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Another story involving Lunamew. This one is not based on anything in particular, just more raep. :)

Story Notes:

In this you will notice Lunamew mentioning Team Rocket. To understand Lunamew's relation to Team Rocket, you will need to understand Lunamew's background which Lunamew herself was kind enough to share with me:Lunamew was once a human, but after too many failed missions, she was used in experiment to splice pokemon DNA with human DNA. The result was a brand new type of pokemon they called Lunamew.

  1. Chapter 1 (2997 words)

    Date:Jan 31 2021 Title:Chapter 1

    Some typos, if you want to edit it, later:

    "attempt to intimidate the gesture" imitate?

    " it took like effort for the Dragonair " little?

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