AGNPH Stories

A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 13

The day was cloudy, though no rain was falling. Mecha stood atop a tree, gazing into the distance, at the base they were about to attack. Black had to glare at it as the others were seeing it. "Well isn't this a typical mon hideaway."

"What you expect Black? Roses and perfume?" Blue joked for once having a bit of a comment to go at the dark fem's words.

Lucifer chuckled, "She's got you there."

Mecha took a deep breath, "You guys ready? There's a good chance not all of us are coming out of this alive."

Red grinned. "Ready as ever." the fire fem spoke as a purple eyed feline looks at them all....and the building. Mecha took a deep breath, "Jewel...if one of us doesn't make it...I love you." After Mecha the other males all said the same.

"Knowing my powers I'll be the one to bring you back...but... I love you too." The confidence in the rainbow magician was clearly more than enough to brighten moods. "So... who's going to knock on their door?"

Lancet looked to Mecha, "You sure?"

Nina gulped, "That's pretty dangerous Mecha."

Mecha smiled, "I can do it."

"You need more muscle than that Mecha." Orange appears behind him, looking very clearly worried to know he was fighting first without help.

"He's a wild mon I'll give the guy that." Wic said as he measured the number of warriors and knowing how skilled each of them can be compared to the so called leader. Umbro and Espa smiled, "We'll help him." Espa kissed Jewel's cheek, "Don't worry...I'll keep your boy alive. Promise." Umbro kissed the vixen's other cheek, "I won't let him do something stupid and get himself hurt."

Jewel had to smirk, but nodded as she pet their backs. "Thanks. I'll try to lead the second group in. Don't get too cocky about your stuff."

Umbro smirked, but didn't jump at her choice of words. Espa doing much the same. Mecha rolled his eyes, "Arceus loves torturing me." The twins chuckled joining his side as they moved forward.

"Sorry" She had to apologize before she leads the group, surrounding them in time energy to swiftly change positions.


The front of the base was quiet; all of the soldiers in the front on guard, knowing an attack was imminent. Then, a massive explosion engulfed a turret, and the alarm went up. Mecha landed in front of the grunts, "Come!" Blades appeared, and the soldiers rushed. Before they got close though, they all fell, Umbro and Espa landing beside one another. "All..." Umbro started, "too easy." Finished his sister.

The door opened and out rushed more grunts, along with several D.O.R.s, all hell bent on killing the three attackers. Mecha met them, sending grunts flying as his blades severed limbs and heads, cannon blasts finishing off several others. Espa and Umbro smirked, meeting their attackers together, and stopping them the same way. The twins seemed to be dancing more than fighting, as grunt after grunt fell, beaten. The DORs rushed Mecha, blades and guns ready, and he met them without a sweat.

BreloomDOR tried using his superior leg power to out jump and kick Mecha, blades coming out of his heels with every kick. As BreloomDOR pressed his attack, BibarelDOR attempted to bum rush Mecha's side, getting a kick for the effort, while BreloomDOR's own blade edged kick was sent into the other. Mecha knocked both of them away, smirking. "Gonna have to do better than that."

Espa giggled, tripping Mr.MimeDOR, before sending him into a tree with a psychic blast. Umbro leapt over a rushing RhyperiorDOR, using a chain to latch onto the male tossing him into the base's wall. The twins giggled, "This is so..." "...much fun." They went to meet GardevoirDOR, who was taking aim with her several ranged weapons. The twins smirked, easily dodging every shot sent their way, sending the psychic type skyward, meeting her in midair to send her back down, and landing on top of her.

Mecha snarled, ripping off BreloomDOR's arm, smirking as he drove it into BibarelDOR's head. Mecha's sights turned on BlastoiseDOR, who unleashed hyper beam strength attacks from all 6 guns on him. Mecha carved through the attacks, smirking at the terrified expression on the faces of all those around him, "Die!" he rushed, his blades shooting out and impaling in the turtles head, chains wrapping around the neck, and tearing the head off. "Kill!" He started ripping more grunts apart.

Espa and Umbro were double teaming AlakazamDOR, the proud supporter of Praxis laughing as he was able to hold them off...though barely. "You fools have no idea what you're in stored for." He laughed on, as Umbro got a strike into his side, neither of the twins seeming to care. He groaned, "You's said that the past repeats saying will be proven true." He cackled, as a flash of light erupted from where Mecha was, before a shower of blood erupted from the spot and started movie, heading straight for the three of them.


As Mecha, Umbro and Espa fought at the front, Lancet, Nina, and the others all came to the back door of the base. Lucifer smiled, "This should be easy."

Blue looked around a bit to see the number of guards. "If you give them an inch they'll take five miles more than wanted Lucifer." Black warned, knowing if this kind of villain knew the typical defeat of most villains would came from an 'anal' assault, that this foe would be prepared for it. Lancet smiled, "Don't worry. I'm sure we can meet anything Praxis throws our way."

Jewel nodded. "Ok. Then let's go for it. First Blue if you please." Jewel politely asked.

Blue gave a nod as she glowed her color, cameras coated in ice before they shut down from having every bit frozen. The guards surprised from it are soon joining them in being encased in ice as Black went to open the door. The door smashed out, taking Black with it, stepping out was a houndoom, lopunny, and gallade. All were males, and all were D.O.R.s.

Black gripped the door as she smirked. "I called it."

Jewel pulled her hammer out as she had a feeling of what was coming. "Blue, Houndoom. Black, play with the psychic. I got the bunny to play with." LopunnyDOR smirked, rushing Jewel, "Bring it you rainbow tailed slut. I'm gonna enjoy making you my plaything." Jewel glared at him before slamming the hammer down, using her hammer as a jump assistant. "Save that for female Lops asshole!" Glowing orange she goes into a dive kick. The speed gained was what a very heavy object coming at bullet speed as she used her magic as well as fighting skill.

LopunnyDOR dodged, smirking, "Feisty...gonna be real fun making you a cum hungry slut. Just like all the other girls." Seeing the impact Jewel's kick made had to be quite a hit if he would have taken it as he saw her throw fireballs from her hand. "Your nothing but a total ass you know that?" Her eyes glow green as she shot faster but also called her hammer from behind him... its speed very fast compared to her front attack. The male smirked, "You got a big mouth...good for my big cock." he barely managed to avoid the hammer, while easily dodging the fireballs.

Jewel rolled her eyes as he felt a his arms are slashed as a lemon female with a red hat and blue shorts appeared with a large blade. "Tag me in for a moment Jewel. This guy needs to learn how to be nice." Yellow said while getting ready, now giving him two problems. LopunnyDOR smirked, "Another little slut for me to make a part of my harem. How ni-ERK!" he had three blades impaling him, one coming from each of Nina's robotic tails. "If I let you hurt Jewel...Mecha will kill me."

LopunnyDOR cackled, "he's going to anyway."

Jewel nodded to Nina as Wic took the lead to go forward. "Thanks Nina. Though I'm not liking that kind of forewarning."

"For now we got to be sure we are there for Mecha Jewel" Yellow said as they moved on. Black and Blue joining, done with their own opponents.


Blue nodded as she was in her fighting attire and battle gloves. "Sorry if this hurts but we need to get by." HoundoomDOR took a battle stance, "Bring it...Blue right?" Blue nodded before engaging in paw to paw, though he clearly was feeling chills nipping at him with how her hits were laced with water or ice to make it ever the more painful. HoundoomDOR smirked, "Wow...not bad. I heard you were skilled...curious about after I beat become my womon. I've always wanted a tough and pretty gal." He narrowly dodged a wing attack from Lucifer.

Blue cleared her throat, as she used the moment to grip him with a clear surprise. "Sorry but maybe another lifetime." She glowed blue as the houndoom saw for a brief moment a heart of blue came out of her lips and hit his own. The moment after was when he felt his body getting extremely cold and growing cooler.

HoundoomDOR sighed, as his heat intensified at an alarming rate, "Really? Darn." he blocked a swing from Lucifer's tale, "I guess CharizardDOR already has ya than huh? Darn. Oh well...I still won't mess up your pretty face." he winked, "And great catch CharizardDOR." he laughed, sending the winged male into Blue.

Blue was faster s she threw Lucifer right into the sky as well as at the houndoom. "You know that heat can't keep going, since you'll exhaust yourself." She warned as he can feel it's getting harder to keep his inner heat going.

HoundoomDOR panted hard, "Darn it..." he fell to a knee, "Damn it..." he smirked, "At least...I'll go with your face as my last sight...better than what awaits you." Blue gave a bow as he became an ice cube. "Maybe...but an immortal knows few things can make them flinch." With that Red joined in to move forward. With the others who had also finished their fights.


The dark fem opened up with throwing the door at the male before vanishing into the shadows nearby. GalladeDOR slashed the door in two, "Nice try whore." He didn't see Black but felt his ass get a dagger shoved right up it as she appeared behind him from his shadow. "Call me that again and it's your balls jerk." He vanished, nothing but a copy, the real GalladeDOR grabbing Black by the throat, sending something into her, "Whore. And that will make sure you never can do that again." He snickered, "How about I show you how a real make makes a whore his cum hungry slut?" Lancet knocked the Gallade away.

Black glared as she felt that and went to go at her foe as she pulled out her dagger to go at the psy/fighter with dark energy lacing her blades. GalladeDOR glared, "So the pussy is protecting his whore?" he countered rushed, blades ready to clash with Black's. Black, being the better blade master, was able to impale his arms to cut the natural blades off. "The only pussy I can guess is your leader you freak!"

GalladeDOR smirked, as Lancet impaled him through the heart and stomach. "This...won't mean a thing soon enough."

Black cut the male's head off as she growled. "Rest in hell, whimp." As Black moved on she used a dagger on herself knowing she needed to take out the annoyance that was put into her, knowing she isn't going to let that gift of the Gallade stay in her. Black found that the item was a small BB, with a minor mute symbol etched in it. It wasn't able to fully suppress her powers, but wouldn't let her warp.


As the second group ran through the facility, they could hear screams and explosions at the far end of the facility, and it was moving fast. Before they knew it a feral espeon and umbreon joined them, morphing back into Espa and Umbro, "We've got a problem." Spoke the female. Jewel got up front as Wic kept an eye out for anyone else. "What is it you? And while I'm at it...where is Mecha?" The yellow fem kept to the back to get ready if anyone was coming from behind.

Umbro sighed, "He's the problem." another scream echoed out, a scream of terror. Nina's face, and the faces of the other DORs, drained of color, "You don't mean..."

Espa nodded, "He went into Feral Form."

Jewel glows yellow and green, accelerating to rush to Mecha. "MECHA!!!"

Black looked at the two of them. "When did you two let HIM go into that form?"

"BLACK!" called the girls as Wic spoke up fast. "Did someone else trigger his transformation?"

Espa and Umbro went feral, bring Jewel back, before returning to normal, "DONT!" they shouted, "He's only going to attack you. And as for your question Wic..." Espa finished for her brother, "I think it's a good bet. AlakazamDOR said something. We think..." Umbro picked up, "Praxis found a way to bring it out...though why I don't know. Listen to that...Mecha's killing everyone."

Lucifer nodded, "We need to find and kill Praxis...than maybe we can turn Mecha back...before he comes after us."

Jewel bit her lip. "I question the fact that you don't believe I can stop him like that. But if you think it'll work we got to move. Now!" Glowing green and yellow the crew were quick to move as Jewel was following the DORs. They eventually arrived at the room, entering to see Praxis smiling smug, "Welcome. Took your time didn't you?" the mightyena with robotic infusions chuckled, "I'm disappointed."

Black spoke up as she laughed. "If we got here sooner you'd probably would have been nervous giving your villain's speech."

"OMEATS." called the voice as the green energy ball shot out of Jewel's tail and then landed to reveal the time elementean Green. She calmly stepped forward as she had her notions but had just enough trust that he wouldn't do something... just yet. "You don't surprise me. And yet I'm kind of disgusted. So mind me talking to you without any gimmicks or tricks because I already foresaw the future for us for a while?"

Praxis smirked, "Sure...we've got some time before you death. I'm sure you've got a lot of questions." he snickered, "Umw Zpuxq, hsag al."

The dark fem flipped him off as Green shook her head before continuing. "The first one I guessed since you of all have to be a partial mad mon to do it. If...the chance we survive, I want a promise that the schematics of how you installed the master emerald into your 'ultimate machine' which I'm guessing is your rouge. The questions I got is how did you find it, and why start such an organization that would be resisted for sure?" This of course had Jewel twitching at her eyes. Blue's jaw dropped from the proclamation, and Black laughing it up a bit, trying to hide an unease. "Impossible, he couldn't have found a gem that has hidden for ages."

Praxis smirked, "Guessed it did you. Yes. I did put your precious Master Emerald into Mecha." he smirked, "Fate just happens you know. That's how I found it. I was looking for a new place to make a GORD base...while looking...I found a shrine. In it...was the master emerald." he laughed, "I didn't know what it was at I gave it to my idiot of a wife as a keep up the facade that I was a normal guy. She in turn gave it to our son...he seemed to take a liking to it." he smirked, "My child still is rather attached to it...after all...if it's removed...he'll die." In the background, the screaming was growing louder.

Green glared at him on that, her staff flickering as if time itself told her something. "Not quite true. He can be saved but it'll take a lot of work...something I'll research if the time comes up." She said as she spoke up, a long smirk on her face. "Though it was rather foolish of you if you studied the stone enough to make it a power source...since the stone isn't at it's true power. and there's only one way for that to be true. And you'd probably have to be elementean to understand it." Jewel held her hand forward, facing the wails and noise that was coming, signaling that she'll stand alone against what is coming.

Praxis chuckled, "You're right...I still didn't know much. I did learn what it was I took it...and since my boy evolved...I made him the test subject."

Lancet glared, "What happened to Mecha's mother?"

Praxis seemed perplexed why the question was asked, "What happened to her? I don't know...last I saw her...she was in a gutter...a big cut on her back as she bled to death."

"In short you had her killed. Grown tired of hiding behind the family image and decided to go into a ruler ship that is at this point on either the tip of failure or completion...all destined on the hope that you can make your son, the very being you created and tampered with, your own puppet." pointing the round end of her staff to his shoulder she spoke softly. "You got quite a large set of balls bidding on having your son be your pet when you made him so powerful you know."

Praxis smirked, "He was only a prototype. I never intended to let that weak little fool live." Mecha tore through the wall just then, covered in blood, "Good." Praxis slammed his palm into Mecha, causing the feral to cry out in agony, "Now're gonna obey...and kill them all." He released Mecha, who looked at Praxis in fear, before turning to snarl at his old friends. "Kill them!" The canine charged.

Jewel was the one to defend them as she slammed her hammer into his body, sending him to a side as she made a frozen barrier between them and him. Green whispered to Praxis as she walked away from him. "That hit you gave him... sealed your destiny."

"Mecha, it's me...I know you're in there."

Praxis smirked, slamming his paw into Green's back, banishing her, "Big talk...for a little girl." he smirked as Mecha smashed through the ice wall, knocking Jewel back. He then went for Blue, a slash going for the fems head, but Lucifer took the hit, screaming in pain as his back was left in tatters. Praxis cackled, "Good work...make daddy proud."

Jewel blocked as he got smashed again, but this time used her own body to hold onto him, her paws gripping the yena as she was glowing orange. "Blue heal Lucifer, and keep the other's back. I CAN SAVE MECHA!" Jewel growled as she was holding on tight.

Black growled as Yellow glowed, taking a precaution as she goes into the power system while the dark fem pulled her blades out looking at Praxis. "Much as that was rude of you to hit a mon behind the back that was quite nice to quiet Green up. The only thing I'll tell you here and now is that Green usually is right in her predictions. Your fate is probably secure today; question is which way as far as she put it." Taking the forward she went at him, careful of his skill, knowing how dirty tactics were this guy's liking.

Yellow was shot out of the wall into Black, "I'm not stupid girls. I'm not letting any of you get into my systems." Slamming his paw both girls were banished. Praxis smiled, holding up his paw, the most powerful form of mute symbol engraved on it. "I love my smarts." Mecha struggled against Jewel, snarling, trying to work his way around to snap her neck.

"Smart but you are not that smart. The time I had in there I at least got something done." It was Yellow's voice echoing while she was sent back into Jewel along with Black. Turning to his computer he saw on screen that his information system was transferred to another computer and has locked out all outside systems of input, plug in or otherwise.

Jewel winced from his intensions as she rubbed his body. "Mecha, it's me Jewel. I know you're in there somewhere. If you can hear me...understand that I love you, no matter how you turn out. It wasn't easy to live with what was your life but I understand that you gave my life a new that I can't imagine without you. So please, don't do this! .... STOP!" Her voice echoed as she held him with her tails too.

Praxis smirked, "Not bad...too bad what I need done...can be from here." he tapped his skull. "and you're wasting your breath Jewel...Mecha's beyond all reach...he'll stop at nothing to ki...what?" Mecha had stopped struggling.

Jewel had a grin, smirking as she spoke. "She meant even if you had a computer in your skull you won't get your information again. Considering you were leading biotechnical beings meant that she had to even stop you there." It was then she held onto her love, kissing his chest. "Just like I am able to reach Mecha, you underestimate your foes true power...and their will." She looked to her mate as she held him tightly. "It's love. I'll always be there for you. You don't need to listen to the weak mon like Praxis ever again. You're your own mon, and nothing will change that!"

Red had to grin seeing the surprise on Praxis face. Clearly no one, not even the G.O.R.D. saw this coming as everything seemed to slow down. Praxis snarled, "Damn it!" Everyone turned on him, as he back up, "Darn it...guess I have to use my ace in the hole. My brain is a whole other that can send a a certain Helping Hands Inc."

It was Jewel that blinks in shock. Wic was the one that realized something. "How the hell do you know of them?" He tried not to hint that he knew Jewel was the one that they were chasing since they were the same one's that put the bounty on her head.

Praxis smirked, "I'm not stupid...I researched...I researched a lot. And I know they'd flip to know where the Master Emerald is."

Red had to comment. " researched so much but yet never knew of the true power of the Master Emerald. I think your stretching the truth about your brainpower. And I don't mean the one between your legs."

"Red..." Blue commented as the fire fem had to snicker from it.

Praxis smirked, "Big talk...but..." he stayed quiet for a bit, than cackled, "Let's see how you handle their increased efforts to get you all. I just told them where to find the emerald...enjoy!" he laughed, pushing a button to drop a large metal door, with a giant mute symbol on it. Lancet cursed, "damn it." he tried to break through, with no luck. "Damn...he got away!"

Mecha whimpered lightly, looking at Jewel. Jewel smiled... petting him as she nodded. "Revert to your own self." she called out with a smile. Red meanwhile was melting the door off with her flame to get beyond the door, add with Blue making it cold to shatter if possible though it'll take a while if possible.

Mecha reverted, naked but smiling, as he held Jewel tight. "Thank you Jewel."

Jewel grinned. "Welcome... too bad daddy ran like a chicken. Not even brave enough to face us with what he thinks is victory."

Mecha flinched, "...He's...he's my dad...I...I still can't believe it."

The door gave way finally as Red and Blue saw the door implode. "Yea... and he knows a lot about some things. Green is currently getting ready to try and figure out to fix what he did to you.....though it'll take time." Jewel said as she knew he probably would be shocked.

Mecha held his chest, "it' me..." he sighed, looking away, "He's probably long gone."

"Probably not as far as he thinks but for now we got to recover...and figure things out. Come on..." Jewel said, though Mecha saw the unease from her face, which is the kind of look Green would have if trying to hide something. Mecha blinked, "Jewel...what's...what's wrong?"

Taking a break she spoke up. "Helping Hands knows where I am now. And also know about the master emerald thanks to him."

Mecha hugged her, "I'll protect you Jewel." he panted lightly. Jewel nodded. After that moment she drinks a large Ether mix as she glowed, reviving her girls as Black, Yellow, and Green were restored as black held her body panting a bit. Mecha sighed, than noticed he was naked, "Darn it...someone get me some cloths."

Espa smiled, showing off her own naked body, "Oh pooh Mecha. Enjoy the breeze." Umbro smirked, posing, "She's right. Enjoy it."

Green smirked glowing as she focused, pulling his clothing from the past to appear in her paw, folded and pressed. "Here you go." Wic held his head, glad Nina didn't have to resort to that or he'd never have a calm night. Mecha smiled, "Thank you Green." he quickly put the clothing on.

Jewel covered him as he did dress up, even if Green didn't get one undergarment that he probably noted when his pants were coming on. "Before you ask, those got totaled to the point I couldn't repair them... or in short they're particles and can't be brought back." Green answered.

Mecha blushed, "I guess I'm going commando."

Lucifer sighed, lightly clawing a wall. "Something wrong?" Blue asked as Red looked at what he is doing. Lucifer sighed, "He got away...all this work...and he got away."

Jewel grinned. "Not quite. I remember he has one last gal he hasn't met yet...and if she kept an eye on things he has a surprise waiting for him."

Mecha blinked, "What are you talking about?"

Jewel looked to one of her tails...more directly her purple tail. "I had a plan B just in case of emergency and even though she didn't need to save us, she probably has Praxis company for a while." Suddenly a purple orb shot into her, "Or Praxis used his paw to banish her too." Lancet pointed out, "But...she can give us a heading. So thank god for Plan B."

Jewel focuses as she got her ether drink ready. "He's heading east but he's not going to get too far. She kissed him with a spell. Even with the tags he's not going to be far." Jewel drinks up to recall Purple, the half feline/half canine female appearing after she got healed up. The violet fem snickers...a long smile. Umbro smirked, "I see you enjoyed kissing Praxis."

Purple to snicker. "I'm known as the status fem for a reason...and he is far from any healing even if he ran, he's going to be stone for good, inside and out."

Mecha smiled, "good...we can pick him up later."

White came out as she looked to her sister. "Jewel has a point; at least we can take this place down if you like." The DORs all looked to one another, before nodding. Mecha smiled, "thanks...but no. We'll do that." He chuckled, "This is something we have to do ourselves girls...and Wic."

Nina nodded, "No offense...but this is our work." she hugged Wic.

Wic nodded and smirked at it."Ok...we'll set up camp out of the place." The ex DORs nodded, letting them leave, as they got to work on the bases destruction. The elementals withdrew into Jewel as Wic kissed Nina before they ran out the building, knowing what is within is in for a very intense ending.

After an hour the ex DORs emerged from the facility. And got a safe distance away. When they got there, they detonated the bombs, leaving the building a fiery ruin. Jewel smiled and held onto Mecha. "Well I did promise you that I'd take care of your problem. And I did."

Mecha nodded, holding her tight to him. Nina smiled, "It's gone...GORD is finally gone." She gripped Wic.

Lucifer smiled, "My family can rest...and I suppose I'll have to start anew." he held Blue and Red to him.

Lancet chuckled, "I didn't really think I'd live to see this day."

Umbro and Espa cuddled with one another, "I was thinking brother...maybe we should have..." "...a baby, sister? I agree. But...we have to help Jewel and the ladies with her first."


Meanwhile, in a building a charmeleon entered the room of the boss, "Umm...sir? We got a message from some scientist...he said to know where...the master emerald is?"

"WHAT? Where did the transmission come from and what did the message say?" roared a dragonite, as he wore a pair of white gloves. The glow in his eyes showing as he was trying to keep the power he held in. For a dragon type he clearly been working out and wasn't going to let it go to waste.

The charmeleon gulped, "Well...the location can't be pinpointed...but it says...look for this his chest...lies the Master Emerald. He'll be traveling with the magician vixen you're already trying to get." she handed the dragonite the papers, "her sir. That's all that we got."

"So, the magic fem finally found what she was seeking. I need some serious professional power to go with the bounties. If anyone can capture them both is going to have the one wish they want." He growled as he knew if the most powerful gem in the world reveals its true power then he could really be at a disadvantage. The charmeleon left, gulping.
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