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A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 3

A Mechanized Jewel: Ch.3

Kobblestone, a robust city built of stones, rocks, and lime as we see two familar travelers coming into the place. Besides her was her new friend and guardian, even if he is half robotic. "Finally, we made it. Welcome to Kobblestone. And trust me I didn't make the name up."

Mecha looked about, then shrugged, "Interesting I guess."

"This should be a good place to start sending up posters."

He shrugged again, " let's set up the posters."

She nodded as she glowed green as a tail held onto him from the side. "Slow..." Her body flashed green as Mecha saw everything around him turn gray and slow down. He whistled, "Wow...impressive."

Jewel handed him a set of 10 posters, "I got another set with me....this'll only last a few minutes so joy yourself...and watch out for the people walking." As she moved at normal speed to him he saw kids going by at a pace that was clsoe to most Slowpokes. Mecha nodded, and began putting up the flyers for her show, shaking his head as he did so. This was bound to attract unwanted attention.

It was a surprise that people were not able to see who did it but they knew it was magical...which had the kids cheering as he was able to escape sight for a while before he felt the magic stop by an ally when he was done. Jewel wasn't near when it ended as he started to hear steps coming. He turned to the steps source, getting ready to fight if needed, "Who's there?"

"Mecha?" He soon saw the red cap of the fighter that gave LucarioDOR a painful experience with knowing spellcasters, it was Yellow.

Mecha sighed, "'s just you." he calmed down, "What do you want Yellow?"

"I thought I'd ask you something... though I hope it's not rude of me to ask."

He blinked, eyeing her, "What?"

"Are you...starting to feel for Jewelwriter?"

He blushed, and looked away, "Wh...why would you ask that?"

"Because...I never seen Jewel so happy in wanting to try and forget about...the bounty on her."

He blushed even more, looking away, "Well...she's...a great friend...the best I've ever had..." he gulped, "And...she is...very...beautiful..."

"Well if you want we can try to get her something before she has to go in stage."

He blushed up even more, but nodded, "Alright...sure..."

Yellow giggled as she led him to the shopping area as she looked up to him, being up to his chest in comparison. "You need some water?"

He nodded, "Yeah...water would be nice." The two found a restraunt to get a drink from as Yellow looked from her seat to scout out any shops that might sell jewelry. Mecha did the same from his seat, then pointed to one, "What about that place?" It had a sign saying, 'Diamond In The Rough Jewelry'

"Good idea. Might be worth it." She had a smile from seeing it as he got his drink.

He downed it quick enough and got up, "Alright..." he tossed some cash for the drink onto the table and headed for the store. "let's see if we can't find her something." She nodded as Yellow was soon amazed at how much treasure is flashing before her. Mecha looked around, "What...what would Jewel like?"

"She's not into something complexed but something beautyful..something like a tear drop or a star or diamond."

He blinked, "How about this?" he held a necklace...with a golden chain...and a diamond gold plate that held several small hearts...made of different colored jewels...ruby, diamond, sapphire...and seven different colored hearts. She oohed as she nodded at the sight, "That would work greatly!" she saw that she just had enough as she was bout to pull her cash out.

But Mecha beat her to it, as he slipped the proprieter the cash and walked out with his gift for Jewel. Yellow blinked, then chuckled, "That's really nice of you."

He blushed, "Well...this gift to her..." he looked away, "I figure I should pay for all of it."

She nodded, "Ok...Jewel should be heading to the park so lets get there." she held the door open for him to get moving. He gave a nod and began to head to the park, at a slight run. He saw Yellow following with a smile. They got to the park, and he spotted Jewel. He gulped holding her present in his palm, wondering if he should really give it to her.

Yellow gave him a nudge though it was more of a SHOCK as he felt the bolt nail his tail. Jewel turned around as she saw what was going on. Mecha blushed, the zap causing him to yelp and nearly leap over to Jewel, as he looked down, "umm...Uhhh...heh...Hey Jewel..."

" ok?" she saw the light burn of a spell on his rump, nothing a new coat of fur couldn't cure, "At least you made it."

He looked down, "Umm...Yeah...I'm fine.." he was so embarresed, "Umm...Jewel...I you...this..." he held out the necklace. Jewel was surprised....looking at it before he saw her try it on...a full on smile on her face. He blushed even more, smiling, "I'm...glad you like it..."

She chuckled, giving him a hug, "It's beautiful. Thank you."

He blushed on the hug, and looked down, "'re welcome."

"Though I better be ready...the show is about to start up..." her tails were soon in the way before he saw her in a purple with white stars dress..the necklce on her as she giggled..the hat she got on completing it. Mecha smiled, " can I be of assistance?"

"You know magic that is kept in one place is going to be noticed so mind being secuity?" He nodded, and went to do his part. She smiled as several kids are able to sit down as they can take a view of her. "Here goes" She started to glow as she gripped her staff, smiling as she made a fire infront of them, allowing them to see her better.

Mecha kept an eye out for trouble, as he also watched the show. The fire soon shot a fire ball into the air as she soon turned it into water...surprising the people as it soon became a block of pure ice...catching it in her paw. Mecha smiled, clapping lightly. Then she turned it into metal...making a pole erect to the sky. He just blinked, smiling, impressed. Soon he saw thunder hit the ground hard and all over...clearly getting the people's attation as everyone oohs and was surprised soon she was making purple bubbles appear......popping on people as she makes a few people float in the air....giggling as she soon glows green. "Allow me..Valefor help them get down." soon they saw a Pidgeot help them down as they saw the spell dispell thanks to his appearance. Mecha smiled, very impressed she was that great with entertaining. Jewel giggled seeing he missed one as she was soon able to make rings of light to help the girl down. "There you go... now I got 2 more neat tricks." she chuckled. Mecha, like the crowd, was waiting to see what it would be.

The first one was surprising many as they saw shadows dancing around the fire... amazing as some people reconizes the shadows dancing. Mecha smiled, wide eyed, as he lightly clapped. And it was quite a surprise when he saw his shadow dancing wiht a familar shadow that looked like Jewelwriter's. He blushed, staring at the dancing shadows. Soon the shadows vanished...before Jewel chuckled. "Ok... here goes..." she spun.... the stars flickering. Mecha blinked, watching in awe.

Soon he saw the nine girls from before....all in what looked like the same dress but in different colors to match their own and Jewelwriter was gone... like a puff of smoke as the nine girls bowed ot the people. Mecha clapped, along with the roar of applause from the audience. Soon the nine fems are gone... as Mecha saw Jewel appear besides him from the darkness... giggling. He smiled, "That was great."

"Thank you. I had a lot of fun doing that one."

He smiled, "Oh...was there some reason this was a lot of fun?"

"Well for the first time in a way...I'm like how I felt when I was younger. I have someone close to me to care about and isn't confused on me and my magic"

He blushed, looking down, "oh..." he gave an embarresed chuckle.

She giggled...feeling brighter in way as she looked to him. " care to get to my home?"

He blushed, smiling, "Sure."

She mmmed and started to look to the air. "Good. We can go tomorrow starting in the morn." He nodded, smiling. She grinned and got him to the hotel as she had a feeling today was good so far. He had also felt it had been a good day, as he stayed by her side, like the bodygaurd he promised to be. Of course the night was not interupted though as morning was starting Mecha heard a garggle as it sounded like someone was over him. Opening his eyes would show some Kabutops had a blade up but got a scimitar behind the back though to the body and to the other side. He blinked, "What the hell!?"

"Lets just say they came in while room service was leaving and was going to tuck you in for life." Black said, as two Armaldos were a bit stunned seeing how the dark fem did what she had done so easily. He can see they had mute tags to put on Jewel so it's clear they were going to kill him nad take her in alive. He growled, and vanished, before the two armaldos fell in bloody heaps.

Black smirked, "Show off." the assassin joked as she ws able to check their loot.

Mecha chuckled, "Jealous."

She humphed, "Lucky I was here or you'd get it."

He smiled, and bowed, "Yeah...thank you Black." Black smirked as she vanished as Jewel woke up to see the mess, gulping a bit. "Some way to wake up."

He nodded, "Yeah."

"I'll clean this least for now."

He smiled, rubbing his head, "Sorry about this mess."

"It's helps to clean things up." she had to pick up the slices as she glows blue to help wash the blood out. Mecha did what he could to help her clean up his messy slayings. "That's that." as they had it clean as she was smiling on.

He nodded, chuckling, "Well...shall we head to Softstone then?"

"Yea. Lets." She had to keep an eye out knowing with all the magic she sent up she might sense a few pieces of trouble. He was also keeping an eye open as he followed her, making sure no one got near her.

Jewel felt it as a spell arrow was aiming to them as she glows green. "Carbunkle!" A Green buneary with a gem on her head springs into the sky as she came out in time to reflect a spell shot... nailing someone else a she heard them. "Well aren't you guys fun... spell shooters." She can see a few spell casters are around them as they are Espeons and Grumpigs as they were going to send more surprises. Mecha growled, and stepped forward, his arm blades extending, "Filth."

"Just remember your fighting iwth people on my there might be more than one spell going on flying but I think she'll keep you safe from flying spells. Carbunkle get on him and keep him safe." The buneary nods as she held onto Mecha's ears as Jewel used her hammer to attack. Mecha charged forward, going in a zig zag pattern, until he connected with one, slicing his gut open.

It was messy as he saw arrows rebounding from him as the buneary tries to keep him safe though he can hear Jewel as she sstriked them down and evades as it was clear they were trying to cast serious spells on them before someone goes at him with an odd blue sword, "annoying weaking BEGONE!" he was aiming for Mecha's head as the buneary yelps while seeing the sword swing is going to either banish her back or banish and kill. Mecha growled blocking the blade, as his eyes became a solid red, "Feral Fusion...50%!" in a blink the espeon fell in pieces, and Mecha's battle stance became lower to the ground, as he gave a feral snarl, before leaping into the mass of casters, losing the buneary as he did so.

Carbunkle fell and hit the ground on her back, looking upside down she saw a bloody shower of slashes and gorings, as soon it was just one left thanks to Jewel killing many and almost all of them were killed by the two of them together. Mecha panted, growling as he eyed the last one, smirking. "This'll be a lot of fun." Jewel said, as she picked up Carbunkle as the green rabbit shook seeing so much blood.

Mecha cackled, as he sliced off a leg and arm. The pig squealed in panic... trying to jump to somewhere...but him but then he saw a wall of ice..then too more appear... as he paniced....this is worst than being in a pit...since he can see his foe way out. Mecha sent blood, limbs, entrails, and various pieces of the pigs body everywhere. It was a mess as Jewel whenced seeing it, "Now that.. is why to not mess with you"

Mecha calmed, and stood up, "Yeah..." he held his head.

Jewel ran up to him as the rabbit jumped onto his belly to lay near on him to be sure he was ok. Jewel held his head. "Mecha!"

Mecha groaned, "Damn...I didn't think...50% so painful for my brain..."

".... I better try to get you out of's at least good we got no more trouble."

In a tree two figures were watching, "I don't think attacking now is smart...he could go full feral without thinking...and you know how that'll turn out." the other figure nodded, "Guess we'll just have to call off an attack for now." They vanished.

Jewel quivered as she did feel someone for a moment....moving faster to at least make a good spot to camp as she now is with him in her tent. She held him a bit as she got a towel on his head. "...I got ya Mecha... I can't lose you like this."

He looked up at her, and pet her arm, "Don't worry Jewel...I'll be fine..."

"Maybe...but something tells me you would have attacked me if you got too deep into it." He sighed, looking away. She pet him, "...I wouldn't have killed you."

He sighed, "But...I would have killed you."

She nodded, "Still would have tried to save your tail. It's what friends do."

He smiled, "Thanks Jewel."

"No problem. Just get some rest."

He smiled, nodding as he nuzzled into her lap. She looked down to him blushing a bit as she feels herself growing quite happy with him. His eyes were shut, as he was napping, smiling happily. Jewel lays him down as she went outside of the tent... she knew it was good to watch out while he's recovering as she looked to the sky. "...If there was a way for him to let me knwo his history..." But he wasn't likely to tell her...she'd have to get the information some other way.

".... Black....I know this is going to be a very nasty mission I'm needing you to help me find one of those half mechs...."

Black appeard against a tree, "Right..though something told me they were watching us...and still are."

LucarioD.O.R. and NinetalesD.O.R. were sitting around a small fire. It was a surprise when a grope got the LucarioD.O.R. in a way that was clearly...provoking. He yelped, and dashed away, "What the hell!?"

He soon felt a nother surprise as he was in another shadow as Black grinned..his pants held as he felt a dagger held his spine. "The fighting devil is needed for a chat." She chuckled as the ninetales drew the black tail behind him.

LucarioD.O.R. gulped, "Uhh...wh...what can I do for you?"

Black grinned, "Considering I'm the assassing I could do some ...personal damages but I'm here as an information collector... so you give me that... and I think I can give you a surprise."

LucarioD.O.R. gulped again, nodding, "Alright...what do you want to know?"

Black looked to the sides knowing she had a Ninetales trying to look out for as he was still in her hold...looking carefully. "I'm needing some background information on MightyenaD.O.R. Mecha as you know him." she kept the dagger to him but he felt her keep it near his lower half.

He cleared his throat, "Well...what do you want to know...I can't tell ya anything about him before he became a D.O.R. ...he doesn't even know that."

"Then what can you tell me that isn't classified?"

He sighed, "Fine...Well...he was a pretty good of the best killers..." he cleared his throat, "Now...he enjoyed what he did." He chuckled, "Yeah...he found it real fun..." he smirked, "It didn't start changing until Mecha first used Feral Form."

Black kept a paw on his pants hearing that. "He used to be likeone of you...tilll he used the same tech he used eariler."

He shook his head, "What you nothing like 100% is pure terror."

"He used a restrained version... surprised neither you or your associate did that. But then again she probably teased you without knowing it with her looks."

He blushed, looking away, "Umm...well...uhh..." he gulped.

"Hey! Filthy bitch let my friend go!" NinetalesD.O.R. landed and growled.

She can't get a clean shot considering she's got him against his shadow, which is barely even good enough to see let alone get a strike. Black snickered, "Sorry madam tease, I got uses for him...but keep an eye on yoru shadow...he'll be back!" NinetalesD.O.R. saw her partner vanish into his own shadow going backwards and with his shadow now gone the warp is closed to get to black as now he can see the dark fem face to face though her dagger is still keeping to his lower parts. "You care to resume?..on what happened after his feral mishap?"

He gulped, "Well...after he slaughtered an entire city by himself...and a squad of G.O.R.D. soldiers in the process...." he gulped, "Well...after a while...he started to have he betrayed with two friends...they were also my friends..." he sighed, "But...he was attacked while trying to escape...he went Feral again...and killed them in the process."

"....He saw the horrors that he has become... and paid a price to escape"

LucarioD.O.R. sighed, "Yeah...though a lot of people in G.O.R.D. think he just loves fighting and killing to much to want the wars to end."

"I understand. It's at times dealed with by people under the light of darkness that people want wars to end... which is where you come in probably."

LucarioD.O.R. blinked, "What do you mean?"

"there's fighters out there that are hired inorder to clean up the dirt no one sees. The assassin's of the officals."

He growled, "Sorry...but...I'm not leaving NinetalesD.O.R. ...teasing of a dresser as she is...she's a good friend."

"I never said abandon her. Just thought I'd give you a point of view you never seen...probably never will again." she looked to him deeply as she mmed a little.

He gulped, "But...I told you everything you wanted to're still gonna kill me..." Black realized the words never will again might not have registered as she intended.

She shook her head, "Nope... I got a lot more moral for a killer like myself. And I said what I did...because I am going to let you go after one thing...and leave that decision up to you since I don't know where you'll go. Though you deserve something..." She was fast to surprise him, her dagger swings going fast as his pants are ruined though he probably never seen the look in her eyes that were glaring at him now. It wasn't a death look clearly.

He gulped, blushing, " can't mean..." he hid his crotch with his paws, blushing insanely.

She smirked, "Never had a chance to experience this?" she put the dagger away though that's the last thing in mind as her clothing slips off of her showing the assassin was quite tempting; her body close to his as she was half dressed and having her touch go along his body as she notes his actions, despite his desparation, was cute to her.

He gulped, shivering from the touch, his eye lids fluttering a bit, " was...a bit...preoccupied job..."

"Then, I think it's time you know what the fuck your missing." she surprised him with a forward motion of a kiss, a little chuckle in her head going since she knows she probably destoryed every boundry of lower clothing he had as one of her paws holds his head while the other holds the paws that block his body from feeling hers. He blushed, as his eyes drifted shut, and he started to return the kiss, one paw leaving his crotch to hold her head, the other remaining where it was though. her own eyes closed as they kept kissing, his chest feeling her dark breasts as she started to softly rub his head around the ears and her other paw now stroking at his tail teasingly. He murred into her mouth, his other paw leaving his crotch to gently pet her back.

She didn't reach for him down there though as she pressed herself to him s her paws now hold his bck s they kept kissing, a stir growing within her. He could also feel a stir growing within him...only his was making itself known on the outside too, as he kept his kissing up. Black was happy to take interest in him as she's starting to get hotter, her panties; the last part of lower protection she wears; was starting to get wet with her juices as she had to break the kis finallly for a breather. He panted, and blushed, "I guess...I...wouldn't...mind what you...have in mind..."

"Then enjoy this taste, since I know I will..." she was quick to start and slow lick down his body starting with his neck. He moaned lightly, enjoying it greatly. She was soon slurping down his chest as she chuckled. He moaned more, panting, "Ahh...that' good..."

"Then your in for something better." As she nuzzled his belly and soon gives him a slow long lick down to his crotch's base. He let out a loud moan, panting and murring. Her paw holds his bck as she soon got something hard, long and teased to her muzzle. He smiled, and murred, "Please Black...more..." She mmmed and started to take more of him down her mouth. He moaned, panting and petting her head, shivering and loving it all. She mmed...her paw holding his "blue balls" as she makes sure his first oral experience was intense. And the look of sheer bliss on his face told her it was working, as he moaned harder, panting and shaking. She keeps it up as she slows on her oral work as she had a feeling if she whent too far he wouldn't want something so good. He groaned, "Oh...why...why did you...slow down..."

She stopped... licking her lips as he saw her standing up.. her nipple against the fabric of her undergarments. "For what we might do... I'm overdressed for the occasion." she took a step back...but it was a ploy to tease him, as she slowly takes off her bra. He murred, his rod twitching at the sight, " beautiful..." he murred. And he probably had to hold a feral need back when she bent over near the all fours poition firont of him to have him see her sex and ass with the sex being the very ready one. He gulped, "You mean...I can..."

"I think you are that handsome enough, and surprised you haven't started to breed but then again your job is getting in the way."

He blushed, getting up and placing his paws on her rump, "Thank you." he brushed her entrance with his tip. She felt him find the enterence as she reaches behind herself to hold onto him and feels him about to unleash needs long kept leashed. He murred, then slammed in, his hips going at her fast and hard. She gasped, her fangs showing a bit as that was quite an intense feeling and in turn she grips him deep in her as his lenght was pushing up aginst her deepest depths. He eyed her, blinking, as he kept pumping, "hold' were...a..."

Black was moaning and growling with a grin. " OOH that's big..." she clamped him in her. He blushed at the compliment, as he kept going, moaning and panting as he humped her. Her breasts bounced as she growled and moaned...his pleasure and her's bluring together as she moaned for more out of him, "OH yes... you fighting hunk..pound me harder!" He moaned, blushing up as he slammed into her, going hard and fast. Her groans of pleasure gets such pleasure as she's pounded so good...wailing for such passion. He let out a loud moan, as he went all out on her, panting, " good..." Her sex was milking him as she was shaking and moaning so good and deeply happy. He panted, groaning, as he felt a new he was bound to learn meaning he was going to cum soon. Black was near that point too as she holds onto him tightly. "Oh.. g...gods... don't stop... please..." He couldn't even if he wanted, and he didn't want to, as he went at her, slamming in hard and fast, before he hilted, his eyes shutting tight, as he felt jet after jet of seed enter her depths. Her body flashed as she was cumming to him as she groans feeling their sexes work together in one purpose. He panted, moaning as he held her, "Oh...gods...that was...great..."

"great... I consider it... fantastic." she's panting ss she's feeling him in her as they haven't moved from getting out the moment. He sighed contently, smiling. Then they heard a giggle, "You know...if we betray G.O.R.D. we'll be hunted like Mecha." NinetalesD.O.R. was on a tree limb...her body naked, and fluids on her crotch and paw. "I'd be safe if we all stuck together."

She had to grin considering how the fem found them. "How long did it take for you to find us since I had to warp us quite far to get some privitcy?" Though she turned her face to hide her blush.

NinetalesD.O.R. smiled, "Same way I find Mecha." she created a small crystal like object, "I put these in all my friends...I can sense where it I know where my friends are." she giggled, "I put this in Mecha and LucarioD.O.R. a long time ago if they ever were captured or went missing." she giggled, "I excel at Illusion Magic, ment to aid in escape...and in tracking magics." She smiled, "I did like the show'm guessing you're probably gonna have his pups now."

"......depends. Blue can stop it if I get to her before tmorrow is over." she smiled, "Though I am tempted."

NinetalesD.O.R. giggled, "Aww...did you get a little crush on LucarioD.O.R." he was blushing when Black said she was tempted, but now he was a tomatoe.

Black kept her face away from her vision when she was blushing. "I saw potental of a change in you two so I reached out for the one I felt closer to. As well as gain some information."

NinetalesD.O.R. smirked, "You reached out to the one that had a dick." she giggled, getting dressed, as she landed and pet their heads, "You know what he told me after our first meeting? He said and I quote," LucarioD.O.R. went bright red, "That black vixen...she was strong...and didn't think I'd ever meet a fem so amazing." she giggled, "I think he's got a crush on you too."

Black lost her blush as she turned while her tail kept her lower half covered as she used her shadow to gather the clothing she took off, "And something tells me I'm going to be in a split since I don't know how you two will or foe."

NinetalesD.O.R. smiled, poking Black's head as LucarioD.O.R. got dressed, "I already told and him are gonna tag along with you, Mecha and that Jewel." she giggled, "Not only is it safer for us...since I don't think either of us wants to stay with G.O.R.D." LucarioD.O.R. nodded, "It also means I get to be by Mecha's side again." she gave a dreamy sigh.

"That's nice of you to consider. But one thing miss TeaseD.O.R., You got to keep trying cause if you don't you'll lose him. And being away from him might keep that chance up."

NinetalesD.O.R. blinked, "What do you mean?"

"A little logic. How deep of a relationship do you have, if you haven't gotten close to him?" she had to point out that she isn't near Mecha in the way that would make him want her by his side..espcially like Jewel.

NinetalesD.O.R. grinned, "You know...we were good friends before he fact...he gave me the nickname Mecha-Nine." she giggled, "I'm sure I'll get him to be my big strong male."

"That is yet to be seen so how about we do just that." with that glowed as she was sinking into her shadow up to her hips as she smirked to them. "Anything before I go from you two?"

Mecha-Nine smiled, "yeah..." she and LucarioD.O.R. grabbed her, "You're taking us with you...since I don't feel like walking over to you guys."

She snickered grinning, "Then be ready to feel a little out of place...shadow teleport!" The two get a surprise as they sliped into their own shdows as she did the same.

Jewel looked out for Black when she appeared from behind the tree though next to that tree two pokemon fall out of that one's had a little moment to snicker seeing how she saw Mecha-Nine landed on bottom of the two. Jewel took a battle ready position until Black stood in front of her, "Ease up Jewel, it's a truce."

Mecha-Nine elbowed LucarioD.O.R. off her, and smiled, "yeah...he kinda wanted a change in life style...after Black there let him put pups in her." Mecha-Nine snickered.

Jewel glared at Black a bit. "Black..."

"I did get the information you wanted..though trust me it's not pretty. And I admit despite giving him a good slash I found him approachable." LucarioD.O.R. blushed up.

"Well as long as they behave I think I can let them stay but Mecha has to say it too so till then i'm keeping you and white out here to keep watch."

Black blinked, "Wha? My sister too?"

"It's to help keep watch since Mecha's on recovery. Then we all can get to my hometown."

The two D.O.R.s nodded, and sat down, Mecha-Nine sighing, "So I guess I won't be able to share Mecha's tent tonight." she sighed again, "oh well...I know how hard feral useage is on him."

Soon a white orb appeared before the white clothed vixen appeared. Though she might share simularites with Jewelwriter it's a clear look into her eyes, the same gray color as Black's, which said how closely related the two were. White looked about, "I hope I'm not interupting something but I thought if were going to be around that we can talk." as Black set a tent for herself.

LucarioD.O.R. just blinked at the white vixen, " really are sisters...those eyes are've got...more kindness in yours."

White nodded as she sat near by. "Indeed. Both of us were born of the same mother..though our parent had a time staying together...I kept with my mother while she was with dad."

"Though that's over 7000 years back give or take some years."

Mecha-Nine smiled, " girls definately are those elementians...or whatever Praxis called ya."

White blinked in surprise, as Jewel sighed, "This is going to be a while."
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