty's mouth as she sucked it. Iris could tell Ash was enjoying it by the looks on his face and it seemed to her that Misty was also enjoying doing it as well. Iris had a great view of Ash and Misty and she realized that she was actually a bit jealous of Misty now and she wished that it was her who was pleasuring Ash.

Iris walked over to Ash and moved her head in close to his. Her lips found his and they kissed passionately for the first time ever as Misty sucked Ash's penis below them. He slid a tongue into her mouth as they kissed and she instinctively did so as well.

Ash put his hands around Iris and pulled her closer as they kissed and then ran his hands down her wet, smooth back until he reached her ass. He grabbed both ass cheeks in his hands and gently squeezed. Iris loved the feeling of his hands on her butt. We she felt his hands going down there, she initially was a bit scared but she quickly learned to enjoy the feeling.

"When you're done kissing Ash, why don't you come down here and give this a try." Misty said as she took Ash's penis out of her mouth for a moment to talk to Iris.

"Okay." Iris said as she broke her passionate kiss with Ash and slowly went down on her knees beside Misty.

Misty moved aside to let Iris get directly in front of Ash. Iris now had an up close look at Ash's erect penis.

"Looks like someone finds us sexy. Did you know that this will be the first penis I'll ever suck? I sure hope I do it right." Iris said as she quickly studied Ash's erect penis.

"You'll do fine Iris. Just be gentle and you'll both enjoy the experience." Misty said as it wasn't more than a few weeks ago she gave Ash her first ever blowjob.

Iris finally mustered up enough courage to reach up and begin to stroke Ash's penis with her hand. She was surprised how warm it felt in her hand and it was also a bit wet from swimming earlier and from just being in Misty's mouth. After a minute of so of getting used to the feeling of stroking his penis with her hand, Iris moved her head towards his penis and kissed the tip of his penis. Ash and Iris's hearts were both racing as Iris kissed his penis head a few more time.

"Try putting it in your mouth now Iris." Misty said encouraging her to go further.

"Alright. Here I go." Iris said as she moved in.

Iris parted her lips, opened her mouth wide and leaned forward as Ash's penis began entering her mouth for the very first time. Iris tried to get as much as she could in her mouth before she began to close her lips around his shaft. Iris put too much of it in her mouth as Ash felt the tip of his penis head hit the back of her throat which caused to Iris gag a bit before she backed it off a bit. 

"Not so much. You don't have to put it all inside of your mouth." Misty said as she tried to coach Iris a bit just like she had been taught.

Iris closed her eyes and gently went down on Ash's penis again as she began to bob up and down on his penis with her mouth. The sensation was quite strange for Iris as it was sort of like sucking a lollipop without it dissolving in her mouth.

Ash could tell that this was Iris's first time giving a blowjob as she was definitely not as experienced as Misty. He knew though that her technique would get better but it still felt good having his penis being sucked off by her. He put his hands on the back of her head as she picked up speed a bit. She began licking and sucking it with her tongue as they slowly increased the speed.

Misty watched as Ash's penis popped out from between Iris's lips. She was still having a bit of a problem getting used to having it in her mouth. That didn't deter her though as she quickly reopened her mouth and pulled it back into her mouth. Iris continued sucking him for a few minutes until Misty couldn't take it anymore and wanted another turn.

"Alright, its my turn again." Misty said as she got really close to Iris so that their heads were almost beside each other.

Ash pulled his penis out of Iris's mouth and aimed it as Misty's mouth which was already opened wide awaiting for it. With the sight of his two friends right beside each other on their knees, Ash realized how much he loved his friends and how much they loved him. Misty looked up at Ash with a smile as his penis entered her mouth.

Misty continued to stroke Ash's penis while she sucked and also jiggled and bounced Ash's balls in her other hand. Misty could start to taste the pre-cum oozing from his penis head.

"Mmmm! I can start to taste your pre-cum Ash. Here give it a taste Iris." Misty said as she directed the head of Ash's penis to Iris's lips.

"I'm not to sure I'm ready for that now." Iris said as she thought they were already going a bit too fast for her.

"Come on Iris. You know you want too! It tastes good. Ash eats so many sweets that his cum is sweet too." Misty said as she tried to describe the taste of his pre-cum to Iris as she pushed his penis into Iris's mouth.

Iris watched as Misty pushed Ash's penis back into her mouth. She didn't resist much but this time there was a slightly different taste to Ash's penis as she could start to taste the sweet pre-cum on the tip of Ash's penis that Misty had been describing. Iris was starting to feel a tingling between her legs as she realized she was getting aroused by sucking Ash's penis.

Iris was starting to have fun sucking on Ash's penis as she could feel it throbbing in her mouth now. She could tell he was enjoying it too as he started thrusting it into her mouth. She gradually took more and more of him into her mouth.

"Tastes good doesn't it?" Misty said as she wanted another turn.

"Yeah, I was actually surprised." Iris said as she watched Misty start sucking Ash off again.

Misty and Iris were taking turns licking and sucking his penis. Ash was enjoying the different sucking sensations and techniques each girl had. Ash felt his penis get harder while Misty tried to get as much of his penis as she could in her mouth. Ash looked down at Misty and he could see her take almost his entire penis inside her mouth. Misty was getting better at doing blowjobs every time she did them. 

"Oh Misty, that feels so good." Ash moaned as Iris was a bit jealous that Ash gave Misty a complement.

Iris quickly took Ash's penis from Misty and started to bob her head up and down on his penis. She began sucking faster and faster this time as she took him deeper into her mouth to try and match Misty. Ash could feel Iris's tongue working around his shaft. Once again Ash felt the head of his penis bumping back of Iris mouth. Instead of stopping Iris continued to try and slide the penis head into her throat a little but she gagged a bit again. 

"Breath through your nose Iris and relax your throat muscles." Misty instructed as she could see that Iris was having problems with her technique.

Iris tried to breath through her nose to counteract her gagging reaction. A bit of her saliva came out the side of her cheeks and she tried to push Ash's penis deeper again.

"Yes! Oh that's good too Iris!" Ash said as Iris was glad to hear Ash complement her now as he was now starting to fight off a climax.

Iris tried to relax her throat muscles while concentrating on breathing through her nose as she pushed Ash's penis into her mouth further than she had before. She could feel the head of his penis entering her throat which was a funny sensation for her as she realized what she was doing. Ash realized that Iris was doing her best to pleasure him and she seemed to be doing very well for her first time.

Misty and Iris continued to swap giving Ash a blowjob for a few minutes before Ash had to tell them to stop otherwise he was going to climax.

"You'd better stop now and let me rest for a few minutes otherwise I'm going to blow." Ash said as Iris was the one sucking him at the time as he backed away from the two girls and sat down on the bed to rest.

"So did you enjoy giving your first blowjob Iris?" Misty asked as the two girls decided to talk while Ash recuperated.

"It sure seems like Ash enjoyed it that's for sure. I know I have gotten addicted to sucking his penis and I can't wait to do it again." Iris said as she was really starting to get horny now.

"Say Iris, have you ever had an orgasm before?" Misty asked as she wanted to know a bit more about Iris personally.

"Uh, well, I've masturbated a few times." Iris said as she blushed a bit when she admitted that she did.

"So you know what it feels like to climax then. It's a lot different when having sex though or getting someone to masturbate for you instead of getting yourself off." Misty said as she knew Iris hadn't a clue what she was going to experience during her first time.

"I can imagine it feels quite good." Iris said as she was actually looking forward to it now that she was so horny that her nervousness and apprehension had faded away.

"Would you like to try something together while Ash rests for a few minutes?" Misty asked Iris as she wanted to see how far Iris was willing to go.

"What did you have in mind?" Iris asked as she was once again stunned by Misty's question. 

Misty didn't answered and she moved her hand down to Iris's pussy. Misty slowly moved her head down to Iris's nipple began sucking on her friend's breast as she also began stroking her slit. Misty could feel the wetness that had begun to build at her friend's pussy as she realized her own pussy was prob ably just as wet now. Misty knew that Iris was currently extremely turned on and she was wondering if her friend was willing to take it a little bit further. Misty looked at Iris and she could tell that Iris was willing to go further.

Misty looked at Iris again and stopped licking her nipple and slowly moved towards her lips. Iris instantly opened her mouth and they both began kissing just like she had done with Ash earlier. Their tongues began to sliding over each others as they embraced each other in a loving kiss. Misty began to rub Iris's pussy as they kissed. By this time Ash was now watching the two of them and was really starting to get turned on watching them. Misty caught Ash looking out of the corner of her eye and she finally pulled away from the kiss as Misty and Iris both gasped a bit for air. 

"It seems Ash is good to go again now." Misty said as she turned to look at Ash.

"Uh yeah I guess so!" Ash giggled as he really didn't want them to stop playing with each other.

"I want to watch you two do it together." Iris said as she was excited to see Ash have sex with someone.

"Watching people have sex turns you on doesn't it?" Misty asked as she tried to tease Iris a bit.

"Yeah it does. I've watched a few movies but never seen someone do it for real in front of me before so this is going to be fun. I want to see you put his penis in your pussy." Iris said as she was getting more horny by the second.

"We'll if I have sex with him now while you watch us that means you must agree to let me watch you and him have sex together after. Deal?" Misty said as she wanted to watch Iris loose her virginity to Ash.

"Are you talking about us both having sex with him? But I've never had sex before let alone with someone watching me for my first time." Iris said as she knew she had talked to Misty earlier about it but now that it was getting closer to her first time she found herself being a bit scared.

Iris thought about Misty's proposition for a minute or so and she realized that she would like to have sex with Ash but wasn't sure he was willing to go all the way with her. Ash could see that Iris was having a hard time making her decision and he realized that his chances to have sex with her were quickly fading and if he didn't do something really quickly, he'd loose the opportunity to take the virginity of another one of his friends.

"Iris I have loved you for years, since almost the day we met in the Unova region. You have always been there for me through good times and bad throughout our journey together. I'm willing to do it with you if you are." Ash said in his most loving and romantic voice.

Iris and Misty were both touched with what Ash had to say that they both had to wipe away a tear from their eyes. It took Iris a minute to compose herself to give Ash a response.

"I love you too Ash. I know its taken a lot of courage for you admit it but I honestly believe you. I know we get along great and I have always thought you are a great guy. After hearing the girls talk about having sex with you, I must admit I was a bit jealous of them but after getting to know Misty here, I can see why you like them too." Iris said as she smiled at Ash and Misty.

"I've always loved you too Iris! This is another dream come true for me!" Ash said as he went up to Iris and gave her a big hug and kiss.

"I always hoped you would seduce me but I never thought this would be the result." Iris said as she winked at Misty.

"Now we got to figure out how to tell May and Dawn about this without them getting upset that they were left out." Misty said as she tried to think of a way to tell them.

"Don't worry about them. They're too busy worrying about the bikini contest. They both really want to win it." Ash said as he tried to tell them that the other girls had other priorities at the moment.

"Alright then. Let's lock the door just incase they decide to come back early." Iris suggested as she didn't want to be interrupted as Ash quickly went over to the door and locked it to make sure no one could get in. 

"Let's go on the bed where it's more comfortable." Iris suggested and by the time Ash turned around, Misty and Iris were on one of the beds. Misty waved him to come join them which he did.

Misty was in the missionary position with her legs spread out wide at the very edge of the bed and her pussy just waiting for Ash to plunge his penis into it. Iris was right beside Misty on the bed eagerly awaiting Ash to get into position in front of them and between Misty's spread out legs.

"Are you ready Misty?" Ash asked her as he got in closer.

"Definitely! Thrust that hard penis of yours deep inside my pussy! We'll show Iris how good it is to have sex." Misty said as she awaited Ash to penetrate her.

Ash grabbed his penis with his hand and began to run the head of it up and down Misty's wet pussy lips. Ash teased Misty for a few moments as Iris watched before he thrusted his erect penis deep into her pussy. Ash's penis fit perfectly inside Misty's pussy as Iris watch as it slowly began to go in and out of Misty.

"Ah! Oh Ash! That feels so good." Misty said as Ash finally bottomed out inside her pussy.

Ash watched as Misty's tits shook up and down every time he thrusted his penis into her tight pussy. Iris watched as Ash's penis pushed Misty's pussy lips open with each thrust and Iris wondered if it could fit inside her small tight pussy. Iris's next reaction was to make sure that Ash's penis would fit inside her regardless.

Misty spread and stretched her pussy lips open as far she could with her fingers to let Iris see Ash's penis penetrating into her. Iris was amazed by the sight as it was clearly not her first time having sex like this.

"Yeah it feels so good to have my penis inside you again." Ash said as he was loving it.

"Give it to me really fast and hard!" Misty said as she wanted to show Iris different speeds now.

"Alright, hard and fast is what you are going to get!" Ash replied as he started thrusting faster.

Ash put hands on either side of Misty to balance himself as he move almost above her. He almost pulled out of her but he found a new faster rhythm and plunged down into her again with a hard and fast movement. Misty's pussy felt every bit as tight as it looked as she could feel Ash's penis working its way to her cervix now as she was stretched a bit more each time.

Misty never got bored of having sex with Ash but having Iris watching them do it made her all that more excited and horny. Iris thought it had to be painful having sex but Misty didn't seem to be in any pain at all and was enjoying it. Ash felt Misty's pussy gripping him tighter and tighter, which caused him to penetrate further inside her. Misty then wrapped her legs around Ash's waist which pushed him even further inside her.

"Oh, wow! This is so amazing! Thank you for letting me watch you guys. You two look really sexy together." Iris said as she was really getting horny now. 

"Why don't you get on top of me Iris and that way you can get the perspective of having sex. You could probably also feel Ash having sex with me while on top." Misty suggested as she grabbed Iris's had and pulled her towards her.

"Uh, won't that squish you?" Iris said as she was a bit hesitant to lie on top of Misty.

"Nah, you're not too heavy so it shouldn't be a problem. Come on, get on top of me and spread your legs wide just like mine." Misty instructed as Iris began to get on top of Misty making sure she didn't step on her or fall on top of her.

Iris climbed over Misty and began to lay on top of her in the missionary position as Ash stopped having sex with Misty to allow them to get into a proper position. Iris slid forward and Misty pushed Iris's legs up over her's so that they would rest on her thigh and then dangled over the side of the bed. Iris's legs were now spread wide open as were Misty's as Ash got a delightful view of their pussies.

Iris's pussy was darker than any other girl's pussy he had seen to date and significantly darker than Misty's which he could also see to compare to. Iris's outer pussy lips seemed puffier and curled inward a bit. Seeing two pussies close together like that really turned Ash on and the girls both looked at him starring at their privates. Iris realized this was the first time that Ash had seen her pussy fully visible as she noticed him starring at it.

"You know you don't have to just look at it all day Ash. Here, touch me and make me feel good." Iris said as she reached out and grabbed his hand and placed it on her pussy.

Ash touched Iris's pussy for the first time and he could feel the tight skin of her outer pussy lips with the tips of his fingers. Misty then surprised Iris by cupping her hands on Iris's breasts. After the initial shock subsided, Iris didn't protest and let Misty continue as it felt good.

"Wow! Your breasts are so firm, Iris!" Misty said as she began to squeeze and play with Iris's small breasts as she felt how firm her skin was.

Misty began to stroke Iris's nipples with her fingers as she teased and pulled on the nipple until they became more erect. Ash got down on his knees in front of the girls to get closer to Iris's pussy as he then spread her outer pussy lips wide so he could see past them. To Ash's delight, Iris was indeed still a virgin as he could now see part of her hymen. He then touched Iris's clit which gave her an instant reaction of looking down at Ash to see what he was doing.

"Enjoying being played with by others?" Ash asked as he smiled back at Iris.

"It feels so strange not doing it yourself but letting other people do it for you. It's so unpredictable but it feels great." Iris said as she was enjoying the attention she was getting from Ash and Misty.

"I noticed you're still a virgin. I'm surprised you haven't had sex before. You've got plenty of friends in the Unova region." Ash said as May had had sex quite a few times before she had sex with Ash and Brock so it was surprising to Ash that Iris was still a virgin after all this time.

"Uh... I guess I just hadn't found the right guy." Iris said to Ash as her reply seemed to indicate to Ash that he was the guy she had been looking for.

"Well I think you just found him!" Ash said as he shoved his face into her pussy and began licking it eagerly with his tongue. 

Iris's head drooped back toward's Misty's head as she closed her eyes as Ash began licking her pussy while Misty continued playing with her nipples. Iris couldn't believe how good Ash was at licking her pussy but she realized he's had a bit of practice lately. Iris moved her hands into Ash's hair and let his hair flow through her fingers as he licked her pussy.

Ash licked up and down Iris's slit taking notice of her moaning and adjusted his tongue to where he thought she liked it best. When he licked her clit, he could tell Iris really liked that and he began to focused on it as Iris began to shake a bit from being overwhelmed with the intense feelings of pleasure she was now having. Ash seemed content to lick Iris's pussy for hours but not too long after he started Iris felt herself building to a climax. Every lick of Ash's tongue on her pussy seemed to intensify Iris's pleasure level and now Misty was twisting her nipples gently. The two of them knew exactly how to pleasure Iris until she finally couldn't hold it any longer and began to climax.

Pleasure filled through Iris's body as Misty grabbed hold of Iris with a gentle hug as she climaxed. Her orgasm felt so much different that masturbating and seemed to last for what seemed to Iris like an eternity. Iris moans throughout her climax and a minute later Iris recovered and regained her senses and opened her eyes to see Ash smiling back at her.

"You seemed to enjoy that a lot. I hope I did alright." Ash said as he hoped he did well.

"Oh wow Ash! I wish we did this a long time ago. It felt really great. You can eat my pussy like that any time you want!" Iris said as Ash blushed a bit with the complement.

"Well you can't just stop there Ash. I need some attention now too!" Misty told him as she was a bit envious of Iris climaxing.

Ash's penis was still erect and it needed some attention again too so he figured he'd go back to having sex with Misty again but he was a bit hesitant to do so with Iris laying on top of Misty. From the position he'd be in, it would look like he was having sex with Iris instead of Misty because Ash could barely see any of Misty's body with Iris's body on top of it.

"What are you waiting for Ash, come on I need it in me!" Misty said again as she wondered what was taking Ash so long.

Ash got up off the floor and moved into position and began slowly moving his penis towards Misty's. Iris and Misty both looked down at Ash's penis as Misty's vision was a bit impaired by having Iris on to of her so she couldn't see Ash put his penis into her. Ash rested the head of his penis at the entrance to Misty's vagina and then slowly slide his hard penis back into Misty's wet pussy. Iris and Misty both gasped as Ash leaned forward and pushed his penis in further. Iris almost felt like she was having sex with Ash right now in this position as she could sort of feel the motions coming from Ash and Misty being transferred through their bodies to her.

Misty had her legs stretched wide open which caused her pussy muscles to contract and be a lot tighter than earlier. Misty grabbed Iris's head and tilted it towards her's and they began kissing each other as Ash began thrusting into Misty's pussy again. Misty started to squirm around on the bed a bit which caused Iris to balance herself with her hands. Every few thrusts now, Ash's pelvis and lower stomach was touching Iris's pussy which also caused her to start squirming but Misty locked onto Iris's mouth so she couldn't move around too much.

Ash watched his two girlfriends kiss together as Misty's hands tangled through Iris's thick hair. Misty couldn't believe how much hair Iris had but that didn't stop her as their kisses became more and more passionate. Misty broke the kiss and slowly moved her hands from Iris's hair down her body to her erect nipples again and started playing with them.

"Can you feel it Iris? Can you feel Ash thrusting in and out of me? Come on Ash, thrust that hard penis of yours deep inside my pussy! I want Iris to feel it too!" Misty said as Ash did has he was told and started thrusting harder.

"Yes! I can feel his penis moving inside your body Misty! It feels so strange being able to feel it inside you." Iris said as just below her own body she could feel Ash's penis moving in and out of Misty's pussy.

Iris decided it was time that she pleased Misty just like she had done to her earlier. Iris moved her head and began to kiss Misty again as she slowly lowered her hands in between their bodies and down towards Misty's clit. Iris's ambitions nature caught Misty a bit off guard as she felt her soft fingers begin to touch her clit as they kissed. Misty's eyes opened wider as she looked into Iris's eyes as they kissed.

Iris could feel Misty's soaking wet pussy being drilled by Ash's penis only a few inches away from her hand. Iris wanted to lower her hand down and grab his penis but she knew that she needed to please Misty currently and not herself. Misty had to stop playing with Iris's breasts as she was starting to build now to an orgasm. 

"You like having Ash's penis in your wet tight pussy don't you Misty?" Iris said as she tried to tease Misty a bit to get her off.

"Uh huh! Oh I'm about to cum!" was all that Misty could say at this point as she was just about to orgasm.

Moments later Misty closed her eyes and moaned loudly as she began to climax. She couldn't move too much with Iris on top of her and the restricted movement seemed to intensify her orgasm. Ash could feel Misty's pussy grip tight around his penis as she climaxed so he stopped thrusting but he didn't cum just yet as he did his best to hold off cumming so he could last longer. Misty lay still as her chest was heaving up and down which caused Iris to move up and down as Misty tried to catch her breath. Ash pulled his penis out of Misty's pussy and sat on the floor for a bit to recover again. He watched the two girls breath heavily and rest for a bit as well.

"Oh, Ash that was amazing!" Misty as she was still gasping for breath as having Iris on top of her made it a bit harder to catch her breath. 

"It was amazing for me too! I could feel you two having sex and then when Misty climaxed, I could feel her body shaking in ecstasy. I'm so horny now. My pussy feels like it's on fire but its wet and tingling with anticipation. All I can think about is what it would feel like to have your penis in my pussy." Iris said as she explained her sensations she was currently feeling.

"Hear that Ash? Her pussy is all wet waiting for you. Do you want to put your penis in there just like you put it in mine Ash?" Misty asked as she was teasing Iris and Ash a bit now.

"Are you sure you want to?" Ash asked Iris as she just nodded her head. 

"Yeah I'm ready for you. I want you more than anything and I think you want me too." Iris said as she was a bit scared but was looking forward to it.

"Since this is your first time it may hurt a bit but I'll try to be gentle." Ash told her as he was about to take Iris's virginity.

"I know you'll do your best." Iris said as she waited for Ash to have sex with her.

Ash got up off the floor again and instead of aiming his penis at Misty's pussy which was just below Iris's, he put his penis head on her pussy lips. Iris felt a sharp sensation go through her body as she felt Ash's penis touch her pussy for the first time.

"I'll let you get used to feeling my hot penis against you before I attempt to penetrate." Ash said as he began to slowly rub his penis head up and down Iris's slit so she'd get used to feeling that first.

After a minute or so of letting her get used to feeling his penis against her pussy, Ash moved the head of his penis to her vagina opening slowly started to enter her virgin pussy. It was very tight and felt wonderful around the head of his penis until he reached her hymen.

"Try to relax now." Ash said as he could tell Iris was a bit tense at the moment but he decided to do it fast and get it over with so he thrust forward and ripped her hymen apart as he entered her vagina for the first time.

Iris screamed out in pain as she felt her hymen being ripped by Ash's penis. The pain was something she hadn't experienced before but it was quickly subsiding. Ash leaned over and kissed Iris to help her ease the pain. Iris liked that loving touch and they kissed until Iris broke it off as the pain had almost gone away now.

"I think I'm okay now." Iris said as she was ready to go a bit further now that her hymen had been broken.

"Alright then, here I go!" Ash said as he got up off of Iris and Misty and began to slowly thrust deeper into Iris's pussy.

Iris looked down at her pussy to see her pussy lips being spread open by Ash's pussy. She had watched it happen with Misty and Ash earlier but it was completely different feeling it first hand.
Iris's small breasts were perfectly proportioned to her body and Ash's eyes followed her flat belly down to the folds of her pussy. Ash's penis was parting the tight lips of her labia as he pushed his penis deeper inside her. Ash couldn't take his eyes off Iris's pussy as he watched and felt his penis glide deeper into her tight pussy.

"Go slowly though, okay?" Iris asked as she knew Ash would do whatever she wanted him to.

"Okay." Ash agreed as he pulled his hips back to draw his penis out of her a bit before thrusting forward.

"Oh!" Iris gasped in pleasure her body arched off of Misty's body as she felt Ash go in deeper.

Iris's reaction and the look on her face made Ash feel proud of himself that he was now having sex with another one of his good friends.

"How does it feel to finally have sex with Ash, Iris?" Misty asked as she knew it felt good but wanted to hear Iris say it.

"Oh my! Misty, it's wonderful! Oh! I can't believe how good it feels now." Iris said as the initial pain of losing her virgin had dissipated and had completely turned into pleasure.

"It's good isn't it? Wait until you two really start going at it, then you're going to love it even more." Misty said with a bit of a giggle as she was getting a very good perspective of Ash and Iris having sex.

Ash's tempo was still very slow as he wanted Iris to get used to the feelings still. She was starting to relax a bit as her pussy muscles were starting be less tense around Ash's penis.

"Fuck her harder now Ash. Show her what sex is all about." Misty told Ash as he began to start thrusting faster.

Iris moaned as Ash went deep inside her as he thrusted her pussy hard and fast with his hard erect penis. Iris started to get tight again as her pussy muscles constricted again. Ash couldn't believe how tight she was but she was also the smallest girl he had ever had sex with so it was to be expected.

"Oh, Iris! I've never had sex with anyone as tight as you! Your pussy is so tight!" Ash said as Misty realized what Ash had just realized in that Iris was a smaller girl so her pussy was also a bit smaller too,

"Are you going to cum inside her for her first time Ash?" Misty asked as Iris's eyes opened wide as she hadn't taken any birth control precautions. 

"Yeah. I'm starting to feel like I'm building to a climax because she's so tight. Do you like my penis inside you Iris?" Ash asked as he was now the deepest he'd been inside her and was wondering if she was enjoying herself.

"Oh yes Ash! You feel so good inside me but don't cum inside me otherwise I'll get pregnant! I haven't taken any birth control" Iris said as she told him why he couldn't cum inside her.

"Don't worry about that Iris. You can take birth control later so you won't get pregnant. It's best to let him cum inside you on your first time. Trust me, I know." Misty said as she reassured Iris that it would be fine.

"Alright then. Are you gonna cum inside me then?" Iris said as she felt Ash's penis hit her cervix for the first time which gave her a bit of a jolt.

"If that's what you want then I will. Do you want me to cum in your pussy?" Ash asked her as he waited for her response hoping that he'd let her.

"Yes, I do! Cum inside me Ash!" Iris said and as soon as Ash heard her say that he started to pick up the pace.

Ash grab Iris by the waist and start pumping harder and harder until he could start to feel the pressure in his balls begin to build. He knew Iris wouldn't last too much longer at this rate her first time and the feeling of him cumming inside her would probably lift her over the edge as well. He had already had sex with Misty twice earlier so he was ready to have an orgasm himself.

"Cum with me Iris! I cumming!" Ash said as he finally let loose in Iris's pussy.

Iris cried out loud as her orgasm hit just as she felt Ash starting to spurt cum into her pussy. Her pussy clamped down around Ash's penis as he continued to shoot cum deep inside her pussy. Iris continued to moan as Ash's cum filled her pussy. Iris was still a bit concerned that she might get pregnant but at that moment she didn't care too much as she hoped that Misty was correct that she wouldn't. Ash and Iris's orgasms slowly subsided as Ash slowly pulled out of Iris's pussy and lay down on the bed beside the two girls. Iris had collapsed on Misty who was also exhausted. 

After a few minutes, Misty decided that she needed to get Iris off of her and she slowly rolled Iris off her and Misty sat up on the bed. She had more time to recover from her orgasm than Ash and Iris had.

"So how was your first time Iris?" Misty asked as she wanted to know all the details.

"It was amazing. It felt like nothing I'd ever experienced before." Iris said as she rolled over a bit and cuddled with Ash.

"Ash is certainly getting good at pleasuring girls." Misty said as she knew how Iris felt right then as she had experienced the same feeling a few weeks earlier.

"What was your first time like with Ash?" Iris asked as she wanted to know a bit more.

"Well it was similar to this. Ash's mom was there to guide us through it so you can see why I wanted to help you as well. For your first time its always good to have a bit of guidance." Misty said as she recalled how Delia helped her loose her virginity to Ash.

"It definitely does! Thanks for the support Misty." Iris said as she was grateful that Misty convinced her to have sex with Ash.

"My pleasure. Hopefully this won't be the last time we all have sex together." Misty said as she wanted to see if Iris was open to doing it again.

"Definitely! I look forward to next time!" Iris said as she enjoyed it a lot.

"How about right now?" Misty suggested as she was still a bit horny and was willing to go another round.

"Right now!?" Iris said as she was surprised once again by Misty.

"Sure why not? Why don't you go ahead and do us from behind this time!" Misty exclaimed as she got upon on her hands and knees and wiggled her butt at Ash and Misty.

"I've got to be dreaming!" Ash said as he couldn't believe that Misty was willing to have sex again and was trying to convince Iris to join in once again.

"Does this look like a dream?" Misty said as she spread her pussy lips open to let Ash see inside her vagina from behind.

Ash and Iris were a bit shocked by Misty's kicky actions but realized they might as well join in.

"Come on and join in. We still got plenty of free time today." Misty said in an almost insistent voice.

Iris got on her hands and knees like Misty insisted and now Ash could see both their pussy mounds from behind. Ash got in behind Iris, stroked his penis to make it more erect and slowly entered her pussy for the second time. Iris was even tighter in the doggy position as she was in missionary and to make sure that Misty didn't complain that he started with Iris first he reached his hand over to Misty's pussy and it from behind. Ash slowly slid his penis into Iris's pussy from behind until he reached her cervix. Her small pussy couldn't handle all of Ash's penis so Ash just held his penis in her pussy as far as it would go while he began to slide two fingers in and out of Misty's pussy.

"Ah! Ash's penis is inside me again!" Iris cried out as she couldn't believe she was having sex again already and in a different position that before.

Ash began thrusting his penis hard into Iris's pussy from behind as her butt began to smack again Ash's lower thighs with each thrust. Iris moaned with pleasure as she was experiencing doggy position for the first time. For a few minutes Ash pounded Iris's tight pussy while he played with Misty's pussy with his fingers until Iris realized that Misty needed a turn.

"Let Misty have a turn now, she's been waiting patiently for it" Iris suggested as Ash once again did as the girls told him to.

Ash pulled his penis out of Iris's pussy and moved over behind Misty and slid his penis into her. Misty was filled lust as Ash began to have sex with her her real slow. He then picked up the pace and just like with Iris his thighs began to slapping against Misty's butt each time he thrusted into her. 

"You two feel so good! You are going to wear me out at this rate!" Ash said as he was starting to breath heavily as he continued having sex with Misty.

My cock was somehow still hard as I watched Iris lay a towel on the side of the pool and lay on her back spreading her legs wide. Misty encouraged me to slide between her legs and fuck my sister for all my worth.

"Come on Ash! Show me how much you've learned. Don't quit now!" Iris said as Misty laughed a bit at Iris's comment of encouragement.

"You've gone longer than this before Ash! Keep going and push that thing deep inside me!" Misty said as she was enjoying herself.

Ash did his best to compose himself as he paid Iris back for her comment by sticking his fingers into her pussy this time as he did Misty with his penis. Iris had never had fingers in her pussy before and it felt weird as Ash's fingers explored her insides.

Ash was now pounding his penis into Misty's pussy when he could tell she was starting to fight an orgasm as she panted and moaned more frequently. Ash continued to drive his penis into her hard and fast and a few seconds later her body tensed up and her pussy clamped down around Ash's penis as she climaxed once again. Ash couldn't hold out any longer either and he began spurting cum into Misty just like he'd cummed in Iris a little while earlier. Ash didn't have too much cum left as most of it was deposited in Iris's pussy but there was still enough left over to spurt into Misty.

Ash, Misty and Iris all collapsed on the bed as they were all sexually exhausted. The three of them talked about their experience together that day for a bit before the all decided it was time to clean up and have a shower. Misty dug into her bag and found a couple anti-pregnancy pills which she took one and then gave one to Iris who swallowed it as soon as Misty gave it to her. Both girls could still fill the cum Ash spurted in their pussies and they wanted to keep it inside them as long as they could but without getting pregnant. Neither of them needed a challenge like that but both thought eventually having a kid with Ash wouldn't be such a bad thing.

"Well, I gotta admit, that was a fun time." Iris said as she enjoyed her first time having sex.

"Until next time then!" Misty said as she was glad Iris was now part of the close family of sex friends.

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