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A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 10

Mechanized Jewel 10

Morning arose, Mecha having beating the sun up. He stared at the horizon, breathing lightly in the crisp morning air. They had laid waste to a G.O.R.D. base yesterday...and they now knew where they had to go to find and defeat Praxis. "Morning. You have a confident aura on you this morning I see." The green energy ball that floated near was the time elemental as she starts to form behind him.

"Really? You think so?" he chuckled, "I don't feel so confident..."

"I didn't say how much." She said as her staff tapped his shoulder as she walked to stand beside him. "I felt tht you are confident in the fact that today might be the start of the end of something tormenting. That is what I sense."

He smiled at her, "Guess you got me there." he sighed, "I just wonder how this story will end..."

Green nodded as she would say something but knows her place with such power should only be broken if it ment serious time altering was required. "I will only say that there is a happy ending somewhere in time. Just remember the plot has ways to discourage but there is the story's ending."

Mecha nodded, "I guess." he was still deep in thought, " you really think Praxis knows something about the Master Emerald? I mean...the way he talked...he knew something we didn't..."

Green grips her staff a bit harder. "I do got a theory. Something I'm not sure is even possible since the Master Emerald isn't even at it's fullest power but would be something that could be used with one of the fatestones."

He blinked, tilting his head, "What?"

With a spin of her staff he saw an image made while she spoke. "Some people got the idea tht using a gem that holds a certain power could empower a machine. Such like a mineral heart. If the power produced by the stone or something simular is pumped though the body then the robot can work."

Mecha nodded, "You think if he did find it...he put it in one of his twisted death bots then."

"If he did...he'd have only one chance since the ones that created the stone took that secret to the grave when they restarted the planet."

Mecha nodded, as he went to start a fire, "Green...thanks." he smiled at her, "Can I make you anything for breakfast?"

Shaking the image out of her staff she starts to walk back to the camp. "I think ham or bacon will do."

He nodded, starting to make up the breakfast as others began getting up. Espa was one of the first out of the tent, "Oh? Mecha's making us breakfast! Maybe he'll cook me up a nice big sasuage maybe?" Mecha glared as she burst into a giggle, as he brother followed her out, "Maybe he'd like a nice big sasuage sis?" Mecha shivered, cringing.

It was a funny moment as a tap to the umbreon's rear was quick to hit him from nowhere as Green was as suddenly behind him as she was when she at times appeared behind others. "Do you two ever mind your manners?" the time vixen said as if she was a teacher. Jewel was getting up as she was wondering what's going on and takes a peak out.

Umbro snickered, "Come on...what's the harm? it's all in good fun..."

Mecha growled, "And I'd like to give you all in good foot up the ass."

"Clearly how you define fun isn't the same as his." Jewel spoke up as she got her tails covering her body before they came off to show herself in her traveler's clothing again looking like they were fresh from the laundry. Green sees Red and Black were with their repective allies as was Wic as he took his blindfold off to greet the day.

Nina got out of her tent, giggling, "Morning all." she looked to Lucifer, "Sleep well with your firey vixen?"

Lucifer blushed up, "I didn't inviter her in! She did so while I was sleeping! I wasn't aware you hear me!"

Red nodded. "He's right. I was just giving him company. AND not that kind." She said while looking at Nina, Umbro and Espa with a sharp tounge. The three snickered, as Lance was the last out, yawning, "What's for breakfast?" he noticed what Mecha was cooking, and smiled, "Goodie!" He got a seat.

The others got a seat where they wanted as they at as Green had one of her summons, Carbuncle, out for a little protection if something comes up. Mecha blinked, staring at the buneary, "Umm...well I've never seen her before."

Red swallows as she spoke up. "That would be Carbuncle. A sniper's pain in the tail for projectiles are given the mirror treatment." As if to explain in action she threw a fireball at it. The crew saw a bubble appear around it for a breif moment before the firebll was shot back at Red. The elemental caught it quickly. "See?" The green furred, red gem wearing Buneary looks around while checking everyone out.

Mecha blinked, "Wow. Isn't that nice." he chuckled, petting the buneary's head, "Nice to meet you." he gulped down the last of his breakfast, before blinking, "Hey...where's Blue? I thought she was out when we went to bed."

Nina snickered, "Maybe she joined Red in Lucifer's tent. After all...he seems to be gunning for both of them."

"I'm the medic if you forgot or did your injuries heal that fast?" Said Blue as the nurse elemental got a basket of herbs and her battle gloves on. Nina smiled, giggling as Lucifer was crimson, looking at his meal and eating in silence. Red was leaning on him as she ate while Blue was eating some of the Jerky made earlier.

Umbro snickered, "Well...if he is aiming to capture the hearts of both Blue and Red..." Espa finished for him, "He's succeeded with Red."

Red had to be glad she was the color she is as she did have a blush hidden by it. "Bun?" Carbuncle's ears spiked up looking into the woods. Instantly all of D.O.R.s were focused on the same direction, seriousness dropping over the camp fire.

It was carbuncle that moved first as she blocked a direct number of ice like arrows. "BUN..EARY!" The reflect power she had sent the arrows back to the sender. Jewel realized there was one for each of them including Carbucle. "Nice block Carbucle."

Mecha's blades were out, as were the weapons of the other Ex G.O.R.D. members, "Who's the dead mon!?"

"FIRST THAT STUIPD RABBIT! FROST TOWER!" They see a Glaceon wearing a white ice like mask, as well as white clothing standing before them with his fist hitting the ground, aiming at the Buneary from below but didn't expect Green taking the blow for her summon as a tower of ice formed where she was. "Stupid summoner, annoying things if you ask me."

Before the glaceon knew it though, he was slammed to the ground and held there, Mecha growling, "You picked a bad day to mess with us."

"I know you fools are in the way of the bounty I'm either Relengquish the sage or I'm going to make you all and this forest experince cold death." His body flashed before Mecha saw he made a snow double as he was back to standing, glaring at Jewel which held her hammer with clear intent on defending herself, Carbuncle standing next to her as the Glaceon has an angermark when looking at the little annoyance.

Espa and Umbro smirked, standing in front of the two, "Bounty hunter brother..." Umbro nodded, "Very sad sister...shall we..." Espa smiled, "kill him? Yes!"

His paw soon created a chain of pure ice as his hand glows, the area now gaining a hailstorm. "Ladies last. FREEZE CHAIN!" Espa felt the sudden chill go up from her legs to her head as ice chains bind her. The glaceon just managed to catch the attack from Umbro as another Ex G.O.R.D. was taking advantage of the moment.

Lucifer slammed down on the glaceon, blasting out fire as he did so. "Leave the ice works to Blue."

Lucifer saw he meltd an ice double as he glows, getting between them. "Take this, Frozen Arrow Storm!" /Blue had to move as she used the ice around to make a wall of ice to defend from the many shots of ice energy. "You guys ok?" Asked the nurse. They nodded, growling. The Glaceon grrs as he was about to strike but felt he couldn't move. Slipping out of his shadow was Black. "I got it him gang. WHA!" Black was caught from below with ice going up her legs.

Mecha had had enough, "That's it!" He struck with such speed, the glaceon was torn in two from the kick.

Black was half incased in ice when he did that, killing the ice type but his cold remains of his battle still around as hale hits down. Jewel shakes her head. "I would say we can chill now but we got enough ice here." said Red as Blue shook their heads. Mecha panted, holding his position for a while, calming down. When he recovered he turned to help those he could. The worst of them was Green as Espa got ice pulled off of her and Black got chizzled out of her ice leggings. The tower of ice still had Green when the others got to it and Red melted the ice.

When Green was finally out, Mecha took off his coat, showing off what was underneath it for the first time to anyone outside of Jewel, black leather vest and pants, red stiching saying G.O.R.D. with Destroyer underneath that, obviously his own work. He used his coat to cover Green up, "You gonna be okay?"

Green nods as she sneezed. "I'm ok. Frozen in ice isn't death but staying in it long enough is. What happened to the others?"

"All okay. And the glaceon is toast." he smiled, getting Green to the fire to warm up. Green smiled as she let her body heat up. Red gave Espa some hot chocolate to drink up. "Here you go."

Espa smiled, shivering lightly, "Thank you Red." Umbro snuggled up with her to help her warm up. Mecha stretched, "Great...eventful at morning...and we got 3 weeks of walking to get to the base..." he smiled, "Least that means we can get prepared." Green rubbed her shoulders a bit. "Between the bounty hunters trying to snare Jewel and the G.O.R.D. this is going to be some trip."

Mecha nodded, while Lucifer, Lance, Nina, Umbro, and Espa eyed Mecha, mainly his vest. It's when Black spoke up that probably broke the tensions. "Something bugging you Lance?"

Lance decided to give voice to every D.O.R.s question. " you really hate G.O.R.D. so much?"

Mecha sat down, being silent, "You tell me Lance...your memories are taken...your life as it was ceases...and you're brought back as a killer..." Mecha stared into the flames.

Red nodded, "It's understandable. Hating the very thing that took all that made you who you used to be."

Lucifer eyed Mecha, "You'd have spared no one in G.O.R.D.?" Mecha didn't respond. "You know some of us didn't have much choice in our servise!"

"I don't think that helps the case. Anyone following them would be considered a threat."

Lucifer sighed, nodding, " what lengths would you have gone..." Espa and Umbro finished, "To destroy G.O.R.D.?"

Mecha took a deep breath, "...Any."

Jewel had a feeling what she heard from the others was a softener for this hard truth. But she holds her paw on his shoulder as Green stood up after drying off. "I'll help you out the best I can." Jewel told him.

"Same here. Jewel isn't the only one that cares for you."

Mecha smiled, "Thank you...all of you."

Jewel kissed him as she knew it'd help relax him. Wic held Nina's paw as he can tell this is serious. Red looked up to Lucifer to see his responce. Black kept her eyes to the woods as she's the only one that kept watch for anything else out today. Lucifer was solem, then added more flame to the fire, to ward off the last bits of cold that lingered before they set out. Mecha just held onto Jewel, staring into the flame, while Nina snuggling into Wic's chest.

The chill of the winter foe is fully gone as Jewel had her tails aorund him as well as her arms. Blue has already returned to Jewel as Red held onto the Charizrd. Wic kept a hold on her as he can tell the seriousness of the place was heavy. Mecha sighed, "Come on guys...we've got a 3 week point putting it off any longer." The others nodded, getting up and heading down the road for the first town where they'd stop and rest.
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