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A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 12

We find our heroes as they resumed their mission to take care of Praxis. The pairs of each are traveling down the line; Jewelwriter and Mecha at the front, Espa and Umbro nearby with Nina and Wic, Black and Lancet in front of Lucifer and Red, Blue is in the back with Orange to keep things in check.

Mecha was staying quiet, even more so than usual. He hadn't really spoken much since the ambush, and everyone of the ex DORs was getting on edge. The elemental females were the ones keeping on guard too as the only one that had a sense of trying to ease the crew was Wic as he looked to Nina worried. "Nina you need a break dear?" He asked with all hope in trying to sooth her at least.

Nina shook her head, " I'm good."

The Marowak sighed, knowing it's hard on them. Looking to Jewel as he can see things might be dire enough to call for one of the elements to try and break the tensions between them. Everyone seemed pretty down; all except Mecha...he seemed numb.

"Mecha...we still going in the right way?" Jewel had to ask, the fact she could sense he wasn't in his right mind, which worried her. Especially knowing the foe probably broke his will...and would be one of those times she wished she could take his weight off him.

Mecha nodded, "I know the way Jewel." he didn't look at her.

"I know, but I just felt that you might need a break from leading the way. You know, to take a breather." Jewel offered as she kept in touch with the other elements she got with her that are out in hopes of keeping trouble away.

He shook his head, "No. I'm fine."

"The last time you had that worry was when you were getting exposure to the twins in their nudity and had to get close." Jewel soundly said.

Mecha went crimson, "Fine. We'll take a break." The crew had made a bit of a circle as everyone was sitting around, Blue passing out drinks. Everyone took theirs with a thank you, Lucifer adding a wink to it.

Blue had to chuckle, rubbing her head as it seemed the break was needed for everyone as Black could feel the tension of the crew despite acting like a powerhouse. Though had a grin for her idea might start a bit of a fire under a few mon but it would be worth it if to at least get them from feeling so tense. Black taking a moment to head to the woods for a while.

Lancet soon noticed she was gone, as he rubbed at his wounded arm. Even after a day of recovery, and 4 days of walking, it still was painful...but then again he had had it ripped off. Blue came over to him. She could tell he was in pain as she looked him over. "Still in pain Lancet?" as her paw rubbed his arm to help sooth his pain and heal his arm so it can work better.

He nodded, "Yeah...after all, MachampDOR tore it off."

Blue nods. "I know but if anything the pain will go away for good in due time. Just try to not have it ripped off again." the sapphire fem said as she massaged it a bit to sooth him. Meanwhile Black was able to return with 4 energy arrows in paw as she had to get out her crossbow. Hiding in the trees she wanted to be quick to pull this off or she wasn't going to hear the end of it. Her first target was to make it look a bit natural: the brother and sister of the group.

Espa and Umbro were both chatting, their spirits the most light. Black grinned, keeping out of sight with her aim as she nailed Espa's rear with Pink's energy. Considering Black asked Pink for a set of 'emergency luster arrows' she knew that limitations within a mind would fly right out the window. Though with only three now in paw she arms her next shot quickly to think of who she should nail before she's noted.

And while she aimed, Espa let out a purrl, eyeing her brother before leaping on him. Red looked up in time to see the espeon jump at Umbro, the clothing ending up a victim of lust as Black had a launched her second shot. "What the-?! Are they nuts or is that normal?"

As eyes are focused in one direction, Black nailed the non-colorful Kitsune as her Marowak was surprised watching the mess the first arrow is doing. "I think tension finally snapped a mind." Wic said while adjusting his pants at the show.

The marowak soon got a surprise, as the cybernetic ninetales launched him on the ground, clothing tearing off. Jewel had to jump watching the mayhem as Wic, Nina, and the twins were nude and getting into the moment as Jewel just turned around to try and see what's going on since it made a mess of things. Black's third shot she knew was a risk as she goes for a head shot on Mecha with the pink arrow, knowing the sounds of lust kept her hidden in a way.

Mecha twitched from the arrow hit, before pulling Jewel into an embrace, wrapping his lips on hers. Lucifer blinked, than started looking around, "I have a good idea what's going on. Now...where is..."

"FROST TOWER!" Red and Lucifer heard from Blue as both fire users tails felt ice was right behind them. In the ice was an energy arrow. With how it was shot it was from the trees but there's no one there.

Black slipped out from behind a tree. Her shadow technique got her out of sight again as she saw the mess.


Jewel was in a deep kiss, blushing a she holds onto him. Mecha started to take off her clothing, kissing on, being a lot gentler than the other two couples. Jewel blushed as she was nude to him as she kissed him. "You know, I missed seeing you this happy." Mecha murred at her lightly, dropping his pants as he put her on her back. Jewel was watching him as she was on her back, legs parted as she watched his body warm up to the lustful moment. The chorus of lust behind them. Mecha growled at her lightly, smiling as he guided his member into her, moaning out lightly.

Jewel moaned out as she was feeling him deeply in her, loving it as she gripped him. Mecha groaned, as his hips began to pump into his lover. Jewel groaned, milking her loving male as she watched him look to her while getting pumped. Mecha kept going, panting hard as he stared at her lovingly. "Oh d...damn Mecha..." Jewel moaned as she looked to him. "...I missed this."

Mecha panted, "I did...too." he kept humping into Jewel, speeding up slightly. Jewel blushed a bit, moaning his name as he kept taking her into higher plains of bliss. Mecha panted, thrusting on, calling on her name in love and luster. "Yes Mecha.... OOHH YES" she moaned out as she felt and gripped him in her. The mightyena growled out, humping on, his lips locking with hers again. Jewel moaned out so wonderful as she loved it as she was milking him harder, kissing with him as a paw holds his head, not wanting it to end.

The male groaned out, humping on with love and luster. She loved it and him as her sex clamped on him, blushing good and deep as they keep it up. The male smiled happily, humping on, his limit nearing as he went at her faster. She felt it too as she was close too, groaning in bliss as he fucked her good. He panted hard, before hilting in with a howl, seed gushing into the ninetale's depths. Jewel gasped as she was so full and groaned from it, milking him for every drop. Mecha panted lightly, content to lie on her.


Wic was moaning as he was trying to sedate the lustful hunger that gotten into his love. Nina growled hungrily, "Fuck me bone boy. Show momma just how you got your last name!" The ninetales let out a small howl, "Yes!" Slamming in harder the male groped her bouncy furry hills as he made sure to plow in deep.

Nina wailed, loving it a lot, milking his cock for all it was worth. With wet slaps and plows deep into Nina, he could feel the tension wanting to be let out. Nina wailed, smiling big, "Yes...faster!"

"Surely...Nina!" he groaned out loud while slamming to her in bliss. The female howled out, loving it. Wic howled with her as he humped her with all he had to give. Wic got a tighter squeeze on his member, Nina wailing out in bliss from it. Wic was so close as he slammed her over and over with all he got with his personal Bone Club. Nina screamed out, cumming hard on the bone she had inside her, soaking it. Wic was soon to follow as he fired volley after volley of liquid cubone up her tunnel, groaning as he tried to pump all he can into her. Nina panted hard, shivering, "Oh yeah."

Wic pants with her as he looks up to her, a long smile on his face. "We need more of that some time." Nina could only nod weakly.


Lucifer blinked, gulping when he saw that the arrow was meant for him. Red had to growl a bit. "LIMQ, DSOJO GSO SOPP UJO YEA!" Called out the fire fem as blue kept her back to the hammering, trying to not turn to watch the mess. Lucifer gulped, blushing as even though he didn't could still hear what was going on...and it was affecting him as he thought about what would have happened had he been hit.

Red had to blush, holding her own legs as she was getting hot, as the show went on. Blue took the moment to put herself in a bit of an ice crystal so as to not hear or watch as she was blushing for a moment. Lucifer saw what Blue did, "Maybe we should join Blue...I think...staying here isn't helping." walks over to the crystal tapping on it, "Can we come in?"

The ice fem glowed as the two of them were in their own ice prison of sorts like Blue's, though as things keep going, the Charizard probably noted the scent of arousal inside as well but it's a lot more noticeable of one being than many. Lucifer gulped, blushing lightly, "Umm...I see you were affected by the happenings too."

"Um...yea. Sorry if this is a bit hard for you to take Lucifer." Red said as she rubbed her head.

Lucifer looked away, "It''s no big." though the tent in his pants was plenty big.

Blue blinked as she was looking though to the other ice prism. Watching Red look at Lucifer shyly.

"Maybe but then again being in here is probably turning up the temp in here too." Red said, thankful her blush was hidden in her own color.

Lucifer blushed, his back to the wall, "Well...yeah."

"This is a first if you're wondering." Red said as he saw her undo her pants, opening them and roll her shirt up half way up her breasts. Blue was having a time making out what was said heard it as Lucifer's tail flame did melt some of the ice between them at the floor level. Lucifer couldn't say anything, just blush and pant hard. "I mean I'm so hot to feel the tension here." the pyro fem said as Blue was starting to get into the moment too, not as fast but still.

Lucifer shivered lightly, his tent twitching as he eyed her. Red realized it when she saw him shiver. "Need a paw?" she said nearing. Blue watched on while starting to feel worked up a bit more. He could only nod, breathing heavily. Red got to him, kneeling down to help him out of his pants, Blue feeling the last her usual resolve is melting with the ice as it's clearly getting hot inside the ice. Lucifer shivered, feeling his cock freed, and it was big.

Red had to be flustered from that. "Well pardon my jokes but this is no harp but you got one very good flute." The two heard a groan of two kinds as Blue took the wall down with a purple glow on her face and a glare at Red for her use of words. Lucifer blushed, "B...Blue?"

"Y...yea. and I thought you'd want some... company besides Red."

Lucifer blushed, " don't have too." he looked away, his member throbbing. Red chuckled. "He's saying yes. Blue mind keeping the ice cool and rubbing him up a side?"

"Well ok. I'll take is left." With that the two of them are now rubbing his body, the hot and cold touches rubbing up to him. The male groaned out, eyes shutting from the pleasure the two different feelings gave him. Blue just had to say it as the two of them reached lower. "You had to go into the instrument jokes didn't you?"

"Well he is named after quite an angel so most of those guys are armed with a harp...he's just holding a flute."Red jokes as he felt her touch his dick first.

"Well I can't say the joke was needed...but he is nicely...gifted by the look of it." Blue shyly said the last part as he got stroked. Lucifer moaned out, shivering, "That's...nice..."

"Thank you." Both said as they stroked him off, both of them heating and cooling his rod in their strokes as the two bent to get at eye level with his rod. The fire/dragon type blushed lightly, his member releasing a drop of pre from their work. The two looked to each other as Blue grinned, nodding to Red as the fire fem got the first taste. The male panted heavily, moaning in bliss. It's by then he felt the chill of Blue taking another drop followed by Red as both fems kept stroking him, the two taking off the top of their clothing in the process, while they change up between turns.

Lucifer panted heavily, his hands petting both of their heads, his moans a sure sign of his joy. The two topless females work him, Blue getting an idea as he saw the two of them stroke his rod, by being between both of their breasts. Lucifer moaned out, panting hard, "Oh...yes..." The two worked together, between licking his rod and blowing hot and cold air on their male is becoming a lot more fun. The dragon groaned out, "I'm...gonna...cum!"

The two keep stroking him off...the two of them in the line of fire for the pent up Char evolution. With a loud roar and a flamethrower through the top of the ice room, Lucifer came hard onto them. The two of them were clearly frosted, steam lightly coming off Blue with how his seed was hot. Lucifer fell on his rump panting hard, "It's...been so long...since..." he smiled, "I forgot how good it felt."

Red snicker a bit. "You probably need to do that more since that look on your face is priceless."

Lucifer blushed, "Would you...would you both want to do this again?"

Blue nodded though Red had a grin on her...looking to them both. "Well, why don't we do a bit more? Especially with how hot it is in this ice place." Red offered as she started to lose her lower clothing.

Lucifer blushed, "I...I don't know..."

Blue blushed up too before looking at Lucifer, to think of what to do. "I mean you probably would enjoy it almost more than what the two of us did. Add the fact that you haven't had sex along with us would take care of our problems too." Red added, licking the cum off her as she neared him, her sex was wet with a long murr, her tail waving.

With a gulp and a smile, he nodded, "So...uhh...who's first?"

Blue undressed fully as the two had an idea on who would be first. Sending two moves down an ice ball was made before Red laid a square of fire in front of it...Red grinned. "I'll take care of him first." Lucifer smiled, wondering how she'd want to take him. Red grinned as she was getting onto her back, legs open she had a long smile, giving a come here wave with her finger.

With a nod, the male got over her, smiling. Blue watched from her position against the wall as she can see the two of them radiating a lot of heat, and can feel it'll get hotter as Red felt Lucifer take aim at her. With a gulp and deep breath, the male plunged his rod as deep as he could into her. Showing her fangs, Red took him as he got into her quite good, a long moan getting out. Lucifer moaned out himself, "so good...I missed this feeling."

"Then what-'" she murred, taking it in before speaking up. "-is stopping you from indulging in me?" Lucifer smiled, and started pumping into her. Red groaned, gripping him as she felt every detail enter her. The male groaned and grunted as he pumped into her with luster. Red gripped the ground as she felt him get into her. Lucifer moaned out in joy, thrusting faster. "So....big." She grunted out as he can feel the fire in her, the walls gripping for every thrust he gave. He moaned, smiling big, "So...tight!" Red let out a long flaming moan as she was feeling the pumping get in deep, having her blush showing very strongly. The male didn't let up on her, slamming into her with all the want and lust he had in his body.

The fire boiled as she was feeling so good, wailing his name over and over as she arched to him, loving it. He kept going, grunting and groaning as he hammered and slammed his wanting female. The ice was dripping and melting around them as he was sending her to the edge and beyond, flames spilling form her mouth. His own flames joined her, as he slammed in with all his strength, his climax approaching hard. Blue was sweating it as she saw the two letting it rip. Red having her orgasm first as she screams. The hotness of her sex a very deep invite for him to give her what she wants. Lucifer let loose a roar suddenly, as his cock hilted in. In massive surges his cum shot into her depths.

Red felt the seed drool out of her as her sex milked him for the dragon's love milk, her belly having a light bulge from overflow. "OH... that...was so... good." the flame fem purrled out. He smiled, licking her cheek, "Thank you." pulling out he turned to Blue. "Your turn."

Blue blushed, smiling to him as he got a great view of her, the female of water and ice now gripping a pair of ice grip was ready to endure him, her sex drooling wet from the hammering he gave Red as her breasts bounced slightly while she breathed, watching his length bounce with every step to her. Gripping her in an embrace, he licked her cheek. "I can be...gentle if you want." Blue blushed, nodding as she did let go of the handles."Thank you. I'd love that Lucifer." He can feel the cool from her body take away the intense heat that he had endured with Red.

Holding her tight, he gently pushed his member into her. The feeling of him hilting into her was pleasing and had her murr in a long smile. The male moaned out, his hips gently pumping in and out. The coolness of her body in comparison was a change for him as Blue leaned her head back, hugging his member when it tried to leave her. He gave a low growl, humping on gently and slowly, moaning in joy. "I'm ready for more my burning Lucifer." Blue murred out to him as he caught a lick on his face.

He blushed from the lick, smiling as he humped faster. His tongue lapped at her cheek, his hands gripping her big fluffy hills. The strong grip to his erection and long moan from his touch said plenty as she felt him up the tempo. The male moaned and humped on, panting harder and harder. Her face was getting more flustered as she felt him goose her while stuffing her full of his hot meat. Her head going back as she calls out..."More...please" He let out a moan, obliging her request, going faster and harder. Her head aiming to the air as she gripped him in her, his name echoing though the cold room as she felt every pulse he pumped into her. "YES..."

He groaned, panting hard, his length burning to unload another surge of cum. The heat from it was getting her close, as she groaned out in bliss. The lustful tension about to boil over in her as she gasped. He groaned, panting hard, "I'm...gonna...cum!" Blue on the other hand hit her orgasm first as she tried to take him with her as her sex clamped all he gave her as she wailed out. "LUCIFER!" The milking from her orgasm proved too much for the male, "BLUE!" he slammed in to a hilt, grunting with each giant splurt of seed into her. The steam from their union melted some of the ice around them as she gasped, holding onto him as best she could. her orgasm was very pleasing as the fun had to end, but what a wonderful ending.


Black looked to Lancet as she acted a bit surprised. "So what did I miss?"

Lancet glared, "Don't play innocent with me."

Black looked at him as she had no weapon on her but her blade which she started with. "And why that? I wasn't anywhere around."

Lancet smirked, "I'm not stupid Black." he nuzzled her cheek, "I think it's sweet of you to lighten the mood. I was even hoping you could lighten our mood."

Black grinned "Well I wanted to loosen their tensions before I get my own." she said, nuzzling back, rubbing his shoulders as well.

Lancet smiled, "I knew you were the cause of this." he rubbed her back gently with his good arm.

Black had to grin, getting around to sitting in his lap. "You saw right though my lie didn't you?" Lancet nodded, lifting her shirt up so his mouth could suckle on her nipples. Black murrled and pet him as he got to suckle on her. Lancet smiled happily, suckling on. Black purrled and had her eyes closed, scratching the LucarioDOR's ears as she loved it. The lucario smiled happily, suckling on for a bit, his member coming to life. Black blushed as she felt it poke her though her pants and his own. Lancet smiled, "How about we...remove the troublesome pants?"

"Surely. Don't want to break the best lance around."

Lancet chuckled, rolling his eyes as he slid his pants down, his "lance" standing tall. Black purrled as she got her own pants off, but did it in front of him as he got a grand view of his midnight beauty and her holes. Lancet's cock throbbed, murrling happily. Black snickered, wiggling her rear as she teases, going on all fours as she heard the finishing wails of two DORs. Lancet smirked, getting on top of her in an instant, slamming his cock into her cunt. Black howl out to him as he hilted in fully. Lancet growled out, smirking as he started to drill. The male hammered her like she was his bitch in heat, fucking her with all the power of a feral.

Black howled out to him, gripping when she could as she was banged; loving every moment of him deep within her. Lancet groaned, fucking her faster and harder. "Oh ...gods. my ...your....good." The darkness fem wailed out as he can feel her gripping harder. The lucario moaned out, hammering on without pause. Gripping harder she's really loving the feeling of pleasure drilling into her, and close to hitting pay dirt. Lancet was nearing his end, his thrusting reaching its peak. Black was the one to cum first as she wailed out so good, loving how he felt with every inch used on her. Lancet came next, howling out as cum was sprayed into her depths. Black felt him flood her, murrling from it as each shot was very filled with every puppy he can give.

Lancet lay against her, smiling happily. Purring her name his eyes slowly shut. Black soon followed...eyes closed too as she smiled, whispering his name as she fell asleep.


After all the couples calmed down from their fun, they all were smiling. Very true as Green looked over them as she felt their emotions with her psychic power. "Bonds of passion and love forever make the ones within its hold stronger. For love is the strongest emotion of all, and forever shine in the darkest of moments. -Gino." Her paw firmly holding her staff she looked to the road ahead, knowing things ahead can be anything in the world.

Lucifer heard her, not thinking that it applied to him. Sure he and Red and Blue fucked...but it was only luster. He sighed, letting to two fems rest on him. He wasn't sure if he loved them...or if they loved him. He wasn't sure if he was ready to love another either. Mecha, much like the others, was oblivious to the world. He was to happy staying snug in his love's embrace.

Green, being the mother of the girls was the only one that really knew but kept it to herself, knew bonds that was already rooted grew stronger and new roots were emerging. A quiet hope in her own heart for a male as the likes of the ones that found their love would one day find her as she kept watch for them, knowing such an event would invite all kinds of things to emerge from beyond


Elsewhere, located in a heavily guarded military base, a lone figure stood in a dark lab. Another figured approached, "Baron Praxis...we've set up the device like you asked."

Praxis nodded, "Good."

"Master, why is it so important that we retrieve MightenaDOR? He may be strong, but he's a traitor."

"MighenaDOR means little to me as a whole. But there's something in him that I want. And it needs to be retrieved before his friends find out." He looked to the grunt, "Did you get that information I told you to get?"

A nod followed, "Yes sir. Why did you want to know the name of..."

" always need to have an ace in the hole." Praxis cackled.
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