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A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 9

A Mechanized Jewel Ch.9

Mecha growled, "Damn...they must have known we were coming. They've got this place under tight gaurd now." Lucifer nodded, it would make sense that G.O.R.D. knew, Praxis seemed to know everything. "I don't think he fully knows about us. If he did he'd have a watch tower near each part. I can sense that all power is evenly spread out so far." Said Jewel but with her eyes glowing green and her tail too it's one of the elements speaking up.

"Were going to need a tactical diversion to spread them out." Black called out, "though I'm not the element for tactics like this."

Mecha thought about it, before Lucifer stood up, "I can run diversion."

Mecha shook his head, "not'll need some help."

"Then how about Red and Blue? They can give me ample support. Red will play ranged support, and Blue will bust out the heals."

Red nods. "As well as physical short ranged support. She isn't just a nurse."

Jewel mmmed as she agreed with them. "I could send pink in if we have back up problems."

Mecha nodded, "Alright then...Lucifer...raise some hell." The cybornetic charizard nodded, and held out a paw to both of his support, "Shall we ladies?"

Red grinned as she held his paw. Soon he saw blue energy form into the vixen of the same name soon hold his hand. "This'll be fun." called out Red, ready to go. He flew off, heading for the perfect location. And upon landing there, he got on all four, and had his mouth opened wide. "Breaker Beam!" A massive blast shot out, creating a large explosion, getting the attention of the G.O.R.D. grunts easily.

The surprise for them was what hit them as they were coming out, getting either burned by fireballs or crash on ice to get hurt later on. Lucifer smirked, "Come on then! Show me what you've got!" He rushed for the grunts.

Mecha smiled, "Alright then...let's get going!" he began moving for the base while Lucifer played decoy. Jewel nodded as the others moved with her...Black keeping in the back as she had a feeling something is coming up. The main force as it were kept moving, till they reached the entrance of the base. As Mecha led the group forward, he was knocked back and into a tree. "Mecha, it's so nice to see you..."

"Again." Standing in front of them was an espeon and umbreon cyborg. "We have so..."

"Missed you." finished the Umbreon male. He smiled, "And I bet you missed seeing us..."

"Going at it like a pair of lopunnies."

Jewel was fast to use her tails to help Mecha back up. "What ever happened to the simple appear behind the door routine followed by the guards all over?" Jewel commented, pulling her hammer out with clear confidence that these two are going to do something. Mecha growled, "Ass holes...I never once enjoyed those shows you gave me!"

"Really? Didn't you at least get..."

"Hard?" finished EspeonD.O.R. with a grin and wink.

"DO you two ever think of something besides sex? I swear your Nymphs." Jewel stood infront of Mecha as she had started to get tired of the two talking like that.

EspeonD.O.R. blinked, "Who are you anyway? And why..."

"Do you care if we enjoy sex? After all we love..."

"One another, and sex is best with someone you love." EspeonD.O.R. smiled, murring lightly.

Jewel shook her head "No, I can enjoy sex...but talking about it at a time like this is twisted. and you can call me the Rainbow Magician."

EspeonD.O.R. giggled, "Why can't we have fun with..."

"Our friend Mecha? Is it a crime?" UmbreonD.O.R. snickered, then sighed, "But she is right sister."

"Yes she is. We can't have fun. Lord Praxis told us to kill Mecha, LucarioD.O.R., Mecha-Nine, and CharizardD.O.R. so we have to get to work brother."

UmbreonD.O.R. shook his head, "Sorry Mecha. Nothing personal, but...we've got know how it works."

This is when Jewel shakes her head. "Now THAT... is where you'll be as wrong as can be. I'll help make sure you two are six feet under or captured for good." With that she gripped her hammer in her paws, ready to strike. "Taking a life before it's time is a clear crime. I'll defend Nina with my life." Wic stood infront of her as he held his weapon at ready.

The two sighed, and spoke as one, "We enjoy killing as much as Mecha...we're sorry, but we've no choice. Orders are orders...and our orders are to kill them and any who help them." the two took up complimentary fighting positions. Mecha growled, "becareful guys...these two are D.O.R.s after all. And together, they shouldn't be taken lightly." He, Lance, and Nina all took up positions next to their mates.

The first move was a surprise as UmbreonD.O.R. was shot forward by behind with a train's force, sending him right into Jewel's hammer as she send him from the crew and into EspeonD.O.R. Black having a snicker as she held a hand into her shadow behind Lance. "Twins got as many downs as ups so I don't see their dangers yet."

That when the twins bounded back, then vanished in a blink, before Black was sent airborn, then beaten around this way and that, before they sent her back to earth. "Dark!" "Psychic!" "BLAST!" the two launched a powerful ball of energy at Black. "Not happening!" Lancet held his blade up, and intercepted the attack, but wasn't able to push it back. All he could do was hold it off from hitting his love, though he wouldn't be able to do it for long. Lucky for him though, Mecha was able to slice the attack apart. "You two will have to do better than that!"

EspeonD.O.R. sighed, "he's right brother. We will." The two sighed again, before crackling with energy, "FERAL FORM!!!" the two vanished from their clothing, feral espeon and umbreon taking their place. Though these pokemon had strange markings on metalic plates over their bodies. Lance growled, "Watch it! EspeonD.O.R. can bend time! And UmbreonD.O.R. can alter perception of things!"

"NOT if I can hold it." Jewel's eye's flicker as she nwo takes forward. Her body having a breif glow before it's another powerful hit out for UmbreonD.O.R. which sent him to another room. Black following Jewel as Wic keeps with Nina as he knows what is coming is going to be harsh for him. Espcially without magic support Jewel would provide. It was after the dust settled that Jewel realized that she had attacked Mecha. "Ouch...fucking twins...and their tricks." Lance and Nina both nodded, "Feral Form!" the two became feral, Lance looking very spiky, and Nina looking like a ninetale's statue of honor, holding the very same markings Espeon and UmbreonD.O.R. held. The two rushed for the twins, who were safe atop the roof.

Wic was the one that surprised them both as the feral espeon saw a wall of earth split her and her brother apart...Wic on the side she's on. "Much as I hate to harm a lady I'm at least willing to try and not fatally kill. Your boss is probably not as mercyful." EspeonD.O.R. smiled, before disappearing. Wic felt several dozen blows to his gut before Nina had the sister airborn, and open to attack. Lance was occupied with UmbreonD.O.R. and he was able to avoid his speiciality since he could sence aura, and that wasn't easy to alter, much to umbreonD.O.R.'s dismay.

Wic held his gut before he focused...holding his blade before aiming it as Nina and EspeonD.O.R. fought, he got a very strong blow to her back, aiming to disable her mental power and movement to the neck down. With Lance, the assasin elemental sent up a dark flare, the darkness now blinding both of her love and his foe before UmbreonD.O.R. felt blades are jabbing at him. The energy weapons attacking him while sight is impossible. The twin both fell through the roof, groaning as they tried to stand up. The two looked to one another, before they were grabbed in chains then yanked together. Mecha smiling, " you two give up?" the two looked at Mecha, before sighing, nodding as they returned to normal. EspeonD.O.R. giggled lightly, "Didn't know you wanted to see me naked so bad." She showed off her body to him, "Or maybe..."

"You want to check me out?" UmbreonD.O.R. did the same display.

Mecha covered his eyes, "I'm blind!"

It was no surprise rings bound the two of them and kept them from moving as Jewelwriter threw more rings to be sure they are disabled from moving. "If you had more respect then it's female only for stars sake. HE is stright after all." Jewel demanded as she pulled the Umbreon to her while keeping the Espeon where she is. Black smirked as she rubbed her arm. "Glad I got pay back on one of you two wonder-twins."

UmbreonD.O.R. chuckled, "Can't I have a little fun with him? I know he's straight...just like we knew..."

"That he hates to see a brother and sister fucking on his bed." Mecha cringed at that memory.

EspeonD.O.R. smiled, "I take it from how you protect him...that he's the one you enjoy sex with...cause you don't look like a lover of any type of sex."

Jewel shook her head. "To be real he's my love, I do enjoy sex, but were just starting." As she sat the two down. "Fact is I almost got raped when I was little so my experience with sex hasn't been roses."

UmbreonD.O.R. awwed, "That's is so much fun. I hope the guy got his just deserts for nearly wrecking what is the best fun in the whole world." EspeonD.O.R. nodded, as her brother went on, "Still...we just poke fun at Mecha. Not like my sexy sister forced him down and forced him to watch us fuck...if he stayed...which he didn't, it was under his own lust to watch us hump."

"Maybe but you of all should respect others nd not flaunt around like a pair of nudist. I mean you both sound like you come from Pink's home." It's by then UmbreonD.O.R. noted the surprise appearance of the elemental time fem. UmbreonD.O.R. humphed, "You lot are no fun. Everyone else found it funny."

"I DIDN'T!" Mecha yelled, glaring.

EspeonD.O.R. giggled, "You laughing wasn't obviously didn't mind it as much as you'd like everyone to believe...if you did you would have threatened to kill weren't and still aren't above that." Mecha fell silent, before pouting in a corner, while the other cyborgs burst into laughter.

It was followed by a giggle. It was out of Jewelwriter's muzzle but one of her tails were glowing as her eyes were glowing one color. "You two aren't such meanies after all. Wouldn't have been surprised if you two are turned into mass produection factories of the naughty kind."

Jewel shook her head as she looks to her pink tail. "I hate it when they do that."

UmbreonD.O.R. smiled, "Hey bring that one out! She sounds like she's got a good head on her shoulders."

EspeonD.O.R. giggled, "Maybe she's got a hot bod to go with it."

With a shrug Jewel looks to the ground. "Color Release, Pink."

No sooner she said that Pink was out in her toga as she lays in full view of the bre while his sis got a few of the back of the element. "I do got a good head. The uptight one that shot at you was Green." Pink pointed her out. "And thanks for the flattery."

The twins purred, UmbreonD.O.R. looking to Mecha, "Hey Mecha...sure you got the right fem of the group?"

Jewel was the one that spoke up. "He is for me. I'm just trying to give him a paw when I can."

Mecha hugged her, "Yeah...she's the fem for me. No questions about it."

UmbreonD.O.R. shrugged, "Guess you missed out then." EspeonD.O.R. giggled, getting at her brothers side...then into his lap.

"NOT AGAIN!" Mecha rushed out, shielding his eyes, as laughter came from all of his cybornetic comrades.

Wic was having a time keeping his laughter as Jewel rushed after Mecha, Pink having a clear laugh while she started to grope EspeonD.O.R. up.

The cybornetic espeon murred, smiling at Pink. "So...LucarioD.O.R. and Mecha-Nine have new names...guess we deserve some too."

UmbreonD.O.R. nodded, "Yeah...I think I'll go with...Umbro."

"I'll take...Espa." Pink started to reach between the two giving a playful grope to Umbro.

"Much as this is entertaining shouldn't we let them be with their fun?" Wic called out as Black was clearly keeping her back to the show. The other's nodded, and left, while Umbro murred, his length growing in between the folds of Espa's sex. "We'll let you three be. Later Pink." Jewel called out.

"Sure." Pink replied, as she got into the fun with the two eons. Espa murred, giggling, "I rather like Pink bro."

"Oh yes sis...I like her too."

Pink grins holding two orbs as she pressed one to each of their backs. "It might be love when you discover what powers I got. Better yet, why not show them?" As they can feel lust that seemed to have been locked in them for ages as the elemental starts to disrobe while the sibblings got it on. The two murred and started humping, licking at one another as Umbro slammed into his sister, hard and fast. Pink purred while enjoying the show, her own paw rubbing herself as she got a great view. The twins kept slamming into one another, "oh yes! So good...I'm loving our new friend sis!" Espa could only wail out in pure bliss.

Pink decided to have some more fun at the bre's expense as he soon felt his gems get painted by the tounge of their guest. Umbro moaned out, panting and going at Espa faster and harder, "oh gods...she's so good..." Espa wailed out, as she came again. Pink got a bit wet as he kept banging her, admiring how relentless he is in screwing the other silly. Eventually though, the fun came to an end, as Umbro slammed deep inside of his sister, moaning out as globs of cum flew into her. Pink awwed as he filled the sister. "All that for her or do you two share every moon or two?"

They smiled at Pink, "Want some fun too huh? We don't mind sharing our fun with others." The two giggled as they approached Pink. Pink purrled as she was soon between dark and psychic pokemon, her toga quickly showing of her nude body. Umbro smiled, as he pressed his throbbing member into her, while Espa groped Pink, licking at the fem's neck. Pink groaned as she started to milk Umbro with her needing box while leaning to Espa. Umbro moaned, as he started to fuck Pink, hard and fast, slamming his hips to hers. Espa smiled, "Isn't my bro's cock the greatest?" she giggled, groping and fondling the vixen more.

"Clearly he's OHHYES VERY TALENTED!" Pink started to wail out she felt herself fucked so good, trying to grip him harder. Umbro kept going at her, moaning out in pure delight as he humped her faster and harder. Pink wailed out as she's shows her tallents as she grips and adjusted herself with a moan of joy to keep plesing Umbro. Umbro moaned out, "So good...gonna cum!" he kept slamming at Pink, as Espa worked the vixen over. Pink was getitng close as she felt the two work her into a peak of pure bliss, followed by her sent over it as she milked the male hard. Umbro slammed in with a loud grunt, and came inside of Pink, spilling his white gold deep into her tunnel.

Pink panted as she was filled and gave long licks and some kisses to him, giggling all the while. Umbro returned the licks and kisses, Espa helping him, both of them chuckling lightly. Pink chuckled looking to the two. "Tell me, you two ever wanted to start one of those deep relationships like others?" She had to be curious since she felt how deeply they loved eachother.

Umbro and Espa both smiled, nodding. Pink grined..making a special orb appear in one of her paws. "Might want to brace yourself Espa, since this'll be a little deep." As she pushed it into her the Espeon can feel her body's sensation spike as the elemental energy altered her from within, knowing that when this is done the two are probably going to be creating their own army of eons. Espa shivered and shook, "Wha...what was...that?"

Pink grins. "A gift from me as long as you two behave. That gift is going to give you something very special but you'll have to do some work yourself. Afterall, when's the last time you heard a pelliper delivering eevees without two mon having some naughty fun?"

Espa smiled, before hugging Umbro tight, "We can make babies brother!" he hugged her back, "I know sister! I'm gonna make your belly so big!"


Meanwhile, with Mecha and Jewel. "Sorry I didn't stop that Mecha."

Mecha shook his head, "It wasn't your fault Jewel...god damn those two...exhibitionists."

Jewel nodded. "Explains why they took to pink so well. Anyhow we should get what we can from here..."

Mecha nodded, "Right...come on...we'll leave the sex hungry freaks to their own fun...I'm sure you and me can find the info we need."

With a nod jewel calls out to pink. "We'll let you three be. Later Pink." After Pink's reply, they went into the base, where Jewel called out Yellow to help out since she had a way with computers, the yellow colored vixen looking to the system. Mecha looked about, "Okay...if the way G.O.R.D.'s bases are made hasn't changed much...then I believe the main computer is...this way." he went down a stair well.

Yellow had to wonder. "HOW connected are the computers? If they update by the second then they could be a pain to get to if they find out something."

Mecha sighed, "They are all connected...constantly giving information to one another..."

"How fun. This'll make it tricky to spear in to disable some things from here." Yellow mumbled as she lowered her hat a little while they moved.

Mecha nodded, then stopped them, "Hmm...looks like Praxis see's you girls as a threat." he went under the doorway, and tinkered with something. Eventually several things fell, ment to cover a specific trigger...the mute tags attached to static clinging barbs telling who the target was.

Yellow gulped. "That would have banished me to Jewel for sure."

"Ok...I'm almost wishing for the Bounty hunters again." Jewel said as she had her hammer out now out of unease. Mecha smiled, "don't worry...Praxis seemed to forget I'm with you...and I know a trap when I see it." he chuckled, destatic charging the tags, then tossing them into a corner. He investigated the rest of the room, and pronounced it safe for the girls.

The two came in as they look around. Yellow heading to the computer as she adjusted her sword on her back. Jewel is the one speaking up as she watched the two technical geniuses working on the computer. "What can you two find out?"

Mecha read the info on the machine, "looks like Praxis changed his main I knew he would." he kept reading, "It's a ways away from here. It'd take at least 3 weeks to get there...plenty of towns between us and them. Plus...I know this base...Praxis was working on it before I was supposed to be his crown jewel...and he wasn't joking."

"And if he knows about us then I'm hoping he isn't researching what we were when we found you."

Closing her eyes Jewel shook her head while Green walked by. "Green,I question that they'd know what I would be questing for. I kept that hidden from the bounty hunters since I let you search for it instead of me directly." Yellow looked to Mecha as to wonder if he knew what they were talking about, though in a sense hopes he doesn't.

Mecha looked at them, then shrugged, "I don't know...and I won't ask." he respected that they wanted to keep some things to themselves...just like he wanted to keep something to himself. Green shared a mental message to Jewel before speaking up. "Can we get a map printout? Last thing we need is to get lost. And if anything it'll help us throw some people off if we can take alternate routes to the base so they won't expect us for a certain time."

"Always thinking Green. Not a bad idea in travel ideas."

Mecha pulled out a map, "Hope you girls don't mind...but I took out a map...should be useful." He heard the screen behind him come alive, and a dark voice followed, "So that's the Jewelwriter Eli Moonstar you've been traveling with...huh Mecha-MightyenaD.O.R.?"

Mecha turned, snarling, "PRAXIS!"

"You really are pathetic MightyenaD.O.R." The figure was covered in shadow, but Mecha knew from the voice it was Praxis.

Green was the one to stand infront of Praxis, her staff in paw as Jewel kept behind her and Yellow kept besides Mecha. Green was the one to speak up. "You of all know this isn't over yet since you have yet to proclaim victory."

Jewel had to add something. "And if you are going into the 'Yes I can for my plan can't fail' speech, I heard it before."

Praxis chuckled, "So pathetic...I only wonder how long it will be till Mecha eventually turns on you...and kills you like he's done to so many before."

Green shakes her head looking at him as she knew Jewel better than she wanted to. "He might. But Jewel's heart will break though and save him. While you probably got the blood of your own family on your hands and don't care."

Yellow had to blink on that. "I hope he's not that kind of villian Green. I mean, what kind of guy would show joy in killing pokemon that close to him?" Though Green's expresssion said she had seen it before. Jewel holding her hammer tighter as if to be ready. Praxis smirked, "Guess you'll find out soon enough. You will be coming here after all. I look forward to seeing you Mecha...after hold something inside of you...something I want back." he smirked, "Something I'm sure your little friends wouldn't want you to have."

Green is clearly unmoved by his smirk as she shook her head. "That's yet to be discovered Praxis. It'll be intersting to clash minds against you."

Praxis smirked, "Indeed. Until we meet. Oh...and if you meet the master emerald before getting here...tell him I said hi." the feed cut and Praxis was gone.

Green had to speak up after he said that line. "So nitsg qmed uzeag gso ljimxohh!"

"Your kiding right?" Jewel asked worried as they know something is up thanks to what Praxis said.

"I'n MEG QIWWIMT YEA RODOPDJIGOJ! So nitsg qmed dsojo gso juimzed vugohgemo ih umw ig'h ledoj pimqow ge gso Nuhgoj Onojupw."

Mecha blinked, confused. "What the hell's going on!?"

Yellow spoke up. "Remember the story of how the Master Emerald kept the true power he had out of range of his greatest foes?" Mecha nodded. Yellow sighed. "Green's paniced because he might have found one of us."

Mecha blinked, then looked at the screen, "That's...odd...if he had...I think he might have just held it in front of the camera. He loves gloating and rubbing your face into something." he thought, "Hmm...strange..."

Yellow looks to him. "I'm feeling he's holding a trump card. We should be ready." Jewel nodded as she did get behind Mecha, holding onto him. Mecha gently stroked Jewel's arm. "It'll be okay love...don't worry."

"Thank love. I'm just feeling thing are going to go south from here." He smiled kissing her cheek.


Lucifer chuckled, "Wow that was easy...guess I owe it to my two lovely assisstants though."

Red chuckled. "Thanks. I had fun doing it."

Blue nodded. "Welcome. Though you two were really reckless." She was using ice to patch up their cuts.

He chuckled, "That's what Gabriel always told me." he chuckled some more, "I like to think of myself as a mon of action...and I can tell you...I really inspired some action." he winked at them, before bursting into laughter.

Blue shook her head as Red laughed before yelping from the ice. "BLUE!"

"Well you did get injured there."

Red sighed. "Well with the kind of action you do it's no wonder your a powerhouse fireball."

He chuckled, "Thank you." he smiled, "And you two cuties shouldn't be fighting one makes you look less attractive then you really are."

Blue nodded. "Thanks. Though I had to remind red she shouldn't be careless since she could have been banished. Though the fire twister she did was something."

He nodded, "It sure was that wave of snow you did." he chuckled, "looks like I'm not as good as I thought I was."

Red was blushing as Blue chuckled. Blue speaking up. "There.. you two look a little silly but your patched up."

He smiled, "Thanks beautiful." he chuckled. "And thank you smoking hot for the ranged assistance." Red smirks as she gave her welcome, in the form of a kiss on his cheek. He blushed up, smiling shyly, "Do I get a kiss on the cheek from you too?" he asked Blue.

Blue thought of it and did kiss him too. Red knowing this day was done after all that brawling. And sure enough it was. The group gathered together, and agreed to hit the tents after a quick meal.
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