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A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 5

A Mechanized Jewel: Ch.5

Jewel is waking up as she was looking to the was quite a night. Mecha was lightly snoring next to her, a smile on his face. She had to smile... looking to him as she soon got up...using her magician talent to dress herself and make breakfast. Mecha woke several minutes later, yawning and blinking, "Did...did that really happen last night?" he smiled.

A Whistle called out from the lower floor. "Morning." He smiled, getting dressed, and heading down, Lancet and Black already down there.

Black was having a time eating as she munches up, "Jewel's still not bad...least I don't worry about fire food."

Jewel smiled at Mecha. "Well nice to see you around." Jewel's parents were eating together Jewel was still cooking.

Mecha blushed, taking a seat, "Morning Jewel."

Jewel smiled, "morn. Hope you slept well.

Ribbon yawned, "I hardly slept.. Heard too much noise last ngiht."

Mecha blushed up, as Mecha-LucarioD.O.R. snickered. Black snickered, "Trust me... when it's your turn you'll keep someone up at night." she got a wack on the head from the white staff of light as White glared at her sister.

"Sis" White chastised.

Mecha blushed even more, looking down. He couldn't look at Jewel's parents.

Ron had to chuckle some as he nodded. Rolla began to speak up then, "It's good to see that you all are having a time together. I mean you all must have had such wonderful tales of travel." Mecha flinched, hiding his face.

"Mom...they are all traveling with me for now but they are kind of uneasy bout talking about some things." Ribbon tilted her head, confused.

LucarioD.O.R. nodded, "Yeah...we'd...rather keep it a secret...from as many people as we can."

"At least till later." Jewel sighed... knowing that should help.

Ron nodded, "Well ok. But plese don't be strangers when you can. This place is always welcome when you try to come in."

LucarioD.O.R. nodded, smiling. Mecha just silently ate, occasional glacing at Jewel. Jewel was looking to her sister as she seemed happy.. thankfully...but then blinked as Ribbon pointed, "Sis, Why is your shadow standing behind you?"

Black turned to see what Ribbon ment, as a transparent fog was about to reach her head as black knew what kind of type that is... it's a Ghost but she couldn't tell which one as she reaches for her blade. Mecha beat Black to the punch, using a shadow ball to knock the ghost into the wall, "Get away from her." the tone of his voice could have given pause to Arceaus. Mecha wasn't going let a single thing happen to Jewel.

The ghost whenced as his body came into view as Jewel gripped her staff, Ron and Rolla getting up fast as they saw the Haunter growling holding a crystal that was clear and had a hilt for a blade but it seemed to be for ghost only. Jewel growled, "That.. was close. What the fuck do you think your doing!?"

Mecha growled, standing next to Jewel, "Better answer her...or else I'll force the answer out of you."

The Haunter glared as he jumped up fast. "Someone wants the sage's soul and I'm NOT LOSING!" He moved in fast to stab at her but hit somthing they saw ribbons blocking his blade. "Keep away from my sister you big bully." The ghost growled...pulling his special blade down to aim at Ribbon instead.

And that got him a double kick to the face from Mecha and LucarioD.O.R. And before the ghost could recover, a ninetales landed infront of him, quickly putting something on it's belly, leaping back, "Bye bye." she smiled, and soon the ghost was engulfed in flame.

The ghost wailed but still ws trying to get up. "N...No... Raznor WILL GET A SOUL!" Jewel's eyes went wide as she heard that while he wailed before becoming flickters of flame.

Mecha blinked, then looked up at Jewel, "Raznor?"

"...Rolla I'm getting the blade disk. If it's that scub that hurt my daughter I'm going to give him hell... somehow." Mecha's mind recalled the image he saw in green's staff. The bug pokemon that took a dive off the cliff but if that's true how is he back and why would he associate with a Haunter?

Mecha growled, then looked back at Jewel to make sure she was okay. She was still wide eyed as she shook a bit before her sister snapped her out of it. "Sis? Who's Raznor?"

"Ribbon, he's a bounty hunter that tried to take me far away. I don't know how he came back after he was sent away but something will be done." Though Black bit her lip. She knew Jewel was having bad feelings from the memories running back into her soul.

Mecha pulled Jewel into a hug, "Right...something will be done...I promise Jewel." he kissed her cheek. Jewel Ron was armed and took off for who knew where. Black sighed, "Old Mon is going to kill himself..." She started to fade into her shadow... knowing she has to keep watch on Jewel's dad.

Lancet joined her, "I'll help keep watch." Mecha nodded.

Black grips LucarioD.O.R. as she nd him vanished to the darkness to follow. Jewel just stared, "Jewel.. get a hold of yourself." coming from beyond the others as she materialized was Green as her eyes showed she wanted to get her though it. "If anything your more evolved than this. Though I think I should try to use the energy that's left of that ghost to get what I can off him before it's fully gone."

Mecha held onto Jewel, "Don't worry Jewel...I'll protect you...I won't let him take another thing from you." he kissed her on the lips. "I promise."

Jewel kissed back.. nodding. "Thanks."

Green glowed, "Reveal within." Her staff glowed as they saw a Scizor in the image as he was floating, his eyes were a green and yellow color. Clearly the body seems like it's flexable to means beyond normal. "So...that's the foe."

Mecha growled, as did Mecha-Nine...though...her growl was ment more for Jewel.

Green can feel it as she spins her staff, "I don't know how he got back to life but now that he's a scizor he'll be stronger than usual... and the fact he's able to float is going to mke things trouble some."

Jewel felt better as she stood up and deep breaths. "So w..where is...he?"

"The image showed me he was defacing statues in the cemtary."

Black meanwhile looks in the graveyard as they followed Ron. Lancet looked around, blades in paws, keeping his senses keen, "I hate cemetarys...I can't do squat against ghosts."

"Just be glad there's not more phantoms yet. I'm not enjoying this either." Ron stopped.. listening as he did hear smashing and a voice with each crackle and shatter. Lancet took a deep breath as they headed toward the source of the voice.

Mecha was holding Jewel's paw as they headed for the cementary. Mecha-Nine behind them, growling.

The two saw Ron as he was facing the Scizor... the glowing eye seen even in the distance. "I don't know who you think you are... but I say you don't belong here." Ron said.

"And you?..." as his eyes looked around. "Well I can sense there's visitors here."

Ron blinked, ""

"And I'm going to enjoy making them suffer... as well as you." he had a glint in the eye.

Jewel was keeping quiet as she knows she was starting to feel the tension as she looks round to try and find the others.

Mecha stepped up to the scizor, "You...disgusting little bug."

Jewel holds her hammer though she looked to Mecha-Nine, feeling she should try to do something for her but now's not the time.

Raznor smirked, "Oh I'm scared of ..." his eyes flickered, "A reject of a mutt with a metal mom, a coward fighter pokemon that has come from the same brew as the mutt, a jealous bitch that's got hunger for dick, a baby of a magician, and two worthless souls with one of them I can't kill and another is aged?"

Ron glared, "Now don't you got a mouth."

Black sighed, "So much for keeping low." She drew her blade as she growled. Jewel kept quiet as she realized someone's bout to let it rip. Mecha growled, as black arcs of energy shot off him, causing the other two D.O.R.s to gulp. "Mother...who says I have a mother...I have no family..." he growled as the energy arcs grew in number, "But you should be afraid of me...very afraid...especially with what I'm going to do to you...for what you Jewel."

The Scizor got a smile on his face, hearing him as he snaps his pincers while Ron saw this was about to get messy but gets ready incase he's attacked. Raznor laughed, "I'm not scare of you. For you see...I already lost my life once. So what's stoping me from dying again is the best part, knowing that I... WON'T...LOSE.. to someone like you." His pincer opens as it's making a Hyper Beam but his other was making another attack a Shadow ball.

Mecha dashed forward, kicking up dirt in large pillars behind him, "Dark...Drill!" it was a dark pulse attack...super concentrated into a point. It broke though the shadow Hyper Beam combo and made the ghost scream a bit in pain, as the arm used for the Hyper Beam was totled, but in it's place was ghostly green hand. The other Pincer was quick to go for the neck of Mecha with the kind of hate that he reserved for the one that killed him. Mecha growled, grabbing the pincer, and trying to break it.

The pincer broke after a while as Raznor whenced in his pain, making his second ghostly hand appear, reaching out to strike back. Mecha lept back, coughing.

He growled as he reaches for the pincers, "You know how hard it is to get good pincers that are sharp?"

Jewel appeared in front of him, "Put those back DOWN!" she struck the chest as he clearly was caught off guard, a hole in the chest revealing a Spiritomb's keystone in the middle of the body that is the Scizor. Mecha growled, "You...are gonna were still dead!"

"Oh shove it... besides I should try this... Soul... Vacume!" using the power of the Keystone within, he wailed as Jewel feels like something is getting pulled out of her as she jumped back before he gets her.

"I rather not know what's in a spiritomb thank you." Black kept clear of the mouth's range as the attack continued.

Mecha lept back, grabbing and helping Jewel to safety, "You okay Jewel?"

"Yea.. but if I remember right if he's using the Shell to protect the keystone then he'll get offensive when someone attacks that part of him." She was thinking fast to distract him as she saw him get his claws back when the attack ended. "Frost Tower!" makes three ice pillars appear to the sides of him and behind him. Mecha charged, his arm blades appearing as he lept to stab the ghost. The coldness was able to slip him up as the Pincers caught the attack but got sent off the Scizor shell again, sinking them to the ground.

Mecha cursed, "Fuck!"

A blade struck the head as he was about to open his mouth again. Black whistled, "HURRY UP! That blow won't last long!" the Scizor shell clearly didn't like that as he was about to look to see who did that with mecha still under him and still armed. Mecha gave a stab up and into the core.

It's quiet... before they hear cracks and the ghost lets out one last horrid scream...his body shattering as the stone broke into pieces and the shell of the bug falls apart with it as everyone was seeing this was over. Mecha panted, the groaned, gripping the arm he used to unleash the Dark Drill attack.

Jewel took off to him as he glows blue to hold onto him.. healing him quickly. "Mecha... Thank you."

He smiled, hugging her, "You're welcome honey."

She smiled though frowned... knowing she has to settle something since she knows what is going to happen next. Black meanwhile got her sword back. "All good... and still sharp. Ron, you ok?"


"Good... lets get out of her...I'm feeling tension in the air."

Mecha looked to Jewel, "Are you okay?"

"Sorta... though... I need to clear this up... with you... and her."

He blinked, "What do you mean?" Mecha-Nine was glaring at Jewel, "Yeah...what do you mean?"

Jewel pointed to her as she kept herself from the idea of defending herself. "I'm going to have to clear this up... like it or not...between the three of us."

Mecha-Nine growled, "Bah...who elected you hatchet burier here?"

"Because your getting upset without provokation. I'll admit that me and him are now in love with eachother but I wanted to at least try to be nice to you so can't you agree that what has hppened did and you can't change it?"

Mecha-Nine growled, tears in her eyes, "Why you!? He's only known you for a few weeks! I've known him for years!"

"Have you ever considered his emotions and how he felt to you?" Black warned her like like Jewel said to her now...HOW much did mecha feel for her? Since she said that it would be meaningless if he isn't with her in the same matter.

Mecha-Nine turned to Mecha, "Mecha?" she sniffled.

Mecha sighed, "'re a great friend...and I'm happy you are...but...I love Jewel..." Jewel didn't speak as she wasn't trying to influence... just looking at the two knowing this isn't a fight that is ment for her to deal with.

Mecha sighed, "I'm're a great friend...not a lover..."

Mecha-nine sniffled, crying more, "M...Mecha..." she turned and began walking home, "F-fine..."

Jewel gulped, looking to Mecha, "I'm hoping that I didn't make you do this."

He sighed, "Jewel...I love you...that won't change..." he kissed her cheek, "I never felt for Mecha-Nine like I did for you..." Jewel blushed...smiling as she kissed him back...looking to the home as the two walked.

With Mecha-Nine she did get noted by someone as he was following her. Mecha-nine veered away from the house, and went into a small clearing, sitting down and crying. Watching her in the dark was a green masked male wearing a long cloak for now as he kept his blade hidden for now as he wondered something about her.

Mecha-Nine sniffled, as she started to calm down. "Well...a-a-at least...I've...s-still got...two good friends in those two."

"You know ... you've really changed since I last saw you sage.. even if your had something happen to you." the masked male came out... glareing to her as he kept his cloak hidden.

She blinked, looking up, ""

"...I see you forgot me.." as he holds his blade ready to strike. "...though I'll try to make it quick and disable you."

She held up her paws, "Hold it...I think you've confused me with someone else."

He glares to her as he looks to her deeply. "Hold on.. your kidding me right?" Looks to her eyes.

She looked straight back into his, "My name's Mecha-NinetalesD.O.R. And we've never met before." she smiled, "Though...I'm flattered you think I'm beautiful."

He sighed as he opened his cloak.. sighing as he didn't expect this...wearing a green vest and black shirt, with stone black pants was a Marowak, though he was quite strong looking as he looks away lightly to not embrss her. "Should have known."

She tilted her head, "So you're a marowak...what's the name though?"

"Emerald...and I'm a bounty hunter."

Mecha-Nine blinked, " me Mecha-Nine for short...and...I think you're looking for Jewelwriter."
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