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A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 15

It's a long traveling journey as the crew has kept going for a while. Jewel sighed as she has been able to lead the crew to a deep forest area. "Mana. Sorry if this forest is being a pain to you guys." She looked to her love and their friends, noting Red was on Lucifier while Blue was walking besides while Nina and Wic were to a side as well as Black and Lance.

Mecha shook his head, "Don't worry love...we can handle this."

"Jewel you know that you don't need to use this for a travel trap. After all with them around the bounty hunters are not as much a threat." called out Red as she looked to the back as Black had to growl at how it's been a while since they had encountered a few bounty hunters trying to catch them. So far they all were just single mons.

Mecha nodded, "She's right Jewel. I wish you'd us a bit more to help you like you helped us."

Jewel looked to them giving a sigh. "I'm sorry but it's been like this for a time. With bounty hunters of all kinds I usually get paranoid with traveling. This is why I at times feel safe when in a city since it means that I'm more able to have eyes on I incase..."

"But that's why you got friends like us and Mecha and his crew." Came Green as she came out, holding the ninetales' shoulder that Mecha wasn't on.

Mecha kissed his loves cheek, "Jewel...have a little faith in us...I promise...that as long as I draw breath...I'll never...let a single hunter...touch one tail on you."

Jewel nodded. "Ok. I just felt like I might endanger everyone with how dangerous things are now." She kissed her love's cheek back as Black looked at them with a smile, feeling quite happy she's feeling confident. The mightyena smiled at her, the other DORs all chuckling from how cute it was.

Jewel chuckled as her traveling endurance finally caught up with her as her belly growled. "Well with all the hard work keeping the bounty hunter evasion I think hunger caught me."

Lucifer looked up at Red, smiling, "Dinner time Red."

Red laughed as she jumped off him to get dinner ready as well as camp set up. Black having a grin."This day has been worth getting a good meal." Everyone nodded, Mecha snickered, "Can't believe were agreeing with the strip Queen."

Black smirks as Mecha felt his body starting to do the Russian dance as black snickers. "If we are talking about dances then why not you do one?" Mecha grumbled and growled, as his friends burst into laughter. Black snickered until dinner was done as they all had a meal. The male growled at her, "I'm gonna remember that." It looked like the lie about her getting naked and shaking around in front of everyone didn't have effect on her anymore. Jewel giggled as she pet Mecha and they eat their large meal.

Everyone smiled, eating up. Lucifer looked between Blue and Red, than took a deep breath, "Hey uhh...Red...Blue...when we're done with dinner...can private?"

Blue looked to him. "Sure though hope it's not something we could help you on."

"Yea. Last thing we need is the fire angel worrying his wings off." Red said. Lucifer blushed, smiling. Black snickered as she had a feeling on what is on his mind, as she felt her own body some. Lucifer glared at Black, "Can it."

Black shook her head. "Not for this one...though it's probably one topic we'd have to check too."

Lance nudged her, "Black...I don't think he's thinking what you think he's think. So shut up." Black shrugged and nodded, "OK ok. I was just guessing." As the crew ate up. When Lucifer, Red, and Blue finished he headed off a distance from the camp, blushing lightly as he walked. Red looked to him as they are now in a safe spot, Blue looking to him. "Ok, what is on the mind?"

He took a deep breath, "Umm...I know...we've...fucked...twice actually..."

Blue and Red nod on that. "Something wrong then fireball?" Red asked.

He took a deep breath, "No...we...I..." he looked away, "I love you girls!"

They both smile though Blue pet his head. "We love you too, though you don't have to say it in private ok?"

"Yea" Red added. "I bet there's more to speak about than that."

He sighed, "Well...I just...was so embarrassed...I mean..." he hide his face with his wing, crimson. Red smirked as she tapped his head and got him into a kiss. "Hey, you got strong gals. We aren't afraid of much anything. I mean I'm bold enough to resist whatever flies at me." She gave a snicker, while flexing. Blue rolling her eyes.

He blushed, smiling at her lightly, "Umm...thank you Red." He looked to Blue.

Blue spoke up. "Sorry but that's the kind of mouth that just asks for trou-" Blue froze mid-sentence as she saw something but held a digit up...looking round. Lucifer looked around, his faint smiling going away.

Red lit a flame a she blinked, noting it's a mightyena with blue glowing eyes which had her back up. "Ok...that's uneasing. That's an energy draining creature. Though thankfully it's only one." as the hound did try to get closer to the two. Unlike the foes faced so far this one is wild so it shouldn't be too much for someone not made of magic. Lucifer growled at it, "BACK OFF!" With a yelp the hound was jumping back; looking at the two then to Lucifer on more time as if begging before taking its leave. Lucifer turned to his lovers, "Umm...Blue...can I get a kiss?" Blue did kiss him as she held onto him.

The male smiled, chuckling happily, "Thank you beautiful." he hugged her tight. " you girls."

Blue chuckled. "Love you too Lucifer. Now why not we get to a safer spot? Knowing those things are around just tells me it's safer with the others." He nodded, smiling as he wrapped them in his arms, heading back to join the others. The girls smile as they looked around to see Green is at guard with the fire. Lucifer smiled, "Hey."

Green nodded to them. "Evening you three. All is well?"

Lucifer smirked, "You would know." he chuckled, heading into the tent, his lovers wrapped in his arms. Green chuckled. "True but, I just want to hear it."

Mecha was in his own tent, Jewel wrapped in his arms. Jewel smiled a she was holding onto Mecha as she rubbed his body to hers. He growled happily, and then smiled, "Hey Jewel...I...want to show you something." He pulled away from her, curling up on all fours, before flashing. What Jewel saw next was a cybernetic mightyena, smiling at her.

Jewel had to giggle as she noted the yena do that...petting him. He smiled, nuzzling into her paw. She grinned, rubbing him and started to enjoy how he felt. He gave a bark, smiling at her, lying on his side next to her. He was obviously very happy he had control of his feral form now. Jewel couldn't help but laugh as she was seeing this side of her love and started to rub his belly. He gave a happy growl, rolling onto his back to better enjoy it.

"My you love that don't you?" She kept it up and rubbed on along the belly. He gave a low growl, legs twitching. Giggling she rubbed him faster. "Good boy!" He gave a loud growl, back arching into her rubs. Grinning to him she nuzzled him as her touch reached his leg, or rather the inner leg. He shivered, whimper lightly from the touch. "My doggie is going to be getting a big treat. Yes he is." Jewel chuckled while saying that as he felt her touch travel to his 'favorite spot.' His back arched as he let out a loud growl, tongue hanging out. She kept it up as she stroked him and pet him, watching his reaction in glee.

He gave a growl, panting hard, eyes shut in the joy. She chuckled and pawed him off faster as she pet his head. He licked her paw, pre already starting to drool from his feral member. She giggled...slurping on it softly, while giving a stroke or two more. He growled out, his right rear leg twitching as he enjoyed her attention. She stopped as she giggled...looking to the male and getting on her hands and feet. He didn't need any command to know what his lady wanted. Rolling back onto his feet, he went up to her, sniffing at her hindquarters to enjoy her scent. She gasped a little as she felt him get on her...smiling at the fact she knew what was coming.

After a little adjusting, the male's member pierced into her, a low growl escaping Mecha. Jewel moaned out Mecha's name as she felt him push into her, giving a great grip to his length. The male gave another growl, as his hips began to pump in and out of her. Giving a murr she was pushing her hips back to him as she enjoyed his feel against her. He panted and growled happily, humping her faster, his paws wrapped firmly around her waist. Jewel was gripping him from within, smiling in pleasure, loving how his thickness parted her. He growled on, panting out as he took her like any feral male would. Her face started turning red as she murred at how good it felt.

He kept going at her, panting hard, tongue hanging out as he fucked on and on, knot starting to form and spank her tunnel's entrance. Her body pushed to him as the humps gotten more intense, loving the feeling rushing though her in pure bliss. The male growled and groaned, his knot slowly spreading her further and further, trying to tie into her. She was groaning and soon wailed as he plugged into her, starting her orgasm. He gave out a howl not long after the tie, seed gushing into her, filling her full of puppy cream. Jewel was smiling as she felt so full from all the love given to her, a good blush on her face. The male tied to her panted and growled happily. "Mmmm so...ohhh good." She looked up to her lover, now stuck with him.

A smiled had to come to her face, when she saw him snoozing atop her. She chuckled yawning as she joined after a while of enjoying the moment. The next morning, Jewel woke up to the feeling of kisses being planted on her, "Wake up Jewel." Jewel smiled, waking up as she looked to him. He smiled right back at her, "I guess...I was a lot last's 10 already. And me and the others had an idea on how we could nip your problem in the bud."

Jewel had to be surprised on that as she looked to him. "Oh this I got to hear since I know you guys never had bounties on you." as she used her tails to dress herself magically.

As they got out, she saw everyone was ready to go, "It's simple...Praxis had connection with them...which means...we just need to go to a base...and finding where the Helping Hands place is should be a snap."

Green came out as a map of the area they are in appears in front of them so as to mark where to go. "And the nearest base seems to be in these woods?" Asked Jewel looking at the map while one of the DORs was using the map. Lance nodded, "Yep!" he pointed to an area...maybe a day's walk away, "It's a satellite base...meant to observe. But it has just as much info as any other base."

Jewel nodded, feeling good on it as she knew they'll still be in wooded area but it'll mean they'll find the place with ease. Though Green ahemed before speaking and making an image appear of the hound that showed up last night, one which Mecha knew he seen before in the past, when he first met three of the girls. "Blue and Red got good reason to be uneasy, these hounds are able to drain if they get a bite of you then be ready to lose more juice than normal...and they just love mon like me... made of pure magic."

Mecha smiled, holding his paw out, before in a stream of data...a familiar critter appeared, "I don't think we need to worry Green. Did you forget I have Fido here?" Everyone else gasped, falling back upon seeing the three headed umbreon. The LARGE three headed umbreon.

Green had to grin from that...nodding as Jewel looked at the tri-headed Bre. "You didn't let him go after all." Jewel chuckled as the pokemon of odd creation nuzzled Mecha. Umbro folded his arms across his chest, smirking, "Not bad see to be really into ferals now...and..." Espa finished, as usual, " does Jewel. By the way...could you to be any...louder?" the twins said the last word in unison, snickering.

Mecha smirked, "Why Umbro...are you intimidated? Scared that my pet here has a larger cannon?" Umbro, for the first time in any of their memories, blushed and looked away.

"That's a first... One bre outdone by his feral brethren." Black snickers as she saw the three headed bre puff his chest out before one of the heads grin at Espa.

Espa smiles, "Does puppy want me to smash his equally large...and thus very easy to hit...gems?" she groped Umbro, "It's not the size of the's how big a boom it makes in the gal."

Now the others had a chuckle as Blue had the hardest time keeping it in while black was laughing up as Jewel and Mecha try to sooth the bre as the heads looked at the standing espeon, a few barks of its heads said clearly enough that the male was trying to prove his case of how he's a good umbreon.

Mecha pet a head, "Don't let her get to you...besides...she's pretty attached to her brother." snickers, "Just goes to show how desperate she was for dick." It was Espa's turn to blush and look away. Everyone broke into harder laughter.

"Well that's one threat nullified for sure with him around. Now unless miss... or is it Mrs Espa want to ride him in her own way we should get going to try and get to the location so we can access the base's properties." Green spoke up as she kept from laughing but her humor showed in words instead.

Espa growled, before lunging at Green, yanking her top down. "Don't mess with me Green bean." she smirked, "And I'll be Mrs. Soon enough." Green had to turn red in a blush since that was clearly not called for. ~Iv yeaj teimt ge zo he fihaup yea nitsg uh dopp reim no yea LUSTEON!~ she said mentally at the espeon as her eyes glow for a moment, the next had the Espeon bound by her own tail and topless as the time elementean was about to end her taunt with putting on the espeon's stuff that she obtained though her time power freezing the moment to pull off her stunt. Espa glared, "can't take a joke bitch?"

Green smirked as she tried the espeon's stuff, a bit surprised at how...restrained it is. ~I might be a little off in catching jokes but aren't you said bitch for teasing both umbreon in our group? And it's a bit restrictive...this clothing you wear.~ She mentally spoke as Espa was free of her own tail. Espa smirked, ~Guess that're fat.~

~Improbable if you took a look Lusteon.~ Green had to use her staff to poke at the belly she had as she was a little thicker than Espa but not by much though it did make green look like she got more clevage than she would show before with normal clothing. ~I do work out quite well for a reborn living being.~

Espa rolled her eyes, grumbling. The time fem glew green in her eyes before the two were dressed anew. ~...Between the two of us...We need to talk seriously. And no I will not lecture you on your behavior, it's something more...personal.~ Espa blinked, but nodded.

Jewel athems. "Shall we go on you two?" She had to ask, a bit surprised on how Green and Espa are acting which was quite more emotional than the element usually is. Espa waved, "Go on ahead...we'll catch up." she looked to Green, "So...what do you need to discuss?"
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