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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 8 - The Gathering of Friends

Ash, Delia and Misty woke up just after midday after having a long night together. Delia got out of bed and took a shower while Ash and Misty still lay in bed and were still a bit tired and didn't feel like getting up.

Misty finally woke up and looked over to see Ash still lying in the bed sleeping. Misty moved over on the bed and began kissing him on the lips. It didn't take too long for Ash to wake up and see that Misty was kissing him. He returned the gesture and kissed her back.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting for this Ash. I have loved you since the day we met." Misty whispered to him as she began to hug him.

Ash hugged back and their naked bodies touched. Misty's breasts rubbed against his chest. He could feel her nipples rubbing against him as they hugged.

Delia had just finished her shower and saw that Misty and Ash were now both up and hugging each other. She thought it was so cute and her plan to get Ash interested in girls had finally worked. She knew that Misty had liked Ash for a long time, but Ash was just too dense to realize it till now. Delia walked into the closet and got dressed. When she came out of the closet, she noticed that Misty and Ash were still on the bed.

"Well good morning you two. How did you sleep?" Delia inquired.

"I had one of the best sleeps ever. I slept great." Misty told Delia smiling.

"Well why don't you two have a shower and get dressed and come down to get something to eat. The rest of your friends should be here later today."

"Ah that's right, Brock, May and Dawn will be here soon. Will be starting our journey at the end of the week. Time goes by fast!" Ash replied as he jumped out of bed.

"Do you wanna have a shower together?" Misty asked.

"Ok!" Ash said with a smile. He felt some movement from his penis at the thought of seeing Misty all naked and wet.

They got out of bed and she scurried to the shower. He followed, watching Misty's naked, skinny ass as she skipped ahead of him. She got the shower going and in no time, they were both standing in the shower. Her hair was soaked and slicked back as water cascaded down her sexy young body. She pulled him into the shower and they kissed, tongues searching as they got sprayed with water. His hands slid down to her smooth, wet ass, squeezing her cheeks, as he grew harder by the second. She felt his manhood grow while it pressed against her belly and she broke the kiss, smiling.

Tingles of excitement raced through her again, originating from her pussy.

"Let me clean you off." she said seductively.

Misty grabbed the soap and lathered it up. She caressed over Ash's chest, soaping him all over his chest and arms and stomach. She turned him around and did the same to his back. He could not believe his friend was rubbing soap on his naked ass! He turned back around and she got to clean her favorite part, his penis. He was rock hard, over 6 inches poking into the air, and arousal flowed from her pussy up through her body at the sight. His cock twitched when she grabbed it, stroking him. Using both hands, she caressed his entire cock and bag, soaping it up. She looked up at him, and his lips found hers, his tongue sneaking into her mouth. Her hands stroked his cock and played with his balls as they kissed. Finally, she broke the kiss, pulling him gently by his cock into the spray of the shower. He rinsed the soap off, and Misty pushed him back out of the spray and sunk to her knees, smiling.

Misty looked up at him as she sunk the top of his penis into her mouth. He moaned, clearly seeing her entire face as her hair was slicked back. He watched Misty's mouth slide down his pole, taking almost the entire thing. She looked at him with her eyes, her mouth full of his cock. He smiled at her. The head of his cock was touching her throat. She began to bob her head back and forth, sliding his manhood in and out of her by now expert mouth.

Ash loved watching his dick appear and disappear into her mouth. Her lips were gliding ever so gently along his long shaft. Water was spraying off her shoulders, trickling down her chest over her lovely breasts as she gave Ash a fantastic blowjob. He was dying to worship her body again. Reaching under her chin, he lifted up her head, popping his dick out of her mouth.

"My turn to clean you off." he said.

Her pussy flooded at his words. Her heart sped up as she stood up in the shower before him. He grabbed the soap and lathered it up as they switched sides. He began to lather her upper body, hands caressing her soft breasts, feeling her hard nipples as he soaped her up. He kissed her, lips smacking, as he squeezed and massaged her tits.

Ash rubbed soap over her belly. Ignoring her pussy, to her dismay, he turned her around and began to soap up her back. He slowly eased his way down her back to the top of her ass, staring at its beauty. His hands caressed her ass, lathering it up. Her pussy was tingling like crazy, needing to be touched.

Ash ran soap up and down the crack of her ass, touching every inch of her butt. He turned her around again, running soap down her belly again, this time not stopping at her stomach. Her lips found his and she eagerly sent her tongue into his mouth as he lathered up her pussy. His fingers caressed her wet slit, noticing it wasn't wet from the water, but a slicker wetness that could only come from within. His fingers were teasing her clit.

"Mmmmph" Misty moaned, sending her tongue even further into his mouth.

Ash broke the kiss and pulled her back into the shower. She rinsed all the soap off her tits, stomach and pussy, and she spun around to rinse her back and ass. Seeing her rinse her skinny ass off was all he could take. She felt his hands on her and she allowed herself to be forced up against the shower wall, back to him still. He fell to his knees behind her, staring directly at her pussy. She was so turned on; she thought she could cum even without his touch.

Ash kissed her wet ass cheek, then the other one. He began to rain kisses all over her little bum, hands caressing her cheeks and spreading them. Helping him out, she raised a leg and placed a foot on the side of the shower, opening herself up for him. Spreading her ass further, Ash could clearly see her puckered little anus, and beneath it, her swollen pink pussy lips.

Burying his face in her butt, Ash stuck his tongue out as far as he could and gave her slit a lick from her clit, all the way to the bottom.

"Oh!" she moaned, closing her eyes as she pressed her face against the tiled wall.

He slid his tongue into her, licking all around the inside of her needy vagina. His hands massaged Misty's ass cheeks as his tongue eagerly lapped up and down her sensitive lips. He sucked her pussy into his mouth, running his tongue all over her slit and clit.

"Oh my.. that feels good..." she sighed.

Misty began to writhe her ass back into Ash's face as she felt the stirrings of orgasm began. He squeezed her soft ass really hard as he focused his attention on her clit. He licked at the little nub, sending waves of pleasure up her body. She didn't mind one little bit, her entire body was buzzing. After lapping at her hole a little longer, he suddenly buried his nose in her ass, giving her clitoris a lick.

"Ohh!" she squeaked out, cumming. All it took was that one little lick and she was over the edge. Her pussy was pulsating and she gasped for breath, nearly falling. Ash was relentless, licking at her insatiable cunt as fast as he could. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever, her heart was ready to explode. They had been in the shower for quite some time and it was starting to get cold as Ash's mom had also had a shower before them.

"Shower's getting cold." Ash explained. They quickly washed up again making sure to clean up their private parts extra well.

Misty stepped out of the shower and Ash turned off the water and followed her out of the shower. They both grabbed towels and began to dry themselves up.

"I am going to go get dressed. I think your clothes are still in the bedroom. I'll meet you downstairs." Ash said as he left the bathroom and went to his room to get dressed.

The two of them met downstairs where Delia had just finished cooking up some food for them. It was about mid afternoon now and they decided to say at home for the rest of the day to wait for their friends to arrive.

May and May who had stopped to rest earlier in the day had made up time and finally arrived at the Ketchum residence.

"Well Max, I guess this is where we split up. How about you come in with me and say hello to Ash before you go to visit Professor Oak and Tracey?" May asked her brother.

"Sure that would be great. I'de love to see Ash again. We haven't seen him in ages." he replied as they both went up to the front door. May knocked on the door and Mrs. Ketchum came to the door.

Mrs. Ketchum greeted May and Max and invited them in. Ash and Misty were on the couch watching TV but got up and turned to see who was at the door. Seeing that it was May and Max they both went over to greet them as well.

"Hey Ash. Great to see you again!" Max said enthusiastically.

"Nice to see you too Max! I didn't know you were coming to visit too?" Ash asked.

"Well Professor Oak is going to give me my first starter Pokemon and then I am going to work my way into the Indigo League." Max replied.

"That's great Max! It seems like just a few days ago that I was going to get my first Pokemon from Professor Oak. Pikachu turned out to be a great friend. He's there visiting with my other Pokemon now. Be sure to say hello to him too." Ash told Max as he motioned them to come and sit down.

The group talked for over an hour getting caught up on all their adventures while they were apart. It was starting to get a bit late but suddenly another knock on the door was heard. Max was just about ready to leave to Professor Oak's house where he was going to stay for a few days before he started his own Pokemon journey.

Mrs. Ketchum got up and walked to the door as she had earlier. She open the door and there stood Brock and Dawn both with a smile on their face.

"Well hello there Brock. Hello there Dawn. Come in please. We've been waiting for you." she told them as she moved out of the doorway to let them in.

"Hey Brock!" Max said as he walked over to see him.

"Hey Dawn. Nice of you to both join us." Ash said.

The group spent a few more minutes talking about what they've been doing and remembering some of their previous experiences together. Max looked outside and noticed it was starting to get dark.

"Well guys, I'de better get going. Professor Oak is expecting me and I'de rather not travel while it's dark. It's been great meeting with you all again." he said out loud.

"Hey we should get a picture of us all before Max leaves." Misty suggested looking around at everyone in the room.

"That's a great idea Misty. I'll go get the camera upstairs." Delia said as she started moving towards the stairs. May who was closest to the stairs decided she could get it.

"Ah, Mrs. Ketchum, I'm closest. Tell me where it is and I'll go get it." she told her.

"It's right beside the computer on my desk May. Thanks for getting it for me." she told her as May quickly climbed up the stairs and into the master bedroom.

May looked around quickly for the camera and found it sitting on the desk right beside the computer where Delia had said it was. May walked over and picked up the camera. She turned it on to set it up for taking pictures. Since it was on May decided to see if Ash had taken any pictures from his recent adventures as she was curious to see the pictures.

May started flipping through the pictures on the camera screen as she started walking out of the bedroom towards the stairs. It looked as though Brock had taken a lot of these pictures as she recognized his poor style of shooting. He could never get the pictures fully in focus. Most of the pictures where of Ash in the latest League contest which May had watched on television.

May continued walking down the hall to the staircase and began to walk down the stairs but continued to look at the pictures. About half way down the stairs, May had one of the biggest shocks of her life. Even though the screen was small and was hard to see, there was no mistaking this picture. May's eyes buldged and she stumbled down the next step a bit making a loud noise as she did so.

"Are you alright?" Brock said as the group all turned to look at May who was regaining her balance on the stairs.

"Uh, yeah I am alright. I kind of tripped. I should have been watching the stairs instead of the camera screen." May replied as she finished walking down the stairs and turning off the camera in the process.

Ash and Misty turned and looked at each other almost instantly both knowing they'de forgot to remove the pictures they had taken from the camera the last few days. Their hearts sank and they both slowly glanced at Mrs. Ketchum who looked back at them with a smirky smile. They all knew what May had seen on the camera but none of them knew what to do.

May walked over to Mrs. Ketchum and handed her the camera slowly giving her a bit of a blank stare.

"Thanks for getting the camera May. I'm glad you didn't get hurt." Delia said to her as she patted May on the shoulder.

"Uh, No problem Mrs. Ketchum." May replied making it seem like nothing was wrong.

"Okay, everyone go stand over there and I'll take your picture." Delia said as she turned the camera on again and pointed to the other side of the room.

Slowly the group moved over and got in formation. Misty and Ash quickly separated and got on either side of everyone else so they wouldn't draw anymore suspicion.

May's mind was still somewhat racing and was walking over like a zombie. The picture kept racing in her mind. Misty was on the bed upstairs and Ash was pounding his penis inside her. The two of them had sex but May had never thought that Ash paid any attention to girls. She had flirted with Ash many times and nothing ever happened. She wondered why Ash was now interested in girls, especially Misty. What did Misty have that was so special that she didn't have? Also the fact that someone took their picture was kind of odd to May. The picture didn't look like it was taken on a tripod as the auto focus wouldn't have produced a picture this good. The picture was in focus and well taken, so it wasn't Brock that took the picture.

May finally got into position and tried her best to smile for the camera. Her brother was now beside her and put his arm around her. Delia was motioning them to get closer and a bit more organized.

"Ash move a bit closer to the camera so you're a bit in front of everyone. I want to make this a great picture so we can frame it." Delia said as she continued to direct the group.

As Delia continued to setup the picture, May suddenly thought of who the person taking the picture could be. But it didn't seem like it would be possible but there she was in front of her setting up a picture. Could Ash's mom have been the person that took the picture of Ash and Misty having sex? That would mean that she would know about the two of them. May then discarded the thought and continued thinking of people that could have taken the picture.

"Ready, 1, 2, 3, Cheese!" Delia said as the group all looked at the camera and smiled as Delia snapped a couple pictures.

Once the pictures were taken, Max started gathering his stuff and came over to his sister to give her a hug.

"Well sis, I guess this is goodbye for awhile. I am going to miss you." Max told her.

"I am going to miss you too Max. Take care of yourself." May told him as they hugged. May had forgotten about the picture of Misty and Ash and was now remember her earlier experience with her brother as well as the many other journey's they had.

"Take care Max!" Ash said as the group started heading for the door. Max opened the door and went outside. Everyone followed him outside and watched him head towards Professor Oak's lab. They started waving as he left and a few meters from the hill, he turned around and waved to them all and continued on to the lab.

May wiped a tear from her eye as she watched her brother head off on his own journey. Her next journey was going to start soon as well but before that could happen she needed to sort out this situation with Ash and Misty as she would be travelling with them.

The group all went inside and Delia went into the kitchen and began cooking dinner. Misty began setting the table while Ash and Brock sat down on the couch and began to watch TV. May and Dawn began to talk and Dawn noticed something was bothering May thinking it was the recent departing of her brother.

"Is something bother you May? I know it must be tough for you now that your brother isn't going to be journeying with you anymore." Dawn consoled May but May just kind of smiled it off.

"Na, It's not that Dawn. I'm glad my brother is going on his own journey now. He'll learn a lot of stuff on his own." May told her as they both sat down on the chairs in the family room.

"Well if you want to talk about it. Let me know." Dawn told her while they both turned to look at Mrs. Ketchum.

"Dinner will be ready in a minute. Go wash up. Ash and Misty, you can use the bathroom upstairs, and the rest of you can use the bathroom downstairs." Delia told them.

Delia who was still a bit concerned with the earlier camera incident with May, so she walked over while she was waiting for her turn to watch up in the bathroom. She gentled grabbed her arm and slowly pulled her into the kitchen. May didn't stop her and they both entered into the kitchen.

"I'de like to quickly talk about the camera incident from earlier." Delia told May as she gently let go of her and whispered so that the others couldn't hear her.

"I see. Well as you probably know, I was a bit startled when I saw what was on it. I wasn't expecting to see something like that on it." May told Delia.

"I know. It's unfortunate that we forgot to delete those pictures off the camera. But now you know and the next question is what we are going to do about it." Delia question May as the two of them paused to think.

"I don't know Mrs. Ketchum. It was quite a surprise to me as I didn't think Ash paid any attention to girls, but after seeing those pictures of him and Misty, I am quite surprised in him." May explained.

"Well you know, if you promise not to tell anyone else, I will tell you the whole situation." Delia asked. May was intrigued to hear the whole story as to what was going on.

"I'de be very interested to hear what's going on between the two of them." May asked curiously.

"Well I have been teaching sex ed to Ash for the last few weeks and Misty caught us during one of our 'sessions' and we invited her to learn as well." Delia explained to May.

May seemed a bit shock at the explanation. It took a second or so to sink in. Ash was learning about sex from his mom and then Misty joined in too. It was almost too much to believe. Somehow though, May wasn't completely over welled by the notion that Ash was willing to do something like this. May always believe Ash would listen to anyone and follow what they told him to do.

May had repeatedly tried to get Ash to pay attention to her, but all her advances were always turned down because Ash was busy doing something else. Perhaps now Ash might be a bit more willing to follow up on her advances towards him.

"Oh wow. I'm surprised that Ash would be willing to do something like that." May finally responded. Suddenly they could hear Ash and Misty coming down the stairs.

"Why don't you come visit me in my bedroom tonight after everyone is gone to sleep? I'm sure Ash might be visiting me too." Delia quickly asked May before the group started funneling into the kitchen.

"Uh.. Sure Ms. Ketchum." May said quickly as she really didn't have much time to think about it.

They group all sat down and began to eat dinner. The meal was pretty quiet as they were all tired from the days events.

After dinner the group sat down and watched some tv and relaxed. It would still be a few days till they began their journey, so this was one of the last times they would have to relax.

A few hours past and it was getting late. Ash's mom announced it was time for them to get ready for bed and they all got up and started getting ready to sleep.

Brock was nominated to sleep on the floor with his sleeping bag but he was used to it. Misty kept the pull out bed that she'd used before and May and Dawn both setup air mattresses.

Once they had all got settled down, Ash and Delia said good night to everyone and went upstairs. Misty knew they wouldn't be sleeping in separate beds but everyone else didn't know that. She decided that once everyone had gone to bed, she'd go upstairs and join them. She still needed to talk to them about the camera incident with May earlier in the day.

Delia turned off the family room light as they went up the stairs and the group settled down and began to fall asleep. Delia and Ash passed his bedroom door and he shut the door to pretend that he went into his room. The two of them continued down the hall to the master bedroom. They both entered the room and Delia shut the door a bit but not completely as she was expecting a few more visitors later in the night.

Brock and Dawn were the first ones to fall asleep but both Misty and May were both still up pretending to be going to sleep. The both didn't know they were pretending and after about 20 minutes Misty slowly got out of the bed and tip-toed towards the stairs.

May could hear that Misty was getting up but didn't move otherwise she would alarm Misty that she was still up. Misty tip-toed up the stairs towards the master bedroom. Was Misty going upstairs to visit Mrs Ketchum and Ash? May decided that she would wait a couple minutes before getting up to check.

Misty could see that the door was still open so she walked in the room. Delia and Ash were over by the computer. Misty closed the door behind her. Delia and Ash heard her enter the room and they both greeted her and motioned her to come over to the computer.

As she got closer to the computer, Misty could see that they were both looking at the pictures and videos they had taken from the day before. The group photo was on the screen that Delia had taken earlier.

"Awe that's a great picture." Misty said as the group looked at the picture.

"Yeah it is. We had a fun day yesterday. The incident with May and the camera was a bit disturbing though. Luckly she didn't see the pictures or get hurt." Ash replied.

"We'll that's not entirely true." Delia replied in a slow and questioning voice.

"It's not?!" Ash and Misty both replied.

"We originally thought she didn't see them, but while you guys were were washing up for dinner, May and I had a talk. She did in fact see them and was quite surprised." Delia told them. Ash and Misty looked a bit scared as no one else was supposed to know what was going on.

May was now quite restless and she hadn't heard Misty return to her bed. May opened her eyes and looked over toward the pullout bed where Misty was supposed to be sleeping. She wasn't there. May quietly got up and tip-toed towards the stairs so that she wouldn't wake up Brock or Dawn. As she got up the stairs she could see light coming from the master bedroom. She slowly and quietly walked towards the door. As she got to the door, she could hear people talking.

May opened the door slowly and peaked in to see what was going on. May could see Ash, Misty and Ms. Ketchum all over by the computer.

"So what are we going to do about it? Now that May knows she's going to hold it against us." Ash ask.

May could hear Ash talking about her and the situation from earlier in the day. May decided that it was time that she had her say. She opened the door fully and walked in the bedroom. The three of them turned to see who it was.

"Well Ash, you could invite me to join in the fun as well!" May replied.

Ash nearly fell to the floor in surprise but Misty and his mom managed to catch him before he completely fell down.

Misty was blushing a bit knowing full well she had been caught but it didn't take her too long to recover.

"Well that sounds like an excellent idea May. What do you think Misty?" Delia asked.

"Well, I guess that would be alright, if Ms. Ketchum says so." Misty said directing her reply to Ms. Ketchum.

Ash was still a bit dazed but he finally recovered and got up. He was surprised how open and accepting May was about this whole situation.

"So Ash, what do you think?" his mom asked him.

"Well, as long as it's just the four of us. I don't want everyone knowing what were doing." Ash responded.

"I agree. No one speaks about this other than with each other. Deal?" Misty said looking at the group.

"Deal." each of them said in turn.

"So what are you guys looking at on the computer?" May inquired.

"Just a few pictures that we've taken over the past few days." Delia said as she turned the chair towards the computer.

The other three gathered around the screen to see the pictures as well. The group picture was still on the screen. Delia began switching through the pictures till it came to the picture that May had seen on the camera screen earlier in the day. It was one of the pictures Delia had taken of Ash and Misty.

The picture was of Ash and Misty on the bed. Ash was thrusting his penis into Misty pussy. Misty had a lustful look on her face but only part of Ash's face was visible. Delia smiled at the picture while Ash and Misty both looked at each other an blushed a bit. May looked quite excited at seeing the picture on a larger screen.

"Well it certainly looks like the two of you are enjoying having sex in that picture. I'm surprised that you would even think of having sex let alone actually doing it." May told Ash as she switched her focus from the screen to him. It took Ash what seemed to him like a minute or so to respond to her.

"Well my mom helped me learn about that kind of thing. I'm still learning though. But now that I know what to do, I really enjoy it and its fun." Ash explained to her.

"Well then, why do you show me what you've learned Ash!" May told him as she moved away from the computer and started heading towards the bed motioning to him to follow him.

Will Ash finally accept May's advances and show her what he's learned? How will Misty and Delia react to this situation?
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