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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 7 - May and Max in the Forest

May and Max having spent their first two days on route to the Kanto region are on their way to Pallet Town. May, who is going to be journeying with Ash and Brock again, is excited to start yet another new journey. Max is going to visit Professor Oak to get his first Pokemon and start his own journey. The two of them are currently in the Viridian Forest and Max is getting a bit tired from the long journey.

"I really need the rest, Sis!" Max told his sister has he whipped the sweat off his forehead.

"OK, we can stop for a while, I suppose. Are there snake Pokemon in this area?" May replied looking around the forest for snakes.

"Nah, May, I think there are only bug Pokemon here. Don't worry about it." Max told her.

"Lets get something to eat, I'm starving!" Max replied rubbing his stomach which was growling a bit.

"Ok, lets spread out this blanket and will have a picknick over by that waterfalls." May said pointing to the nearby waterfall.

"Sounds like fun! But lets hurry up because I'm starving!" Max said as the two of them started heading toward the waterfall which was a bit off the road that they had been following.

Max and May head over to the waterfalls and layout the blanket from Max's backpack. Little did they realize that May had forgotten to pack some lunch earlier in the morning while they were on the ship and they only had their change of clothes.

"Ok May, lets eat. Open the backpack and give me some food." Max said eagerly awaiting something to eat.

"Alright, Alright." May said as she began to open the knapsack.

"Uh oh.. Max... I think I forgot to pack the food into the knapsack." May said looking in the knapsack with a guilty look on her face. Max's face dropped.

"NO! You could have.. Look at the bottom." Max asked in an impatient voice.

"Our clothes, bathing suits, a map, a few other odds and ends." May told him as she showed him the inside of the knapsack.

"Awe! Now I have nothing to eat till we get back to Ash's house! Now what are we going to do? I'm not going to have the energy to make through the Viridian Forest." Max told her.

"Well there's a nice little pond by the waterfalls. The water looks quite clean too so you could at least get a drink. We could go for a swim too, that might take your mind off being hungry and relax your muscles a bit." May told him pointing to the pond.

"But I'm Hungry!! Not thirsty." Max exclaimed.

"Fine if you don't want to have a drink, I'm going to go have a swim. I'm going to go get changed over there and you can sit here on the blanket till I'm done swimming and then will continue on to Ash's house." May yelled back at him in an angry tone.

May got up in a hurry obviously mad at her brother for being mean to her for forgetting to pack their lunch in the knapsack. She picked up the knapsack and headed over to the bushes to change into her bathing suit.

"I'm not sitting here!! I'm going to head back to Viridian City to get some food. I'll be back later!" Max told her.

"Fine I'll be here swimming till you get back!!!" May angrily replied.

Max got up and started heading on the road. May looked over at her brother to make sure her brother had finally left and started to change into her bathing suit. While Max was heading off, he saw the reflection of his sister stripping in the back of his glasses. Max had never seen a girl take off her clothes. His sister normally changed in her room. Max somewhat curiously decided that he would secretly go watch his sister strip. Max quickly made a U-Turn and quietly hides in the bushes close to where May was changing.

May first took of the Bandanna and dropped it on the ground. Her hair which was neatly tucked in the bandanna flew free and she combed it with her hand a bit. May had her usually clothes on with the Red zip top and navy blue spandex shorts. She quickly began to unzip the front of her shirt and then dropped it beside the bandanna. She was just wearing her shorts and her bra now and Max was surprised to see how full her breasts filled the bra. Max had never seen any breasts before, but they looked quite large to him, more then a handful for his small hands. May, who was quickly getting ready to go swimming quickly took off her shorts leaving her just in her underwear. Both her panties and bra were a shear white and by the looks of it her panties didn't look to cover much skin. Max didn't know too much about girls underwear but it looked to him that she was wearing a slim thong. She bent over to take off her shorts that were at her ankles and Max got a great view of her ass and the outline of her pussy. Max was starting to feel funny and his dick was starting to feel itchy. He instinctively put his hand in his pants. May put her hands on her panties and quickly pulled them down and they dropped to the ground.

Max stood there stunned as he saw his sister standing there half naked and bending over, her naked pussy and ass in full view. This was the first girl Max had ever see naked in real life.

May stood up straight and moved her hands to her back where her bra's clasp was and she undid it and let her bra fall to the ground. May was now completely naked and Max just stared in amazement. His sister was beautiful. Her breasts were quite well developed, he wasn't sure exactly what size they were, but they rivaled most full grown women.

Max still had is hand in his pants holding on to his dick as May strode over to where she had put the knapsack down with her swimsuit. May's breasts bounced up and down, giggling as she walked over. Max was overwhelmed with the amazing sight and suddenly lost his balance and fell onto the ground. Since he still had one hand in his pants, he couldn't help himself from completely falling on the ground, and the bushes made a large rustling noise as he fell. May hear the noise and quickly put her yellow two piece bathing suit on and went over to the bush to see what the noise was. May was shocked to see her brother on the ground with one hand in his pants and his other arm looked cut and bruised from the fall.

"MAX!! What are you doing?! Are you alright?" May asked as she rushed over to him to see if he was alright.

"I thought you were going to finish your hike and meet me back later. What are you doing over here in the bushes?" May questioned him.

"Uh.. Hi May.. I got a little sidetracked on the way." Max told her as he rubbed his cut with his hand.

"A little? You haven't even gone a hundred feet and you're going in the wrong direction." May continued questioning him.

"Were you spying on me? If so, that very rude! I'm going to have to tell mom and dad next time we see them if you did!" May continued lecturing him in her angry voice.

"Wait no.. I'm sorry May.. I didn't mean too. I really was going to get something to eat and I was really mad that you didn't bring our lunch." Max tried to explain to her.

"That's no excuse for watching me change! You little pervert! People can get in serious trouble for being peeping toms you know?" May sternly told him.

"They can? I didn't mean too.. I was heading further into the Viridian Forest when I saw you start to change in the reflection on my glasses. I was curious after seeing you start undressing." Max rambled on trying to defend himself from getting into trouble.

"I'm sorry Sis. It won't happen again. I promise, just don't tell mom and dad. Please!!" Max continued.

"What you did was wrong and I'm going to make sure that you pay the consequences for your actions!" May said as she started to move her index finger at Max in a lecturing motion.

"Oh please May, I'll do anything, Please! I promise never to spy on you again! I'll do anything. If you want, I will do anything you want and will call it even? Come on May, Please don't tell!" Max pleaded with his sister.

May didn't know what to do. She knew they wouldn't be seeing each other or their parents for quite awhile. May didn't know what to do and her mind was racing. She had to make a decision soon as her brother was still on the ground begging not to be disciplined. Then she saw a little bulge down near her brother's crotch, and that fascinated May. Instinctively, her mind was made up, she wanted to see her brother's naked dick close up since he had already seen her.

"You'll do anything if I don't tell?" May asked in an excited voice.

"Yes. I'll do ANYTHING! Please May. I'm sorry!" Max pleaded.

"Fine. I want to see you naked, just like you saw me naked. It's only fair!" May told him with a smirk on her face.

"But Sis, I..." Max mumbled as he was a bit upset from her proposal.

"No buts, You saw me naked and now its my turn!" she told him in a demanding voice.

"Oh, alright..." Max said as he knew there was no way out of this situation now.

Max slowly began to take off his shirt and finally took it off and dropped it on the ground.

"Come on, lets go. I want to see the rest. Fair, is fair!" Max continued to demand.

"Alright, Alright!! Sheesh!" Max said.

Max then slowly begins to take off his shorts try to hide his enlarged dick so his sister cannot see that he was horny, but it wouldn't be long till he couldn't hide it. Finally Max was just in his boxers as his sister eagerly stood by and waited. Max grabbed his boxers and then dropped to the ground. His dick sprang free and May stood there and looked at his nakedness. His cock wasn't to big which was to be expected as he was a lot younger than her. It was fully erect and May thought it looked about 4 or 5 inches long.

"There are you happy now Sis?!" Max asked her in a rude voice.

"Sort of.. Can I touch it?" May quickly asked him.

"Can you WHAT?!" Max said somewhat confused and disturbed by her suggestion.

"Can I touch it, I won't tell if you don't." May asked again moving closer to Max.

"Well.. umm.. you promise? You also have to promise not to tell mom and dad I was spying on you!"

"Ok, I promise!" May quickly replied.

"Alright, just for a minute or so." Max hesitantly agreed.

May moved over against Max and put her hand on his dick. It was quivering and erect. May had never touched any of her family members gentiles before and it excited her greatly. May's hand on Max's dick brought him unbelievable pleasure. This was the first time that a hand other than his own had touched it. Maybe it was just mental, but Mays's touch felt entirely different from Max's own. Just knowing that it was a girl's hand raised his excitement to new levels. A bit of precum was beginning to come out and as May continued holding his penis, whole head of Max's penis was now becoming wet. May then cupped her hand around the shaft and began a slow up-and-down movement, gently squeezing and unsqueezing her hand. With each squeeze, more leaked out and provided even greater lubrication.

"You like that Max?" May asked her brother who seemed to be enjoying himself now.

"Oh, yes! Don't stop, keep it up!" Max replied who had now forgotten what had happened earlier and was now concentrating on his sister pumping his penis.

"A kiss will hopefully make you feel even better." May said.

May moved her mouth to Max's. Her tongue probed into his mouth, and she moved it in and out in sequence to the motion of her hand on his dick. Max was near to coming, and his hips started jerking upward in more violent motions. May slowed her movements down and only continued the little squeezes she had been using. Max backed down from the peak and his up-and-down hip motions abated. She then started the stroking of his penis again, and Max spiraled back up the orgasm heights. Once again she slowed down. Max was about to die from the pleasure of it all, the peaking, the backing off, and then repeating. His balls felt like they were swelled to balloon size. Soon he was completely beyond any means of deferring the explosion. Max's hips were bouncing up and down and he was gasping for breath and continuously moaning in pleasure. May put her other hand under his balls and stroked them gently in time with the action of her stroking of pounding penis.

"Oh, my, May! I am going to cum soon." Max said trying to compose himself.

Max being a computer nerd, had often 'accidentally' visited a few porn sites and saw people doing what he and his sister were currently doing. He had never thought that something like this would happen to him. He often dreamed about girls and doing some of the things that he'd seen people do, but he never thought that it would happen to him this soon.

May took the hand that had been stroking his balls and put its palm on top of his penis and gently swirled it around the slick wetness of the head. The hand cupped over it and now both her hands were stroking his small rigid dick, one below and one on top. It's full length was grasped and squeezed by her hands and the pleasure was simply too much to endure. May's hand on his throbbing penis was moving around the head, pushing his pre-come juices down over the shaft. As she touched the sensitive part just below the head, his prick was jerking in May's hand and sperm was forcing its way up the shaft.

"I feel like I'm going to cum soon!" Max said.

"I cannot wait to see it." May said as she continued working on his penis.

"This has gone too far! We shouldn't be doing this." Max exclaimed as he

"It's okay, Max, just let it come. You look like your having a good time."

"Yeah, but it feels good, especially when you rub against it."

"Do you might if I suck it too?" May asked blinking her eyes and smiling at Max in a sexy way so that he'd agree to it.

"Uh huh.. You want to give ME a blow-job? I'm not going to argue that!" Max said with a smirk on his face.

May knelt down and grasped Max's throbbing shaft in her hand and stroked it up and down, wiping the pre-cum that covered the head over its entire length. May eased up on her motions and stuck out her tongue and just barely rubbed its tip across the oozing slit of Max's prick head. May then easily put in 3 inches of Max's dick in her mouth and continued sucking. The warm suctioning carrying Max to even greater heights of pleasure.

Max groaned and pushed his groin even closer against her face. The head of his prick swelled and a huge shot of sperm flowed up the shaft and jetted into the warm, wet cavity of May's mouth. She pulled her mouth up so that only the head was still between her lips and swirled her tongue all around his prick, stroking the sensitive glans area. The liquid, slurping sounds of her actions filled his senses and he started jerking and thrashing his hips against her mouth. Max's vision was blurring as he experienced the most ecstatic moment of his life.

Max was experiencing his first orgasm with his sister. He continued to shoot his cum into her mouth as she sucked and licked his penis while he did so. May loved the taste of his cum and soon her whole mouth was full and she needed to swallow it. She moved her head so that his penis left her mouth. With one big gulp she swallowed all his hot cum. She then licked her lips and then started licking the head of his penis which still had a bit of cum still on it.

"Oh, God, May! Oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhh. Oh, God, that was good." Max finally said as he regained his strength and his awareness of his surroundings.

"I'm glad you like it. I want to feel the same way too. Max, I want us to be naked and I don't want us to have a stitch of clothes on. I want you to take this bathing suit off for me."

"Erm.. Ok.. How do i do that?" Max asked her.

"There's a knot at the back, just untie it and then just pull my bikini thong down." May told him as she motioned him to come to her.

Max slowly got up and went behind his sister to find the knot. He untied it and gently took off the top of her bathing suit. The bikini top fell to the ground. All he could see was her back as she was still standing, so he put his hand on the sides of her thong and slowly lowered it to her ankles. He could now see her ass and a bit of her pussy, but not too much. May stepped out of her swimsuit thong, walked over to the blanket and lay down on it.

"Come over here and join me Max." May asked him politely in a sexy voice that Max had never heard. He did as he was told and went over to the blanket where his sister was lying on.

"Alright." Max said who had watched his sister walk all the way over to the blanket and lie on it. He was starring at her large breasts which he caught a glimpse of earlier.

"I want you to suck my breasts and pussy just like I sucked your dick. I want to feel the same way you felt." May said as she took her hand and spread her pussy lips out so he could see them better.

Max looked down at her pussy. His dick jerked at the sight. He reached toward her and ran his fingers through the little bit of pubic hair and then down to her pussy lips and spread her legs further apart. Max moved his other hand to her cunt, pulling the pussy lips wider apart with his fingers. Max leaned forward and put his mouth on one of her ripe, bright red nipples, taking it between his lips, pressing it with his tongue. Max went to her other tit, eliciting a moan from her. Max licked first one of her nipples, then the other, and then back again, all the while fingering her luscious, little cunt. Max pulled his mouth away from her tits, and licked her all the way down to her tummy with his tongue. He raised up and got a good look at her cunt.

Max gently pulled her swollen lips apart. She was very wet, terribly excited. She moaned as he moved them together and then apart again. Max bent down and kissed her inner thigh. Max heard her moan softly again as he ran his tongue up to her pussy hairs. Gently, he licked her pussy lips, tasting her body juices. She pulled her legs even farther apart, and reached down with both hands and spread her pussy lips apart to give me better access. With his tongue, he saw a little white pea and licked it gently with his tongue. Max ran his tongue around her inner lips, then touched her clitoris again gently. She began breathing heavily, and her stomach muscles tightened.

"Now slide your finger inside a little Max. Yeah. Yeah... OOOHHH." May asked him as he put one of his fingers inside her pussy.

"OOOHHH faster Max. Can you slide another finger with it? Yeah. Just like that!" she asked again as he complied by putting another one in.

May's hips started to hump up and down as Max's fingers slid into her. He could see her whole wide open pussy now. It was warm, and soft.

"Keep playing with my pussy now Max... OOOHHH yes... like that... faster... yes. OOOHHHH." May said.

Her hips were up and down against Max's hands. One with his fingers in her and the other with his fingers playing with her clit. Her tits were flopping all over now, with her writhing. Her face was much redder also. Up and down she went. Moaning louder now. Her eyes closed and she stiffened.

Her pussy clamping tight around Max's hand between her legs and he felt her shiver.

"OOOOOHHHH Max... I'm cumming!" she exclaimed.

Her hips bucked again rapidly at Max's fingers inside her pussy. He could feel her wetness becoming more and more juicy on his hands. Her tits were heaving as she breathed.

"OOOOHHHH OOOHHHH OOOHHH uuummmm Max... don't stop... Please. Please don't stop!" she pleaded to him.

Both of May's hands were grasping and pinching her tits and nipples as she held her eyes tightly closed. Max's hand thrust into her pussy slit faster until she finally stopped moving and bucking. May climaxed and she closed her eyes as it overtook her entire body.

"Oh Max, that was really nice. I came, Max. You learn quick." she complimented him.

Max's hands were still massaging her pussy up and down. She was soaked with juice. Her breathing was quick. Her tits rising and falling with her heavy breathing. Max laid down next to her now, and reached to caress her right tit.

"So I did good sis?" he asked.

"Yes Max you did great. I mean it. I really came nice. It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had." she told him.

Max leaned up and kissed her on the cheek. Max hand sliding down to her wet pussy and massaging it. Her legs still widespread.

"Oh Max. I love you. I'm sorry we argued earlier." She told him with a smile.

"I love you too May and I'm sorry too." he told her.

"Wow, you're so hard again!" May said as she looked at his now erect penis.

"May?" Max said.

"Yeah, Max?" she replied softly.

"Would you let me slide it between your legs? I won't go inside. Just slide up and down?"

"Yeah, I would like to feel this hard thing slide against me but don't put it inside. Slide it up and down the outside of my pussy." she told him.

May opened her legs and waited for Max to get on top of her. May reached and guided Max's cock between her pussy lips.

"OOOOHHH Max. That feels so nice against my pussy. Keep that up. Keep sliding it there!" she said as she watched his penis grind against her pussy.

"Your pussy feels so wet and warm on my penis. This is so close to actually having sex." he said to her as he continued sliding his penis up the slit of her pussy in between the lips of her pussy.

"Can I put it in you?" Max asked her.

May thought about it for a few seconds and didn't think it would be a good idea to have sex with her brother out here in the open. Someone might see them just like Max had seen her plus the fact that it was incest made her hesitate. She was so horny and wanted him inside her but she decided that it was best to leave sex to another time.

"Not now Max. Just continue rubbing your penis against my pussy. Having sex with you would be incest and that is really wrong. This way we are just pleasuring each other and aren't going all the way." May told him as he looked a bit disappointed but he continued his motions on her pussy.

They pumped and pumped like this for about five more minutes. Max felt May go through another orgasm and it made him start to cum. Max pulled out of her pussy valley and started to shoot on her stomach as her hands quickly came down to wrap around his cock and stroke it again. This time it forced Max's cum to shoot up near her tits as he knelt over her. Her wide eyes watching intently with each spurt.

"That feels so nice!" Max exclaimed.

Max pumped like crazy in and out of her grasping hands. Her eyes looking down at Max's spurting cock. Excitedly, Her hands working softly but quickly to match his thrusts in them. Finally, Max's cock was empty. Max moved up so that his cock laid between her breasts now. Max could feel his wet cum sliding on and around his balls and groin. May's hands still softly caressed his cock as she looked down at it between her breasts.

"Oh Max, I came and you came again. It was good. Your cock really felt nice sliding up and down inside my slit like that! You were scraping against my pussy and it made me go wild." she told him.

May's hands slowed with their stroking on Max's cock still between her breasts now, and Max rolled over and laid next to her.

"Oh Max... what are we doing? This is so wrong for both of us. It feels so good though. I feel something different when you touch me. Can you suck my nipples one last time for me?" she asked him as she squeezed her breasts together.

"I'll do my best!" he said.

Max leaned his head down and managed to reach her nipples. Her hands held her tits up to offer them to his lips. Max licked and sucked them gently.
May closed her eyes and concentrated on the feelings of her brother sucking her breasts.

Max continued doing that for a bit but it was getting late in the afternoon and they both had to be at the Ketchum residence for dinner. They both stopped and lay down on the blanket for a bit.

"I am going to go take that swim now and wash up a bit before we head off again. Why don't you join me?" May asked her brother as she picked up her bathing suit and put it back on.

"Sure. I might as well." Max said as he grabbed his shorts too and they both went for a quick swim.

After a couple minutes of swimming the two of them got out and changed. Both weren't concerned anymore about seeing each other naked and had both got over their earlier argument.

"We'd better get going to Pallet Town soon, so the others don't get worried if were late." May told Max as she packed her stuff away in the knapsack.

"We'll keep this incident secret between ourselves. There is no need to tell anyone else about it, especially mom and dad." May told Max as she closed the knapsack.

May and Max went over to the road and continued on their journey to Pallet Town. Both of them had a smile on their face and thought about what they had done earlier.
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