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A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 14

For several mon it was a night to remember, for others it'll be freedom's first day. In a campsite we find the rainbow magician Jewelwriter dancing to entertain the friends she made as Red has cooked a bit of a feast for them all to enjoy after taking G.O.R.D. down for good. Mecha smiled, joining Jewel in the dance, Nina showing she was able to play the flute. Lancet chuckled, a tad drunk. The twins were dancing themselves, and Lucifer had his arms wrapped around Blue and Red.

"You're quite a dancer Mecha." Jewel commented as she threw a few orbs of energy into the air to up the difficulty of her dance. Mecha chuckled, "Thanks...didn't know it myself."

Jewel giggled it up as she got his arm. "You just probably needed a reason for it." Mecha smiled, nodding as he started dancing with her in his paws.


Wic was having a smile as he was giving a beat while Nina plays, following in the beat. Nina smiled, a tail wrapping around the male. "You know this night isn't going to end with you playing just one pipe you know." Wic joked as he jumped the tempo up. Nina smirked, a tail slipping into his pants.


Black was giving Lancet a snicker and growl at him, clearly growing tanked along with her Lucario. Lancet growled back at her, nuzzling her cheek. Black grinned as she nuzzled back, licking him. Lancet smiled, groping her as he licked her back.


"Red, try not to poison them with spicy food" Blue warned as she's holding on to the Charizard while Red is cooking between hugs.

"Oh don't worry; this is a party after all. We're supposed to be merry."

Lucifer chuckled, "Just make our bowels spicy Red. No point in wasting good spice on these guys."

Red nodded as she did with a laugh, Blue looking as she was happy though had kept look out at times with all the joy going on. Lucifer smiled, chuckling as he licked Blue's cheek.


The celebration soon got into the meal, which everyone happily dug into. The food Red made was great for the time as everyone was fed well and enjoying each bite of the food served, even if some of it got shared with others when pairs were involved. The ex-DORs all laughed, joking happily, enjoying the meal, Lucifer getting redder than a normal charizard when the twins remarks on how his wings were wrapped tight around Red and Blue. They chuckled as Jewel laughed at how wonderful things are now. "This is clearly worth all the wildness and mayhem we been though."

Mecha nodded, holding her paw, "Yeah. And we owe it to you Jewel. And the girls." The other DORs cheered, "What do you guys say? A toast to our lovers and saviors." Another round of cheers, cups raised in the air. "CHEERS!" They called as they had their drinks. With the last drop Blue looked up as she saw something red coming down on Lucifer.

"Frost Prison!" Blue called out as she blocked the spear, leaving it standing on the top of the prison.

Black hiccupped as she looked at the surprise. "Wha...hey we got a party crasher."

Lucifer roared, "Who's the dead man!?"

"I personally hate you dragon breeds but my reason here is business." Blue looked the other side of the prison as they saw an armored mon that looked familiar."No way...That's Green's summon?"

Mecha's blades were out, "What are you doing here?"

Holding his hand up he called the lance he used to his hand, spinning it as he pointed the lance at Jewel, making the magician go for her hammer "The bounty has been changed. THE VICTOR that captures the sage of rainbows is now destined to gain their wish and I claim to take it."

Green came out as she saw what she did but glowed as she smirked. "You got a lot of nerve risking your life by bonding with a summon with a purple spell you fiend."

"Well you might see though my power's existence, but it's another to pierce it so I'll demand it again. HAND HER OVER!"

Lucifer, Nina, Espa, Umbro, and Mecha all stood between him and Jewel. "Not happening." Mecha snarled low. Blue bit her lip as she went near Jewel while Wic joined Nina as well as Red joining Lucifer. The disguised mon gripped his lance as he growled. "So be it. If I have to push though you I will!" With that he marched forward to have Lucifer and Red go at him first. Red throwing fire balls as the armored mon used his lance to fight back. Lucifer didn't take any chance, flashing before a feral cybernetic charizard slammed the armored opponent...hard!

The attack hit hard as the mon skid, whencing within it as Red saw the fireballs are cut by the lance as Wic joined in to push the mon back where he started, getting down as Nina jumped over him. A feral ninetales slammed the mon, Lucifer keeping up his attacks. The attacking four send him to the floor as Red jumped his body to burn his armor off with Wic going for the spear to disarm him. "GET OFF ME YOU WITCH!" the armored mon works to try and grab the blade on his back as Red worked.

"Trust me this stuff has got to go." Red called as she saw the ferals come in for their piece of the fun. Lucifer helped Red tear off the armor, Nina's tails keeping the arms at the side. The armor melted as a machoke body was within. Even if it's part of the summon the exposure made taking out the summon easier. The warrior trying to move with all the mon around him. Mecha slammed onto the machoke's head, knocking him out. "Down!"

The glow of Green showed they won as a machop was out cold; a green and purple gem fell to the sides as the little mon was out cold. Green nearing as she looked at the small gems. "I'll take hold of these."

Mecha eyed the gems, "What are they?"

Green explained as she tapped the green one. "Element stones. They are able to give limited power to a user. They aren't as powerful as the fate stones but the magic from them can still be effective as you saw when he fused himself with the summon."

Mecha nodded, "I see." he eyed the gems, "Strange."

Green nodded. "Think of them as batteries of a certain element. They can give power depending on size and element."

"Just fucking fun. We still got our problem bugging us." Red called out as she gripped her fist, making a pair of burning paws. Mecha nodded, "I get it." he sighed, "this should be fun." he shook his head, "But...for now...I think we all should turn in for the night."

Jewel bit her lip as she was looking to the stars as the others were in motion. Mecha wrapped his paws around Jewel. "Something wrong?" Jewel rubbed her hammer before looking to a side. "I kind of got that deep feeling. The kind that says I should go and face it alone since all kind of people will want to get me now. I think it's more on me worrying about what would you guys do with how things are now?"

Mecha hugged her, "I'm not letting you Jewel. I'll be by your side...I promised I would, and I'll keep that promise. I'll never leave you to face this alone."

Jewel smiled and held his hand while putting up her hammer. "Thank you. I know this'll be a pain since we know there's all kind of people that'd want me." Mecha smiled, hugging the female he loved with all his heart. She hugged back, tails and all as she grew a smile on her face. He smiled, kissing her cheek as he helped her into the tent. Entering it, Jewel looked to him as she hid herself in her tails while he entered.

He smiled big, knowing what was going to come off when she removed the tails. Jewel smiled, moving her tails as she started to show she was undressed, giggling to him. Mecha smiled murrling at her as he started to remove his own clothing. Jewel giggled, feeling herself getting hot as she watched him strip. Mecha smiled at her, and started dancing as he stripped down, blushing lightly under his fur. She loved the show as she tweaked herself, purring loudly as she was enjoying every minute of the strip show. The mightyena smiled, continuing the strip dance, getting down to his boxers, blushing furiously. Her tails pet him as he felt one of them cross his crotch, the pink one getting that honor.

He shivered, smiling at her, as he turned to slip them down, his tail doing a good job of hiding himself, before tossing them over her face. "Tease!" Jewel called in a giggle, taking it off her face while holding his boxers. Mecha smirked, kneeling down, his member hard and standing before her. Jewel had to grin as she lay on her back; legs open as he got her smiling. Mecha smiled, getting between her legs and sliding into her. Jewel moaned, feeling good and gripped him as she felt him invade her depths.

He smiled, moaning out in delight, before started to pump his hips. Jewel moaned, holding onto the hero of her life as she murrled his name in bliss. Mecha smiled, moaning out, "Jewel...oh...I love you..."

"I love...mmmm you too...Mecha." She murrled out to him as she milked him in pleasure, watching him love it. The male groaned out, humping faster, his head nuzzling hers. She nuzzled back as the fun kept plowing into her, loving how they are united this deeply. Panting and groaning Mecha sped up more, panting hard. "Damn I love you so much Mecha!" she moaned out as she was feeling him speed into her good. Mecha groaned out, panting, unable to answer as he approached in the brink. Jewel was nearing it too as she gripped him, her paws gripping him harder as she wailed for him, her own orgasm was nearing.

He panted, than gave a small howl, hilting into her as his cum spilled deep into her depths. Jewel joined him in his howl as his cum triggered her orgasm. Feeling each splurt of life enter her. Mecha panted hard, smiling at her happily, kissing her cheek. She kisses back, loving it and held him deeply. "Wow love." He nodded, smiling happily.


Wic looked at Nina as he set up his tent with her, noting Black and her Lancet are on each other resting before going in while waiting for his angel. Nina giggled; crawling in, still a feral ninetales, her tails waving seductively. Wic put her clothing away as his own joined while the tent closed, grinning. Nina smirked, growling at him lustfully. He was growing hard as he rubbed the female with a long smile, reaching spots she would enjoy him touching. Nina growled happily, smiling big. "I did want to be sure you play my pipe." He chuckled as he started to rub her between her legs.

Nina smiled purrling as she licked her lips. Wic licked his lips as he got behind her adjusting to hit the mark. "Easy, you'll get it." the masked male said with a smile as he slips into her. Nina let out a growl of bliss, her box milking the intrusion hard. He moaned out and started to hump into her as he loved the feeling of him deep in her. Nina growled out happily, a giant smile on her muzzle as she pushed back into him. Giving a low moan he humped on, groping her rump if he didn't hold onto her waist. Nina wailed out, a small flame escaping her muzzle, snuffed out before it could set the tent on fire. He kept pumping her, a grin on his face as he kept going at her, loving her walls and how he could make her feel.

She growled out, milking his rod hard, her walls heating up as she was brought closer and closer to the edge. Wic moaned out loud as he could feel her pulling him to the brink of bliss and kept fucking her in the moment. Nina growled out hard, panting as her limit was in sight. Wic quivered before pulling her to him as he hilts into her with a slap, sending his Cubones into her. Nina went rigid, her tails wrapping around Wic as she felt every splurt. Her walls convulsed around his shaft, her honey meeting his seed, keeping her mouth shut so as not to start a fire. Wic panted as he kept hilted in her as he smiled. "No contest. You can play the flute with a passion." Nina giggled, her tails tightening lightly in a hug.


Lucifer had gone back to normal, but didn't dress as he, Red, and Blue entered their tent. He wasted no time in groping the two fems, "I'm sorry...but...I just feel so..." he was crimson, as he groped and licked them both. Blue blushed from it as she smirks to them both. "You two are so brash at times."

Red snickered. "At least I didn't need to use my final form yet or our fire angel would have been more busy with me than our guest." Lucifer blushed, growling in lust as he started frenching Blue, his paw fondling Red's sex. Red moaned as she heated up, holding onto him as Blue was frenching the char. The charizard growled in the kiss, his paws working at undoing both girls clothing. The two of them helped him with that as Red was faster in getting out of her stuff than the healer. Lucifer smiled, showing that he was rock hard and wanting, as he kept fondling the girls. Red was first to try and break off his grip as the fire fem goes to suck him off. Lucifer smiled, picking up Blue, shoving his mouth into her cunt.

Blue gasped and squealed from his mouth as she felt him work her sex as Red feverously downed her muzzle to his shaft. The male groaned out, slurping out Blue. Blue was juicing to him as she tried to hold onto his head. Red meanwhile has a mouthful to take care of as she stroked what wasn't in her mouth. Lucifer moaned out, as he got a finger into Red's sex, still slurping out Blue. Red moaned out so deeply as she sucked him harder as Blue groaned out in bliss as he got her giving up more juices The male groaned and growled, slurping on at Blue as Red got his pre. Blue was shivering as she felt him find a 'hot' spot in her which got her wailing while Red slurps harder.

He moaned out, growling happily and slurping on. Blue was going to lose it as Red used her fire to amplify the pleasure upon his rod. Lucifer groaned out, a large amount of pre surging into Red's maw. Blue wailed, her tail becoming spiky as she came to Lucifer's face. Red kept blowing as she got a taste of the hot precum. Lucifer groaned out, before cumming hard into Red's mouth. Red gasped as her belly received some of the cum when swallowing but got drenched when she couldn't take it all. Lucifer panted, still rock hard and wanting, "That was who gets fucked first?" tilts his head, a lustful glint in his eyes.

Blue this time was first even if a bit wobbly from him eating her out. "Careful, he's got a boiling dick." Red joked about it.

The dragon smiled, "How am I going to make you mine Blue?" his paws caressed her body, as he lifted her slightly with his dick. Blue gasped as she looked to him. "Why don't I ride you since it'll work for me?"

Lucifer smiled, laying down, "Okay Blue." She giggled; getting him into her as she moaned, steam forming as she rode onto him. The male moaned out, holding her hips, helping her bounce. Blue blushed as she was riding him and moaned out in bliss while Red watched. Lucifer groaned and growled, smiling big, "So good."

"P...erfect." She grips harder, panting so deeply. He groaned out, giving light thrusts up into her. Blue moaned hard s she bounced down to Lucifer's humps up as she loved how it felt. He growled out, panting hard, begging her for more. Blue wailed, riding harder as she was bouncing faster, wailing "YES FUCK YES" Lucifer moaned out, groaning in bliss, smiling big. He moaned and growled, smiling big, his limit approaching. Blue was holding on tight as she was nearing her own limit too. He gave a loud moan, smiling big, "I'm...cumming!" He roared out, seed spilling into her. Blue screamed, milking him hard as she was cumming with him, gasping. The male panted, smiling big, "You're next Red."

Red grinned as Blue kissed him while getting off his cooled member. Lucifer returned the kiss, smiling happily, as he got up, "How am I taking you?" Red smirked, now on her belly while her tail lay on her back. He smiled, getting over her as his shaft parted her sex. Red growled and murred in pleasure as he filled her so deeply. He groaned and growls, humping her hard and fast. Red heated up and growled out, "I...want to...feel that fire Lucifer." He smiled, humping on, heating up. Red gripped him in her hard as he felt her heat up, screaming out his name each pump. He growled lustfully, taking her even faster and harder.

Panting embers, the fire fem was growing closer to losing it deeply. The male smiled big, fucking on without stop, flames escaping with each breath. Red wailed cumming to him as she reached for her mouth to close it before she burned the tent with how intense it was to her. The male let out a loud moan, smiling big, "Yes! Almost!" Red tried to help him cum as she milked him harder and shivered in joy. The male let out a loud roar, managing to keep a flame in as his seed gushed into the female. Red wailed in bliss feeling herself flooded with hot potent white.

Lucifer smiled, falling on his back, panting hard. Blue eased him to the floor of the tent before hugging his side, Red joining in on the other side. Lucifer smiled, hugging them tight, "Thanks girls." he looked at them both, giving a happy sigh before drifting to sleep.


After a night filled with celebrations, and a small fight, dawn arose. And well into the dawn everyone slept, exhausted from their fun last night. The crew eventually got up and ready, as the only pair that had yet to move even to bed was Black and her Lancet. The lucario snored lightly, as he gripped at Black. Nina, Mecha, Espa and Umbro all smirked, "Hey Bluuueee. Mind giving them a wakeup call...a cold one?"

Blue made two paws of ice over her own..."Might want to stand back. These two might jump and with the sudden cold touch to both of their necks." Blue game a moment to get back before both fem and male felt a very chilling touch. Black of course screamed bloody murder from the touch. "YEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!"

Lancet bolted up, "COOOOOOOLLLLLLLLD!!!!!!!"

Black was fast to draw her blade looking at them. "What the hell was that for?!"

Umbro smirked, "Wake up call silly."

Black blinked giving the dark male a confused look before noting the time. "Morning already? Oh damn... did I do something while tanked?"

Espa giggled, "Just danced around naked...shaking your ass in everyone's face...before you and Lancet got at it like a pair of lopunnies."

The dark fem had to turn, for once, White in shock hearing what Espa proclaimed as Red hides her head to keep from snicker hard. Lancet gulped, "I...she...we...what!?"

Mecha cackled lightly, "And you weren't much better...a bandana around your head...naked tail shaking in front of all the was a pathetic sight." The other DORs, catching onto the joke, nodded and laughed. Black had to know as she called out for Green but didn't see her show.

"Let them brew for a while?"

Mecha and the others nodded, "Yeah." Jewel kept chuckling after whispering with a giggle. The group all shared a laugh at the expense of the drunks.
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