AGNPH Stories

A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 11

Dawn rose on the small clearing to the side of the road. Several tents were in it, and Lucifer was the only one out of them. The charizard cyborg was stretching, getting ready for the walking ahead. A moment later he heard someone coming out of his tent. Red stretching out as she was still in the same clothing as before. "Mmmmmm Morning Lucifer."

He smiled, waving, "Morning."

"So, how you feeling fireball?" She said while standing over the expired fire.

He smiled, "Pretty good."

"Good to know. I thought you'd need more help to keep your spirit up." She said, patting his back too.

He smiled at her, spitting out a little flame, "I'm okay. Besides...I've got you and Blue to keep me company. How can I complain about two lovely ladies?"

"Blue usually doesn't stay around as long as I do. Though she does understand you having feelings for her."

The charizard went so crimson, anyone could see it. "What!? Wh...who says I have feelings...for her?"

"Simple. I'm the one trying to know you better and you're worried about the one that turned you into a dragon cube." The fem grinned a bit, seeing she did get to him a bit.

He looked down, "I'm not saying...that I don't like you Red."

"Right. But if anything I'm not offended. Just surprised you got feelings for her too despite how she's not always with you." She said comforting him.

"'s just...she kinda reminds me...of Gabriel."

"I see. Blue's kind of like the healing mom to the crew. Usually nice but she'll clearly give you chills when pissed." She said with a pat to his back.

He chuckled, "I know that from experience." he smiled at Red, "Just like my Gabriel." he sighed, "I miss her. And my beautiful kids."

The fire fem grips his hand as she had to look at him sternly. "You're lucky you might see them again. My family and friends are long gone and neither I...nor the other element girls for that matter have got that hope of really passing on to the next life." She took a breath, looking up and then smiling. "But for this life, why not we make a difference in this world?"

He looked down, feeling selfish; "Sorry." looks her in the eyes, "You're right."

Red nods. "It's ok. You miss them but of all things you're still here. You're their last voice so use it to make some noise."

He smiled, nodding, "You're right. Thanks Red." he blushed lightly, giving her a peck on the cheek.

The fire fem chuckled and blushed up. "Welcome. Now about waking up the slowbros."

"I heard that Red." Mecha came out, smirking. "And it's not like we need to's still gonna be a week before we reach our target."

"Well we didn't see you up and I rather be ready to move than to have sleeping crew." Red retorted.

Lucifer nodded, "She's right...besides...every minute we Praxis more time to plot."

"Well it would surprise him if we used Green's time power to race to his place; he wouldn't know we hit him till it was too late." Offered Jewel, hearing Lucifer's call while the others were getting up.

Everyone had gathered and began thinking over it. Espa nodded, "She's right. We could catch him off guard if we attacked as such."

Jewel bit her lip a bit but as ready to try it. "I'm warning you here and now, the power that the magic would use on me would leave me drained for a while and I might not be able to cast any spells for a while or if Green does it, won't be able to summon any assist monsters or time spells."

That had every ex-GORD shake their head, "There's also the chance Praxis is already ready...we shouldn't risk it." Umbro pointed out. "We'll just get there the long way, it's safest."

"So fucked if we do and fucked if we don't. How fun?" called out Pink though Jewel, the later quieting her with a headshake before Jewel spoke up. "I think this is a matter for the ones that know the foe better. At least it'll work better for us all." with that the magician looks to them. The ex-GORDs all agreed, they should walk there.

Jewel nods "Ok...we're walking. And as long as we-"

"DON'T... you dare say it. That's just asking for a jynx to come and flash us with something we don't want to have an experience in." Black said stopping Jewel before she finished.

"'s far too late for that." a figure appeared, it was GORD, this one a machamp. "I'm not gonna let you fools get anywhere near lord Praxis."

Jewel summoned her hammer fast as she looked up. Black having her humor pulled her blade out as she spoke out "I bet your mom was one of those Jynx whores that I thought would show up." The other elemental girls were ready as they jumped back.

MachampDOR smirked, as five of him appeared, "Feisty. I'm gonna enjoy making you my fuck toy."

LucarioDOR growled, "Not gonna hap..." One of the MachampDOR's appeared behind him and smashed him into the ground. It was an all out brawl as Black used her shadow to teleport below the Machamp and then stab his body going up while stabbing him with a dagger she got up his back. Jewel had to call out one of the strongest elements to help in this fight as Orange now got in the mess that was going on.

MachampDOR wasn't letting up, barely able to match Orange in power, as another kept the DORs busy, and another kept Jewel and the girls preoccupied. With the one on Black and Lancet, the final MachampDOR was facing Mecha. "I don't know why...but Praxis wants your torso brought back...but your head and limbs aren't in the same bout."

Jewel was giving the muscle bound fighter a pain in the neck as, being a magician, used her magic to confuse, infuriate, and taunt him without wearing herself out on physically striking him but used her hammer to send stones his way. Red keeping her distance with the ones on her as she shot fire orbs at him, orange the only one able to bash and brawl him at full strength. Wic having to fight with Nina as he hated to have her fight against such brutes. The fight's all over the area are going to mess the place up for sure.

Lancet was screaming in pain as MachampDOR attempted to rip off an arm, batting Black away when she tried to help. The one on the girls was getting infuriated at Jewel, and trying his best to crush her skull. The one on the ex-DORs was having fun pushing his old comrades back. The one on Mecha was just enjoying the fight, Mecha matching him blow for blow, much like Orange was doing.

Orange growled as she knew what she had to do with how the fights were going. "Jewel, summon... I'm going for it." "You know your final form is made of what his species can beat up right?" asked Jewel as she tricked the DOR into a block of ice to freeze him for a while. Orange's eyes glowed as she flung the MachampDOR she had into the sky. "DO IT! These boys don't know the real power of earth and they deserve the lesson." the Orange element called out. Glowing green the magician casted her elemental spell. Jewel then called out "Green spell: Summon. TITAN I release thee!" Soon the round rock of a pokemon appeared, but unlike Golems of the world they are in, the summon was as tall as half of a tall tree, easily making him huge enough to endure some blows while helping out. Orange herself growls as she gets ready for her own move.

Just then a howl erupted; one of the MachampDOR sent flailing back in pieces. Mecha was hunch over, growling menacingly, his eyes aglow and filling with bloodlust. The MachampDOR on Lancet blinked, "What the?"

" does work." another DOR appeared, this one an alakazam. "Lord Praxis will be most pleased to note that his latest device works wonders." he held up what looked like a high tech tuning fork. Mecha turned on AlakazamDOR, "DIE!" He rushed on all fours. "Not today traitor." AlakazamDOR teleported away, and shortly after Mecha shook his head, groaning lightly in pain.

Jewel knew something was wrong as that meant the foes pulled a fast one on them. Black, while the others were distracted, used her sneaking skills to kill the MachampDORs at the ex-DORs with a behind the back kill. Orange didn't transform but caught the DOR she fought in her arms and bare hugged him, Jewel using her power to seal one in pure ice. Jewel then went to the one Orange is holding as she wanted answers. "What the fuck is going on... and what was that.... AlakazamDOR doing around here?"

He glared, as the one that was beating on Lance quickly resumed his task, succeeding in ripping off the lucario's arm. The one in Orange's grasp vanished. "Hell if I know..." tossed the arm to Black, "Now come with me sweetie...I can fuck you loads better than LucarioDOR here." he cackled.

Black's eyes turned dark... as energy flooded around her. An emotion she embraced really surrounded her. As her eyes soon reappeared, golden red. "YOUR DEAD ASSHOLE!" On that the area became a pitch black as night. Barely visible was what was once the fem of the night but a hybrid of what looked like an all black arcanine with dragonite wings in blackness. But to the DOR that hurt her love, he saw her only a moment before his body got torn appear in the darkness. Red's fireball was the only light in the area.

Lance was shaking and groaning in pain, shivering clutching at the hole that was his arm. "DAMN IT!"

He felt a nose nudge at him after a moment, bodies of the fallen on the floor as the light returned, Lance's arm was just beside him, a little wet but it's near him again. And for the first time the DOR's Saw the transformation of the Dark fem. Jewel herself made a note to ask what the moon happened at some base later. For now she needs to get them healed up.

Lance was whimpering, shaking. Mecha was on the ground, trying to recover from his near loss of control. Yellow was called out to repair Lance and his arm as the Wolf-Dragon version of Black lays on his lap. Jewel meanwhile had to ask Mecha something. "Love... do you know what they were planning? Because if anything we probably need to know." She held onto him as she said that... fearing he'll be broken inside and out.

"Whatever AlakazamDOR was driving me to my feral form." with a groan he held his head.

Pink had to speak up, knowing this was someone else's idea to keep it slow. "I hate to say it but we might have been better off ambushing him like Jewel offered."

"Give it a rest; we need at least a few days to heal all the way even with my power." Blue said as she heals the injured.

Mecha nodded, "yeah." he sighed, shaking his head, as Lance screamed in agony as his arm was reattached.

Yellow had to take breaks to let him adjust, the look on his face worrying the hound that is keeping him down from thrashing in pain. Jewel looks to the others as she spoke. "Listen...everyone. I'm sorry I didn't think against this and let you all get harmed like this."

"Hey don't blame yourself Jewel, those jackasses had it set up before we knew it. I bet not even Nina or Espa saw this coming with how keen their senses are." Wic said as he clearly had bruises on himself. Red had to smirk at how he's flattering at least two fems in one shot.

Lucifer nodded, "She's right. Praxis obviously had this planned." he rubbed at a bruised side.

Red helped bandaged him up as those with emotional scare's only have someone close to them. Wic speaking up again. "Now if you don't mind we need recovery time for this, and probably Blue's healing rain around us for a few days."

Blue blinks on that. "You sure?"

"well not in a big local area but still we need some healing."

Lucifer shook his head, "Just a quick shower should be enough. We need some recovering, but not something as grand as that Boner." everyone chuckled, spirits starting to lift, even with Lance. Wic had to hold his head on that, he had it coming and he could only lay his face in his love's body...turning red when he realized what he did. Jewel couldn't help but snicker from that kind of moment. Nina giggled, petting Wic, "There there can hide in momma's bosom." Wic sweat drops hard, knowing he's going to need to take care of his problem after this.

Red chuckled. "Aren't you a funny mon?" She said rubbing him a bit as blue got to healing them.

Lucifer blushed, looking down, "Aww...thanks." he turned to Blue, "And thanks for that lovely healing touch."

"You're welcome. Though surprised you don't know any sky moves that would have helped out." Blue said while taking care of his wings.

He looked down, "I was always told I was a moron for not learning any."

Red had to rub him a bit on his head. "Never too late to learn fireball. Besides, I bet there's a way to teach you at least one move from that category, and probably the most useful: Fly."

He smiled, perking up, "Right!"

"Though for now your grounded." Blue said as she turned to see Black back to normal, panting as Lance saw her see the cast on his arm to keep it locked in for a while to help repair the organic part of it.

Lucifer nodded, watching as Lance pulled his female next to him, wrapping his good arm around her. The charizard smiled, and decided to do the same with Blue, as his other arm went around Red. "There now we aren't outcasts."

Mecha chuckled, "Any excuse to wrap the both of them in your arms huh?"

Lucifer blushed, but was still smiling, "Darn right."

Blue had to rub her head, giggling from it as Red hugged him. Black meanwhile caught her breath and looked to Lance. "You ok Lance? I kinda um...whited out on you." said black, using the opposite color for when she would presume to have blacked out. Jewel smiles and looks to see that the crew in brighter spirits.

Lance nodded, kissing her cheek, "I'll be good. Just a little pain...but it should be gone."

Black sat by Lance with a grin while Jewel looked at the place. Looked like they wouldn't be leaving this place for a while thanks to that muscled freak that jumped them. Everyone sighed, getting snug with that special someone.

Green kept out as she looks other the others so as to keep the tensions down as the ones loved kept together to support each other. "GORD, what is your next move...I know you're up to something bigger than just destroying your own malfunctioning creations."
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