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A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 4

A Mechanized Jewel: Ch.4

Black nodded in agreement with Jewel, "Yea. I know it. And for the record TeaseD.O.R. your right. Elementeans are what me my sister and 7 others are. Though Jewel only discovered 9 of us."

LucarioD.O.R. blinked, "Hold mean Praxis wasn't actually are milenia old fems..."

Black looked to White, "Sis mind shooting this one?"

"Ok." she stood up as she spoke, "You see...we are elementeans, but the thing is...there's probably only few of us that are left if at all due to the fact that the elementean era, the one we are from is as ereased from history as you can get, only a few places even remember our heiratage even less that would even understand the full power that we hold. The language is mostly lost too so we learned how to talk in english too. If it wasn't for Jewelwriter's quest of discovering what powers of elemental power truely are then we might never have seen the light of day again." The two nodded, listening intently. "Though the only one of us that would know of the elementean history fully at all would be the oldest of us and the sage of the crew Green."

Mecha-Nine nodded, " about she tells us the tale?"

"I'll call her out...though I know it's a bit old." White stepped to a side as she spoke. "Tjoom I hannem yea vejgs!" Soon a green light appeared before they saw the elementean of time. In clothing that would suit a spellcaster to the letter and her staff with a ring at the top completes the set. Green bowed, "Salutations. What do you need of me?"

LucarioD.O.R. gave a small bow, "We'd like to know more about your Elementian history."

Green nodded as she watched them sit down. Jewel herself going into the tent though kept an ear open to hear the tale as Green's staff started to transmit images into the ring. Within the ring they saw what could be a world of pure chaos and madness, but what was surpriseing was how simular it was the world now. "In the world that is the past, before the elementean era was born madness ruled the entire world. Rape was as common as pennies, violence was daily events, and law was demolished to ashes. Ten souls that were not tainted by the world around them decided to alter the world to start it new, even if it ment killing themselves in the process. They were sages that were able to harnest their powers to the fullest and the then called forth a spell called Final Star, the spell to kill all life on a planet. As the spell was casted many of the people of the madness tried invein to stop the spell but only the ones that casted the spell could stop it."

As the picture showed many trying to stop the falling massive Meteroite, "The ten sages knew their time drew near and barely had power to even teleport out of range so they created a stone they called the Master Emerald, the ultimate treasure of pure magic. Giving the power to the stone the ten soon died as well as all life. But the stone was able to make new life... life that was of peace and tranquility. The Age of the Elementeans were born that day." she sighs as she looked upon a marvelous kingdom system that would easily rival kingdoms, cities, and towns that were made today.

The two D.O.R.s nodded. Green sighed as she showed a spirit that was in the shape of a hand. "Alas, trouble can find even the greatest of civilizations. A remain of the dark past kept in this world. It became the dark hand of fate, and with such power he has tried to gain the power that would make him invincible and immortal by obtaining the Master Emerald. But before that conquest was started, the ruler of that time was smart enough to split the power into ten gems. Making ten elements but one of those ten was able to harnest the power of the other nine, declaring it the rainbow element. The other elements were based on their ability: Fire, water with it's alternate form ice, earth, lighting, time, the illments of the body," she was looking to the twins, "the light, the dark, and the emotions of the soul."

LucarioD.O.R. nodded, "I see."

"And thus this made the evil hand's quest more difficult. Still he tried to conqure the elements but he met resistance every time and though his power was stronger they held him back enough to do a failsafe to try and keep it from falling into the hands of the tainted: giving the treasures of the elements...souls."

White sighed, "But it required a pure person to be sent into the gems and they put living beings into the gems to be fused with it inside and out which is where we come in. For you see we were born at different times and yet were picked when the time was near for the dark hand to defeat the defenses of the city to be those souls. After that-"

Green picked up after that, "- they used a sending spell to send our stones to parts unknown, never to be found for ages by the forces of evil. Ages pased and our gems were found again but were placed in temples that were able to protect us and thus were our real bodies rest to this day."

"Interesting." they heard come from Mecha's tent.

Jewel looked at Mecha as she was surprised to hear that he's ok, "Something poking your mind Mecha?"

He shook his head, sitting up, groaning a little, "No...I just woke up when my old comrades arrived."

Green nodded, "Then I'm glad that you heard this tale too...though how Praxis knows of us probably came from encountering an elementean village or finding lost culture of the people."

Mecha sighed, leaving the tent to sit around the fire, where Mecha-Nine tackled him, "MECHA!!!" she began kissing at his face. And he was trying to pry her off, "Get offa me! I told ya...I'm not...your...boyfriend!" he managed to hold her far enough away to avoid more kisses and licks."

Took a while more before Jewel gave a green glow and held a hand up before putting her down. "I think you of all should know he's still recovering so don't act like a love sick puppy please, at least till he is better."

Mecha-Nine growled, "oh hush!" she folded her arms and humphed, "He's my hubby to be! Not yours!"

Black snickered, "Not by the way the two of you act to each other." she looked to Jewel.

Jewel cleared her throat, "I don't know how deep a relationship you two have but it's clear it's a bit one sided. Black if you please." The dark fem nodded as she whispered what she could about what details she gained.

Mecha-Nine humphed, "Oh what do you care!? It's not like you're trying to be his special someone."

Jewel bit her lip at some details before nodding to she took her seat near Mecha-LucarioD.O.R. Jewel spoke to Mecha-Nine, "I don't know if he feels that way or not but right now he's one of the best friends a person like me can have."

Mecha-Nine glared, " come you didn't deny you're trying to be his special someone?"

Mecha sighed, "Mecha-Nine...please drop it." Mecha-Nine pouted as she stood up and began to put up her tent. Jewel had to sigh as Green watched Mecha-Nine, as the time vixen waited for the others for a while, White keeping watch while Black was with her ally amoung them as Jewel looks toward Mecha wondering if he felt ok with her around. Mecha shrugged, "It's better then having to fight her."

"Thanks." she smiled as she did feel like he enjoyed her attation but didn't push it too far. He smiled back at Jewel, "So I guess we should turn in..." he yawned.

Jewel nodded, "Sure." She lets him go in first...closing it behind them a White watches over. Mecha got a snug spot and smiled happily. Jewel looks to him a bit.. giving him a warmer moment with her tails covering him and her. He opened his eyes, blushing, "Uhh...thanks Jewel." he smiled timidly, as he looked away.

She looked away as she blushed too. "Welcome. Besides you need it more than me."

He smiled, then after a while, planted a kiss on her cheek. "Night." he closed his eyes, and looked to drift off to sleep. Jewel held her cheek, smiling as she closed her eyes, happy about it.

The next morning Mecha was the first up, as he blushed, seeing Jewel still had him covered with her tails. It's clear she cared for him, and yet he didn't know if he was close enough to be intimate with her. He sighed, smiling at her. He really cared about her, but...he shook his head, as he slipped out from her tails. He was just to much of a freak and monster.

Her eyes opened some time later as she peaked outside to see what was going on. White returning as Mecha was up so he didn't have to be on guard any more. Mecha sighed, and stretched out. "Morning Mecha." Jewel came out with him...looking to him as she ran her paw though her hair to mess with it a bit.

He smiled at her, "Morning Jewel."

"...You know, I have to say's hard to lose matter how you lost them but if you think of it, we are kind of alike. Besides, being the odd mon in some cases is good because no matter what they do that you got your own personal touches that no one else can copy." She held him with a smile at the hips.

He blushed and looked down, "Umm...uhh...I're right..."

Jewel looked to him as she chuckled. "You feeling ok?" she held onto him as she wanted to know how he'll be ok.

He nodded, blushing, "Yeah...just...a little...embarresed."

"You don't need to be with me. Besides, I'm understanding since I know things happen."

He blushed, but smiled, "okay." her tails waved as she chuckled and gave him a kiss to his cheek. He blushed even more, smiling as he gave her a cheek kiss back.

She felt light from the kiss as she smiled up to him. "Should we check on the others?" No sooner had she asked did LucarioD.O.R. emerge from his tent, yawning. Then Mecha-Nine crawled out of her tent, still half asleep, as she yawned too. Jewel chuckled, "LucarioD.O.R., might want to readjust." she pointed to his pants as it seems like they got open. He yelped and quickly closed them, blushing insanely.

"Sorry about that." As mecha saw the dark fem emerge from the tent as she grinned. LucarioD.O.R. was still blushing hard, looking down. Mecha just chuckled, as Mecha-Nine sat next to him, and leaned her head on his shoulder. Mecha rolled his eyes. "Well come on...lets pack up and head to Softstone." Jewel said with a smile.

They all nodded, and soon enough were following Jewel. Mecha by her side, Mecha-Nine trying to be by his though she was stopped by LucarioD.O.R. Black kept out by his side as she had to shake her head. She knew she was right, the ninetales wasn't close enough to Mecha. Mecha was smiling, "So Jewel...what's Softstone like?"

"It's forest village. As in it works with nature than against it, and thus it's a good place to get away from life on in a large city and try to recover your sanity at least in my mind." She smiled some from that...though she took it back a bit quick. Mecha knew why since it was bittersweet for her to go back home. He sighed, wrapping an arm around her. Her tails held him as she was feeling happy again. "And I did hear that my little sister can't wait to see me again."

Mecha smiled, "Cool...I'd like to meet this little sis of yours." Mecha-Nine was glaring at Jewel and Mecha.

"Thanks." she grinned a bit. "Anyhow it shouldn't be too long if we go forward without a lot of interuptions."

Black whispered to LucarioD.O.R. "Didn't I tell her she isn't as close to him as she proclaims." LucarioD.O.R. nodded, in full agreement with Black. As Mecha-Nine kept glaring at the two in front of her.

They were thankful so far that no bounty hunters are around as they see sunset and then a village that has trees and flora combined with housing that doesn't stop the enviroment from growing. In the middle of the area was a statue of a Pikachu wearing a pair of boxing gloves and wearing a pair of boxing shorts. To the side of the area is the lake. Jewel smiled, "Be it ever so humble....there's no place like home."

Mecha smiled, "It looks pretty nice." despite his words he did what he always did with any form of habitated land...he pulled up his cloak, and used a hood to hide his face. Mecha-Nine and LucarioD.O.R. did much the same.

Jewelwriter was a bit far as she spoke up. "I'll be back soon you guys look around and meet me at the statue after a while." She started to leave as she did start to look down. Mecha didn't like how she looked, but he felt like she needed to be alone. He sighed, and looked around, as he headed to the statue to wait, Mecha-Nine following him. LucarioD.O.R. shrugged, and decided to join them, since he didn't want to be the only one walking around.

Black of course kept with him but stoped him a bit short as to explain something to him. "I better explain the statue before she gets here. That statue is a deep friend that risked his life to try and save his best friends life and died for that friend. Jewel honored him ever since because she is the one that he risked his life for."

Jewel came to view as she had a set of flowers in hand as she put them at the statue's feet. "... It's been a while Samuel. Hope your doing well where ever you might be. I have been doing well and I know you would be happy with me reguardless. I'll take care." she sighed.

Mecha hugged her, "So he's...the friend." he looked up at the statue, before bowing, "I promise I'll protect matter what."

She sighed, "Thanks." she smiled, "I'd bet he'd be proud." she had to feel happy about the moment.

Mecha smiled, unaware of the glare he and Jewel were getting. "So...are ya gonna show me your family?"

"Sure. Come on." she started to lead the way but saw in a reflection. She had a bad feeling about it as she wasn't trying to even to attract him, just being herself. Mecha smiled, following Jewel, as Mecha-Nine and LucarioD.O.R. followed behind Mecha.

The crew soon saw her go to the house as she looked behind and smiled to them and opened the door. "Welcome to my home." as she opened up her home she felt welcome so far with a smile. Mecha stepped inside looking about, "Is your family asleep?"

Soon he saw a surprise as what looked like a mummy like vulpix pounced the older ninetales as she the two spun a bit shouting in unison, "SISTER!" Now with the two of them stoping their movements they saw the Vulpix in white and pink ribbons with her neck having wing ribbons on her back. Her whole dress infact looked like a ribbon collage that are holding together.

Mecha smiled, "So this little ribbon loaded fox is your sister huh?" he chuckled, as the other two ex-G.O.R.D. members entered.

"Yep. Her name's Ribbon."

"Hi. Um...are your three friends a little overdressed here. I mean people seen abnormal things since they have known you." Ribbon pointed out.

Jewel patted her sister's head, "These guys like to keep their privitcy. Sis...where's mom and dad?"

"They're getting dinner and are going to get back soon so I'm in charge of the house." she whistled as Mecha-Nine saw what looked like a doll made of cloth running by her.

Mecha-Nine blinked, "What the holy...heck?" she quickly censored herself.

Ribbon giggled as she picked up her doll, "I like to play with my doll so much that I can call one to me at times.

Jewel had to whisper to Mecha Nine first knowing she's flipped, "My sister doesn't knwo about the full lenght of her powers which is also a bit dangerous since something bout her has her turning to become something else."

Mecha-Nine nodded, then humphed, before facing away from the ninetales she thought was moving in on her mightyena. Speaking of Mecha he was crouched down, "Nice to meet you Ribbon...I'm Mecha."

Jewel shook her head...she knew she'd have to talk to her eventually. "Nice to meet you." Ribbon shook her paw with his. "Who's your friends?" As she giggled.

He pointed to them, "LucarioD.O.R. and Mecha-Nine."

"Cool. Miss Mecha-Nine is pretty."

That got her smiling, "Why thank you. See Mecha...she thinks I'm pretty...and children and the insane tell truths. Come about we hook up to..."

Mecha held her mouth shut with one paw, chuckling, "But you sister is prettier isn't she."

"To be honest both are like that. Very pretty."

He chuckled, petting her head as he stood up. Ribbon had to giggle... smiling as Jewel looked at her like that. "There's a differenc of truth between the insane and the younge you know right?" which she said with a calm tone tht hinted she didn't show hate against the ninetales at all.

Mecha-Nine growled, humphing, "Where's my bed?"

"I think you mean rooms since ther'es more than one of you." Soon they saw the two parents, one is an older vulpix that is silver haired and the other is an Espeon male.

Mecha turned and bowed, "Nice to meet you Ron and Rolla. I'm Mecha...Jewel's protector."

"Oh I see. Your Jewelwriter's new guard. In a way I'm happy to see you. I have to tell you that she has ran into a lot of wild mons...many kind of mons are after her and want to know what she does"

Mecha nodded, "I'm well aware of that."

Rolla nodded, "Good. Now how about we give you guys some food for the night?"

Mecha-Nine shook her head, "I just want a bed." She nods as the others had some food as there was beds set up, Mecha-nine having one room to herself. Mecha-Nine dropped on the bed, growling. While downstairs, Mecha was happily eating, his hood removed out of courtesy...and a spoon to the head from Rolla.

Black had to snicker as she saw that before she felt the boink from Rolla herelf, "I swear you two eat like Swinubs." Mecha smiled, as LucarioD.O.R. politely ate up, rolling his eyes at the actions of Black and Mecha. Jewel had to giggle seeing that, as she told of her travels. Mecha and LucarioD.O.R. both ate quietly as Jewel told her family what had been happening to her. They heard how despite her magic she can still fight which shows how she became qutie strong despite her spells being stopped. Mecha was impressed, LucarioD.O.R. was too.

"Well you did see me wield a hammer in the fight right?" she had to prove that point, and it's still on along with pack as the dinner ended with 6 full bellies.

Ron looked to the two males, "You boys got the attic and there are beds up there to sleep on too."

LucarioD.O.R. nodded, and headed up. Mecha gave a nod, and smiled at Jewel, "Night Jewel."

"good night." She smiled, waving to him as her bedroom was down the hall where the attic enterance is, Jewel is in the room near by the stairs. Mecha smiled, then stopped, deciding to take a chance, he knocked on Jewel's door. She answered the door and looked to see Mecha, "Yes?"

Mecha blushed, smiling shyly, "Umm...well...I've gotten so sleeping in the same room as you...I was...wondering if you wouldn't mind me staying with you in here." Her face lit up red as she nodded...letting him in after side steping. He smiled, blushing as he entered, "Thanks am I sleeping?"

She gulped, "Um... you can sleep next to me since there's plenty of room on my bed."

He blushed, but nodded, "Th...thanks Jewel...I'd..." he looked down, "I'd like that." She smiled and watched him as she gets into the bed first, her tails waving as she felt this was quite a wonderful feeling, something she only felt once before. He blushed, smiling at her as he got into the bed, giving her some distance, but it could quickly be filled. She looked to him as it was a bit hard to sleep as her tails rubbed him as she felt herself hope for something special. He smiled sheepishly at her, murring lightly, "That feels...nice Jewel."

She scooted closer as she smiled. "Thanks, I use this when I want to have some comfort while resting."

He smiled, scooting closer himself, "I can tell feels great..."

She looked to him as the two of them are in her tails as she felt so warm, "Is it me or... is it getting hotter in the room?"

He nodded, "It's...getting doubt..." he scooted a bit closer, and took a deep breath, "Jewel?"

"Yes?" she looked up to him, she saw he had something in mind.

He struggled for breath a bit, "There's something I...need to tell you..." he sighed, taking a deep breath, gulping, "" he sighed, and decided to go to plan b...and kissed her. She was able to kiss back, her face blushing as she holds onto him...she could tell this wasn't just a normal kiss....but something that spoke volumes, and yet three simple words was all that was needed. He broke the kiss, "I love you."

"I.... I'm happy for you. I wanted to love you but, I didn't know if you wanted it." Jewel looks down his body with a blush, knowing she was a little scared to know if to love him or not despite the fact someone wanted him more.

He held her, smiling, "Jewel...when you came into my life...well...I haven't been this happy since I first joined G.O.R.D. ...only this time...I don't have to kill innocent people to with this happiness." he sighed, "That didn't come out too good...did it."

She held onto him, "I see. I at least feel that the two of us can make eachother happier if you want since...well I care for you deeply." her paws held his back.

He smiled, nodding, "Yeah...we can..." he kissed her, " make me happy...and I want to be with you for the rest of my life."

She mmmed and started to kiss back, "I'm.. honored Mecha." she could feel this is right since it would be what someone else would want too, "I'd love to have you with me for life too." she was feeling happier as she started to rub his pants some as it felt quite hot. He shivered, murring, as she felt something starting to harden. She undid his clothing as she was blushing up deeply. He kissed her cheek, "Jewel...are you sure you do this..." he was short of breath, "I can...wait if you want to."

"True, but I feel like were ready." She was starting to breath faster as she started to rub him at his chest as she got him half nude. He noddded, and kissed her, as he began to undo her clothing. She felt him undress her as it wasn't much to stop him. He stopped when he got her to only a pair of panties, as he stared at her bare chest, blushing, "You look...beautiful."

She blushed as she helped him down to the last piece as well with a smile. "Your not so bad yourself." He blushed, smiling, as he kissed her. With a deep breath, he got his hands on her panties, and began to slide them down. She kissed back as she closed her eyes and does the same thing with his boxers as she blushed feeling herself exposed. He blushed, as he felt his erection freed from it's cloth prison, and as he stared at her body, main focus on the thing he'd be inside of soon enough. she blushed as she looked at his body. So strong, so graceful, and yet mysterious and her's to explore as she starts to have him over her. He kissed her, his hands holding him over her as his member dangled above where it was destined to be. She kisses back and feel him touch her so sweetly, causing her own body to want the pleasure only he could draw out. With a deep breath, he looked her in the eyes, "Are you really sure about this Jewel?"

"I know, but I want to do this, since I feel we both want it."

He nodded, "Alright..." he blushed, " advance...but...i'm not exactly practiced at fact...this first time." he placed his to her entrance.

She held him by the paw as she blushed. "Then were experiencing things together." She held on as she felt him pop into her. He held inside of her, his entire length buried into her depths. She moaned as she felt it lightly sting but it was more pleasing than painful. He kissed her, and began to pull out, before pushing back in. Soon instinct had him gently thrusting into her. She groaned as she felt him start to pound into her, making her quiver again and again as the passion grew. He kept thrusting into her, kissing her lips face and neck, panting and lightly moaning as he went. Her moans shook her as she milked him every time he pulled out, her nipples so stiff against his chest as she held onto him. He panted and moaned more, as he kept going, only slightly increasing his speed. "Oh gods...Mecha..." she panted. He kissed her cheek, "Jewel..." he kept thrusting, as he felt something building up in his groin. She licked his cheek as she was gsaping and gripped him with her legs as she's feeling herself grow hotter. "I'm... g...gonna..."

He was panting hard, thrusting faster, "Jewel!" he hilted into her, and felt as a surge of seed rushed into her, followed by several smaller splurts. Her howl of pleasure sounded off with his call of her name as she was filled while she splashed him in her own juices. He panted, moaning lightly, shaking. He looked at Jewel, smiling, "That was...amazing...Jewel..."

"I.. Know.. Ohhhhyes." she hugged him, trying to recover so nicely. He panted, holding her tight, as he got on his side, nuzzling her, "thank you Jewel...for giving me that experiance."

She mmed and nuzzled back, "I should thank you for giving me such an expereince."

He smiled, "I love you Jewel."

"Love you Mecha." She hugged him close...her tails holding the two together. He let her keep him close, enjoying the moment, as he started to drift into a peaceful sleep.
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